October 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

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White Library Circulating Books
October 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- B -
 B105 .C456 R84 2012                      2012
   Title: Shocked but connected : notes on laughter / Michael
   Personal Author: Roemer, Michael, 1928-

 BD21 .J87 2011                           2011
   Title: Just the arguments : 100 of the most important
                        arguments in Western philosophy / edited by Michael
                        Bruce and Steven Barbone.

 BL240.3 .F35 2012                        2013
   Title: Faith and science / edited by Paul McCaffrey.

 BQ7935 .B774 P76 2011                    2011
   Title: A profound mind : cultivating wisdom in everyday life
                        / by the Dalai Lama ; edited by Nicholas Vreeland.
   Personal Author: Bstan-*dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935-
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- E -
  E184 .A1 C537 2012                       2012
   Title: Some of my best friends are Black : the strange story
                        of integration in America / Tanner Colby.
   Personal Author: Colby, Tanner.

 E446 .A48 2012                           2012
   Title: American antislavery writings : colonial beginnings to
                        emancipation / James G. Basker, editor.

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- G -
  GN197 .J34 2012                          2012
   Title: Living color : the biological and social meaning of
                        skin color / Nina G. Jablonski.
   Personal Author: Jablonski, Nina G.

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- H -
  HB95 .B76 2012                           2012
   Title: Free market revolution : how Ayn Rand's ideas can end
                        big government / Yaron Brook and Don Watkins.
   Personal Author: Brook, Yaron.

 HD9560.4 .R82 2012                       2012
   Title: The big flatline : oil and the no-growth economy /
                        Jeff Rubin.
   Personal Author: Rubin, Jeff, 1954-

 HQ1236 .U49 2012                         2012
   Title: The unfinished revolution : voices from the global
                        fight for women's rights / edited by Minky Worden.

 HV4708 .D3824 2012                       2012
   Title: Why animals matter : animal consciousness, animal
                        welfare, and human well-being / Marian Stamp Dawkins.
   Personal Author: Dawkins, Marian Stamp.

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- J -
 JF1525 .W45 B43 2012                     2012
   Title: Wikileaks : news in the networked era / Charlie
                        Beckett with James Ball.
   Personal Author: Beckett, Charlie.

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- K -
 KF228 .N4 H35 2011                       2011
   Title: New York Times v. Sullivan : civil rights, libel law,
                        and the free press / Kermit L. Hall and Melvin I.
   Personal Author: Hall, Kermit.

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- L -
 LB1028.3 .P22 2013                       2013
   Title: Best practices for teaching with emerging technologies
                        / Michelle Pacansky-Brock ; edited by Susan Ko.
   Personal Author: Pacansky-Brock, Michelle.

 LB1044.87 .S46 2012                      2012
   Title: Using social media effectively in the classroom :
                        blogs, wikis, twitter, and more / Kay Seo.
   Personal Author: Seo, Kay.

 LB1044.9 .C59 C645 2012                  2012
   Title: Comic books and American cultural history : an
                        anthology / [edited by] Matthew Pustz.

 LB1139.25 .T68 2012                      2012
   Title: How children succeed : grit, curiosity, and the hidden
                        power of character / Paul Tough.
   Personal Author: Tough, Paul,

 LB3609 .T65 2012                         2012
   Title: The shadow scholar : how I made a living helping
                        college kids cheat / Dave Tomar.
   Personal Author: Tomar, Dave.

 LD4114.5 .C86 2012                       2012
   Title: The chapels of Notre Dame / Lawrence S. Cunningham ;
                        photography by Matt Cashore.
   Personal Author: Cunningham, Lawrence.

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- M -
 ML410 .C734 S56 2012                     2012
   Title: I'm your man : the life of Leonard Cohen / Sylvie
   Personal Author: Simmons, Sylvie.

 ML3533.8 .G78 2001                       2001
   Title: Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe / Paul Grushkin and
                        Joel Selvin ; with Steve Routhier and Warwick Stone.
   Personal Author: Grushkin, Paul.

 ML3830 .B97 2012                         2012
   Title: How music works / David Byrne.
   Personal Author: Byrne, David, 1952-

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- P -
 PA6209 .M3 R83 2011                      2011
   Title: The golden ass / Apuleius ; translated by Sarah Ruden.
   Personal Author: Apuleius.

 PN162 .K26 2012                          2012
   Title: Editing made easy : simple rules for effective writing
                        / Bruce Kaplan.
   Personal Author: Kaplan, Bruce, 1942-

 PN441 .R37 2011                          2011
   Title: The literary theory toolkit : a compendium of concepts
                        and methods / Herman Rapaport.
   Personal Author: Rapaport, Herman, 1947- ,

 PN1042 .T78 2012                         2012
   Title: The book of forms : a handbook of poetics : including
                        odd and invented forms / Lewis Putnam Turco.
   Personal Author: Turco, Lewis.

 PN4784 .O24 N48 2012                     2012
   Title: News with a view : essays on the eclipse of
                        objectivity in modern journalism / edited by Burton
                        St. John III and Kirsten A. Johnson.                                                                                        

 PN4855 .D36 2012                         2012
   Title: Covering America : a narrative history of a nation's
                        journalism / Christopher B. Daly.
   Personal Author: Daly, Christopher B.

 PN4888 .T4 W45 2012                      2012
   Title: Exit interview / David Westin.
   Personal Author: Westin, David, 1952-

 PN6231 .W64 P65 2011                     2011
   Title: The pun also rises : how the humble pun revolutionized
                        language, changed history, and made wordplay more than
                        some antics / John Pollack.
   Personal Author: Pollack, John.

 PQ4315.2 .B36 2012B                      2012
   Title: Inferno / Dante Alighieri ; translated, with an
                        introduction and notes by Mary Jo Bang ; illustrations
                        by Henrik Drescher.
   Personal Author: Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321.

 PQ4865 .C6 C5713 2012                    2012
   Title: Inventing the enemy and other occasional writings /
                        Umberto Eco ; translated from Italian by Richard
   Personal Author: Eco, Umberto.

 PQ7276.5 .F35 T47 2011                   2011
   Title: Three messages and a warning : contemporary Mexican
                        short stories of the fantastic / edited by Eduardo
                        Jim*enez Mayo and Chris N. Brown.

 PQ7297 .F793 V5313 2012                  2012
   Title: Vlad / Carlos Fuentes ; translated by E. Shaskan Bumas
                        and Alejandro Branger.
   Personal Author: Fuentes, Carlos.

 PQ7298.15 .S638 Z76 2010                 2010
   Title: Laura Esquivel's Mexican fictions : Like water for
                        chocolate, The law of love, Swift as desire, Malinche:
                        a novel / Elizabeth Moore Willingham, editor.

 PQ8498.32 .A65 Z627 2012                 2012
   Title: The Cambridge companion to Mario Vargas Llosa / edited
                        by Efra*ain Kristal and John King.

 PQ8498.32 .A65 Z639 2011                 2011
   Title: Mario Vargas Llosa : public intellectual in neoliberal
                        Latin America / Juan E. De Castro.
   Personal Author: Castro, Juan E. De, 1959-

 PR503 .C36 2011                          2011
   Title: The Cambridge companion to English poets / edited by
                        Claude Rawson.

 PR4034 .E5 2012                          2012
   Title: Emma : an annotated edition / Jane Austen ; edited by                                                                                        
                        Bharat Tandon.
   Personal Author: Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.

 PR6029 .R8 Z46 2012                      2012
   Title: Diaries / George Orwell ; edited by Peter Davison ;
                        introduction by Christopher Hitchens.
   Personal Author: Orwell, George, 1903-1950.

 PR9199.3 .A8 Z545 2011                   2011
   Title: In other worlds : SF and the human imagination /
                        Margaret Atwood.
   Personal Author: Atwood, Margaret, 1939-

 PS138 .F78 2012                          2012
   Title: Faulkner and Hemingway : biography of a literary
                        rivalry / Joseph Fruscione.
   Personal Author: Fruscione, Joseph, 1974-

 PS379 .C26 2012                          2012
   Title: The Cambridge companion to American fiction after 1945
                        / [edited by] John N. Duvall.

 PS648 .S3 A514 2012                      2012
   Title: American science fiction : four classic novels,
                        1953-1956 / Gary K. Wolfe, editor.

 PS648 .S3 A5142 2012                     2012
   Title: American science fiction : five classic novels,
                        1956-1958 / Gary K. Wolfe, editor.

 PS648 .S5 O94 2013                       2013
   Title: The Oxford book of American short stories / edited by
                        Joyce Carol Oates.

 PS1603 .M55 2012                         2012
   Title: The annotated Emerson / Ralph Waldo Emerson ; edited
                        by David Mikics ; with a foreword by Phillip Lopate.
   Personal Author: Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882.

 PS3511 .R94 Z7585 2012                   2012
   Title: The art of Robert Frost / Tim Kendall.
   Personal Author: Kendall, Tim, 1970-

 PS3521 .E735 Z733 2012                   2012
   Title: The voice is all : the lonely victory of Jack Kerouac
                        / Joyce Johnson.
   Personal Author: Johnson, Joyce, 1935-

 PS3525 .I5454 Z8557 2011                 2011
   Title: Renegade : Henry Miller and the making of Tropic of
                        Cancer / Frederick Turner.
   Personal Author: Turner, Frederick W., 1937-

 PS3551 .L35774 B53 2012                  2012
   Title: Blasphemy : [new and selected stories] / Sherman
   Personal Author: Alexie, Sherman, 1966-
 PS3552 .A4325 W39 2012                   2012
   Title: The way the world works : essays / Nicholson Baker.
   Personal Author: Baker, Nicholson.

 PS3553 .L45 2012                         2012
   Title: The collected poems of Lucille Clifton 1965-2010 /
                        edited by Kevin Young and Michael S. Glaser ; foreword
                        by Toni Morrison ; afterword by Kevin Young.
   Personal Author: Clifton, Lucille, 1936-2010.

 PS3555 .L625 Z84 2012                    2012
   Title: Ralph Ellison and the genius of America / Timothy
   Personal Author: Parrish, Timothy, 1964-

 PS3555 .R42 Z77 2011                     2011
   Title: Louise Erdrich : Tracks ; the Last report on the
                        miracles at Little No Horse ; the Plague of Doves /
                        edited by Deborah L. Madsen.

 PS3556 .R352 A6 2012                     2012
   Title: Farther away / Jonathan Franzen.
   Personal Author: Franzen, Jonathan.

 PS3563 .A573 C47 2012                    2012
   Title: Cervantes street / by Jaime Manrique.
   Personal Author: Manrique, Jaime, 1949-

 PS3565 .L34 S73 2012                     2012
   Title: Stag's leap / by Sharon Olds.
   Personal Author: Olds, Sharon.

 PS3565 .L5 T54 2012                      2012
   Title: A thousand mornings / Mary Oliver.
   Personal Author: Oliver, Mary, 1935-

 PS3566 .A769 A6 2012                     2012
   Title: New and selected poems / David M. Parsons.
   Personal Author: Parsons, David M., 1943-

 PS3569 .T3888 I53 2012                   2012
   Title: In beauty bright / Gerald Stern.
   Personal Author: Stern, Gerald, 1925-

 PS3570 .R433 T47 2012                    2012
   Title: Thrall : poems / Natasha Trethewey.
   Personal Author: Trethewey, Natasha D., 1966-

 PS3572 .O5 Z48 2012                      2012
   Title: Kurt Vonnegut : letters / edited and with an
                        introduction by Dan Wakefield.
   Personal Author: Vonnegut, Kurt.

 PS3608 .O594 A84 2012                    2012
   Title: Appalachian elegy : poetry and place / bell hooks.
   Personal Author: Hooks, Bell.

 PS3619 .H444 I58 2012                    2012                                                                                        
   Title: The invisibles : stories / by Hugh Sheehy.
   Personal Author: Sheehy, Hugh, 1979-

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- Q -
 Q172 .O88 2011                           2011
   Title: Fool me twice : fighting the assault on science in
                        America / Shawn Lawrence Otto.
   Personal Author: Otto, Shawn.

 Q175.5 .B57 2012                         2012
   Title: The God problem : how a godless cosmos creates /
                        Howard Bloom.
   Personal Author: Bloom, Howard K., 1943-

 QA39.3 .K455 2011                        2011
   Title: The humongous book of basic math and pre-algebra
                        problems : translated for people who don't speak math
                        / by W. Michael Kelley.
   Personal Author: Kelley, W. Michael.

 QA76.585 .H83 2012                       2012
   Title: Distributed and cloud computing : from parallel
                        processing to the Internet of things / Kai Hwang,
                        Geoffrey C. Fox, Jack J. Dongarra.
   Personal Author: Hwang, Kai.

 QA76.73 .C15 G643 2004                   2004
   Title: C all-in-one desk reference for dummies / by Dan
   Personal Author: Gookin, Dan.

 QA76.73 .C15 P4 1994                     1994
   Title: Absolute beginner's guide to C / Greg Perry.
   Personal Author: Perry, Greg M.

 QA93 .S77 2012                           2012
   Title: The joy of X : a guided tour of math, from one to
                        infinity / Steven Strogatz.
   Personal Author: Strogatz, Steven H. (Steven Henry)

 QA152.2 .R377 2000                       2000
   Title: Algebra survival guide : a conversational handbook for
                        the thoroughly befuddled / written by Josh Rappaport ;
                        illustrated by Sally Blakemore.
   Personal Author: Rappaport, Josh.

 QA154.2 .S44 1991                        1991
   Title: Practical algebra : a self teaching guide / Peter H.
   Personal Author: Selby, Peter H.

 QA154.3 .K45 2008                        2008
   Title: The humongous book of algebra problems : translated
                        for people who don't speak math!! / by W. Michael
   Personal Author: Kelley, W. Michael.

 QA303 .A96 2009                          2009
   Title: Schaum's outlines calculus / Frank Ayres, Jr., Elliot                                                                                        
   Personal Author: Ayres, Frank, 1901-1994.

 QA303.2 .K453 2006                       2006
   Title: The humongous book of calculus problems : translated
                        for people who don't speak math / W. Michael Kelley.
   Personal Author: Kelley, W. Michael.

 QA303.2 .R86 2003                        2003
   Title: Calculus for dummies / Mark Ryan.
   Personal Author: Ryan, Mark, 1955-

 QA459 .K45 2009                          2009
   Title: The humongous book of geometry problems : translated
                        for people who don't speak math!! / by W. Michael
   Personal Author: Kelley, W. Michael.

 QA461 .M387 2012                         2012
   Title: Girls get curves : geometry takes shape / Danica
   Personal Author: McKellar, Danica.

 QA466 .P67 2011                          2011
   Title: The glorious golden ratio / by Alfred S. Posamentier
                        and Ingmar Lehmann.
   Personal Author: Posamentier, Alfred S.

 QB65 .M448 2011                          2011
   Title: The Cambridge photographic star atlas / Alex Mellinger
                        and Ronald Stoyan.
   Personal Author: Mellinger, Axel.

 QB500.268 .D53 2012                      2012
   Title: Hubble's universe : greatest discoveries and latest
                        images / Terence Dickinson.
   Personal Author: Dickinson, Terence.

 QH31 .C33 S68 2012                       2012
   Title: On a farther shore : the life and legacy of Rachel
                        Carson / William Souder.
   Personal Author: Souder, William, 1949-

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- T -
 TK2781 .D7                               1948
   Title: Alternating current motors: operation, connection, and
                        maintenance [by] L.R. Drinkall, Frank Hodik [and] E.T.
   Personal Author: Drinkall, Leon Ray, 1885-

 TK5105.5 .R617 2012                      2012
   Title: Basics of computer networking / Thomas Robertazzi.
   Personal Author: Robertazzi, Thomas G.

 TK9965 .B53 2012                         2012
   Title: The big book of hacks / edited by Doug Cantor.

 TX656 .W56 2012                          2012
   Title: Consider the fork : a history of how we cook and eat /
                        Bee Wilson ; with illustrations by Annabel Lee.
   Personal Author: Wilson, Bee.

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White Library Popular Books
October 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012
 *POPULAR READING ABRAMS                  2012
   Title: Fobbit : [a novel] / David Abrams.
   Personal Author: Abrams, David, 1963-

 *POPULAR READING ALBOM                   2012
   Title: The time keeper / Mitch Albom.
   Personal Author: Albom, Mitch, 1958-

 *POPULAR READING ALEXIE                  2012
   Title: Blasphemy : [new and selected stories] / Sherman
   Personal Author: Alexie, Sherman, 1966-

 *POPULAR READING AMIS                    2012
   Title: Lionel Asbo : state of England / Martin Amis.
   Personal Author: Amis, Martin.

 *POPULAR READING ARIELY                  2012
   Title: The (honest) truth about dishonesty : how we lie to
                        everyone--especially ourselves / Dan Ariely.
   Personal Author: Ariely, Dan,

 *POPULAR READING ARMSTRONG               2012
   Title: Thirteen / Kelley Armstrong.
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Kelley.

 *POPULAR READING ATTENBERG               2012
   Title: The Middlesteins / Jami Attenberg.
   Personal Author: Attenberg, Jami.

 *POPULAR READING BACKDERF                2012
   Title: My friend Dahmer : a graphic novel / written &
                        illustrated by Derf Backderf ; [editor, Charles
   Personal Author: Derf.
 *POPULAR READING BARCLAY                 2012
   Title: Trust your eyes / Linwood Barclay.
   Personal Author: Barclay, Linwood.

 *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2012
   Title: Ride, cowboy, ride! : 8 seconds ain't that long : a
                        rodeo novel / Baxter Black.
   Personal Author: Black, Baxter, 1945-

 *POPULAR READING BOHJALLAN               2012
   Title: The sandcastle girls : a novel / Chris Bohjalian.
   Personal Author: Bohjalian, Chris, 1960-

 *POPULAR READING BOYLE                   2012
   Title: San Miguel / T. Coraghessan Boyle.
   Personal Author: Boyle, T. Coraghessan.

 *POPULAR READING BRADY                   2012
   Title: Hearts of darkness : a Deadglass novel / Kira Brady.
   Personal Author: Brady, Kira.

 *POPULAR READING BROOKS                  2012
   Title: Wards of Faerie / Terry Brooks.
   Personal Author: Brooks, Terry.

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2012
   Title: Low pressure / Sandra Brown.
   Personal Author: Brown, Sandra, 1948-

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2012
   Title: Little sinners, and other stories / Karen Brown.
   Personal Author: Brown, Karen, 1960-

 *POPULAR READING BURNS                   2012
   Title: The hive / Charles Burns.
   Personal Author: Burns, Charles, 1955-

 *POPULAR READING CABOT                   2012
   Title: Size 12 and ready to rock / Meg Cabot.
   Personal Author: Cabot, Meg.

 *POPULAR READING CARD                    2012
   Title: Earth unaware / Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston.
   Personal Author: Card, Orson Scott.

 *POPULAR READING COPLIN                  2012
   Title: The orchardist : a novel / Amanda Coplin.
   Personal Author: Coplin, Amanda.

 *POPULAR READING COULTER                 2012
   Title: Backfire / Catherine Coulter.
   Personal Author: Coulter, Catherine.

 *POPULAR READING CUMMING                 2012
   Title: A foreign country / Charles Cumming.
   Personal Author: Cumming, Charles, 1971-

 *POPULAR READING CUSSLER                 2012                                                                                        
   Title: The tombs / Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry.
   Personal Author: Cussler, Clive.

 *POPULAR READING DAVIS                   2011
   Title: Kisses from Katie : a story of relentless love and
                        redemption / Katie Davis, with Beth Clark.
   Personal Author: Davis, Katie, 1988-

 *POPULAR READING DICKEY                  2012
   Title: Wherever I wind up : my quest for truth, authenticity,
                        and the perfect knuckleball / R.A. Dickey with Wayne
   Personal Author: Dickey, R. A. (Robert Allen), 1974-

 *POPULAR READING ECHOLS                  2012
   Title: Life after death / Damien Echols.
   Personal Author: Echols, Damien.

 *POPULAR READING ELKELES                 2011
   Title: Rules of attraction / Simone Elkeles.
   Personal Author: Elkeles, Simone.

 *POPULAR READING ENNIS                   2012
   Title: The malice of fortune / Michael Ennis.
   Personal Author: Ennis, Michael.

 *POPULAR READING ERDRICH                 2012
   Title: The round house / Louise Erdrich.
   Personal Author: Erdrich, Louise.

 *POPULAR READING EVANOVICH               2009
   Title: Between the plums : Visions of sugarplums, Plum
                        lovin', and Plum lucky / Janet Evanovich.
   Personal Author: Evanovich, Janet.

 *POPULAR READING EVANOVICH               2007
   Title: More plums in one / Janet Evanovich.
   Personal Author: Evanovich, Janet.

 *POPULAR READING EVANOVICH               2012
   Title: Wicked business : a Lizzy and Diesel novel / Janet
   Personal Author: Evanovich, Janet.

 *POPULAR READING EVANS                   2012
   Title: Michael Vey : rise of the Elgen / Richard Paul Evans.
   Personal Author: Evans, Richard Paul.

 *POPULAR READING FALCO                   2012
   Title: The family Corleone / Ed Falco.
   Personal Author: Falco, Edward.

 *POPULAR READING FOLLETT                 2010
   Title: Fall of giants / Ken Follett.
   Personal Author: Follett, Ken.

 *POPULAR READING FOLLETT                 2012
   Title: Winter of the world : book two of the century trilogy                                                                                        
                        Ken Follett.
   Personal Author: Follett, Ken.

 *POPULAR READING FRANK                   2011
   Title: Adam / Jacquelyn Frank.
   Personal Author: Frank, Jacquelyn,

 *POPULAR READING FRANK                   2008
   Title: Elijah / Jacquelyn Frank.
   Personal Author: Frank, Jacquelyn.

 *POPULAR READING FRANK                   2007
   Title: Gideon / Jacquelyn Frank.
   Personal Author: Frank, Jacquelyn.

 *POPULAR READING FRENCH                  2012
   Title: Broken Harbor / Tana French.
   Personal Author: French, Tana.

 *POPULAR READING FUNKE                   2003
   Title: Inkheart / Cornelia Funke ; translated from the German
                        by Anthea Bell.
   Personal Author: Funke, Cornelia Caroline.

 *POPULAR READING FURST                   2012
   Title: Mission to Paris : a novel / Alan Furst.
   Personal Author: Furst, Alan.

 *POPULAR READING GALLAND                 2012
   Title: I, Iago / Nicole Galland.
   Personal Author: Galland, Nicole.

 *POPULAR READING GARWOOD                 2012
   Title: Sweet talk / Julie Garwood.
   Personal Author: Garwood, Julie.

 *POPULAR READING GENOVA                  2013
   Title: Love Anthony : a novel / Lisa Genova.
   Personal Author: Genova, Lisa.

 *POPULAR READING GRANT                   2012
   Title: Blackout / Mira Grant.
   Personal Author: Grant, Mira.

 *POPULAR READING GREGORY                 2012
   Title: The kingmaker's daughter / Philippa Gregory.
   Personal Author: Gregory, Philippa.

 *POPULAR READING GRIFFIN                 2012
   Title: The spymasters / W.E.B. Griffin and William E.
                        Butterworth IV.
   Personal Author: Griffin, W. E. B.

 *POPULAR READING GRISHAM                 2012
   Title: The racketeer / John Grisham.
   Personal Author: Grisham, John.

 *POPULAR READING GURAN                   2012                                                                                        
   Title: Ghosts : recent hauntings / edited by Paula Guran.

 *POPULAR READING HARKNESS                2012
   Title: Shadow of night / Deborah Harkness.
   Personal Author: Harkness, Deborah E., 1965-

 *POPULAR READING HARPER                  2012
   Title: The skinny rules : the simple, nonnegotiable
                        principles for getting to thin / Bob Harper ; with
                        Greg Critser.
   Personal Author: Harper, Bob.

 *POPULAR READING HARRIS                  2012
   Title: Deadlocked / Charlaine Harris.
   Personal Author: Harris, Charlaine.

 *POPULAR READING HEISMAN                 2012
   Title: Heisman : the man behind the trophy / John M. Heisman
                        and Mark Schlabach.
   Personal Author: Heisman, John M.

 *POPULAR READING HELLER                  2012
   Title: The dog stars / Peter Heller.
   Personal Author: Heller, Peter, 1959-

 *POPULAR READING HIGASHINO               2012
   Title: Salvation of a saint / Keigo Higashino ; translated by
                        Alexander O. Smith ; with Elye Alexander.
   Personal Author: Higashino, Keigo, 1958-

 *POPULAR READING HOWE                    2012
   Title: Marvel Comics : the untold story / Sean Howe.
   Personal Author: Howe, Sean.

 *POPULAR READING JOHANSEN                2012
   Title: Close your eyes / Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen.
   Personal Author: Johansen, Iris.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2012
   Title: Fourth grave beneath my feet / Darynda Jones.
   Personal Author: Jones, Darynda.

   Title: Flight behavior : a novel / Barbara Kingsolver.
   Personal Author: Kingsolver, Barbara.

 *POPULAR READING KIRBY                   2012
   Title: Death at SeaWorld : Shamu and the dark side of killer
                        whales in captivity / David Kirby.
   Personal Author: Kirby, David, 1960-

 *POPULAR READING KOONTZ                  2012
   Title: Odd apocalypse : an Odd Thomas novel / Dean Koontz.
   Personal Author: Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-

 *POPULAR READING KRISTOFF                2012
   Title: Stormdancer / Jay Kristoff.
   Personal Author: Kristoff, Jay.

 *POPULAR READING LARUSSA                 2012
   Title: One last strike : fifty years in baseball, ten and a
                        half games back, and one final championship season /
                        Tony La Russa with Rick Hummel ; [with a foreword by
                        John Grisham].
   Personal Author: La Russa, Tony.

 *POPULAR READING LEHANE                  2012
   Title: Live by night / Dennis Lehane.
   Personal Author: Lehane, Dennis.

 *POPULAR READING LOWELL                  2012
   Title: Beautiful sacrifice / Elizabeth Lowell.
   Personal Author: Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

 *POPULAR READING MCCALLUM                2012
   Title: Dream team : how Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and
                        the greatest team of all time conquered the world and
                        changed the game of basketball forever / Jack
   Personal Author: McCallum, Jack, 1949-

 *POPULAR READING MCKILLIP                2012
   Title: Wonders of the invisible world / Patricia A. McKillip.
   Personal Author: McKillip, Patricia A.

 *POPULAR READING MCMURTRY                2012
   Title: Custer / Larry McMurtry.
   Personal Author: McMurtry, Larry.

 *POPULAR READING MILLET                  2013
   Title: Magnificence : a novel / Lydia Millet.
   Personal Author: Millet, Lydia, 1968-

   Title: Sutton / J. R. Moehringer.
   Personal Author: Moehringer, J. R., 1964-

 *POPULAR READING MONING                  2012
   Title: Fever moon : a graphic novel / Karen Marie Moning ;
                        adapted by David Lawrence ; illustrated by Al Rio and
                        Cliff Richards.
   Personal Author: Moning, Karen Marie.

 *POPULAR READING MULRY                   2012
   Title: A royal pain / Megan Mulry.
   Personal Author: Mulry, Megan.

 *POPULAR READING MURPHY                  2012
   Title: Shooting Victoria : madness, mayhem, and the rebirth
                        of the British monarchy / Paul Thomas Murphy.
   Personal Author: Murphy, Paul Thomas, 1957-

 *POPULAR READING NICHOLAS                2012
   Title: Something red : a novel / Douglas Nicholas.
   Personal Author: Nicholas, Douglas.
 *POPULAR READING NOEL                    2009
   Title: Blue moon : a novel / Alyson No*el.
   Personal Author: No*el, Alyson.

 *POPULAR READING NOEL                    2009
   Title: Evermore / Alyson No*el.
   Personal Author: No*el, Alyson.

 *POPULAR READING NOEL                    2010
   Title: Shadowland / Alyson No*el.
   Personal Author: No*el, Alyson.

 *POPULAR READING OATES                   2012
   Title: Black dahlia & white rose / Joyce Carol Oates.
   Personal Author: Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-

 *POPULAR READING OREILLY                 2012
   Title: Killing Kennedy : the end of Camelot / Bill O'Reilly
                        and Martin Dugard.
   Personal Author: O'Reilly, Bill.

 *POPULAR READING OSBORNE                 2012
   Title: The forgiven : a novel / Lawrence Osborne.
   Personal Author: Osborne, Lawrence, 1958-

 *POPULAR READING OSTEEN                  2012
   Title: I declare : 31 promises to speak over your life / Joel
   Personal Author: Osteen, Joel.

 *POPULAR READING OWEN                    2012
   Title: No easy day : the autobiography of a Navy SEAL : the
                        firsthand account of the mission that killed Osama bin
                        Laden / Mark Owen ; with Kevin Maurer.
   Personal Author: Owen, Mark, 1976?-

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: 11th hour / James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: I, Michael Bennett / James Patterson and Michael
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PERKINS                 2012
   Title: The Forrests : a novel / Emily Perkins.
   Personal Author: Perkins, Emily, 1970-

 *POPULAR READING PETRUCHA                2012
   Title: Dead Mann running / Stefan Petrucha.
   Personal Author: Petrucha, Stefan.

 *POPULAR READING POSNANSKI               2012
   Title: Paterno / Joe Posnanski.
   Personal Author: Posnanski, Joe.

 *POPULAR READING POWELL                  2012                                                                                        
   Title: It worked for me : in life and leadership / Colin
                        Powell with Tony Koltz.
   Personal Author: Powell, Colin L.

 *POPULAR READING POWERS                  2012
   Title: The yellow birds : a novel / Kevin Powers.
   Personal Author: Powers, Kevin.

 *POPULAR READING PRATCHETT               2012
   Title: The long earth / Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.
   Personal Author: Pratchett, Terry.

 *POPULAR READING RAMSEY                  2011
   Title: Entreleadership : 20 years of practical business
                        wisdom from the trenches / Dave Ramsey.
   Personal Author: Ramsey, Dave.

 *POPULAR READING RAMSEY                  2011
   Title: Dave Ramsey's complete guide to money : the handbook
                        of Financial Peace University.
   Personal Author: Ramsey, Dave.

 *POPULAR READING RAMSEY                  2009
   Title: The total money makeover : a proven plan for financial
                        fitness / Dave Ramsey.
   Personal Author: Ramsey, Dave.

 *POPULAR READING RANDALL                 2012
   Title: Dreamland : adventures in the strange science of sleep
                        / David K. Randall.
   Personal Author: Randall, David K.

 *POPULAR READING RAWLES                  2012
   Title: Founders : a novel of the coming collapse / James
                        Wesley Rawles.
   Personal Author: Rawles, James Wesley.

 *POPULAR READING RIORDAN                 2012
   Title: The mark of Athena / Rick Riordan.
   Personal Author: Riordan, Rick.

 *POPULAR READING RIORDAN                 2012
   Title: The demigod diaries / Rick Riordan.
   Personal Author: Riordan, Rick.

 *POPULAR READING ROBBINS                 2012
   Title: The accomplice / Charles Robbins.
   Personal Author: Robbins, Charles.

 *POPULAR READING ROBERTS                 2012
   Title: The perfect hope / Nora Roberts.
   Personal Author: Roberts, Nora.

 *POPULAR READING ROBERTSON               2012
   Title: Island of bones / Imogen Robertson.
   Personal Author: Robertson, Imogen, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING ROLLINS                 2012
   Title: Bloodline : a Sigma Force novel / James Rollins.
   Personal Author: Rollins, James, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING ROWLING                 2012
   Title: The casual vacancy / J.K. Rowling.
   Personal Author: Rowling, J. K.

 *POPULAR READING RUSHDIE                 2012
   Title: Joseph Anton : a memoir / Salman Rushdie.
   Personal Author: Rushdie, Salman.

   Title: Yes, chef : a memoir / Marcus Samuelsson.
   Personal Author: Samuelsson, Marcus.

 *POPULAR READING SEIDMAN                 2011
   Title: How : why how we do anything means everything / Dov
                        Seidman ; [foreword by Bill Clinton].
   Personal Author: Seidman, Dov.

 *POPULAR READING SHARRATT                2012
   Title: Illuminations : a novel of Hildegard von Bingen / Mary
   Personal Author: Sharratt, Mary, 1964-

 *POPULAR READING SLAUGHTER               2012
   Title: Criminal : a novel / Karin Slaughter.
   Personal Author: Slaughter, Karin, 1971-

 *POPULAR READING SLOAN                   2012
   Title: Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore / Robin Sloan.
   Personal Author: Sloan, Robin, 1979-

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2012
   Title: The wisdom of the shire : a short guide to a long and
                        happy life / Noble Smith ; foreword by Peter S.
   Personal Author: Smith, Noble Mason, 1968-

 *POPULAR READING SPITZ                   2012
   Title: Dearie : the remarkable life of Julia Child / Bob
   Personal Author: Spitz, Bob.

 *POPULAR READING STEDMAN                 2012
   Title: The light between oceans : a novel / M.L. Stedman.
   Personal Author: Stedman, M. L.

 *POPULAR READING STONE                   2012
   Title: Fooling Houdini : magicians, mentalists, math geeks,
                        and the hidden powers of the mind / Alex Stone.
   Personal Author: Stone, Alex.

 *POPULAR READING THOMASON                2012
   Title: 12.21 : a novel / Dustin Thomason.
   Personal Author: Thomason, Dustin.

 *POPULAR READING THOMSON                 2012
   Title: The big screen : the story of the movies / David
   Personal Author: Thomson, David, 1941-

 *POPULAR READING THOR                    2012
   Title: Black list : a thriller / Brad Thor.
   Personal Author: Thor, Brad.

 *POPULAR READING TOWNSHEND               2012
   Title: Who I am : a memoir / Pete Townshend.
   Personal Author: Townshend, Pete.

 *POPULAR READING TROPPER                 2012
   Title: One last thing before I go / Jonathan Tropper.
   Personal Author: Tropper, Jonathan.

   Title: The dream of the Celt / Mario Vargas Llosa ;
                        translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.
   Personal Author: Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936-

 *POPULAR READING WOLFE                   2012
   Title: Back to blood : a novel / Tom Wolfe.
   Personal Author: Wolfe, Tom.

 *POPULAR READING WONG                    2012
   Title: This book is full of spiders : seriously, dude, don't
                        touch it / David Wong.
   Personal Author: Wong, David, 1975 Jan. 10-

 *POPULAR READING YOUNG                   2012
   Title: Waging heavy peace : a hippie dream / Neil Young.
   Personal Author: Young, Neil, 1945-

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White Library Reference Books
October 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012
 REF E741 .D4332 2012 V.1                 2012
   Title: The twenties in America / editor, Carl Rollyson.

 REF E741 .D4336 1999 V.1                 1999
   Title: The sixties in America / editor, Carl Singleton ;
                        project editor, Rowena Wildin.

 REF E741 .D4337 2006 V.1                 2006
   Title: The seventies in America / editor, John C. Super ;
                        managing editor, Tracy Irons-Georges.

 REF E741 .D4338 2008 V.1                 2008
   Title: The eighties in America / editor, Milton Berman ;
                        managing editor, Tracy Irons-Georges.
 REF E741 .D4339 2009 V.1                 2009
   Title: The nineties in America / editor, Milton Berman ;
                        managing editor, Tracy Irons-Georges.

 REF T185 .A67 2012 V.1                   2012
   Title: Applied science / editor, Donald R. Franceschetti.

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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
October 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012
 VIDEO TAPE VT 873                        1990
   Title: The speeches of Adolf Hitler [videorecording] / MPI
                        Home Video.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2032                      2009
   Title: Front of the class [videorecording] / [presented by]
                        Hallmark Hall of Fame ; produced by Andrew Gottlieb ;
                        written by Tom Rickman ; directed by Peter Werner.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2033 DISC 1-3             2011
   Title: Sci fi science. Seasons 1 & 2 [videorecording] /
                        [Science Channel].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2034 DISC 1-2             2011
   Title: Adele [videorecording] : live at the Royal Albert Hall
                        / Done and Dusted, Family Values, XL Recordings,
                        Columbia Music Video ; producer, Cordelia Plunket ;
                        director, Paul Dugdale.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2035                      2011
   Title: Nuclear savage [videorecording] : the islands of
                        secret project 4.1 / Primordial Soup Company ;
                        directed by Adam Jonas Horovitz.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2036                      2012
   Title: Norman Mailer [videorecording] : the American / Eraser
                        Films presents ; directed by Joseph Mantegna ;
                        produced by Joseph Mantegna ; produced by Steph Ching.

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White Library Periodicals
October 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012
   Title: Kirkus reviews.
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Barth LRC Circulating Books
October 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012
 HV4999 .Y68 M57 2012                     2012
   Title: Criminal conduct and substance abuse treatment for
                        adolescents : pathways to self-discovery and change :
                        the provider's guide / Harvey B. Milkman, Kenneth W.
   Personal Author: Milkman, Harvey B.

 QA117 .C38 2000                          2000
   Title: Percents and ratios / Lucille Caron, Philip M. St.
   Personal Author: Caron, Lucille.

 RC489 .T67 C53 2004                      2004
   Title: The time of the communities : people, places, and
                        events / Liam Clarke.
   Personal Author: Clarke, Liam, 1946-

 RC489 .T67 D42 2000                      2000
   Title: The therapeutic community : theory, model, and method
                        / George De Leon.
   Personal Author: De Leon, George.

 RT55 .S42 2013                           2013
   Title: Nursing process : concepts and application / Wanda                                                                                        
                        Walker Seaback.
   Personal Author: Seaback, Wanda Walker.

 TH7345 .M558 2012                        2012
   Title: Blueprints and plans for HVAC.
   Personal Author: Moravek, Joseph.

 TL275 .P27 2012                          2012
   Title: How to restore and customize automotive interiors / by
                        Dennis W. Parks.
   Personal Author: Parks, Dennis, 1959-

 TT963 .O78 2011                          2011
   Title: Varon.
   Personal Author: Ortiz, Julio Cesar.

 TT972 .C65 2009                          2009
   Title: Excellence.
   Personal Author: Colombo, Oscar.

 TT972 .O78 2012                          2012
   Title: Professional hair.
   Personal Author: Ortiz, Julio Cesar.

 TT972 .P366 2011                         2011
   Title: Long hair secrets / Martin Parsons.
   Personal Author: Parsons, Martin, 1947-

 TX541 .K55 2012                          2012
   Title: The kitchen as laboratory : reflections on the science
                        of food and cooking / edited by C*esar Vega, Job
                        Ubbink, and Erik van der Linden ; foreword by Jeffrey

 TX715 .P729 2010                         2010
   Title: Cooking for geeks : real science, great hacks, and
                        good food / Jeff Potter.
   Personal Author: Potter, Jeff, 1977-

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Barth LRC Popular Books
October 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

 *POPULAR READING SALVATORE               2000
   Title: Bastion of darkness / R.A. Salvatore.
   Personal Author: Salvatore, R. A., 1959-

 *POPULAR READING SALVATORE               1999
   Title: The witch's daughter / R.A. Salvatore.
   Personal Author: Salvatore, R. A., 1959-

 *POPULAR READING SALVATORE               1998
   Title: Echoes of the fourth magic / R.A. Salvatore.
   Personal Author: Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                  

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