April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013

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April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- A -
 AG243 .J47 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Jennings, Ken, 1974-
   Title: Because I said so! : the truth behind the myths, tales
                        and warnings every generation passes down to its kids
                        / Ken Jennings.
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- B -
 B105 .W3 L44 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Lee, Steven (Steven P.)
   Title: Ethics and war : an introduction / Steven P. Lee.

 B398 .E8 R57 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Rist, John M.
   Title: Plato's moral realism : the discovery of the
                        presuppositions of ethics / John M. Rist.

 B808.5 .S39 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Schwartz, Steve, 1944-
   Title: A Brief history of analytic philosophy : from Russell
                        to Rawls / by Stephen P. Schwartz.

 B819 .C28 2012                           2012
   Title: The Cambridge companion to existentialism / edited by
                        Steven Crowell, Rice University.

 B2430 .R554 S758 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Stiver, Dan R.
   Title: Ricoeur and theology / Dan R. Stiver.

 B3279 .H93 Z88 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Moran, Dermot.
   Title: The Husserl dictionary / Dermot Moran and Joseph

 BF109 .F76 F75 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Friedman, Lawrence Jacob, 1940-
   Title: The lives of Erich Fromm : love's prophet / Lawrence
                        J. Friedman ; with assistance from Anke M. Schreiber.

 BF370 .V26 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Vanlue, Jerry Wayne.
   Title: Memory made simple : "obtaining perfect memory" /
                        Jerry Wayne Vanlue.

 BF378 .A87 F47 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Fernyhough, Charles, 1968-
   Title: Pieces of light : how the new science of memory
                        illuminates the stories we tell about our pasts /
                        Charles Fernyhough.

 BF441 .C86 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Cummins, Denise D.
   Title: Good thinking : seven powerful ideas that influence
                        the way we think / Denise D. Cummins.

 BF441 .R6274 2010                        2010
   Personal Author: Roark, Wallace, 1934-                                                                                        
   Title: Think like an octopus: the key to becoming a good
                        thinker; think on the other hand/ Wallace Roark.

 BF698.35 .R47 I78 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Irvine, William Braxton, 1952-
   Title: A slap in the face : how to live in a world of snubs,
                        put-downs, and insults / William B. Irvine.

 BF1573 .D38 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Davies, Owen, 1969-
   Title: America bewitched : the story of witchcraft after
                        Salem / Owen Davies.

 BL2525 .A66 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Aponte, Edwin David.
   Title: *Santo! : varieties of Latino/a spirituality / Edwin
                        David Aponte.

 BP75 .H39 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Hazleton, Lesley, 1945-
   Title: The first Muslim : the story of Muhammad / Lesley

 BP187.3 .H2443 2012                      2012
   Title: Hajj : journey to the heart of Islam / edited by
                        Venetia Porter, with M.A.S. Abdel Haleem ... [et al.].

 BP188.5 .G74 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Green, Nile.
   Title: Sufism : a global history / Nile Green.

 BP190.5 .H44 E48 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Elver, Hilal.
   Title: The headscarf controversy : secularism and freedom of
                        religion / Hilal Elver.

 BP605 .F36 P46 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Penny, Benjamin,
   Title: The religion of Falun Gong / Benjamin Penny.

 BS2361.3 .N467 2013                      2013
   Title: A new New Testament : a Bible for the twenty-first
                        century, combining traditional and newly discovered
                        texts / edited with commentary by Hal Taussig ; with a
                        foreword by John Dominic Crossan.

 BT715 .F74 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Fredriksen, Paula.
   Title: Sin : the early history of an idea / Paula Fredriksen.

 BT752 .R565 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Rollins, Peter.
   Title: The idolatry of God : breaking our addiction to
                        certainty and satisfaction / Peter Rollins.

 BX830 1962.A3 T36 2012                   2012
   Conference Author: Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965)
   Title: Vatican II : the essential texts / documents edited by
                        Norman Tanner ; introductions from Pope Benedict XVI
                        and James Carroll ; prefatory material from Edward P.

 BX1378.2 .T58 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Tobin, Greg.
   Title: The good Pope : the making of a saint and the remaking
                        of the church : the story of John XXIII and Vatican II
                        / Greg Tobin.

 BX2182.2 .N668 2003                      2003
   Personal Author: Nouwen, Henri J. M.
   Title: Here and now : living in the Spirit with Guide for
                        reflection / Henri J.M. Nouwen.

 BX2220 .W57 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Wills, Garry, 1934-
   Title: Why priests? : a failed tradition / Garry Wills.

 BX2350.2 .N68 1992                       1994
   Personal Author: Nouwen, Henri J. M. (Henri Josef Machiel), 1932-.
   Title: The return of the prodigal son : a story of homecoming
                        / Henri J.M. Nouwen.

 BX6495 .D725 A3 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Drain, Lauren.
   Title: Banished : surviving my years in the Westboro Baptist
                        Church / Lauren Drain with Lisa Pulitzer.

 BX7260 .E3 M34 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: McClymond, Michael James, 1958-
   Title: The theology of Jonathan Edwards / Michael J.
                        McClymond and Gerald R. McDermott.

 BX8695 .Y7 T87 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Turner, John G.,
   Title: Brigham Young, pioneer prophet / John G. Turner.

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- C -
 CT275 .E546 A3 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Ensler, Eve, 1953-
   Title: In the body of the world / Eve Ensler.

 CT275 .P648 A3 2008                      2008
   Personal Author: Pirsig, Robert M.
   Title: Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance : an inquiry
                        into values / by Robert M. Pirsig.

 CT275 .V445 A3 1967                      1967
   Personal Author: Vaughan, George Lester.
   Title: The cotton renter's son, by G.L. Vaughan.

 CT3262 .T4 H88 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Hutchison, Kay Bailey, 1943-
   Title: Unflinching courage : pioneering women who shaped
                        Texas / Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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- D -
 D769.348 555 TH .S76 2013                2013
   Personal Author: Stone, Tanya Lee.
   Title: Courage has no color : the true story of the Triple
                        Nickles : America's first Black paratroopers / Tanya
                        Lee Stone.

 D804.6 .R37 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Rappaport, Doreen.
   Title: Beyond courage : the untold story of Jewish resistance
                        during the Holocaust.

 DS33.1 .H36 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Hansen, Valerie, 1958-
   Title: The Silk Road : a new history / Valerie Hansen.

 DS79.74 .S96 2005                        2005
   Personal Author: Swofford, Anthony.
   Title: Jarhead : a Marine's chronicle of the Gulf War and
                        other battles / Anthony Swofford.

 DS79.764 .B35 F56 2009                   2009
   Personal Author: Finkel, David, 1955-
   Title: The good soldiers / David Finkel.

 DS135 .E83 W36 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Wasserstein, Bernard.
   Title: On the eve : the Jews of Europe before the Second
                        World War / Bernard Wasserstein.

 DS215 .H68 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: House, Karen Elliott.
   Title: On Saudi Arabia : its people, past, religion, fault
                        lines--and future / Karen Elliott House.

 DS773.4 .L576 2011                       2011
   Personal Author: Liu, Heung Shing, 1951-
   Title: China in revolution : the road to 1911 / Liu Heung

 DT1971 .F67 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Foster, Douglas.
   Title: After Mandela : the struggle for freedom in
                        post-apartheid South Africa / Douglas Foster.

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- E -
 E99 .N3 P378 2010                        2010
   Personal Author: Pasternak, Judy, 1956-
   Title: Yellow dirt : an American story of a poisoned land and
                        a people betrayed / Judy Pasternak.

 E161 .B64 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: Boggan, Steve.
   Title: Follow the money : a month in the life of a ten-dollar
                        bill / Steve Boggan.

 E185.625 .R33 2004                       2004
   Title: Racial identity in context : the legacy of Kenneth B.
                        Clark / edited by Gina Philog*ene.

 E185.97 .K5 W325 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Watkins, Angela Farris.
   Title: Martin Luther King, Jr. : a King family tribute / by
                        Angela Farris Watkins ; foreword by Andrew Young.

 E185.97 .L5 A3 1992                      1992
   Personal Author: X, Malcolm, 1925-1965.
   Title: The autobiography of Malcolm X / with the assistance
                        of Alex Haley ; introduction by M.S. Handler ;
                        epilogue by Alex Haley.

 E342 .B77 2011                           2011
   Personal Author: Brookhiser, Richard.
   Title: James Madison / Richard Brookhiser.

 E354 .H535 2013                          2013
   Title: The War of 1812 : writings from America's second war
                        of independence / Donald R. Hickey, editor.

 E449 .L46 D38 1990                       1990
   Personal Author: Davis, Hugh, 1941-
   Title: Joshua Leavitt, evangelical abolitionist / Hugh Davis.

 E450 .L83 2012                           2012
   Title: The long walk to freedom : runaway slave narratives /
                        edited and with introductions by Devon W. Carbado and
                        Donald Weise.

 E464 .C482 2013                          2013
   Title: The Civil War : the third year told by those who lived
                        it / Brooks D. Simpson, editor.

 E487 .L494 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Levine, Bruce C., 1949-
   Title: The fall of the house of Dixie : the Civil War and the
                        social revolution that transformed the South / Bruce
 E540 .N3 C64 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Coddington, Ronald S., 1963-
   Title: African American faces of the Civil War : an album /
                        Ronald S. Coddington ; with a foreword by J. Matthew

 E840.8 .A37 A3 2003                      2003
   Personal Author: Albright, Madeleine Korbel.
   Title: Madam Secretary / Madeleine Albright, with Bill

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- F -
 F387 .D68 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Dooley-Awbrey, Betty.
   Title: Why stop? : a guide to Texas roadside historical
                        markers / Betty Awbrey and Stuart Awbrey, and the
                        Texas Historical Commission.

 F387 .U86 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Utley, Dan K.
   Title: History along the way : stories beyond the Texas
                        roadside markers / Dan K. Utley & Cynthia J. Beeman.

 F815 .G75 1995                           1995
   Personal Author: Griffith, James S.
   Title: A shared space : folklife in the Arizona-Sonora
                        borderlands / by James S. Griffith.

 F3169 .H86 2011                          2011
   Personal Author: Hunt, Terry L.
   Title: The statues that walked : unraveling the mystery of
                        Easter Island / Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo.

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- G -
 G70.212 .B64 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Bolstad, Paul.
   Title: GIS fundamentals : a first text on geographic
                        information systems / Paul Bolstad.

 G70.212 .G489 2010                       2010
   Title: Getting to know ArcGIS desktop / Timothy James Ormsby
                        ... [et al.].

 G70.212 .G74 2011 V.3                    2011
   Personal Author: Gorr, Wilpen L.
   Title: GIS tutorial : for ArcGIS 10 / Wilpen L. Gorr, Kristen
                        S. Kurland.

 G70.212 .H358 2011                       2011
   Personal Author: Harder, Christian.
   Title: Understanding GIS : an ArcGIS project workbook /
                        Christian Harder, Tim Ormsby, Thomas Balstrom.

 G70.212 .J46 2011                        2011
   Personal Author: Jennings, Nathan.
   Title: A Python primer for ArcGIS* / Nathan Jennings.

 G70.212 .P74 2012                        2013
   Personal Author: Price, Maribeth Hughett, 1963-
   Title: Mastering ArcGIS / Maribeth Price.

 G70.212 .Z36 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Zandbergen, Paul A., 1968-
   Title: Python scripting for ArcGIS / Paul A. Zandbergen.

 G154.5 .G55 A3 2010                      2010
   Personal Author: Gilbert, Elizabeth, 1969-
   Title: Eat, pray, love : one woman's search for everything
                        across Italy, India and Indonesia / Elizabeth Gilbert.

 GAME PC4271 .O44 1999                    1999
   Title: El gran juego de los verbos. [game].

 GB661.2 .S26 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Salzman, James.
   Title: Drinking water : a history / James Salzman.

 GE42 .M378 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: McCord, Edward LeRoy.
   Title: The value of species / Edward L. McCord.

 GF71 .H484 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Hetherington, Ren*ee.
   Title: Living in a dangerous climate : climate change and
                        human evolution / Ren*ee Hetherington.

 GN407 .B87 2013                          2013
   Title: The business of food.

 GR110 .T5 K45 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Kelsey, Mavis Parrott, 1912-
   Title: Texas sayings & folklore / Mavis Parrott Kelsey, Sr.

 GR166 .K5613 2012                        2012
   Title: Fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm : a new English
                        version / [edited] by Philip Pullman.

 GR524 .S37 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Scheub, Harold.
   Title: Trickster and hero : two characters in the oral and
                        written traditions of the world / Harold Scheub.

 GT511 .F365 2012                         2012
   Title: Fashion : the definitive history of costume and style
                        / [produced in association with the Smithsonian ;
                        Smithsonain consultant, Susan Brown].

 GT2853 .E8 K54 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Klemettil*a, Hannele.
   Title: The medieval kitchen : a social history with recipes /
                        Hannele Klemettil*a.

 GV711.5 .E88 2008                        2008
   Title: Essentials of strength training and conditioning /
                        National Strength and Conditioning Association ;
                        Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, editors.

 GV711.5 .F39 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Fay, Gail.
   Title: Sports : the ultimate teen guide / Gail Fay

 GV734.3 .C39 2011                        2011
   Title: Careers in sport, fitness, and exercise.

 GV837.9 .L64 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Lohn, John, 1976-
   Title: They ruled the pool : the 100 greatest swimmers in
                        history / John Lohn.

 GV884 .A1 C66 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Cohen, Robert W.
   Title: Pro basketball's all-time all-stars : across the eras
                        / Robert W. Cohen.

 GV943.8 .S39 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Saxena, Ashu.
   Title: Soccer : strategies for sustained coaching success /
                        Ashu Saxena ; foreword by Anson Dorrance.

 GV1202 .G46 T39 2010                     2010
   Title: Geocaching for schools and communities / J. Kevin
                        Taylor ... [et al.].

 GV1439 .W35 A3 2008                      2008
   Personal Author: Waitzkin, Josh.
   Title: The art of learning : an inner journey to optimal
                        performance / Josh Waitzkin.

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- H -
 H62 .T288 2012                           2012
   Title: Team-based learning in the social sciences and
                        humanities : group work that works to generate
                        critical thinking and engagement / edited by Michael
                        Sweet and Larry K. Michaelsen.

 HB171 .T36 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Taylor, Timothy, 1960-
   Title: The instant economist : everything you need to know
                        about how the economy works / Timothy Taylor.

 HB251 .F74 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Freeland, Chrystia, 1968-
   Title: Plutocrats : the rise of the new global super-rich and
                        the fall of everyone else / Chrystia Freeland.

 HB615 .B366 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Baron, Robert A.
   Title: Entrepreneurship : an evidence-based guide / Robert A.

 HB3717 2008 .F75 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Friedman, Jeffrey, 1959-
   Title: Engineering the financial crisis : systemic risk and
                        the failure of regulation / Jeffrey Friedman and
                        Wladimir Kraus.

 HC110 .I5 S867 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Stiglitz, Joseph E.
   Title: The price of inequality / Joseph E. Stiglitz.
 HC110 .P6 E34 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Edelman, Peter B.
   Title: So rich, so poor : why it's so hard to end poverty in
                        America / Peter Edelman.

 HC430 .F3 Y36513 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Yang, Jisheng, 1940-
   Title: Tombstone : the great Chinese famine, 1958-1962 / Yang
                        Jisheng ; translated from the Chinese by Stacy Mosher
                        and Guo Jian ; edited by Edward Friedman, Guo Jian,
                        and Stacy Mosher ; introduction by Edward Friedman and
                        Roderick MacFarquhar.

 HD30.2 .W3477 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Wander, Frank, 1957-
   Title: Transforming it culture : how to use social
                        intelligence, human factors, and collaboration to
                        create an IT department that outperforms / Frank

 HD30.28 .M3839 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: McKeever, Mike P.
   Title: How to write a business plan / Mike McKeever.

 HD38.2 .A43 2013                         2013
   Title: AMA business boot camp : management and leadership
                        fundamentals that will see you successfully through
                        your career / edited by Edward T. Reilly.

 HD45 .A46 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: Adner, Ron.
   Title: The wide lens : a new strategy for innovation / Ron

 HD57.7 .A765 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Arnold, Frank, 1973-
   Title: What makes great leaders great : management lessons
                        from icons who changed the world / by Frank Arnold.

 HD57.7 .D8486 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Duncan, Rodger Dean.
   Title: Change-friendly leadership : how to transform good
                        intentions into great performance / Rodger Dean

 HD58.8 .C317 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Cameron, Esther.
   Title: Making sense of change management : a complete guide
                        to the models, tools, and techniques of organizational
                        change / Esther Cameron and Mike Green.

 HD62.5 .L39 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Lewis, Jennifer.
   Title: Handmade : how eight everyday people became artisan
                        food entrepreneurs and their recipes for success /
                        Jennifer Lewis.

 HD2350.8 .R68 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Rothkopf, David J. (David Jochanan), 1955-
   Title: Power, Inc. : the epic rivalry between big business
                        and government--and the reckoning that lies ahead /
                        David Rothkopf.

 HD7125 .S327 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Schieber, Sylvester J.
   Title: The predictable surprise : the unraveling of the U.S.
                        retirement system / Sylvester J. Schieber.

 HD9569 .E95 C65 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Coll, Steve.
   Title: Private empire : ExxonMobil and American power / Steve

 HD9571.9 .B73 L87 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Lustgarten, Abrahm.
   Title: Run to failure : BP and the making of the Deepwater
                        Horizon disaster / Abrahm Lustgarten.

 HD9697 .T454 A44 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Lapsley, Phil, 1965-
   Title: Exploding the phone : the untold story of the
                        teenagers and outlaws who hacked Ma Bell / Phil

 HE7583 .U6 Z45 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Zelnick, Robert, 1940-
   Title: The illusion of net neutrality : political alarmism,
                        regulatory creep, and the real threat to Internet
                        freedom / Bob Zelnick and Eva Zelnick.

 HF5383 .F32 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Farr, J. Michael.
   Title: The quick resume & cover letter book : write and use
                        an effective resume in only one day / Michael Farr.

 HF5383 .S3275 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Schultze, Quentin J. (Quentin James), 1952-
   Title: R*esum*e 101 : a student and recent grad guide to
                        crafting r*esum*es and cover letters that land jobs /
                        Quentin J. Schultze ; foreword by Richard N. Bolle.

 HF5386 .R146 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Rabhan, Benji.
   Title: Failure is obsolete / Benji Rabhan.

 HF5415.15 .G68 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Gothelf, Jeff,
   Title: Lean UX : applying lean principles to improve user
                        experience / Jeff Gothelf ; Josh Seiden, editor.

 HF5548.4 .M523 S3534 2013                2013
   Personal Author: Schmuller, Joseph.
   Title: Statistical analysis with Excel for dummies / Joseph

 HF5548.4 .M525 M3744 2013                2013
   Personal Author: Marmel, Elaine J.
   Title: Teach yourself visually Office 2013 : the fast and                                                                                        
                        easy way to learn / Elaine Marmel.

 HF5549.5 .M63 A58 2011                   2011
   Personal Author: Amabile, Teresa.
   Title: The progress principle : using small wins to ignite
                        joy, engagement, and creativity at work / Teresa
                        Amabile, Steven Kramer.

 HF5549.5 .P39 G84 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Guerin, Lisa, 1964-
   Title: Smart policies for workplace technologies : email,
                        blogs, cell phones & more / Lisa Guerin ; [editor,
                        Richard Stim].

 HJ2051 .P476 2012                        2012
   Title: A people's guide to the federal budget / National
                        Priorities Project ; written by Mattea Kramer ... [et
                        al.] ; foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich ; afterword by
                        Josh Silver.

 HM741 .R35 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Rainie, Harrison.
   Title: Networked : the new social operating system / Lee
                        Rainie and Barry Wellman.

 HM851 .A66 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Andrews, Lori B., 1952-
   Title: I know who you are and I saw what you did : social
                        networks and the death of privacy / Lori Andrews.

 HM851 .M455 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Mele, Nicco.
   Title: The end of big : how the Internet makes David the new
                        Goliath / Nicco Mele.

 HM851 .M6653 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Morozov, Evgeny.
   Title: To save everything, click here : the folly of
                        technological solutionism / Evgeny Morozov.

 HQ75.4 .B49 A3 2002                      2002
   Personal Author: Berzon, Betty.
   Title: Surviving madness : a therapist's own story / Betty

 HQ767.5 .U5 E73 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Erdreich, Sarah,
   Title: Generation Roe : inside the future of the pro-choice
                        movement / Sarah Erdreich.

 HQ799.2 .I5 C59 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Clark, Lynn Schofield.
   Title: The parent app : understanding families in the digital
                        age / Lynn Schofield Clark.

 HQ1206 .D635 2008A                       2008
   Personal Author: Domar, Alice D.
   Title: Be happy without being perfect : how to worry less and
                        enjoy life more / Alice D. Domar and Alice Lesch                                                                                        

 HQ1206 .Y68 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Young, Valerie, Ed.D.
   Title: The secret thoughts of successful women : why capable
                        people suffer from the impostor syndrome and how to
                        thrive in spite of it / Valerie Young.

 HQ1413 .G527 D47 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Des Jardins, Julie.
   Title: Lillian Gilbreth : redefining domesticity / Julie Des
                        Jardins ; foreword by Carol Berkin.

 HQ1426 .F844 2013B                       2013
   Personal Author: Friedan, Betty.
   Title: The feminine mystique / Betty Friedan ; [introduction
                        by Gail Collins ; afterword by Anna Quindlen].

 HV33 .R66 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: Ronson, Jon, 1967-
   Title: The psychopath test : a journey through the madness
                        industry / Jon Ronson.

 HV888.5 .S65 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Solomon, Andrew, 1963-
   Title: Far from the tree : parents, children and the search
                        for identity / Andrew Solomon.

 HV4045 .P39 2009                         2009
   Personal Author: Payne, Ruby K.
   Title: Bridges out of poverty : strategies for professionals
                        and communities / Ruby K. Payne, Philip DeVol, Terie
                        Dreussi Smith.

 HV4506 .N6 C33 2010                      2010
   Personal Author: Cadillac Man
   Title: Land of the lost souls : my life on the streets /
                        Cadillac Man.

 HV4749 .M55 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Milionis, Allison,
   Title: Horse sanctuary / text by Allison Milionis ;
                        photography by Karen Tweedy-Holmes ; foreword by
                        Temple Grandin.

 HV5840 .M42 C5822 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Ainslie, Ricardo C.
   Title: The fight to save Ju*arez : life in the heart of
                        Mexico's drug war / by Ricardo C. Ainslie.

 HV6529 .R473 1993                        1993
   Personal Author: Ressler, Robert K.
   Title: Whoever fights monsters / Robert K. Ressler & Tom

 HV6558 .R374 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Raphael, Jody.
   Title: Rape is rape : how denial, distortion, and victim
                        blaming are fueling a hidden acquaintance rape crisis
                        / Jody Raphael, JD.

 HV6773 .K69 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Kowalski, Robin M.
   Title: Cyberbullying : bullying in the digital age / Robin M.
                        Kowalski, Susan P. Limber, Patricia W. Agatston.

 HV8073 .O36 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: O'Brien, James F., 1941-
   Title: The scientific Sherlock Holmes : cracking the case
                        with science and forensics / James F. O'Brien.

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- J -
 JC251 .W555 2010                         2010
   Personal Author: Wills, Garry, 1934-
   Title: Outside looking in : adventures of an observer / Garry

 JC585 .R44 2011                          2011
   Personal Author: Reed, Lawrence W.
   Title: A republic--if we can keep it / Lawrence W. Reed,
                        Burton W. Folsom, Jr.

 JK1118 .L46 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Lessig, Lawrence.
   Title: Republic, lost : how money corrupts Congress--and a
                        plan to stop it / Lawrence Lessig.

 JK4849 .P64 J55 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Jillson, Calvin C., 1949-
   Title: Lone star tarnished : a critical look at Texas
                        politics and public policy / Cal Jillson.

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- K -
 KF8742 .O276 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: O'Connor, Sandra Day, 1930-
   Title: Out of order : stories from the history of the Supreme
                        Court / Sandra Day O'Connor.

 KF8972 .F47 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Ferguson, Andrew G.
   Title: Why jury duty matters : a citizen's guide to
                        constitutional action / Andrew Guthrie Ferguson ; with
                        a foreword by Charles Ogletree, Jr.

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- L -
 LB1025.3 .H68 2010                       2010
   Title: How learning works : seven research-based principles
                        for smart teaching / Susan A. Ambrose ... [et al.] ;
                        foreword by Richard E. Mayer.

 LB1027.23 .S46 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Senechal, Diana.
   Title: Republic of noise : the loss of solitude in schools
                        and culture / Diana Senechal.

 LB1028.3 .O95 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Oviatt, Sharon.
   Title: The design of future educational interfaces / by
                        Sharon Oviatt.

 LB1032 .T38 2004                         2004
   Title: Team-based learning : a transformative use of small
                        groups in college teaching / edited by Larry K.
                        Michaelsen, Arletta Bauman Knight, L. Dee Fink.

 LB1631.5 .L83 2011                       2011
   Personal Author: Lucas, Amy.
   Title: Private tutor. Your complete SAT writing prep course
                        with Amy Lucas / [written by Amy Lucas].

 LB2328 .M587 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Morest, Vanessa Smith, 1969-
   Title: Community college student success : from boardrooms to
                        classrooms / Vanessa Smith Morest.

 LB2331 .F495 2003                        2003
   Personal Author: Fink, L. Dee, 1940-
   Title: Creating significant learning experiences : an
                        integrated approach to designing college courses / L.
                        Dee Fink.

 LB2822.83 .N5 K57 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Kirp, David L.
   Title: Improbable scholars : the rebirth of a great American
                        school system and a strategy for America's schools /
                        David L. Kirp.

 LB3060.33 .G45 G435 2010                 2010
   Personal Author: Van Slyke, Caren.
   Title: GED / Caren Van Slyke and associates.

 LB3060.33 .G45 M378 2013                 2013
   Personal Author: Martz, Geoff.
   Title: Cracking the GED / Geoff Martz ; practice tests by
                        Laurice Pearson.

 LB3060.33 .G45 P47 2012                  2012
   Title: Peterson's master the GED, 2013.

 LC146.6 .P39 2011                        2011
   Personal Author: Payne, Ruby K.
   Title: Boys in poverty : a framework for understanding
                        dropout / Ruby K. Payne, Paul D. Slocumb.

 LC1037.5 .C68 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Coplin, William D.
   Title: 10 things employers want you to learn in college,
                        revised : the skills you need to succeed / Bill
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- M -
 M175 .X6 C5265 2011                      2011
   Personal Author: Cheung, Pius, 1982-
   Title: Colors : intermediate etudes for marimba / composed by
                        Pius Cheung.

 ML399 .C76 2012                          2012                                                                                        
   Personal Author: Crowe, Julia.
   Title: My first guitar : tales of true love and lost chords /
                        Julia Crowe ; foreword by Andy Summers.

 ML410 .B42 G94 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Guerrieri, Matthew.
   Title: The first four notes : Beethoven's fifth and the human
                        imagination / by Matthew Guerrieri.

 ML410 .G978 E36 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Edgmon, Mary Jo Guthrie, 1922-
   Title: Woody's road : Woody Guthrie's letters home, drawings,
                        photos, and other unburied treasures / Mary Jo Guthrie
                        Edgmon and Guy Logsdon.

 ML419.A23 K58 2007                       2007
   Personal Author: Kite, Rebecca, 1951-
   Title: Keiko Abe : a virtuosic life : her musical career and
                        the evolution of the concert marimba / Rebecca Kite.

 ML419 .P367 A3 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Parker, Maceo.
   Title: 98% funky stuff : my life in music / Maceo Parker.

 ML420 .S445 A3 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Seeger, Pete, 1919-
   Title: Pete Seeger : in his own words / Pete Seeger ;
                        selected and edited by Rob Rosenthal and Sam

 ML1083 .A23 2012                         2012
   Title: The accordion in the Americas : klezmer, polka, tango,
                        zydeco, and more! / edited by Helena Simonett.

 ML3508.8 .N5 R613 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Rosenkrantz, Timme, -1969.
   Title: Harlem jazz adventures : a European baron's memoir,
                        1934-1969 / Timme Rosenkrantz ; adapted and edited by
                        Fradley Hamilton Garner.

 ML3790 .A29 2008                         2008
   Personal Author: Aczon, Michael A.
   Title: The musician's legal companion / Michael A. Aczon.

 ML3790 .A82 2010                         2010
   Personal Author: Avalon, Moses, 1962-
   Title: Secrets of negotiating a recording contract : the
                        musician's guide to understanding and avoiding sneaky
                        lawyer tricks / Moses Avalon.

 ML3790 .B776 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Brown, Jake.
   Title: Behind the boards : the making of rock 'n' roll's
                        greatest records revealed / Jake Brown.

 ML3790 .B87 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Bustelo, Dot.
   Title: Logic Pro for recording engineers and producers / Dot

 ML3790 .F67 2007                         2007
   Personal Author: Forest, Greg.
   Title: Produce & promote your music video / by Greg Forest.

 ML3790 .M57 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Mixerman.
   Title: Zen and the art of producing / Mixerman.

 ML3790 .R42 2012                         2012
   Title: The recording secrets behind 50 great albums / edited
                        by Kylee Swenson Gordon.

 ML3790 .R49 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Reynolds, Andy.
   Title: The tour book : how to get your music on the road /
                        Andy Reynolds.

 ML3790 .R53 2007                         2007
   Personal Author: Richardson, Claytoven.
   Title: The professional studio vocalist / Claytoven

 ML3790 .T65 2008                         2008
   Personal Author: Touzeau, Jeff.
   Title: Careers in audio / Jeff Touzeau.

 ML3795 .M174 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Mabry, Sharon.
   Title: The performing life : a singer's guide to survival /
                        Sharon Mabry.

 ML3970 .C59 2009                         2009
   Personal Author: Collins, Nicolas.
   Title: Handmade electronic music : the art of hardware
                        hacking / Nicolas Collins ; illustrated by Simon

 MT236 .D85                               1972
   Personal Author: Dufresne, Gaston.
   Title: Develop sight reading : for all bass clef instruments
                        / written by Gaston Dufresne ; edited by Roger Louis

 MT655 .A646 C6 2011                      2011
   Personal Author: Aleo, Keith.
   Title: Complementary percussion : a handbook for developing
                        tambourine, triangle, cymbals and bass drum
                        performance / Keith Aleo.

 MT719.2 .K58 2010                        1995
   Personal Author: Kite, Rebecca, 1951-
   Title: Reading mallet percussion music : four octave marimba
                        / Rebecca Kite.

 MT719.5 .P47 S5 2001                     2001
   Personal Author: Pershing, Karen Ervin.
   Title: Sight-reading duets for beginning mallet players /
                        Karen Ervin Pershing.  

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- N -
 N5201 .G48 2011                          2011
   Personal Author: Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976.
   Title: The joys of collecting / J. Paul Getty.

 N6537 .W86 W55 1987                      1987
   Personal Author: Wilmerding, John.
   Title: Andrew Wyeth : the Helga pictures / text by John

 N6853 .P5 A4 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: D'Alessandro, Stephanie.
   Title: Picasso and Chicago : 100 years, 100 works / Stephanie
                        D'Alessandro ; with an essay by Adam Gopnik.

 N6853 .P5 M345 2011                      2011
   Personal Author: McCully, Marilyn.
   Title: Picasso in Paris 1900-1907 / Marilyn McCully ; with
                        contributions by Nienke Bakker, Isabel Cendoya, Peter
                        Read ; edited by Michael Raeburn.

 NC997 .G563 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Hagen, Rebecca.
   Title: White space is not your enemy : a beginner's guide to
                        communicating visually through graphic, web &
                        multimedia design / Rebecca Hagen & Kim Golombisky.

 NC1429 .C295 S38 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Schumacher, Michael, 1950-
   Title: Al Capp : a life to the contrary / Michael Schumacher
                        and Denis Kitchen.

 ND553 .C33 D34 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Danchev, Alex.
   Title: C*ezanne : a life / Alex Danchev.

 ND553 .M37 A4 2012                       2012
   Title: Matisse : in search of true painting / edited by
                        Dorthe Aagesen and Rebecca Rabinow.

 ND623 .L5 A683 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: King, Ross, 1962-
   Title: Leonardo and the Last supper / Ross King.

 NE538 .L67 P76 2011                      2011
   Title: Proof : the rise of printmaking in southern California
                        / edited by Leah Lehmbeck.

 NE546 .P6 F73 1998                       1998
   Personal Author: Frank, Patrick, 1953-
   Title: Posada's broadsheets : Mexican popular imagery,
                        1890-1910 / Patrick Frank.

 NK4607 .S56 2013                         2013
   Title: 500 prints on clay : an inspiring collection of image
                        transfer work.

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- P -
 P94.5 .W65 C465 2012                     2012
   Title: Challenging images of women in the media : reinventing                                                                                        
                        women's lives / edited by Theresa Carilli and Jane

 P96 .C742 U638 2012                      2012
   Title: The harms of crime media : essays on the perpetuation
                        of racism, sexism and class stereotypes / edited by
                        Denise L. Bissler and Joan L. Conners.

 P106 .L235 2003                          2003
   Personal Author: Lakoff, George.
   Title: Metaphors we live by / George Lakoff and Mark Johnson.

 P115 .E2824 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Edwards, John, 1947 December 3-
   Title: Multilingualism : understanding linguistic diversity /
                        John Edwards.

 PA4025 .A2 M37 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Homer.
   Title: The Iliad / Homer ; Translated by Edward McCrorie ;
                        With an introduction and notes by Erwin Cook.

 PE1131 .G52 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Gillett, Amy.
   Title: Speak English like an American : you already speak
                        English-- now speak it even better! / Amy Gillett.

 PE1271 .H26 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Hale, Constance.
   Title: Vex, hex, smash, smooch : let verbs power your writing
                        / Constance Hale.

 PE1408 .Y34 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Yagoda, Ben.
   Title: How to Not Write Bad : the most common writing
                        problems and the best ways to avoid them / Ben Yagoda.

 PG3228 .G68 R43 2013                     2013
   Title: Red spectres : Russian Gothic tales from the twentieth
                        century / selected, translated from the Russian, and
                        with an introduction by Muireann Maguire.

 PG3476 .N3 Z825 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Pitzer, Andrea.
   Title: The secret history of Vladimir Nabokov / Andrea

 PJ7874 .U84 A2 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Y*usuf, Sa*d*i.
   Title: Nostalgia, my enemy : poems / Saadi Youssef ;
                        translated from the Arabic by Sinan Antoon and Peter

 PK6449 .E5 F33 2012                      2012
   Title: Faces of love : Hafez and the poets of Shiraz /
                        introduced and translated by Dick Davis.

 PL858 .G37 K3613 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Ogawa, Y*oko, 1962-
   Title: Revenge : eleven dark tales / Yoko Ogawa ; translated
                        by Stephen Snyder.

 PN56 .W22 C68 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Coverley, Merlin.
   Title: The art of wandering : the writer as walker / Merlin

 PN98 .N4 R47 2012                        2012
   Title: Rereading the New Criticism / Edited by Miranda B.
                        Hickman and John D. McIntyre.

 PN145 .L67 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Lopate, Phillip, 1943-
   Title: To show and to tell : the craft of literary nonfiction
                        / Phillip Lopate.

 PN1031 .A27 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Abrams, M. H. (Meyer Howard), 1912-
   Title: The fourth dimension of a poem : and other essays /
                        M.H. Abrams ; foreword by Harold Bloom.

 PN1059 .A9 F56 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Finch, Annie, 1956-
   Title: A poet's craft : a comprehensive guide to making and
                        sharing your poetry / Annie Finch.

 PN1707 .A335 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Adler, Stella.
   Title: Stella Adler on America's master playwrights : Eugene
                        O'Neill, Thornton Wilder, Clifford Odets, William
                        Saroyan, Tennessee Williams, William Inge, Arthur
                        Miller, Edward Albee / edited and with commentary by
                        Barry Paris.

 PN1922 .O84 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: O'Shannon, Dan.
   Title: What are you laughing at? : a comprehensive guide to
                        the comedic event / Dan O'Shannon.

 PN1992.77 .M226 M337 2013                2013
   Title: Mad men, mad world : sex, politics, style, and the
                        1960s / Lauren M. E. Goodlad, Lilya Kaganovsky, Robert
                        A. Rushing, editors.

 PN1992.8 .H54 S36 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Santa Ana, Otto, 1954-
   Title: Juan in a hundred : the representation of Latinos on
                        Network News / by Otto Santa Ana.

 PN1992.8 .R43 R385 2013                  2013
   Title: Reality television.

 PN1995.9 .M3 B37 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Basinger, Jeanine.
   Title: I do and I don't : a history of marriage in the movies
                        / Jeanine Basinger.

 PN1998.3 .H58 M36 2011                   2011                                                                                        
   Personal Author: McDevitt, Jim, 1974-
   Title: A year of Hitchcock : 52 weeks with the master of
                        suspense / Jim McDevitt, Eric San Juan.

 PN2055 .T49 2008                         2008
   Personal Author: Thomas, Randy.
   Title: Voice for hire : launch and maintain a lucrative
                        career in voice-overs / by Randy Thomas and Peter

 PN3335 .L26 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Landy, Joshua, 1965-
   Title: How to do things with fictions / Joshua Landy.

 PN3435 .S75 2013                         2013
   Title: Speculative fiction / editor, M. Keith Booker,
                        University of Arkansas.

 PN4726 .D44 2012                         2012
   Title: Deadline artists--scandals, tragedies, and triumphs :
                        more of America's greatest newspaper columns / edited
                        by John Avlon, Jesse Angelo & Errol Louis.

 PN4734.5 .N48 W38 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Watson, Thomas, 1967-
   Title: Dial M for Murdoch : News Corporation and the
                        corruption of Britain / Thomas Watson and Martin

 PN4784 .R2 S73 2009                      2009
   Personal Author: Starkey, Guy.
   Title: Radio journalism / Guy Starkey and Andrew Crisell.

 PN4784 .S6 S88 2010                      2010
   Personal Author: Stofer, Kathryn T.
   Title: Sports journalism : an introduction to reporting and
                        writing / Kathryn T. Stofer, James R. Schaffer, Brian
                        A. Rosenthal.

 PN4874 .N64 A3 2011                      2011
   Personal Author: Norris, Michele.
   Title: The grace of silence / Michele Norris.

 PN4888 .U5 I57 2011 PT.2                 2011
   Title: Insider histories of the Vietnam era underground press
                        / edited by Ken Wachsberger.

 PN6014 .N66 2009                         2009
   Title: The Norton anthology of world literature.

 PN6014 .N66 2012                         2012
   Title: The Norton anthology of world literature / Martin
                        Puchner, general editor ... [et al.].

 PQ2667 .R6 Z4613 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Groult, Beno*ite.
   Title: My escape : an autobiography / by Beno*ite Groult ;
                        translated by Nichole Gleisner.

 PQ3979.3 .T489 R8 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Th*uy, Kim.
   Title: Ru : a novel / Kim Th*uy ; translated from the French
                        by Sheila Fischman.

 PQ7297 .F793 A2 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Fuentes, Carlos.
   Title: Adam in Eden / Carlos Fuentes ; translated by E.
                        Shaskan Bumas and Alejandro Branger.

 PQ7297 .P285 A2 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Paz, Octavio, 1914-1998.
   Title: The poems of Octavio Paz / edited and translated by
                        Eliot Weinberger with additional translations by
                        Elizabeth Bishop ... [et al.].

 PQ7499.3 .H35 B6913 2012                 2012
   Personal Author: Halfon, Eduardo, 1971-
   Title: The Polish boxer / Eduardo Halfon ; translated by
                        Daniel Hahn, Ollie Brock, Lisa Dillman, Thomas
                        Bunstead, and Anne McLean.

 PQ8098.12 .O38 S5613 2012                2012
   Personal Author: Bola*no, Roberto, 1953-2003.
   Title: Woes of the true policeman / Roberto Bola*no ;
                        translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer.

 PQ8098.36 .A43 F6713 2013                2013
   Personal Author: Zambra, Alejandro, 1975-
   Title: Ways of going home / Alejandro Zambra ; translated
                        from the Spanish by Megan McDowell ; [illustrations on
                        title and part title pages by Charlotte Strick].

 PQ9281 .A66 L4813 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Saramago, Jos*e.
   Title: Raised from the ground / Jos*e Saramago ; translated
                        from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa.

 PR601 .T84 2012                          2012
   Title: The 20th century in poetry / edited by Michael Hulse
                        and Simon Rae.

 PR1972 .G353 B69 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Bowers, John M., 1949-
   Title: An introduction to the Gawain poet / John M. Bowers ;
                        foreword by R. Barton Palmer and Tison Pugh.

 PR3403 .Z5 F73 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Frank, Katherine.
   Title: Crusoe : Daniel Defoe, Robert Knox, and the creation
                        of a myth / Katherine Frank.

 PR4038 .L33 L36 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Lane, Maggie, 1947-
   Title: Understanding Austen : key concepts in the six novels
                        / Maggie Lane.

 PR4581 .C35 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Callow, Simon, 1949-                                                                                        
   Title: Charles Dickens and the great theatre of the world /
                        by Simon Callow.

 PR4582 .A43 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Allen, Michael, 1945-
   Title: Charles Dickens and the blacking factory / Michael

 PR4582 .G37 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Garnett, Robert Reginald.
   Title: Charles Dickens in love / Robert Garnett.

 PR4582 .G88 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Gottlieb, Robert, 1931-
   Title: Great expectations : the sons and daughters of Charles
                        Dickens / Robert Gottlieb.

 PR5398 .M57 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Montillo, Roseanne.
   Title: The lady and her monsters : a tale of dissections,
                        real-life Dr.  Frankensteins, and the creation of Mary
                        Shelley's masterpiece / Roseanne Montillo.

 PR6037 .T617 D788 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Steinmeyer, Jim, 1958-
   Title: Who was Dracula? : Bram Stoker's trail of blood / Jim

 PR6039 .H55 Z736 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Hollis, Matthew.
   Title: Now all roads lead to France : a life of Edward Thomas
                        / Matthew Hollis.

 PR6051 .M5 Z573 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Bradford, Richard, 1957-
   Title: Martin Amis : the biography / Richard Bradford.

 PR6069 .M59 N9 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Smith, Zadie.
   Title: NW / Zadie Smith.

 PR9199.3 .M8 D43 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Munro, Alice, 1931-
   Title: Dear life : stories / Alice Munro.

 PR9275 .A583 K56384 2013                 2013
   Personal Author: Kincaid, Jamaica.
   Title: See now then / Jamaica Kincaid.

 PS153 .N5 G273 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Gates, Henry Louis.
   Title: The Henry Louis Gates, Jr. reader / Henry Louis Gates,
                        Jr. ; edited by Abby Wolf.

 PS169 .A49 A48 2013                      2013
   Title: The American dream / editor, Keith Newlin, University
                        of North Carolina, Wilmington.

 PS169 .T74 A54 2013                      2013                                                                                        
   Title: American road literature / editor, Ronald Primeau,
                        Central Michigan University.

 PS316 .C36 2011                          2011
   Title: The Cambridge companion to nineteenth-century American
                        poetry / edited by Kerry Larson.

 PS374 .A38 H86 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Hume, Kathryn, 1945-
   Title: Aggressive fictions : reading the contemporary
                        American novel / Kathryn Hume.

 PS374 .B69 Z54 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Ziff, Larzer, 1927-
   Title: All-American boy / Larzer Ziff.

 PS374 .C57 B45 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Belletto, Steven.
   Title: No accident, comrade : chance and design in Cold War
                        American narratives / Steven Belletto.

 PS374 .G68 S78 2013                      2013
   Title: Southern gothic literature / editor, Jay Ellis,
                        University of Colorado.

 PS374 .M42 A34 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Adelman, Gary.
   Title: Sorrow's rigging : the novels of Cormac McCarthy, Don
                        DeLillo, and Robert Stone / Gary Adelman.

 PS374 .S76 S76 2013                      2013
   Title: Sports fiction / editors, Mike Cocchiarale and Scott

 PS374 .U5 S26 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Samuels, Shirley.
   Title: Reading the American novel, 1780-1865 / Shirley

 PS615 .P669 2013                         2013
   Title: Postmodern American poetry : a Norton anthology /
                        edited by Paul Hoover.

 PS617 .N49 2012                          2012
   Title: The new American poetry of engagement : a 21st century
                        anthology / edited by Ann Keniston and Jeffrey Gray.

 PS1541 .Z5 S675 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Socarides, Alexandra.
   Title: Dickinson unbound : paper, process, poetics /
                        Alexandra Socarides.

 PS2506 .M37 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Marshall, Megan,
   Title: Margaret Fuller : a new American life / Megan

 PS3501 .S475 Q53 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Ashbery, John, 1927-
   Title: Quick question : new poems / John Ashbery.

 PS3503 .I785 Z655 2012                   2012
   Title: Elizabeth Bishop in the twenty-first century : reading
                        the new editions / edited by Angus Cleghorn, Bethany
                        Hicok, and Thomas Travisano.

 PS3503 .R7244 Z53 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Banks, Margot Harper.
   Title: Religious allusion in the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks /
                        Margot Harper Banks.

 PS3505 .R272 Z725 2011                   2011
   Personal Author: Irwin, John T.
   Title: Hart Crane's poetry : "Appollinaire lived in Paris, I
                        live in Cleveland, Ohio" / John T. Irwin.

 PS3505 .U287 Z75 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Molesworth, Charles, 1941-
   Title: And bid him sing : a biography of Count*ee Cullen /
                        Charles Molesworth.

 PS3509 .L43 Z5985 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Atkins, G. Douglas (George Douglas), 1943-
   Title: Reading T.S. Eliot : four quartets and the journey
                        towards understanding / G. Douglas Atkins.

 PS3513 .E2 Z7945 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Geisel, Theodor Seuss, 1904-1991.
   Title: Dr. Seuss, the cat behind the hat / written by
                        Caroline M. Smith ; images compiled and edited by
                        William W. Dreyer, Michael Reagan, Robert Chase Jr.

 PS3515 .E37 Z617913 2011                 2011
   Title: Hemingway and Africa / edited by Miriam B. Mandel.

 PS3515 .U274 Z6843 2012                  2012
   Personal Author: Miller, W. Jason.
   Title: Langston Hughes and American lynching culture / W.
                        Jason Miller.

 PS3527 .A15 Z56 2012                     2012
   Title: Anatomy of a short story : Nabokov's puzzles, codes,
                        "Signs and symbols" / edited by Yuri Leving.

 PS3537 .W4786 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Swenson, May,
   Title: Collected poems / May Swenson ; Langdon Hammer,

 PS3545 .A82 A6 1999                      2000
   Personal Author: Waters, Frank, 1902-1995.
   Title: A Frank Waters reader : a Southwestern life in writing
                        / edited by Thomas J. Lyon.

 PS3551 .I2 2010                          2010
   Personal Author: Ai, 1947-2010.
   Title: The collected poems of Ai / introduction by Yusef

 PS3551 .R455 J87 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Armantrout, Rae, 1947-
   Title: Just saying / Rae Armantrout.

 PS3551 .S545 K56 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Askew, Rilla.
   Title: Kind of kin / Rilla Askew.

 PS3552 .A45 Z826 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Miller, D. Quentin (Daniel Quentin), 1967-
   Title: A criminal power : James Baldwin and the law / D.
                        Quentin Miller.

 PS3552 .E479 B57 2006                    2006
   Personal Author: Belieu, Erin, 1965-
   Title: Black box / Erin Belieu.

 PS3552 .E75 P48 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Berry, Wendell, 1934-
   Title: A place in time : twenty stories of the Port William
                        membership / Wendell Berry.

 PS3552 .U75 Z48 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997.
   Title: Rub out the words : the letters of William S.
                        Burroughs, 1959-1974 / edited and with an introduction
                        by Bill Morgan.

 PS3553 .O3 S6 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Codrescu, Andrei, 1946-
   Title: So recently rent a world : new and selected poems:
                        1968-2012 / by Andrei Codrescu.

 PS3553 .O55465 F38 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Cook, Thomas H.
   Title: Fatherhood : and other stories / Thomas H. Cook.

 PS3555 .R42 Z76 2013                     2013
   Title: Louise Erdrich / editor P. Jane Hafen.

 PS3556 .E77 B49 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Ferry, David, 1924-
   Title: Bewilderment : new poems and translations / David

 PS3556 .L894 Z467 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Flynn, Nick, 1960-
   Title: The reenactments / Nick Flynn.

 PS3556 .O55 F57 1992                     1992
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   Title: First confession / Montserrat Fontes.

 PS3557 .A8449 D47 2005                   2005
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                        de Alba.                    
 PS3557 .L8 C65 2012                      2012
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   Title: Poems 1962-2012 / Louise Gl*uck.

 PS3558 .A5133 S48 2012                   2012
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   Title: She loves me not : new and selected stories / Ron

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   Title: Last train to Nibroc / by Arlene Hutton.

 PS3562 .E42 A6 2012 V.1                  2012
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   Title: Denise Levertov : a poet's life / Dana Greene.

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 PS3563 .E75 A6 2013                      2013
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 PS3564 .I274 O5 2012                     2012
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 PS3565 .A8 D33 2013                      2013
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   Title: Daddy Love / Joyce Carol Oates.

 PS3565 .B75 Z57 2012                     2012
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   Title: Vietnam and beyond : Tim O'Brien and the power of
                        storytelling / Stefania Ciocia.

 PS3566 .L27 Z849 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Rollyson, Carl E. (Carl Edmund)
   Title: American Isis : the life and art of Sylvia Plath /
                        Carl Rollyson.

 PS3568 .O855 A6 2013B                    2013
   Personal Author: Roth, Philip.
   Title: Nemeses : Everyman ; Indignation ; The humbling ;
                        Nemesis / Philip Roth ; [Ross Miller wrote the
                        chronology and notes].

 PS3568 .O855 A6 2013Y                    2013
   Personal Author: Roth, Philip.
   Title: Novels 2001-2007 / Philip Roth.
 PS3569 .T9 Z48 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Styron, William, 1925-2006.
   Title: Selected letters of William Styron / edited by Rose
                        Styron, with R. Blakeslee Gilpin.

 PS3570 .O54 C666 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: MacLauchlin, Cory.
   Title: Butterfly in the typewriter : the tragic life of John
                        Kennedy Toole and the remarkable story of A
                        confederacy of dunces / Cory MacLauchlin.

 PS3572 .O5 Z7536 2013                    2013
   Title: Kurt Vonnegut / editor, Rob Tally.

 PS3572 .O5 Z8636 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Tally, Robert T.
   Title: Kurt Vonnegut and the American novel : a postmodern
                        iconography / Robert T. Tally Jr.

 PS3573 .A425 A6 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Walker, Alice, 1944-
   Title: The world will follow joy : turning madness into
                        flowers (new poems) / Alice Walker.

 PS3573 .I4483 W75 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Williams, C. K. (Charles Kenneth), 1936-
   Title: Writers writing dying / C. K. Williams.

 PS3606 .R347 Z46 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Fragoso, Margaux, 1979-
   Title: Tiger, tiger / Margaux Fragoso.

 PS3607 .R36295 R63 2007                  2007
   Personal Author: Grant, Lyman, 1953-
   Title: The road home : (poems, 1994-1997) / by Lyman Grant.

 PS3610 .A5873 U53 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Jansma, Kristopher.
   Title: The unchangeable spots of leopards / Kristopher

 PS3615 .K75 C67 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Okpik, Dg Nanouk.
   Title: Corpse whale / Dg Nanouk Okpik ; foreword by Arthur

 PS3616 .O8567 R43 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Poudrier, Jason.
   Title: Red fields : poems from Iraq / Jason Poudrier.

 PS3618 .E437 K57 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Reents, Stephanie, 1970-
   Title: The kissing list : fiction / Stephanie Reents.

 PS3618 .O676 R63 2012                    2012                                                                                        
   Personal Author: Rooney, Kathleen, 1980-
   Title: Robinson alone / Kathleen Rooney.

 PT9877.29 .O34 A5313 2013                2013
   Personal Author: Soderberg, Alexander.
   Title: The Andalucian friend : a novel / Alexander

 PZ7 .N15 BO 2006                         2006
   Personal Author: Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948-
   Title: Bound / Donna Jo Napoli.

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- Q -
 Q171 .R34 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: Rees, Martin J., 1942-
   Title: From here to infinity : a vision for the future of
                        science / Martin Rees.

 QA76.17 .D97 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Dyson, George, 1953-
   Title: Turing's cathedral : the origins of the digital
                        universe / George Dyson.

 QA76.59 .F57 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Firtman, Maximiliano R.
   Title: Programming the mobile web / Maximiliano Firtman.

 QA76.73 .M53 H34 2013                    2012
   Personal Author: Halvorson, Michael.
   Title: Learn Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 / Michael Halvorson.

 QA76.76 .H94 W36 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Wempen, Faithe.
   Title: Learn HTML5 / Faithe Wempen.

 QA76.76 .O63 .S73 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Stanek, William R.
   Title: Microsoft Windows server 2012 inside out / William R.

 QA76.76 .O63 M398 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: McFedries, Paul.
   Title: Teach yourself visually Windows 8 / Paul McFedries.

 QA76.774 .A53 G66 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Gookin, Dan.
   Title: Android tablets for dummies / by Dan Gookin.

 QA76.774 .M434 G73 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Gralla, Preston.
   Title: Windows 8 hacks / Preston Gralla.

 QA76.774 .M434 L963 2012                 2012
   Personal Author: Lynn, Samara.
   Title: Windows server 2012 : up and running / Samara Lynn.

 QA76.774 .M434 P64 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Pogue, David, 1963-
   Title: Windows 8 : the missing manual / David Pogue.

 QA76.9 .D343 M396 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Mayer-Sch*onberger, Viktor.
   Title: Big data : a revolution that will transform how we
                        live, work, and think / Viktor Mayer-Sch*onberger and
                        Kenneth Cukier.

 QA76.9 .M65 S879 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Stryker, Cole.
   Title: Hacking the future : privacy, identity, and anonymity
                        on the Web / Cole Stryker.

 QA93 .S75 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Stewart, Ian, 1945-
   Title: Visions of infinity : the great mathematical problems
                        / Ian Stewart.

 QA276.12 .G75 2009                       2009
   Personal Author: Griffiths, Dawn.
   Title: Head first statistics / Dawn Griffiths.

 QA445 .R53 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Rich, Barnett, 1906-
   Title: Geometry : includes plane, analytic, and
                        transformational geometries / Barnett Rich,
                        Christopher Thomas.

 QA531 .A97 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Moyer, Robert E.
   Title: Trigonometry : with calculator-based solutions /
                        Robert E. Moyer, Frank Ayres.

 QB43.3 .A73 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Arcand, Kimberly K.
   Title: Your ticket to the universe : a guide to exploring the
                        cosmos / Megan Watzke and Kimberly Arcand ; foreword
                        by Mario Livio.

 QB205 .A2 W85 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Wulf, Andrea.
   Title: Chasing Venus : the race to measure the heavens /
                        Andrea Wulf.

 QB500 .W43 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Webb, Stephen, 1963-
   Title: New eyes on the universe : twelve cosmic mysteries and
                        the tools we need to solve them / Stephen Webb.

 QB982 .H35 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Halpern, Paul, 1961-
   Title: Edge of the universe : a voyage to the cosmic horizon
                        and beyond / by Paul Halpern.

 QB982 .M39 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: May, Brian, 1947-
   Title: Bang! : the complete history of the Universe / Brian
                        May, Patrick Moore, Chris Lintott.

 QC23.2 .B68 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Bourg, David M.
   Title: Physics for game developers / David M. Bourg and Bryan

 QC33 .S5945 2009                         2009
   Personal Author: Silver, Jerry.
   Title: 125 physics projects for the evil genius / Jerry

 QC173.98 .B34 2011                       2011
   Personal Author: Baggott, J. E.
   Title: The quantum story : a history in 40 moments / Jim

 QC645 .T55 2007                          2007
   Personal Author: Tilbury, Mitch.
   Title: Ultimate tesla coil design and construction guide /
                        Mitch Tilbury.

 QC793.26 .L56 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Lincoln, Don.
   Title: Understanding the universe : from quarks to the cosmos
                        / Don Lincoln.

 QC864 .S64 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Spellman, Frank R.
   Title: The handbook of meteorology / Frank R. Spellman.

 QC884.2 .C5 P48 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Peters, E. Kirsten.
   Title: The whole story of climate : what science reveals
                        about the nature of endless change / E. Kirsten

 QE5 .S65 2013                            2013
   Personal Author: Spellman, Frank R.
   Title: The handbook of geoscience / Frank R. Spellman,
                        Melissa L. Stoudt.

 QE31 .G822 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Gribbin, John, 1946-
   Title: Planet Earth : a beginner's guide / John Gribbin with
                        Mary Gribbin.

 QE359 .A1 C48 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Chaline, Eric.
   Title: Fifty minerals that changed the course of history /
                        written by Eric Chaline.

 QE501 .H325 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Hazen, Robert M., 1948-
   Title: The story of Earth : the first 4.5 billion years, from
                        stardust to living planet / Robert M. Hazen.

 QE523 .T285 K55 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Klingaman, William K.
   Title: The year without summer : 1816 and the volcano that
                        darkened the world and changed history / William K.
                        Klingaman and Nicholas P. Klingaman.

 QE601 .P346 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Park, R. G. (R. Graham)
   Title: Introducing tectonics, rock structures and mountain
                        belts / Graham Park.

 QH81 .L56 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Leopold, Aldo, 1886-1948.
   Title: A Sand County almanac & other writings on ecology &
                        conservation / Aldo Leopold ; Curt Meine, editor.

 QH323.5 .S74 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Stewart, Ian, 1945-
   Title: The mathematics of life  / Ian Stewart.

 QH331 .P677 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Pross, Addy, 1945-
   Title: What is life? : how chemistry becomes biology / Addy

 QH362 .M67 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Moran, Jeffrey P.
   Title: American genesis : the antievolution controversies
                        from Scopes to creation science / Jeffrey P. Moran.

 QK98.5 .A1 S74 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Stewart, Amy.
   Title: The drunken botanist : the plants that create the
                        world's great drinks / by Amy Stewart.

 QL155 .V39 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Vequist, Gary.
   Title: Wildlife watching in America's national parks : a
                        seasonal guide / Gary W. Vequist & Daniel S. Licht.

 QL434 .F67 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Fortey, Richard A.
   Title: Horseshoe crabs and velvet worms : the story of the
                        animals and plants that time has left behind / by
                        Richard Fortey.

 QL496.5 .R68 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Rothenberg, David, 1962-
   Title: Bug music : how insects gave us rhythm and noise /
                        David Rothenberg.

 QL620 .L67 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Beer, Amy-Jane.
   Title: The illustrated world encyclopedia of marine fish &
                        sea creatures : a natural history and identification
                        guide to the animal life of the deep oceans, open
                        seas, reefs, shallow waters, saltwater estuaries, and
                        shorelines of the world / Amy-Jane Beer and Derek

 QL624 .L67 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Gilpin, Daniel.
   Title: The illustrated world encyclopedia of freshwater fish
                        & river creatures : a natural history and
                        identification guide to the aquatic animal life of
                        ponds, lakes and rivers, with more than 700 detailed
                        illustrations and photographs / Daniel Gilpin ;
                        consultant, Jenny Schmid-Araya.

 QL653 .T4 D59 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Dixon, James Ray.
   Title: Amphibians and reptiles of Texas : with keys,
                        taxonomic synopses, bibliography, and distribution
                        maps / James R. Dixon ; photographs by Toby J.

 QL653 .T4 T49 2012                       2012
   Title: Texas amphibians : a field guide / Bob Tipton ... [et

 QL676.7 .H57 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Hirschfeld, Erik.
   Title: The world's rarest birds / Erik Hirschfeld, Andy Swash
                        & Robert Still ; with contributions by Nick Langley
                        ... [et al.] ; and illustrations by Tomasz Cofta.

 QL696 .A52 J68 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Johnson, William P., 1969-
   Title: Texas waterfowl / William P. Johnson and Mark W.

 QL696 .S8 T39 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Taylor, Marianne, 1972-
   Title: Owls / [text by Marianne Taylor ; photos by Markus
                        Varesvuo ... et al.]

 QM151 .N45 2007                          2007
   Personal Author: Nelson, Arnold G., 1953-
   Title: Stretching anatomy / Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen
                        ; illustrated by Jason M. McAlexander.

 QM495 .W55 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Williams, Florence, 1967-
   Title: Breasts : a natural and unnatural history / Florence

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- R -
 R605 .L263 1999                          1999
   Personal Author: Lad, Vasant, 1943-
   Title: The complete book of Ayurvedic home remedies / Vasant
                        D. Lad ; illustrations by Vasant D. Lad.

 R834 .T46 2008                           2008
   Title: Team-based learning for health professions education :
                        a guide to using small groups for improving learning /
                        edited by Larry K. Michaelsen ... [et al.] ; foreword
                        by Diane M. Billings.

 RA569 .G294 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Gale, Robert Peter.
   Title: Radiation : what it is, what you need to know / Robert
                        Peter Gale, M.D.,Ph.D, and Eric Lax.

 RA781.7 .B757 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Broad, William J.                                                                                        
   Title: The science of yoga : the risks and the rewards /
                        William J. Broad.

 RA781.7 .Y44 2002                        2002
   Personal Author: Yee, Rodney.
   Title: Yoga : the poetry of the body / Rodney Yee with Nina
                        Zolotow ; photographs by Michal Venera.

 RA784 .C23524 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Campbell, T. Colin, 1934-
   Title: Whole : rethinking the science of nutrition / T. Colin
                        Campbell, PhD ; with Howard Jacobson, PhD.

 RC339.52 .K83 A3 1998                    1998
   Personal Author: K*ubler-Ross, Elisabeth.
   Title: The wheel of life : a memoir of living and dying /
                        Elisabeth K*ubler-Ross.

 RC339.52 .R64 A3 2009                    2009
   Personal Author: Kirschenbaum, Howard.
   Title: The life and work of Carl Rogers / Howard

 RC1218 .C45 M67 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Moser, Rosemarie Scolaro.
   Title: Ahead of the game : the parents' guide to youth sports
                        concussion / Rosemarie Scolaro Moser.

 RC1230 .C59 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Cooper, Chris E.
   Title: Run, swim, throw, cheat : the science behind drugs in
                        sport / Chris Cooper.

 RD97 .A55 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Andrews, James R. (James Rheuben), 1942-
   Title: Any given Monday : sports injuries and how to prevent
                        them, for athletes, parents, and coaches : based on my
                        life in sports medicine / James R. Andrews with Don

 RG556.5 .K36 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Kamberg, Mary-Lane, 1948-
   Title: Teen pregnancy and motherhood / Mary-Lane Kamberg.

 RM301.27 .G65 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Goldacre, Ben.
   Title: Bad pharma : how drug companies mislead doctors and
                        harm patients / Ben Goldacre.

 RM315 .S62 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Sobel, Stephen V.
   Title: Successful psychopharmacology : evidence-based
                        treatment solutions for achieving remission / Stephen
                        V. Sobel.

 RS160 .R64 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Rogers, Kara.
   Title: Out of nature : why drugs from plants matter to the
                        future of humanity / Kara Rogers.

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- S -
 SF140 .B54 D48 2012                      2012
   Title: Designer animals : mapping the issues in animal
                        biotechnology / edited by Conrad G. Brunk and Sarah

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- T -
 T14.5 .R86 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Rushkoff, Douglas.
   Title: Present shock : when everything happens now / Douglas

 TA455 .S3 M39 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: McWhan, Denis.
   Title: Sand and silicon : science that changed the world /
                        Denis McWhan.

 TD195 .N85 I84 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Iversen, Kristen.
   Title: Full body burden : growing up in the nuclear shadow of
                        Rocky Flats / Kristen Iversen.

 TJ15 .C44 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: Chaline, Eric.
   Title: Fifty machines that changed the course of history /
                        Eric Chaline.

 TJ211.35 .R66 2009                       2009
   Title: Robotics : modelling, planning and control / Bruno
                        Siciliano ... [et al.].

 TJ211.49 .R62 2012                       2012
   Title: Robot ethics : the ethical and social implications of
                        robotics / edited by Patrick Lin, Keith Abney, and
                        George A. Bekey.

 TK140 .T4 C47 2001                       2001
   Personal Author: Cheney, Margaret.
   Title: Tesla : man out of time / Margaret Cheney.

 TK140 .T4 M9 2010                        2010
   Personal Author: Tesla, Nikola, 1856-1943.
   Title: My inventions : the autobiography of Nikola Tesla /
                        Nikola Tesla.

 TK5102.3 .U6 G47 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Gertner, Jon.                                                                                        
   Title: The idea factory : Bell Labs and the great age of
                        American innovation / Jon Gertner.

 TK5105.875 .I57 D43 2012                 2012
   Title: The death of the Internet / edited by Markus

 TK5105.888 .M42 V.3                      2013
   Personal Author: McNeil, Patrick, 1975-
   Title: The Web designer's idea book. Volume 3, Inspiration
                        from today's best Web design trends, themes and styles
                        / Patrick McNeil.

 TK7816 .S347 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Scherz, Paul.
   Title: Practical electronics for inventors / Paul Scherz,
                        Simon Monk.

 TK7887 .M84 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Mueller, Scott,
   Title: Upgrading and repairing PCs / Scott Mueller.

 TK9965 .C88 2010                         2011
   Personal Author: Cutcher, Dave.
   Title: Electronic circuits for the evil genius : 64 lessons
                        with projects / Dave Cutcher.

 TK9965 .I25 2004                         2004
   Personal Author: Iannini, Robert E.
   Title: Electronic gadgets for the evil genius / Bob Iannini.

 TK9965 .I253 2006                        2006
   Personal Author: Iannini, Robert E.
   Title: More electronic gadgets for the evil genius / Robert

 TP248.23 .I56 2012                       2012
   Title: Innovation, dual use, and security : managing the
                        risks of emerging biological and chemical technologies
                        / edited by Jonathan B. Tucker ; foreword by Richard

 TR680 .M374 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Matter, Jordan,
   Title: Dancers among us : a celebration of joy in the
                        everyday / Jordan Matter.

 TR721 .M385 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Martineau, Paul, 1967-
   Title: Eliot Porter : in the realm of nature / [text by] Paul
                        Martineau ; with a foreword by Michael Brune.

 TR820.5 .N49 2011                        2011
   Title: The New York times magazine photographs / edited and
                        with a foreword by Kathy Ryan ; preface by Gerald
                        Marzorati ; photographs and notes by 140

 TR850 .P54 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Pincus, Edward.
   Title: The filmmaker's handbook : a comprehensive guide for
                        the digital age / Steven Ascher & Edward Pincus ;
                        drawings by Carol Keller and Robert Brun ; original
                        photographs by Ted Spagna and Stephen McCarthy ;
                        completely revised and updated by Steven Ascher with
                        contributions by David Leitner.

 TR897.7 .N33 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Naas, Paul J.
   Title: Autodesk Maya 2013 : essentials / Paul Naas.

 TR897.7 .P335 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Palamar, Todd.
   Title: Mastering Autodesk Maya 2013 / Todd Palamar ; [with
                        Lee Lanier and Anthony Honn ; contributing author,
                        Eric Keller].

 TT509 .L36 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Landis, Deborah Nadoolman.
   Title: Hollywood sketchbook : a century of costume
                        illustration / Deborah Nadoolman Landis.

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- U -
 UB271 .J3 M36 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Man, John, 1941-
   Title: Ninja : 1,000 years of the shadow warrior / John Man.

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- V -
 VK559 .D44 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Denny, Mark, 1953-
   Title: The science of navigation : from dead reckoning to GPS
                        / Mark Denny.
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- Z -
 Z246 .L87 2010                           2010
   Personal Author: Lupton, Ellen.
   Title: Thinking with type : a critical guide for designers,
                        writers, editors, & students / Ellen Lupton.

 Z249.3 .L57 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Lipson, Hod.
   Title: Fabricated : the new world of 3D printing / Hod
                        Lipson, Melba Kurman.

 Z653.7 .P43 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Pedley, Paul.
   Title: The e-copyright handbook / Paul Pedley.

 Z674.75 .W67 U85 2013                    2013
   Title: Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services : a LITA
                        Guide / edited by Aaron W. Dobbs, Ryan L. Sittler, and
                        Douglas Cook For the Library and Information
                        Technology Association.

 Z678 .W675 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Woodward, Jeannette A.
   Title: The transformed library : e-books, expertise, and
                        evolution / Jeannette Woodward.

 ZA3075 .O67 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Oppenheim, Charles.
   Title: The no-nonsense guide to legal issues in Web 2.0 and
                        cloud computing / Charles Oppenheim.

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White Library Popular Books
January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2013
 *POPULAR READING BENNETT                 2013
   Personal Author: Bennett, Robert Jackson, 1984-
   Title: American elsewhere / Robert Jackson Bennett.

 *POPULAR READING BRENNAN                 2013
   Personal Author: Brennan, Marie.
   Title: A natural history of dragons : a memoir by Lady Trent
                        / Marie Brennan.

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2012
   Personal Author: Brown, Jeremy.
   Title: Hook and shoot / Jeremy Brown.

 *POPULAR READING DOBYNS                  2013
   Personal Author: Dobyns, Stephen, 1941-
   Title: The burn palace / Stephen Dobyns.

 *POPULAR READING EVANOVICH               2013
   Personal Author: Evanovich, Janet.
   Title: The husband list / Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly.

 *POPULAR READING GANESAN                 2013
   Personal Author: Ganesan, Indira.
   Title: As sweet as honey : a novel / Indira Ganesan.
 *POPULAR READING GARCIA                  2011
   Personal Author: Garcia, Kami.
   Title: Beautiful chaos / by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl.

 *POPULAR READING GARCIA                  2012
   Personal Author: Garcia, Kami.
   Title: Beautiful redemption / by Kami Garcia & Margaret

 *POPULAR READING GARDNER                 2013
   Personal Author: Gardner, Lisa.
   Title: Touch & go / Lisa Gardner.

 *POPULAR READING GOMBOS                  2013
   Title: The Legend of Zelda : Hyrule Historia / translated by
                        Michael Gombos ... [et al.].

 *POPULAR READING GRAY                    2013
   Personal Author: Gray, Juliana, 1972-
   Title: A duke never yields / Juliana Gray.

 *POPULAR READING GREENWOOD               2013
   Personal Author: Greenwood, Kerry.
   Title: Unnatural habits : a Phryne Fisher mystery / Kerry

 *POPULAR READING HAMILTON                2013
   Personal Author: Hamilton, Ian, 1946-
   Title: The disciple of Las Vegas : an Ava Lee novel / Ian

 *POPULAR READING HATCH                   2013
   Personal Author: Hatch, Thom, 1946-
   Title: The last outlaws : the lives and legends of Butch
                        Cassidy and the Sundance Kid / by Thom Hatch.

 *POPULAR READING HOBBS                   2013
   Personal Author: Hobbs, Roger.
   Title: Ghostman / Roger Hobbs.

 *POPULAR READING HOUGH                   2013
   Personal Author: Hough, Robert, 1963-
   Title: Dr. Brinkley's tower : a novel / Robert Hough.

 *POPULAR READING LU                      2013
   Personal Author: Lu, Marie, 1984-
   Title: Prodigy : a Legend novel / Marie Lu.

 *POPULAR READING MASON                   2013
   Personal Author: Mason, Jamie.
   Title: Three graves full / Jamie Mason.

 *POPULAR READING MCGRAW                  2012
   Personal Author: McGraw, Phillip C., 1950-
   Title: Life code : the new rules for winning in the real
                        world / by Phil McGraw.

 *POPULAR READING MOSS                    2013
   Personal Author: Moss, Michael, 1955-                                                                                        
   Title: Salt, sugar, fat : how the food giants hooked us /
                        Michael Moss.

 *POPULAR READING PATRY                   2011
   Personal Author: Patry, William F.
   Title: How to fix copyright / William Patry.

 *POPULAR READING RECITAS                 2013
   Personal Author: Recitas, Lyn-Genet.
   Title: The plan : eliminate the surprising "healthy" foods
                        that are making you fat-- and lose weight fast /
                        Lyn-Genet Recitas.

 *POPULAR READING ROBB                    2013
   Personal Author: Robb, J. D., 1950-
   Title: Calculated in death / J.D. Robb.

 *POPULAR READING ROLLINS                 2013
   Personal Author: Rollins, James, 1961-
   Title: The blood gospel / James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell.

 *POPULAR READING RUSSELL                 2013
   Personal Author: Russell, Karen, 1981-
   Title: Vampires in the lemon grove : stories / Karen Russell.

 *POPULAR READING SEYMOUR                 2013
   Personal Author: Seymour, Gerald.
   Title: A deniable death / Gerald Seymour.

 *POPULAR READING SITES                   2013
   Personal Author: Sites, Kevin.
   Title: The things they cannot say : stories soldiers won't
                        tell you about what they've seen, done or failed to do
                        in war / Kevin Sites.

 *POPULAR READING STEEL                   2013
   Personal Author: Steel, Danielle.
   Title: Until the end of time : a novel / Danielle Steel.

 *POPULAR READING STRAYED                 2012
   Personal Author: Strayed, Cheryl, 1968-
   Title: Wild : from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail /
                        Cheryl Strayed.

 *POPULAR READING VALENTE                 2013
   Personal Author: Valente, Catherynne M., 1979-
   Title: Six-gun Snow White / Catherynne M. Valente.

 *POPULAR READING WOODS                   2012
   Personal Author: Woods, Stuart.
   Title: Collateral damage : a Stone Barrington novel / Stuart

 *POPULAR READING WOUK                    2012
   Personal Author: Wouk, Herman, 1915-
   Title: The lawgiver / Herman Wouk.

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                        2012
   Personal Author: Brown, Rita Mae.                                                                                        
   Title: Sneaky pie for president : a novel / Rita Mae Brown &
                        Sneaky Pie Brown ; illustrated by Michael Gellatly.

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White Library Reference Books
April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013
 REF BL65.C45 B35 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Bald, Margaret.
   Title: Literature suppressed on religious grounds / Margaret
                        Bald ; preface by Ken Wachsberger.

 REF DF77 .C345 2011                      2011
   Personal Author: Cartledge, Paul.
   Title: Ancient Greece : a very short introduction / Paul

 REF DG231 .G89 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Gwynn, David M. (David Morton), 1975-
   Title: The Roman Republic : a very short introduction / David
                        M. Gwynn.

 REF DT58 .B96 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Bunson, Margaret.
   Title: Encyclopedia of ancient Egypt / Margaret R. Bunson.
 REF T57.85 .C38 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Caldarelli, Guido.
   Title: Networks : a very short introduction / Guido
                        Caldarelli, Michele Catanzaro.

 REF E123 .R387 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Restall, Matthew, 1964-
   Title: The conquistadors : a very short introduction /
                        Matthew Restall and Felipe Fern*andez-Armesto.

 REF E178 .B782 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Boyer, Paul S.
   Title: American history : a very short introduction / Paul S.

 REF E187 .E96 2013 V.1                   2013
   Title: Exploration & colonial America (1492-1755) / editor,
                        Daisy Martin, Ph.D.

 REF E203 .A5727 2013 V.1                 2013
   Title: The American Revolution (1754-1805) / editor, Peter

 REF E45 .T39 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Taylor, Alan, 1955-
   Title: Colonial America : a very short introduction / Alan

 REF E450 .W323 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Walters, Kerry S.
   Title: The Underground Railroad : a reference guide / Kerry

 REF E468.3 .W34 2011                     2011
   Personal Author: Wagner, Margaret E.
   Title: The Library of Congress illustrated time line of the
                        Civil War / Margaret E. Wagner ; introduction by Gary
                        W. Gallagher ; picture editor, Athena Angelos.

 REF G63 .H375 2011                       2011
   Personal Author: Hanks, Reuel R.
   Title: Encyclopedia of geography terms, themes, and concepts
                        / Reuel R. Hanks ; contributing author, Stephen J.

 REF HB3743 .R67 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Rosenberg, Jerry Martin.
   Title: The concise encyclopedia of the great recession
                        2007-2012 / Jerry M. Rosenberg.

 REF HV6556 .S447 2013 V.1                2013
   Title: Sexual violence and abuse : an encyclopedia of
                        prevention, impacts, and recovery / Judy L. Postmus,

 REF KF245 .U55 2010                      2010
   Title: The bluebook : a uniform system of citation / compiled
                        by the editors of the Columbia Law Review, the Harvard
                        Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review,
                        and the Yale Law Journal.

 REF ML102.J3 D38 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Davis, John S., 1960-
   Title: Historical dictionary of jazz / John S. Davis.                                                                                        

 REF ML1200 .H65 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Holoman, D. Kern, 1947-
   Title: The orchestra : a very short introduction / D. Kern

 REF N2030 .G74 2011                      2011
   Personal Author: Grebe, Anja.
   Title: The Louvre : all the paintings / preface by Henri
                        Loyrette ; photography by Erich Lessing ; edited and
                        introductions by Vincent Pomar*ede ; text by Anja

 REF N6490 .D358 2011                     2011
   Title: Defining contemporary art : 25 years in 200 pivotal
                        artworks / [authors, Daniel Birnbaum ... et al.].

 REF PE1628 .A623 2011                    2011
   Title: The American Heritage dictionary of the English

 REF PN3435 .G76 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Groom, Nick, 1966-
   Title: The gothic : a very short introduction / Nick Groom.

 REF PN44.5 .K58 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Klages, Mary.
   Title: Key terms in literary theory / Mary Klages.

 REF PN56.E7 S68 2011                     2011
   Personal Author: Sova, Dawn B.
   Title: Literature suppressed on sexual grounds / Dawn B. Sova
                        ; preface by Ken Wachsberger.

 REF PN6081 .B27 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Bartlett, John, 1820-1905.
   Title: Bartlett's familiar quotations : a collection of
                        passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their
                        sources in ancient and modern literature / John
                        Bartlett ; Geoffrey O'Brien, general editor.

 REF PQ7081 .G6315 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Gonz*alez Echevarr*ia, Roberto.
   Title: Modern Latin American literature : a very short
                        introduction / Roberto Gonz*alez Echevarr*ia.

 REF PS228.B6 V37 2012                    2012
   Personal Author: Varner, Paul.
   Title: Historical dictionary of the beat movement / Paul

 REF QA273 .H35 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Haigh, John, 1955-
   Title: Probability : a very short introduction / John Haigh.

 REF QC795 .T86 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Tuniz, C. (Claudio)
   Title: Radioactivity : a very short introduction / Claudio

 REF QL703 .H355 2009 V.1                 2009
   Title: Handbook of the mammals of the world / chief editors,
                        Don E. Wilson, Russell A. Mittermeier ; authors, Paolo
                        Cavallini [and 16 others] ; color plates,Toni Llobet.

 REF RA644.P7 S653 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Slack, Paul.
   Title: Plague : a very short introduction / Paul Slack.

 REF RC454 .W66 2007                      2007
   Personal Author: Wood, Jeffrey C.
   Title: Getting help : the complete & authoritative guide to
                        self-assessment and treatment of mental health
                        problems / Jeffrey C. Wood.

 REF RC483 .P737 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Preston, John, 1950-
   Title: Handbook of clinical psychopharmacology for therapists
                        / John D. Preston, PsyD, ABPP, John H. O'Neill, MD,
                        and Mary C. Talaga, RPh, PhD.

 REF RD81 .O36 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: O'Donnell, Aidan (Anesthetist)
   Title: Anaesthesia : a very short introduction / Aidan

 REF TA145 .M85 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Muir Wood, David, 1949-
   Title: Civil engineering : a very short introduction / David
                        Muir Wood.

 REF Z658.U5 K37 2011                     2011
   Personal Author: Karolides, Nicholas J.
   Title: Literature suppressed on political grounds / Nicholas
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 REF Z658.U5 S69 2011                     2011
   Personal Author: Sova, Dawn B.
   Title: Literature suppressed on social grounds / Dawn B. Sova
                        ; preface by Ken Wachsberger.

 REF Z7164.C81 S7796 2012                 2012
   Personal Author: Moss, Rita W.
   Title: Strauss's handbook of business information : a guide
                        for librarians, students, and researchers / Rita W.
                        Moss and David G. Ernsthausen.

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White Library Locked Case
April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013
 LOCKED CASE PS3607.R36295 A7 2011        2011
   Personal Author: Grant, Lyman, 1953-
   Title: As long as we need / Lyman Grant.

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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013
 DVDROM 37                                2011
   Title: Learning C++ [videorecording].

 DVDROM 43                                2012
   Title: Learning Autodesk Maya 2013 [electronic resource] : a
                        video introduction.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 24                     2007
   Title: The untouchables [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures
                        presents an Art Linson production, a Brian De Palma
                        film ; produced by Art Linson ; written by David Mamet
                        ; directed by Brian De Palma.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 25 DISC 1-2            2013
   Title: Life of Pi [videorecording] / Fox 2000 Pictures
                        presents a Haishang Films/Gil Netter production ;
                        produced by Gil Netter, Ang Lee, David Womark ;
                        screenplay by David Magee ; directed by Ang Lee.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 26 DISC 1-2            2013
   Title: Argo [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents
                        in association with GK Films ; a Smokehouse Pictures
                        production ; produced by Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck,
                        George Clooney ; screenplay by Chris Terrio ; directed
                        by Ben Affleck.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 27 DISC 1-2            2012
   Title: Beasts of the southern wild [videorecording] / Fox
                        Searchlight Pictures presents ; a Cinereach and Court
                        13 production ; directed by Benh Zeitlin ; screenplay
                        by Lucy Alibar & Benh Zeitlin ; produced by Dan Janvey
                        & Josh Penn, Michael Gottwald.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 28                     2011
   Title: Papillon [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures ;
                        Allied Artists present ; directed by Franklin J.
                        Schaffner ;  screenplay by writers Dalton Trumbo and 
                        Lorenzo Semple, Jr. ; produced by Robert Dorfmann and
                        Franklin J. Schaffner.

 VIDEO DISC DVD  2110                     2011
   Title: Waiting for "Superman" [videorecording] / Paramount
                        Vantage and Participant Media present ; in association
                        with Walden Media ; an Electric Kinney production ;
                        written by Davis Guggenheim & Billy Kimball ; produced
                        by Lesley Chilcott ; directed by Davis Guggenheim.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2108                      2013
   Title: The perks of being a wallflower [videorecording] /
                        Summit Entertainment presents ; a Mr. Mudd production
                        ; director of photography, Andrew Dunn ; produced by
                        Lianne Halfon, Russell Smith and John Malkovich ;
                        screenplay by Stephen Chbosky ; directed by Stephen

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2109                      2005
   Title: The Phantom of the Opera [videorecording] / Warner
                        Bros. Pictures presents ; in association with Odyssey
                        Entertainment ; a Really Useful Films, Scion Films
                        production ; directed by Joel Schumacher ; screenplay
                        by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Joel Schumacher ; produced by
                        Andrew Lloyd Webber.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2111                      2010
   Title: Malcolm X [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures
                        presents in association with Largo International N.V.,
                        a 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks production, a Marvin
                        Worth production, a Spike Lee joint ; produced by
                        Marvin Worth and Spike Lee ; screenplay by Arnold Perl
                        and Spike Lee ; directed by Spike Lee.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2112                      2013
   Title: Lincoln / DreamWorks Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox
                        and Reliance Entertainment present in association with
                        Participant Media and Dune Entertainment ; directed by
                        Steven Spielberg ; screenplay by Tony Kushner ;
                        produced by Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy ;
                        executive producers, Daniel Lupi, Jeff Skoll, Jonathan
                        King ; an Amblin Entertainment / Kennedy/Marshall
                        Company production ; a Steven Spielberg film.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2113                      2005
   Title: Breath [videorecording] / by Joan Wall and Robert
                        Caldwell ; produced by Pst ... Inc.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2114                      2005
   Title: Resonance [videorecording] / written by Robert
                        Caldwell ; animated by Robert Caldwell ; produced by

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2115                      2005
   Title: The singer's voice. Vocal folds [videorecording] /
                        produced by PST ... Inc. ; by Joan Wall and Robert

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2116                      2013
   Title: The abolitionists [videorecording] / American
                        Experience Films presents ; written, produced &
                        directed by Rob Rapley ; an Apograph Productions Inc.
                        film for American Experience ; a production of WGBH.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2117                      2012
   Title: Computers and information technology [videorecording]
                        / produced for Cambridge Educational ; produced by
                        Primitive World Productions ;
                        writer/director/producer, Deborah Arnold Brown.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2118                      2012
   Title: Data [videorecording] : ethical use and storage /
                        director/writer, Michael Kratochvil ; producer, Anoar

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2119                      2010
   Title: Design [videorecording] : a team approach / VEA.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2120                      2011
   Title: ICT in the real world [videorecording] : skills for
                        the workplace.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2121                      2012
   Title: Mobile app research and planning [videorecording] /
                        Films for the Humanities & Sciences ; VEA Group Pty

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2122                      2012
   Title: Mobile app development and deployment [videorecording]
                        / Films for the Humanities & Sciences ; VEA Group Pty
                        Ltd ; directed by Kurt Breitenmoser.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2123                      2011
   Title: Multimedia systems [videorecording] / director/writer,
                        Michael Kratochvil ; producer, Andar Ahmed ; a Films
                        for the Humanities & Sciences presentation.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2124                      2007
   Title: Succeeding on the job [videorecording] / produced by
                        NaJor Productions.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2125                      2000
   Title: Leadership and the one minute manager [videorecording]
                        / a production of B & B Communications ... in
                        cooperation with the Ken Blanchard Companies.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2126                      2011
   Title: Secrets of body language [videorecording] / written,
                        produced and directed by James Millar ; produced by
                        ITV Productions for History ; A&E Television Networks.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2127                      2007
   Title: 10 questions for the Dalai Lama [videorecording] / a
                        Last Ditch Effort production ; a film by Rick Ray ;
                        produced by Rick Ray, Sharon Ray ; written, directed
                        and filmed by Rick Ray.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2128                      2006
   Title: Bukowski [videorecording] : born into this / a
                        Pictures From Earth presentation ; produced and
                        directed by John Dullaghan.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2129                      2009
   Title: August evening [videorecording] / Maya Entertainment
                        in association with Doki-Doki Productions presents ;
                        produced by Connie Hill, Jason Wehling ; written by
                        Chris Eska ; directed by Chris Eska.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2130                      2007
   Title: El laberinto del fauno [videorecording] / Picturehouse
                        ; Telecinco presenta ; una producci*on de Estudios
                        Picasso, Tequilla Gang, Esperanto Filmoj ; en
                        asociacion con Caf*eFX, Inc. ; escrita, producida y
                        dirigida por Guillermo del Toro ; producida por Bertha
                        Navarro ... [et al.].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2131 DISC 1-4             2010
   Title: Family guy. Volume one [videorecording] / 20th Century
                        Fox Television ; Film Roman Productions ; Fuzzy Door
                        Productions ; created by Seth MacFarlane ; executive
                        producers, Seth MacFarlane, David Zuckerman.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2132 DISC 1-3             2010
   Title: Family guy. Volume 2 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2133 DISC 1-3             2005
   Title: Family guy. Volume three. Season 4, [part 1]
                        [videorecording] / created by Seth McFarlane.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2134 DISC 1               2004
   Title: Seinfeld. Seasons 1 & 2 [videorecording] / created by
                        Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld ; a West/Shapiro
                        production in association with Castle Rock
                        Entertainment ; Sony Pictures Television.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2135 DISC 1-4             2010
   Title: Friends. Season 1 [videorecording] / Bright Kaufman
                        Crane Productions ; executive producers, Kevin S.
                        Bright, Marta Kauffman, David Crane.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2136 DISC 1-4             2010
   Title: Friends. The complete second season [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2137                      2006
   Title: El viaje de Carol [videorecording] = Carol's journey /
                        una producci*on Aiete-Ariane Films, Sogecine
                        (Espa*na), Take 2000 (Portugal) ; con la
                        participaci*on de Televisi*on Espa*nola ... [et al.] ;
                        gui*on de *Angel Garc*ia Rold*an, Imanol Uribe ;
                        producida por Andr*es Santana, Fernando Bovaira ;
                        dirigida por Imanol Uribe.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2138                      2008
   Title: El orfanato [videorecording] = The orphanage /
                        Picturehouse ; Guillermo del Toro presenta ; una
                        produccion de Rodar y Rodar ; y Telecinco Cinema ; con
                        la colaboracion de Warner Bros. Pictures de Espa*na ;
                        dirigida por J.A. Bayona ; gui*on, Sergio G. Sanchez ;
                        producida por Mar Targarona, Joaqu*in Padro, *Alvaro

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2139 DISC 1-4             2003
   Title: Cheers. The complete first season [videorecording] /
                        Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions ; Paramount
                        Television ; directors, Tim Berry, James Burrows ;
                        writers, David Angell, Rod Burton, Peter Casey.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2140 DISC 1-4             2003
   Title: Cheers. The complete second season [videorecording] /
                        Charles Burrows Productions.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2141 DISC 1-4             2004
   Title: Cheers. The complete third season [videorecording] /
                        Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions ; Paramount
                        Television ; directors, Andy Ackerman, Tim Berry,
                        James Burrows.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2142 DISC 1-36            2006
   Title: M*A*S*H [videorecording] : martinis & medicine
                        collection / developed for television by Larry Gelbart
                        ; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2143 DISC 1-4             2010
   Title: Friends. The complete third season [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2144                      2012
   Title: Working together [videorecording] : professionalism
                        101 / Cambridge Educational [and] MotionMasters

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2145                      2008
   Title: Inside a computer [videorecording] / produced &
                        directed by Kurt Breitenmoser ; written by Luke
                        Preston ; Classroom Video.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2146                      2003
   Title: Lifting the lid [videorecording] : how computers work
                        / produced by Video Education Australasia ; script,
                        Richard Leigh, Christine Henderson ; camera, Leigh
                        Tilson, Richard Leigh ; producer, Richard Leigh.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2147                      2011
   Title: Effective internet search [videorecording] : basic
                        tools and advanced strategies / Cambridge Educational
                        ; Fabian-Baber Communication ; writers, Rhonda Fabian
                        ... [et al.] ; producer, Jerry Baber ; director,
                        Rhonda Fabian.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2148                      2011
   Title: Plagiarism 2.0 [videorecording] : information ethics
                        in the digital age / director, Rhonda Fabian ;
                        producer, Jerry Baber ; writers, Rhonda Fabian ... [et
                        al.] ; Cambridge Educational ; Fabian-Baber

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2149                      2011
   Title: Recognizing online propaganda, bias, and advertising

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2150                      2011
   Title: Responding to diversity [videorecording] : and
                        respecting differences / written by Akela Stanfield ;
                        directed by Rise Sanders-Weir, Tracy Ullman.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2151                      2003
   Title: A doll's house [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
                        ; Elkins Productions Ltd. in association with Freeward
                        Films Ltd. ; by Henrik Ibsen ; directed by Patrick
                        Garland ; screenplay by Christopher Hampton ; produced
                        by Hillard Elkins in association with Paul Kael.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2152                      2005
   Title: Plagiarism [videorecording] : what do you value? /
                        Learning Essentials ; producer, Edwina Baden-Powell ;
                        writer/associate producer, Simon Garner ; director,
                        Michael Henry.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2153                      2007
   Title: Summer of love [videorecording] / a Franco Dolgin
                        Productions film for American Experience in
                        association with KQED ; WGBH ; written, produced and
                        directed by Gail Dolgin & Vicente Franco.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2154                      2007
   Title: John Carpenter's Halloween [videorecording] / Falcon
                        International Productions ; a Compass International
                        Pictures release ; Moustapha Akkad presents ;
                        screenplay by John Carpenter and Debra Hill ; produced
                        by Debra Hill ; directed by John Carpenter.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2155                      1998
   Title: Image of an assassination [videorecording] : a new
                        look at the Zapruder film / MPI Teleproductions ;
                        produced and directed by H.D. Motyl.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2156                      2010
   Title: The lost JFK tapes [videorecording] : the
                        assassination / National Geographic ; produced by Tom
                        Jennings Productions for National Geographic Channel ;
                        executive producer/director, Tom Jennings ;
                        producer/editor, Ron Frank.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2157                      2008
   Title: Frame 313 [videorecording] : the JFK assassination
                        theories / [produced by Christopher Andersen ;
                        executive producers Daniel Parilli, Fabiola Lagrimas,
                        executive producer Mario Domina].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2158                      2007
   Title: RFK must die [videorecording] : the assassination of
                        Bobby Kennedy / E2 Films ; produced, edited and
                        directed by Shane O'Sullivan.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2159                      2007
   Title: Bobby [videorecording] / [presented by] TWC [the
                        Weinstein Company] and Bold Films ; written and
                        directed by Emilio Estevez ; produced by Michel Litvak                                                                                        
                        ; produced by Edward Bass, Holly Wiersma.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2160                      2010
   Title: The desert of forbidden art [videorecording] / a film
                        by Amanda Pope, Tchavdar Georgiev ; written, produced,
                        and directed by Amanda Pope, Tchavdar Georgiev.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2161                      2004
   Title: The Cotton Club [videorecording] / an Orion Pictures
                        release ; screenplay by William Kennedy & Francis
                        Coppola ; produced by Robert Evans ; directed by
                        Francis Coppola.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2162                      2011
   Title: Facing the storm [videorecording] : story of the
                        American bison / Big Sky Pictures presents ; a
                        production of High Plains Films ; an ITVS / Montana
                        Public Television co-production ; produced by Rita
                        Pastore and Doug Hawes-Davis ; directed by Doug

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2163                      2011
   Title: Farmageddon [videorecording] : [the unseen war on
                        American family farms] / Kristin Marie Productions
                        presents ; produced, directed, and written by Kristin

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2164                      2011
   Title: John Muir in the new world [videorecording] / produced
                        by Global Village Media Inc. and Thirteen's American
                        Masters, in association with WNET ; produced and
                        written by Leslie Clark, Catherine Tatge ; directed by
                        Catherine Tatge.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2165 DISC 1-5             2010
   Title: The West [videorecording] / Ken Burns presents ;
                        directed by Stephen Ives ; written by Geoffrey C. Ward
                        & Dayton Duncan ; produced by Stephen Ives, Jody
                        Abramson, Michael Kantor ; senior producer, Ken Burns
                        ; a co-production of Insignia Films and WETA-TV
                        Washington ; in association with Florentine Films and
                        Time-Life Video & Television ; The West Film Project,
                        Inc., Greater Washington Educational
                        Telecommunications Association, Inc.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2166                      2010
   Title: America before Columbus [videorecording] / produced by
                        Gruppe 5 Film Produktion and National Geographic
                        Channel in cooperation with Arte and ZDF-Enterprises ;
                        directed & written by Cristina Trebbi.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2167                      2007
   Title: The plow that broke the plains [videorecording] : a
                        U.S. documentary film  / United States Resettlement
                        Administration presents ; written and directed by Pare

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2168                      2004
   Title: The natural history of the chicken [videorecording] /                                                                                        
                        A Mark Lewis Radio Pictures, Inc. production in
                        association with PBS, Channel 4 and Devillier Donegan
                        Enterprises ; Executive producers, Ron Devillier &
                        Brian Donegan ; producer, Mark Lewis ; written and
                        directed by Mark Lewis.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2169                      2006
   Title: Thoreau's Walden [videorecording] / a Photovision
                        production ; produced and photographed by David

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2170                      2005
   Title: Medieval drama [videorecording] : from sanctuary to
                        stage / producer, Telequest Inc. ; writer, Douglas

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2171                      2007
   Title: Rachel Carson's Silent spring [videorecording] /
                        writer and producer, Neil Goodwin ; a Peace River
                        Films production for the American Experience ; WGBH
                        Educational Foundation, WNET/Thirteen and Peace River

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2172                      2003
   Title: Road to Perdition [videorecording] / DreamWorks
                        Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox present a Zanuck
                        Company production ; produced by Richard D. Zanuck,
                        Dean Zanuck, Sam Mendes ; screenplay by David Self ;
                        directed by Sam Mendes.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2173                      2004
   Title: Luther [videorecording] / [presented by] NFP Teleart
                        in association with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans ;
                        produced by Brigitte Rochow, Christian P. Stehr,
                        Alexander Thies ; written by Camille Thomasson and
                        Bart Gavigan ; directed by Eric Till.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2174                      2012
   Title: Death and the Civil War [videorecording] / a
                        Steeplechase Films production for American Experience
                        ; produced by Robin Espinola, Bonnie Lafave, Ric Burns
                        ; written and directed by Ric Burns.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2175                      2008
   Title: Le scaphandre et le papillon [videorecording] = The
                        diving bell and the butterfly / Miramax Films et
                        Path*e Renn Production pr*esentent en coproduction
                        avec France 3 Cin*ema, CRRAV Nord-Pas de Calais ; avec
                        la participation de Canal+ et de Cinecinema ; en
                        association avec Banque Populaire Images 7 ; une
                        production de the Kennedy/Marshall Company et Jon
                        Kilik ; un film de Julian Schnabel ; producieurs
                        ex*ecutifs, Pierre Grunstein, Jim Lemley ; directeur
                        de la photographie, Janusz Kaminski ; produit par
                        Kathleen Kennedy, Jon Kilik ; sc*enario, Ronald
                        Harwood ; r*ealis*e par Julian Schnabel.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2176                      2013
   Title: Django unchained [videorecording] / the Weinstein                                                                                        
                        Company and Columbia Pictures present a film by
                        Quentin Tarantino ; executive producers, Bob & Harvey
                        Weinstein, Shannon McIntosh, Michael Shamberg, James
                        W. Skotchdopole ; produced by Stacey Sher, Reginald
                        Hudlin, Pilar Savone ; written & directed by Quentin

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2177 DISC 1-2             2012
   Title: The dust bowl [videorecording] / a Florentine Films
                        production ; directed by Ken Burns ; written by Dayton
                        Duncan ; produced by Dayton Duncan, Ken Burns, Julie
                        Dunfey ; produced in association with WETA Washington,
                        DC ; [a film by Ken Burns].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2178                      2013
   Title: The intouchables [videorecording] / the Weinstein
                        Company presents ; a Quad, Gaumont, TF1 Films
                        production, Ten Films, Chaocorp coproduction ;
                        produced by Nicolas Duval Adassovsky, Yann Zenou and
                        Laurent Zeitoun ; written and directed by Eric
                        Toledano and Olivier Nakache.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2179                      2012
   Title: Project Nim [videorecording] / Roadside Attractions ;
                        HBO Documentary Films, BBC Films and UK Film Council
                        presents a Red Box Films production in association
                        with Passion Pictures ; directed by James Marsh ;
                        produced by Simon Chinn.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2180                      2013
   Title: Silver linings playbook / Weinstein ; directed by
                        David O. Russell ; produced by Donna Gigliotti, Bruce
                        Cohen, Jonathan Gordon.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2181                      2012
   Title: Take shelter [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Classics
                        ; Hydraulx Entertainment, Rei Capital and Grove Hill
                        Productions present ; a Strange Matter Films
                        production ; written and directed by Jeff Nichols ;
                        produced by Tyler Davidson, Sophia Lin ; executive
                        producers, Sarah Green ... [et al.].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2182                      2011
   Title: We were here [videorecording] : the AIDS years in San
                        Francisco / Weissman Projects, LLC. ;
                        editor/co-directed by Bill Weber ; produced and
                        directed by David Weissman.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2183                      2013
   Title: Zero dark thirty [videorecording] / directed by
                        Kathryn Bigelow ; written by Mark Boal ; produced by
                        Mark Boal, Kathryn Bigelow, Megan Ellison ; executive
                        producers, Greg Shapiro, Colin Wilson, Ted Schipper ;
                        Columbia Pictures presents an Annapurna production ; a
                        First Light production ; a Mark Boal production.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2184                      2013
   Title: Les mis*erables / Camack International ; directed by
                        Tom Hooper ; produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner,                                                                                        
                        Debra Hayward, Cameron Mackintosh ; screenplay by
                        William Nicholson, Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel
                        Sch*onberg, Herbert Kretzmer ; executive producers,
                        Angela Morrison, Liza Chasin, Nicholas Allott, F.
                        Richard Pappas ; a Universal Pictures presentation ;
                        in assciation with Relativity Media ; a Working Title
                        Films/Cameron Mackintosh production ; a film by Tom

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2185                      2008
   Title: Yoga for beginners [videorecording] / Gaiam.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2186 DISC 1-2             2003
   Title: Catch me if you can [videorecording] / Dreamworks
                        Pictures presents a Kemp Company and Splendid Pictures
                        production, a Parkes/MacDonald production, a Steven
                        Spielberg film ; producers, Steven Spielberg, Walter
                        F. Parkes ; screenplay writer, Jeff Nathanson ;
                        director, Steven Spielberg.

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Barth LRC Circulating Books
April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013
 HF5384 .W64 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Wolfe, Tom, 1950-
   Title: Out of uniform : your guide to a successful
                        military-to-civilian career transition / Tom Wolfe.

 HM716 .H38 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Haynes, Norris M.
   Title: Group dynamics : basics and pragmatics for
                        practitioners / Norris M. Haynes ; foreword by Joy E.

 HV2391 .G47 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Gernon, Rebecca Willman.
   Title: Amy signs : a mother, her deaf daughter, and their
                        stories / Rebecca Willman Gernon and Amy Willman.

 HV2430 .E73 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Erber, Norman P.
   Title: Auditory communication for deaf children : a guide for
                        teachers, parents and health professionals / Norman P.

 HV2530 .G36 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Gannon, Jack R.
   Title: Deaf heritage : a narrative history of deaf America /
                        Jack R. Gannon ; edited by Jane Butler and Laura-Jean
                        Gilbert ; layout by Rosalyn L. Gannon.

 HV2545 .N66 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Nomeland, Melvia M., 1940-
   Title: The deaf community in America : history in the making
                        / Melvia M. Nomeland and Ronald E. Nomeland ; foreword
                        by Trudy Suggs.

 HV5276 .F36 1996                         1996
   Personal Author: Fanning, Patrick.
   Title: The addiction workbook : a step-by-step guide to
                        quitting alcohol & drugs / Patrick Fanning, John T.

 LB1032 .T38 2004                         2004
   Title: Team-based learning : a transformative use of small
                        groups in college teaching / edited by Larry K.
                        Michaelsen, Arletta Bauman Knight, L. Dee Fink.

 NA730 .T5 B85 2013                       2013
   Title: Buildings of Texas : Central, South, and Gulf Coast /
                        Gerald Moorhead, editor and photographer ; with James
                        W. Steely, W. Dwayne Jones, Anna Mod, John C.
                        Ferguson, Cheryl Caldwell Ferguson, Mario L. S*anchez,
                        and Stephen Fox, and contributions by Steph McDougal,
                        Patsy Pittman Light, and Robb Walsh.

 PE1404 .B2237 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Babcock, Rebecca Day, 1968-
   Title: Tell me how it reads : tutoring deaf and hearing
                        students in the writing center / Rebecca Day Babcock.

 PN3435 .S75 2013                         2013
   Title: Speculative fiction / editor, M. Keith Booker,
                        University of Arkansas.

 PN56.5 .H35 O98 2012                     2012
   Title: Outcasts and angels : the new anthology of deaf
                        characters in literature / edited by Edna Edith

 R123 .G934 2011                          2011
   Personal Author: Gylys, Barbara A.
   Title: Medical terminology express : a short-course approach
                        by body system / Barbara A. Gylys, Regina M. Masters.

 R834 .T46 2008                           2008
   Title: Team-based learning for health professions education :
                        a guide to using small groups for improving learning /
                        edited by Larry K. Michaelsen ... [et al.] ; foreword
                        by Diane M. Billings.
 R838 .D44 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: DeLaet, Roxann.
   Title: Introduction to health care & careers / Roxann DeLaet.

 RC440.8 .W6594 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Woody, Robert Henley.
   Title: Legal self-defense for mental health practitioners :
                        quality care and risk management strategies / Robert
                        Henley Woody.

 RC564 .F54 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Fletcher, Anne M.
   Title: Inside rehab : the surprising truth about addiction
                        treatment : and how to get help that works / Anne M.

 RF290 .B58 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Bouton, Katherine, 1947-
   Title: Shouting won't help : why I--and 50 million other
                        Americans--can't hear you / Katherine Bouton.

 RG951 .C53 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Cibulka, Nancy J.
   Title: Guidelines for nurse practitioners in ambulatory
                        obstetric settings / Nancy J. Cibulka, Mary Lee

 RT86.3 .A76 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Arnold, Elizabeth.
   Title: Interpersonal relationships : professional
                        communication skills for nurses / Elizabeth Arnold,
                        Kathleen Underman Boggs.

 RT87 .P35 M27 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Marmo, Liza.
   Title: Compact clinical guide to critical care, trauma, and
                        emergency pain management : an evidence-based approach
                        for nurses / author, Liza Marmo ; contributing author
                        and series editor, Yvonne M. D'Arcy.

 TL152 .G6387 2012                        2013
   Personal Author: Gray, Michael E.
   Title: Auto upkeep : basic car care, maintenance, and repair
                        / Michael E. Gray and Linda E. Gray.

 TL152.15 .C66 2009                       2009
   Personal Author: Cook, J. M.
   Title: The profitable auto detail shop : how to start and run
                        a successful auto detailing business / J.M. Cook.

 TL152.15 .D69 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Doyle, Renny.
   Title: How to start a home-based car detailing business /
                        Renny Doyle.

 TX801 .M235 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Madison, Deborah.
   Title: Vegetable literacy : cooking and gardening with twelve
                        families from the edible plant kingdom, with over 300                                                                                        
                        deliciously simple recipes / Deborah Madison ;
                        photography by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa

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Barth LRC Reference Books
April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013

 REF E187 .E96 2013 V.1                   2013
   Title: Exploration & colonial America (1492-1755) / editor,
                        Daisy Martin, Ph.D.

 REF E203 .A5727 2013 V.1                 2013
   Title: The American Revolution (1754-1805) / editor, Peter

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Barth LRC Popular Books
April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013

 *POPULAR READING FOWLER                  2012
   Personal Author: Fowler, F. L.
   Title: Fifty shades of chicken : a parody in a cookbook / FL

 *POPULAR READING RAY                     2012
   Title: My year in meals / Rachael Ray ; food photography by
                        Rachael Ray and John Cusimano. My year in cocktails /
                        John Cusimano.

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Barth LRC Audio/Visual Materials
April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013
 VIDEO DISC DVD 724                       2009
   Title: Nocturnal GERD [videorecording] / director of
                        production, Bob Buruchian ;  producer, Carlos Baine ;
                        writer, David Counts.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 725                       2007
   Title: Gait [videorecording] : a dynamic balance challenge.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 726 DISC 1-2              2012
   Title: Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L [videorecording] : issues and
                        review of operation.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 727                       2012
   Title: Jiro dreams of sushi [videorecording] / Magnolia
                        Pictures ; City Room Films presents a
                        Weaver/Pellegrini and Preferred Content production in
                        association with Sundial Pictures ; executive
                        producer, Matthew Weaver ; executive produced by Joey
                        Carey, Stefan Nowicki, Jeffrey C. Norman, Chris Kelly,
                        Jennifer Carrico Kelly, Ed Ojdana, Ross M. Dinerstein
                        ; produced by Kevin Iwashina, Tom Pellegrini ; a film
                        by David Gelb ; directed and produced by David Gelb.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 728                       2012
   Title: Can I eat that? [videorecording] / written, produced,
                        and directed by Doug Hamilton.

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