January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014

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January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- B -
  BP573 .C5 L4 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Leadbeater, C. W. (Charles Webster), 1854-1934.
   Title: The chakras : an authoritative edition of the
                        groundbreaking classic / C. W. LEADBEATER ; Foreword
                        by Anodea Judith ; annotations and afterword by Kurt

 BS649 .N49 R67 2006                      2006
   Personal Author: Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967-
   Title: Epicenter / Joel C. Rosenberg.

 BX4705 .J318 M3                          1948
   Personal Author: Xavier Mary, Sister.
   Title: Father Jaillet, saddlebag priest of the Nueces.

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- C -
  CT274 .W438 W35 2000                     2000
   Personal Author: Walraven, Bill, 1925-
   Title: Empresarios' children : the Welders of Texas / by Bill
                        and Marjorie K. Walraven.

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- E -
 E184 .M5 T35 2010                        2010
   Personal Author: Tafolla, Santiago, 1837-1911.
   Title: A life crossing borders : memoir of a Mexican-American
                        Confederate : las memorias de un mexicoamericano en la
                        Confederaci*on / Santiago Tafolla ; edited by Carmen
                        Tafolla and Laura Tafolla ; English translation by
                        Fidel L. Tafolla.

 E184 .S75 F46 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Fern*andez-Armesto, Felipe.
   Title: Our America : a Hispanic history of the United States
                        / Felipe Fern*andez-Armesto.

 E184 .S75 S83 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Suarez, Ray, 1957-
   Title: Latino Americans : the 500-year legacy that shaped a
                        nation / Ray Suarez.

 E302.6 .B5 A4 1969                       1969
   Personal Author: Alberts, Robert C.
   Title: The golden voyage; the life and times of William
                        Bingham, 1752-1804, by Robert C. Alberts.

 E468 .C284 2001                          2001
   Personal Author: Catton, Bruce, 1899-1978.
   Title: The American heritage new history of the Civil War /
                        narrative by Bruce Catton ; edited and with an
                        introduction by James M. McPherson ; contributing
                        editor, Noah Andre Trudeau.

 E601 .S667 2000                          2000
   Personal Author: Sneden, Robert Knox, 1832-1918.
   Title: Eye of the storm : a Civil War odyssey / written and
                        illustrated by Robert Knox Sneden ; edited by Charles
                        F. Bryan, Jr., and Nelson D. Lankford.

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- F -
  F386 .O25                                1966
   Personal Author: O'Connor, Kathryn Stoner.
   Title: The Presidio La Bah*ia del Espritu [i.e. Esp*iritu]
                        Santo de Zu*niga, 1721 to 1846.

 F389 .S66 1983                           1983
   Personal Author: Smithwick, Noah, 1808-1899.
   Title: The evolution of a state, or, Recollections of old
                        Texas days / by Noah Smithwick ; compiled by Nanna
                        Smithwick Donaldson ; foreword by L. Tuffey Ellis ;
                        illustrations by Charles Shaw.

 F390 .L66 1987                           1987
   Personal Author: Lord, Walter, 1917-2002.
   Title: A time to stand / by Walter Lord.

 F390 .R67 2001                           2001
   Personal Author: Roberts, Randy, 1951-
   Title: A line in the sand : the Alamo in blood and memory /
                        Randy Roberts, James S. Olson.

 F391 .D96 1932                           1932
   Personal Author: Dunn, J. B. (John Beamond), 1851-
   Title: Perilous trails of Texas, by J.B. (Red) John Dunn
                        (edited by Lilith Lorraine [pseud.]).

 F394 .C78 W34 1997                       1997
   Personal Author: Walraven, Bill, 1925-
   Title: Corpus Christi : the history of a Texas seaport / Bill
                        Walraven ; picture research by Margaret Walberg,
                        assisted by Sally Robeau and Anita Eisenhauer ;
                        foreword by Dan Kilgore and Harry G. Plomarity.

 F787 .B34                                1972
   Personal Author: Bakker, Elna S.
   Title: The great Southwest; the story of a land and its
                        people, by Elna Bakker and Richard G. Lillard.

 F868 .S5 W35                             1972
   Personal Author: Webster, Paul.
   Title: The mighty Sierra; portrait of a mountain world, by
                        Paul Webster and the editors of The American West.
                        With a foreword by Francis P. Farquhar.

 F1230 .D553 1942                         1942
   Personal Author: D*iaz del Castillo, Bernal, 1496-1584.
   Title: Cortez & the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards in
                        1521, being the eye-witness narrative of Bernal Diaz
                        del Castillo, soldier of fortune & conquistador with
                        Cortez in Mexico, abridged & edited by B.G. Herzog,
                        and illustrated with sixteenth century Indian drawings
                        of the conquest.

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- G -
  GC11.2 .T49 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Trujillo, Alan P.
   Title: Essentials of oceanography / Alan P. Trujillo, Harold
                        V. Thurman.

 GR549 .L4313 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Lecouteux, Claude.
   Title: The tradition of household spirits : ancestral lore
                        and practices / Claude Lecouteux ; translated by Jon
                        E. Graham.

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- H -
  HE6376 .A1 T4898 2008                    2008
   Personal Author: Stever, Rex H.
   Title: Republic post : Texas Republic mail, late 1835 to
                        early 1846 / Rex H. Stever.

 HF1106 .D32 1994                         1994
   Personal Author: Davis, Stanley M.
   Title: The monster under the bed : how business is mastering
                        the opportunity of knowledge for profit / Stan Davis
                        and Jim Botkin.

 HF5415.1265 .V39 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Vaynerchuk, Gary.
   Title: Jab, jab, jab, right hook : how to tell your story in
                        a noisy, social world / Gary Vaynerchuk.

 HG179 .C67 2009                          2009
   Personal Author: Corley, Thomas C.
   Title: Rich habits : the daily success habits of wealthy
                        individuals : find out how the rich get so rich (the
                        secrets to financial success revealed) / Thomas C.

 HV5801 .B37 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Berridge, Virginia,
   Title: Demons : our changing attitudes to alcohol, tobacco, &
                        drugs / Virginia Berridge.

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- L -
  LB2328.15 .U6 W95 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Wyner, Joshua S.
   Title: What excellent community colleges do : preparing all
                        students for success / Joshua S. Wyner ; [foreword by
                        Anthony P. Carnevale].

 LB2361.5 .D5 1989                        1989
   Personal Author: Diamond, Robert M.
   Title: Designing and improving courses and curricula in
                        higher education : a systematic approach / Robert M.

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- M -
 M1627 .L395 1997                         1997
   Title: The Latin real book : the best contemporary & classic
                        salsa, Brazilian music, Latin jazz / publisher and
                        editor, Chuck Sher.

 ML3475 .M44 1993                         1993
   Personal Author: Maule*on, Rebeca.
   Title: Salsa guidebook : for piano and ensemble / by Rebeca

 ML3790 .E33 2007                         2007
   Personal Author: Egan, M. David.
   Title: Architectural acoustics / by M. David Egan.

 MT67 .M89 1999                           1999
   Title: Muy caliente! : Afro-Cuban play-along CD & book /
                        publisher and editor, Chuck Sher.

 MT120 .K55 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Kimball, Carol (Mezzo-soprano)
   Title: Art song : linking poetry and music / by Carol

 MT120 .K56 2005                          2006
   Personal Author: Kimball, Carol (Mezzo-soprano)
   Title: Song : a guide to art song style and literature /
                        Carol Kimball.

 MT662.2 .J64 2009                        2009
   Personal Author: Johnston, Mike.
   Title: Linear drumming / by Mike Johnston.

 MT662.3 .D38 1997                        1997
   Personal Author: Davila, Lalo.
   Title: Contemporary rudimental studies & solos : a guide to
                        learning & performing rudiments / by Lalo Davila.

 MT662.8 .I46 G7 2008                     2008
   Personal Author: Igoe, Tommy.
   Title: Groove essentials : the play-along : the groove
                        encyclopedia for the 21st-century drummer / Tommy

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- P -
  PN41 .R4 2002                            2002
   Title: The reader's companion to world literature / editor,
                        Lillian Herlands Hornstein ; co-editor, G.D. Percy ;
                        Sterling A. Brown ... [et al.].

 PN2277 .N5 B44 2010                      2010
   Personal Author: Viagas, Robert.
   Title: At this theatre : 110 years of Broadway shows,
                        stories, and stars / Robert Viagas and Louis Botto.

 PN2287 .G37 E84 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Evans, Peter, 1933 December 10-
   Title: Ava Gardner : the secret conversations / Peter Evans
                        and Ava Gardner.

 PR5360 .F48 V.3                          1948
   Personal Author: Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.
   Title: Selected plays, with prefaces.

 PR6023 .E926 C5323 2005                  2004
   Personal Author: Bruner, Kurt D.
   Title: Finding God in the land of Narnia / Kurt Bruner, Jim

 PR6039 .O32 L6325 2006                   2006
   Personal Author: Bruner, Kurt D.
   Title: Finding God in The lord of the rings / Kurt Bruner,
                        Jim Ware.

 PS1017 .L5 2007                          2007
   Personal Author: Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888.
   Title: Little women / Louisa May Alcott ; with an afterword
                        by Nina Auerbach.

 PS3568 .O3185 F4 1998                    1998
   Personal Author: Robson, Lucia St. Clair.
   Title: Fearless : a novel of Sarah Bowman / Lucia St. Clair

 PZ4 .R9897 RE                            1964
   Personal Author: Ryan, J. Clyde, 1899-
   Title: Revolt along the Rio Grande / by J. C. Ryan.

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- Q -
 QB982 .O78 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Ostriker, J. P.,
   Title: Heart of darkness : unraveling the mysteries of the
                        invisible universe / Jeremiah P. Ostriker and Simon

 QH447 .F56 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Finkel, Elizabeth.
   Title: The genome generation / Elizabeth Finkel.

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- T -
 TK5105.386 .D59 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Dixon, Wheeler W., 1950-
   Title: Streaming : movies, media, and instant access /
                        Wheeler Winston Dixon.

 TL795.3 .I66 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Impey, Chris.
   Title: Dreams of other worlds : the amazing story of unmanned
                        space exploration / Chris Impey and Holly Henry.

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White Library Popular Books
January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014
  *POPULAR READING ABRAMS                  2013
   Personal Author: Abrams, J. J. (Jeffrey Jacob), 1966-
   Title: S. / conceived by J.J. Abrams ; written by Doug Dorst.

   Personal Author: Alain-Fournier, 1886-1914,
   Title: The lost domain = Le grand Meaulnes / Alain-Fournier ;
                        translated by Frank Davison ; with an introduction by
                        Hermione Lee.

   Personal Author: Albergotti, Reed,
   Title: Wheelmen : Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and
                        the greatest sports conspiracy ever / Reed Albergotti
                        and Vanessa O'Connell.

 *POPULAR READING ANTON                   2007
   Personal Author: Anton, Maggie.
   Title: Joheved / Maggie Anton.

 *POPULAR READING ASHER                   2007
   Personal Author: Asher, Jay, 1975-
   Title: Thirteen reasons why / a novel by Jay Asher.

 *POPULAR READING BARBASH                 2013
   Personal Author: Barbash, Tom.
   Title: Stay up with me : stories / Tom Barbash.

 *POPULAR READING BARLOW                  2013
   Personal Author: Barlow, Toby.
   Title: Babayaga / Toby Barlow.

 *POPULAR READING BARR                    2013
   Personal Author: Barr, Luke,
   Title: Provence, 1970 : M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child, James
                        Beard, and the reinvention of American taste / Luke

 *POPULAR READING BEUKES                  2013
   Personal Author: Beukes, Lauren.
   Title: The shining girls / Lauren Beukes.

 *POPULAR READING BISHOP                  2003
   Personal Author: Bishop, Anne.
   Title: The black jewels trilogy / Anne Bishop.

 *POPULAR READING BOWEN                   2013
   Personal Author: Bowen, James, 1979-
   Title: A street cat named Bob : and how he saved my life /
                        James Bowen.

 *POPULAR READING BROOKS                  2002
   Personal Author: Brooks, Geraldine.
   Title: Year of wonders : a novel of the plague / Geraldine

 *POPULAR READING BROSH                   2013
   Personal Author: Brosh, Allie.
   Title: Hyperbole and a half : unfortunate situations, flawed
                        coping mechanisms, mayhem, and other things that
                        happened / Allie Brosh.

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2013
   Personal Author: Brown, Daniel, 1951-
   Title: The boys in the boat : nine Americans and their epic
                        quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics / Daniel
                        James Brown.

 *POPULAR READING BRUST                   2013
   Personal Author: Brust, Steven, 1955-
   Title: The incrementalists / Steven Brust and Skyler White.

 *POPULAR READING BRYSON                  2013
   Personal Author: Bryson, Bill.
   Title: One summer : America, 1927 / Bill Bryson.

 *POPULAR READING BULAWAYO                2013
   Personal Author: Bulawayo, NoViolet,
   Title: We need new names : a novel / NoViolet Bulawayo.

 *POPULAR READING CARLSON                 2013
   Personal Author: Carlson, Julie, 1960-
   Title: Remodelista : a manual for the considered home / Julie
                        Carlson with the editors of Remodelista ; written and
                        edited by Margot Guralnick ; photographs by Matthew

 *POPULAR READING CATTON                  2013
   Personal Author: Catton, Eleanor, 1985-
   Title: The luminaries : a novel / Eleanor Catton.

 *POPULAR READING CHOI                    2013
   Personal Author: Choi, Susan, 1969-
   Title: My education / Susan Choi.

 *POPULAR READING CLANCY                  2013
   Personal Author: Clancy, Tom, 1947-2013,
   Title: Command authority / Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney.

 *POPULAR READING CONNELLY                2013
   Personal Author: Connelly, Michael, 1956-
   Title: The gods of guilt : a novel / Michael Connelly.

 *POPULAR READING COOK                    2013
   Personal Author: Cook, Langdon, 1966-
   Title: The mushroom hunters : on the trail of an underground
                        America / Langdon Cook.

 *POPULAR READING CRACE                   2013
   Personal Author: Crace, Jim.
   Title: Harvest / Jim Crace.

 *POPULAR READING DANTICAT                2013
   Personal Author: Danticat, Edwidge, 1969-
   Title: Claire of the sea light / Edwidge Danticat.

 *POPULAR READING DEDMAN                  2013
   Personal Author: Dedman, Bill.
   Title: Empty mansions : the mysterious life of Huguette Clark
                        and the spending of a great American fortune / Bill
                        Dedman and Paul Clark Newell, Jr.

   Personal Author: Deraniyagala, Sonali.
   Title: Wave / Sonali Deraniyagala.

 *POPULAR READING DUDELL                  2013
   Personal Author: Parrish, Michael DuDell.
   Title: Shark tank : jump start your business : how to grow a
                        business from concept to cash / Michael Parrish DuDell
                        ; with contributions by Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran,
                        Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and Kevin

 *POPULAR READING DUFFY                   2013
   Personal Author: Duffy, P. S.
   Title: The cartographer of no man's land : a novel / P.S.

 *POPULAR READING EVANOVICH               2013
   Personal Author: Evanovich, Janet,
   Title: Takedown twenty / Janet Evanovich.

 *POPULAR READING FAGAN                   2013
   Personal Author: Fagan, Jenni.
   Title: The panopticon : a novel / Jenni Fagan.

 *POPULAR READING FEDARKO                 2013
   Personal Author: Fedarko, Kevin,
   Title: The Emerald Mile : the epic story of the fastest ride
                        in history through the heart of the Grand Canyon /
                        Kevin Fedarko.

 *POPULAR READING FINK                    2013
   Personal Author: Fink, Sheri.
   Title: Five days at Memorial : life and death in a
                        storm-ravaged hospital / Sheri Fink.

 *POPULAR READING FINKEL                  2013
   Personal Author: Finkel, David, 1955-
   Title: Thank you for your service / David Finkel.

 *POPULAR READING FLYNN                   2009
   Personal Author: Flynn, Gillian, 1971-
   Title: Dark places / Gillian Flynn.

 *POPULAR READING FOER                    2003
   Personal Author: Foer, Jonathan Safran, 1977-
   Title: Everything is illuminated : a novel / Jonathan Safran

 *POPULAR READING FRANKEL                 2013
   Personal Author: Frankel, Glenn.
   Title: The Searchers : the making of an American legend /
                        Glenn Frankel.

 *POPULAR READING GAIGE                   2013
   Personal Author: Gaige, Amity, 1972-
   Title: Schroder : a novel / Amity Gaige.

 *POPULAR READING GOODWIN                 2013
   Personal Author: Goodwin, Doris Kearns
   Title: The bully pulpit : Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard
                        Taft, and the Golden Age of journalism / Doris Kearns

 *POPULAR READING GRANT                   2013
   Personal Author: Grant, Mira.
   Title: Parasite / Mira Grant.

 *POPULAR READING GURA                    2013
   Personal Author: Gura, Philip F., 1950-
   Title: Truth's ragged edge : the rise of the American novel /
                        Philip F. Gura.

 *POPULAR READING GURGANUS                2013
   Personal Author: Gurganus, Allan, 1947-
   Title: Local souls : novellas / Allan Gurganus.

 *POPULAR READING HAINEY                  2013
   Personal Author: Hainey, Michael, 1964-
   Title: After visiting friends : a son's story / Michael

 *POPULAR READING HARRISON                2013
   Personal Author: Harrison, A. S. A.
   Title: The silent wife : a novel / A.S.A. Harrison.

 *POPULAR READING HARUF                   2013
   Personal Author: Haruf, Kent.
   Title: Benediction / Kent Haruf.

 *POPULAR READING HENDERSON               2014
   Personal Author: Henderson, Artis.
   Title: Unremarried widow : a memoir / Artis Henderson.

 *POPULAR READING HENNESSEY               2013
   Personal Author: Hennessey, Jonathan, 1971-
   Title: The Gettysburg Address : a graphic adaptation /
                        written by Jonathan Hennessey ; art by Aaron McConnell
                        ; lettering by Tom Orzechowski.

 *POPULAR READING HERNANDEZ               2013
   Personal Author: Hernandez, Gilbert.
   Title: Marble season / by Gilbert Hernandez.

 *POPULAR READING HILBURN                 2013
   Personal Author: Hilburn, Robert,
   Title: Johnny Cash : the life / Robert Hilburn.

 *POPULAR READING HILL                    2013
   Personal Author: Hill, Lindsay, 1952-
   Title: Sea of Hooks : a novel / by Lindsay Hill.

 *POPULAR READING HOOTMAN                 2013
   Personal Author: Hootman, Ramsey.
   Title: Courting Greta / Ramsey Hootman.

 *POPULAR READING HORNBY                  2006
   Personal Author: Hornby, Nick.
   Title: A long way down / Nick Hornby.

 *POPULAR READING HUME                    2013
   Personal Author: Hume, M. K.
   Title: The King Arthur trilogy : Dragon's child/ M. K. Hume.

 *POPULAR READING JOHNSON                 2013
   Personal Author: Johnson, Martin P.
   Title: Writing the Gettysburg Address / Martin P. Johnson.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2013
   Personal Author: Jones, Brian Jay,
   Title: Jim Henson : the biography / Brian Jay Jones.

 *POPULAR READING KAPLAN                  2013
   Personal Author: Kaplan, Carla,
   Title: Miss Anne in Harlem : the white women of the Black
                        Renaissance / Carla Kaplan.

 *POPULAR READING KEANE                   2013
   Personal Author: Keane, Mary Beth.
   Title: Fever / Mary Beth Keane.

 *POPULAR READING KENT                    2013
   Personal Author: Kent, Hannah, 1985-
   Title: Burial rites : a novel / Hannah Kent.

 *POPULAR READING KIERNAN                 2013
   Personal Author: Kiernan, Denise.
   Title: The girls of Atomic City : the untold story of the
                        women who helped win World War II / Denise Kiernan.

   Personal Author: Kimberling, Brian.
   Title: Snapper / Brian Kimberling.

 *POPULAR READING KIRKMAN                 2012
   Personal Author: Kirkman, Robert.
   Title: The walking dead compendium two / Robert Kirkman
                        creator, writer ; Charlie Adlard, penciler, inker ;
                        Cliff Rathburn, gray tones ; Rus Wooton, letterer ;
                        Sina Grace, editor ; Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn,

 *POPULAR READING KIZZIA                  2013
   Personal Author: Kizzia, Tom.
   Title: Pilgrim's wilderness : a true story of faith and
                        madness on the Alaska Frontier / Tom Kizzia.

 *POPULAR READING KOLKER                  2013
   Personal Author: Kolker, Robert,
   Title: Lost girls : an unsolved American mystery / Robert

 *POPULAR READING KROHN                   2013
   Personal Author: Krohn, Leena.
   Title: Datura: or, a delusion we all see/ by Leena Krohn;
                        translated by Anna Volmari and J. Robert Tupasela.

 *POPULAR READING LABOR                   2013
   Personal Author: Labor, Earle, 1928-
   Title: Jack London : an American life / Earle Labor.

 *POPULAR READING LANIER                  2013
   Personal Author: Lanier, Jaron,
   Title: Who owns the future? / Jaron Lanier.

 *POPULAR READING LEDGARD                 2013
   Personal Author: Ledgard, J. M.,
   Title: Submergence : a novel / J. M. Ledgard.

 *POPULAR READING LEDUFF                  2013
   Personal Author: LeDuff, Charlie.
   Title: Detroit : an American autopsy / Charlie LeDuff.

 *POPULAR READING LEE                     2013
   Personal Author: Lee, Rebecca, 1967-
   Title: Bobcat & other stories / Rebecca Lee.

 *POPULAR READING LEMAITRE                2013
   Personal Author: Lema*itre, Pierre, 1951-
   Title: Alex / Pierre Lemaitre ; translated from the French by
                        Frank Wynne.

 *POPULAR READING LEONG                   2013
   Personal Author: Leong, Tim.
   Title: Super graphic : a visual guide to the comic book
                        universe / Tim Leong.

 *POPULAR READING LEONHARDT               2013
   Personal Author: Leonhardt, J*urgen, 1957-
   Title: Latin : story of a world language / J*urgen Leonhardt
                        ; Translated by Kenneth Kronenberg.

 *POPULAR READING LINKLATER               2013
   Personal Author: Linklater, Andro.
   Title: Owning the earth : the transforming history of land
                        ownership / Andro Linklater.

 *POPULAR READING LOVEJOY                 2013
   Personal Author: Lovejoy, Bess.
   Title: Rest in pieces : the curious fates of famous corpses /
                        Bess Lovejoy.

 *POPULAR READING LOVETT                  2013
   Personal Author: Lovett, Charles C.
   Title: The bookman's tale : a novel of obsession / Charlie

 *POPULAR READING MARGULIES               2013
   Personal Author: Margulies, Phillip, 1952-
   Title: Belle Cora / Phillip Margulies.

 *POPULAR READING MAYNARD                 2013
   Personal Author: Maynard, Joyce, 1953-,
   Title: Labor Day / Joyce Maynard.

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2013
   Personal Author: Meyer, Philipp, 1974-
   Title: The son / Philipp Meyer.

 *POPULAR READING MILLER                  2013
   Personal Author: Miller, Kimberly Rae.
   Title: Coming clean / Kimberly Rae Miller.

 *POPULAR READING MODAN                   2013
   Personal Author: Modan, Rutu.
   Title: The property / Rutu Modan ; translation by Jessica

 *POPULAR READING MOORE                   2013
   Personal Author: Moore, Wendy, 1952-
   Title: How to create the perfect wife : Britain's most
                        ineligible bachelor and his enlightened quest to train
                        the ideal mate / Wendy Moore.

 *POPULAR READING MORIARTY                2013
   Personal Author: Moriarty, Liane.
   Title: The husband's secret / Liane Moriarty.

 *POPULAR READING NADLER                  2013
   Personal Author: Nadler, Stuart.
   Title: Wise men : a novel / Stuart Nadler.

 *POPULAR READING ODENKIRK                2013
   Personal Author: Odenkirk, Bob, 1962-
   Title: Hollywood said no! : orphaned film scripts, bastard
                        scenes, and abandoned darlings from the creators of
                        Mr. Show / Bob Odenkirk & David Cross with Brian

 *POPULAR READING OMAR                    2013
   Personal Author: Omar, Qais Akbar.
   Title: A fort of nine towers : an Afghan family story / Qais
                        Akbar Omar.

 *POPULAR READING OZEKI                   2013
   Personal Author: Ozeki, Ruth L.
   Title: A tale for the time being / Ruth Ozeki.

 *POPULAR READING PARRAVANI               2013
   Personal Author: Parravani, Christa.
   Title: Her : a memoir / Christa Parravani.

 *POPULAR READING PIKE                    2009
   Personal Author: Pike, Christopher, 1955-
   Title: Thirst. No. 1 / Christopher Pike.

 *POPULAR READING RASH                    2009
   Personal Author: Rash, Ron, 1953-
   Title: Serena : a novel / Ron Rash.

 *POPULAR READING REEL                    2013
   Personal Author: Reel, Monte,
   Title: Between man and beast : an unlikely explorer and the
                        African adventure that took the Victorian world by
                        storm / Monte Reel.

 *POPULAR READING RINDELL                 2013
   Personal Author: Rindell, Suzanne.
   Title: The other typist / Suzanne Rindell.

 *POPULAR READING SALTER                  2013
   Personal Author: Salter, James.
   Title: All that is : a novel / James Salter.

 *POPULAR READING SCAHILL                 2013
   Personal Author: Scahill, Jeremy.
   Title: Dirty wars : the world is a battlefield / Jeremy

 *POPULAR READING SCARBORO                2013
   Personal Author: Scarboro, Elizabeth.
   Title: My foreign cities : a memoir / Elizabeth Scarboro.

 *POPULAR READING SCHAAP                  2013
   Personal Author: Schaap, Rosie.
   Title: Drinking with men : a memoir / Rosie Schaap.

 *POPULAR READING SEARLES                 2013
   Personal Author: Searles, John,
   Title: Help for the haunted / John Searles.

 *POPULAR READING SHACOCHIS               2013
   Personal Author: Shacochis, Bob,
   Title: The woman who lost her soul / Bob Shacochis.

 *POPULAR READING SHIPTON                 2013
   Personal Author: Shipton, Alyn.
   Title: Nilsson : the life of a singer-songwriter / Alyn

 *POPULAR READING SILVER                  2013
   Personal Author: Silver, Elizabeth L., 1978-
   Title: The execution of Noa P. Singleton : a novel /
                        Elizabeth L. Silver.

 *POPULAR READING SIMSION                 2013
   Personal Author: Simsion, Graeme C.
   Title: The Rosie project : a novel / Graeme Simsion.

 *POPULAR READING SIREES                  2013
   Personal Author: S*ir*is, Nih*ad.
   Title: The silence and the roar / Nihad Sirees ; translated
                        from the Arabic by Max Weiss.

 *POPULAR READING SLATER                  2013
   Personal Author: Slater, Lauren.
   Title: Playing house : notes of a reluctant mother / Lauren

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2013
   Personal Author: Smith, Eric (Eric A.),
   Title: The geek's guide to dating / by Eric Smith.

 *POPULAR READING ST. GERMAIN             2013
   Personal Author: St. Germain, Justin.
   Title: Son of a gun : a memoir / Justin St. Germain.

 *POPULAR READING STEEL                   2013
   Personal Author: Steel, Danielle,
   Title: Winners : a novel / Danielle Steel.

 *POPULAR READING STENSON                 2013
   Personal Author: Stenson, Peter.
   Title: Fiend : a novel / Peter Stenson.

 *POPULAR READING STONE                   2013
   Personal Author: Stone, Brad,
   Title: The everything store : Jeff Bezos and the age of
                        Amazon / Brad Stone.

 *POPULAR READING THOMPSON                2013
   Personal Author: Questlove,
   Title: Mo' meta blues : the world according to Questlove / by
                        Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson and Ben Greenman.

 *POPULAR READING THOMPSON                2013
   Personal Author: Thompson, Neal,
   Title: A curious man : the strange & brilliant life of Robert
                        "Believe It or Not!" Ripley / Neal Thompson.

 *POPULAR READING TROPPER                 2010
   Personal Author: Tropper, Jonathan.
   Title: This is where I leave you / Jonathan Tropper.

 *POPULAR READING VENKATESH               2013
   Personal Author: Venkatesh, Sudhir Alladi.
   Title: Floating city : a rogue sociologist lost and found in
                        New York's underground economy / Sudhir Venkatesh.

 *POPULAR READING WALKER                  2013
   Personal Author: Walker, Rysa,
   Title: Timebound / Rysa Walker.

   Personal Author: Wesolowska, Monica, 1965-
   Title: Holding Silvan : a brief life / Monica Wesolowska.

 *POPULAR READING WILLIS                  1998
   Personal Author: Willis, Connie.
   Title: To say nothing of the dog, or, How we found the
                        bishop's bird stump at last / Connie Willis.

 *POPULAR READING WOODRELL                2013
   Personal Author: Woodrell, Daniel
   Title: The maid's version : a novel / Daniel Woodrell.

   Personal Author: Yanagihara, Hanya,
   Title: The people in the trees / Hanya Yanagihara.

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White Library Reference Books
January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014
 REF E184.S75 E588 2013 V.1               2013
   Title: Encyclopedia of Latino culture : from calaveras to
                        quincea*neras / Charles M. Tatum, editor.

 REF E78.S7 B66 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Booker, Margaret Moore.
   Title: Southwest art defined : an illustrated guide /
                        Margaret Moore Booker.

 REF HA202 2013                           2013
   Title: ProQuest statistical abstract of the United States.

 REF NK28 .M55 2013                       2013
   Title: Miller's antiques encyclopedia / general editor,
                        Judith Miller.

 REF PN1992.8.C66 G58 2013                2014
   Personal Author: Gitlin, Marty.
   Title: The greatest sitcoms of all time / Martin Gitlin.
 REF QC311 .A85 2010                      2010
   Personal Author: Atkins, P. W. (Peter William), 1940-
   Title: The laws of thermodynamics : a very short introduction
                        / Peter Atkins.

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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014
 CD AUDIO CD 1666                         2012
   Title: 2012 Grammy nominees [sound recording].

 CD AUDIO CD 1667                         2013
   Title: 2013 Grammy nominees [sound recording].

 CD AUDIO CD 1668                         2014
   Title: Grammy. 2014 nominees [sound recording].

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 31                     2013
   Title: Mary Poppins / Walt Disney Productions ; distributed
                        by Buena Vista Distribution Company ; screenplay, Bill
                        Walsh & Don Da Gradi ; director, Robert Stevenson

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 32                     2012
   Title: Le voyage dans la lune [videorecording] = A trip to
                        the moon  / [directed, produced, edited] de/by Georges
                        M*eli*es. The extraordinary voyage / Steamboat Films
                        presents ; with the participation of France
                        T*el*evisions ; a co-production with Lobster Films ; a
                        film by Serge Bromberg & Eric Lange ; told and
                        directed by Serge Bromberg ; co-director, Eric Lange ;
                        produced by Marianne L*ere, Serge Bromberg.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 33                     2012
   Title: Decasia [videorecording] / Hypnotic Pictures presents
                        a Bill Morrison film ; a Michael Gordon symphony ;
                        written, directed, produced and edited by Bill
                        Morrison ; original music composed by Michael Gordon.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 183                       2001
   Title: The cook, the thief, his wife & her lover
                        [videorecording] / Miramax Films ; Allarts in
                        association with Elsevier Vendex presents ; a
                        co-production between Allarts Cook, Erato Films, Films
                        Inc. ; produced by Kees Kasander ; written & directed
                        by Peter Greenaway.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2227 DISC 1-2             2013
   Title: Latino Americans : the 500-year legacy that shaped a
                        nation / a production of WETA Washington, D.C. ; Bosch
                        and Company LLC ; and Latino Public Broadcasting
                        (LBP), in association with the Independent Television
                        Service (ITVS) ; series producer, Adriana Bosch ;
                        producers, Nina Alvarez ... [and 3 others] ;
                        directors, David Belton and Sonia Fritz.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2228 DISC 1-3             2012
   Title: Hell on wheels. The complete first season
                        [videorecording] / an Entertainment One/Nomadic
                        Pictures production ; ; written by Joe Gayton ... [et
                        al.] ; directed by David Von Ancken ... [et al.].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2229 DISC 1-3             2013
   Title: Hell on wheels. The complete second season

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2231 DISC 1               2012
   Title: On singing onstage [videorecording] / David Craig ;
                        Lee Productions, Inc. presents ; made in association
                        with UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television ;
                        directed by Keith Truesdell ; project created,
                        developed and produced by Pamela Shaw ; written by
                        David Craig ; co-producer, David Craig.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2232                      2009
   Title: John Riley's the master drummer [videorecording] : how
                        to practice, play, and think like a pro / Spotlight
                        Video Productions, Inc. ; producer/director, Tony

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2233                      2004
   Title: Groove essentials [videorecording] / Tommy Igoe.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2234 DISC 1-3             2012
   Title: Victory at sea [videorecording]  / [a production of
                        the National Broadcasting Company in cooperation with
                        the United States Navy] ; produced by Henry Salomon ;
                        directed by M. Clay Adams ; written by Henry Salomon
                        with Richard Hanser.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 31                     2013
   Title: Mary Poppins / Walt Disney Productions ; distributed
                        by Buena Vista Distribution Company ; screenplay, Bill
                        Walsh & Don Da Gradi ; director, Robert Stevenson

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2236 DISC 1-2             2006
   Title: The passion of the Christ [videorecording] / Icon
                        Productions presents in association with Newmarket
                        Films an Icon production ; a Mel Gibson film ;
                        produced by Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey, Stephen McEveety
                        ; screenplay by Benedict Fitzgerald and Mel Gibson ;
                        directed by Mel Gibson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2237                      2013
   Title: More than honey / production companies, Zero One Film
                        [and others] ; director and screenplay, Markus Imhoof
                        ; producers, Thomas Kufus [and others].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2238                      1994
   Title: Landmarks of early film. volume 2 [videorecording] :
                        the magic of M*eli*es.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2239                      2010
   Title: Georges M*eli*es encore [videorecording] : new
                        discoveries (1896-1911).

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2240                      2004
   Title: The rise and fall of Jim Crow [videorecording] /
                        series producer, Richard Wormser ; executive
                        producers, Bill Jersey, William R. Grant ; a
                        co-production of Quest Productions, VideoLine
                        Productions and Thirteen/WNET New York.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2241                      2013
   Title: Ella Cinders [videorecording] / First National
                        Pictures ; directed by Alfred E. Green.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2242 DISC 1-4             2009
   Title: Forbidden Hollywood collection. Volume three
                        [videorecording] / Turner Entertainment Co. ; TCM

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2243                      2000
   Title: Gilda [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures Corporation
                        presents ; story by E.A. Ellington ; adaptation by Jo
                        Eisinger ; screen play by Marion Parsonnet ; produced
                        by Virginia Van Upp ; directed by Charles Vidor.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2244                      2008
   Title: Midnight [videorecording] / a Paramount picture ;
                        directed by Michael Leisen ; screen play by Charles
                        Brackett and Billy Wilder ; produced by Arthur
                        Hornblow, Jr.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2245                      2013
   Title: The quiet man [videorecording] / a Republic production
                        ; Herbert J. Yates presents ; John Ford and Merian C.
                        Cooper's Argosy Production ; screenplay by Frank S.
                        Nugent ; directed by John Ford.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2246                      2003
   Personal Author: Moore, Michael, 1954 April 23-
   Title: Roger & me [videorecording] / Warner Bros. presents ;
                        a Dog Eat Dog Films production ; a film by Michael
                        Moore ; written, produced and directed by Michael

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2247 DISC 1-2             2011
   Title: Pulp fiction [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents
                        ; a Band Apart and Jersey Films production ; a film by
                        Quentin Tarantino ; stories by Quentin Tarantino &
                        Roger Avary ; produced by Lawrence Bender ; written
                        and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2248                      2006
   Title: American short films [videorecording] / [producer,
                        Luke Morris].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2249 DISC 1-6             2007
   Title: Gunsmoke. The first season [videorecording] /
                        Paramount Pictures.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2250 DISC 1-3             2008
   Title: Gunsmoke. The second season [videorecording (DVD) /
                        CBS Broadcasting Inc. ; Paramount Pictures.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2251 DISC 1-3             2008
   Title: Gunsmoke. The third season, volume 1 [videorecording]
                        / CBS Broadcasting.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2252 DISC 1-3             2009
   Title: Gunsmoke. The third season, volume 2 [videorecording]
                        / CBS Broadcasting.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2253 DISC 1-3             2010
   Title: Gunsmoke. The fourth season, volume 1 [videorecording]
                        / a CBS Television Network production.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2254 DISC 1-3             2010
   Title: Gunsmoke. Season 4, volume 2 [videorecording] / a CBS
                        Television Network production.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2255 DISC 1-3             2011
   Corporate Author: CBS Paramount Network Television (Firm)
   Title: Gunsmoke. The fifth season. Volume 1 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2256 DISC 1-3             2011
   Title: Gunsmoke The fifth season, Volume 2 [videorecording] /
                        produced by Arness and Company in association with the
                        CBS Television Network.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2257 DISC 1-3             2012
   Title: Gunsmoke. The sixth season, volume 1 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2258 DISC 1-3             2012
   Title: Gunsmoke. The sixth season, volume 2 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2259 DISC 1-5             2012
   Title: Gunsmoke. The seventh season, Volume 1
                        [videorecording] / CBS.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2260 DISC 1-5             2013
   Title: Gunsmoke. The seventh season, volume 2

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2261 DISC 1-5             2013
   Title: Gunsmoke. The eighth season, volume 1

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2262 DISC 1-5             2013
   Title: Gunsmoke. The eighth season, volume 2 [videorecording]
                        / CBS.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2263 DISC 1-5             2013
   Title: Gunsmoke. The ninth season, volume 1 [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2264 DISC 1-5             2013
   Title: Gunsmoke. The ninth season, volume 2 [videorecording]

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Barth LRC Circulating Books
January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014
 RB115 .L46 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Leon-Chisen, Nelly,
   Title: ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding handbook without
                        answers / Nelly Leon-Chisen.

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Barth LRC Popular Books
January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014

 *POPULAR READING ALBOM                   2013
   Personal Author: Albom, Mitch, 1958-
   Title: The first phone call from heaven / Mitch Albom.

 *POPULAR READING COHEN                   2013
   Personal Author: Cohen, Rich.
   Title: Monsters: the 1985 Chicago Bears and the wild heart of
                        football / Rich Cohen.

 *POPULAR READING EVANOVICH               2013
   Personal Author: Evanovich, Janet,
   Title: Takedown twenty / Janet Evanovich.

 *POPULAR READING GOODYEAR                2013
   Personal Author: Goodyear, Dana,
   Title: Anything that moves : renegade chefs, fearless eaters,
                        and the making of a new American food culture / Dana

 *POPULAR READING KINCH                   2013
   Personal Author: Kinch, David, 1961-
   Title: Manresa : an edible reflection / David Kinch with
                        Christine Muhlke ; photography by Eric Wolfinger.

 *POPULAR READING LEE                     2013
   Personal Author: Lee, Edward, 1972-
   Title: Smoke & pickles : recipes and stories from a new
                        southern kitchen / Edward Lee.

 *POPULAR READING LIEBERMAN               2013
   Personal Author: Lieberman, Daniel, 1964-
   Title: The story of the human body : evolution, health, and
                        disease / Daniel E. Lieberman.

   Personal Author: Ottolenghi, Yotam.
   Title: Ottolenghi : the cookbook / Yolam Ottolenghi and Sami

 *POPULAR READING POLLAN                  2013
   Personal Author: Pollan, Michael.
   Title: Cooked : a natural history of transformation / Michael

 *POPULAR READING ROACH                   2013
   Personal Author: Roach, Mary.
   Title: Gulp : adventures on the alimentary canal / Mary

 *POPULAR READING SPARKS                  2013
   Personal Author: Sparks, Nicholas,
   Title: The longest ride / Nicholas Sparks.

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Barth LRC Audio/Visual Materials
January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014
 VIDEO DISC DVD 140                       2003
   Title: The beautician and the beast [videorecording] /
                        Paramount Pictures presents a Koch Company production
                        in association with High School Sweethearts ; produced
                        by Howard W. "Hawk" Koch, Jr. and Todd Graff ; written
                        by Todd Graff ; directed by Ken Kwapis.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 765                       2000
   Title: Celebrating African American culture [videorecording]

 VIDEO DISC DVD 766                       2000
   Title: Favorite Canadian Memories [videorecording]

 VIDEO DISC DVD 767                       2000
   Title: Gonna do a little music [videorecording] / Innovative
                        Caregiving Resources.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 768                       2000
   Title: A kibitz with David [videorecording]

 VIDEO DISC DVD 769                       1994
   Title: Ladies, let's chat [videorecording]

 VIDEO DISC DVD 770                       2000
   Title: Lunchbreak with Tony [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 771                       2000
   Title: Movement, music and memories [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 772                       2000
   Title: Remembering when-- [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 773                       2000
   Title: Sharing Christmas cheer [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 774                       2000
   Title: Sharing favorite things [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 775                       2000
   Title: Those good ole school days [videorecording]

 VIDEO DISC DVD 776                       2000
   Title: A visit with Maria [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 777                       2000
   Title: A Yankee Doodle Dandy time [videorecording]

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