April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012

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April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- A -
 AC25 .B3132 2012                         2012
   Title: Mythologies / Roland Barthes ; translated from the
                        French by Richard Howard [and] Annette Lavers.
   Personal Author: Barthes, Roland.       
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- B -
  B104 .M55 2012                           2012
   Title: Examined lives : from Socrates to Nietzsche / James
   Personal Author: Miller, James.

 B430 .S25 2010                           2010
   Title: In pursuit of the good : intellect and action in
                        Aristotle's Ethics / Eric Salem.
   Personal Author: Salem, Eric.

 B525 .C36 2010                           2010
   Title: The Cambridge companion to ancient scepticism / edited
                        by Richard Bett.

 B1578 .T46 2010                          2010
   Title: Thomas Carlyle resartus : reappraising Carlyle's
                        contribution to the philosophy of history, political
                        theory, and cultural criticism / edited by Paul E.
                        Kerry and Marylu Hill.

 BF209 .H34 L38 2010                      2010
   Title: The Harvard Psychedelic Club : how Timothy Leary, Ram
                        Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil killed the fifties
                        and ushered in a new age for America / Don Lattin.
   Personal Author: Lattin, Don, 1953-

 BF408 .T415 2006                         2006
   Title: The creative habit : learn it and use it for life : a
                        practical guide / Twyla Tharp, with Mark Reiter.
   Personal Author: Tharp, Twyla.

 BF632 .B292 2011                         2011
   Title: Willpower : rediscovering the greatest human strength
                        / Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney.
   Personal Author: Baumeister, Roy F.

 BF637 .B85 S77 2012                      2012
   Title: Sexual harassment and bullying : a guide to keeping
                        kids safe and holding schools accountable / Susan L.
   Personal Author: Strauss, Susan, 1946-

 BF723 .S43 E39 2011                      2011
   Title: The sibling relationship : a force for growth and
                        conflict / Joyce Edward.
   Personal Author: Edward, Joyce.

 BF789 .D4 O37 2008                       2008
   Title: Chasing daylight : how my forthcoming death
                        transformed my life : a final account / Eugene O'Kelly
                        with Andrew Postman ; foreword by Corinne O'Kelley.
   Personal Author: O'Kelly, Eugene, d. 2005.

 BF1045 .N4 M665 2012                     2012
   Title: Paranormal : my life in pursuit of the afterlife /
                        Raymond Moody with Paul Perry.
   Personal Author: Moody, Raymond A.

 BF1091 .M6 2012                          2012
   Title: 12,000 dreams interpreted : a new edition for the 21st
                        century / Gustavus Hindman Miller.
   Personal Author: Miller, Gustavus Hindman, 1857-1929.

 BJ1535 .G6 E67 2011                      2011
   Title: Gossip : the untrivial pursuit / Joseph Epstein.
   Personal Author: Epstein, Joseph, 1937-

 BL240.3 .T57 2010                        2010
   Title: Einstein's God : conversations about science and the
                        human spirit / Krista Tippett.
   Personal Author: Tippett, Krista.

 BL263 .G625 2010                         2010
   Title: Creation and evolution / Lenn E. Goodman.
   Personal Author: Goodman, Lenn Evan, 1944-

 BL2525 .R4642 2011                       2011
   Title: Religion in America : a comprehensive guide to faith,
                        history, and tradition / edited by Harold Rabinowitz
                        and Greg Tobin ; foreword by Jane I. Smith.

 BP605 .S2 U73 2011                       2011
   Title: The church of scientology : a history of a new
                        religion / Hugh B. Urban.
   Personal Author: Urban, Hugh B.

 BR127 .M215 2007                         2007
   Title: God's rivals : why has God allowed different
                        religions? : insights from the Bible and the early
                        church / Gerald R. McDermott.
   Personal Author: McDermott, Gerald R. (Gerald Robert)

 BS651 .R37 2009                          2009
   Title: Reading Genesis after Darwin / edited by Stephen C.
                        Barton, David Wilkinson.

 BS2555.52 .T6513 2011                    2011
   Title: The gospel in brief : the life of Jesus / Leo Tolstoy
                        ; translated by Dustin Condren.
   Personal Author: Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.

 BT40 .R39 2009                           2009
   Title: A brief inquiry into the meaning of sin and faith :
                        with "on my religion" / John Rawls ; edited by Thomas
                        Nagel ; with commentaries by Joshua Cohen and Thomas
                        Nagel, and by Robert Merrihew Adams.
   Personal Author: Rawls, John, 1921-2002.

 BT303.2 .E47 2012                        2012
   Title: Did Jesus exist? : the historical argument for Jesus
                        of Nazareth / Bart D. Ehrman.
   Personal Author: Ehrman, Bart D.

 BT306 .P64 2012                          2012
   Title: The poems of Jesus Christ / translated by Willis

 BT482 .H32 2009                          2009
   Title: Did the Resurrection happen? : a conversation with
                        Gary Habermas and Antony Flew / edited by David
   Personal Author: Habermas, Gary R.

 BT736.4 .J45 2011                        2011
   Title: Laying down the sword : why we can't ignore the
                        Bible's violent verses / Philip Jenkins.
   Personal Author: Jenkins, Philip, 1952-

 BV4832.3 .J863 T87 2011                  2011
   Title: Julian of Norwich, theologian / Denys Turner.
   Personal Author: Turner, Denys, 1942-

 BX1713 .S95 2011                         2011
   Title: The inner lives of medieval inquisitors / Karen
   Personal Author: Sullivan, Karen, 1964-

 BX2163 .W54 2005                         2005
   Title: The rosary : prayer comes round / Garry Wills.
   Personal Author: Wills, Garry, 1934-

 BX4668 .F66 P38 2011                     2011
   Title: A different kind of cell : the story of a murderer who
                        became a monk / W. Paul Jones.
   Personal Author: Jones, W. Paul (William Paul)

 BX7117 .E34 2003                         2003
   Title: A Jonathan Edwards reader / edited by John E. Smith,
                        Harry S. Stout, and Kenneth P. Minkema.
   Personal Author: Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758.

 BX8627 .G88 2012                         2012
   Title: The Book of Mormon : a biography / Paul C. Gutjahr.
   Personal Author: Gutjahr, Paul C.,

 BX8695 .P7 G58 2011                      2011
   Title: Parley P. Pratt : the St. Paul of Mormonism / Terryl
                        L. Givens, Matthew J. Grow.
   Personal Author: Givens, Terryl,
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- C -
 CB251 .M68 2010                          2010
   Title: Why the West rules-- for now : the patterns of
                        history, and what  they reveal about the future / Ian
   Personal Author: Morris, Ian, 1960-

 CB425 .J83 2011                          2011
   Title: The Memory chalet / Tony Judt.
   Personal Author: Judt, Tony.

 CB460 .C36 2011                          2011
   Title: The face of the Earth : natural landscapes, science,
                        and culture / SueEllen Campbell ; with Alex Hunt ...
                        [et al.].
   Personal Author: Campbell, SueEllen.
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- D -
 D228 .M36 2011                           2011
   Title: 1493 : uncovering the new world Columbus created /
                        Charles C. Mann.
   Personal Author: Mann, Charles C.

 D530 .T8 2012                            2012
   Title: The guns of August ; The proud tower / Barbara W.
                        Tuchman ; Margaret MacMillan, editor.
   Personal Author: Tuchman, Barbara Wertheim.

 D546 .H63 2011                           2011
   Title: To end all wars : a story of loyalty and rebellion,
                        1914-1918 / Adam Hochschild.
   Personal Author: Hochschild, Adam.

 D743 .H364 2011                          2011
   Title: Inferno : the world at war, 1939-1945 / Max Hastings.
   Personal Author: Hastings, Max.

 D743 .R56 2011                           2011
   Title: The storm of war : a new history of the Second World
                        War / Andrew Roberts.
   Personal Author: Roberts, Andrew, 1963-

 DA333 .A6 T74 2010                       2010
   Title: Catherine of Aragon : the Spanish queen of Henry VIII
                        / Giles Tremlett.
   Personal Author: Tremlett, Giles.

 DA347 .R46 2008                          2008
   Title: Mary Tudor / Judith M. Richards.
   Personal Author: Richards, Judith M., 1938-

 DA581 .W5 S43 2012                       2012
   Title: That woman : the life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of
                        Windsor / Anne Sebba.
   Personal Author: Sebba, Anne.

 DA590 .H372 2012                         2012
   Title: Her majesty : Queen Elizabeth II and her court /
                        Robert Hardman.
   Personal Author: Hardman, Robert.

 DG804 .H445 2007                         2007
   Title: The seven hills of Rome : a geological tour of the
                        eternal city / Grant Heiken, Renato Funiciello, and
                        Donatella De Rita ; with a foreword by Walter
   Personal Author: Heiken, Grant.

 DS69.5 .C4813 2010                       2010
   Title: Reading and writing in Babylon / Dominique Charpin ;
                        translated by Jane Marie Todd.
   Personal Author: Charpin, Dominique.

 DS70.8 .M37 K83 2011                     2011
   Title: The Iraqi marshlands and the Marsh Arabs : the Ma'dan,
                        their culture and the environment / Sam Kubba.
   Personal Author: Kubba, Shamil A. A.

 DS481 .G3 L337 2011                      2011
   Title: Great soul : Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with
                        India / Joseph Lelyveld.
   Personal Author: Lelyveld, Joseph.

 DS793 .K185 T47 2011                     2011
   Title: To a mountain in Tibet / Colin Thubron.
   Personal Author: Thubron, Colin, 1939-

 DT117 .J43 2011                          2011
   Title: Explorers of the Nile : the triumph and tragedy of a
                        great Victorian adventure / Tim Jeal.
   Personal Author: Jeal, Tim.

 DT365.5 .C4613 2003                      2003
   Title: The great lakes of Africa : two thousand years of
                        history / Jean-Pierre Chr*etien ; translated by Scott
   Personal Author: Chr*etien, Jean-Pierre.

 DT433.222 .M93 2009                      2009
   Title: Uganda : the land and its people / Godfrey
   Personal Author: Mwakikagile, Godfrey.

 DT433.282 .A55 M64 2010                  2010
   Title: Idi Amin : lion of Africa / Manzoor Moghal.
   Personal Author: Moghal, Manzoor.

 DT433.283 .R5 2009                       2009
   Title: The teeth may smile but the heart does not forget :
                        murder and memory in Uganda / Andrew Rice.
   Personal Author: Rice, Andrew, 1975-

 DT797 .N57 S53 2000                      2000
   Title: Nisa, the life and words of a !Kung woman / Marjorie
   Personal Author: Shostak, Marjorie, 1945-1996.

 DU627.18 .S55 2012                       2012
   Title: Lost kingdom : Hawaii's last queen, the sugar kings
                        and America's first imperial adventure / Julia Flynn
   Personal Author: Siler, Julia Flynn.

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- E -
 E99 .C832 W38 2011                       2011
   Title: Clovis lithic technology : investigation of a
                        stratified workshop at the Gault Site, Texas / Michael
                        R. Waters, Charlotte D. Pevny, David L. Carlson ; with
                        William A. Dickens ... [et al.] ; foreword by Michael
                        B. Collins.
   Personal Author: Waters, Michael R.

 E99 .C85 B47 2002                        2002
   Title: Comanche society : before the reservation / Gerald
   Personal Author: Betty, Gerald, 1965-

 E165 .D16 2010                           2010
   Title: Tocqueville's discovery of America / Leo Damrosch.
   Personal Author: Damrosch, Leopold.

 E184 .A1 D26 2002                        2002
   Title: Coming to America : a history of immigration and
                        ethnicity in American life / Roger Daniels.
   Personal Author: Daniels, Roger.

 E188 .B97 2001                           2001
   Title: Becoming America : the revolution before 1776 / Jon
   Personal Author: Butler, Jon, 1940-

 E332.2 .B864 2010                        2010
   Title: Madison and Jefferson / Andrew Burstein and Nancy
   Personal Author: Burstein, Andrew.

 E444 .J17 J33 2011                       2011
   Title: Incidents in the life of a slave girl : written by
                        herself / by Harriet Jacobs (AKA Linda Brent) ;
                        [edited by L Maria Child].
   Personal Author: Jacobs, Harriet A. (Harriet Ann), 1813-1897.

 E446 .B49 1998                           1998
   Title: Many thousands gone : the first two centuries of
                        slavery in North America / Ira Berlin.
   Personal Author: Berlin, Ira, 1941-

 E449 .D749 2003                          2003
   Title: Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an
                        American slave : with related documents / written by
                        himself ; edited with an introduction by David W.
   Personal Author: Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895.

 E451 .H77 2011                           2011
   Title: Midnight rising : John Brown and the raid that sparked
                        the Civil War / Tony Horwitz.
   Personal Author: Horwitz, Tony, 1958-

 E459 .G66 2011                           2011
   Title: 1861 : the Civil War awakening / Adam Goodheart.
   Personal Author: Goodheart, Adam.

 E464 .C482 2012                          2012
   Title: The Civil War : the second year told by those who

 E473.54 .G76 2012                        2012
   Title: Shiloh, 1862 / Winston Groom.
   Personal Author: Groom, Winston, 1944-

 E528.5 2 ND .R46 1992                    1992
   Title: All for the Union : the Civil War diary and letters of
                        Elisha Hunt Rhodes / edited by Robert Hunt Rhodes ;
                        foreword by Geoffrey C. Ward.
   Personal Author: Rhodes, Elisha Hunt, 1842-1917.

 E886 .A3 2004                            2004
   Title: My life / Bill Clinton.
   Personal Author: Clinton, Bill, 1946-
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- F -
  F106 .W45 2012                           2012
   Title: The first frontier : the forgotten history of
                        struggle, savagery, and endurance in early America /
                        Scott Weidensaul.
   Personal Author: Weidensaul, Scott.

 F124 .P38 1986                           1986
   Title: Cheap amusements : working women and leisure in
                        turn-of-the-century New York / Kathy Peiss.
   Personal Author: Peiss, Kathy Lee.

 F128.68 .H3 R48 2011                     2011
   Title: Harlem is nowhere : a journey to the Mecca of Black
                        America / Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts.
   Personal Author: Rhodes-Pitts, Sharifa.

 F317 .S2 S8 2010                         2010
   Title: Palmetto-leaves / Harriet Beecher Stowe.
   Personal Author: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896.

 F391.4 .B37 A3 2006                      2006
   Title: Barn burning barn building : tales of a political life
                        from LBJ through George W. Bush and beyond / by Ben
                        Barnes with Lisa Dickey.
   Personal Author: Barnes, Ben F., 1938-

 F394 .C78 O74 2009                       2009
   Title: Storm over the bay : the people of Corpus Christi and
                        their port / Mary Jo O'Rear.
   Personal Author: O'Rear, Mary Jo Holoubek, 1943-

 F395 .M5 L56 1994                        1994
   Title: Dancing with the devil : society and cultural poetics
                        in Mexican-American south Texas / Jos*e E. Lim*on.
   Personal Author: Lim*on, Jos*e Eduardo.

 F419 .L7 M37 2011                        2011
   Title: Elizabeth and Hazel : two women of Little Rock / David
   Personal Author: Margolick, David.

 F548.4 .C85 1992                         1992
   Title: Nature's metropolis : Chicago and the Great West /
                        William Cronon.
   Personal Author: Cronon, William.

 F1234 .M93317 2012                       2012
   Title: Photographing the Mexican Revolution : commitments,
                        testimonies, icons / John Mraz.
   Personal Author: Mraz, John.

 F1407 .K73 2011                          2011
   Title: Redeemers : ideas and power in Latin America / Enrique
                        Krauze ; translated by Hank Heifetz and Natasha
   Personal Author: Krauze, Enrique.

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- G -
 G70.212 .L46 2011                        2011
   Title: Geo-information : technologies, applications and the
                        environment / Mathias Lemmens.
   Personal Author: Lemmens, Mathias Johannes Peter Maria, 1953-

 G401 .G3 C44 2011                        2011
   Title: Holy war : how Vasco da Gama's epic voyages turned the
                        tide in a centuries-old clash of civilizations / Nigel
   Personal Author: Cliff, Nigel.

 G1000.2 .T4 2011                         2011
   Title: The Cambridge star atlas / Wil Tirion.
   Personal Author: Tirion, Wil.

 GB400.6 .D53 2012                        2012
   Title: 101 American geo-sites you've gotta see / Albert
                        Binkley Dickas.
   Personal Author: Dickas, Albert B.

 GB401.5 .H845 2011                       2011
   Title: Fundamentals of geomorphology / Richard John Huggett.
   Personal Author: Huggett, Richard J.

 GB451.2 .W667 2011                       2011
   Title: The world's beaches / Orrin H. Pilkey ... [et al.]

 GB5014 .K69 2010                         2010
   Title: The illustrated history of natural disasters / Jan
                        Koz*ak, Vladim*ir *Cerm*ak.
   Personal Author: Koz*ak, Jan, 1938-

 GC90 .M62 D38 2011                       2011
   Title: Sea-level change in the Gulf of Mexico / Richard A.
                        Davis Jr.
   Personal Author: Davis, Richard A. (Richard Albert), 1937-

 GC190.2 .B76 2010                        2010
   Title: The great ocean conveyor : discovering the trigger for
                        abrupt climate change / Wally Broecker.
   Personal Author: Broecker, Wallace S., 1931-

 GC228.5 .H83 2010                        2010
   Title: Ocean circulation : wind-driven and thermohaline
                        processes / by Rui Xin Huang.
   Personal Author: Huang, Rui Xin.

 GE42 .R65 2012                           2012
   Title: A new environmental ethics : the next millennium for
                        life on earth / Holmes Rolston III.
   Personal Author: Rolston, Holmes, 1932-

 GE149 .S73 2011                          2011
   Title: Deep future : the next 100,000 years of life on Earth
                        / Curt Stager.
   Personal Author: Stager, Curt.

 GF77 .D36 2007                           2007
   Title: Sacred land : intuitive gardening for personal,
                        political & environmental change / Clea Danaan.
   Personal Author: Danaan, Clea.

 GN281 .S8736 2011                        2011
   Title: The origin of our species / Chris Stringer.
   Personal Author: Stringer, Chris, 1947-

 GN281.4 .B45 2010                        2010
   Title: Evolution, creationism, and the battle to control
                        America's classrooms / Michael Berkman, Eric Plutzer.
   Personal Author: Berkman, Michael B., 1960-

 GN281.4 .C632 2009                       2009
   Title: The 10,000 year explosion : how civilization
                        accelerated human evolution / Gregory Cochran and
                        Henry Harpending.
   Personal Author: Cochran, Gregory.

 GR110 .T4 H53 2011 NO.67                 2011
   Title: Hide, horn, fish, and fowl : Texas hunting and fishing
                        lore / edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt.

 GV199.92 .M356 D38 2011                  2011
   Title: Into the silence : the Great War, Mallory, and the
                        conquest of Everest / Wade Davis.
   Personal Author: Davis, Wade.

 GV351 .C56 2011                          2011
   Title: Big-time sports in American universities / Charles T.
   Personal Author: Clotfelter, Charles T.

 GV452 .A32 2010                          2010
   Title: Teaching movement education : foundations for active
                        lifestyles / Karen Weiller Abels, Jennifer M. Bridges.
   Personal Author: Abels, Karen Weiller.

 GV711 .E37 2011                          2011
   Title: InSideOut coaching : how sports can transform lives /
                        Joe Ehrmann ; with Paula Ehrmann and Gregory Jordan.
   Personal Author: Ehrmann, Joe.

 GV865 .M8 V47 2011                       2011
   Title: Stan Musial : an American life / George Vecsey.
   Personal Author: Vecsey, George.

 GV886 .L44 2012                          2012
   Title: Basketball for women / Nancy Lieberman.
   Personal Author: Lieberman, Nancy, 1958-

 GV944 .M6 P69 2012                       2012
   Title: This love is not for cowards : salvation and soccer in
                        Ciudad Ju*arez / Robert Andrew Powell.
   Personal Author: Powell, Robert Andrew.

 GV1003.34 .D38 2011                      2011
   Title: Championship racquetball / Fran Davis, Jason Mannino.
   Personal Author: Davis, Fran, 1954-

 GV1469.3 .R84 2011                       2011
   Title: Gaming matters : art, science, magic, and the computer
                        game medium / Judd Ethan Ruggill and Ken S.
   Personal Author: Ruggill, Judd Ethan.

 GV1469.34 .S52 B63 2011                  2011
   Title: How to do things with videogames / Ian Bogost.
   Personal Author: Bogost, Ian.
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- H -
 HB3717 2008 .D384 2010                   2010
   Title: The financial crisis : who is to blame? / Howard
   Personal Author: Davies, H. (Howard), 1951-

 HC79 .E5 W67 2012                        2012
   Title: Vital signs 2012 : the trends that are shaping our
                        future / Michael Renner, project director ; Linda
                        Starke, editor ; Lyle Rosbotham, designer.

 HC106.84 .P43 2011                       2011
   Title: Pinched : how the Great Recession has narrowed our
                        futures and what we can do about it / Don Peck.
   Personal Author: Peck, Don.

 HC106.84 .S23 2011                       2011
   Title: The price of civilization : reawakening American
                        virtue and prosperity / Jeffrey D. Sachs.
   Personal Author: Sachs, Jeffrey.

 HC110 .C3 U215 2011                      2011
   Title: U.S. infrastructure / edited by Paul McCaffrey.

 HC110 .C6 G56 2009                       2009
   Title: Buying power : a history of consumer activism in
                        America / Lawrence B. Glickman.
   Personal Author: Glickman, Lawrence B., 1963-

 HD30.2 .J59 2012                         2012
   Title: The information diet : a case for conscious
                        consumption / Clay A. Johnson.
   Personal Author: Johnson, Clay A.

 HD30.2122 .D87 2005                      2005
   Title: The 2-second commute : join the exploding ranks of
                        freelance virtual assistants / Christine Durst and
                        Michael Haaren.
   Personal Author: Durst, Christine, 1963-

 HD62.38 .T78 2009                        2009
   Title: The work-at-home success bible : a complete guide for
                        women / Leslie Truex.
   Personal Author: Truex, Leslie.

 HD69 .C6 W4588 2011                      2011
   Title: The consulting Bible : everything you need to know to
                        create and expand a seven-figure consulting practice /
                        Alan Weiss.
   Personal Author: Weiss, Alan, 1946-

 HD69 .C6 W46 2009                        2009
   Title: Million dollar consulting : the professional's guide
                        to growing a practice / Alan Weiss.
   Personal Author: Weiss, Alan, 1946-

 HD69 .C6 W466 2008                       2008
   Title: Value-based fees : how to charge--and get--what you're
                        worth : a guide for consultants / Alan Weiss.
   Personal Author: Weiss, Alan, 1946-

 HD111 .E94 2011                          2011
   Title: Common ground : the sharing of land and landscapes for
                        sustainability / Mark Everard.
   Personal Author: Everard, Mark.

 HD2731 .B227 2011                        2011
   Title: Childhood under siege : how big business targets
                        children / Joel Bakan.
   Personal Author: Bakan, Joel.

 HD2746 .Z657 2004                        2004
   Title: Beyond the core : expand your market without
                        abandoning your roots / Chris Zook.
   Personal Author: Zook, Chris, 1951-

 HD9502 .A2 Y47 2011                      2011
   Title: The quest : energy, security and the remaking of the
                        modern world / by Daniel Yergin.
   Personal Author: Yergin, Daniel.

 HD9581.2 .S53 W55 2012                   2012
   Title: Under the surface : fracking, fortunes and the fate of
                        the Marcellus Shale / Tom Wilber.
   Personal Author: Wilber, Tom, 1958-

 HD9696.8 .U64 G669 2011                  2011
   Title: The Googlization of everything : (and why we should
                        worry) / Siva Vaidhyanathan.
   Personal Author: Vaidhyanathan, Siva.

 HD9697 .A3 U575 2005                     2005
   Title: Control your destiny or someone else will / Noel Tichy
                        and Stratford Sherman.
   Personal Author: Tichy, Noel M.

 HF5382.75 .U6 L636 2009                  2009
   Title: The unspoken rules of getting hired : recession-proof
                        secrets that employers do not want you to know /
                        Landon Long, Jesse Stretch.
   Personal Author: Long, Landon.

 HF5415.1265 .S24 2012                    2012
   Title: The social media bible : tactics, tools, & strategies
                        for business success / Lon Safko.
   Personal Author: Safko, Lon.

 HF5549.5 .E42 W27 2011                   2011
   Title: The drama-free office : a guide to healthy
                        collaboration with your team, coworkers, and boss /
                        Jim Warner and Kaley Klemp.
   Personal Author: Warner, Jim.

 HF5718 .F75 2010                         2010
   Title: Shut up and say something : business communication
                        strategies to overcome challenges and influence
                        listeners / Karen Friedman.
   Personal Author: Friedman, Karen, 1956-

 HF5823 .F43 2006                         2006
   Title: Advertising : concept and copy / George Felton.
   Personal Author: Felton, George, 1947-

 HM626 .P68 2010                          2010
   Title: The authenticity hoax : how we got lost finding
                        ourselves / Andrew Potter.
   Personal Author: Potter, Andrew.

 HM851 .A65 2007                          2007
   Title: ISpy : surveillance and power in the interactive era /
                        Mark Andrejevic.
   Personal Author: Andrejevic, Mark, 1964-

 HM851 .B585 2011                         2011
   Title: Infinite reality : avatars, eternal life, new worlds,
                        and the dawn of the virtual revolution / Jim
                        Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson.
   Personal Author: Blascovich, Jim.

 HM851 .M665 2011                         2011
   Title: The net delusion : the dark side of Internet freedom /
                        Evgeny Morozov.
   Personal Author: Morozov, Evgeny.

 HM851 .T86 2011                          2011
   Title: Alone together : why we expect more from technology
                        and less from each other / Sherry Turkle.
   Personal Author: Turkle, Sherry.

 HM1116 .P57 2011                         2011
   Title: The better angels of our nature : why violence has
                        declined / Steven Pinker.
   Personal Author: Pinker, Steven, 1954-

 HM1271 .D39 2009                         2009
   Title: The wayfinders : why ancient wisdom matters in the
                        modern world / Wade Davis.
   Personal Author: Davis, Wade.

 HQ759 .M438 2010                         2011
   Title: The 10 habits of happy mothers : reclaiming our
                        passion, purpose, and sanity / Meg Meeker, M.D.
   Personal Author: Meeker, Margaret J.,

 HQ764 .S3 B35 2011                       2011
   Title: Margaret Sanger : a life of passion / Jean H. Baker.
   Personal Author: Baker, Jean H.

 HQ799.7 .L45 2009                        2009
   Title: Daughters of Aquarius : women of the sixties
                        counterculture / Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo.
   Personal Author: Lemke-Santangelo, Gretchen.

 HQ799.9 .I58 I94 2011                    2011
   Title: Lol-- omg! : what every student needs to know about
                        online reputation management, digital citizenship, and
                        cyberbullying / Matt Ivester.
   Personal Author: Ivester, Matt.

 HQ1206 .M267 2009                        2009
   Title: The Cinderella test : would you really want the shoe
                        to fit? : subtle ways women are seduced and socialized
                        into servitude and stereotypes / Vera Sonja Maass.
   Personal Author: Maass, Vera Sonja.

 HQ1410 .D83 2012                         2012
   Title: Through women's eyes : an American history with
                        documents / Ellen Carol DuBois, Lynn Dumenil.
   Personal Author: DuBois, Ellen Carol, 1947-

 HT690 .U6 E47 1990                       1990
   Title: Fear of falling : the inner life of the middle class /
                        Barbara Ehrenreich.
   Personal Author: Ehrenreich, Barbara.

 HV883 .C2 P45 1995                       1995
   Title: A child called "it" : an abused child's journey from
                        victim to victor / Dave Pelzer.
   Personal Author: Pelzer, David J.

 HV4046 .N6 R57 2010                      2010
   Title: How the other half lives / Jacob Riis.
   Personal Author: Riis, Jacob A. (Jacob August), 1849-1914.

 HV4708 .G78 2011                         2011
   Title: Ethics and animals : an introduction / Lori Gruen.
   Personal Author: Gruen, Lori.

 HV4915 .K64 2011                         2011
   Title: The costs and benefits of animal experiments / Andrew
   Personal Author: Knight, Andrew, 1970-

 HV5801 .N374 2012                        2012
   Title: Social work with substance users / Anna Nelson.
   Personal Author: Nelson, Anna.

 HV6275 .C663 2012                        2012
   Title: Conspiracy theories / edited by Paul McCaffrey.

 HV6278 .H319 2011                        2011
   Title: Assassins of the Turquoise Palace / Roya Hakakian.
   Personal Author: *Hakk*akiy*an, Ru*y*a.

 HV6515 .E17 2012                         2012
   Title: The serial killer whisperer : how one man's tragedy
                        helped unlock the deadliest secrets of the world's
                        most terrifying killers / Pete Earley.
   Personal Author: Earley, Pete.

 HV6691 .M86 2011                         2011
   Title: The con : how scams work, why you're vulnerable, and
                        how to protect yourself / James Munton and Jelita
   Personal Author: Munton, James, 1971-

 HV6773 .B38 2011                         2011
   Title: Cyberbullying : what counselors need to know / Sheri
   Personal Author: Bauman, Sheri.

 HV6773 .B75 2010                         2010
   Title: Cybercrime : criminal threats from cyberspace / Susan
                        W. Brenner.
   Personal Author: Brenner, Susan W., 1947-

 HV6773 .J32 2010                         2010
   Title: Teen cyberbullying investigated : where do your rights
                        end and consequences begin? / by Tom Jacobs.
   Personal Author: Jacobs, Thomas A.

 HV8699 .U6 M744 2010                     2010
   Title: The eyes of Willie McGee : a tragedy of race, sex, and
                        secrets in the Jim Crow South / Alex Heard.
   Personal Author: Heard, Alex.

 HV9105 .N7 C456 2010                     2010
   Title: I don't wish nobody to have a life like mine : tales
                        of kids in adult lockup / David Chura.
   Personal Author: Chura, David, 1948-

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- J -
 JC11 .F85 2011                           2011
   Title: The origins of political order : from prehuman times
                        to the French Revolution / Francis Fukuyama.
   Personal Author: Fukuyama, Francis.

 JC585 .H855 2010                         2010
   Title: Libertarianism today / Jacob H. Huebert.
   Personal Author: Huebert, Jacob H.

 JQ1850 .A91 A74 2012                     2012
   Title: The Arab Spring / edited by Paul McCaffrey.

 JV6565 .M37 2011                         2011
   Title: The fence : national security, public safety, and
                        illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border /
                        Robert Lee Maril.
   Personal Author: Maril, Robert Lee.

 JZ3690 .P38 2011                         2011
   Title: The politics of the oceans / edited by Kenneth
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- K -
 KF285 .Z9 K55 2011                       2011
   Title: LSAT logic games bible : a comprehensive system for
                        attacking the logic games section of the LSAT /
                        [author, David M. Killoran].
   Personal Author: Killoran, David M.

 KF373 .D35 F37 2011                      2011
   Title: Clarence Darrow : attorney for the damned / John A.
   Personal Author: Farrell, John A. (John Aloysius)

 KF390 .I54 F57 2011                      2011
   Title: Working for yourself : law & taxes for independent
                        contractors, freelancers & consultants / Stephen
   Personal Author: Fishman, Stephen.

 KF390.5 .C6 O344 2010                    2010
   Title: The offensive Internet : speech, privacy, and
                        reputation / edited by Saul Levmore and Martha C.

 KF3002 .S75 2010                         2010
   Title: Getting permission : how to license & clear
                        copyrighted materials, online & off / by Richard Stim.
   Personal Author: Stim, Richard.

 KF3035 .B37 2009                         2009
   Title: Music law in the digital age / Allen Bargfrede and
                        Cecily Mak ; edited by Jonathan Feist.
   Personal Author: Bargfrede, Allen.

 KF3941 .L68 2010                         2010
   Title: More guns, less crime : understanding crime and
                        gun-control laws / John R. Lott, Jr.
   Personal Author: Lott, John R.

 KF4291 .S28 2005                         2005
   Title: Legal aspects of the music industry : an insider's
                        view / Richard Schulenberg.
   Personal Author: Schulenberg, Richard.

 KF4749 .F65 2011                         2011
   Title: Rights gone wrong : how law corrupts the struggle for
                        equality / Richard Thompson Ford.
   Personal Author: Ford, Richard T. (Richard Thompson)

 KF6491 .F57 2011                         2012
   Title: Home business tax deductions : keep what you earn /
                        Stephen Fishman.
   Personal Author: Fishman, Stephen.

 KF6495 .P7 F57 2011                      2011
   Title: Tax deductions for professionals / by Stephen Fishman.
   Personal Author: Fishman, Stephen.
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- L -
 LA227.4 .D455 2012                       2012
   Title: College : what it was, is, and should be / Andrew
   Personal Author: Delbanco, Andrew, 1952-

 LA227.4 .K435 2011                       2011
   Title: We're losing our minds : rethinking American higher
                        education / Richard P. Keeling and Richard H. Hersh.
   Personal Author: Keeling, Richard P.

 LB1025.3 .L48 2010                       2010
   Title: Teach like a champion : 49 techniques that put
                        students on the path to college / Doug Lemov ;
                        foreword by Norman Atkins.
   Personal Author: Lemov, Doug, 1967-

 LB1576 .C74 2011                         2011
   Title: Creative ways to teach literacy : ideas for children
                        aged 3 to 11 / [edited by] Virginia Bower.

 LB2328 .B48 2009                         2009
   Title: Community college innovations : best practices &
                        what's working / by Laura L. Betti, Kara Lombardi &
                        Julie Phillips ; edited by Julie Phillips ; designed
                        by Joellen Collins-Cardona.
   Personal Author: Betti, Laura L.

 LB3013.3 .H566 2009                      2009
   Title: Bullying beyond the schoolyard : preventing and
                        responding to cyberbullying / Sameer Hinduja, Justin
                        W. Patchin.
   Personal Author: Hinduja, Sameer, 1978-

 LB3013.3 .W553 2007                      2007
   Title: Cyberbullying and cyberthreats : responding to the
                        challenge of online social aggression, threats, and
                        distress / Nancy E. Willard.
   Personal Author: Willard, Nancy E.

 LC146.6 .R86 2011                        2011
   Title: Dropping out : why students drop out of high school
                        and what can be done about it / Russell W. Rumberger.
   Personal Author: Rumberger, Russell W.

 LC149 .L511 2011                         2011
   Title: Literacy promises / co-editors, Timothy Morrison ...
                        [et al.] ; Leslie Haas, editorial assistant.

 LC1034 .C737 2010                        2010
   Title: COMPASS exam secrets study guide : your key to exam

 LC1034 .C738                             2011
   Title: Compass Exam Practice Questions Compass Practice Tests
                        & Review for the Computer Adaptive Placement
                        Assessment and Support System.
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- M -
 M1630.18 .L44 T65 1981                   1981
   Title: Too many songs / by Tom Lehrer ; with not enough
                        drawings by Ronald Searle ; piano arrangements by Tom
                        Lehrer and Frank Metis.
   Personal Author: Lehrer, Tom, 1928-

 ML27 .U5 A833434 2011                    2011
   Title: Celebrating the American Musicological Society at
                        seventy-five / American Musicological Society.
   Corporate Author: American Musicological Society.

 ML50 .K624 N4 2010                       2010
   Title: Next to normal / music, Tom Kitt ; book and lyrics,
                        Brian Yorkey.
   Personal Author: Kitt, Tom.

 ML419.V25 H68 2008                       2008
   Title: Stevie Ray Vaughan : day by day, night after night /
                        by Craig Hopkins.
   Personal Author: Hopkins, Craig L. (Craig Lee)

 ML423 .T78 A3 2005                       2005
   Title: George Tsypin opera factory : building in the black
                        void / George Tsypin ; with texts by Julie Taymor and
                        Grigory Revzin.
   Personal Author: Tsypin, George, 1954-

 ML3790 .A326 2010                        2010
   Title: The secrets of house music production : a reference
                        manual from Sample Magic / [written by Marc Adamo ;
                        vocal chapter and additional content by David Felton ;
                        interviews by Sharooz Raoofi ; edited by David Felton
                        ; design concept and illustrations by Simon Marlow].
   Personal Author: Adamo, Marc.

 ML3790 .K464 2009                        2009
   Title: Music marketing : press, promotion, distribution, and
                        retail / Mike King ; edited by Jonathan Feist.
   Personal Author: King, Mike.

 ML3790 .S5 2007                          2007
   Title: This business of music : the definitive guide to the
                        music industry / M. William Krasilovsky and Sidney
                        Shemel ; contributions by John M. Gross, Jonathan
   Personal Author: Krasilovsky, M. William.

 ML3790 .T46 2005                         2005
   Title: Understanding audio : getting the most out of your
                        project or professional recording studio / by Daniel
                        C. Thompson.
   Personal Author: Thompson, Daniel M.

 ML3790 .W45 2012                         2012
   Title: The producer's manual : all you need to get pro
                        recordings and mixes in the project studio.
   Personal Author: White, Paul.

 ML3918 .R37 O33 2007                     2007
   Title: Hip-hop revolution : the culture and politics of rap /
                        Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar.
   Personal Author: Ogbar, Jeffrey Ogbonna Green.

 MT1 .L516 2011                           2011
   Title: Learning from young children : research in early
                        childhood music / edited by Suzanne L. Burton and
                        Cynthia Crump Taggart.

 MT239 .R53 1997                          1997
   Title: Improvising blues piano / Tim Richards.
   Personal Author: Richards, Tim, pianist.

 MT662 .H66 1996                          1996
   Title: The drumset soloist / by Steve Houghton.
   Personal Author: Houghton, Steve.

 MT719 .P48 1995                          1995
   Title: Fundamental method for mallets / Mitchell Peters.
   Personal Author: Peters, Mitchell.

 MT719.3 .L566 2000                       2000
   Title: Jazz mallets : in session / by Arthur Lipner.
   Personal Author: Lipner, Arthur.

 MT719.6 .L56 1996                        1996
   Title: The vibes real book / by Arthur Lipner.
   Personal Author: Lipner, Arthur.

 MT820 .M595 2008                         2008
   Title: Resonance in singing : voice building through acoustic
                        feedback / Donald Gray Miller.
   Personal Author: Miller, Donald Gray, 1933-

 MT821 .M34 2004                          2004
   Title: Your voice, an inside view : multimedia voice science
                        and pedagogy / Scott McCoy.
   Personal Author: McCoy, Scott Jeffrey.
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- N -
 N380 .D355 2005                          2005
   Title: Methods & theories of art history / Anne D'Alleva.
   Personal Author: D'Alleva, Anne.

 N6537 .P57 T69 2012                      2012
   Title: Jackson Pollock / Evelyn Toynton.
   Personal Author: Toynton, Evelyn, 1950-

 N6537 .W28 D36 2009                      2009
   Title: Andy Warhol / Arthur C. Danto.
   Personal Author: Danto, Arthur Coleman, 1924-

 N6953 .G3 N35 2011                       2011
   Title: Van Gogh : The Life / Steven Naifeh and Gregory White
   Personal Author: Naifeh, Steven (Steven W.), 1952-

 N8217.C792 N45 2011                      2011
   Title: The art of cruelty : a reckoning / Maggie Nelson.
   Personal Author: Nelson, Maggie, 1973-

 NA2790 .S87 1999                         1999
   Title: Modelmaking : a basic guide / Martha Sutherland.
   Personal Author: Sutherland, Martha, 1927-

 NC710 .S86 2006                          2006
   Title: Drawing matters / Jane Stobart.
   Personal Author: Stobart, Jane.

 ND237 .K535 T46 2011                     2011
   Title: Thomas Kinkade : the artist in the mall / edited by
                        Alexis L. Boylan.

 ND623 .C26 G73 2011                      2011
   Title: Caravaggio : a life sacred and profane / Andrew
   Personal Author: Graham-Dixon, Andrew.

 NE495 .P755 2010                         2010
   Title: Printmakers today / Jeffrey B. Snyder, editor.

 NE1095 .B73 2010                         2010
   Title: Wood engraving : how to do it / Simon Brett.
   Personal Author: Brett, Simon, 1943-

 NK4340 .R3 A15 2011                      2011
   Title: 500 raku : bold explorations of a dynamic ceramics

 NK9112 .B68 1986                         1986
   Title: Lone stars : a legacy of Texas quilts / by Karoline
                        Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes ;
                        foreword by Jonathan Holstein.
   Personal Author: Bresenhan, Karey, 1942-

 NK9112 .B685 2011                        2011
   Title: Lone stars III : a legacy of Texas quilts, 1986-2011 /
                        by Karoline Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy O'Bryant
   Personal Author: Bresenhan, Karey, 1942-
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- P -
 P107 .B37 2008                           2008
   Title: Always on : language in an online and mobile world /
                        Naomi S. Baron.
   Personal Author: Baron, Naomi S.

 P306 .B394 2011                          2011
   Title: Is that a fish in your ear? : translation and the
                        meaning of everything / David Bellos.
   Personal Author: Bellos, David.

 PE1405 .U6 F6 2011                       2011
   Title: From form to meaning : freshman composition and the
                        long sixties, 1957-1974 / David Fleming.
   Personal Author: Fleming, David, 1961-

 PE1628 .W42 2011                         2011
   Title: Webster's American English dictionary / created in
                        cooperation with the editors of Merriam-Webster.

 PJ5054 .O9 T4613 2011                    2011
   Title: Scenes from village life / Amos Oz ; translated from
                        the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange.
   Personal Author: Oz, Amos.

 PN83 .J36 2011                           2011
   Title: The pleasures of reading in an age of distraction /
                        Alan Jacobs.
   Personal Author: Jacobs, Alan, 1958-

 PN495 .B67 2011                          2011
   Title: One-way tickets : writers and the culture of exile /
                        Alicia Borinsky.
   Personal Author: Borinsky, Alicia.

 PN1455 .B64 2011                         2011
   Title: Reading visual poetry / Willard Bohn.
   Personal Author: Bohn, Willard, 1939-

 PN1992.77 .D28 D35 2011                  2011
   Title: The Daily show and rhetoric : arguments, issues, and
                        strategies / edited by Trischa Goodnow.

 PN1992.77 .M226 M335 2011                2011
   Title: Mad men : dream come true TV / edited by Gary R.

 PN1995.9 .B62 F69 2011                   2011
   Title: Body shots : Hollywood and the culture of eating
                        disorders / Emily Fox-Kales.
   Personal Author: Fox-Kales, Emily, 1944-

 PN1995.9 .S547 L45 2011                  2011
   Title: Those girls : single women in sixties and seventies
                        popular culture / Katherine J. Lehman.
   Personal Author: Lehman, Katherine J.

 PN1998.3 .A48 R625 2011                  2011
   Title: Robert Altman : critical essays / edited by Rick

 PN2067 .T36 2010                         2010
   Title: Character costume figure drawing : step-by-step
                        drawing methods for theatre costume designers / Tan
   Personal Author: Tan, Huaixiang.

 PN2091 .S8 B6755 2010                    2010
   Title: Making the scene : a history of stage design and
                        technology in Europe and the United States / Oscar G.
                        Brockett, Margaret Mitchell, Linda Hardberger.
   Personal Author: Brockett, Oscar G. (Oscar Gross), 1923-2010.

 PN2096 .A1 L38 2010                      2010
   Title: Late & great : American designers 1960-2010 / edited
                        by Bobbi Owen.

 PN2096 .F56 U57 2009                     2009
   Title: Jules Fisher / written by Delbert Unruh ; foreword by
                        John Lahr.
   Personal Author: Unruh, Delbert.

 PN2287 .M87 U57 2007                     2007
   Title: Tharon Musser / written by Delbert Unruh ; with
                        Marilyn Rennagel and Jeff Davis ; foreword by Richard
   Personal Author: Unruh, Delbert.

 PN3377.5 .D4 N69 2011                    2011
   Title: Now write! Mysteries : suspense, crime, thriller, and
                        other mystery fiction exercises from today's best
                        writers and teachers / edited by Sherry Ellis and
                        Laurie Lamson.

 PN3377.5 .R45 H37 2011                   2011
   Title: Storycraft : the complete guide to writing narrative
                        nonfiction / Jack Hart.
   Personal Author: Hart, Jack, 1946-

 PN4305 .M6 E93 2010                      2010
   Title: Exceptional monologues 1 for men and women / edited by
                        Roxane Heinze-Bradshaw and Katherine DiSavino.

 PN4305 .M6 E93 2011                      2011
   Title: Exceptional monologues 2 : for men and women / edited
                        by Roxane Heinze-Bradshaw and Katherine DiSavino.

 PN4874 .D3565 A3 2012                    2012
   Title: Never in my wildest dreams a black woman's life in
                        journalism / Belva Davis with Vicki Haddock foreword
                        by Bill Cosby.
   Personal Author: Davis, Belva, 1933-

 PN4874 .T444 F43 2011                    2011
   Title: Fear and loathing at Rolling Stone : the essential
                        writing of Hunter S. Thompson / edited and with a
                        foreword by Jann S. Wenner ; and with an introduction
                        by Paul Scanlon.
   Personal Author: Thompson, Hunter S.

 PN6231 .R4 J38 2011                      2011
   Title: The last testament / God (with David Javerbaum).
   Personal Author: Javerbaum, David.

 PN6727 .N56 B53 2011                     2011
   Title: Big questions, or, Asomatognosia : whose hand is it
                        anyway? / Anders Brekhus Nilsen.
   Personal Author: Nilsen, Anders, 1973-

 PN6727 .S6 Z465 2011                     2011
   Title: MetaMaus / Art Spiegelman.
   Personal Author: Spiegelman, Art.

 PQ4423 .W55 2011                         2011
   Title: Dante in love / A.N. Wilson.
   Personal Author: Wilson, A. N., 1950-

 PQ4865 .C6 C4613 2011                    2011
   Title: The Prague cemetery / Umberto Eco ; translated from
                        the Italian by Richard Dixon.
   Personal Author: Eco, Umberto.

 PQ7798.23 .A692 P8713 2011               2011
   Title: Purgatory : a novel / Tom*as Eloy Mart*inez ;
                        translated from the Spanish by Frank Wynne.
   Personal Author: Mart*inez, Tom*as Eloy.

 PQ7798.29 .H8 M9413 2010                 2010
   Title: Death as a side effect / Ana Mar*ia Shua ; translated
                        by Andrea G. Labinger.
   Personal Author: Shua, Ana Mar*ia, 1951-

 PQ9281 .A66 M313 2012                    2012
   Title: Manual of painting & calligraphy : a novel / Jos*e
                        Saramago ; translated from the Portuguese by Giovanni
   Personal Author: Saramago, Jos*e.

 PR502 .K36 2011                          2011
   Title: Re-reading poets : the life of the author / Paul
   Personal Author: Kameen, Paul, 1949-

 PR830 .S4 C65 2010                       2010
   Title: The novel and the sea / Margaret Cohen.
   Personal Author: Cohen, Margaret, 1958-

 PR878 .M38 M53 2011                      2011
   Title: The vulgar question of money : heiresses, materialism,
                        and the novel of manners from Jane Austen to Henry
                        James / Elsie B. Michie.
   Personal Author: Michie, Elsie B. (Elsie Browning), 1948-

 PR1195 .W65 C36 2001                     2001
   Title: Cambridge poets of the Great War : an anthology /
                        [compiled by] Michael Copp.

 PR2976 .S346 2011                        2011
   Title: Shakesqueer : a queer companion to the complete works
                        of Shakespeare / edited by Madhavi Menon.

 PR2992 .F6 B45 2011                      2011
   Title: Shakespeare's great stage of fools / Robert H. Bell.
   Personal Author: Bell, Robert H. (Robert Huntley), 1946-

 PR4148 .A9 W56 2011                      2011
   Title: My business is to create : Blake's infinite writing /
                        Eric G. Wilson.
   Personal Author: Wilson, Eric, 1967-

 PR4453 .C4 Z664 2011                     2011
   Title: G.K. Chesterton : a biography / Ian Ker.
   Personal Author: Ker, I. T. (Ian Turnbull)

 PR4581 .A4 2012                          2012
   Title: The selected letters of Charles Dickens / edited by
                        Jenny Hartley.
   Personal Author: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.

 PR4611 .A73 A37 2009                     2009
   Title: Alice beyond wonderland : essays for the twenty-first
                        century / edited by Cristopher Hollingsworth ;
                        foreword by Karoline Leach.

 PR4836 .G47 2011                         2011
   Title: The Keats brothers : the life of John and George /
                        Denise Gigante.
   Personal Author: Gigante, Denise, 1965-

 PR5776 .S525 2010                        2010
   Title: H.G. Wells : another kind of life / Michael Sherborne.
   Personal Author: Sherborne, Michael.

 PR5824 .O824 2011                        2011
   Title: Oscar Wilde / edited by Jarlath Killeen.

 PR5824 .R57 2011                         2011
   Title: Oscar Wilde / Ruth Robbins.
   Personal Author: Robbins, Ruth, 1965-

 PR6005 .O4 H4 2006                       2006
   Title: Heart of darkness : authoritative text, backgrounds
                        and contexts, criticism / Joseph Conrad ; edited by
                        Paul B. Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924.

 PR6019 .O9 U6724 2009                    2009
   Title: Ulysses and us : the art of everyday life in Joyce's
                        masterpiece / Declan Kiberd.
   Personal Author: Kiberd, Declan.

 PR6039 .O32 Z685 2011                    2011
   Title: Light beyond all shadow : religious experience in
                        Tolkien's work / edited by Paul E. Kerry and Sandra

 PR6039 .O32 Z8136 2011                   2011
   Title: The ring and the cross : Christianity and the writings
                        of J.R.R. Tolkien / edited by Paul E. Kerry.

 PR6051 .R564 S44 2011                    2011
   Title: Seeing stars : poems / Simon Armitage.
   Personal Author: Armitage, Simon, 1963-

 PR6052 .E18 O54 2011                     2011
   Title: One man, two guvnors : a version of Goldoni's The
                        servant of two masters / Richard Bean.
   Personal Author: Bean, Richard, 1956-

 PR6052 .U638 C5 2011                     2011
   Title: A clockwork orange : authoritative text, backgrounds
                        and contexts criticism / Anthony Burgess ; edited by
                        Mark Rawlinson.
   Personal Author: Burgess, Anthony, 1917-1993.

 PR6052 .Y2 R34 2011                      2011
   Title: Ragnarok : the end of the gods / A.S. Byatt.
   Personal Author: Byatt, A. S. (Antonia Susan), 1936-

 PR6063 .C377 B44 2011                    2011
   Title: A behanding in Spokane / by Martin McDonagh.
   Personal Author: McDonagh, Martin.

 PR9199.3 .A8 Z756 2010                   2010
   Title: Margaret Atwood : The robber bride, The blind
                        assassin, Oryx and Crake / edited by J. Brooks Bouson.

 PR9199.3 .M3855 L54 2001                 2001
   Title: Life of Pi : a novel / Yann Martel.
   Personal Author: Martel, Yann.

 PR9199.4 .S567 T45 2012                  2012
   Title: This will be difficult to explain : and other stories
                        / Johanna Skibsrud.
   Personal Author: Skibsrud, Johanna, 1980-

 PR9619.3 .M83 T35 2011                   2011
   Title: Taller when prone : poems / Les Murray.
   Personal Author: Murray, Les A., 1938-

 PR9619.3 .P3619 S77 2012                 2012
   Title: The street sweeper / Elliot Perlman.
   Personal Author: Perlman, Elliot.

 PS153 .I52 C59 2011                      2011
   Title: Reading Native American literature / Joseph L.
   Personal Author: Coulombe, Joseph L., 1966-

 PS153 .M4 D454 2011                      2011
   Title: Spiritual mestizaje : religion, gender, race, and
                        nation in contemporary Chicana narrative / Theresa
   Personal Author: Delgadillo, Theresa, 1959-

 PS169 .E83 C65 2010                      2010
   Title: Handing one another along : literature and social
                        reflection / Robert Coles ; edited by Trevor Hall and
                        Vicki Kennedy.
   Personal Author: Coles, Robert.

 PS323.5 .G67 2012                        2012
   Title: Poetic memory : the forgotten self in Plath, Howe,
                        Hinsey, and Gl*uck / Uta Gosmann.
   Personal Author: Gosmann, Uta, 1973-

 PS374 .S2 M38 2011                       2011
   Title: Unvarnishing reality : subversive Russian and American
                        Cold War satire / Derek C. Maus.
   Personal Author: Maus, Derek C.

 PS507 .N65 2008                          2008
   Title: The Norton anthology of American literature / Nina
                        Baym, general editor.

 PS507 .N65 2012 V.C                      2012
   Title: The Norton anthology of American literature / Nina
                        Baym, general editor ; Robert S. Levine, associate
                        general editor.

 PS507 .N65 2012 V.D                      2012
   Title: The Norton anthology of American literature / Nina
                        Baym, general editor ; Robert S. Levine, associate
                        general editor.

 PS508 .N3 H365 2011                      2011
   Title: Harlem Renaissance : five novels of the 1920s / Rafia
                        Zafar, editor.

 PS508 .N3 H368 2011                      2011
   Title: Harlem Renaissance : four novels of the 1930s / Rafia
                        Zafar, editor.

 PS508 .N3 M9 2001                        2001
   Title: My soul has grown deep : classics of early
                        African-American literature / [compiled by] John Edgar

 PS509 .A27 W74 2012                      2012
   Title: Writers on the edge : 22 writers speak about addiction
                        and dependency / edited by Diana M. Raab and James
                        Brown ; foreword by Jerry Stahl.

 PS613 .P47 2011                          2011
   Title: The Penguin anthology of twentieth-century American
                        poetry / edited with an introduction by Rita Dove.

 PS711 .A1 2010                           2010
   Title: The works of Anne Bradstreet / edited by Jeannine
                        Hensley ; foreword by Adrienne Rich.
   Personal Author: Bradstreet, Anne, 1612?-1672.

 PS1097 .A6 2011                          2011
   Title: The devil's dictionary, tales, & memoirs / Ambrose
                        Bierce ; S.T. Joshi, editor.
   Personal Author: Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914?

 PS1305 .A2 R45 2009                      2009
   Title: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : with an introduction
                        and contemporary criticism / Mark Twain ; edited by
                        Mary R. Reichardt
   Personal Author: Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.

 PS1332 .S53 2010                         2010
   Title: Mark Twain's other woman : the hidden story of his
                        final years / Laura Skandera Trombley.
   Personal Author: Skandera-Trombley, Laura E.

 PS1338 .M275 1994                        1994
   Title: Mark Twain : a collection of critical essays / edited
                        by Eric J. Sundquist.

 PS1408 .S36 2011                         2011
   Title: Whipscars and tattoos : The last of the Mohicans,
                        Moby-Dick, and the Maori / Geoffrey Sanborn.
   Personal Author: Sanborn, Geoffrey.

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   Title: The golden bowl / Henry James.
   Personal Author: James, Henry, 1843-1916.

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   Title: The portrait of a lady : an authoritative text, Henry
                        James and the novel, reviews and criticism / edited by
                        Robert D. Bamberg.
   Personal Author: James, Henry, 1843-1916.

 PS2116 .T8 2011                          2011
   Title: The turn of the screw / Henry James ; edited and with
                        an introduction and notes by David Bromwich.
   Personal Author: James, Henry, 1843-1916.

 PS2116 .W3 2010B                         2010
   Title: Washington Square / Henry James ; edited with an
                        introduction and notes by Adrian Poole.
   Personal Author: James, Henry, 1843-1916.

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                        introduction and notes by Tony Tanner.
   Personal Author: Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

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   Title: Omoo : a narrative of adventures in the South Seas /
                        Herman Melville ; introduction and notes by Mary K.
                        Bercaw Edwards.
   Personal Author: Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

 PS2384 .P5 2010                          2010
   Title: Pierre; or, The ambiguities / Herman Melville.
   Personal Author: Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

 PS2602 .K46 2006                         2006
   Title: The portable Edgar Allan Poe / edited with an
                        introduction by J. Gerald Kennedy.
   Personal Author: Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.

 PS2638 .E335 2011                        2011
   Title: Edgar Allan Poe : beyond gothicism / edited by James
                        M. Hutchisson.

 PS2954 .P4 S76 2010                      2010
   Title: The pearl of Orr's Island: a story of the coast of
                        Maine / Harriet Beecher Stowe.
   Personal Author: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896.

 PS3042 .A7 1992                          1992
   Title: Walden and other writings of Henry David Thoreau /
                        edited by Brooks Atkinson.
   Personal Author: Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862.

 PS3042 .B65 1982                         1982
   Title: The portable Thoreau / edited, and with an
                        introduction, by Carl Bode.
   Personal Author: Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862.

 PS3048 .A1 2008B                         2008
   Title: Walden, Civil disobedience, and other writings :
                        authoritative texts, journal, reviews and posthumous
                        assessments, criticism / Henry D. Thoreau ; edited by
                        William Rossi.
   Personal Author: Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862.

 PS3048 .A21 2006                         2006
   Title: Walden and other writings / Henry David Thoreau.
   Personal Author: Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862.

 PS3201 2008                              2008
   Title: Leaves of grass : (1855 first edition text) / by Walt
   Personal Author: Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892.

 PS3345 .V5 2002B                         2002
   Title: The Virginian : a horseman of the Plains / by Owen
                        Wister ; illustrated by Thom Ross.
   Personal Author: Wister, Owen, 1860-1938.

 PS3511 .I9 Z46 2011                      2011
   Title: A short autobiography / F. Scott Fitzgerald ; edited
                        by James L. W. West III.
   Personal Author: Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.

 PS3513 .O499 A6 2012                     2012
   Title: Five novels of the 1940s & 50s / David Goodis ; Robert
                        Polito, editor.
   Personal Author: Goodis, David, 1917-1967.

 PS3521 .E735 S43 2012                    2012
   Title: The sea is my brother / Jack Kerouac ; introduction by
                        Dawn Ward.
   Personal Author: Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969.

 PS3525 .I5156 A6 2012                    2012
   Title: Collected plays, 1964-1982 / Arthur Miller ; [Tony
                        Kushner, editor].
   Personal Author: Miller, Arthur, 1915-2005.

 PS3537 .T3234 A6 2012                    2012
   Title: Steinbeck in Vietnam : dispatches from the war / [John
                        Steinbeck] ; edited by Thomas E. Barden.
   Personal Author: Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.

 PS3545 .H5187 Z925 2011                  2011
   Title: The story of Charlotte's web : E.B. White's eccentric
                        life in nature and the birth of an American classic /
                        Michael Sims.
   Personal Author: Sims, Michael, 1958-

 PS3545 .I345 A6 2011                     2012
   Title: The eighth day ; Theophilus North ; Autobiographical
                        writings / Thornton Wilder ; J.D. McClatchy, editor.
   Personal Author: Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975.

 PS3545 .I544 Z619 2011                   2011
   Title: "Something urgent I have to say to you" : the life and
                        works of William Carlos Williams / Herbert Leibowitz.
   Personal Author: Leibowitz, Herbert A.

 PS3551 .N95 Z63 2011                     2011
   Title: Bridging : how Gloria Anzald*ua's life and work
                        transformed our own / edited by AnaLouise Keating and
                        Gloria Gonz*alez-L*opez.

 PS3552 .A74146 L86 2012                  2012
   Title: Lunatics / Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel.
   Personal Author: Barry, Dave.

 PS3552 .A75 E94 2011                     2011
   Title: Every third thought : a novel in five seasons / John
   Personal Author: Barth, John, 1930-

 PS3552 .R2817 M36 2009                   2009
   Title: Mapping the territory : selected nonfiction /
                        Christopher Bram.
   Personal Author: Bram, Christopher.

 PS3553.I78 C37 2003                      2002
   Title: Caramelo, or, Puro cuento : a novel / Sandra Cisneros.
   Personal Author: Cisneros, Sandra.

 PS3554 .E436 B76 2011                    2011
   Title: Broken Irish / Edward J. Delaney.
   Personal Author: Delaney, Edward J., 1957-

 PS3554 .E4425 A84 2011                   2011
   Title: The angel Esmeralda : nine stories / Don DeLillo.
   Personal Author: DeLillo, Don.

 PS3554 .I65 N58 2011                     2011
   Title: Nitro nights / W.S. Di Piero.
   Personal Author: Di Piero, W. S.

 PS3557.I296 B44 2011                     2011
   Title: Before the end, after the beginning / Dagoberto Gilb.
   Personal Author: Gilb, Dagoberto, 1950-

 PS3557.I296 M3 1994                      1994
   Title: The magic of blood / Dagoberto Gilb.
   Personal Author: Gilb, Dagoberto, 1950-

 PS3557.I296 W5 1985                      1985
   Title: Winners on the pass line / Dagoberto Gilb.
   Personal Author: Gilb, Dagoberto, 1950-

 PS3557 .I5215 P57 2012                   2012
   Title: Pity the beautiful : poems / by Dana Gioia.
   Personal Author: Gioia, Dana.

 PS3558 .A32346 B65 2012                  2012
   Title: Boleto : a novel / Alyson Hagy.
   Personal Author: Hagy, Alyson Carol.

 PS3558 .A327 W67 1995                    1995
   Title: A woman of independent means / Elizabeth Forsythe
   Personal Author: Hailey, Elizabeth Forsythe.

 PS3558 .E476 Z67 2011                    2011
   Title: Yossarian slept here : when Joseph Heller was dad, the
                        Apthorp was home, and life was a Catch-22 / Erica
   Personal Author: Heller, Erica.

 PS3558 .I376 Z46 2011                    2011
   Title: Thoughts without cigarettes : a memoir / Oscar
   Personal Author: Hijuelos, Oscar.

 PS3561 .I52 Z46 2011                     2011
   Title: I love a broad margin to my life / Maxine Hong
   Personal Author: Kingston, Maxine Hong.

 PS3562 .E8544 E27 2011                   2011
   Title: The ecstasy of influence : nonfictions, etc. /
                        Jonathan Lethem.
   Personal Author: Lethem, Jonathan.

 PS3562 .I511925 R33 2006B                2006
   Title: Rabbit hole / David Lindsay-Abaire.
   Personal Author: Lindsay-Abaire, David.

 PS3562 .U295 F69 2011                    2011
   Title: Ken Ludwig's The fox on the fairway.
   Personal Author: Ludwig, Ken.

 PS3562 .U295 L43 2006                    2006
   Title: Leading ladies : a new comedy / by Ken Ludwig.
   Personal Author: Ludwig, Ken.

 PS3563 .O8749 H66 2012                   2012
   Title: Home / Toni Morrison.
   Personal Author: Morrison, Toni.

 PS3565 .A8 T48 2000                      2000
   Title: Them / Joyce Carol Oates ; introduction by Greg
                        Johnson ; afterword by the author.
   Personal Author: Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-

 PS3565 .C57 Z735 2007                    2007
   Title: Flannery O'Connor The Imagination of Extremity.

 PS3566 .A822 R67 2006                    2006
   Title: Roses are red / James Patterson.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 PS3566 .E69146 H37 2012                  2012
   Title: Happiness is a chemical in the brain : stories / Lucia
   Personal Author: Perillo, Lucia Maria, 1958-

 PS3566 .L27 Z847 2011                    2011
   Title: Representing Sylvia Plath / edited by Sally Bayley and
                        Tracy Brain.

 PS3568 .O855 A6 2011                     2011
   Title: The American trilogy, 1997-2000 : American pastoral ;
                        I married a Communist ; The human stain / Philip Roth.
   Personal Author: Roth, Philip.

 PS3569 .O5572 L93 2010                   2010
   Title: Lydia / by Octavio Solis.
   Personal Author: Solis, Octavio.

 PS3569 .P363 W35 2011                    2011
   Title: A walk to remember / Nicholas Sparks.
   Personal Author: Sparks, Nicholas.

 PS3570 .H4 L69 2012                      2012
   Title: The lower river / Paul Theroux.
   Personal Author: Theroux, Paul.

 PS3571 .R74 Q44 2011                     2011
   Title: Queen of America : a novel / Luis Alberto Urrea.
   Personal Author: Urrea, Luis Alberto.

 PS3572 .O5 A6 2012                       2012
   Title: Novels & stories, 1950-1962 / Kurt Vonnegut ; Sidney
                        Offit, editor.
   Personal Author: Vonnegut, Kurt.

 PS3572 .O5 Z555 2011                     2011
   Title: Vonnegut and Hemingway : writers at war / Lawrence R.
   Personal Author: Broer, Lawrence R.

 PS3572 .O5 Z855 2011                     2011
   Title: And so it goes : Kurt Vonnegut, a life / Charles J.
   Personal Author: Shields, Charles J., 1951-

 PS3573 .A425 P67 2008                    2008
   Title: Possessing the secret of joy / Alice Walker.
   Personal Author: Walker, Alice, 1944-

 PS3573 .A425635 P35 2011                 2011
   Title: The pale king : an unfinished novel / David Foster
   Personal Author: Wallace, David Foster.

 PS3573 .A425635 Z73 2012                 2012
   Title: The legacy of David Foster Wallace / edited by Samuel
                        Cohen and Lee Konstantinou.

 PS3604 .A935 W58 2010                    2010
   Title: Wittenberg : a tragical-comical-historical in two acts
                        / by David Davalos.
   Personal Author: Davalos, David.

 PS3604 .A9426 A94 2009                   2009
   Title: The awesome 80s prom / Ken Davenport, and the class of
   Personal Author: Davenport, Ken, 1972-

 PS3606 .O844 B55 2012                    2012
   Title: Billy Lynn's long halftime walk / Ben Fountain.
   Personal Author: Fountain, Ben.

 PS3607 .I4592 B43 2010                   2010
   Title: Becky Shaw / by Gina Gionfriddo.
   Personal Author: Gionfriddo, Gina.

 PS3607 .O5925 R45 2010                   2010
   Title: A reliable wife : a novel / by Robert Goolrick.
   Personal Author: Goolrick, Robert, 1948-

 PS3608 .E229 B33 2012                    2011
   Title: Bachelorette / by Leslye Headland.
   Personal Author: Headland, Leslye.

 PS3611 .W65 G57 2010                     2010
   Title: Girl in translation / Jean Kwok.
   Personal Author: Kwok, Jean.

 PS3618 .U48 I5 2010                      2010
   Title: In the next  room, or, the vibrator play / by Sarah
   Personal Author: Ruhl, Sarah.

 PS3619 .H3365 G84 2008                   2008
   Title: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society /
                        Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows.
   Personal Author: Shaffer, Mary Ann.

 PS3619 .M5955 L54 2011                   2011
   Title: Life on Mars : poems / Tracy K. Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Tracy K.

 PS3619 .O45 U65 2010                     2010
   Title: The universe in miniature in miniature / by Patrick
   Personal Author: Somerville, Patrick, 1979-

 PS3626 .A67 C66 2010                     2010
   Title: Come on all you ghosts / Matthew Zapruder.
   Personal Author: Zapruder, Matthew, 1967-

 PT8950 .H3 Z67613 2009                   2009
   Title: Knut Hamsun : dreamer and dissenter / Ingar Sletten
                        Kolloen ; translated by Deborah Dawkin and Erik
   Personal Author: Kolloen, Ingar Sletten, 1951-

 PZ7 .M992 RJO 2009                       2009
   Title: Riot / Walter Dean Myers.
   Personal Author: Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-
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 Q143 .S56 P75 2011                       2011
   Title: A professor, a president, and a meteor : the birth of
                        American science / Cathryn J. Prince.
   Personal Author: Prince, Cathryn J., 1969-

 Q175.32 .E97 D48 2011                    2011
   Title: The beginning of infinity : explanations that
                        transform the world / David Deutsch.
   Personal Author: Deutsch, David, 1953-

 Q175.32 .K45 F57 2012                    2012
   Title: Ignorance : how it drives science / Stuart Firestein.
   Personal Author: Firestein, Stuart.

 Q175.5 .G734 2011                        2011
   Title: Denying science : conspiracy theories, media
                        distortions, and the war against reality / John Grant.
   Personal Author: Grant, John, 1949-

 Q180.55 .D57 P37 2011                    2011
   Title: Science in 100 key breakthroughs / Paul Parsons.
   Personal Author: Parsons, Paul, 1971-

 Q162 .E36 2011                           2011
   Title: Understand science / by Jon Evans.
   Personal Author: Evans, Jon.

 QA9.54 .K73 2011                         2011
   Title: The proof is in the pudding : the changing nature of
                        mathematical proof / Steven G. Krantz.
   Personal Author: Krantz, Steven G. (Steven George), 1951-

 QA37.3 .B74 2011                         2011
   Title: Essential maths for engineering and construction : how
                        to avoid mistakes / Mark Breach.
   Personal Author: Breach, M. (Mark)

 QA40.5 .M4 2008                          2008
   Title: Math doesn't suck : how to survive middle school math
                        without losing your mind or breaking a nail / Danica
                        McKellar ; [illustrations by Mary Lynn Blasutta].
   Personal Author: McKellar, Danica.

 QA76.585 .B3813 2011                     2011
   Title: Cloud computing : web-based dynamic IT services /
                        Christian Baun ... [et al.].
   Personal Author: Baun, Christian.

 QA76.59 .H37 2011                        2011
   Title: HTML, CSS, & JavaScript mobile development for dummies
                        / by William Harrel.
   Personal Author: Harrel, William.

 QA76.64 .R36 2010                        2010
   Title: Object-oriented analysis and design / Sarnath Ramnath
                        and Brahma Dathan.
   Personal Author: Ramnath, Sarnath.

 QA76.73 .A8 S77 2011                     2011
   Title: Guide to assembly language : a concise introduction /
                        James T. Streib.
   Personal Author: Streib, James T.

 QA76.73 .C15 G76 2012                    2012
   Title: Head first C / David Griffiths, Dawn Griffiths.
   Personal Author: Griffiths, David, 1969-

 QA76.73 .P224 M35 2012                   2012
   Title: PHP & MySQL : the missing manual / Brett McLaughlin.
   Personal Author: McLaughlin, Brett.

 QA76.76 .A65 M454 2012                   2012
   Title: Professional Android 4 Application Development / Reto
   Personal Author: Meier, Reto, 1978-

 QA76.76 .A65 R393 2012                   2012
   Title: Sams teach yourself iOS application development in 24
                        hours / John Ray.
   Personal Author: Ray, John, 1971-

 QA76.76 .C672 G774 2012                  2012
   Title: Real-world Flash game development : how to follow best
                        practices and keep your sanity / Christopher Griffith.
   Personal Author: Griffith, Christopher, 1979-

 QA76.76 .C672 M6158 2011                 2011
   Title: Basics of game design / Michael E. Moore.
   Personal Author: Moore, Michael E.

 QA76.76 .D47 S3223 2012                  2012
   Title: Software in 30 days : how Agile managers beat the
                        odds, delight their customers, and leave competitors
                        in the dust / Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.
   Personal Author: Schwaber, Ken.

 QA76.76 .H94 B76 2011                    2011
   Title: Guide to HTML, JavaScript and PHP : for scientists and
                        engineers / David R. Brooks.
   Personal Author: Brooks, David R., 1941-

 QA76.76 .H94 C3698 2012                  2012
   Title: HTML5 and CSS3 : visual quickstart guide / by
                        Elizabeth Castro, Bruce Hyslop.
   Personal Author: Castro, Elizabeth.

 QA76.76 .H94 C45 2012                    2012
   Title: Bulletproof Web design : improving flexibility and
                        protecting against worst-case scenarios with HTML5 and
                        CSS3 / Dan Cederholm.
   Personal Author: Cederholm, Dan.

 QA76.76 .H94 K47 2012                    2011
   Title: Programming HTML5 applications / Zachary Kessin.
   Personal Author: Kessin, Zachary.

 QA76.76 .H94 M33 2011                    2011
   Title: HTML5 : the missing manual / Matthew MacDonald.
   Personal Author: MacDonald, Matthew.

 QA76.76 .H94 S356 2012                   2012
   Title: HTML5 cookbook / Christopher Schmitt and Kyle Simpson.
   Personal Author: Schmitt, Christopher.

 QA76.76 .O63 P634429 2011                2011
   Title: MAC OS X Lion / David Pogue.
   Personal Author: Pogue, David, 1963-

 QA76.76 .O63 S5556 2012                  2012
   Title: The Linux command line : a complete introduction / by
                        William E. Shotts, Jr.
   Personal Author: Shotts, William E.

 QA76.76 .T48 W475 2012                   2012
   Title: How Google tests software / James Whittaker, Jason
                        Arbon, Jeff Carollo.
   Personal Author: Whittaker, James A., 1965-

 QA76.8.D76 W65 2011                      2011
   Title: App Inventor : create your own Android apps / David
                        Wolber ... [et al.].

 QA76.8 .I64 S33 2012                     2012
   Title: The iOS 5 developer's cookbook : core concepts and
                        essential recipes for iOS programmers / Erica Sadun.
   Personal Author: Sadun, Erica.

 QA76.8 .I862 L44 2012                    2012
   Title: Beginning iOS 5 application development / Wei-Meng
   Personal Author: Lee, Wei-Meng.

 QA76.9 .A25 Z38 2012                     2012
   Title: Hacking and securing iOS applications / Jonathan
   Personal Author: Zdziarski, Jonathan

 QA76.9 .C55 A85 2012                     2012
   Title: Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2012 programming / Paul
                        Atkinson, Robert Vieira.
   Personal Author: Atkinson, Paul.

 QA76.9 .C66 V36 2011                     2011
   Title: When gadgets betray us : the dark side of our
                        infatuation with new technologies / Robert Vamosi.
   Personal Author: Vamosi, Rob.

 QA76.9 .D3 D435 2012                     2012
   Title: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / Ross Mistry,
                        Stacia Misner.
   Personal Author: Mistry, Ross.

 QA76.9 .D343 G36 2011                    2011
   Title: Data clustering in C++ : an object-oriented approach /
                        Guojun Gan.
   Personal Author: Gan, Guojun, 1979-

 QA279.5 .K355 2011                       2011
   Title: Principles of uncertainty / Joseph B. Kadane.
   Personal Author: Kadane, Joseph B.

 QA564 .O76 2011                          2011
   Title: How to fold it : the mathematics of linkages, origami,
                        and polyhedra / Joseph O'Rourke.
   Personal Author: O'Rourke, Joseph.

 QB44.3 .K35 2009                         2009
   Title: Heaven's touch : from killer stars to the seeds of
                        life, how we are connected to the universe / James B.
   Personal Author: Kaler, James B.

 QB54 .B59 2012                           2012
   Title: The search for aliens : a rough guide to life on other
                        worlds / by Piers Bizony.
   Personal Author: Bizony, Piers.

 QB64 .M623 2011                          2011
   Title: Patrick Moore's data book of astronomy / edited by
                        Patrick Moore and Robin Rees.
   Personal Author: Moore, Patrick.

 QB68 .S35 2011                           2011
   Title: Atlas of astronomical discoveries / Govert Schilling ;
                        [translation, Andy Brown].
   Personal Author: Schilling, Govert.

 QB501 .W45 2011                          2011
   Title: How old is the universe? / David A. Weintraub.
   Personal Author: Weintraub, David A. (David Andrew), 1958-

 QB643 .H83 2011                          2011
   Title: Exploring Mars : chronicles from a decade of discovery
                        / Scott Hubbard ; foreword by Bill Nye.
   Personal Author: Hubbard, Scott, 1948-

 QB806 .L65 2010                          2010
   Title: How did the first stars and galaxies form? / Abraham
   Personal Author: Loeb, Abraham.

 QB820 .B67 2011                          2011
   Title: The crowded universe : the race to find life beyond
                        earth / Alan Boss.
   Personal Author: Boss, Alan, 1951-

 QB820 .K37 2010                          2010
   Title: How to find a habitable planet / James Kasting.
   Personal Author: Kasting, James F.

 QB981 .A343 2011                         2011
   Title: The new universe and the human future : how a shared
                        cosmology could transform the world / Nancy Ellen
                        Abrams and Joel R. Primack.
   Personal Author: Abrams, Nancy Ellen, 1948-

 QB981 .B2796 2011                        2011
   Title: The book of universes : exploring the limits of the
                        cosmos / John D. Barrow.
   Personal Author: Barrow, John D., 1952-

 QB981 .K773 2012                         2012
   Title: A universe from nothing : why there is something
                        rather than nothing / Lawrence M. Krauss ; with an
                        afterword by Richard Dawkins.
   Personal Author: Krauss, Lawrence Maxwell.

 QB982 .I47 2012                          2012
   Title: How it began : a time-traveler's guide to the universe
                        / Chris Impey.
   Personal Author: Impey, Chris.

 QB991 .C658 S74 2011                     2011
   Title: Cosmic numbers : the numbers that define our universe
                        / James D. Stein.
   Personal Author: Stein, James D., 1941-

 QB991 .C92 P46 2011                      2011
   Title: Cycles of time : an extraordinary new view of the
                        universe / Roger Penrose.
   Personal Author: Penrose, Roger.

 QC6 .G6885 2011                          2011
   Title: The hidden reality : parallel universes and the deep
                        laws of the cosmos / Brian Greene.
   Personal Author: Greene, B. (Brian), 1963-

 QC9 .U5 C36 2011                         2011
   Title: A short history of physics in the American century /
                        David C. Cassidy.
   Personal Author: Cassidy, David C., 1945-

 QC24.5 .G75 2011                         2011
   Title: The physicist's world : the story of motion and the
                        limits to knowledge / Thomas Grissom.
   Personal Author: Grissom, Thomas.

 QC161 .Y68 2011                          2011
   Title: Fizzics : the science of bubbles, droplets, and foams
                        / F. Ronald Young.
   Personal Author: Young, F. Ronald.

 QC173.57 .N5813 2011                     2011
   Title: The manga guide to relativity / Hideo Nitta, Masafumi
                        Yamamoto, Keita Takatsu ; Trend-pro Co., Ltd.
   Personal Author: Nitta, Hideo, 1957-

 QC173.59 .S65 E94 2012                   2012
   Title: Time travel and warp drives : a scientific guide to
                        shortcuts through time and space / Allen Everett and
                        Thomas Roman.
   Personal Author: Everett, Allen.

 QC174.13 .P33 2011                       2011
   Title: The cosmic code : quantum physics as the language of
                        nature / Heinz R. Pagels.
   Personal Author: Pagels, Heinz R., 1939-

 QC174.45 .C56 2011                       2011
   Title: The infinity puzzle : quantum field theory and the
                        hunt for an orderly universe / Frank Close.
   Personal Author: Close, F. E.

 QC231 .P37 2009                          2009
   Title: Good vibrations : the physics of music / Barry Parker.
   Personal Author: Parker, Barry R.

 QC355.3 .P47 2011                        2011
   Title: Slow light : invisibility, teleportation and other
                        mysteries of light / Sidney Perkowitz
   Personal Author: Perkowitz, S.

 QC793.5 .N42 C56 2010                    2010
   Title: Neutrino / Frank Close.
   Personal Author: Close, F. E.

 QC794.6 .R3 M35 2011                     2011
   Title: Radioactivity : a history of a mysterious science /
                        Marjorie C. Malley.
   Personal Author: Malley, Marjorie Caroline, 1941-

 QD33.2 .F57 2012                         2012
   Title: The chemistry companion / A.C. Fischer-Cripps.
   Personal Author: Fischer-Cripps, Anthony C.

 QD39.5 .L58 2011                         2011
   Title: Letters to a young chemist / edited by Abhik Ghosh.

 QD40 .C46 2011                           2011
   Title: Painless chemistry / Loris Chen.
   Personal Author: Chen, Loris.

 QD45 .M39 2012                           2012
   Title: Essential laboratory skills for biosciences / M.S.
                        Meah and E. Kebede-Westhead.
   Personal Author: Meah, Mohammed.

 QD257 .H38 2011                          2011
   Title: Barron's E-Z organic chemistry / Bruce A. Hathaway.
   Personal Author: Hathaway, Bruce A.

 QD501 .A86 2011                          2011
   Title: Reactions : the private life of atoms / by Peter
   Personal Author: Atkins, P. W. (Peter William), 1940-

 QE22 .W26 M33 2006                       2006
   Title: Ending in Ice : the revolutionary Idea and tragic
                        expedition of Alfred Wegener / Roger M. McCoy.
   Personal Author: McCoy, Roger M.

 QE28.3 .M334 2011                        2011
   Title: Why geology matters : decoding the past, anticipating
                        the future / Doug Macdougall.
   Personal Author: Macdougall, J. D., 1944-

 QE28.3 .Z35 2010                         2010
   Title: The planet in a pebble : a journey into Earth's deep
                        history / Jan Zalasiewicz.
   Personal Author: Zalasiewicz, J. A.

 QE29 .D46 2011                           2011
   Title: Painless earth science / Edward Denecke.
   Personal Author: Denecke, Edward J.

 QE79 .F75 2011                           2011
   Title: Roadside geology of Yellowstone country.
   Personal Author: Fritz, William J., 1953-

 QE121 .M43 2010                          2010
   Title: Roadside geology of Maryland, Delaware, and
                        Washington, D.C. / John Means ; illustrated by Matthew
                        Moran and Suzannah Moran.
   Personal Author: Means, John, 1944-

 QE131 .S64 2011                          2011
   Title: Roadside geology of Missouri / Charles G. Spencer.
   Personal Author: Spencer, Charles G., 1954-

 QE171 .V36 1987                          1987
   Title: Roadside geology of Vermont and New Hampshire /
                        Bradford B. Van Diver.
   Personal Author: VanDiver, Bradford B.

 QE391 .Q2 P33 2006                       2006
   Title: Agates : treasures of the earth / Roger Pabian ; with
                        Brian Jackson, Peter Tandy & John Cromartie.
   Personal Author: Pabian, Roger K.

 QE501 .P265 2011                         2011
   Title: Earth in 100 groundbreaking discoveries / Douglas
   Personal Author: Palmer, Douglas.

 QE508 .L43 2010                          2010
   Title: Time matters : geology's legacy to scientific thought
                        / Michael Leddra.
   Personal Author: Leddra, Michael.

 QE522 .O58 2011                          2011
   Title: Eruptions that shook the world / Clive Oppenheimer.
   Personal Author: Oppenheimer, Clive.

 QE535.2 .N6 T46 2011                     2011
   Title: Cascadia's fault : the coming earthquake and tsunami
                        that could devastate North America / Jerry Thompson.
   Personal Author: Thompson, Jerry, 1949-

 QE621.5 .A6 S77 2011                     2011
   Title: The roof at the bottom of the world : discovering the
                        Transantarctic Mountains / Edmund Stump.
   Personal Author: Stump, Edmund.

 QE720 .E27 2001                          2001
   Title: The ecology of the Cambrian radiation / edited by
                        Andrey Yu. Zhuravlev and Robert Riding.

 QE721.2 .E85 L54 2010                    2010
   Title: Prehistoric life : evolution and the fossil record /
                        Bruce S. Lieberman and Roger Kaesler.
   Personal Author: Lieberman, Bruce S.

 QE760 .S75 2011                          2011
   Title: Frozen in time : prehistoric life in Antarctica / by
                        Jeffrey D. Stilwell and John A. Long.
   Personal Author: Stilwell, Jeffrey D.

 QE861 .F67 2012                          2012
   Title: Forerunners of mammals : radiation, histology, biology
                        / edited by Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan.

 QE861.6 .E95 A73 2011                    2011
   Title: Extinction and radiation : how the fall of dinosaurs
                        led to the rise of mammals / J. David Archibald.
   Personal Author: Archibald, J. David.

 QE871 .F43 2012                          2012
   Title: Riddle of the feathered dragons : hidden birds of
                        China / Alan Feduccia.
   Personal Author: Feduccia, Alan.

 QE905 .P55 2001                          2001
   Title: Plants invade the land : evolutionary and
                        environmental perspectives / editors, Patricia G.
                        Gensel, Dianne Edwards.

 QH26 .C66 2011                           2011
   Title: The species seekers : heroes, fools, and the mad
                        pursuit of life on Earth / Richard Conniff.
   Personal Author: Conniff, Richard, 1951-

 QH84 .M34 2009                           2009
   Title: Here be dragons : how the study of animal and plant
                        distributions revolutionized our views of life and
                        earth / Dennis McCarthy.
   Personal Author: McCarthy, Dennis, 1964-

 QH318.5 .F54 2011                        2011
   Title: Field notes on science & nature / edited by Michael R.

 QH331 .L6885 2010                        2010
   Title: The vanishing face of gaia : a final warning / James
   Personal Author: Lovelock, James, 1919-

 QH345 .M66 2011                          2011
   Title: Biochemistry for dummies / by John T. Moore and
                        Richard Langley.
   Personal Author: Moore, John T., 1947-

 QH366.2 .R88 2011                        2011
   Title: Evolutionary history : uniting history and biology to
                        understand life on Earth / Edmund Russell.
   Personal Author: Russell, Edmund, 1957-

 QH367 .S58 2011                          2011
   Title: The fact of evolution / by Cameron McPherson Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Cameron McPherson, 1967-

 QH367 .W55 2010                          2010
   Title: The Darwinian tourist : viewing the world through
                        evolutionary eyes / Christopher Wills ; with
                        photographs by the author.
   Personal Author: Wills, Christopher.

 QH447 .P68 2010                          2010
   Title: Designer genes : a new era in the evolution of man /
                        Steven Potter.
   Personal Author: Potter, S. Steven.

 QH460 .C37 2011                          2011
   Title: Mutation : the history of an idea from Darwin to
                        genomics / Elof Axel Carlson.
   Personal Author: Carlson, Elof Axel.

 QH541 .M574 2011                         2011
   Title: Community ecology / Peter J. Morin.
   Personal Author: Morin, Peter Jay, 1953-

 QH541.15 .B56 C62 2005                   2005
   Title: Climate change and biodiversity / edited by Thomas E.
                        Lovejoy & Lee Hannah.

 QH541.5 .C65 H56 2011                    2011
   Title: The atlas of coasts & oceans : ecosystems, threatened
                        resources, marine conservation / Don Hinrichsen.
   Personal Author: Hinrichsen, Don.

 QH546 .S453 2011                         2011
   Title: Finding higher ground : adaptation in the age of
                        warming / Amy Seidl.
   Personal Author: Seidl, Amy, 1965-

 QK99 .A1 S39 2001                        2001
   Title: Plants of the gods : their sacred, healing, and
                        hallucinogenic powers / Richard Evans Schultes, Albert
                        Hofmann, Christian R*atsch.
   Personal Author: Schultes, Richard Evans.

 QK603 .M616 2011                         2011
   Title: 21st century guidebook to fungi / David Moore, Geoff
                        Robson, Tony Trinci.
   Personal Author: Moore, D. (David), 1942-

 QK605 .B65 2011                          2011
   Title: Mycophilia : revelations from the weird world of
                        mushrooms / Eugenia Bone.
   Personal Author: Bone, Eugenia.

 QL88.5 .W47 2009                         2009
   Title: Living fossils / Carl Werner.
   Personal Author: Werner, Carl, Dr.

 QL607.5 .L3813 2010                      2010
   Title: How vertebrates left the water / Michel Laurin.
   Personal Author: Laurin, Michel.

 QL618.2 .L66 2011                        2011
   Title: The rise of fishes : 500 million years of evolution /
                        John A. Long.
   Personal Author: Long, John A., 1957-

 QL645.3 .C37 2009                        2009
   Title: The rise of amphibians : 365 million years of
                        evolution / Robert Carroll.
   Personal Author: Carroll, Robert Lynn, 1938-

 QL666.O6 E773 2011 V.1                   2011
   Title: Venomous reptiles of the United States, Canada, and
                        northern Mexico / Carl H. Ernst and Evelyn M. Ernst.
   Personal Author: Ernst, Carl H.

 QL666 .O67 D667 2011                     2011
   Title: Invasive pythons in the United States : ecology of an
                        introduced predator / Michael E. Dorcas and John D.
   Personal Author: Dorcas, Michael E., 1963-

 QL684 .T4 O46 2011                       2011
   Title: The illustrated birds of Texas / text by Tim Ohr ;
                        edited by Mark Lockwood ; photography by various.
   Personal Author: Ohr, Tim.

 QL696 .G84 J626 2011                     2011
   Title: Sandhill and whooping cranes : ancient voices over
                        America's wetlands / Paul A. Johnsgard.
   Personal Author: Johnsgard, Paul A.

 QL737 .C5 H383 2011                      2011
   Title: Bats of the United States and Canada / Michael J.
                        Harvey, J. Scott Altenbach, and Troy L. Best.
   Personal Author: Harvey, Michael J.

 QP31.2 .D46 2011                         2011
   Title: Engineering animals : how life works / Mark Denny,
                        Alan McFadzean.
   Personal Author: Denny, Mark, 1953-

 QP623 .D37 2011                          2011
   Title: RNA : life's indispensable molecule / James Darnell.
   Personal Author: Darnell, James E.

 QR74.8 .W37 2012                         2012
   Title: Bacteria : the benign, the bad, and the beautiful / by
                        Trudy M. Wassenaar ; illustrations, Karoly Farkas ;
                        with photographs by Eshel Ben Jacob.
   Personal Author: Wassenaar, Trudy M.

 QR360 .Z65 2011                          2011
   Title: A planet of viruses / Carl Zimmer.
   Personal Author: Zimmer, Carl, 1966-

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- R -
 R605 .N49 2010                           2010
   Title: Ayurveda : a comprehensive guide to traditional Indian
                        medicine for the West / Frank John Ninivaggi.
   Personal Author: Ninivaggi, Frank John.

 R864 .K56 2011                           2011
   Title: Protecting your health privacy : a citizen's guide to
                        safeguarding the security of your medical information
                        / Jacqueline Klosek.
   Personal Author: Klosek, Jacqueline, 1972-

 RA784 .C235 2005                         2005
   Title: The China study : the most comprehensive study of
                        nutrition ever conducted and the startling
                        implications for diet, weight loss and long-term
                        health / T. Colin Campbell with Thomas M. Campbell II.
   Personal Author: Campbell, T. Colin, 1934-

 RC71.3 .W45 2011                         2011
   Title: Overdiagnosed : making people sick in the pursuit of
                        health / H. Gilbert Welch, Lisa Schwartz, Steven
   Personal Author: Welch, H. Gilbert.

 RC555 .S37 2009                          2009
   Title: Sybil / Flora Rheta Schreiber.
   Personal Author: Schreiber, Flora Rheta.

 RC1230 .B454 2011                        2011
   Title: Steroids : a new look at performance-enhancing drugs /
                        Rob Beamish.
   Personal Author: Beamish, Rob.

 RM315 .W46 2010                          2010
   Title: Your brain on food : how chemicals control your
                        thoughts and feelings / Gary L. Wenk.
   Personal Author: Wenk, Gary Lee.

 RM666.H33 T67 1983                       1983
   Title: Green medicine : traditional Mexican-American herbal
                        remedies / by Eliseo Torres ; drawings by Clark
   Personal Author: Torres, Eliseo.

 RM666.H33 T672 2006                      2006
   Title: Healing with herbs and rituals : a Mexican tradition /
                        Eliseo "Cheo" Torres ; edited by Timothy L. Sawyer,
   Personal Author: Torres, Eliseo.
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- S -
 S494.5 .B563 H47 2013                    2013
   Title: Introduction to biotechnology : an agricultural
                        revolution / Ray V. Herren.
   Personal Author: Herren, Ray V.

 SF287 .R29 2011                          2011
   Title: Nature in horsemanship : discovering harmony through
                        principles of aikido / Mark Rashid ; foreword by
                        Crissi McDonald ; illustrations by Mike Theuer.
   Personal Author: Rashid, Mark.

 SF360.3 .U6 D38 2011                     2011
   Title: Wild horses of the West : history and politics of
                        America's mustangs / J. Edward de Steiguer.
   Personal Author: De Steiguer, Joseph Edward.
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- T -
 T11 .L52864 2011                         2011
   Title: Scientific writing : thinking in words / David
   Personal Author: Lindsay, D. R.

 T11 .M467 2012                           2012
   Title: Microsoft manual of style / Microsoft Corporation.

 T14.5 .A437 2011                         2011
   Title: The techno-human condition / Braden R. Allenby, Daniel
   Personal Author: Allenby, Braden R.

 T58.5 .R667 2012                         2012
   Title: iDisorder : understanding our obession with technology
                        and overcoming its hold on us / Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D.
   Personal Author: Rosen, Larry D.

 TC1662 .M66 2010                         2010
   Title: Underwater robotics : science, design & fabrication /
                        Steven W. Moore, Harry Bohm, Vickie Jensen ; Nola
                        Johnston, design and original illustrations.
   Personal Author: Moore, Steven W.

 TD223 .B37 2011                          2011
   Title: Blue revolution : unmaking America's water crisis /
                        Cynthia Barnett.
   Personal Author: Barnett, Cynthia, 1966-

 TD345 .P77 2011                          2011
   Title: The ripple effect : the fate of freshwater in the
                        twenty-first century / Alex Prud'homme.
   Personal Author: Prud'homme, Alex.

 TD788 .H86 2012                          2012
   Title: Garbology : our dirty love affair with trash / Edward
   Personal Author: Humes, Edward.

 TJ163.2 .F35 2011                        2011
   Title: Energy in the 21st century / John R. Fanchi ; with
                        Christopher J. Fanchi.
   Personal Author: Fanchi, John R.

 TJ181 .S28 2011                          2011
   Title: Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook.
   Personal Author: Sclater, Neil.

 TJ808 .H35 2011                          2011
   Title: Mad like Tesla : underdog inventors and their
                        relentless pursuit of clean energy / Tyler Hamilton.
   Personal Author: Hamilton, Tyler J.

 TJ820 .R54 2011                          2011
   Title: Windfall : wind energy in America today / Robert W.
   Personal Author: Righter, Robert W.

 TK5105.5 .L3555 2012                     2012
   Title: CompTIA Network+ study guide / by Todd Lammle.
   Personal Author: Lammle, Todd.

 TK5105.5 .M33985 2012                    2012
   Title: Cisco networking essentials / Troy McMillan.
   Personal Author: McMillan, Troy.

 TK5105.59 .G645 2012                     2012
   Title: SSCP systems security certified practitioner : exam
                        guide : all in one / Darril Gibson.
   Personal Author: Gibson, Darril.

 TK5105.875 .I6 H37 2012                  2012
   Title: SharePoint 2010 site owner's manual : flexible
                        collaboration without programming / Yvonne M.
   Personal Author: Harryman, Yvonne M.

 TK5105.884 .C55 2011                     2012
   Title: Search engine optimization all-in-one for dummies / by
                        Bruce Clay, Susan Esparza.
   Personal Author: Clay, Bruce.

 TK5105.888 .A542 2012                    2012
   Title: The CSS3 anthology : take your sites to new heights /
                        by Rachel Andrew.
   Personal Author: Andrew, Rachel.

 TK5105.888 .G376 2011                    2011
   Title: The book of CSS3 : a developer's guide to the future
                        of web design / by Peter Gasston.
   Personal Author: Gasston, Peter.

 TK5105.888 .L672 2012                    2012
   Title: Web design for dummies / by Lisa Lopuck.
   Personal Author: Lopuck, Lisa.

 TK7816 .E35 2011                         2011
   Title: Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers /
                        Dennis L. Eggleston.
   Personal Author: Eggleston, Dennis L. (Dennis Lee), 1953-

 TK7881.4 .A9235 2009                     2009
   Title: Audio engineering / Douglas Self ... [et al.].

 TK7881.4 .I94 2012                       2012
   Title: Mixing audio : concepts, practices and tools / Roey
   Personal Author: Izhaki, Roey.

 TK9204 .C48 2011                         2011
   Title: An indispensable truth : how fusion power can save the
                        planet / Francis F. Chen.
   Personal Author: Chen, Francis F., 1929-

 TL789.8 .U5 U514 2011                    2011
   Title: U.S. national debate topic 2011-2012 : American space
                        exploration and development / edited by Christopher

 TL799 .M3 D84 2010                       2010
   Title: Trailblazing Mars : NASA's next giant leap / Pat
   Personal Author: Duggins, Pat.

 TR820.5 .M676 2011                       2011
   Title: Believing is seeing : observations on the mysteries of
                        photography / Errol Morris.
   Personal Author: Morris, Errol.

 TR895 .S65 2011                          2011
   Title: Going solo : doing videojournalism in the 21st century
                        / G. Stuart Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, G. Stuart.

 TR897.5 .W428 2012                       2012
   Title: Action analysis for animators / Chris Webster.
   Personal Author: Webster, Chris, 1954-

 TT507 .C92 2009                          2009
   Title: The magic garment : principles of costume design /
                        Rebecca Cunningham.
   Personal Author: Cunningham, Rebecca.

 TX649 .A1 C85 2006                       2006
   Title: Culinary biographies : a dictionary of the world's
                        great historic chefs, cookbook authors and collectors,
                        farmers, gourmets, home economists, nutritionists,
                        restaurateurs, philosophers, physicians, scientists,
                        writers, and others who influenced the way we eat
                        today / edited by Alice Arndt ; with contributions by
                        numerous experts.
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- U -
  UB357 .H55 2011                          2011
   Title: Life after the military : a handbook for transitioning
                        veterans / Janelle Hill, Cheryl Lawhorne, and Don
   Personal Author: Hill, Janelle.

 UB363 .P55 2012                          2012
   Title: The wounded warrior handbook : a resource guide for
                        returning veterans / Janelle Hill, Cheryl Lawhorne,
                        and Don Philpott.
   Personal Author: Hill, Janelle.
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White Library Popular Books
April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012
 *POPULAR READING  DUNCAN                 2011
   Title: The last werewolf / Glen Duncan.
   Personal Author: Duncan, Glen, 1965-

 *POPULAR READING ABBOTT                  2012
   Title: Imperfect : an improbable life / Jim Abbott and Tim
   Personal Author: Abbott, Jim, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING ABRAHAM                 2011
   Title: The dragon's path / Daniel Abraham.
   Personal Author: Abraham, Daniel.

 *POPULAR READING ADAMS                   2012
   Title: Night vision / Jane Adams.
   Personal Author: Adams, Jane, 1960-

 *POPULAR READING AGUS                    2012
   Title: The end of illness / David B. Agus with Kristin
   Personal Author: Agus, David, 1965-

 *POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2012
   Title: The new Jim Crow : mass incarceration in the age of
                        colorblindness / Michelle Alexander ; [with a new
                        foreword by Cornel West].
   Personal Author: Alexander, Michelle.

 *POPULAR READING ALFORD                  2012
   Title: Once upon a secret : my affair with President John F.
                        Kennedy and its aftermath / Mimi Alford.
   Personal Author: Alford, Mimi.

 *POPULAR READING ALLMAN                  2012
   Title: My cross to bear / Gregg Allman with Alan Light.
   Personal Author: Allman, Gregg, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING ANDO                    2007
   Title: Kitchen princess / Natsumi Ando ; story by Miyuki
                        Kobayashi ; translated by Satsuki Yamashita ; adapted
                        by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir ; lettered by
                        North Market Street Graphics.
   Personal Author: And*o, Natsumi.

 *POPULAR READING ANDREWS                 2009
   Title: The butterfly effect : how your life matters / Andy
   Personal Author: Andrews, Andy, 1959-

 *POPULAR READING ANDREWS                 2011
   Title: How do you kill 11 million people? : why the truth
                        matters more than you think / Andy Andrews.
   Personal Author: Andrews, Andy, 1959-

   Title: King Lear / adapted by Richard Appignanesi ;
                        illustrated by Ilya.
   Personal Author: Appignanesi, Richard.

   Title: The merchant of Venice / adapted by Richard
                        Appignanesi ; illustrated by Faye Yong.
   Personal Author: Appignanesi, Richard.

   Title: Twelfth night / adapted by Richard Appignanesi ;
                        illustrated by Nana Li.
   Personal Author: Appignanesi, Richard.

   Title: Much ado about nothing / adapted by Richard
                        Appignanesi ; illustrated by Emma Vieceli.
   Personal Author: Appignanesi, Richard.

 *POPULAR READING ARAKAWA                 2011
   Title: Fullmetal alchemist : complete box set. Volumes 1-27 /
                        [story and art by Hiromu Arakawa].
   Personal Author: Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING ARCHER                  2012
   Title: Better than normal : why what makes you different
                        makes you exceptional / Dale Archer.
   Personal Author: Archer, Dale.

 *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2010
   Title: Stolen / Kelley Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Kelley.

 *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2010
   Title: Bitten / Kelley Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Kelley.

 *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2010
   Title: Frostbitten / Kelley Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Kelley.

 *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2005
   Title: Haunted / Kelley Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Kelley.

 *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2004
   Title: Industrial magic / Kelley Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Kelley.

 *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2009
   Title: Living with the dead / Kelley Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Kelley.

 *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2008
   Title: No humans involved / Kelley Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Kelley.

 *POPULAR READING ARVIN                   2012
   Title: The reconstructionist / Nick Arvin.
   Personal Author: Arvin, Nick.

 *POPULAR READING AZZARELLO               2012
   Title: Rise : 3 practical steps for advancing your career,
                        standing out as a leader, and liking your life / by
                        Patty Azzarello ; foreword by Keith Ferrazzi.
   Personal Author: Azzarello, Patty.

 *POPULAR READING BAKER                   2011
   Title: The convert : a tale of exile and extremism / Deborah
   Personal Author: Baker, Deborah, 1959-

 *POPULAR READING BAKER                   2011
   Title: House of holes : a book of raunch / Nicholson Baker.
   Personal Author: Baker, Nicholson.

 *POPULAR READING BALDACCHI               2012
   Title: The sixth man / David Baldacci.
   Personal Author: Baldacci, David.

 *POPULAR READING BALDACCI                2012
   Title: The innocent / David Baldacci.
   Personal Author: Baldacci, David.

 *POPULAR READING BANKS                   2011
   Title: Lost memory of skin / Russell Banks.
   Personal Author: Banks, Russell, 1940-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2011
   Title: The sense of an ending / Julian Barnes.
   Personal Author: Barnes, Julian.

 *POPULAR READING BARR                    2011
   Title: The rope : an Anna Pigeon novel / Nevada Barr.
   Personal Author: Barr, Nevada.

 *POPULAR READING BARRON                  2012
   Title: The Croning / Laird Barron ; [edited by Ross E.
   Personal Author: Barron, Laird.

 *POPULAR READING BELAFONTE               2011
   Title: My song : a memoir / Harry Belafonte ; with Michael
   Personal Author: Belafonte, Harry, 1927-

 *POPULAR READING BELL                    2012
   Title: Phantom / Ted Bell.
   Personal Author: Bell, Ted.

 *POPULAR READING BENARON                 2012
   Title: Running the rift : a novel / Naomi Benaron.
   Personal Author: Benaron, Naomi, 1951-

 *POPULAR READING BERENSON                2012
   Title: The shadow patrol / Alex Berenson.
   Personal Author: Berenson, Alex.

 *POPULAR READING BERGMAN                 2012
   Title: Birds of a lesser paradise : stories / Megan Mayhew
   Personal Author: Bergman, Megan Mayhew.

 *POPULAR READING BEZMOZGIS               2011
   Title: The free world / David Bezmozgis.
   Personal Author: Bezmozgis, David, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING BINET                   2012
   Title: HHhH / Laurent Binet ; translated from the French by
                        Sam Taylor.
   Personal Author: Binet, Laurent.

 *POPULAR READING BLAZON                  2008
   Title: The pact of the wolves / Nina Blazon ; translated by
                        Sue Innes.
   Personal Author: Blazon, Nina, 1969-

   Title: White bread : a social history of the store-bought
                        loaf / Aaron Bobrow-Strain.
   Personal Author: Bobrow-Strain, Aaron, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING BOO                     2012
   Title: Behind the beautiful forevers / Katherine Boo.
   Personal Author: Boo, Katherine.

 *POPULAR READING BOX                     2012
   Title: Force of nature / C.J. Box.
   Personal Author: Box, C. J.

 *POPULAR READING BRIGGS                  2012
   Title: Fair game : an Alpha and Omega novel / Patricia
   Personal Author: Briggs, Patricia.

 *POPULAR READING BROADWELL               2012
   Title: All in : the education of General David Petraeus /
                        Paula Broadwell with Vernon Loeb.
   Personal Author: Broadwell, Paula.

 *POPULAR READING BROCKMANN               2012
   Title: Born to darkness / Suzanne Brockmann.
   Personal Author: Brockmann, Suzanne.

 *POPULAR READING BROOKS                  2011
   Title: The social animal : the hidden sources of love,
                        character, and achievement / David Brooks.
   Personal Author: Brooks, David, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2003
   Title: Angels & demons / Dan Brown.
   Personal Author: Brown, Dan, 1964-

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2009
   Title: The boy in the moon : a father's journey to understand
                        his extraordinary son / Ian Brown.
   Personal Author: Brown, Ian, 1954-

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2012
   Title: The weird sisters / Eleanor Brown.
   Personal Author: Brown, Eleanor, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2012
   Title: The big cat nap : the 20th anniversary Mrs. Murphy
                        mystery / Rita Mae Brown ; illustrated by Laura
                        Hartman Maestro.
   Personal Author: Brown, Rita Mae.

 *POPULAR READING BURROWES                2012
   Title: Lady Maggie's secret scandal / Grace Burrowes.
   Personal Author: Burrowes, Grace.

 *POPULAR READING BYRNE                   2012
   Title: The magic / Rhonda Byrne.
   Personal Author: Byrne, Rhonda.

 *POPULAR READING CAIN                    2012
   Title: Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't
                        stop talking / Susan Cain.
   Personal Author: Cain, Susan.

 *POPULAR READING CALHOUN                 2011
   Title: Cooking the books : a Sloane Templeton novel / Bonnie
                        S. Calhoun.
   Personal Author: Calhoun, Bonnie S.

 *POPULAR READING CAPLAN                  2012
   Title: The spy who jumped off the screen / Thomas Caplan ;
                        introduction by Bill Clinton.
   Personal Author: Caplan, Thomas.

 *POPULAR READING CARNARVON               2011
   Title: Lady Almina and the real Downton Abbey : the lost
                        legacy of Highclere Castle / by The Countess of
   Personal Author: Carnarvon, Fiona, Countess of.

 *POPULAR READING CARO                    1982
   Title: The years of Lyndon Johnson / Robert A. Caro.
   Personal Author: Caro, Robert A.

 *POPULAR READING CARPENTER               2012
   Title: Flagrant conduct : the story of Lawrence v. Texas :
                        how a bedroom arrest decriminalized gay Americans /
                        Dale Carpenter.
   Personal Author: Carpenter, Dale, 1966-

 *POPULAR READING CARR                    2012
   Title: Redwood Bend / Robyn Carr.
   Personal Author: Carr, Robyn.

 *POPULAR READING CARRIGER                2012
   Title: Timeless / Gail Carriger.
   Personal Author: Carriger, Gail.

 *POPULAR READING CASHORE                 2008
   Title: Graceling / Kristin Cashore.
   Personal Author: Cashore, Kristin.

 *POPULAR READING CASHORE                 2009
   Title: Fire / Kristin Cashore.
   Personal Author: Cashore, Kristin.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2007
   Title: Betrayed : a House of Night novel / P.C. Cast and
                        Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2011
   Title: Destined / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2009
   Title: Marked / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2008
   Title: Chosen : a house of night novel / P.C. Cast and
                        Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2008
   Title: Untamed : a house of night novel / P.C. Cast and
                        Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2011
   Title: Awakened / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2010
   Title: Burned : a house of night novel / P.C. Cast and
                        Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2009
   Title: Hunted : a house of night novel / P. C. Cast and
                        Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAST                    2009
   Title: Tempted / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.
   Personal Author: Cast, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING CAULFIELD               2012
   Title: The cure for everything : untangling twisted messages
                        about health, fitness, and happiness / Timothy
   Personal Author: Caulfield, Timothy A., 1963-

 *POPULAR READING CHAMINE                 2012
   Title: Positive intelligence : why only 20% of teams and
                        individuals achieve their true potential and how you
                        can achieve yours / Shirzad Chamine.
   Personal Author: Chamine, Shirzad.

   Title: Sonoma rose / Jennifer Chiaverini.
   Personal Author: Chiaverini, Jennifer.

 *POPULAR READING CHILD                   2012
   Title: The affair : a Reacher novel / Lee Child.
   Personal Author: Child, Lee.

 *POPULAR READING CLANCY                  2012
   Title: Against all enemies / Tom Clancy ; with Peter Telep.
   Personal Author: Clancy, Tom, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING CLARE                   2012
   Title: Music of the distant stars / Alys Clare.
   Personal Author: Clare, Alys.

 *POPULAR READING CLARK                   2012
   Title: The lost years / Mary Higgins Clark.
   Personal Author: Clark, Mary Higgins.

 *POPULAR READING CLARK                   2012
   Title: Gypped / Carol Higgins Clark.
   Personal Author: Clark, Carol Higgins.

 *POPULAR READING CLARK                   2012
   Title: I'll walk alone / Mary Higgins Clark.
   Personal Author: Clark, Mary Higgins.

 *POPULAR READING CLARK                   1995
   Title: Silent night : a novel / Mary Higgins Clark.
   Personal Author: Clark, Mary Higgins.

 *POPULAR READING CLARK                   2012
   Title: Mobbed / Carol Higgins Clark.
   Personal Author: Clark, Carol Higgins.

 *POPULAR READING CLINE                   2011
   Title: Ready player one / Ernest Cline.
   Personal Author: Cline, Ernest.

 *POPULAR READING COBEN                   2012
   Title: Stay close / Harlan Coben.
   Personal Author: Coben, Harlan, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING COELHO                  2003
   Title: The alchemist / Paulo Coelho ; translated by Alan R.
   Personal Author: Coelho, Paulo.

 *POPULAR READING COHEN                   2011
   Title: The grief of others : [a novel] / Leah Hager Cohen.
   Personal Author: Cohen, Leah Hager.

 *POPULAR READING COLE                    2011
   Title: Open city : a novel / Teju Cole.
   Personal Author: Cole, Teju.

 *POPULAR READING COPE                    2012
   Title: Seeing the big picture : business acumen to build your
                        credibility, career, and company / Kevin Cope ;
                        foreword by Stephen M.R. Covey.
   Personal Author: Cope, Kevin, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2011
   Title: Death of kings : a novel / Bernard Cornwell.
   Personal Author: Cornwell, Bernard.

 *POPULAR READING COUCH                   2012
   Title: Act of valor / screenplay written by Kurt Johnstad ;
                        novelization written by Dick Couch and George
   Personal Author: Couch, Dick, 1943-

 *POPULAR READING CRAIS                   2012
   Title: Taken / Robert Crais.
   Personal Author: Crais, Robert.

 *POPULAR READING CRILLEY                 2007
   Title: Spring / Mark Crilley.
   Personal Author: Crilley, Mark.

 *POPULAR READING CRILLEY                 2007
   Title: Summer / Mark Crilley.
   Personal Author: Crilley, Mark.

 *POPULAR READING CRILLEY                 2007
   Title: Autumn / Mark Crilley.
   Personal Author: Crilley, Mark.

 *POPULAR READING CRILLEY                 2008
   Title: Winter / Mark Crilley.
   Personal Author: Crilley, Mark.

   Title: Miss Timmins' School for Girls : a novel / Nayana
   Personal Author: Currimbhoy, Nayana.

 *POPULAR READING CUSSLER                 2012
   Title: The thief : an Isaac Bell adventure / Clive Cussler
                        and Justin Scott.
   Personal Author: Cussler, Clive.

 *POPULAR READING CUSSLER                 2012
   Title: The jungle / Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul.
   Personal Author: Cussler, Clive.

   Title: Mark Z. Danielewski's house of leaves / [written by
                        Mark Z. Danielewski] ; by Zampan*o with introduction
                        and notes by Johnny Truant.
   Personal Author: Danielewski, Mark Z.

 *POPULAR READING DARLING                 2012
   Title: Megacatastrophes! : nine weird ways the world could
                        end / David Darling & Dirk Schulze-Makuch.
   Personal Author: Darling, David J.

 *POPULAR READING DAVIES                  2012
   Title: China Hand, an autobiography / John Paton Davies, Jr.
   Personal Author: Davies, John Paton, 1908-1999.

 *POPULAR READING DE WAAL                 2010
   Title: The hare with amber eyes : a hidden inheritance /
                        Edmund de Waal.
   Personal Author: De Waal, Edmund.

 *POPULAR READING DEFELICE                2012
   Title: The helios conspiracy / Jim DeFelice.
   Personal Author: DeFelice, Jim, 1956-

 *POPULAR READING DENNING                 2012
   Title: Apocalypse / Troy Denning.
   Personal Author: Denning, Troy.

 *POPULAR READING DIAMANDIS               2012
   Title: Abundance : the future is better than you think /
                        Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler.
   Personal Author: Diamandis, Peter H.

 *POPULAR READING DIDION                  2011
   Title: Blue nights / Joan Didion.
   Personal Author: Didion, Joan.

 *POPULAR READING DOHERTY                 2012
   Title: The Mysterium : a Hugh Corbett medieval mystery / P.
                        C. Doherty.
   Personal Author: Doherty, P. C.

 *POPULAR READING DONALDSON               2012
   Title: Edenbrooke : a proper romance / Julianne Donaldson.
   Personal Author: Donaldson, Julie C.,

 *POPULAR READING DONIUS                  2012
   Title: Thought revolution : how to unlock your inner genius /
                        William A. Donius.
   Personal Author: Donius, William A.

 *POPULAR READING DONOHUE                 2010
   Title: Room : a novel / Emma Donoghue.
   Personal Author: Donoghue, Emma, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING DOSA                    2010
   Title: Making rounds with Oscar : the extraordinary gift of
                        an ordinary cat / David Dosa.
   Personal Author: Dosa, David.

   Title: Bringing up b*eb*e : one American mother discovers the
                        wisdom of French parenting / Pamela Druckerman.
   Personal Author: Druckerman, Pamela.

 *POPULAR READING DUBOIS                  2012
   Title: A partial history of lost causes : a novel / Jennifer
   Personal Author: DuBois, Jennifer, 1983-

 *POPULAR READING DUHIGG                  2012
   Title: The power of habit : why we do what we do in life and
                        business / Charles Duhigg.
   Personal Author: Duhigg, Charles.

 *POPULAR READING DUNCAN                  2010
   Title: Killing Mr. Griffin / by Lois Duncan.
   Personal Author: Duncan, Lois, 1934-

 *POPULAR READING DYER                    2012
   Title: Wishes fulfilled : mastering the art of manifesting /
                        Wayne W. Dyer.
   Personal Author: Dyer, Wayne W.

 *POPULAR READING EARLE                   2011
   Title: I'll never get out of this world alive / Steve Earle.
   Personal Author: Earle, Steve.

 *POPULAR READING EDUGYAN                 2012
   Title: Half-blood blues : a novel / Esi Edugyan.
   Personal Author: Edugyan, Esi.

 *POPULAR READING ELKELES                 2009
   Title: Perfect chemistry / Simone Elkeles.
   Personal Author: Elkeles, Simone.

 *POPULAR READING EUGENIDES               2011
   Title: The marriage plot / Jeffrey Eugenides.
   Personal Author: Eugenides, Jeffrey.

 *POPULAR READING FERRISS                 2010
   Title: The 4-hour body : an uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss,
                        incredible sex, and becoming superhuman / Timothy
   Personal Author: Ferriss, Timothy.

 *POPULAR READING FERRISS                 2009
   Title: The 4-hour workweek : escape 9-5, live anywhere, and
                        join the new rich / Timothy Ferriss.
   Personal Author: Ferriss, Timothy.

 *POPULAR READING FLUKE                   2012
   Title: Cinnamon Roll murder / Joanne Fluke.
   Personal Author: Fluke, Joanne, 1943-

 *POPULAR READING FLYNN                   2012
   Title: Kill shot : an American assassin thriller / Vince
   Personal Author: Flynn, Vince.

 *POPULAR READING FOENKINOS               2011
   Title: Delicacy : a novel / David Foenkinos ; translated from
                        the French by Bruce Benderson.
   Personal Author: Foenkinos, David.

 *POPULAR READING FOER                    2011
   Title: Moonwalking with Einstein : the art and science of
                        remembering everything / Joshua Foer.
   Personal Author: Foer, Joshua.

 *POPULAR READING FORD                    2009
   Title: Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet : a novel /
                        Jamie Ford.
   Personal Author: Ford, Jamie.

 *POPULAR READING FOREMAN                 2011
   Title: A world on fire : Britain's crucial role in the
                        American Civil War / Amanda Foreman.
   Personal Author: Foreman, Amanda, 1968-

 *POPULAR READING FOSTER                  2012
   Title: A perfect storm / Lori Foster.
   Personal Author: Foster, Lori, 1958-

 *POPULAR READING FRANEK                  2012
   Title: The best 300 professors : by The Princeton Review and
               / [written] by Robert Franek,
                        Laura Braswell, and the staff of The Princeton Review.
   Personal Author: Franek, Robert.

 *POPULAR READING FRANK                   2012
   Title: Make it stay / Joan Frank.
   Personal Author: Frank, Joan, 1949-

 *POPULAR READING FREEMAN                 2012
   Title: Oh my gods : a modern retelling of Greek and Roman
                        myths / Philip Freeman.
   Personal Author: Freeman, Philip, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING FULLER                  2011
   Title: Cocktail hour under the tree of forgetfulness /
                        Alexandra Fuller.
   Personal Author: Fuller, Alexandra, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING FURY                    2012
   Title: Black site : a Delta Force novel / Dalton Fury.
   Personal Author: Fury, Dalton.

 *POPULAR READING GALLAGHER               2012
   Title: The bedlam detective : a novel / Stephen Gallagher.
   Personal Author: Gallagher, Stephen.

 *POPULAR READING GARCIA                  2009
   Title: Beautiful creatures / by Kami Garcia & Margie Stohl.
   Personal Author: Garcia, Kami.

 *POPULAR READING GARDNER                 2012
   Title: Love you more / Lisa Gardner.
   Personal Author: Gardner, Lisa.

 *POPULAR READING GARDNER                 2012
   Title: Catch me / Lisa Gardner.
   Personal Author: Gardner, Lisa.

 *POPULAR READING GARRISON                2012
   Title: Robert Ludlum's The Janson command / Paul Garrison.
   Personal Author: Garrison, Paul, 1952-

 *POPULAR READING GATLIN                  2011
   Title: Good Christian bitches / Kim Gatlin.
   Personal Author: Gatlin, Kim.

 *POPULAR READING GAVIN                   2011
   Title: The darkening dream / Andy Gavin.
   Personal Author: Gavin, Andy.

 *POPULAR READING GENTLE                  2012
   Title: The black opera : a novel of opera, volcanoes, and the
                        mind of God / Mary Gentle.
   Personal Author: Gentle, Mary.

 *POPULAR READING GEORGE                  2012
   Title: A good American / Alex George.
   Personal Author: George, Alex.

 *POPULAR READING GIBBONS                 2011
   Title: Wildflower wonders : the 50 best wildflower sites in
                        the world / Bob Gibbons ; with a foreword by Richard
   Personal Author: Gibbons, Bob, 1949-

 *POPULAR READING GOLDMAN                 2011
   Title: Say her name / Francisco Goldman.
   Personal Author: Goldman, Francisco.

 *POPULAR READING GOODAVAGE               2012
   Title: Soldier dogs : the untold story of America's canine
                        heroes / Maria Goodavage.
   Personal Author: Goodavage, Maria, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING GORIGHTLY               2012
   Title: Happy trails to high weirdness : a conspirancy
                        theorist's tour guide / Adam Gorightly ; introduction
                        by Andy Colvin.
   Personal Author: Gorightly, Adam.

   Title: Abraham Lincoln : vampire hunter / Seth Grahame-Smith.
   Personal Author: Grahame-Smith, Seth.

 *POPULAR READING GRANT                   2012
   Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Swedish enigma / Barry Grant.
   Personal Author: Grant, Barry.

 *POPULAR READING GREEN                   2012
   Title: The fault in our stars / John Green.
   Personal Author: Green, John, 1977-

 *POPULAR READING GREEN                   2003
   Title: Agents of light and darkness : a novel of the
                        Nightside / Simon R. Green.
   Personal Author: Green, Simon R, 1955-

 *POPULAR READING GREEN                   2004
   Title: Nightingale's lament / Simon R. Green.
   Personal Author: Green, Simon R., 1955-

 *POPULAR READING GREEN                   2003
   Title: Something from the nightside / Simon R. Green.
   Personal Author: Green, Simon R., 1955-

 *POPULAR READING GREEN                   2007
   Title: Looking for Alaska / John Green.
   Personal Author: Green, John, 1977-

 *POPULAR READING GREEN                   2012
   Title: Another piece of my heart / Jane Green.
   Personal Author: Green, Jane, 1968-

   Title: The swerve : how the world became modern / Stephen
   Personal Author: Greenblatt, Stephen, 1943-

 *POPULAR READING GREGORY                 2008
   Title: The wise woman / Philippa Gregory.
   Personal Author: Gregory, Philippa.

 *POPULAR READING GREGORY                 2006
   Title: The Boleyn inheritance / Philippa Gregory.
   Personal Author: Gregory, Philippa.

 *POPULAR READING GREGORY                 2005
   Title: The constant princess / Philippa Gregory.
   Personal Author: Gregory, Philippa.

 *POPULAR READING GREGORY                 2004
   Title: The virgin's lover / Philippa Gregory.
   Personal Author: Gregory, Philippa.

 *POPULAR READING GREGORY                 2004
   Title: The queen's fool : a novel / Philippa Gregory.
   Personal Author: Gregory, Philippa.

 *POPULAR READING GREGORY                 2008
   Title: The other queen / by Philippa Gregory.
   Personal Author: Gregory, Philippa.

 *POPULAR READING GRILLO                  2011
   Title: El Narco : inside Mexico's criminal insurgency / Ioan
   Personal Author: Grillo, Ioan, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING GRISHAM                 2012
   Title: Calico Joe / John Grisham.
   Personal Author: Grisham, John.

 *POPULAR READING GUPTA                   2012
   Title: Monday mornings : a novel / Sanjay Gupta.
   Personal Author: Gupta, Sanjay, M.D.

 *POPULAR READING GWYNNE                  2011
   Title: Empire of the summer moon : Quanah Parker and the rise
                        and fall of the Comanches, the most powerful Indian
                        tribe in American history / S.C. Gwynne.
   Personal Author: Gwynne, S. C. (Samuel C.), 1953-

 *POPULAR READING HAIDT                   2012
   Title: The righteous mind : why good people are divided by
                        politics and religion / Jonathan Haidt.
   Personal Author: Haidt, Jonathan.

 *POPULAR READING HAMILTON                2011
   Title: Blood, bones, & butter : the inadvertent education of
                        a reluctant chef / Gabrielle Hamilton.
   Personal Author: Hamilton, Gabrielle.

 *POPULAR READING HANEY                   2012
   Title: The big miss : my years coaching Tiger Woods / Hank
   Personal Author: Haney, Hank.

 *POPULAR READING HANNAH                  2012
   Title: Home front / Kristin Hannah.
   Personal Author: Hannah, Kristin.

 *POPULAR READING HARBACH                 2011
   Title: The art of fielding : a novel / Chad Harbach.
   Personal Author: Harbach, Chad.

 *POPULAR READING HARRIS                  2011
   Title: Dead reckoning / Charlaine Harris.
   Personal Author: Harris, Charlaine.

   Title: The hunger pains : a parody / The Harvard Lampoon.
   Corporate Author: Harvard Lampoon (Organization)

 *POPULAR READING HASTINGS                2012
   Title: The operators : the wild and terrifying inside story
                        of America's war in Afghanistan / Michael Hastings.
   Personal Author: Hastings, Michael, 1980-

 *POPULAR READING HEIMAN                  2007
   Title: Running on dreams / Herb Heiman.
   Personal Author: Heiman, Herb.

 *POPULAR READING HEMMINGS                2011
   Title: The descendants : a novel / Kaui Hart Hemmings.
   Personal Author: Hemmings, Kaui Hart.

 *POPULAR READING HENDERSON               2011
   Title: Ten thousand saints / Eleanor Henderson.
   Personal Author: Henderson, Eleanor.

 *POPULAR READING HENSHAW                 2012
   Title: Red cell / Mark Henshaw.
   Personal Author: Henshaw, Mark, 1970-

 *POPULAR READING HILL                    2012
   Title: Mrs. Kennedy and me / Clint Hill ; with Lisa McCubbin.
   Personal Author: Hill, Clint.

 *POPULAR READING HITCHENS                2011
   Title: Arguably : essays / by Christopher Hitchens.
   Personal Author: Hitchens, Christopher.

 *POPULAR READING HOFFMAN                 2012
   Title: The start-up of you / Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha.
   Personal Author: Hoffman, Reid.

 *POPULAR READING HOHN                    2011
   Title: Moby-duck : the true story of 28,800 bath toys lost at
                        sea and of the beachcombers, oceanographers,
                        environmentalists, and fools, including the author,
                        who went in search of them / Donovan Hohn.
   Personal Author: Hohn, Donovan.

 *POPULAR READING HOLLAND                 2011
   Title: Unlikely friendships : 47 remarkable stories from the
                        animal kingdom / by Jennifer S. Holland.
   Personal Author: Holland, Jennifer S.

   Title: The stranger's child : a novel / Alan Hollinghurst.
   Personal Author: Hollinghurst, Alan.

 *POPULAR READING HOOPMANN                2006
   Title: All cats have Asperger Syndrome / Kathy Hoopmann.
   Personal Author: Hoopmann, Kathy, 1963-

 *POPULAR READING HOOPMANN                2009
   Title: All dogs have ADHD / Kathy Hoopmann.
   Personal Author: Hoopmann, Kathy, 1963-

 *POPULAR READING HORNSHAW                2012
   Title: So you created a wormhole : the time traveler's guide
                        to time travel / Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch.
   Personal Author: Hornshaw, Phil.

 *POPULAR READING HOWREY                  2011
   Title: Blind sight / Meg Howrey.
   Personal Author: Howrey, Meg.

 *POPULAR READING HYMAN                   2012
   Title: The blood sugar solution : the ultrahealthy program
                        for losing weight, preventing disease, and feeling
                        great now! / Mark Hyman.
   Personal Author: Hyman, Mark, 1959-

 *POPULAR READING INOUE                   2011
   Title: Fullmetal alchemist : complete box set. Volumes 1-27 /
                        [story and art by Hiromu Arakawa].
   Personal Author: Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING IVEY                    2012
   Title: The snow child : a novel / Eowyn Ivey.
   Personal Author: Ivey, Eowyn.

 *POPULAR READING IWAHARA                 2007
   Title: King of thorn / created by Yuji Iwahara ;
                        [translation, Alexis Kirsch ; English adaptation,
                        Aaron Sparrow].
   Personal Author: Iwahara, Y*uji.

 *POPULAR READING JACKSON                 2012
   Title: Devious : [a Bentz and Montoya novel] / Lisa Jackson.
   Personal Author: Jackson, Lisa.

 *POPULAR READING JACOBS                  2012
   Title: Drop dead healthy : one man's humble quest for bodily
                        perfection / A.J. Jacobs.
   Personal Author: Jacobs, A. J., 1968-

 *POPULAR READING JACOBSEN                2012
   Title: Area 51 : an uncensored history of America's top
                        secret military base / Annie Jacobsen.
   Personal Author: Jacobsen, Annie.

 *POPULAR READING JAKES                   2012
   Title: Let it go : forgive so you can be forgiven / T.D.
   Personal Author: Jakes, T. D.

 *POPULAR READING JAMES                   2012
   Title: Fifty shades of Grey / E. L. James.
   Personal Author: James, E. L.

 *POPULAR READING JAMES                   2012
   Title: Fifty shades freed / E L James.
   Personal Author: James, E. L.

 *POPULAR READING JAWORSKI                2010
   Title: The games that changed the game : the evolution of the
                        NFL in seven Sundays / Ron Jaworski, with Greg Cosell
                        and David Plaut.
   Personal Author: Jaworski, Ron, 1951-

 *POPULAR READING JAYNE                   2012
   Title: Under suspicion / Hannah Jayne.
   Personal Author: Jayne, Hannah.

 *POPULAR READING JEMISIN                 2012
   Title: The killing moon / N.K. Jemisin.
   Personal Author: Jemisin, N. K.

 *POPULAR READING JOHNSON                 2012
   Title: The orphan master's son : a novel / Adam Johnson.
   Personal Author: Johnson, Adam, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING JOHNSON                 2011
   Title: Train dreams / Denis Johnson.
   Personal Author: Johnson, Denis, 1949-

 *POPULAR READING JOHNSON                 2012
   Title: Royal street / Suzanne Johnson.
   Personal Author: Johnson, Suzanne, 1956-

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2012
   Title: The uninvited guests / Sadie Jones.
   Personal Author: Jones, Sadie.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2011
   Title: First grave on the right / Darynda Jones.
   Personal Author: Jones, Darynda.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2011
   Title: Second grave on the left / Darynda Jones.
   Personal Author: Jones, Darynda.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2012
   Title: Third grave dead ahead / Darynda Jones.
   Personal Author: Jones, Darynda.

 *POPULAR READING JULAVITS                2012
   Title: The vanishers / Heidi Julavits.
   Personal Author: Julavits, Heidi.

 *POPULAR READING KATSU                   2011
   Title: The taker / Alma Katsu.
   Personal Author: Katsu, Alma.

 *POPULAR READING KELLERMAN               2012
   Title: Victims : an Alex Delaware novel / Jonathan Kellerman.
   Personal Author: Kellerman, Jonathan.

 *POPULAR READING KELLOW                  2011
   Title: Pauline Kael : a life in the dark / Brian Kellow.
   Personal Author: Kellow, Brian.

 *POPULAR READING KELLY                   2012
   Title: Death's door / Jim Kelly.
   Personal Author: Kelly, Jim, 1957-

 *POPULAR READING KENNEDY                 2011
   Title: Chang*o's beads and two-tone shoes / William Kennedy.
   Personal Author: Kennedy, William, 1928-

 *POPULAR READING KENYON                  2010
   Title: Infinity / Sherrilyn Kenyon.
   Personal Author: Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965-

 *POPULAR READING KENYON                  2012
   Title: Infamous / Sherrilyn Kenyon.
   Personal Author: Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965-

 *POPULAR READING KENYON                  2011
   Title: Invincible : chronicles of Nick / Sherrilyn Kenyon.
   Personal Author: Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965-

 *POPULAR READING KERR                    2011
   Title: Prague fatale / Philip Kerr.
   Personal Author: Kerr, Philip.

 *POPULAR READING KING                    2012
   Title: The wind through the keyhole / Stephen King.
   Personal Author: King, Stephen, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING KING                    2012
   Title: A natural woman : a memoir / Carole King.
   Personal Author: King, Carole, 1942-

 *POPULAR READING KINGSBURY               2012
   Title: Loving / Karen Kingsbury.
   Personal Author: Kingsbury, Karen.

 *POPULAR READING KINSELLA                2012
   Title: I've got your number : a novel / Sophie Kinsella.
   Personal Author: Kinsella, Sophie.

 *POPULAR READING KIRKMAN                 2009
   Title: The walking dead compendium one / Robert Kirkman,
                        creator, writer, letterer (chapters 1-3) ; Tony Moore,
                        penciler, inker, gray tones (chapter 1) ; Charlie
                        Adlard, penciler, inker (chapters 2-8) ; Cliff
                        Rathburn, gray tones (chapters 2-8) ; Rus Wooten,
                        letterer (chapter 4-8).
   Personal Author: Kirkman, Robert.

 *POPULAR READING KLEYPAS                 2012
   Title: Rainshadow road / Lisa Kleypas.
   Personal Author: Kleypas, Lisa.

 *POPULAR READING KOBAYASHI               2009
   Title: Kitchen princess : search for the angel cake / Miyuki
                        Kobayashi ; illustrations by Natsumi And*o ;
                        translated by Karen McGillicuddy.
   Personal Author: Kobayashi, Miyuki.

 *POPULAR READING KRIVAK                  2011
   Title: The sojourn / Andrew Krivak.
   Personal Author: Krivak, Andrew.

 *POPULAR READING LACKBERG                2012
   Title: The stonecutter / Camilla L*ackberg ; translated by
                        Steven T. Murray.
   Personal Author: L*ackberg, Camilla, 1974-

 *POPULAR READING LAMOTT                  2012
   Title: Some assembly required : a journal of my son's first
                        son / Anne Lamott ; with Sam Lamott.
   Personal Author: Lamott, Anne.

 *POPULAR READING LANDAY                  2012
   Title: Defending Jacob : a novel / William Landay.
   Personal Author: Landay, William.

   Title: Yes! energy : the equation to do less, make more /
                        Loral Langemeier.
   Personal Author: Langemeier, Loral.

 *POPULAR READING LASHINSKY               2012
   Title: Inside Apple : how America's most admired--and
                        secretive--company really works / Adam Lashinsky.
   Personal Author: Lashinsky, Adam.

 *POPULAR READING LAUER                   2012
   Title: A simple spring / Rosalind Lauer.
   Personal Author: Lauer, Rosalind.

 *POPULAR READING LAWSON                  2012
   Title: Let's pretend this never happened : (a mostly true
                        memoir) / Jenny Lawson.
   Personal Author: Lawson, Jenny, 1979-

 *POPULAR READING LEHRER                  2012
   Title: Imagine : how creativity works / Jonah Lehrer.
   Personal Author: Lehrer, Jonah.

 *POPULAR READING LEIGH                   2012
   Title: Deadly sins / Lora Leigh.
   Personal Author: Leigh, Lora.

 *POPULAR READING LEON                    2012
   Title: Beastly things / Donna Leon.
   Personal Author: Leon, Donna.

 *POPULAR READING LEONARD                 2012
   Title: Raylan / Elmore Leonard.
   Personal Author: Leonard, Elmore, 1925-

 *POPULAR READING LESTER                  2012
   Title: Da Vinci's ghost : genius, obsession, and how Leonardo
                        created the world in his own image / Toby Lester.
   Personal Author: Lester, Toby.

 *POPULAR READING LEVIN                   2012
   Title: Ameritopia : the unmaking of America / Mark R. Levin.
   Personal Author: Levin, Mark R. (Mark Reed), 1957-

 *POPULAR READING LEWIS                   2012
   Title: The fiddler / Beverly Lewis.
   Personal Author: Lewis, Beverly, 1949-

 *POPULAR READING LIVELY                  2012
   Title: How it all began / Penelope Lively.
   Personal Author: Lively, Penelope, 1933-

 *POPULAR READING LONG                    2012
   Title: Darwin's devices : what evolving robots can teach us
                        about the history of life and the future of technology
                        / John Long.
   Personal Author: Long, John, 1964 Jan. 12-

 *POPULAR READING LUTZ                    2012
   Title: Trail of the Spellmans : document #5 / Lisa Lutz.
   Personal Author: Lutz, Lisa.

 *POPULAR READING MACOMBER                2012
   Title: A turn in the road / Debbie Macomber.
   Personal Author: Macomber, Debbie.

 *POPULAR READING MADDOW                  2012
   Title: Drift : the unmooring of American military power /
                        Rachel Maddow.
   Personal Author: Maddow, Rachel.

 *POPULAR READING MALLON                  2012
   Title: Watergate : a novel / Thomas Mallon.
   Personal Author: Mallon, Thomas, 1951-

 *POPULAR READING MARCUS                  2012
   Title: The flame alphabet / Ben Marcus.
   Personal Author: Marcus, Ben, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING MARCUS                  2012
   Title: Guitar zero : the new musician and the science of
                        learning / Gary Marcus.
   Personal Author: Marcus, Gary F. (Gary Fred)

 *POPULAR READING MARS                    2012
   Title: Rust / Julie Mars.
   Personal Author: Mars, Julie, 1951-

 *POPULAR READING MAX                     2012
   Title: Hilarity ensues / Tucker Max.
   Personal Author: Max, Tucker.

   Title: The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection / Alexander
                        McCall Smith.
   Personal Author: McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-

 *POPULAR READING MCCLEEN                 2012
   Title: The land of decoration : a novel / Grace McCleen.
   Personal Author: McCleen, Grace.

   Title: The greater journey : Americans in Paris / David
   Personal Author: McCullough, David G.

 *POPULAR READING MCKINLAY                2012
   Title: Due or die / Jenn McKinlay.
   Personal Author: McKinlay, Jenn.

 *POPULAR READING MCLAIN                  2011
   Title: The Paris wife : a novel / Paula McLain.
   Personal Author: McLain, Paula.

 *POPULAR READING MELTZER                 2012
   Title: Heroes for my daughter / Brad Meltzer.
   Personal Author: Meltzer, Brad.

 *POPULAR READING MIGNOLA                 2012
   Title: Joe Golem and the drowning city : an illustrated novel
                        / Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden.
   Personal Author: Mignola, Michael.

 *POPULAR READING MILLARD                 2011
   Title: The destiny of the republic : a tale of madness,
                        medicine and the murder of a president / Candice
   Personal Author: Millard, Candice.

 *POPULAR READING MILLER                  2012
   Title: The song of Achilles / Madeline Miller.
   Personal Author: Miller, Madeline.

 *POPULAR READING MILLET                  2011
   Title: Ghost lights : a novel / Lydia Millet.
   Personal Author: Millet, Lydia, 1968-

 *POPULAR READING MINER                   2006
   Title: Lives touched by Down Syndrome / compiled by Melanie

   Title: How not to write a novel : 200 classic mistakes and
                        how to avoid them--a misstep-by-misstep guide / Howard
                        Mittelmark and Sandra Newman.
   Personal Author: Mittelmark, Howard.

 *POPULAR READING MOORE                   2012
   Title: Sacre bleu : a comedy d'art / Christopher Moore.
   Personal Author: Moore, Christopher, 1957-

 *POPULAR READING MOOREHEAD               2011
   Title: A train in winter : an extraordinary story of women,
                        friendship, and resistance in occupied France /
                        Caroline Moorehead.
   Personal Author: Moorehead, Caroline.

 *POPULAR READING MOORJANI                2012
   Title: Dying to be me : my journey from cancer, to near
                        death, to true healing / Anita Moorjani.
   Personal Author: Moorjani, Anita, 1959-

 *POPULAR READING MORENO                  2011
   Title: The 17 day diet : a doctor's plan designed for rapid
                        results / Mike Moreno.
   Personal Author: Moreno, Mike, 1968-

 *POPULAR READING MOSLEY                  2012
   Title: All I did was shoot my man / Walter Mosley.
   Personal Author: Mosley, Walter.

 *POPULAR READING MOTTER                  2012
   Title: The compleat Terminal city / created & written by Dean
                        Motter ; illustrated by Michael Lark ; colored by Rick
                        Taylor ; lettered by Willie Schubert ; cover art by
                        Mark Chiarello.
   Personal Author: Motter, Dean.

 *POPULAR READING MURAKAMI                2011
   Title: 1Q84 / Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japanese
                        by Jay Rubin and Philip Gabriel.
   Personal Author: Murakami, Haruki, 1949-

 *POPULAR READING MYERS                   2012
   Title: All the right stuff / by Walter Dean Myers.
   Personal Author: Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-

 *POPULAR READING NADAS                   2011
   Title: Parallel stories / P*eter N*adas ; translated from the
                        Hungarian by Imre Goldstein.
   Personal Author: N*adas, P*eter, 1942-

 *POPULAR READING NAKAMURA                2012
   Title: The thief / Fuminori Nakamura ; translated from the
                        Japanese by Satoko Izumo and Stephen Coates.
   Personal Author: Nakamura, Fuminori, 1977-

 *POPULAR READING NAROZNY                 2012
   Title: Jonah man / Christopher Narozny.
   Personal Author: Narozny, Christopher.

 *POPULAR READING NICKSON                 2012
   Title: The constant lovers : a Richard Nottingham mystery /
                        Chris Nickson.
   Personal Author: Nickson, Chris.

 *POPULAR READING NIELSON                 2012
   Title: Heaven is here : an incredible story of hope, triumph,
                        and everyday joy / Stephanie Nielson ; with Amy
   Personal Author: Nielson, Stephanie, 1981-

 *POPULAR READING NOAH                    2012
   Title: The great divergence : America's growing inequality
                        crisis and what we can do about it / Timothy Noah ;
                        illustrations by Catherine Mulbrandon.
   Personal Author: Noah, Timothy.

 *POPULAR READING NORMENT                 2012
   Title: In the memory of the map : a cartographic memoir / by
                        Christopher Norment.
   Personal Author: Norment, Christopher.

 *POPULAR READING O'DONOHUE               2012
   Title: Life without parole : a Kate Conway mystery / Clare
   Personal Author: O'Donohue, Clare.

 *POPULAR READING O'NEAL                  2012
   Title: Both of us : my life with Farrah / Ryan O'Neal ; with
                        Jodee Blanco and Kent Carroll.
   Personal Author: O'Neal, Ryan.

 *POPULAR READING OATES                   2012
   Title: Mudwoman / Joyce Carol Oates.
   Personal Author: Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-

 *POPULAR READING OCONNELL                2011
   Title: The chalk girl / Carol O'Connell.
   Personal Author: O'Connell, Carol, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING OLIVER                  2012
   Title: Pandemonium / Lauren Oliver.
   Personal Author: Oliver, Lauren, 1982-

 *POPULAR READING ONDAATJE                2011
   Title: The cat's table / Michael Ondaatje.
   Personal Author: Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-

 *POPULAR READING OSWALT                  2011
   Title: Zombie spaceship wasteland : a book / by Patton
   Personal Author: Oswalt, Patton, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING OTSUKA                  2011
   Title: The Buddha in the attic / Julie Otsuka.
   Personal Author: Otsuka, Julie, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING OYEYEMI                 2011
   Title: Mr. Fox / Helen Oyeyemi.
   Personal Author: Oyeyemi, Helen.

 *POPULAR READING PAGELS                  2012
   Title: Revelations : visions, prophecy, and politics in the
                        book of Revelation / Elaine Pagels.
   Personal Author: Pagels, Elaine H., 1943-

 *POPULAR READING PALAHNIUK               2011
   Title: Damned / Chuck Palahniuk.
   Personal Author: Palahniuk, Chuck.

 *POPULAR READING PARSONS                 2012
   Title: Liminal states : a novel / Zack Parsons.
   Personal Author: Parsons, Zack.

 *POPULAR READING PATCHETT                2011
   Title: State of wonder / Ann Patchett.
   Personal Author: Patchett, Ann.

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: Private games / James Patterson and Mark Sullivan.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: Private : #1 suspect : a novel / by James Patterson
                        and Maxine Paetro.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: Guilty wives : a novel / by James Patterson and David
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: The postcard killers : a novel / by James Patterson
                        and Liza Marklund.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: Now you see her : a novel / by James patterson &
                        Michael Ledwidge.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: Fall from grace : a novel / Richard North Patterson.
   Personal Author: Patterson, Richard North.

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2011
   Title: Kill me if you can : a novel / by James Patterson and
                        Marshall Karp.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PAVONE                  2012
   Title: The expats : a novel / Chris Pavone.
   Personal Author: Pavone, Chris.

 *POPULAR READING PERROTTA                2011
   Title: The leftovers / Tom Perrotta.
   Personal Author: Perrotta, Tom, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING PERRY                   2012
   Title: Dorchester Terrace : a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel
                        / Anne Perry.
   Personal Author: Perry, Anne.

 *POPULAR READING PHILLIPS                2011
   Title: The tragedy of Arthur : a novel / by Arthur Phillips.
   Personal Author: Phillips, Arthur, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING PIASECKI                2012
   Title: Doing more with less : the new way to wealth / Bruce
   Personal Author: Piasecki, Bruce, 1955-

 *POPULAR READING PICOULT                 2012
   Title: Lone wolf : a novel / Jodi Picoult.
   Personal Author: Picoult, Jodi, 1966-

 *POPULAR READING PROSE                   2011
   Title: My new American life / Francine Prose.
   Personal Author: Prose, Francine, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING QUINDLEN                2012
   Title: Lots of candles, plenty of cake : [a memoir] / Anna
   Personal Author: Quindlen, Anna.

   Title: Becoming Dr. Q : my journey from migrant farm worker
                        to brain surgeon / Alfredo Qui*nones-Hinojosa ; with
                        Mim Eichler Rivas.
   Personal Author: Qui*nones-Hinojosa, Alfredo.

 *POPULAR READING RANDALL                 2012
   Title: Ada's rules : a sexy skinny novel / Alice Randall.
   Personal Author: Randall, Alice.

 *POPULAR READING RASH                    2012
   Title: The cove / Ron Rash.
   Personal Author: Rash, Ron, 1953-

 *POPULAR READING RATH                    2007
   Title: Strengths finder 2.0 / Tom Rath.
   Personal Author: Rath, Tom, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING RATH                    2008
   Title: Strengths based leadership : great leaders, teams, and
                        why people follow / Tom Rath, Barry Conchie.
   Personal Author: Rath, Tom, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING REDNISS                 2011
   Title: Radioactive : Marie & Pierre Curie, a tale of love &
                        fallout / by Lauren Redniss.
   Personal Author: Redniss, Lauren.

 *POPULAR READING REITMAN                 2011
   Title: Inside scientology : the story of America's most
                        secretive religion / Janet Reitman.
   Personal Author: Reitman, Janet.

 *POPULAR READING REYNOLDS                2012
   Title: The first 20 minutes : surprising science reveals how
                        we can exercise better, train smarter, live longer /
                        Gretchen Reynolds.
   Personal Author: Reynolds, Gretchen.

 *POPULAR READING RICE                    2012
   Title: The wolf gift : a novel / Anne Rice.
   Personal Author: Rice, Anne, 1941-

 *POPULAR READING RIGGS                   2011
   Title: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children / by
                        Ransom Riggs.
   Personal Author: Riggs, Ransom.

 *POPULAR READING RINPOCHE                2002
   Title: The Tibetan book of living and dying / Sogyal Rinpoche
                        ; edited by Patrick Gaffney and Andrew Harvey.
   Personal Author: Sogyal, Rinpoche.

 *POPULAR READING RIORDAN                 2000
   Title: The last king of Texas / Rick Riordan.
   Personal Author: Riordan, Rick.

 *POPULAR READING RIORDAN                 2012
   Title: The serpent's shadow / Rick Riordan.
   Personal Author: Riordan, Rick.

 *POPULAR READING ROBB                    2012
   Title: New York to Dallas / J.D. Robb.
   Personal Author: Robb, J. D., 1950-

 *POPULAR READING ROBB                    2012
   Title: Celebrity in death / J.D. Robb.
   Personal Author: Robb, J. D., 1950-

 *POPULAR READING ROBERTS                 2012
   Title: The witness / Nora Roberts.
   Personal Author: Roberts, Nora.

 *POPULAR READING ROBERTS                 2012
   Title: Chasing fire / Nora Roberts.
   Personal Author: Roberts, Nora.

 *POPULAR READING ROBERTS                 2012
   Title: The last boyfriend / Nora Roberts.
   Personal Author: Roberts, Nora.

 *POPULAR READING ROBISON                 2012
   Title: Indivisible : restoring faith, family, and freedom
                        before it's too late / James Robison and Jay W.
   Personal Author: Robison, James, 1943-

 *POPULAR READING ROBOTHAM                2012
   Title: Bleed for me / Michael Robotham.
   Personal Author: Robotham, Michael, 1960-

 *POPULAR READING ROCKLAND                2012
   Title: 150 pounds / Kate Rockland.
   Personal Author: Rockland, Kate.

 *POPULAR READING ROGAN                   2012
   Title: The lifeboat : a novel / Charlotte Rogan.
   Personal Author: Rogan, Charlotte.

 *POPULAR READING ROLLINS                 2012
   Title: The devil colony / James Rollins.
   Personal Author: Rollins, James, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING ROSE                    2012
   Title: The book of lost fragrances : a novel / M.J. Rose.
   Personal Author: Rose, M. J., 1953-

 *POPULAR READING ROSNAY                  2012
   Title: The house I loved / Tatiana de Rosnay.
   Personal Author: Rosnay, Tatiana de, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING ROTHFUSS                2009
   Title: The name of the wind / Patrick Rothfuss.
   Personal Author: Rothfuss, Patrick, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING ROTHFUSS                2012
   Title: The wise man's fear / The Kingkiller Chronicles: Day
                        Two Patrick Rothfuss.
   Personal Author: Rothfuss, Patrick, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING RUNCIE                  2012
   Title: Sidney Chambers and the shadow of death / James
   Personal Author: Runcie, James, 1959-

 *POPULAR READING RUSSELL                 2011
   Title: Swamplandia! / Karen Russell.
   Personal Author: Russell, Karen, 1981-

 *POPULAR READING SALIS                   2012
   Title: Driven / James Sallis.
   Personal Author: Sallis, James, 1944-

 *POPULAR READING SAVAGE                  2012
   Title: Trickle down tyranny : crushing Obama's dream of the
                        socialist states of America / Michael Savage.
   Personal Author: Savage, Michael, 1942-

 *POPULAR READING SCHANZER                2011
   Title: Witches! : the absolutely true tale of disaster in
                        Salem / Rosalyn Schanzer.
   Personal Author: Schanzer, Rosalyn.

 *POPULAR READING SCHNEIDER               2011
   Title: 1001 movies you must see before you die / general
                        editor, Steven Jay Schneider.

   Title: You are not like other mothers : the story of a
                        passionate woman / Angelika Schrobsdorff ; translated
                        from the German by Steven Rendall.
   Personal Author: Schrobsdorff, Angelika, 1928-

 *POPULAR READING SCHULMAN                2011
   Title: This beautiful life : a novel / Helen Schulman.
   Personal Author: Schulman, Helen,

   Title: The last holiday : a memoir / Gil Scott-Heron.
   Personal Author: Scott-Heron, Gil, 1949-2011.

   Title: Save me / Lisa Scottoline.
   Personal Author: Scottoline, Lisa.

   Title: Come home / Lisa Scottoline.
   Personal Author: Scottoline, Lisa.

 *POPULAR READING SENDKER                 2012
   Title: The art of hearing heartbeats : a novel / Jan-Philipp
                        Sendker ; translated from the German by Kevin
   Personal Author: Sendker, Jan-Philipp.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2006
   Title: Lord Loss / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2007
   Title: Demon thief / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2006
   Title: Slawter / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2008
   Title: Bec / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2007
   Title: Blood beast / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2009
   Title: Demon apocalypse / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2008
   Title: Death's Shadow / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2010
   Title: Wolf island / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2010
   Title: Dark calling / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHAN                    2010
   Title: Hell's heroes / by Darren Shan.
   Personal Author: Shan, Darren.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPPARD                2012
   Title: The solitary house : a novel / Lynn Shepherd.
   Personal Author: Shepherd, Lynn, 1964-

 *POPULAR READING SHIIOMI                 2007
   Title: Yurara / story & art by Chika Shiomi ; [English
                        adaptation, Heidi Vivolo ; translation, JN
   Personal Author: Shiomi, Chika.

 *POPULAR READING SHOWALTER               2012
   Title: The darkest seduction / Gena Showalter.
   Personal Author: Showalter, Gena.

 *POPULAR READING SILVA                   2011
   Title: Portrait of a spy / Daniel Silva.
   Personal Author: Silva, Daniel, 1960-

   Title: Every thing on it : poems and drawings / by Shel
   Personal Author: Silverstein, Shel.

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2012
   Title: Elizabeth the Queen : the life of a modern monarch /
                        Sally Bedell Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Sally Bedell, 1948-

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2012
   Title: Agent 6 / by Tom Rob Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Tom Rob.

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2008
   Title: Night world. No. 1. / L.J. Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, L. J. (Lisa J.)

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2009
   Title: Night world. No. 3 / L.J. Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, L. J. (Lisa J.)

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2012
   Title: Good self, bad self : transforming your worst
                        qualities into your biggest assets / by Judy Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Judy.

 *POPULAR READING SPACEK                  2012
   Title: My extraordinary ordinary life / Sissy Spacek with
                        Maryanne Vollers.
   Personal Author: Spacek, Sissy.

 *POPULAR READING SPARKS                  2008
   Title: The lucky one / Nicholas Sparks.
   Personal Author: Sparks, Nicholas.

 *POPULAR READING SPARKS                  2012
   Title: Wanted : undead or alive / Kerrelyn Sparks.
   Personal Author: Sparks, Kerrelyn.

 *POPULAR READING SPIOTTA                 2011
   Title: Stone Arabia : a novel / Dana Spiotta.
   Personal Author: Spiotta, Dana, 1966-

 *POPULAR READING STEEL                   2012
   Title: 44 Charles Street : a novel / Danielle Steel.
   Personal Author: Steel, Danielle.

 *POPULAR READING STEEL                   2012
   Title: Betrayal : a novel / Danielle Steel.
   Personal Author: Steel, Danielle.

 *POPULAR READING STEIN                   2008
   Title: The art of racing in the rain : a novel / Garth Stein.
   Personal Author: Stein, Garth.

   Title: An American spy / Olen Steinhauer.
   Personal Author: Steinhauer, Olen.

 *POPULAR READING STINE                   2002
   Title: Cheerleaders : the first evil / R. L. Stine.
   Personal Author: Stine, R. L.

 *POPULAR READING STINE                   2003
   Title: Silent night / R.L. Stine.
   Personal Author: Stine, R. L.

 *POPULAR READING STINE                   1993
   Title: The secret / R.L. Stine.
   Personal Author: Stine, R. L.

 *POPULAR READING STINE                   2006
   Title: Switched / R.L. Stine.
   Personal Author: Stine, R. L.

 *POPULAR READING STINE                   2005
   Title: The Perfect date / R.L. Stine.
   Personal Author: Stine, R. L.

 *POPULAR READING STINE                   2002
   Title: The Betrayal / R.L. Stine.
   Personal Author: Stine, R. L.

 *POPULAR READING STINE                   2002
   Title: The Burning / R.L. Stine.
   Personal Author: Stine, R. L.

 *POPULAR READING STINE                   2006
   Title: The new girl / R.L. Stine.
   Personal Author: Stine, R. L.

 *POPULAR READING STONE                   2012
   Title: The iguana tree : a novel / Michel Stone.
   Personal Author: Stone, Michel, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING STRAYED                 2012
   Title: Wild : from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail /
                        Cheryl Strayed.
   Personal Author: Strayed, Cheryl, 1968-

 *POPULAR READING SUMMERS                 2011
   Title: The eleventh day : the full story of 9/11 and Osama
                        bin Laden / Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan.
   Personal Author: Summers, Anthony.

 *POPULAR READING TALTON                  2012
   Title: Powers of arrest : a Cincinnati casebook / Jon Talton.
   Personal Author: Talton, Jon.

 *POPULAR READING TAN                     2009
   Title: Tales from outer suburbia / Shaun Tan.
   Personal Author: Tan, Shaun.

   Title: After Camelot : a personal history of the Kennedy
                        family 1968 to the present / J. Randy Taraborrelli.
   Personal Author: Taraborrelli, J. Randy.

 *POPULAR READING TATUM                   2003
   Title: "Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the
                        cafeteria?" : and other conversations about race /
                        Beverly Daniel Tatum.
   Personal Author: Tatum, Beverly Daniel.

 *POPULAR READING THOMAS                  2012
   Title: Just down the road / Jodi Thomas.
   Personal Author: Thomas, Jodi.

 *POPULAR READING TIERNEY                 1999
   Title: Building the responsive campus : creating high
                        performance colleges and universities / William G.
   Personal Author: Tierney, William G.

 *POPULAR READING TOBAR                   2011
   Title: The barbarian nurseries / H*ector Tobar.
   Personal Author: Tobar, H*ector, 1963-

 *POPULAR READING TRIGIANI                2012
   Title: The shoemaker's wife : a novel / Adriana Trigiani.
   Personal Author: Trigiani, Adriana.

 *POPULAR READING TYLER                   2012
   Title: The beginner's goodbye : a novel  / by Anne Tyler.
   Personal Author: Tyler, Anne.

 *POPULAR READING TYSON                   2012
   Title: Space chronicles : facing the ultimate frontier / Neil
                        deGrasse Tyson ; edited by Avis Lang.
   Personal Author: Tyson, Neil deGrasse.

 *POPULAR READING VOSKAMP                 2010
   Title: One thousand gifts : a dare to live fully right where
                        you are / Ann Voskamp.
   Personal Author: Voskamp, Ann, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING WAINAINA                2011
   Title: One day I will write about this place : a memoir /
                        Binyavanga Wainaina.
   Personal Author: Wainaina, Binyavanga.

 *POPULAR READING WALDMAN                 2011
   Title: The submission  / Amy Waldman.
   Personal Author: Waldman, Amy, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING WALKER                  2011
   Title: Hide & seek : the Irish priest in the Vatican who
                        defied the Nazi command / Stephen Walker.
   Personal Author: Walker, Stephen.

 *POPULAR READING WALSH                   2012
   Title: Texas eats : the new lone star heritage cookbook, with
                        more than 200 recipes / Robb Walsh.
   Personal Author: Walsh, Robb, 1952-

 *POPULAR READING WARD                    2012
   Title: Salvage the bones : a novel / Jesmyn Ward.
   Personal Author: Ward, Jesmyn.

 *POPULAR READING WARD                    2012
   Title: And the band played on-- / Christopher Ward.
   Personal Author: Ward, Christopher, 1942-

 *POPULAR READING WARD                    2012
   Title: Lover reborn / J.R. Ward.
   Personal Author: Ward, J. R., 1969-

 *POPULAR READING WEBER                   2012
   Title: A rising thunder / David Weber.
   Personal Author: Weber, David, 1952-

 *POPULAR READING WEBER                   2012
   Title: Immortal bird : a family memoir / Doron Weber.
   Personal Author: Weber, Doron.

 *POPULAR READING WHITE                   2012
   Title: Chasing midnight / Randy Wayne White.
   Personal Author: White, Randy Wayne.

   Title: Down the Mysterly River / Bill Willingham ;
                        illustrated by Mark Buckingham.
   Personal Author: Willingham, Bill.

 *POPULAR READING WILSON                  2011
   Title: The midnight swimmer / Edward Wilson.
   Personal Author: Wilson, Edward, Novelist.

 *POPULAR READING WILSON                  2012
   Title: Flatscreen : a novel / Adam Wilson.
   Personal Author: Wilson, Adam (Adam Zachary), 1982-

 *POPULAR READING WINSPEAR                2012
   Title: Elegy for Eddie / Jacqueline Winspear.
   Personal Author: Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955-

 *POPULAR READING WOLMAN                  2012
   Title: The end of money : counterfeiters, preachers, techies,
                        dreamers-and the coming cashless society / David
   Personal Author: Wolman, David.

 *POPULAR READING ZACKS                   2012
   Title: Island of vice : Theodore Roosevelt's doomed quest to
                        clean up sin-loving New York / Richard Zacks.
   Personal Author: Zacks, Richard.

 *POPULAR READING JAMES                   2012
   Title: Fifty shades darker / E. L. James.
   Personal Author: James, E. L.
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White Library Reference Books
April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012
 REF AE5 .E363 2010 INDEX A-K             2010
   Title: The New Encyclopaedia Britannica.

 REF BS195 .N37 2005F                     2005
   Title: Holy Bible : New International Version.

 REF DS480.84 .A573 2010                  2010
   Title: Contemporary India / Katharine Adeney and Andrew
   Personal Author: Adeney, Katharine, 1973-

 REF DS557.7 .E53 2011 V.1                2011
   Title: The encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : a political,
                        social, and military history / Spencer C. Tucker,
                        editor ; Paul G. Pierpaoli Jr., associate editor ;
                        Merle L. Pribbenow II, James H. Willbanks, David T.
                        Zabecki, assistant editors.

 REF E184.S75 G75 2012 V.1                2012
   Title: Great lives from history. Latinos / editors, Carmen
                        Tafolla and Martha P. Cotera.

 REF E185.6 .H27 2012                     2012
   Title: The great migration north, 1910-1970 / by Laurie
                        Lanzen Harris.
   Personal Author: Harris, Laurie Lanzen.

 REF F1219.73 .C354 2012                  2012
   Title: The Aztecs : a very short introduction / Dav*id
   Personal Author: Carrasco, David.

 REF HG3756.U54 S463 2011                 2011
   Title: The complete credit repair kit / Brette McWhorter
   Personal Author: Sember, Brette McWhorter, 1968-

 REF HM1101 .F568 2011                    2011
   Title: Risk : a very short introduction / Baruch Fischhoff
                        and John Kadvany.
   Personal Author: Fischhoff, Baruch, 1946-

 REF HT861 .R68 2011                      2011
   Title: The Routledge history of slavery / edited by Gad
                        Heuman and Trevor Burnard.

 REF HV5089 .H53 2004                     2004
   Title: Prohibition / Jeff Hill.
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   Title: Women's suffrage / Jeff Hill.
   Personal Author: Hill, Jeff, 1962-

 REF JK1924 .H55 2009                     2009
   Title: The Voting Rights Act of 1965 / Laurie Collier
   Personal Author: Hillstrom, Laurie Collier, 1965-

 REF JV6450 .M363 2012 V.1                2012
   Title: The making of modern immigration : an encyclopedia of
                        people and ideas / Patrick J. Hayes, editor.

 REF KF4155 .T45 2005                     2005
   Title: Brown v. Board of Education / Diane Telgen.
   Personal Author: Telgen, Diane.

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   Title: Business organizations / by Elizabeth S. Miller,
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   Personal Author: Miller, Elizabeth S.

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   Title: The Harlem Renaissance / Kevin Hillstrom.
   Personal Author: Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-

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   Title: The muckrakers and the Progressive Era / Laurie
                        Collier Hillstrom.
   Personal Author: Hillstrom, Laurie Collier, 1965-

 REF PN751 .F47 2010                      2010
   Title: Romanticism : a very short introduction / Michael
   Personal Author: Ferber, Michael.

 REF PQ7081 .A36 2011                     2011
   Title: Colonial Latin American literature : a very short
                        introduction / Rolena Adorno.
   Personal Author: Adorno, Rolena.

 REF PR990 .O94 2011                      2011
   Title: The Oxford handbook of children's literature / edited
                        by Julia Mickenberg and Lynne Vallone.

 REF PS153.N5 G685 2011                   2011
   Title: The Cambridge history of African American literature /
                        [edited by] Maryemma Graham and Jerry W. Ward, Jr.

 REF Q125 .P942 2011                      2011
   Title: The scientific revolution : a very short introduction
                        / Lawrence M. Principe.
   Personal Author: Principe, Lawrence.

 REF QA76.17 .I53 2011                    2011
   Title: The computer : a very short introduction / Darrel
   Personal Author: Ince, D. (Darrel)

 REF QB361 .R68 2010                      2010
   Title: Planets : a very short introduction / by David A.
   Personal Author: Rothery, David A.

 REF QD467 .S34 2011                      2011
   Title: The periodic table : a very short introduction / Eric
                        R. Scerri.
   Personal Author: Scerri, Eric R.

 REF QE26.3 .E25 2012 V.1                 2012
   Title: Earth science. Earth's surface and history / editor,
                        David K. Elliott.

 REF QE26.3 .E27 2012 V.1                 2012
   Title: Earth science. Physics and chemistry of the earth /
                        editor, Joseph L. Spradley.

 REF QH582.5 .A45 2011                    2011
   Title: The cell : a very short introduction / Terence Allen
                        and Graham Cowling.
   Personal Author: Allen, Terence D. (Terence David), 1944-

 REF QH588.S83 S58 2012                   2012
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   Personal Author: Slack, J. M. W. (Jonathan Michael Wyndham), 1949-

 REF QL49 .H685 2011                      2011
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   Personal Author: Holland, Peter W. H.

 REF QL703 .H355 2009 V.1                 2009
   Title: Handbook of the mammals of the world / chief editors,
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 REF QM25 .A76 2011                       2011
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                        all-in-one anatomy reference and study aid / Ken
   Personal Author: Ashwell, Ken W. S.

 REF QP425 .L63 2012                      2012
   Title: Sleep : a very short introduction / Steven W. Lockley
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   Personal Author: Lockley, Steven W.

 REF QR364 .C73 2011                      2011
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   Personal Author: Crawford, Dorothy H.

 REF RA1215 .I45 2011                     2011
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                        Franz-Xaver Reichl, MD, Professor, Department of
                        Operative/Restorative Dentistry, Periodontology, and
                        Pedodontics, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich,
                        Walther Straub Institute of Pharmacology and
                        Toxicology, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich,
                        Germany, Leonard Ritter, MD, Professor, School of
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                        University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada ; with
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 REF RC1211 .P73 2011 V.1                 2011
   Title: Praeger handbook of sports medicine and athlete health
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                        Kirkendall, volume editor.

 REF RC261 .J36 2011                      2011
   Title: Cancer : a very short introduction / Nicholas James.
   Personal Author: James, Nicholas.

 REF RC483 .P737 2010                     2010
   Title: Handbook of clinical psychopharmacology for therapists
                        / John D. Preston, John H. O'Neal, Mary C. Talaga.
   Personal Author: Preston, John, 1950-

 REF TA145 .B56 2012                      2012
   Title: Engineering a very short introduction / by David
   Personal Author: Blockley, David.

 REF TJ820 .H35 2011                      2011
   Title: Wind energy handbook / Tony Burton ... [et al.].

 REF TK9145 .I78 2011                     2011
   Title: Nuclear power : a very short introduction / Maxwell
   Personal Author: Irvine, J. M. (John Maxwell)

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White Library Locked Case
April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012
 LOCKED CASE PS3557.I296 M3 1994          1994
   Title: The magic of blood / Dagoberto Gilb.
   Personal Author: Gilb, Dagoberto, 1950-

 LOCKED CASE PS3568.I5866 L37 2000        2000
   Title: The last king of Texas / Rick Riordan.
   Personal Author: Riordan, Rick.

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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012
 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 2                      2011
   Title: Of gods and men [videorecording] / director: Xavier

 VIDEO DISC DVD 1888 DISC 1-2             2009
   Title: The pianist [videorecording] / a Focus Features
                        release ; Robert Benmussa presents a Roman Polanski

 VIDEO DISC DVD 1889                      2007
   Title: The color purple [videorecording] / Warner Bros.
                        presents a Steven Spielberg film ; produced by Steven
                        Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Quincy
                        Jones ; screenplay by Menno Meyjes ; directed by
                        Steven Spielberg ; Amblin Entertainment in association
                        with Quincy Jones ; a Guber-Peters Company production.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 1890 DISC1-2              2003
   Title: The color purple [videorecording] / Warner Bros.
                        presents a Steven Spielberg film ; produced by Steven
                        Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Quincy
                        Jones ; screenplay by Menno Meyjes ; directed by
                        Steven Spielberg.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 1891                      2007
   Title: Young Goodman Brown [videorecording] / Pyramid ; a
                        Donald Fox production ; producer, William Phelps ;
                        written by Donald Fox and William Phelps, based on the
                        story by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 1892 DISC 1               2008
   Title: The godfather [videorecording] : the Coppola

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Barth LRC Circulating Books
April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012
 BF636.7 .C76 C852 2012                   2012
   Title: Culturally adaptive counseling skills : demonstrations
                        of evidence-based practices / editors, Miguel E.
                        Gallardo ... [et al.].

 F869 .L89 M575 2011                      2011
   Title: Lowriders in Chicano culture : from low to slow to
                        show / Charles M. Tatum.
   Personal Author: Tatum, Charles M.

 HD69 .P75 B514 2010                      2010
   Title: Microsoft Project 2010 : the missing manual / Bonnie
   Personal Author: Biafore, Bonnie.

 HD69 .P75 C4653 2010                     2010
   Title: Microsoft Project 2010 step by step / Carl Chatfield,
                        Timothy Johnson.
   Personal Author: Chatfield, Carl S., 1964-

 HD69 .P75 S763 2011                      2010
   Title: Microsoft Project 2010 inside out / Teresa S. Stover,
                        with Bonnie Biafore and Andreea Marinescu.
   Personal Author: Stover, Teresa S.

 HQ759.912 .C74 2012                      2012
   Title: Burn down the ground : a memoir / Kambri Crews.
   Personal Author: Crews, Kambri.

 HV40 .L38 2012                           2012
   Title: The call to social work : life stories / Craig Winston
   Personal Author: LeCroy, Craig W.

 HV2391 .M257 2012                        2012
   Title: How deaf children learn : what parents and teachers
                        need to know / Marc Marschark and Peter C. Hauser.
   Personal Author: Marschark, Marc.

 HV2430 .I574 2010                        2011
   Title: Partners in education : issues and trends from the
                        21st International Congress on the Education of the
                        Deaf / Donald F. Moores, editor.
   Conference Author: International Congress on Education of the Deaf (21st
                        : 2010 : Vancouver, B.C.)

 HV2474 .A76 2011                         2011
   Title: Show of hands : a natural history of sign language /
                        David F. Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, David F.

 HV2474 .D58 2011                         2011
   Title: Discourse in signed languages / Cynthia B. Roy,

 HV2474 .N38 2011                         2011
   Title: Primary movement in sign languages : a study of six
                        languages / Donna Jo Napoli, Mark Mai, Nicholas Gaw.
   Personal Author: Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948-

 HV2474 .V35 2011                         2011
   Title: Linguistics of American Sign Language : an
                        introduction / Clayton Valli ... [et al.].

 HV2537 .C39 2011                         2011
   Title: Accountability-based reforms : the impact on deaf and
                        hard of hearing students / Stephanie W. Cawthon.
   Personal Author: Cawthon, Stephanie W.

 HV2583 .R36 2011                         2011
   Title: The people who spell : the last students from the
                        Mexican National School for the Deaf / Claire L.
   Personal Author: Ramsey, Claire L. (Claire Louise)

 HV4998 .F48 2012                         2012
   Title: Perspectives on addiction : an integrative treatment
                        model with clinical case studies / Margaret Fetting.
   Personal Author: Fetting, Margaret.

 KFT1300 .Z9 S5 2011                      2011
   Title: How to do your own divorce in Texas, 2011-2013 / Ed
   Personal Author: Sherman, Charles Edward, 1938-

 PJ7846 .A46 B313 1991                    1991
   Title: Palace walk / Naguib Mahfouz ; translated by William
                        Maynard Hutchins and Olive E. Kenny.
   Personal Author: Ma*hf*u*z, Naj*ib, 1911-2006.

 PJ7846 .A46 Q313 1992                    1992
   Title: Palace of desire / Naguib Mahfouz ; translated by
                        William Maynard Hutchins, Lorne M. Kenny, Olive E.
   Personal Author: Ma*hf*u*z, Naj*ib, 1911-2006.

 PS 2951.5 S5 1982                       
                        OLDTOWN FOLKS

 PS3614 .I2537 L67 2011                   2011
   Title: The lost deaf children : and other stories / Cooper
   Personal Author: Nickerson, Cooper.

 QP458 .S44 2012                          2012
   Title: Neurogastronomy : how the brain creates flavor and why
                        it matters / Gordon M. Shepherd.
   Personal Author: Shepherd, Gordon M., 1933-

 R737 .O47 2012                           2012
   Title: LWW's student success for health professionals made
                        incredibly easy.
   Personal Author: Lochhaas, Tom,

 R895 .G63 2011                           2011
   Title: Nuclear medicine applications and their mathematical
                        basis / Michael Goris.
   Personal Author: Goris, Michael L.

 RC76 .H674 2012                          2012
   Title: Bates' nursing guide to physical examination and
                        history taking / Beth Hogan-Quigley, Mary Louise Palm,
                        Lynn S. Bickley.
   Personal Author: Hogan-Quigley, Beth.

 RC78.7 .R4 K69 2011                      2011
   Title: Radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear pharmacy and nuclear
                        medicine / Richard J. Kowalsky, PharmD, FAPhA,
                        Associate Professor, Pharmacy and Radiology,
                        University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North
                        Carolina, Steven W. Falen, MD, PhD, Medical Director,
                        Northern California PET Imaging Center, Sacramento,
   Personal Author: Kowalsky, Richard J.,

 RC78.7 .U4 D48 2012                      2012
   Title: Diagnostic medical sonography. Abdomen and superficial
                        structures / [edited by] Diane M. Kawamura, Bridgette
                        M. Lunsford.

 RC78.7 .U4 H43 2013                      2013
   Title: Technology for diagnostic sonography / Wayne R.
   Personal Author: Hedrick, Wayne R.

 RC78.7 .U4 P36 2011                      2011
   Title: Examination review for ultrasound : sonographic
                        principles & instrumentation (SPI) / Steven M. Penny,
                        Traci B. Fox, Cathy Herring Godwin.
   Personal Author: Penny, Steven M.

 RC552 .P67 R686 2011                     2011
   Title: Trauma essentials : the go-to guide / Babette
   Personal Author: Rothschild, Babette.

 RC670.5 .R32 A87 2012                    2012
   Title: Atlas of nuclear cardiology : imaging companion to
                        Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Ami E.
                        Iskandrian, Ernest V. Garcia.

 RC683.5 .U5 A38 2012                     2012
   Title: Advanced approaches in echocardiography / [edited by]
                        Linda D. Gillam, Catherine M. Otto.

 RC944 .B5613 2012                        2012
   Title: Abdominal ultrasound : step by step / Berthold Block.
   Personal Author: Block, Berthold.

 RC944 .P46 2011                          2011
   Title: Examination review for ultrasound : abdomen &
                        obstetrics and gynecology / Steven M. Penny.
   Personal Author: Penny, Steven M.

 RC954 .E23 2012                          2012
   Title: Ebersole & Hess' toward healthy aging : human needs &
                        nursing response / Theris A. Touhy, Kathleen Jett.
   Personal Author: Touhy, Theris A.

 RF305 .C622 2011                         2011
   Title: Cochlear implants : evolving perspectives / Raylene
                        Paludneviciene, Irene W. Leigh, editors.

 RJ499 .L355 2011                         2011
   Title: Parenting mentally ill children : faith, caring,
                        support, and surviving the system / Craig Winston
   Personal Author: LeCroy, Craig W.

 TD196 .B85 R53 2011                      2011
   Title: Understanding green building materials / Traci Rose
                        Rider, Stacy Glass, & Jessica McNaughton ; edited by
                        Karen Levine.
   Personal Author: Rider, Traci Rose.

 TH880 .C679 2011                         2011
   Title: Guide to the LEED AP Operations and Maintenance (O+M)
                        Exam / Michelle Cottrell.
   Personal Author: Cottrell, Michelle

 TH7345 .A54 2012                         2012
   Title: HVAC design sourcebook / W. Larsen Angel.
   Personal Author: Angel, W. Larsen.

 TH7413 .B345 2011                        2011
   Title: Passive solar architecture : heating, cooling,
                        ventilation, daylighting, and more using natural flows
                        / David A. Bainbridge, Ken Haggard : with
                        contributions from Rachel Aljilani ... [et al.].
   Personal Author: Bainbridge, David A.

 TJ810 .T57 2011                          2011
   Title: Solar technology : the Earthscan expert guide to using
                        solar energy for heating, cooling, and electricity /
                        David Thorpe.
   Personal Author: Thorpe, Dave, 1954-

 TJ820 .H35 2011                          2011
   Title: Wind energy handbook / Tony Burton ... [et al.].

 TK771.2 .B758 2002                       2002
   Title: Debbie Brown's magical cakes / Debbie Brown.
   Personal Author: Brown, Debbie.

 TK771.2 .B758 2008                       2008
   Title: Debbie Brown's dream wedding cakes / Debbie Brown.
   Personal Author: Brown, Debbie.

 TL9 .L456 2011                           2011
   Title: AZ of 21st century cars / Tony Lewin.
   Personal Author: Lewin, Tony.

 TL23 .H4344 2011                         2011
   Title: The ultimate guide to American cars : an illustrated
                        encyclopedia with more than 600 photographs / Peter
   Personal Author: Henshaw, Peter, 1962-

 TL146.5 .L56 2011                        2011
   Title: How your car works : your guide to the components &
                        systems of modern cars, including hybrid & electric
                        vehicles / Arvid Linde.
   Personal Author: Linde, Arvid.

 TL152 .A886 2012 V.1                     2012
   Title: Automobile certification series.

 TL152 .S93 2009                          2009
   Title: Technology guide for todays automotive technician /
                        Grant Swaim.
   Personal Author: Swaim, Grant.

 TL153 .Z87 2011                          2011
   Title: How to design, build & equip your automotive workshop
                        on a budget / Jeffrey Zurschmeide.
   Personal Author: Zurschmeide, Jeff.

 TL214 .C64 M3423 1997                    1997
   Title: The Haynes computer codes & electronic engine
                        management systems manual / by Robert Maddox and John
                        H. Haynes.
   Personal Author: Maddox, Robert (Robert Phillip)

 TL272 .H44 2006                          2006
   Title: The Haynes OBD-II & electronic engine management
                        systems manual / by Bob Henderson and John H. Haynes.
   Personal Author: Henderson, Bob.

 TL272 .P3175 2011                        2011
   Title: Automotive wiring : a practical guide to wiring your
                        hot rod or custom car / by Dennis W. Parks.
   Personal Author: Parks, Dennis, 1959-

 TX649 .B55 A3 2009                       2009
   Title: The Fat Duck cookbook / Heston Blumenthal.
   Personal Author: Blumenthal, Heston.

 TX651 .T36813 2009                       2009
   Title: Building a meal : from molecular gastronomy to
                        culinary constructivism / Herv*e This ; translated by
                        Malcolm DeBevoise.
   Personal Author: This, Herv*e.

 TX661 .L57 2005                          2005
   Title: Kitchen chemistry / written by Ted Lister in
                        collaboration with Heston Blumenthal.
   Personal Author: Lister, Ted.

 TX714 .A375 2008                         2008
   Title: Alinea / Grant Achatz ; with Nick Kokonas ... [et al.]
                        ; design by Crucial Detail and Naissance, photography
                        by Lara Kastner.
   Personal Author: Achatz, Grant.

 TX763 .G47 2013                          2013
   Title: Professional baking / Wayne Gisslen ; photography by
                        J. Gerard Smith.
   Personal Author: Gisslen, Wayne, 1946-

 TX771.2 *                                2006
   Title: Debbie Brown's 50 easy party cakes.
   Personal Author: Brown, Debbie.

 TX771.2 .B758 2000                       2000
   Title: Debbie Brown's enchanted cakes for children / Debbie
   Personal Author: Brown, Debbie.

 TX771.2 .B758 2011                       2011
   Title: Debbie Brown's Baby Cakes Adorable Cakes for
                        Christenings, Birthdays and Baby Showers / Debbie
   Personal Author: Brown, Debbie.

 TX771.2 .D85 2009                        2009
   Title: The wedding cake decorator's bible / Alan Dunn.
   Personal Author: Dunn, Alan.

 TX771.2 .D85 2010                        2010
   Title: Alan Dunn's celebration cakes.
   Personal Author: Dunn, Alan.

 TX771.2 .D85 2010B                       2010
   Title: Alan Dunn's Christmas cakes.
   Personal Author: Dunn, Alan.

 TX771.2 .P42 2001X                       2001
   Title: Sugar roses for cakes / Tombi Peck, Alan Dunn, Tony
   Personal Author: Peck, Tombi.

 TX791 .N62 2011                          2011
   Title: The art of the chocolatier : from classic confections
                        to sensational showpieces / Ewald Notter ; photography
                        by Joe Brooks and Lucy Schaeffer.
   Personal Author: Notter, Ewald, 1955-

 TX907.5 .S7 A37 2010                     2010
   Title: A day at elBulli / Ferran Adri*a, Albert Adri*a, Juli
   Personal Author: Adri*a, Ferran.

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Barth LRC Reference Books
April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012

 REF JF515 .R692 2011                     2011
   Title: Robert's rules of order newly revised / Henry M.
   Personal Author: Robert, Henry M. (Henry Martyn), 1837-1923.

 REF KFT1300.Z9 S5 2011                   2011
   Title: How to do your own divorce in Texas, 2011-2013 / Ed
   Personal Author: Sherman, Charles Edward, 1938-

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Barth LRC Popular Books
April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012

 *POPULAR READING DENNING                 2012
   Title: Apocalypse / Troy Denning.
   Personal Author: Denning, Troy.

 *POPULAR READING DRUMMOND                2012
   Title: The pioneer woman cooks : food from my frontier / Ree
   Personal Author: Drummond, Ree.

 *POPULAR READING GOODAVAGE               2012
   Title: Soldier dogs : the untold story of America's canine
                        heroes / Maria Goodavage.
   Personal Author: Goodavage, Maria, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING GRISHAM                 2012
   Title: Calico Joe / John Grisham.
   Personal Author: Grisham, John.

 *POPULAR READING HANEY                   2012
   Title: The big miss : my years coaching Tiger Woods / Hank
   Personal Author: Haney, Hank.

 *POPULAR READING INGRASSIA               2012
   Title: Engines of change : a history of the American dream in
                        fifteen cars / Paul Ingrassia.
   Personal Author: Ingrassia, Paul.

 *POPULAR READING JAWORSKI                2010
   Title: The games that changed the game : the evolution of the
                        NFL in seven Sundays / Ron Jaworski, with Greg Cosell
                        and David Plaut.
   Personal Author: Jaworski, Ron, 1951-

 *POPULAR READING O'NEAL                  2012
   Title: Both of us : my life with Farrah / Ryan O'Neal ; with
                        Jodee Blanco and Kent Carroll.
   Personal Author: O'Neal, Ryan.

 *POPULAR READING WALSH                   2012
   Title: Texas eats : the new lone star heritage cookbook, with
                        more than 200 recipes / Robb Walsh.
   Personal Author: Walsh, Robb, 1952-                  

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Barth LRC Audio/Visual Materials
April 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012
 DVDROM 6                                 2013
   Title: Skills for maternal-newborn and women's health nursing
                        [electronic resource].

 DVDROM 7 DISC 1-5                        2011
   Title: Taylor's video guide to clinical nursing skills
                        [videorecording] / subject matter expert and technical
                        advisor, Pamela Lynn ; director, Irv Levine ;
                        producer, Sherman Ward.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 706                       2001
   Title: Alcohol & its effects [videorecording] / produced by
                        CNS Productions in association with the Haight Ashbury
                        Free Clinics ; written by William E. Cohen and Paul J.
                        Steinbroner ; directed by William E. Cohen and
                        produced by Paul J. Steinbroner.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 707                       2011
   Title: Roots of addiction [videorecording] : drug &
                        behavioral compulsions.
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