January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013

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White Library Circulating Books
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- B -
 B430 .G35 2012                           2012
   Title: If Aristotle's kid had an iPod : ancient wisdom for
                        modern parents / by Conor Gallagher.
   Personal Author: Gallagher, Conor.

 BF199 .P765 2012                         2012
   Title: Curious behavior : yawning, laughing, hiccupping, and
                        beyond / Robert R. Provine.
   Personal Author: Provine, Robert R.

 BF431 .F565 2012                         2012
   Title: Are we getting smarter? : rising IQ in the
                        twenty-first century / James R. Flynn.
   Personal Author: Flynn, James R. (James Robert), 1934-

 BF637 .B85 M55 2012                      2012
   Title: The essential guide to bullying prevention and
                        intervention : protecting children and teens from
                        physical, emotional, and online bullying / by Cindy
                        Miller and Cynthia Lowen.
   Personal Author: Miller, Cindy.

 BT704 .E925 2012                         2012
   Title: A year of Biblical womanhood : how a liberated woman
                        found herself sitting on her roof, covering her head,
                        and calling her husband "master" / Rachel Held Evans ;
                        cover photo by Maki Garcia Evans.
   Personal Author: Evans, Rachel Held, 1981-

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- D -
 DS134.72 .R44 A3 2012                    2012
   Title: 15 journeys : Warsaw to London / Jasia Reichardt.
   Personal Author: Reichardt, Jasia.
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- E -
 E185.6 .W685 2010                        2010
   Title: The warmth of other suns : the epic story of America's
                        great migration / Isabel Wilkerson.
   Personal Author: Wilkerson, Isabel.

 E185.93 .F5 G85 2002                     2002
   Title: Our land before we die : the proud story of the
                        Seminole Negro / Jeff Guinn.
   Personal Author: Guinn, Jeff.

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- F -
 F394 .H89 K57 2012                       2012
   Title: Del Pueblo : a history of Houston's Hispanic community
                        / Thomas H. Kreneck.
   Personal Author: Kreneck, Thomas H.

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- G -
 GC89 .E55 2012                           2012
   Title: High tide on Main Street : rising sea level and the
                        coming coastal crisis / by John Englander ; [foreword
                        by Jean-Michel Cousteau.]
   Personal Author: Englander, John.

 GR110 .T5 F5 2012                        2012
   Title: First timers and old timers : the Texas Folklore
                        Society fire burns on / edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt.

 GT4995 .A4 S29 2009                      2009
   Title: Fiesta : Days of the Dead & other Mexican festivals /
                        Chlo*e Sayer.
   Personal Author: Sayer, Chlo*e.

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- H -
 HD30.28 .E254 2012                       2012
   Title: Secrets of analytical leaders : [insights from
                        information insiders] / Wayne W. Eckerson.
   Personal Author: Eckerson, Wayne W., 1958-

 HG4534 .S65 2012                         2012
   Title: Why I Left Goldman Sachs : a Wall Street Story / Greg
   Personal Author: Smith, Greg.

 HQ18 .F8 Y35 2012                        2012
   Title: How the French invented love : nine hundred years of
                        passion and romance / Marilyn Yalom.
   Personal Author: Yalom, Marilyn.

 HX843 .P68 2002                          2002
   Title: The anarchist cookbook / by William Powell ; with a
                        prefatory note on anarchism today by P.M. Bergman.
   Personal Author: Powell, William, 1949-

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- K -
 KF3941 .W4425 2012                       2012
   Title: Living with guns : a liberal's case for the Second
                        Amendment / Craig R. Whitney.
   Personal Author: Whitney, Craig R., 1943-

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- M -
 ML410 .C734 L55 2012                     2012
   Title: The holy or the broken : Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley,
                        and the unlikely ascent of "Hallelujah" / Alan Light.
   Personal Author: Light, Alan.

 ML800 .S326 2012                         2013
   Title: The violin : a social history of the world's most
                        versatile instrument / David Schoenbaum.
   Personal Author: Schoenbaum, David,

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- N -
 ND623 .T7 H34 2012                       2012
   Title: Titian : his life / Sheila Hale.
   Personal Author: Hale, Sheila.

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- P -
 PN1992.8 .R43 K383 2012                  2012
   Title: Reality TV / Misha Kavka.
   Personal Author: Kavka, Misha.

 PN2287 .L24 R54 2012                     2012
   Title: Hedy's folly : the life and breakthrough inventions of
                        Hedy Lamarr, the most beautiful woman in the world /
                        Richard Rhodes.
   Personal Author: Rhodes, Richard, 1937-

 PN4874 .T444 A3 2003                     2003
   Title: The kingdom of fear : loathsome secrets of a
                        star-crossed child in the final days of the American
                        century / Hunter S. Thompson.
   Personal Author: Thompson, Hunter S.

 PN6165 .O548 2012                        2012
   Title: The Onion book of known knowledge : a definitive
                        encyclopaedia of existing information : in 27
                        excruciating volumes / compiled and organized
                        according to the higher principles of intellectual
                        commerce and coercion, for the betterment of mankind
                        and the Zweibel family, specifically ; [editor in
                        chief, Joe Randazzo].

 PS3501 .N4 A6 2012                       2012
   Title: Sherwood Anderson : collected stories / Charles
                        Baxter, editor.
   Personal Author: Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941,

 PS3511 .E557 T56 2012                    2012
   Title: Time of useful consciousness : (Americus, Book II) /
                        Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
   Personal Author: Ferlinghetti, Lawrence.

 PS3545 .I345 Z796 2012                   2012
   Title: Thornton Wilder : a life / Penelope Niven ; with a
                        foreword by Edward Albee.
   Personal Author: Niven, Penelope.

 PS3552 .U46725 2011                      2011
   Title: Collected poems of Richard Alan Bunch, 1965-2011 /
                        [Richard Alan Bunch].
   Personal Author: Bunch, Richard Alan, 1945-

 PS3558 .A67 R58 2013                     2013
   Title: The river swimmer : novellas / Jim Harrison.
   Personal Author: Harrison, Jim, 1937-

 PS3558 .U288 A83 2010                    2010
   Title: American rendering : new and selected poems / Andrew
   Personal Author: Hudgins, Andrew.

 PS3558 .U288 B3 2001                     2001
   Title: Babylon in a jar : new poems / Andrew Hudgins.
   Personal Author: Hudgins, Andrew.

 PS3558 .U288 E23 2003                    2003
   Title: Ecstatic in the poison : new poems / Andrew Hudgins.
   Personal Author: Hudgins, Andrew.

 PS3558 .U288 S2 1985                     1985
   Title: Saints and strangers / Andrew Hudgins ; with an
                        introduction by John Frederick Nims.
   Personal Author: Hudgins, Andrew.

 PS3558 .U288 S58 2009                    2009
   Title: Shut up, you're fine! : poems for very, very bad
                        children / by Andrew Hudgins ; drawings by Barry
   Personal Author: Hudgins, Andrew.

 PS3570 .R433 D66 2000                    2000
   Title: Domestic work : poems / by Natasha Trethewey ;
                        selected and introduced by Rita Dove.
   Personal Author: Trethewey, Natasha D., 1966-

 PS3606 .A716 B53 2012                    2012
   Title: Bicycling beyond the divide : two journeys into the
                        West / Daryl Farmer.
   Personal Author: Farmer, Daryl, 1965-

 PS3611 .A72 S66 2012                     2012
   Title: Sons of the Prophet : a play / Stephen Karam.
   Personal Author: Karam, Stephen.

 PT8895 .S5 2009                          2009
   Title: The quintessence of Ibsenism / G. Bernard Shaw.
   Personal Author: Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.

 PT8895 .S5 2012                          2012
   Title: The quintessence of ibsenism.
   Personal Author: Shaw, G. Bernard.

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- Q -
 QA                                       2012
   Title: OS X Mountain Lion / David Pogue.
   Personal Author: Pogue, David, 1963-

 QA76.73 .B3 F69529 2013                  2013
   Title: Sams teach yourself Visual Basic 2012 in 24 hours /
                        James Foxall.
   Personal Author: Foxall, James D.

 QA76.73 .B3 M247 2010                    2010
   Title: Visual Basic in easy steps / Mike McGrath.
   Personal Author: McGrath, Mike, 1956-

 QA76.73 .P224 M365 2012                  2012
   Title: PHP & MySQL in easy steps / Mike McGrath.
   Personal Author: McGrath, Mike, 1956-

 QA76.73 .S67 F67 2013                    2013
   Title: Sams teach yourself SQL in 10 minutes / Ben Forta.
   Personal Author: Forta, Ben.

 QA76.76 .A65 G86 2012                    2012
   Title: Android apps security / Sheran Gunasekera.
   Personal Author: Gunasekera, Sheran.

 QA76.76 .H94 M38743 2011                 2012
   Title: Html5 in easy steps / Mike McGrath.
   Personal Author: McGrath, Mike.

 QA76.76 .H94 W66 2011                    2011
   Title: Teach yourself visually HTML5 / by Mike Wooldridge.
   Personal Author: Wooldridge, Mike.

 QA76.774 .M33 G78 2012                   2012
   Title: OS X Mountain Lion bible / Galen Gruman.
   Personal Author: Gruman, Galen.

 QA76.774 .M33 M24 2012                   2012
   Title: OS X Mountain Lion / Paul McFedries.
   Personal Author: McFedries, Paul.

 QA76.774 .M434 N67 2012                  2012
   Title: Windows 8 inside out / Tony Northrup.
   Personal Author: Northrup, Anthony.

 QA76.774 .M434 T48 2012                  2012
   Title: Windows 8 secrets / Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera.
   Personal Author: Thurrott, Paul B.

 QA76.774 .M44 H35 2012                   2012
   Title: Troubleshoot and optimize Windows 8 inside out / Mike
   Personal Author: Halsey, Mike.

 QA76.8 .I863 B54 2013                    2012
   Title: iPad : the missing manual / J.D. Biersdorfer.
   Personal Author: Biersdorfer, J. D.

 QA76.9 .A25 E45 2013                     2013
   Title: Malware, rootkits & botnets : a beginner's guide /
                        Christopher C. Elisan.
   Personal Author: Elisan, Christopher C.

 QA76.9 .A25 J224 2013                    2013
   Title: Computer security literacy : staying safe in a digital
                        world / Douglas Jacobson and Joseph Idziorek.
   Personal Author: Jacobson, Douglas.

 QA276 .W458 2013                         2013
   Title: Naked statistics : stripping the dread from the data /
                        Charles Wheelan.
   Personal Author: Wheelan, Charles J.

 QA276.12 .U75 2010                       2010
   Title: Statistics in plain English / Timothy C. Urdan.
   Personal Author: Urdan, Timothy C.

 QA457 .A553 2012                         2012
   Title: Making geometry : exploring three-dimensional forms /
                        by Jon Allen.
   Personal Author: Allen, Jon, 1953-

 QC902.9 .S28 2012                        2012
   Title: Saving a million species : extinction risk from
                        climate change / edited by Lee Hannah.

 QC981.8 .G56 S647 2010                   2010
   Title: The great global warming blunder : how mother nature
                        fooled the world's top climate scientists / Roy W.
   Personal Author: Spencer, Roy W.

 QH45.5 .S63 2012                         2012
   Title: The handbook of nature / Frank R. Spellman and Joni
   Personal Author: Spellman, Frank R.

 QH431 .K24 2012                          2012
   Title: The violinist's thumb : and other lost tales of love,
                        war, and genius, as written by our genetic code / Sam
   Personal Author: Kean, Sam.

 QH588 .S83 F87 2011                      2011
   Title: The stem cell dilemma : the scientific breakthroughs,
                        ethical concerns, political tensions, and hope
                        surrounding stem cell research / Leo Furcht and
                        William Hoffman.
   Personal Author: Furcht, Leo.

 QL157 .S68 P76 2011                      2011
   Title: A field guide to the Southeast coast & Gulf of Mexico
                        : coastal habitats, seabirds, marine mammals, fish, &
                        other wildlife / Noble S. Proctor, Patrick J. Lynch ;
                        illustrated by Patrick J. Lynch.
   Personal Author: Proctor, Noble S.

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- R -
 RA639 .Q83 2012                          2012
   Title: Spillover : animal infections and the next human
                        pandemic / David Quammen.
   Personal Author: Quammen, David, 1948-

 RC394 .C7 C36 2012                       2012
   Title: Concussions and our kids : America's leading expert on
                        how to protect young athletes and keep sports safe /
                        Robert Cantu and Mark Hyman.
   Personal Author: Cantu, Robert C.
 RJ216 .C652 2012                         2012
   Title: Bottled up : how the way we feed babies has come to
                        define motherhood, and why it shouldn't / Suzanne
   Personal Author: Cobb-Barston, Suzanne Michaels, 1978-

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- S -
 SK33 .H54 2012                           2012
   Title: And now we shall do manly things : discovering my
                        manhood through the great (and not-so-great) American
                        hunt / Craig J. Heimbuch.
   Personal Author: Heimbuch, Craig J.
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- T -
 TR148 .F56 2012                          2012
   Title: Faking it : manipulated photography before Photoshop /
                        Mia Fineman.
   Personal Author: Fineman, Mia.

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- U -
 UB251 .G7 C67 2012                       2012
   Title: The art of betrayal : the secret history of MI6 /
                        Gordon Corera.
   Personal Author: Corera, Gordon.

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White Library Popular Books
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013
 *POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2012
   Title: Proof of heaven : a neurosurgeon's journey into the
                        afterlife / Eben Alexander, M.D.
   Personal Author: Alexander, Eben.

 *POPULAR READING ASHFORD                 2013
   Title: Once again a bride / Jane Ashford.
   Personal Author: Ashford, Jane.

   Title: Hawksong / Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.
   Personal Author: Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.

 *POPULAR READING BACON                   2012
   Title: Hero dogs : secret missions and selfless service /
                        [preface, Ronald L. Aiello ; text, Lance M. Bacon].
   Personal Author: Bacon, Lance M.

 *POPULAR READING BAKER                   2012
   Title: The undertow / Jo Baker.
   Personal Author: Baker, Jo.

 *POPULAR READING BARTON                  2013
   Title: When she was wicked / Anne Barton.
   Personal Author: Barton, Anne.

 *POPULAR READING BEARZI                  2012
   Title: Dolphin confidential : confessions of a field
                        biologist / Maddalena Bearzi.
   Personal Author: Bearzi, Maddalena.

 *POPULAR READING BECK                    2012
   Title: Agenda 21 / Glenn Beck with Harriet Parke.
   Personal Author: Beck, Glenn.

 *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2013
   Title: The drowning house : a novel / Elizabeth Black.
   Personal Author: Black, Elizabeth, 1950-

 *POPULAR READING BLEHM                   2012
   Title: Fearless : the undaunted courage and ultimate
                        sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team Six operator Adam Brown /
                        Eric Blehm.
   Personal Author: Blehm, Eric.

 *POPULAR READING BOWDEN                  2012
   Title: The finish : the killing of Osama Bin Laden / Mark
   Personal Author: Bowden, Mark, 1951-

 *POPULAR READING BRAND                   2010
   Title: Booky wook 2 : this time it's personal / Russell
   Personal Author: Brand, Russell, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING BRAY                    2012
   Title: The diviners / Libba Bray.
   Personal Author: Bray, Libba.

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   1979
   Title: The tracker : the story of Tom Brown, Jr. / as told to
                        Wiliam Jon Watkins.
   Personal Author: Brown, Tom, 1950-

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2002
   Title: James Brown, the godfather of soul / by James Brown
                        with Bruce Tucker ; foreword by Reverend Al Sharpton
                        with Karen Hunter ; epilogue by Dave Marsh.
   Personal Author: Brown, James, 1933-2006.

 *POPULAR READING BUTCHER                 2012
   Title: Cold days : a novel of the Dresden files / Jim
   Personal Author: Butcher, Jim, 1971-

 *POPULAR READING CARLIN                  2012
   Title: Bruce / Peter Ames Carlin.
   Personal Author: Carlin, Peter Ames.

 *POPULAR READING CASTLE                  2012
   Title: Frozen heat / Richard Castle.

 *POPULAR READING CHABON                  2012
   Title: Telegraph Avenue : a novel / Michael Chabon ;
                        [photographs by Malik Johnson].
   Personal Author: Chabon, Michael.

 *POPULAR READING CHARLES                 2004
   Title: Brother Ray : Ray Charles' own story / Ray Charles and
                        David Ritz.
   Personal Author: Charles, Ray, 1930-2004.

 *POPULAR READING CHILD                   2012
   Title: A wanted man : a Reacher novel / Lee Child.
   Personal Author: Child, Lee.

 *POPULAR READING CLANCY                  2012
   Title: Threat vector / Tom Clancy ; with Mark Greaney.
   Personal Author: Clancy, Tom, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING CLARKE                  2001
   Title: Get happy : the life of Judy Garland / Gerald Clarke.
   Personal Author: Clarke, Gerald, 1937-

 *POPULAR READING COHEN                   2003
   Title: The favorite game : a novel / Leonard Cohen.
   Personal Author: Cohen, Leonard, 1934-

 *POPULAR READING COLBERT                 2012
   Title: America again : re-becoming the greatness we never
                        weren't / written and edited by Stephen Colbert ...
                        [et al.] ; writers, Michael Brumm ... [et al.] ;
                        produced by Meredith Bennett ; photography by Andrew
   Personal Author: Colbert, Stephen, 1964-

 *POPULAR READING COLBERT                 2007
   Title: I am America (and so can you!) / written and edited by
                        Stephen Colbert ... [et al.] ; writers, Michael Brumm
                        ... [et al.] ; produced by Meredith Bennett ; designed
                        by Doyle Partners ; special thanks, Andro Buneta ...
                        [et al.].

 *POPULAR READING CONNER                  2012
   Title: Women on war! : a Zombies vs Robots anthology / edited
                        by Jeff Conner ; illustrated by Ericka Lugo ;
                        introduction by Nancy Holder.

 *POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2012
   Title: The bone bed / Patricia Cornwell.
   Personal Author: Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.

 *POPULAR READING CRONIN                  2012
   Title: The twelve : a novel / Justin Cronin.
   Personal Author: Cronin, Justin.

 *POPULAR READING CRONIN                  2012
   Title: The passage : a novel / Justin Cronin.
   Personal Author: Cronin, Justin.

 *POPULAR READING CUSSLER                 2012
   Title: Poseidon's arrow / Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler.
   Personal Author: Cussler, Clive.

   Title: The fifty year sword / Mark Z. Danielewski.
   Personal Author: Danielewski, Mark Z.

 *POPULAR READING DANZA                   2012
   Title: I'd like to apologize to every teacher I ever had : my
                        year as a rookie teacher at Northeast High / Tony
   Personal Author: Danza, Tony.

 *POPULAR READING DAVIS                   2011
   Title: Wheat belly : lose the wheat, lose the weight, and
                        find your path back to health / William Davis, M.D.
   Personal Author: Davis, William, 1957-

 *POPULAR READING DAY                     2012
   Title: Bared to you / Sylvia Day.
   Personal Author: Day, Sylvia.

 *POPULAR READING DELANEY                 2006
   Title: Revenge of the witch / Joseph Delaney ; illustrations
                        by Patrick Arrasmith.
   Personal Author: Delaney, Joseph, 1945-

 *POPULAR READING DELANEY                 2007
   Title: Curse of the Bane / Joseph Delaney ; illustrations by
                        Patrick Arrasmith.
   Personal Author: Delaney, Joseph, 1945-

 *POPULAR READING DELANEY                 2008
   Title: Night of the soul-stealer / Joseph Delaney ;
                        illustrations by Patrick Arrasmith.
   Personal Author: Delaney, Joseph, 1945-

 *POPULAR READING DELANEY                 2008
   Title: Attack of the Fiend / Joseph Delaney ; illustrations
                        by Patrick Arrasmith.
   Personal Author: Delaney, Joseph, 1945-

 *POPULAR READING DELANEY                 2008
   Title: Wrath of the bloodeye / Joseph Delaney ; illustrations
                        by Patrick Arrasmith.
   Personal Author: Delaney, Joseph, 1945-

 *POPULAR READING DEMILLE                 2012
   Title: The panther / Nelson DeMille.
   Personal Author: DeMille, Nelson.

 *POPULAR READING DIAZ                    2012
   Title: This is how you lose her / Junot D*iaz.
   Personal Author: D*iaz, Junot, 1968-

   Title: 500 days : secrets and lies in the terror wars / Kurt
   Personal Author: Eichenwald, Kurt, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING EISENBERG               2012
   Title: Ten-gallon war : the NFL's Cowboys, the AFL's Texans,
                        and the feud for Dallas's pro football future / John
   Personal Author: Eisenberg, John, 1956-

 *POPULAR READING ENIMEM                  2002
   Title: Angry blonde / Eminem.
   Personal Author: Eminem, 1972-

 *POPULAR READING ENIMEM                  2008
   Title: The way I am / Eminem ; with Sacha Jenkins.
   Personal Author: Eminem, 1972-

 *POPULAR READING EVANOVICH               2012
   Title: Notorious nineteen : a Stephanie Plum novel / Janet
   Personal Author: Evanovich, Janet.

 *POPULAR READING FAULKS                  2012
   Title: A possible life : a novel in five parts / Sebastian
   Personal Author: Faulks, Sebastian.

 *POPULAR READING FERGUSON                2006
   Title: Between the bridge and the river : a novel / Craig
   Personal Author: Ferguson, Craig, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING FERGUSON                2010
   Title: American on purpose : the improbable adventures of an
                        unlikely patriot / Craig Ferguson.
   Personal Author: Ferguson, Craig, 1962-

   Title: Bravo! : the art of the bra.
   Corporate Author: First Friday.

 *POPULAR READING FLYNN                   2012
   Title: The last man : a thriller / Vince Flynn.
   Personal Author: Flynn, Vince.

 *POPULAR READING FLYTE                   2012
   Title: City of dark magic : a novel / Magnus Flyte.
   Personal Author: Flyte, Magnus.

 *POPULAR READING FOWLER                  2012
   Title: Fifty shades of chicken : a parody in a cookbook / FL
   Personal Author: Fowler, F. L.

 *POPULAR READING GARCIA                  2011
   Title: Beautiful darkness / by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl.
   Personal Author: Garcia, Kami.

 *POPULAR READING GARSEE                  2012
   Title: The unquiet / Jeannine Garsee.
   Personal Author: Garsee, Jeannine.

 *POPULAR READING GIFFIN                  2012
   Title: Where we belong : a novel / Emily Giffin.
   Personal Author: Giffin, Emily.

 *POPULAR READING GRAFTON                 2013
   Title: Kinsey and me : stories / Sue Grafton.
   Personal Author: Grafton, Sue.

 *POPULAR READING GRIFFIN                 2012
   Title: Tighter / Adele Griffin.
   Personal Author: Griffin, Adele.
 *POPULAR READING GRIFFIN                 2012
   Title: Empire and honor / W.E.B. Griffin and William E.
                        Butterworth IV.
   Personal Author: Griffin, W. E. B.

 *POPULAR READING GROPP                   2012
   Title: Bad glass / Richard E. Gropp.
   Personal Author: Gropp, Richard E.

 *POPULAR READING GUNN                    2012
   Title: Tim Gunn's fashion bible : the fascinating history of
                        everything in your closet / Tim Gunn with Ada Calhoun.
   Personal Author: Gunn, Tim.

 *POPULAR READING HAGAR                   2012
   Title: Red : my uncensored life in rock / Sammy Hagar.
   Personal Author: Hagar, Sammy.

 *POPULAR READING HAMILTON                2012
   Title: Great north road / Peter F. Hamilton.
   Personal Author: Hamilton, Peter F.

 *POPULAR READING HITCHENS                2012
   Title: Mortality / Christopher Hitchens ; foreword by Graydon
                        Carter ; afterword by Carol Blue.
   Personal Author: Hitchens, Christopher.

 *POPULAR READING HOMANS                  2012
   Title: What's a dog for? : the surprising history, science,
                        philosophy, and politics of man's best friend / John
   Personal Author: Homans, John.

 *POPULAR READING HOPKINS                 2006
   Title: Burned / Ellen Hopkins.
   Personal Author: Hopkins, Ellen.

 *POPULAR READING HOPKINS                 2011
   Title: Perfect / Ellen Hopkins.
   Personal Author: Hopkins, Ellen.

 *POPULAR READING HOPKINS                 2012
   Title: Tilt / Ellen Hopkins.
   Personal Author: Hopkins, Ellen.

 *POPULAR READING HOWARD                  2013
   Title: Shadow Woman : a novel / Linda Howard.
   Personal Author: Howard, Linda, 1950-

 *POPULAR READING JENKINS                 2012
   Title: National Geographic 125 years : legendary photographs,
                        adventures, and discoveries that changed the world /
                        by Mark Collins Jenkins.
   Personal Author: Jenkins, Mark Collins.

 *POPULAR READING JENSEN                  2013
   Title: The uninvited : a novel / Liz Jensen.
   Personal Author: Jensen, Liz, 1959-

 *POPULAR READING JOSE                    2008
   Title: Esta es mi vida / Jos*e Jos*e.
   Personal Author: Jos*e Jos*e.

 *POPULAR READING JOYCE                   2012
   Title: Some kind of fairy tale : a novel / Graham Joyce.
   Personal Author: Joyce, Graham, 1954-

 *POPULAR READING KEATON                  1982
   Title: My wonderful world of slapstick / Buster Keaton with
                        Charles Samuels ; with a new introduction by Dwight
                        Macdonald ; and a new filmography compiled by Raymond
   Personal Author: Keaton, Buster, 1895-1966.

 *POPULAR READING KENNEY                  2013
   Title: Truth in advertising / John Kenney.
   Personal Author: Kenney, John, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING KING                    2012
   Title: Garment of shadows : a novel of suspense featuring
                        Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes / Laurie R. King.
   Personal Author: King, Laurie R.

 *POPULAR READING KINGSBURY               2012
   Title: The bridge : a novel / Karen Kingsbury.
   Personal Author: Kingsbury, Karen.

 *POPULAR READING KONNIKOVA               2013
   Title: Mastermind : how to think like Sherlock Holmes / Maria
   Personal Author: Konnikova, Maria.

 *POPULAR READING KURZWEIL                2012
   Title: How to create a mind : the secret of human thought
                        revealed / Ray Kurzweil.
   Personal Author: Kurzweil, Ray.

 *POPULAR READING KUZNIA                  2012
   Title: A fantasy medley 2 / edited by Yanni Kuznia.

 *POPULAR READING LAMOTT                  2012
   Title: Help, thanks, wow : the three essential prayers / Anne
   Personal Author: Lamott, Anne.

 *POPULAR READING LANCASTER               2013
   Title: Here I go again / Jen Lancaster.
   Personal Author: Lancaster, Jen, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING MACOMBER                2012
   Title: Angels at the table : a Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy
                        Christmas story / Debbie Macomber.
   Personal Author: Macomber, Debbie.

 *POPULAR READING MARTINEZ                2013
   Title: The threads of the heart / Carole Martinez ;
                        translated from the French by Howard Curtis.
   Personal Author: Martinez, Carole, 1966-

 *POPULAR READING MARX                    2000
   Title: The essential Groucho : writings by, for, and about
                        Groucho Marx / edited and with an introduction by
                        Stefan Kanfer.
   Personal Author: Marx, Groucho, 1890-1977.

 *POPULAR READING MARX                    2007
   Title: The Groucho letters : letters from and to Groucho
   Personal Author: Marx, Groucho, 1890-1977.

 *POPULAR READING MARX                    1995
   Title: Groucho and me / by Groucho Marx.
   Personal Author: Marx, Groucho, 1890-1977.

 *POPULAR READING MATHIS                  2012
   Title: The twelve tribes of Hattie / by Ayana Mathis.
   Personal Author: Mathis, Ayana.

 *POPULAR READING MCBRIDE                 2012
   Title: One moment / Kristina McBride.
   Personal Author: McBride, Kristina.

 *POPULAR READING MCEWAN                  2012
   Title: Sweet tooth : a novel / Ian McEwan.
   Personal Author: McEwan, Ian.

 *POPULAR READING MCGUIRE                 2012
   Title: Beautiful disaster : a novel / Jamie McGuire.
   Personal Author: McGuire, Jamie.

 *POPULAR READING MCKENNA                 2012
   Title: One wrong move / Shannon McKenna.
   Personal Author: McKenna, Shannon.

 *POPULAR READING MCMAHON                 2013
   Title: The one I left behind / Jennifer McMahon.
   Personal Author: McMahon, Jennifer.

 *POPULAR READING MEACHAM                 2012
   Title: Thomas Jefferson : the art of power / Jon Meacham.
   Personal Author: Meacham, Jon.

 *POPULAR READING MILCHMAN                2013
   Title: Cover of snow : a novel / Jenny Milchman.
   Personal Author: Milchman, Jenny.

 *POPULAR READING MILLER                  2012
   Title: Stalking season : a seasons series mystery / Maryann
   Personal Author: Miller, Maryann, 1943-

 *POPULAR READING MOYES                   2012
   Title: Me before you / Jojo Moyes.
   Personal Author: Moyes, Jojo, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING NEAL                    2012
   Title: To heaven and back : a doctor's extraordinary account
                        of her death, heaven, angels, and life again : a true
                        story / Mary C. Neal.
   Personal Author: Neal, Mary C.

 *POPULAR READING NELSON                  2012
   Title: Roll me up and smoke me when I die : musings from the
                        road / Willie Nelson ; foreword by Kinky Friedman ;
                        illustrations by Micah Nelson.
   Personal Author: Nelson, Willie, 1933-

 *POPULAR READING NESBO                   2012
   Title: Phantom / Jo Nesbo ; translated from the Norwegian by
                        Don Bartlett.
   Personal Author: Nesbo, Jo, 1960-

 *POPULAR READING PAGE                    2004
   Title: How I became stupid / by Martin Page ; translated by
                        Adriana Hunter.
   Personal Author: Page, Martin, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING PARTON                  2012
   Title: Dream more : celebrate the dreamer in you / Dolly
   Personal Author: Parton, Dolly.

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: NYPD red / James Patterson and Marshall Karp.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2012
   Title: Merry Christmas, Alex Cross / James Patterson.
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING PRESTON                 2012
   Title: Two graves / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.
   Personal Author: Preston, Douglas J.

 *POPULAR READING PRIETO                  2012
   Title: Encyclopedia of a life in Russia / Jos*e Manuel Prieto
                        ; translated from the Spanish by Esther Allen.
   Personal Author: Prieto Gonz*alez, Jos*e Manuel, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING QUICK                   2012
   Title: The silver linings playbook / Matthew Quick.
   Personal Author: Quick, Matthew, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING RAY                     2012
   Title: My year in meals / Rachael Ray ; food photography by
                        Rachael Ray and John Cusimano. My year in cocktails /
                        John Cusimano.

 *POPULAR READING RICE                    2012
   Title: Interview with the vampire : Claudia's story / Anne
                        Rice ; art and adaptation by Ashley Marie Witter.
   Personal Author: Witter, Ashley Marie, 1985-

 *POPULAR READING ROSENHEIM               2012
   Title: Fear itself  / Andrew Rosenheim.
   Personal Author: Rosenheim, Andrew.

 *POPULAR READING SALA                    2012
   Title: Delphine / Richard Sala.
   Personal Author: Sala, Richard.

 *POPULAR READING SANDFORD                2012
   Title: Mad River / John Sandford.
   Personal Author: Sandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23-

 *POPULAR READING SAUNDERS                2013
   Title: Tenth of December : stories / George Saunders.
   Personal Author: Saunders, George, 1958-

 *POPULAR READING SCOTT                   2012
   Title: Asbury Park / by Rob Scott.
   Personal Author: Scott, Robert, 1968-

 *POPULAR READING SHANGE                  2010
   Title: Some sing, some cry / Ntozake Shange & Ifa Bayeza.
   Personal Author: Shange, Ntozake.

 *POPULAR READING SHERIDAN                2012
   Title: The disaster diaries : how I learned to stop worrying
                        and love the apocalypse / Sam Sheridan.
   Personal Author: Sheridan, Sam.

 *POPULAR READING SHIELDS                 2013
   Title: A study in revenge : a novel / Kieran Shields.
   Personal Author: Shields, Kieran,

 *POPULAR READING SILVERMAN               2011
   Title: The bedwetter : stories of courage, redemption, and
                        pee / Sarah Silverman.
   Personal Author: Silverman, Sarah.

 *POPULAR READING SILVEY                  2012
   Title: Jasper Jones : a novel / by Craig Silvey.
   Personal Author: Silvey, Craig, 1982-

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2010
   Title: Lockdown / Alexander Gordon Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Alexander Gordon, 1979-

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2011
   Title: Solitary / Alexander Gordon Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Alexander Gordon, 1979-

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2012
   Title: Death sentence / Alexander Gordon Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Alexander Gordon, 1979-

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2012
   Title: SHRED : the revolutionary diet : 6 weeks, 4 inches, 2
                        sizes / Ian K. Smith.
   Personal Author: Smith, Ian, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING SOTOMAYOR               2013
   Title: My beloved world  / Sonia Sotomayor.
   Personal Author: Sotomayor, Sonia, 1954-

 *POPULAR READING STEEL                   2012
   Title: The sins of the mother : a novel / Danielle Steel.
   Personal Author: Steel, Danielle.

 *POPULAR READING STEINBERG               2013
   Title: Spectacle : stories / Susan Steinberg.
   Personal Author: Steinberg, Susan.

 *POPULAR READING STEWART                 2012
   Title: Rod : the autobiography / Rod Stewart.
   Personal Author: Stewart, Rod.

 *POPULAR READING STEWART                 2010
   Title: Earth (the book) : a visitor's guide to the human race
                        / written and edited by Jon Stewart ... [et al.].

 *POPULAR READING STEWART                 2001
   Title: Naked pictures of famous people / Jon Stewart.
   Personal Author: Stewart, Jon, 1962-

 *POPULAR READING STEWART                 2013
   Title: The history of us / Leah Stewart.
   Personal Author: Stewart, Leah, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING TAPPER                  2012
   Title: The outpost : an untold story of American valor / Jake
   Personal Author: Tapper, Jake.

 *POPULAR READING THOMAS                  2013
   Title: The midwife's tale / Sam Thomas.
   Personal Author: Thomas, Samuel S.

 *POPULAR READING THOMPSON                2011
   Title: The rum diary : a novel / Hunter S. Thompson.
   Personal Author: Thompson, Hunter S.

 *POPULAR READING TOUGIAS                 2013
   Title: A storm too soon : a true story of disaster, survival,
                        and an incredible rescue / Michael J. Tougias.
   Personal Author: Tougias, Mike, 1955-

 *POPULAR READING TRILLIN                 2012
   Title: Dogfight : the 2012 presidential campaign in verse /
                        Calvin Trillin.
   Personal Author: Trillin, Calvin.

   Title: The wisdom of failure : how to learn the tough
                        leadership lessons without paying the price / Laurence
                        G. Weinzimmer, Jim McConoughey.
   Personal Author: Weinzimmer, Laurence G.

 *POPULAR READING WOLF                    2013
   Title: The intercept : a Jeremy Fisk novel / Dick Wolf.
   Personal Author: Wolf, Dick.

 *POPULAR READING WRIGHT                  2013
   Title: Going clear : Scientology, Hollywood, and the prison
                        of belief / Lawrence Wright.
   Personal Author: Wright, Lawrence, 1947-

 *POPULAR READING YOUNG                   2012
   Title: Cross roads : a novel / by Wm. Paul Young.
   Personal Author: Young, William P.

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White Library Reference Books
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013
 REF F869.L89 M447 2012                   2012
   Title: The Zoot Suit Riots / by Kevin Hillstrom.
   Personal Author: Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-

 REF HA202 2013                           2013
   Title: ProQuest statistical abstract of the United States.

 REF HC110.C6 G46 2012                    2012
   Title: Generation X : Americans born 1965 to 1976 / by the
                        New Strategist editors.

 REF HC110.C6 M45 2012                    2012
   Title: The millennials : Americans born 1977 to 1994 / by the
                        New Strategist editors.

 REF HC110.C6 O42 2009                    2009
   Title: Older Americans : a changing market / [by New
                        Strategist Publications, editors].

 REF HC110.C6 R87 2012                    2012
   Title: The baby boom : Americans born 1946 to 1964 / [by
                        Cheryl Russell]
   Personal Author: Russell, Cheryl, 1953-

 REF PN41 .H355 2012                      2012
   Title: A handbook to literature / William Harmon.
   Personal Author: Harmon, William, 1938-,

 REF Q141 .G7667 2013 V.1                 2013
   Title: Great lives from history : scientists and science /
                        editor, Joseph L. Spradley, Wheaton College.

 REF QA10.7 .E53 2012 V.1                 2012
   Title: Encyclopedia of mathematics and society / Sarah J.
                        Greenwald , Jill E. Thomley, [editors].

 REF QC795 .T86 2012                      2012
   Title: Radioactivity : a very short introduction / Claudio
   Personal Author: Tuniz, C. (Claudio)

 REF QC863 .E27 2013 V.1                  2013
   Title: Earth science. Earth's weather, water, and atmosphere
                        / editors, Margaret Boorstein, Ph. D., Long Island
                        University, Richard Renneboog, M. Sc.

 REF T57.85 .C38 2012                     2012
   Title: Networks : a very short introduction / Guido
                        Caldarelli, Michele Catanzaro.
   Personal Author: Caldarelli, Guido.

 REF TN260 .E25 2013 V.1                  2013
   Title: Earth science. Earth materials and resources / editor,
                        Steven I. Dutch, Ph. D., University of Wisconsin-Green

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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013
 CD AUDIO CD 1660 DISC 1-2                2005
   Title: The house on Mango Street [sound recording] / Sandra
   Personal Author: Cisneros, Sandra.

 CD AUDIO CD 1661 DISC 1-6                2003
   Title: Will the circle be unbroken [sound recording] : the
                        trilogy / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
   Corporate Author: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

 CD AUDIO CD 1662 DISC1-3                 2009
   Title: Carmen [sound recording] / Bizet.
   Personal Author: Bizet, Georges, 1838-1875.
 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 16                     2009
   Title: A time to kill [videorecording] / Warner Bros.
                        Pictures presents in association with Regency
                        Enterprises an Arnon Milchan production, a Joel
                        Schumacher film ; produced by Arnon Milchan, Michael
                        Nathanson, Hunt Lowry and John Grisham ; screenplay by
                        Akiva Goldsman ; directed by Joel Schumacher.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 17                     2012
   Title: Red dawn [videorecording] / [writers, John Milius,
                        Kevin Reynolds ; director, John Milius].

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 18                     2008
   Title: Persepolis [videorecording] / 2.4.7. Films ; in
                        association with Celluloid Dreams, Sony Pictures
                        Classics, Sofica Europacorp, Soficin*ema ; in
                        co-production with Kennedy/Marshall Company, France 3
                        Cin*ema, French Connection Animations, Diaphana Films
                        ; with the participation of Centre National de la
                        Cin*ematographie ; with the support of R*egion
                        Ile-de-France, Fondation GAN pour le Cin*ema,
                        Procirep, Angoa-Agicoa ; produced by Xavier Rigault,
                        Marc-Antoine Robert ; screenplay by Vincent Paronnaud
                        ; comic & screenplay by Marjane Satrapi ; directed by
                        Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 19                     2012
   Title: Tao jie [videorecording] = A simple life / chu pin ren
                        Yu Dong, Liu Dehua, Song Dai ; lian he jian zhi Shi
                        Nansheng, Zhang Kangda, Lin Bingkun ; jian zhi Chen
                        Peihua ; bian ju Chen Shuxian ; jian zhi, lian he bian
                        ju Li Enlin ; jian zhi, dao yan Xu Anhua ; Bona ying
                        shi yu le you xian gong si, Ying yi yu le you xian                                                                
                        gong si, Yin du ji gou you xian gong si lian he chu
                        pin ; Fa xing gong zuo shi (Xianggang) you xian gong
                        si fa xing.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 20                     2008
   Title: Zulu [videorecording] / a Paramount release ; Joseph
                        E. Levine presents a Stanley Baker-Cy Endfield
                        production ; original screenplay by John Prebble and
                        Cy Endfield ; produced by Stanley Baker and Cy
                        Endfield ; directed by Cy Endfield.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 21                     2007
   Title: The wild bunch [videorecording] / Warner Bros.
                        presents a Phil Feldman production ; produced by Phil
                        Feldman ; story by Walon Green and Roy N. Sickner ;
                        screenplay by Walon Green and Sam Peckinpah ; directed
                        by Sam Peckinpah.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 22 DISC 1              2008
   Title: The Complete Matrix Trilogy [videorecording] / Warner
                        Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 23 DISC 1-2            2012
   Title: Scientology [videorecording] : the fundamentals of
                        thought / Golden Era Productions.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 1997                      2011
   Title: Inside the metaverse [videorecording] / VisualAntics
                        presents a co-production with Lichtpunt ; a film by
                        Steven Dhoedt ; a Films for the Humanities & Sciences

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2000                      2011
   Title: Dr. David Livingstone [videorecording] : missionary
                        explorer to Africa / a Gary Wilkinson production ;
                        script Gary Wilkinson ; produced and directed by Gary

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2001                      2004
   Title: A cure for pokeritis (1912) [videorecording] ; and
                        leap year (1922).

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2037                      1998
   Title: Thief [videorecording] / United Artists ; screenstory
                        & screenplay by Michael Mann ; produced by Jerry
                        Bruckheimer and Ronnie Caan ; directed by Michael

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2038                      2009
   Title: The soloist [videorecording] / DreamWorks Pictures and
                        Universal Pictures present, in association with
                        StudioCanal and Participant Media ; a Between Two
                        Trees production ; in association with Working Title
                        Films ; directed by Joe Wright ; screenplay by
                        Susannah Grant ; produced by Gary Foster, Russ
                        Krasnoff ; a Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment production
                        ; in association with Working Title Films.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2039                      2012
   Title: Even the rain [videorecording] / una producci*on de
                        Morena Films ; en coproducci*on con Mandarin Cinema,
                        Alebrije Cine y Video, Vaca Films, Tambi*en la Lluvia
                        AIE ; con la participaci*on de TVE, Canal+ Espana,
                        AXN, Canal+ ; coproductores, Eric Altmayer, M*onica
                        Lozano, Emma Lustres ; producida por Juan Gordon ;
                        escrita por Paul Laverty ; dirigida por Iciar Bollain.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2040                      2012
   Title: For greater glory [videorecording] : the true story of
                        Cristiada / ARC Entertainment ; Dos Corazones Films ;
                        a New Land Films production ; a Dean Wright film ;
                        written by Michael Love ; produced by Pablo Jos*e
                        Barroso ; directed by Dean Wright.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2041                      1999
   Title: Love is the devil [videorecording] : a study for a
                        portrait of Francis Bacon / BBC films and the British
                        film Instutute present in association with the Arts
                        Council of England Premier Heure and Uplink a British
                        Film Institute production, in association with
                        Partners in Crime with the assistance of STATE ;
                        produced by Chilara Menage ; written and directed by
                        John Maybury.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2042 DISC 1-2             2012
   Title: Tiny furniture [videorecording] / IFC Films presents ;
                        Tiny Ponies ; produced by Kyle Martin and Alicia Van
                        Couvering ; written & directed by Lena Dunham.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2043                      2012
   Title: Electoral dysfunction [videorecording] / with Mo Rocca
                        ; a film by David Deschamps, Leslie D. Farrell and
                        Bennett Singer.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2044                      2007
   Title: The Spiritual Cinema Circle. 2007 Vol. 5

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2045                      2008
   Title: A collection of 2007 Academy Award nominated short
                        films [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2046                      2006
   Title: Celebrity mix [videorecording] : a collection of short
                        films / [presented by] TLA Releasing and Nano Networks
                        ; produced by Robert Bauer, Syony Brown, Philip Euling
                        ... [et al.] ; written by John Daschbach, Philip
                        Euling, Tim Holm ... [et al.] ; directed by John
                        Daschbach, Philip Euling, Karl T. Hirsch ... [et al.].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2047                      2008
   Title: Festival shorts collection [videorecording] / Film

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2048 DISC 1               2007
   Title: The animation show. Vol. 1 & 2 [videorecording] / Mike
                        Judge and Don Hertzfeldt present.
   Corporate Author: MTV Networks.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2049                      2008
   Title: The unit conversion tutor [videorecording] :
                        supplement for all branches of math and science.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2050 DISC 1-3             2008
   Title: The probability and statistics tutor [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2051 DISC 1-2             2005
   Title: The trigonometry and pre-calculus tutor

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2052 DISC 1-2             2006
   Title: The physics tutor [videorecording] : 11 hour video
                        course! / Jason Gibson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2053 DISC 1-2             2010
   Title: The pre-algebra tutor. Volume 1 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2054 DISC 1-3             2010
   Title: The pre-algebra tutor. Volume 2 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2055 DISC 1-3             2011
   Title: The algebra 1 tutor, Volume 1 [videorecording] : 7
                        hour video course!

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2056 DISC 1-2             2011
   Title: The algebra 1 tutor, Volume 2 [videorecording] : 6
                        hour video course!

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2057 DISC 1-2             2005
   Title: The algebra 2 tutor [videorecording] : 6 hour video

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2058 DISC 1-2             2007
   Title: The advanced algebra tutor [videorecording] : 7 hour
                        video course!

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2059 DISC1-2              2007
   Title: The basic math word problem tutor [videorecording] : 8
                        hour video course!

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2060 DISC 1-2             2005
   Title: The calculus 1 & 2 tutor [videorecording] / Jason

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2061 DISC 1-3             2010
   Title: The chemistry 1 tutor. Volume 1 [videorecording] :
                        atoms, ions, isotopes, compounds, and more! / Jason

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2062 DISC 1-3             2011
   Title: The chemistry 1 tutor. Volume 2 [videorecording] :
                        reactions, stoichiometry, and more! / Jason Gibson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2063 DISC 1-3             2011
   Title: The chemistry 1 tutor. Volume 3 [videorecording] :
                        acids / bases & precipitation reactions! / Jason

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2064                      2012
   Title: The inexplicable universe [videorecording] : unsolved
                        mysteries / producer, Tony Hidenrick ; director,
                        Jonathan D. Leven.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2065 DISC 1-4             2012
   Title: Prove it : the art of mathematical argument
                        [videorecording (DVD)].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2066 DISC 1-6             2009
   Title: Algebra I [videorecording] / The Teaching Company.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2067 DISC 1-6             2011
   Title: Algebra II [videorecording] / The Teaching Company.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2068 DISC 1-4             2012
   Title: Mastering the fundamentals of mathematics
                        [videorecording] / Professor James A. Sellers, The
                        Pennsylvania State University.
   Personal Author: Sellers, James A.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2069 DISC 1-6             2011
   Title: Mathematics describing the real world [videorecording]
                        : precalculus and trigonometry / Bruce H. Edwards.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2070 DISC 1-6             2010
   Title: Understanding calculus [videorecording] : problems,
                        solutions, and tips / the Teaching Company.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2071 BONUS DISC           2007
   Title: I love Lucy [videorecording] : the complete series.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2072                      2005
   Title: One survivor remembers [videorecording] / [presented
                        by] Home Box Office and the United States Holocaust
                        Memorial Museum ; produced and directed by Kary
                        Antholis ; produced by Home Box Office in association
                        with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and
                        Wentworth Films, Inc.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2073 DISC 1-6             2010
   Title: The Pacific [videorecording] / HBO Miniseries presents
                        a Playtone and Dreamworks production ; co-producers,
                        Robert Schenkkan, George Pelecanos ; producers,
                        Cherylanne Martin, Todd London, Steve Shareshian ;
                        co-executive producers, Eugene Kelly, Bruce C.
                        McKenna, Graham Yost, Tony To ; executive producers,
                        Gary Goetzman, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2074 DISC 1-6             2010
   Title: Dirty Harry collection [videorecording] / Warner Bros.
                        Pictures presents.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2075 DISC 1-2             2004
   Title: Slacker [videorecording] / Detour Filmproduction ;
                        producer, writer, director, Richard Linklater.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2076 BOOK                 2007
   Title: Two-lane blacktop [videorecording] / Universal
                        presents ; a Michael S. Laughlin production ;
                        screenplay by Rudolph Wurlitzer and Will Corry ; story
                        by Will Corry ; produced by Michael S. Laughlin ;
                        directed by Monte Hellman.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2077                      2003
   Title: Full frame documentary film festival [videorecording]
                        / [presented by] Cinemax Reel Life.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2078 DISC 1-2             2004
   Title: A league of their own [videorecording] / Columbia
                        Pictures presents a Parkway production ; screenplay by
                        Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel ; produced by Robert
                        Greenhut and Elliot Abbott ; directed by Penny

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2079                      2012
   Title: The Middleton family at the New York World's Fair
                        [videorecording] / Produced by Audio Productions, Inc.
                        ; Westinghouse presents ; directed by Robert R. Snody.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2080                      1999
   Title: Born yesterday [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures
                        Corporation presents ; Screenplay by Albert Mannheimer
                        ; produced by S. Sylvan Simon ; directed by George

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2081                      2007
   Title: 3:10 to Yuma [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures
                        presents ; screenply by Halsted Welles ; produced by
                        David Heilweil ; directed by Delmer Daves.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2082                      2000
   Title: Anatomy of a murder [videorecording] / Otto Preminger
                        presents ; Carlyle Productions, Inc. ; screenplay,
                        Wendell Mayes ; distributed by Columbia Pictures
                        Corporation ; produced and directed by Otto Preminger.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2083 DISC 1-2             2009
   Title: Breakfast at Tiffany's [videorecording] / a Paramount
                        Picture ; a Jurow-Shepherd production ; screenplay by
                        George Axelrod ; produced by Martin Jurow and Richard
                        Shepherd ; directed by Blake Edwards.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2084                     
   Title: The spook who sat by the door [videorecording] /
                        United Artists ; a Bokari Ltd. production ; screenplay
                        by Sam Greenlee, Hal Clay ; produced by Ivan Dixon,
                        Sam Greenlee ; directed by Ivan Dixon.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2085                      2012
   Title: Sons of the desert [videorecording] : We faw down : On
                        the wrong trek / produced by Hal Roach.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2086                      2012
   Title: A day with the gipsies [videorecording] : The wishing
                        ring, an idyll of old England.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2087 DISC 1-2             2011
   Title: The times of Harvey Milk [videorecording] / Janus
                        Films ; Black Sand Productions presents ; produced by
                        Richard Schmiechen ; directed by Robert Epstein ;
                        narration writers, Judith Coburn and Carter Wilson ; a
                        production of Robert Epstein and Richard Schmiechen
                        and the Television Laboratory at WNET/Thirteen.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2088 DISC 1-2             2012
   Title: George Harrison [videorecording] : living in the
                        material world / Grove Street Pictures presents ; a
                        production of Spitfire Pictures, Sikelia Productions ;
                        directed by Martin Scorsese ; produced by Olivia
                        Harrison, Nigel Sinclair, Martin Scorsese.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2089                      2012
   Title: Your complete SAT writing prep course with Amy Lucas.
                        DVD 1 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2090                      2012
   Title: Your complete SAT writing prep course with Amy Lucas.
                        DVD 2 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2091 DISC 1-5             2004
   Title: Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway favorites collection

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2092                      2012
   Title: Equilibrium [videorecording] : dance & percussion duo
                        / Nancy & Michael Udow.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2093                      1982
   Title: A rose for Emily [videorecording] / Chubbuck Cinema
                        Company presents a film by Lyndon Chubbuck and H. Kaye
                        Dyal ; directed by Lyndon Chubbuck ; produced and
                        written by H. Kaye Dyal ; executive producer, Gary M.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2094                      2005
   Title: Nathaniel Hawthorne's Rappaccini's daughter
                        [videorecording] / Monterey Video ; a project of the
                        National Endowment for the Humanities ; a production
                        of Learning in Focus ; Learning in Focus presents ;
                        produced by Calvin Skaggs ; teleplay by Herbert Hartig
                        ; directed by Dezs*o Magyar.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2095                      2005
   Title: Ernest Hemingway's Soldier's home [videorecording] /
                        Learning in Focus presents ; written by Robert Geller
                        ; produced by David B. Appleton ; directed by Robert
                        Young ; produced by William Dern Associates.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2096                      2004
   Title: William Faulkner's Barn burning [videorecording] /
                        Monterey Video ; a project of the National Endowment
                        for the Humanities ; a production of Learning in Focus
                        ; Learning in Focus presents ; produced by Calvin
                        Skaggs ; teleplay by Horton Foote ; directed by Peter

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2097                      2004
   Title: F. Scott Fitzgerald's Bernice bobs her hair
                        [videorecording] / Monterey Video ; a project of the
                        National Endowment for the Humanities ; a production
                        of Learning in Focus ; produced by Paul R. Gurian ;
                        written and directed by Joan Micklin Silver.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2098                      2005
   Title: Katherine Anne Porter's The jilting of Granny
                        Weatherall [videorecording] / a project of the
                        National Endowment for the Humanities ; a production
                        of Learning in Focus ; Learning in Focus presents ;
                        produced by Phylis Geller, Calvin Skaggs ; teleplay by
                        Corinne Jacker ; directed by Randa Haines.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2099                      2010
   Title: Mystery train [videorecording] / Janus Films ; JVC
                        presents an M.T.I. production ; Mystery Train, Inc. ;
                        executive producers, Kunijiro Hirata, Hideaki Suda ;
                        producer, Jim Stark ; a film by Jim Jarmusch ; written
                        and directed by Jim Jarmusch.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2100                      2012
   Title: The island President [videorecording] / ITVS ;
                        Afterimage Public Media presents ; an Actual Films
                        production ; in association with Ford Foundation and
                        Impact Partners ; directed by Jon Shenk ; produced by
                        Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen ; co-producer, Spencer

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2101                      2008
   Title: Introduction to the conga drum [videorecording] /
                        produced by Michael Spiro, Chuck Sher.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2102 DISC 1-2             2003
   Title: The scarlet letter [videorecording] / a WGBH/Boston
                        production ; produced and directed by Rick Hauser ;
                        adapted for television by Allan Knee and Alvin

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2103                      2003
   Title: The Scarlet letter [videorecording] : from Nathaniel
                        Hawthorne's immortal classic / Majestic Pictures
                        Corporation ; produced by Larry Darmour ; directed by
                        Robert G. Vignola.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2104                      2010
   Title: Pride of the Marines [videorecording] / a Warner Bros.
                        Pictures presents ; a Warner Bros. - First National
                        Picture ; screen play by Alfred Maltz ; produced by
                        Jerry Wald  ; directed by Delmer Daves.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2105                      2012
   Title: Bernie [videorecording] / Mandalay Vision and Wind
                        Dancer Films present ; a Detour Filmproduction ; a
                        Richard Linklater film ; cinematography, Dick Pope ;
                        producers, Celine Rattray ... [et al.] ; produced by
                        Ginger Sledge, Richard Linklater ; screenplay by
                        Richard Linklater & Skip Hollandsworth ; directed by
                        Richard Linklater.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2106                      2004
   Title: The life and legend of Sojourner Truth
                        [videorecording] / produced, directed & written by
                        Lynn C. Spangler.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2107                      2005
   Title: Zora Neale Hurston [videorecording] : a heart with
                        room for every joy / a presentation of Films for the
                        Humanities & Sciences ; written and produced by Paul
                        Iacono ; executive producer, Frank Batavick ;
                        Tranquilo Producciones ; producer, Fernanda Dominguez
                        ; director, Pablo Garcia.

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Barth LRC Circulating Books
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013
 HV8079 .C65 D64 2013                     2013
   Title: Digital forensics for handheld devices / Eamon P.
   Personal Author: Doherty, Eamon P.

 LB2353.57 .G742 2012                     2012
   Title: Barron's SAT / Sharon Weiner Green, Ira K. Wolf.
   Personal Author: Green, Sharon, 1939-

 LB3060.33.T465 A654 TABE 9/10 LEVEL M    2006
   Title: Achieving TABE success in reading : level M.

 LB3060.33 .T465 T3432 2010               2010
   Title: Reading. Level E

 LB3060.33 .T465 T3461 2010               2010
   Title: Language. Level E.

 QA63 .N66312 2011                        2011
   Title: Contemporary number power : fractions, decimals, and
                        percents : a real world approach to math / Jerry
   Personal Author: Howett, Jerry.

 QA63 .N66313 2011                        2011
   Title: Contemporary number power. Algebra : a real world
                        approach to math / Robert Mitchell.
   Personal Author: Mitchell, Robert, 1944-

 QA63 .N66314 2011                        2011
   Title: Contemporary number power : geometry : a real world
                        approach to math / Robert Mitchell and Donald Prickel.
   Personal Author: Mitchell, Robert, 1944-

 QA63 .T347 2010                          2010
   Title: Mathematics. Level E.

 R728.8 .A56 2009                         2009
   Title: Saunders medical office management / Alice Anne
   Personal Author: Andress, Alice Anne.

 RA761 .M68 2011                          2011
   Title: An illustrated guide to infection control / Kathleen
                        Motacki, Neeta Bahal O'Mara, Toros Kapoian.
   Personal Author: Motacki, Kathleen.

 RB127 .P33239 2009                       2009
   Title: Pain management secrets.

 RC78.7 .U4 E33 2012                      2012
   Title: Understanding ultrasound physics / Sidney K. Edelman.
   Personal Author: Edelman, Sidney K.

 RC108 . L83 2013                         2013
   Title: Chronic illness : impact and interventions / [edited
                        by] Ilene M. Lubkin and Pamala D. Larsen.

 RC691.6 .U47 D43 2013                    2013
   Title: Diagnostic medical sonography. The vascular system /
                        edited by Ann Marie Kupinski.

 RD99 .M387 2011                          2011
   Title: Alexander's care of the patient in surgery.

 RK61 .O66 2012                           2012
   Title: Dental care and oral health sourcebook : basic
                        consumer health information about caring for the mouth
                        and teeth, including facts about dental hygiene and
                        routine care guidelines, fluoride sealants, tooth
                        whitening systems, cavities, root canals, extractions,
                        implants, veneers, dentures, and orthodontic and
                        orofacial procedures; along with information about
                        periodontal (gum) disease, canker sores, dry mouth,
                        temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ),
                        oral cancer, and other conditions that impact oral
                        health ... / edited by Joyce Brennfleck Shannon.

 RM301.12 .M673 2013                      2013
   Title: Pharmacology for pharmacy technicians / Kathy Moscou,
                        Karen R. Snipe.
   Personal Author: Moscou, Kathy.

 RT50 .C487 2011                          2011
   Title: Chart Smart : the A-to-Z guide to better nursing

 T385 .K74 2012                           2012
   Title: Harnessing AutoCad : 2013 and beyond / G.V. Krishnan,
                        Thomas A. Stellman.
   Personal Author: Krishnan, G. V.

 TS192 .B78 2012                          2012
   Title: Industrial maintenance / by Michael E. Brumbach,
                        Jeffrey A. Clade.
   Personal Author: Brumbach, Michael E., 1955-

 TX791 .G786 2013                         2013
   Title: Chocolates and confections : formula, theory, and
                        technique for the artisan confectioner / Peter P.
                        Greweling ; the Culinary Institute of America.
   Personal Author: Greweling, Peter P.

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Barth LRC Reference Books
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013

 REF HV1553 .D544 2011                    2011
   Title: Disabilities sourcebook : basic consumer health
                        information about disabilities that affect the body,
                        mind, and senses ... / edited by Amy L. Sutton.

 REF RC55 .A12 2013                       2013
   Title: The 5-minute clinical consult 2013.

 REF RM125 .N87 2013                      2012
   Title: Nursing 2013 drug handbook.

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Barth LRC Popular Books
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013

  *POPULAR READING CROSBY                  2012
   Title: The science of good cooking : master 50 simple
                        concepts to enjoy a lifetime of success in the kitchen
                        / the editors at America's Test Kitchen and Guy Crosby
                        ; illustrations by Michael Newhouse and John Burgoyne.

 *POPULAR READING HAGAR                   2012
   Title: Red : my uncensored life in rock / Sammy Hagar.
   Personal Author: Hagar, Sammy.

 *POPULAR READING KELLER                  2012
   Title: Bouchon Bakery / Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel ;
                        with Susie Heller ... [et al.] ; photographs by
                        Deborah Jones.
   Personal Author: Keller, Thomas, 1955-

 *POPULAR READING VALASTRO                2012
   Title: Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss : family favorites
                        as only Buddy can serve them up / Buddy Valastro ;
                        photography by Miki Duisterhof.
   Personal Author: Valastro, Buddy.

 *POPULAR READING VALASTRO                2011
   Title: Baking with the Cake boss : 100 of Buddy's best
                        recipes and decorating secrets / Buddy Valastro.
   Personal Author: Valastro, Buddy.

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Barth LRC Audio/Visual Materials
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013
 VIDEO DISC DVD 699 DISC 1-2              2010
   Title: New OSHA safety regulations for cranes and derricks in
                        construction [videorecording]

 VIDEO DISC DVD 723                       2008
   Title: The unit conversion tutor [videorecording] :
                        supplement for all branches of math and science.

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