April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014

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April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- B -
 B53 .W495 2007                           2007
   Personal Author: Williamson, Timothy.
   Title: The philosophy of philosophy / Timothy Williamson.

 B765 .T54 T87 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Turner, Denys, 1942-
   Title: Thomas Aquinas : a portrait / Denys Turner.

 B785 .E64 C4713  2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Christ-von Wedel, Christine,
   Title: Erasmus of Rotterdam : advocate of a new Christianity
                        / Christine Christ-von Wedel.

 B831.2 .S56 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Sim, Stuart.
   Title: Fifty key postmodern thinkers  / Stuart Sim.

 B2430 .D484 P4213 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Peeters, Beno*it, 1956-
   Title: Derrida : a biography / Beno*it Peeters ; translated
                        by Andrew Brown.

 B3279 .H49 W53 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Wisnewski, Jeremy.
   Title: Heidegger, an introduction / J. Jeremy Wisnewski.

 B3317 .C29 1996                          1996
   Title: The Cambridge companion to Nietzsche / edited by Bernd
                        Magnus, Kathleen M. Higgins.

 BD311 .E455 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Effingham, Nikk.
   Title: An introduction to ontology / Nikk Effingham.

 BD436 .F4313 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Ferry, Luc.
   Title: On love : a philosophy for the twenty-first century /
                        Luc Ferry ; translated by Andrew Brown.

 BF575 .A3 S77 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Straus, Murray A. (Murray Arnold), 1926-
   Title: The primordial violence : spanking children,
                        psychological development, violence, and crime /
                        Murray A. Straus, University of New Hamshire, Emily M.
                        Douglas, Bridgewater State University, Rose Anne
                        Medeiros, Rice University.

 BF818 .P38 2004                          2004
   Personal Author: Peterson, Christopher, 1950 February 18-2012.
   Title: Character strengths and virtues : a handbook and
                        classification / Christopher Peterson & Martin E.P.

 BH39 .D3827 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Davies, Stephen, 1950-
   Title: The artful species : aesthetics, art, and evolution /
                        Stephen Davies.

 BJ1012 .E34 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Edmonds, David, 1964-
   Title: Would you kill the fat man? : the trolley problem and
                        what your answer tells us about right and wrong /
                        David Edmonds.

 BJ1533 .H8 C86 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Cunningham, Anthony, 1958-
   Title: Modern honor : a philosophical defense / Anthony

 BM695 .H3 A84 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Ashton, Dianne.
   Title: Hanukkah in America : a history / Dianne Ashton.

 BR115 .T42 D48 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Detweiler, Craig, 1964-
   Title: IGods : how technology shapes our spiritual and social
                        lives / Craig Detweiler.

 BS1415.52 .L37 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Larrimore, Mark J. (Mark Joseph), 1966-
   Title: The Book of Job : a biography / Mark Larrimore.

 BT40 .M37 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Masterson, Patrick.
   Title: Approaching God : between phenomenology and theology /
                        Patrick Masterson.

 BT734.2 .C47 2014                        2014
   Title: Christians and the color line : race and religion
                        after Divided by faith / edited by J. Russell Hawkins
                        and Phillip Luke Sinitiere.

 BT734.2 .E48 2000                        2000
   Personal Author: Emerson, Michael O., 1965-
   Title: Divided by faith : evangelical religion and the
                        problem of race in America / Michael O. Emerson,
                        Christian Smith.

 BV210.2 .W44 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Whitten, Nathaniel
   Title: The book of extremely common prayer : exhortations to
                        an invisible divinity in times of crisis or
                        contemplation / by Nathaniel Whitten.

 BV4509.5 .N68 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Nouwen, Henri J. M.
   Title: Discernment : reading the signs of daily life / Henri
                        J. M. Nouwen, with Michael J. Christensen and Rebecca
                        J. Laird.

 BX1378.7 .V35 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Vallely, Paul,
   Title: Pope Francis : untying the knots / Paul Vallely.

 BX1779.5 .K8613 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: K*ung, Hans, 1928-
   Title: Can we save the Catholic Church? / Hans K*ung.

 BX2182.3 .O35 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: O'Connor, Flannery.
   Title: A prayer journal / Flannery O'Connor ; edited and with
                        an introduction by W.A. Sessions.

 BX4827 .B57 N38 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Nation, Mark.
   Title: Bonhoeffer the assassin? : challenging the myth,
                        recovering his call to peacemaking / Mark Thiessen
                        Nation, Anthony G. Siegrist, and Daniel P. Umbel.

 BX5145 .J27 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Jacobs, Alan, 1958-
   Title: The Book of Common Prayer : a biography / Alan Jacobs.

 BX5199 .L53 B76 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Brown, Devin.
   Title: A life observed : a spiritual biography of C.S. Lewis
                        / Devin Brown.

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- C -
CT25 .K37 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Kephart, Beth.
   Title: Handling the truth : on the writing of memoir / Beth

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- D -
 D16 .S864 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Storey, William Kelleher.
   Title: Writing history : a guide for students / William
                        Kelleher Storey.

 D16.2 .P715 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Presnell, Jenny L.
   Title: The information-literate historian : a guide to
                        research for history students / Jenny L. Presnell.

 D210 .K84 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: Kupperman, Karen Ordahl, 1939-
   Title: The Atlantic in world history / by Karen Ordahl

 D772 .B5 B25 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Ballantyne, Iain, 1963-
   Title: Killing the Bismarck : destroying the pride of
                        Hitler's fleet / Iain Ballantyne.

 D772 .B5 Z388 2012                       2012
   Personal Author: Zetterling, Niklas.
   Title: Bismarck : the final days of Germany's greatest
                        battleship / Niklas Zetterling & Michael Tamelander.

 D804 .G4 V7 1989                         1989
   Personal Author: Vrba, Rudolf.
   Title: 44070 : the conspiracy of the twentieth century /
                        Rudolf Vrba and Alan Bestic.

 D804.3 .B464 2006                        2006
   Personal Author: Berenbaum, Michael, 1945-
   Title: The world must know : the history of the Holocaust as
                        told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum /
                        Michael Berenbaum ; Arnold Kramer, editor of

 D810 .S2 J33 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Jacobsen, Annie,
   Title: Operation Paperclip : the secret intelligence program
                        that brought Nazi scientists to America / Annie

 DS126.6 .S42 L36 2014                    2013
   Personal Author: Landau, David, 1947-
   Title: Arik : the life of Ariel Sharon / David Landau.

 DS135 .N5 A536 2009                      2009
   Personal Author: Gies, Miep, 1909-2010.
   Title: Anne Frank remembered : the story of the woman who
                        helped to hide the Frank family / Miep Gies and Alison
                        Leslie Gold.

 DU20 .I45 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Igler, David, 1964-
   Title: The great ocean : Pacific worlds from Captain Cook to
                        the gold rush / David Igler.
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- E -
 E45 .E37 2014                            2014
   Title: Early North America in global perspective / edited by
                        Philip D. Morgan and Molly A. Warsh.

 E98 .F39 M97 2007                        2007
   Title: Myth and memory : stories of Indigenous-European
                        contact / edited by John Sutton Lutz.

 E184 .A1 M85 2005                        2005
   Title: Multiculturalism in the United States : a comparative
                        guide to acculturation and ethnicity / edited by John
                        D. Buenker and Lorman A. Ratner.

 E184 .A1 T335 2008                       2008
   Personal Author: Takaki, Ronald T., 1939-2009.
   Title: A different mirror : a history of multicultural
                        America / Ronald Takaki.

 E184 .M5 B497 2011                       2011
   Title: Beyond la frontera : the history of Mexico-U.S.
                        migration / edited by Mark Overmyer-Vel*azquez.

 E184 .M5 C37 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Castro, Tony.
   Title: Chicano power : the emergence of Mexican America /
                        Tony Castro.

 E184 .M5 D525 2005                       2005
   Personal Author: Diaz, David R., 1951-
   Title: Barrio urbanism : Chicanos, planning, and American
                        cities / David Ralph Diaz.

 E184 .M5 G625 2007                       2007
   Personal Author: G*omez, Laura E., 1964-
   Title: Manifest destinies : the making of the Mexican
                        American race / Laura E. G*omez.

 E184 .M5 M3567 2003                      2003
   Personal Author: Marquez, Benjamin, 1953-
   Title: Constructing identities in Mexican-American political
                        organizations : choosing issues, taking sides /
                        Benjamin M*arquez.

 E184 .M5 M522 2007                       2007
   Title: Mexican immigration to the United States / edited by
                        George J. Borjas.

 E184 .M5 R58 2006                        2006
   Personal Author: Rivera, John-Michael, 1969-
   Title: The emergence of Mexican America : recovering stories
                        of Mexican peoplehood in U.S. culture / John-Michael

 E184 .M5 S28 2002                        2002
   Personal Author: Sarmiento, Socorro Torres.
   Title: Making ends meet : income-generating strategies among
                        Mexican immigrants / Socorro Torres Sarmiento.

 E184 .M5 V343 2010                       2010
   Personal Author: Vargas, Zaragosa.
   Title: Crucible of struggle : a history of Mexican Americans
                        from colonial times to the present era / Zaragosa

 E184 .M5 V48 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Vigil, James Diego, 1938-
   Title: From Indians to Chicanos : the dynamics of
                        Mexican-American culture / James Diego Vigil.

 E184 .S75 A43 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Amaya, Hector.
   Title: Citizenship excess : Latinas/os, media, and the nation
                        / Hector Amaya.

 E184 .S75 C648 2007                      2007
   Title: A companion to Latina/o studies / edited by Juan
                        Flores and Renato Rosaldo.

 E184 .S75 L34 2002                       2002
   Personal Author: Laezman, Rick.
   Title: 100 Hispanic-Americans who shaped American history /
                        Rick Laezman.

 E184 .S75 L3649 2012                     2012
   Title: Latino urbanism : the politics of planning, policy,
                        and redevelopment / edited by David R. Diaz and
                        Rodolfo D. Torres.

 E184 .S75 M454 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Mendoza, Louis Gerard, 1960-
   Title: A journey around our America : a memoir on cycling,
                        immigration, and the Latinoization of the U.S. / Louis
                        G. Mendoza.

 E185 .F8266 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Franklin, John Hope, 1915-2009.
   Title: From slavery to freedom : a history of African
                        Americans / John Hope Franklin, Evelyn Higginbotham.

 E185 .G26 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.,
   Title: The African Americans : many rivers to cross / Henry
                        Louis Gates, Jr., and Donald Yacovone.

 E185.93 .T4 W56 1996                     1996
   Personal Author: Winegarten, Ruthe.
   Title: Black Texas women : a sourcebook : documents,
                        biographies, timeline / Ruthe Winegarten ; Janet G.
                        Humphrey and Frieda Werden, consulting editors.

 E279 .K55 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Kilmeade, Brian.
   Title: George Washington's secret six : the spy ring that
                        saved the American Revolution / Brian Kilmeade and Don

 E444 .N87 2014                           2014
   Personal Author: Northup, Solomon, 1808-1863?
   Title: Twelve years a slave / Solomon Northup.

 E464 .S56 2014                           2014
   Title: The Civil War : the final year told by those who lived
                        it / Aaron Sheehan-Dean, editor.

 E467 .S65 2013                           2013
   Title: Smithsonian Civil War : inside the national collection
                        / edited by Neil Kagan and Stephen G. Hyslop ;
                        Smithsonian Editorial Committee: James G. Barber, Tom
                        Crouch, Michelle Delaney, Rex M. Ellis, Paul Gardullo,
                        Frank H. Goodyear III, Eleanor Jones Harvey, Pamela M.
                        Henson, Jennifer L. Jones, William S. Pretzer, Harry
                        R. Rubenstein ; foreword by Jon Meacham ; introduction
                        by Michelle Delaney ; principle photography by Hugh

 E908.3 .F47 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Ferrara, Mark S.
   Title: Barack Obama and the Rhetoric of Hope / Mark S.

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- F -
 F128.9 .E28 M55 2004                     2004
   Personal Author: Miles, Ann (Ann M.)
   Title: From Cuenca to Queens : an anthropological story of
                        transnational migration / Ann Miles.

 F358.2 .S75 L38 2004                     2004
   Title: Apple pie & enchiladas : Latino newcomers in the rural
                        Midwest / Ann V. Millard and Jorge Chapa, with
                        Catalina Burillo ... [et al.].

 F392 .F7 H47 2008                        2008
   Personal Author: Hern*andez, Marie Theresa, 1952-
   Title: Cemeteries of ambivalent desire : unearthing deep
                        South narratives from a Texas graveyard / Marie
                        Theresa Hern*andez.

 F392 .J33 B48 2006                       2006
   Personal Author: Landry, Wanda A.
   Title: Betting, booze, and brothels : Vice, corruption, and
                        justice in Jefferson County, Texas, from Spindletop to
                        the 1960s / Wanda A. Landry, Laura C. O'Toole.

 F392 .K47 C423 1986                      1986
   Personal Author: Fox, Mary Virginia.
   Title: A queen named King / Mary Virginia Fox.

 F394 .C78 A34 2012                       2012
   Title: African Americans in Corpus Christi / Bruce A. Glasrud
                        ... [et al.].

 F394 .H89 M5144 2001                     2001
   Personal Author: De Le*on, Arnoldo, 1945-
   Title: Ethnicity in the Sunbelt : Mexican Americans in
                        Houston / Arnoldo De Le*on.

 F394 .S2119 M5135 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Buitron, Richard A., 1961-
   Title: The quest for Tejano identity in San Antonio, Texas,
                        1913-2000 / Richard A. Buitron, Jr.

 F395 .M5 W37 2012                        2012
   Title: War along the border : the Mexican Revolution and
                        Tejano communities / edited by Arnoldo De Leon.

 F596.3 .S75 I24 2006                     2006
   Personal Author: Iber, Jorge, 1961-
   Title: Hispanics in the American West / Jorge Iber and
                        Arnoldo De Le*on.

 F787 .O96 2013                           2013
   Title: Our Lost Border : Essays on Life Amid the
                        Narco-violence / edited by Sarah Cortez and Sergio

 F861 .O63 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Osborne, Thomas J., 1942-
   Title: Pacific Eldorado : a history of greater California /
                        Thomas J. Osborne.

 F1621 .M38 2010                          2010
   Personal Author: McNeill, John Robert.
   Title: Mosquito empires : ecology and war in the Greater
                        Caribbean, 1620-1914 / J.R. McNeill.

 F2849.22 .G85 B8713 2013                 2013
   Personal Author: Bustos, Ciro Roberto.
   Title: Che wants to see you : the untold story of Che in
                        Bolivia / Ciro Bustos ; Translated by Ann Wright ;
                        With an Introduction by Jon Lee Anderson.

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- G -
 G70.212 .G489 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Law, Michael, 1980-
   Title: Getting to know ArcGIS for desktop / Michael Law, Amy

 G70.212 .N388 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Nasser, Hussein.
   Title: Administering ArcGIS for server : installing and
                        configuring ArcGIS for server to publish, optimize,
                        and secure GIS services / Hussein Nasser ; [foreword
                        by Andrew Zolnai].

 G70.212 .P467 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Pimpler, Eric
   Title: Building web and mobile arcgis server applications
                        with javascript.

 G70.212 .P526 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Pimpler, Eric.
   Title: Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python cookbook / Eric

 G1030 .B7 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Brotton, Jerry.
   Title: A history of the world in twelve maps / Jerry Brotton.

 GB1205 .C63 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Coates, Peter A., 1957-
   Title: A story of six rivers : history, culture and ecology /
                        Peter Coates.

 GN282 .G87 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Gurche, John,
   Title: Shaping humanity : how science, art, and imagination
                        help us understand our origins / John Gurche.

 GN448.2 .S63 2006                        2006
   Corporate Author: Society for Economic Anthropology (U.S.). Meeting
                        (2001 : Milwaukee (Wis.))
   Title: Labor in cross-cultural perspective / E. Paul
                        Durrenberger And Judith Marti, editors.

 GT2869                                   1986
   Personal Author: Mintz, Sidney Wilfred, 1922-
   Title: Sweetness and power : the place of sugar in modern
                        history / Sidney W. Mintz.

 GV481 .D587 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Divine, Mark.
   Title: 8 weeks to SEALfit : a Navy SEAL's guide to
                        unconventional training for physical and mental
                        toughness / Mark Divine.

 GV706.4 .A39 2013                        2014
   Personal Author: Afremow, James A.,
   Title: The champion's mind : how great athletes think, train,
                        and thrive / Jim Afremow, PhD.

 GV848.5 .O7 .A33 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Orr, Bobby, 1948-
   Title: Orr : my story / Bobby Orr.

 GV863 .A1 C66 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Conklin, Carroll C.,
   Title: Baseball's best decade : a decade-by-decade comparison
                        : 1920s-2000s / Carroll Conklin.

 GV875 .T36 K4 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Kayser, Tom.
   Title: The Texas League baseball almanac / Tom Kayser and 
                        David King.

 GV939 .L28 R53 2014                      2013
   Personal Author: Ribowsky, Mark.
   Title: The last cowboy : a life of Tom Landry / Mark

 GV1051 .A76 M34 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Macur, Juliet,
   Title: Cycle of lies : the fall of Lance Armstrong / Juliet

 GV1060.73 .P48 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Peveler, Will.
   Title: Triathlon training fundamentals : a beginner's guide
                        to essential gear, nutrition, and training schedules /
                        Will Peveler, Ph.D.

 GV1065 .M34 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Malan, Denise.
   Title: The runner's bucket list / Denise Malan.

 GV1065.22 .B67 C66 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: Connelly, Michael (Michael P.)
   Title: 26.2 miles to Boston : a journey into the heart of the
                        Boston Marathon / Michael Connelly.

 GV1469.34 .S52 K57 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Kirkpatrick, Graeme, 1963-
   Title: Computer games and the social imaginary / Graeme

 GV1785 .F67 W37 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Wasson, Sam.
   Title: Fosse / Sam Wasson.

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- H -
 HB74 .P8 G56 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Gneezy, Uri.
   Title: The why axis : hidden motives and the undiscovered
                        economics of everyday life / Uri Gneezy and John A.
                        List ; with a foreword by Steven D. Levitt.

 HB98 .V47 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: Veryser, Harry C.,
   Title: It didn't have to be this way : why boom and bust is
                        unnecessary--and how the Austrian school of economics
                        breaks the cycle / Harry C. Veryser.

 HB137 .K36 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Karabell, Zachary.
   Title: The leading indicators : a short history of the
                        numbers that rule our world / Zachary Karabell.

 HB172.5 .H358 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Harford, Tim, 1973-
   Title: The undercover economist strikes back : how to run, or
                        ruin, an economy / Tim Harford.

 HB915 .G88 2008                          2008
   Personal Author: Guti*errez, Elena R., 1970-
   Title: Fertile matters : the politics of Mexican-origin
                        women's reproduction / Elena R. Guti*errez.

 HC59.15 .H35 2007                        2007
   Personal Author: Harford, Tim, 1973-
   Title: The undercover economist / Tim Harford.

 HC155 .K58 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Knight, Franklin W.
   Title: The Caribbean, the genesis of a fragmented nationalism
                        / Franklin W. Knight.

 HD30.23 .H3656 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Hardoon, David Roi.
   Title: Getting started with business analytics : insightful
                        decision-making / David Roi Hardoon and Galit Shmueli.

 HD38.7 .D379 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Davenport, Thomas H., 1954-
   Title: Big data @ work : dispelling the myths, uncovering the
                        opportunities / Thomas H. Davenport.

 HD53 .K4534 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Kelley, David, 1951-
   Title: Creative confidence : unleashing the creative
                        potential within us all / Tom Kelley and David Kelley.

 HD53 .L545 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Liedtka, Jeanne.
   Title: Solving problems with design thinking : 10 stories of
                        what works / Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King, and Kevin

 HD57.7 .L4737 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Levine, Alison.
   Title: On the edge : the art of high-impact leadership /
                        Alison Levine ; [foreword by Mike Krzyzewski].

 HD58.8 .S887 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Sutton, Robert I.,
   Title: Scaling up excellence : getting to more without
                        settling for less / Robert I. Sutton and Huggy Rao.

 HD6053 .W477 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Williams, Joan, 1952-
   Title: What works for women at work : four patterns working
                        women need to know / Joan C. Williams and Rachel
                        Dempsey ; foreword by Anne-Marie Slaughter.

 HD6509 .C48 O76 2008                     2008
   Personal Author: Orosco, Jos*e-Antonio, 1971-
   Title: Cesar Chavez and the common sense of nonviolence /
                        Jose-Antonio Orosco.

 HD8081 .M6 G75 2006                      2006
   Personal Author: Griffith, David, 1951-
   Title: American guestworkers : Jamaicans and Mexicans in the
                        U.S. labor market / David Griffith.

 HD9000.5 .W339 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Warner, Melanie.
   Title: Pandora's lunchbox : how processed food took over the
                        American meal / Melanie Warner.

 HD9569.8 .Z83 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Zuckerman, Gregory.
   Title: The frackers : the outrageous inside story of the new
                        billionaire wildcatters / Gregory Zuckerman.

 HF5415 .K52196 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Kimmel, Allan J.
   Title: Psychological foundations of marketing / Allan J.

 HF5415.1255 .R363 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Rand, Paul,
   Title: Highly recommended : harnessing the power of word of
                        mouth and social media to build your brand and your
                        business / Paul M. Rand.

 HF5718.22 .M336 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: McGowan, Bill,
   Title: Pitch perfect : how to say it right the first time,
                        every time / Bill McGowan and Alisa Bowman.

 HG231 .M37 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Martin, Felix, 1974-
   Title: Money : the unauthorised biography / Felix Martin.

 HG3916 .H47 2005                         2005
   Personal Author: Hern*andez-Coss, Ra*ul, 1968-
   Title: The U.S.-Mexico remittance corridor : lessons on
                        shifting from informal to formal transfer systems /
                        Ra*ul Hern*andez-Coss.

 HM538 .T68 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Tourangeau, Roger.
   Title: The science of web surveys / Roger Tourangeau,
                        Frederick G. Conrad, Mick P. Couper.

 HM851 .W42975 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Weiss, Robert, 1961-
   Title: Closer together, further apart : the effect of
                        technology and the Internet on parenting, work, and
                        relationships / Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, Jennifer
                        P. Schneider, MD, PhD.

 HN79 .A63 C64 2008                       2008
   Personal Author: Esparza, Adrian X., 1957-
   Title: Colonias in Arizona and New Mexico : border poverty
                        and community development solutions / Adrian X.
                        Esparza and Angela J. Donelson.

 HN120 .C48 C538 2005                     2005
   Personal Author: Vila, Pablo, 1952-
   Title: Border identifications : narratives of religion,
                        gender, and class on the U.S.-Mexico border / Pablo

 HQ77.95 .U55 M37 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Marcus, Jana.
   Title: Transfigurations / Jana Marcus ; foreword by Jamison

 HQ755.8 .B763 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Brown, Christia Spears.
   Title: Parenting beyond pink & blue : how to raise your kids
                        free of gender stereotypes / Christia Spears Brown,

 HQ755.8 .S7226 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Steiner, Leslie Morgan.
   Title: The baby chase : how surrogacy is transforming the
                        American family / Leslie Morgan Steiner.

 HQ766 .P26 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Parry, Manon.
   Title: Broadcasting birth control : mass media and family
                        planning / Manon Parry.

 HQ798 .G37 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Garcia, Lorena (Sociologist)
   Title: Respect yourself, protect yourself : Latina girls and
                        sexual identity / Lorena Garcia.

 HQ1031 .C38 2007                         2007
   Personal Author: Casas, Maria Raqu*el.
   Title: Married to a daughter of the land : Spanish-Mexican
                        women and interethnic marriage in California,
                        1820-1880 / Mar*ia Raqu*el Casas.

 HQ1064 .U5 A63399 2014                   2014
   Title: Aging in America.

 HQ1161 .S378 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Schnall, Marianne.
   Title: What will it take to make a woman president? :
                        conversations about women, leadership and power /
                        Marianne Schnall.

 HQ1421 .R48 2014                         2014
   Title: Revisiting gender.

 HQ1426 .W663 2011                        2011
   Title: Women's America : refocusing the past / edited by
                        Linda K. Kerber, Jane Sherron De Hart, Cornelia Hughes

 HQ1438 .T4 W62 1993                      1993
   Title: Women and Texas history : selected essays / edited by
                        Fane Downs and Nancy Baker Jones ; with a keynote
                        essay by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.

 HT1177 .H37 2002                         2002
   Personal Author: Harms, Robert W., 1946-
   Title: The Diligent : a voyage through the worlds of the
                        slave trade / Robert Harms.

 HT1322 .C35 2002                         2002
   Title: Captive passage : the transatlantic slave trade and
                        the making of the Americas.

 HV600 2010.H2 K38 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Katz, Jonathan (Jonathan M.),
   Title: The big truck that went by : how the world came to
                        save Haiti and left behind a disaster / Jonathan M.

 HV640.5 .C9 M35 1996                     1996
   Personal Author: Masud-Piloto, Felix Roberto.
   Title: From welcomed exiles to illegal immigrants : Cuban
                        migration to the U.S., 1959-1995 / by Felix Roberto

 HV881 .B4193 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Beam, Cris.
   Title: To the end of June : the intimate life of American
                        foster care / Cris Beam.

 HV2545 .H65 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Holcomb, Thomas K., 1959-
   Title: Introduction to American deaf culture / Thomas K.

 HV6439 .U7 L77 2005                      2005
   Personal Author: Rodriguez, Luis J., 1954-
   Title: Always running : la vida loca, gang days in L.A. /
                        Luis J. Rodriguez.

 HV9475 .T4 G57 2001                      2001
   Personal Author: Glenn, Lon Bennett, 1945-
   Title: Texas prisons : the largest hotel chain in Texas / Lon
                        Bennett Glenn.

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- J -
 JC596 .A54 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Angwin, Julia,
   Title: Dragnet nation : a quest for privacy, security, and
                        freedom in a world of relentless surveillance / Julia

 JC599 .U5 K49 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Keys, Barbara J.
   Title: Reclaiming American virtue : the human rights
                        revolution of the 1970s / Barbara J. Keys.

 JL966 .S6 2012                           2012
   Personal Author: Smith, Peter H.
   Title: Democracy in Latin America : political change in
                        comparative perspective / Peter H. Smith.

 JV6450 .A585 2006                        2006
   Title: American dreaming, global realities : rethinking U.S.
                        immigration history / edited by Donna R. Gabaccia and
                        Vicki L. Ruiz.

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- L -
 LB880 .L472 S77 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Strhan, Anna.
   Title: Levinas, subjectivity, education : towards an ethics
                        of radical responsibility / Anna Strhan.

 LB1028.3 .S4426 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Sheninger, Eric C.,
   Title: Digital leadership : changing paradigms for changing
                        times / Eric Sheninger ; foreword by Yong Zhao.

 LB1050.45 .F74 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Frey, Nancy, 1959-
   Title: Rigorous reading : 5 access points for comprehending
                        complex texts / Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher ; foreword
                        by P. David Pearson.

 LB1139.25 .D44 2012                      2012
   Title: Defending childhood : keeping the promise of early
                        education / Beverly Falk, editor ; Linda
                        Darling-Hammond, foreword.

 LB1140.5 .A7 B46 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Bentley, Dana Frantz.
   Title: Everyday artists : inquiry and creativity in the early
                        childhood classroom / Dana Frantz Bentley ; foreword
                        by Judy Burton.

 LB2369 .S65 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Spencer, Linda, 1943-
   Title: Writing well in the 21st century : the five essentials
                        / Linda Spencer.

 LB2806.36 .R38 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Ravitch, Diane.
   Title: Reign of error : the hoax of the privatization
                        movement and the danger to America's public schools /
                        Diane Ravitch.

 LB3060.33 .G45 S55 2014B                 2014
   Personal Author: Sharpe, Christopher M.,
   Title: How to prepare for the GED* test / Christopher M.
                        Sharpe, Joseph S. Reddy.

 LB3064.2 .R4 2006                        2006
   Personal Author: Ream, Robert Ketner
   Title: Uprooting children : mobility, social capital, and
                        Mexican American underachievement / Robert Ketner

 LC2670.3 .P67 2005                       2005
   Personal Author: Portales, Rita.
   Title: Quality education for Latinos and Latinas : print and
                        oral skills for all students, K-college / Rita and
                        Marco Portales.

 LC2683 .S35 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: San Miguel, Guadalupe, 1950-
   Title: Chicana/o struggles for education : activism in the
                        community / Guadalupe San Miguel Jr.

 LC2683.4 .S35 2004                       2004
   Title: School connections : U.S. Mexican youth, peers, and
                        school achievement / edited by Margaret A. Gibson,
                        Patricia G*andara, Jill Peterson Koyama ; foreword by
                        Jeannie Oakes.

 LC2688 .D48 F47 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Fergus, Edward, 1974-
   Title: Skin color and identity formation : perceptions of
                        opportunity and academic orientation among Mexican and
                        Puerto Rican youth / Edward Fergus.

 LC2688 .L7 P59 2005                      2005
   Personal Author: Pizarro, Marcos, 1967-
   Title: Chicanas and Chicanos in school : racial profiling,
                        identity battles, and empowerment / Marcos Pizarro.

 LC3727 .R56 2010                         2010
   Personal Author: Rinc*on, Alejandra.
   Title: Undocumented Immigrants and Higher Education : Si Se
                        Puede! / Alejandra Rincon.

 LC4024 .H55 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Hill, Barbara Albers.
   Title: Breaking through : using educational technology for
                        children with special needs / Barbara Albers Hill.

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- M -
 ML400 .J24 2005                          2005
   Personal Author: Jackson, Buzzy.
   Title: A bad woman feeling good : blues and the women who
                        sing them / Buzzy Jackson.

 ML419 .A75 B776 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Brothers, Thomas David.
   Title: Louis Armstrong, master of modernism / Thomas

 ML419 .P4 C76 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Crouch, Stanley.
   Title: Kansas City lightning : the rise and times of Charlie
                        Parker / Stanley Crouch.

 ML420 .D98 B77 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Brown, Donald, 1959-
   Title: Bob Dylan : American troubadour / Donald Brown.

 ML420 .H172 A45 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Akkerman, Gregg.
   Title: The last balladeer : the Johnny Hartman story / Gregg

 ML420 .J735 W35 2005                     2005
   Personal Author: Wald, Elijah.
   Title: Escaping the delta : Robert Johnson and the invention
                        of the blues / Elijah Wald.

 ML3508 .L39 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Lauterbach, Preston.
   Title: The chitlin' circuit : and the road to rock 'n' roll /
                        Preston Lauterbach.

 ML3521 .D36 2003                         2003
   Personal Author: Davis, Francis, 1946-
   Title: The history of the blues / by Francis Davis.

 ML3521 .L64 2002                         2002
   Personal Author: Lomax, Alan, 1915-2002.
   Title: The land where the blues began / Alan Lomax.

 ML3521 .N68 1993                         1993
   Title: Nothing but the blues : the music and the musicians /
                        Lawrence Cohn... [et. al.].

 ML3531 .W546 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Williams, Justin A.
   Title: Rhymin' and stealin' : musical borrowing in hip-hop
                        music / Justin A. Williams.

 ML3541 .B67 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Boyd, Jean Ann.
   Title: Dance all night : those other southwestern swing
                        bands, past and present / Jean A. Boyd.

 ML3790 .K534 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Klein, Jim L., 1956-
   Title: Welcome to the jungle : a success manual for music and
                        audio freelancers / Jim Klein.

 ML3790 .K863 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Kamenski, Martin.
   Title: Minding your business : a guide to money and taxes for
                        creative professionals / Martin Kamenski.

 ML3790 .W466 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Winogradsky, Steve.
   Title: Music publishing : the complete guide / Steve

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- N -
 N330 .B32 M379 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Witham, Larry, 1952-
   Title: Art schooled : a year among prodigies, rebels, and
                        visionaries at a world-class art college / Larry

 N3999 .P76 2013                          2013
   Title: Provenance : an alternate history of art / edited by
                        Gail Feigenbaum and Inge Reist.

 NB1930 .A15 2014                         2014
   Title: 500 figures in clay. Volume 2 / by Nan Smith.

 NC266 .R8 L66 2013                       2013
   Title: Looking East : Rubens's encounter with Asia / edited
                        by Stephanie Schrader, with contributions by Burglind
                        Jungmann, Kim Young-Jae, and Christine G*ottler.

 ND237 .R68 S65 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Solomon, Deborah.
   Title: American mirror : the life and art of Norman Rockwell
                        / Deborah Solomon.

 ND553 .C33 A3 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: C*ezanne, Paul, 1839-1906,
   Title: The letters of Paul C*ezanne / edited and translated
                        by Alex Danchev.

 ND1471 .M393 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Mayer, Lance.
   Title: American painters on technique : 1860-1945 / Lance
                        Mayer and Gay Myers.

 ND2990 .J2 2013                          2013
   Corporate Author: J. Paul Getty Museum.
   Title: Gardens of the Renaissance / Bryan C. Keene.

 NK1520 .D457 2013                        2013
   Title: Design anthropology : theory and practice / edited by
                        Wendy Gunn, Mads Clausen Institute, University of
                        Southern Denmark, Ton Otto, James Cook University,
                        Australia and University of Aarhus, Denmark, Rachel
                        Charlotte Smith, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

 NK1570 .H36 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Hann, Michael.
   Title: Symbol, pattern and symmetry : the cultural
                        significance of structure / Michael Hann.

 NK3940 .L37 2011                         2011
   Title: Ceramics sculptures / Linda Kopp, senior editor.

 NK5306 .R345 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Raguin, Virginia Chieffo, 1941-
   Title: Stained glass : radiant art / Virginia Chieffo Raguin.

 NX180 .G56 M36 2013                      2013
   Title: Manga's cultural crossroads / edited by Jaqueline
                        Berndt and Bettina K*ummerling-Meibauer.

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- P -
 P96 .A792 S63 2013                       2013
   Title: Spacefarers : images of astronauts and cosmonauts in
                        the heroic era of spaceflight / edited by Michael J.

 PA3875 .R3 G75 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Griffith, Mark (Classicist)
   Title: Aristophanes' Frogs / Mark Griffith.

 PA4025 .A2 P69 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Homer.
   Title: The Iliad / Homer ; translation, introduction, and
                        notes by Barry B. Powell.

 PA4025 .A5 M58 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Homer.
   Title: The Odyssey / Homer ; translated, with an introduction
                        and notes, by Stephen Mitchell.

 PE1075 .M33 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Machan, Tim William.
   Title: What is English? : and why should we care? / Tim
                        William Machan.

 PE1137 .M83 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Moyer, Alene, 1961-
   Title: Foreign accent : the phenomenon of non-native speech /
                        Alene Moyer.

 PE1141 .H67 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Horobin, Simon.
   Title: Does spelling matter? / Simon Horobin.

 PE1313 .D47 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: DePino, Catherine.
   Title: Excuse me, your participle's dangling! : how to use
                        grammar to make your writing powers soar / Catherine

 PH3281 .K3815 Z46 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Kert*esz, Imre, 1929-
   Title: Dossier K. / Imre Kert*esz ; translation by Tim

 PN56 .C675 Z56 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Ziolkowski, Theodore.
   Title: Lure of the arcane : the literature of cult and
                        conspiracy / Theodore Ziolkowski.

 PN1042 .L665 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Longenbach, James,
   Title: The virtues of poetry / James Longenbach.

 PN1077 .G63 2012                         2012
   Title: A God in the house : poets talk about faith / edited
                        by Ilya Kaminsky and Katherine Towler.

 PN1992.3 .U5 H79 2013                    2013
   Title: How to watch television / edited by Ethan Thompson and
                        Jason Mittell.

 PN1992.4 .E25 A3 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Eaton, Rebecca, 1947-
   Title: Making masterpiece : 25 years behind the scenes at
                        Masterpiece theatre and Mystery! on PBS / Rebecca
                        Eaton  with Patricia Mulcahy.

 PN1992.8 .C66 A97 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Austerlitz, Saul.
   Title: Sitcom : a history in 24 episodes from I love Lucy to
                        Community / Saul Austerlitz.

 PN1993.5 .U6 B689 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Brown, Noel.
   Title: The Hollywood family film : a history, from Shirley
                        Temple to Harry Potter / Noel Brown.

 PN1995.9 .H6 M24 2004                    2004
   Personal Author: Maddrey, Joseph, 1979-
   Title: Nightmares in red, white, and blue : the evolution of
                        the American horror film / Joseph Maddrey.

 PN1995.9 .M6 M635 2013                   2013
   Title: Monster culture in the 21st century : a reader /
                        edited by Marina Levina and Diem-My T. Bui.

 PN1996 .O5 2013                          2013
   Title: On story : screenwriters and their craft / edited by
                        Barbara Morgan and Maya Perez.

 PN1997.2 .C683 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: McCarthy, Cormac, 1933-
   Title: The counselor : a screenplay / Cormac McCarthy.

 PN2080 .I52 2013                         2013
   Title: In performance : contemporary monologues for men and
                        women late teens - twenties / [edited by] JV Mercanti.

 PN2080 .S243 2013                        2013
   Title: Scenes and monologues of spiritual experience : from
                        the best contemporary plays / edited by Roger Ellis.

 PN2096 .B87 A3 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Burlingame, Lloyd,
   Title: Sets, lights, & lunacy : a stage designer's adventures
                        on Broadway and in opera / by Lloyd Burlingame.

 PN4151 .M33 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: McCarthy, B. Eugene, 1934-
   Title: Sound ideas : hearing and speaking poetry / B. Eugene
                        McCarthy & Fran Quinn.

 PN4749 .D43 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: De Botton, Alain.
   Title: The news : a user's manual / Alain De Botton.

 PN4874 .C84 B75 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Brinkley, Douglas.
   Title: Cronkite / Douglas Brinkley.

 PN4888 .H57 C43 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Chavez, Leo R. (Leo Ralph),
   Title: The Latino threat : constructing immigrants, citizens,
                        and the nation / Leo R. Chavez.

 PN4888 .H57 R63 1999                     1999
   Personal Author: Rodriguez, America.
   Title: Making Latino news : race, language, class / Am*erica

 PN6014 .N66 2012                         2012
   Title: The Norton anthology of world literature / Martin
                        Puchner, general editor ... [et al.].

 PN6014 .S5116 2014                       2014
   Title: Short : an international anthology of five centuries
                        of short-short stories, prose poems, brief essays, and
                        other short prose forms / edited, with an
                        introduction, by Alan Ziegler.

 PN6101 .P544 2014                        2014
   Title: Poetry of witness : the tradition in English,
                        1500-2001 / edited by Carolyn Forch*e and Duncan Wu.

 PN6710 .K836 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Kukkonen, Karin, 1980-
   Title: Contemporary comics storytelling / Karin Kukkonen.

 PN6767 .L55 S8713 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Lo Porto, Tiziana, 1972-
   Title: Superzelda : the graphic life of Zelda Fitzgerald /
                        Tiziana Lo Porto, Daniele Marotta ; translated from
                        the Italian by Antony Shugaar.

 PQ4335 .S54 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Shaw, Prue.
   Title: Reading Dante : from here to eternity / Prue Shaw.

 PQ6663 .U4795 N6313 2013                 2013
   Personal Author: Mu*noz Molina, Antonio.
   Title: In the night of time / Antonio Mu*noz Molina ;
                        translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.

 PQ7298.1 .Q56 A2 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Aquino, Alfonso D'.
   Title: Fungus skull eye wing : selected poems of Alfonso
                        D'Aquino / Alfonso D'Aquino ; translated by Forrest

 PQ8098.1 .L54 D4713 2014                 2014
   Personal Author: Allende, Isabel,
   Title: Ripper : a novel / Isabel Allende ; translated from
                        the Spanish by Oliver Brock and Frank Wynne.

 PQ8519 .H34 N313 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Hern*andez, Felisberto.
   Title: Piano Stories / Felisberto Hern*andez ; preface by
                        Italo Calvino ; introduction by Francine Prose ;
                        translated by Luis Harss.

 PR1195 .W65 P6 2013                      2013
   Title: Poetry of the First World War : an anthology / edited
                        by Tim Kendall.

 PR1924 .P84 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Pugh, Tison.
   Title: An introduction to Geoffrey Chaucer / Tison Pugh.

 PR2971 .U6 S49 2014                      2014
   Title: Shakespeare in America : an anthology from the
                        Revolution to now / James Shapiro, editor ; foreword
                        by President Bill Clinton.

 PR2976 .L56 2013                         2013
   Title: Living with Shakespeare : essays by writers, actors,
                        and directors / Edited by Susannah Carson ; Foreword
                        by Harold Bloom.

 PR3011 .M42 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: McCoy, Richard C., 1946-
   Title: Faith in Shakespeare / Richard C. McCoy.

 PR3562 .H66 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Hopkins, David, 1948-
   Title: Reading Paradise lost / David Hopkins.

 PR4036 .B97 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Byrne, Paula.
   Title: The real Jane Austen : a life in small things / Paula

 PR4169 .M23 2012                         2012
   Title: The madwoman and the blindman : Jane Eyre, discourse,
                        disability / edited by David Bolt, Julia Miele Rodas,
                        and Elizabeth J. Donaldson ; with a foreword by
                        Lennard J. Davis.

 PR4837 .B43 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Beachy-Quick, Dan, 1973-
   Title: A brighter word than bright : Keats at work / by Dan

 PR5486 .A1 2005                          2005
   Personal Author: Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.
   Title: Treasure Island / Robert Louis Stevenson ; with an
                        introduction and notes by Angus FLetcher ; illustrated
                        by N.C. Wyeth.

 PR5581 .B383 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Batchelor, John, 1942-
   Title: Tennyson : to strive, to seek, to find / John

 PR5888 .N38 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Newlyn, Lucy,
   Title: William and Dorothy Wordsworth : 'all in each other' /
                        Lucy Newlyn.

 PR6001 .U4 Z8914 2013                    2013
   Title: W.H. Auden in context / edited by Tony Sharpe,
                        Lancaster University.

 PR6023 .E926 Z5864 2012                  2012
   Personal Author: Boenig, Robert, 1948-
   Title: C. S. Lewis and the Middle Ages / Robert Boenig.

 PR6023 .E926 Z7946 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: McGrath, Alister E., 1953-
   Title: C.S. Lewis : a life : eccentric genius, reluctant
                        prophet / Alister McGrath.

 PR6029 .R8 Z62 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Colls, Robert,
   Title: George Orwell : English rebel / Robert Colls.

 PR6037 .T617 A6 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Stoker, Bram, 1847-1912.
   Title: The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker / edited by John
                        Edgar Browning ; foreword by Elizabeth Miller ;
                        afterword by Dacre Stoker.

 PR6051 .C64 T48 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Ackroyd, Peter, 1949-
   Title: Three brothers : a novel / Peter Ackroyd.

 PR6063 .A869 O52 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Maxwell, Glyn, 1962-
   Title: On poetry / Glyn Maxwell.

 PR6066 .A577 P64 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Park, David, 1953-
   Title: The poets' wives : a novel / David Park.

 PR6068 .O93 Z675 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Gierzynski, Anthony, 1961-
   Title: Harry Potter and the Millennials : research methods
                        and the politics of the Muggle generation / Anthony
                        Gierzynski ; with Kathryn Eddy.

 PR6119 .T455 C87 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Stephens, Simon, 1971-
   Title: Curious incident of the dog in the night-time / based
                        on the novel by Mark Haddon ; adapted by Simon Stephen
                        ; activities by Paul Bunyan and Ruth Moore.

 PR9369.3 .C58 C45 2013B                  2013
   Personal Author: Coetzee, J. M., 1940-
   Title: The childhood of Jesus / J. M. Coetzee.

 PR9387.9 .A34354 A44 2013                2013
   Personal Author: Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1977-
   Title: Americanah : a novel / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

 PR9619.3 .W5 H35 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: White, Patrick, 1912-1990,
   Title: The hanging garden / Patrick White ; with an afterword
                        by David Marr.

 PS129 .L25 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Laing, Olivia.
   Title: The Trip to Echo Spring : on Writers and Drinking /
                        Olivia Laing.

 PS153 .H56 M36 2007                      2007
   Personal Author: Martinez Wood, Jamie.
   Title: Latino writers and journalists / Jamie Martinez Wood.

 PS153 .H56 S63 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Socolovsky, Maya, 1973-
   Title: Troubling Nationhood in U.S. Latina Literature :
                        Explorations of Place and Belonging / Maya Socolovsky.

 PS153 .M4 A435 2005                      2005
   Personal Author: Aldama, Frederick Luis, 1969-
   Title: Brown on brown : Chicano/a representations of gender,
                        sexuality, and ethnicity / Frederick Luis Aldama.

 PS153 .M4 C67 2008                       2008
   Personal Author: Contreras, Sheila Marie.
   Title: Blood lines : myth, indigenism, and Chicana/o
                        literature / Sheila Marie Contreras.

 PS153 .M4 J33 2009                       2009
   Personal Author: Jacobs, Elizabeth, 1956-
   Title: Mexican American literature : the politics of identity
                        / Elizabeth Jacobs.

 PS323.5 .M66 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Morris, Daniel, 1962-
   Title: Lyric encounters : essays on American poetry from
                        Lazarus and Frost to Ortiz Cofer and Alexie / Daniel

 PS377 .B84 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Buell, Lawrence,
   Title: The dream of the great American novel / Lawrence

 PS595 .R4 S7 2014                        2014
   Title: St. Peter's B-list : contemporary poems inspired by
                        the saints / edited by Mary Ann B. Miller.

 PS991 .O55 2014                          2014
   Title: Oklahoma poems : and their poets / edited by Nathan

 PS1139 .B9 A6 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Brown, William Wells, 1814?-1884,
   Title: Clotel & other writings / William Wells Brown ; Ezra
                        Greenspan, editor.

 PS1541 .A6 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886.
   Title: The gorgeous nothings / Emily Dickinson ; Marta
                        Werner, Jen Bervin ; with a preface by Susan Howe.

 PS1642 .P5 G45 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Geldard, Richard G., 1935-
   Title: Emerson and universal mind / Richard G. Geldard.

 PS2507 .M25 2013                         2013
   Title: Margaret Fuller and her circles / edited by Brigitte
                        Bailey, Katheryn P. Viens, and Conrad Edick Wright.

 PS2602 .C66 2009                         2009
   Personal Author: Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.
   Title: Mystery Writers of America presents In the shadow of
                        the master : classic tales / by Edgar Allan Poe ; and
                        essays by Jeffery Deaver ... [et al.] ; edited by
                        Michael Connelly ; illustrations by Harry Clarke.

 PS2956 .K64 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Koester, Nancy, 1954-
   Title: Harriet Beecher Stowe : a spiritual life / Nancy

 PS3505 .A87 Z48 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Cather, Willa, 1873-1947.
   Title: The selected letters of Willa Cather / edited by
                        Andrew Jewell and Janis Stout.

 PS3505 .U334 Z565 2013                   2014
   Personal Author: Cheever, Susan.
   Title: E.E. Cummings : a life / Susan Cheever.

 PS3511 .I9 G83185 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Churchwell, Sarah Bartlett, 1970-
   Title: Careless people : murder, mayhem, and the invention of
                        The Great Gatsby / Sarah Churchwell.

 PS3515 .E37 Z48 2011 V.1                 2011
   Personal Author: Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.
   Title: The letters of Ernest Hemingway / edited by Sandra
                        Spanier and Robert W. Trogdon.

 PS3525 .A4152 Z7358 2013                 2013
   Personal Author: Lennon, Michael.
   Title: Norman Mailer : a double life / J. Michael Lennon.

 PS3525 .O5616 Z6857 2013                 2013
   Personal Author: Leavell, Linda, 1954-
   Title: Holding on upside down : the life and work of Marianne
                        Moore / Linda Leavell.

 PS3527 .I865 Z46 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Nin, Ana*is, 1903-1977.
   Title: Mirages : the Unexpurgated Diary of Ana*is Nin
                        1939-1947 / [Ana*is Nin] edited by Paul Herron ; with
                        an introduction by Kim Krizan.

 PS3537 .A426 Z8827 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Shields, David, 1956-
   Title: Salinger / David Shields, Shane Salerno.

 PS3537 .I85 Z59 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Coodley, Lauren.
   Title: Upton Sinclair : California socialist, celebrity
                        intellectual / Lauren Coodley.

 PS3537 .T143 A6 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Stafford, William, 1914-1993,
   Title: Ask me : 100 essential poems / William Stafford ;
                        edited by Kim Stafford.

 PS3537 .T3234 G888 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: Shillinglaw, Susan,
   Title: On reading the Grapes of Wrath / Susan Shillinglaw.

 PS3545 .E6 Z684 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Fuller, Stephen M.
   Title: Eudora Welty and surrealism / Stephen M. Fuller.

 PS3545 .I5365 Z696 2012                  2012
   Personal Author: Hooper, Michael S. D., 1965-
   Title: Sexual politics in the work of Tennessee Williams :
                        desire over protest / Michael S.D. Hooper.

 PS3551 .N464 A17 1994                    1994
   Personal Author: Angelou, Maya.
   Title: The complete collected poems of Maya Angelou.

 PS3551 .N95 B6 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Anzald*ua, Gloria.
   Title: Borderlands : the new mestiza = la frontera / Gloria

 PS3552 .A254 A6 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Baca, Jimmy Santiago, 1952-,
   Title: Singing at the gates : selected poems / Jimmy Santiago

 PS3552 .A254 A618 2009                   2009
   Personal Author: Baca, Jimmy Santiago, 1952-
   Title: Poemas selectos = Selected poems / Jimmy Santiago Baca
                        ; [translated from the English by = traducido del
                        ingl*es por Tom*as Huitzilcohu*atl Lucero and Liz
                        Fania Werner].

 PS3552 .A254 B54 1989                    1989
   Personal Author: Baca, Jimmy Santiago, 1952-
   Title: Black Mesa poems / Jimmy Santiago Baca.

 PS3552 .A4325 T73 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Baker, Nicholson.
   Title: Traveling sprinkler : a novel / Nicholson Baker.

 PS3552 .I357 A6 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Bierds, Linda,
   Title: Roget's illusion / Linda Bierds.

 PS3552 .L9 A6 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Bly, Robert.
   Title: Stealing sugar from the castle : selected poems, 1950
                        to 2013 / Robert Bly.

 PS3552 .O932 A6 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Boyle, T. Coraghessan.
   Title: T.C. Boyle stories II. Volume II  : the collected
                        stories of T. Coraghessan Boyle.

 PS3552 .U75 Z7427 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Miles, Barry, 1943-
   Title: Call me Burroughs : a life / Barry Miles.

 PS3553 .O47478 A6 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Collins, Billy,
   Title: Aimless love : new and selected poems / Billy Collins.

 PS3553 .O7227 H69 2000                   2000
   Personal Author: Cortez, Sarah.
   Title: How to undress a cop : poems / by Sarah Cortez ;
                        foreword by Naomi Shihab Nye.

 PS3553 .O7227 Z46 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Cortez, Sarah.
   Title: Walking home : growing up Hispanic in Houston / Sarah

 PS3554 .O3 A84 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Doctorow, E. L., 1931-
   Title: Andrew's brain : a novel / E.L. Doctorow.

 PS3554 .U2652 D57 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Dubus, Andre, 1959-
   Title: Dirty love / Andre Dubus III.

 PS3554 .U49 A6 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Dunn, Stephen, 1939-
   Title: Lines of defense : poems / Stephen Dunn.

 PS3554 .U666 V36 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Durang, Christopher, 1949-
   Title: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike / Christopher

 PS3555 .R42 Z94 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Washburn, Frances.
   Title: Tracks on a page : Louise Erdrich, her life and works
                        / Frances Washburn.

 PS3557 .A66 A73 1998                     1998
   Personal Author: Garc*ia, Cristina, 1958-
   Title: The Ag*uero sisters / Cristina Garc*ia.

 PS3557 .A66 D74 1993                     1993
   Personal Author: Garc*ia, Cristina, 1958-
   Title: Dreaming in Cuban : a novel / Cristina Garcia.

 PS3557 .A66 K56 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Garc*ia, Cristina, 1958-
   Title: King of Cuba : a novel / Cristina Garc*ia.

 PS3557 .A66 L33 2010                     2010
   Personal Author: Garc*ia, Cristina, 1958-
   Title: The lady matador's hotel : a novel / Cristina Garcia.

 PS3557 .A664 W48 2000                    2000
   Personal Author: Garc*ia, Diana, 1950-
   Title: When living was a labor camp / Diana Garc*ia.

 PS3557 .I55 C47 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Giovanni, Nikki.
   Title: Chasing Utopia : a hybrid / Nikki Giovanni.

 PS3557 .O4695 U57 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Gonz*alez, Rigoberto.
   Title: Unpeopled eden / Rigoberto Gonz*alez.

 PS3557 .O476 C66 2005                    2005
   Personal Author: Gonz*alez, Ray.
   Title: Consideration of the guitar : new and selected poems,
                        1986-2005 / by Ray Gonzalez.

 PS3557 .R48998 Z46 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Grimes, Martha.
   Title: Double double : a dual memoir of alcoholism / Martha
                        Grimes and Ken Grimes.

 PS3558 .A67 B76 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Harrison, Jim, 1937-
   Title: Brown Dog : novellas / Jim Harrison.

 PS3561 .E667 Z66 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Dodgson, Rick.
   Title: It's all a kind of magic : the young Ken Kesey / Rick

 PS3561 .O455 T36 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Komunyakaa, Yusef.
   Title: Testimony, a tribute to Charlie Parker : with new and
                        selected jazz poems / Yusef Komunyakaa ; Including the
                        complete Australian Broadcasting Corporation audio
                        recording with music by Sandy Evans ; commentaries by
                        Sandy Evans, Sascha Feinstein, Paul Grabowsky,
                        Christopher Williams, and Miriam Zolin ; project
                        editor Victoria Stahl.

 PS3561 .O6 Z86 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Stillwell, Mary K.,
   Title: The life and poetry of Ted Kooser / Mary K. Stillwell.

 PS3562 .E428 A6 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Lehman, David, 1948-
   Title: New and selected poems / David Lehman.

 PS3563 .A352 F36 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Magnuson, James.
   Title: Famous writers I have known : a novel / James

 PS3563 .A4 A6 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Malamud, Bernard,
   Title: Novels and stories of the 1940s & 50s / Bernard
                        Malamud ; Philip Davis, editor.

 PS3563 .A4 A6 2013B                      2013
   Personal Author: Malamud, Bernard,
   Title: Novels and stories of the 1960s / Bernard Malamud ;
                        Philip Davis, editor.

 PS3563 .A7333337 B57 2012                2012
   Personal Author: Mart*inez, Demetria, 1960-
   Title: The block captain's daughter  / Demetria Martinez.

 PS3563 .A7333337 Z469 2005               2005
   Personal Author: Mart*inez, Demetria, 1960-
   Title: Confessions of a Berlitz-tape Chicana / Demetria

 PS3563 .O5153 A6 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Monaghan, Patricia,
   Title: Sanctuary / Patricia Monaghan.

 PS3563 .O6225 A6 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Moore, Lorrie.
   Title: Bark : stories / Lorrie Moore.

 PS3563 .O73 B67 1986                     1986
   Personal Author: Mora, Pat.
   Title: Borders / Pat Mora.

 PS3563 .O88163 I45 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Mort, John, 1947-
   Title: The illegal : a novel / by John Mort.

 PS3565 .A8 C37 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
   Title: Carthage : [a novel] / Joyce Carol Oates.

 PS3565 .C57 Z785 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Michaels, J. Ramsey.
   Title: Passing by the dragon : the Biblical tales of Flannery
                        O'Connor / J. Ramsey Michaels ; with a foreword by
                        Thomas Howard.

 PS3565 .F383 D47 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Offill, Jenny, 1968-
   Title: Dept. of speculation / Jenny Offill.

 PS3565 .L5 D64 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Oliver, Mary, 1935-
   Title: Dog Songs : thirty-five dog songs and one essay / Mary

 PS3565 .L82 A6 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Olsen, Tillie.
   Title: Tell me a riddle, Requa I, and other works / Tillie
                        Olsen ; foreword by Laurie Olsen ; introduction by
                        Rebekah Edwards.

 PS3566 .L27 B4325 2012                   2012
   Title: The bell jar / by Sylvia Plath ; editor, Janet McCann.

 PS3566 .L27 Z967 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Winder, Elizabeth.
   Title: Pain, parties, work : Sylvia Plath in New York, summer
                        1953 / Elizabeth Winder.

 PS3566 .O92 O74 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Powers, Richard, 1957-
   Title: Orfeo : a novel / Richard Powers.

 PS3567 .U365 G7 1999B                    1999
   Personal Author: Quintana, Leroy.
   Title: The great whirl of exile : poems / by Leroy V.

 PS3567 .U365 M9 1996                     1996
   Personal Author: Quintana, Leroy.
   Title: My hair turning gray among strangers / Leroy V.

 PS3568 .I587 D36 2009                    2009
   Personal Author: R*ios, Alberto.
   Title: The dangerous shirt / Alberto R*ios.

 PS3568 .I8294 B65 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Rivera, Jos*e, 1955-
   Title: Boleros for the disenchanted and other plays / Jos*e

 PS3568 .I8294 R44 2003                   2003
   Personal Author: Rivera, Jos*e, 1955-
   Title: References to Salvador Dal*i Make me hot and other
                        plays / Jos*e Rivera.

 PS3568 .O34879 M9 2005                   2005
   Personal Author: Rodriguez, Luis J., 1954-
   Title: My nature is hunger : new & selected poems, 1989-2004
                        / by Luis J. Rodr*iguez.

 PS3568 .O34879 T76 1998                  1998
   Personal Author: Rodriguez, Luis J., 1954-
   Title: Trochemoche : poems / by Luis J. Rodriguez.

 PS3568 .O34879 Z46 2011B                 2012
   Personal Author: Rodriguez, Luis J., 1954-
   Title: It calls you back : an odyssey through love,
                        addiction, revolutions, and healing / Luis J.

 PS3569 .A27 B66 2010                     2010
   Personal Author: S*aenz, Benjamin Alire.
   Title: The book of what remains / Benjamin Alire S*aenz.

 PS3569 .P56 Z46 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Spivack, Kathleen.
   Title: With Robert Lowell and his circle : Sylvia Plath, Anne
                        Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Stanley Kunitz, and others /
                        Kathleen Spivack.

 PS3569 .T535 S75 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Stinson, Susan, 1960-
   Title: Spider in a Tree : a novel / Susan Stinson.

 PS3570 .A255 S66 2004                    2004
   Personal Author: Tafolla, Carmen, 1951-
   Title: Sonnets and salsa / Carmen Tafolla.

 PS3570 .R433 Z46 2013                    2013
   Title: Conversations with Natasha Trethewey / edited by Joan
                        Wylie Hall.

 PS3570 .R5876 L37 1999                   1999
   Personal Author: Troncoso, Sergio, 1961-
   Title: The last tortilla & other stories / Sergio Troncoso ;
                        with an introduction by Ilan Stavans.

 PS3570 .R5876 N38 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Troncoso, Sergio, 1961-
   Title: The nature of truth / by Sergio Troncoso.

 PS3571 .P4 Z55 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Batchelor, Bob.
   Title: John Updike : a critical biography / Bob Batchelor.

 PS3572 .A386 P84 1996                    1996
   Personal Author: Vald*es, Gina, 1943-
   Title: Puentes y fronteras = Bridges and borders / Gina
                        Vald*es ; translated from the Spanish by Katherine
                        King and Gina Vald*es.

 PS3572 .I63 T47 2008                     2008
   Personal Author: Viramontes, Helena Mar*ia, 1954-
   Title: Their dogs came with them : a novel / Helena Mar*ia

 PS3572 .O5 A6 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Vonnegut, Kurt.
   Title: Novels, 1976-1985 / Kurt Vonnegut ; Sidney Offit,

 PS3573 .H463 Z84 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Radel, Nicholas F., 1955-
   Title: Understanding Edmund White / Nicholas F. Radel.

 PS3573 .R52 A6 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Wright, Charles, 1935-
   Title: Caribou / Charles Wright.

 PS3575 .O798 B66 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Young, Kevin.
   Title: Book of Hours / Kevin Young.

 PS3593 .O73 D59 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Mora, Pat.
   Title: Dizzy in your eyes : poems about love / Pat Mora.

 PS3601 .L333 A93 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Alarc*on, Daniel, 1977-
   Title: At night we walk in circles : a novel / Daniel

 PS3601 .S26 Z46 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Asante, Molefi K., 1981-
   Title: Buck : a memoir / MK Asante.

 PS3606 .E3865 B66 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Feldman, Joshua Max.
   Title: The book of Jonah : a novel / Joshua Max Feldman.

 PS3607 .O5925 H43 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Goolrick, Robert, 1948-
   Title: Heading out to wonderful : a novel / by Robert

 PS3608 .A33 S63 2010                     2010
   Personal Author: Hada, Ken.
   Title: Spare parts / poems by Ken Hada.

 PS3610 .O629 W54 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Jones, Saeed.
   Title: When the only light is fire / Saeed Jones.

 PS3611 .U639 F73 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Kupersmith, Violet.
   Title: The Frangipani Hotel : stories / Violet Kupersmith.

 PS3613 .A7788 S75 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Martin, Hugh, 1984-
   Title: The stick soldiers : poems / by Hugh Martin ; foreword
                        by Cornelius Eady.

 PS3614 .E4443 L38 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Nelms, Joe.
   Title: The last time I died / Joe Nelms.

 PS3619 .C48335 W47 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Schutt, Will, 1981-
   Title: Westerly / Will Schutt ; foreword by Carl Phillips.

 PS3619 .C484 T73 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Schuyler, Nina, 1963-
   Title: The translator / Nina Schuyler.

 PS3619 .T7847 A6 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Stroud, Ben.
   Title: Byzantium : stories / Ben Stroud.

 PT2621 .A26 Z886313 2013                 2013
   Personal Author: Stach, Reiner.
   Title: Kafka, the years of insight / Reiner Stach ;
                        translated by Shelley Frisch.

 PT8952.29 .U53 D7613 2013                2013
   Personal Author: Sundstol, Vidar, 1963-
   Title: The land of dreams / Vidar Sundstol ; translated by
                        Tiina Nunnally.

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- Q -
 QA3 .C57 1993 V.3                        1993
   Personal Author: Cipra, Barry.
   Title: What's happening in the mathematical sciences / Barry
                        Cipra ; edited by Paul Zorn.

 QA3 .P8 V.103                            1983
   Personal Author: O'Neill, Barrett.
   Title: Semi-Riemannian geometry : with applications to
                        relativity / Barrett O'Neill.

 QA7 .E96 2011                            2011
   Title: Expeditions in mathematics / edited by Tatiana Shubin,
                        David Hayes, and Gerald Alexanderson.

 QA9 .K29 2013                            2013
   Personal Author: Katz, Brian P.
   Title: Distilling ideas : an introduction to mathematical
                        thinking / Brian P. Katz and Michael Starbird.

 QA21 .B47 2004                           2004
   Personal Author: Berlinghoff, William P.
   Title: Math through the ages : a gentle history for teachers
                        and others / William P. Berlinghoff, Fernando Q.

 QA43 .F33 2006                           2006
   Personal Author: Faires, J. Douglas.
   Title: First steps for math olympians : using the American
                        Mathematics Competitions / J. Douglas Faires.

 QA76.73 .C153 E58 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Etter, Delores M. (Delores Maria), 1947-
   Title: Engineering problem solving with C++ / Delores M.
                        Etter, Jeanine A. Ingber.

 QA76.774 .M434 M34 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: McFedries, Paul,
   Title: Windows 8.1 / Paul McFedries.

 QA76.9 .A25 S495 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Shostack, Adam,
   Title: Threat modeling : designing for security / Adam

 QA76.9 .A25 S562 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Singer, P. W. (Peter Warren),
   Title: Cybersecurity and cyberwar : what everyone needs to
                        know / P.W. Singer and Allan Friedman.

 QA76.9 .U83 L358 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Lal, Rajesh.
   Title: Digital design essentials : 100 ways to design better
                        desktop, web, and mobile interfaces / Raj Lal.

 QA99 .B174 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Barbeau, Edward, 1938-
   Title: More fallacies, flaws, and flimflam / Edward J.

 QA154.3 .C86 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Cuoco, Albert.
   Title: Learning modern algebra : from early attempts to prove
                        Fermat's last theorem / Al Cuoco and Joseph J. Rotman.

 QA268 .C697 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Cozzens, Margaret B.
   Title: The mathematics of encryption : an elementary
                        introduction / Margaret Cozzens, Steven J. Miller.

 QA273 .B36 2009                          2009
   Personal Author: Bean, Michael A., 1964-
   Title: Probability : the science of uncertainty with
                        applications to investments, insurance, and
                        engineering / Michael A. Bean.

 QA273 .W24 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Walsh, John B.
   Title: Knowing the odds : an introduction to probability /
                        John B. Walsh.

 QA276 .K544 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Klein, Grady.
   Title: The cartoon introduction to statistics / by Grady
                        Klein and Alan Dabney, Ph. D.

 QA387 .P65 2009                          2009
   Personal Author: Pollatsek, Harriet Suzanne Katcher.
   Title: Lie groups : a problem-oriented introduction via
                        matrix groups / Harriet Pollatsek.

 QA445 .A66 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Apostol, Tom M.,
   Title: New horizons in geometry / Tom M. Apostol and Mamikon
                        A. Mnatsakanian.

 QB15 .L39 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Leverington, David, 1941-
   Title: Encyclopedia of the history of astronomy and
                        astrophysics / David Leverington.

 QB44.3 .S327 2011                        2011
   Personal Author: Seargent, David A.
   Title: Weird astronomy : tales of unusual, bizarre, and other
                        hard to explain observations / David A.J. Seargent.

 QB44.3 .S43 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Seargent, David A.,
   Title: Weird worlds : bizarre bodies of the solar system and
                        beyond / David A.J. Seargent.

QB857.7 .W34 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Waller, William H. (William Howard), 1952-
   Title: The Milky Way : an insider's guide / William H.

 QC7 .D43 2013                            2013
   Personal Author: Dean, Cornelia.
   Title: The New York Times book of physics and astronomy :
                        more than 100 years of covering the expanding universe
                        / edited by Cornelia Dean ; foreword by Neil deGrasse

 QC981.2 .S43 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Seargent, David A.
   Title: Weird weather : tales of astronomical and atmospheric
                        anomalies / David A. J. Seargent.

 QE101 .G67 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Gore, Pamela J. W.
   Title: Roadside geology of Georgia / Pamela J. W. Gore and
                        William Witherspoon.

 QE141 .H37 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Harper, David (David Paul)
   Title: Roadside geology of New Jersey / David P. Harper.

 QH353 .L63 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Lockwood, Julie L.
   Title: Invasion ecology / Julie Lockwood, Ecology, Evolution
                        and Natural Resources Department Rutgers University,
                        USA, Martha F. Hoopes, Department of Biological
                        Sciences, Mount Holyoke College, USA, Michael P.
                        Marchetti, Fletcher Jones Professor of Ecology Biology
                        Department, St Mary's College of California, USA.

 QH442 .B72 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Bradley, James T., 1948-
   Title: Brutes or angels  : human possibility in the age of
                        biotechnology / James T. Bradley.

 QL377 .S4 G47 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Gershwin, Lisa-Ann.
   Title: Stung! : on jellyfish blooms and the future of the
                        ocean / Lisa-ann Gershwin ; with a foreword by Sylvia

 QP360 .K325 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Kaku, Michio.
   Title: The future of the mind : the scientific quest to
                        understand, enhance, and empower the mind / Dr. Michio
                        Kaku, professor of Theoretical Physics, City
                        University of New York.

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- R -
 R853 .H8 S68 2005                        2005
   Personal Author: Spitz, Vivien.
   Title: Doctors from hell : the horrific account of Nazi
                        experiments on humans / Vivien Spitz.

 RA566.3 .D38 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Davies, Kate, 1956-
   Title: The rise of the U.S. environmental health movement /
                        Kate Davies.

 RA645 .O23 C64 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Cohen, Deborah (Deborah Ann)
   Title: A big fat crisis : the hidden forces behind the
                        obesity epidemic - and how we can end it / Deborah A.
                        Cohen, MD, MPH.

 RC388 .H69 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Hoyt, Dick.
   Title: One letter at a time / Dick and Rick Hoyt ; with Todd

 RC438.6 .F73 A3 2000                     2000
   Personal Author: Frankl, Viktor E. (Viktor Emil), 1905-1997.
   Title: Viktor Frankl recollections : an autobiography /
                        Viktor E. Frankl ; translated by Joseph Fabry and
                        Judith Fabry ; foreword by Joseph Fabry.

 RC451.5 .M48 H36 2004                    2004
   Title: The handbook of Chicana/o psychology and mental health
                        / edited by Roberto J. Vel*asquez, Leticia M.
                        Arellano, Brian McNeill.

 RC499 .A8 B56 2004                       2004
   Personal Author: Blair, Forbes Robbins.
   Title: Instant self-hypnosis : how to hypnotize yourself with
                        your eyes open / Forbes Robbins Blair.

 RC499 .A8 B56 2011                       2011
   Personal Author: Blair, Forbes Robbins.
   Title: More instant self hypnosis : hypnotize yourself as you
                        read / Forbes Robbins Blair.

 RC499 .A8 S64 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Smith, Rick
   Title: How to master self-hypnosis in a weekend : the simple,
                        systematic and successful way to get everything you
                        want! / by Rick Smith, HPD, DHyp.

 RC499 .A8 T83 2010                       2010
   Personal Author: Glassner Twersky, Gale.
   Title: Reprogram your subconscious : how to use hypnosis to
                        get what you want / Gale Glassner Twersky.

 RC533 .O2645 2014                        2014
   Title: Obsessive-compulsive disorder and its spectrum : a
                        life-span approach / edited by Eric A. Storch and Dean

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- S -
 SK14.3 .L57 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: List, Charles J. (Charles James)
   Title: Hunting, fishing, and environmental virtue :
                        reconnecting sportsmanship and conservation / Charles
                        J. List.

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- T -
 TA174 .H668 2010                         2010
   Personal Author: Horenstein, Mark N.
   Title: Design concepts for engineers / Mark N. Horenstein.

 TA174 .H96 2002                          2002
   Personal Author: Hyman, Barry I., 1937-
   Title: Fundamentals of engineering design / Barry Hyman.

 TA177.4 .P3695 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Park, Chan S.
   Title: Fundamentals of engineering economics / Chan S. Park.

 TA177.4 .T47 2001                        2001
   Personal Author: Thuesen, G. J., 1938-
   Title: Engineering economy / G.J. Thuesen, W.J. Fabrycky.

 TA345 .M585 2015                         2015
   Personal Author: Moore, Holly.
   Title: MATLAB for engineers / Holly Moore, Salt Lake
                        Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah.

 TJ223 .M53 H948 2009                     2009
   Personal Author: Huang, Han-Way.
   Title: The HCS12/9S12 : an intro to software and hardware
                        interfacing / Han-Way Huang.

 TK5105.59 .A393 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Alcorn, Wade,
   Title: The browser hacker's handbook / Wade Alcorn, Christian
                        Frichot, Michele Orr*u.

 TK5105.59 .K59 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Kizza, Joseph Migga.
   Title: Guide to Computer Network Security / Joseph Migga

 TK7888.4 .B76 2009                       2009
   Personal Author: Brown, Stephen D.
   Title: Fundamentals of digital logic with VHDL design /
                        Stephen Brown and Zvonko Vranesic.

 TK9152 .M284 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Mahaffey, James A.,
   Title: Atomic accidents : a history of nuclear meltdowns and
                        disasters : from the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima /
                        James Mahaffey.

 TN880 .K65 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Kolb, Robert W., 1949-
   Title: The natural gas revolution : at the pivot of the
                        world's energy future / Robert W. Kolb.

 TP492.7 .R435 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Rees, Jonathan, 1966-
   Title: Refrigeration nation : a history of ice, appliances,
                        and enterprise in America / Jonathan Rees.

 TR24 .T4 J66X 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Jones, Lawrence T., III,
   Title: Lens on the Texas frontier / Lawrence T. Jones III ;
                        forewords by Russell L. Martin III and Roy Flukinger.

 TR183 .T4753 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Thompson, Jerry L.
   Title: Why photography matters / Jerry L. Thompson.

 TR721 .H45 2012                          2012
   Personal Author: Hellman, Karen.
   Title: Landscape in photographs / Karen Hellman, Brett

 TS171.4 .C873 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Curedale, Robert,
   Title: Design thinking : process and methods manual / Robert

 TS171.8 .H67 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Hoskins, Steve,
   Title: 3D printing for artists, designers and makers /
                        Stephen Hoskins.

 TS171.8 .W46 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Winnan, Christopher D.,
   Title: Adventures in 3D printing : limitless possibilities
                        and profit using 3D printers / Christopher D. Winnan.

 TT920 .H3244 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Halls, Susan.
   Title: Pinch pottery : functional, modern handbuilding /
                        Susan Halls.

 TX716 .M4 A33 2006                       2006
   Personal Author: Abarca, Meredith E., 1967-
   Title: Voices in the kitchen : views of food and the world
                        from working-class Mexican and Mexican American women
                        / Meredith E. Abarca.

 TX907 .S73 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Stern, Jane,
   Title: Roadfood : the coast-to-coast guide to 900 of the best
                        barbecue joints, lobster shacks, ice cream parlors,
                        highway diners, and much, much more / Jane Stern &
                        Michael Stern.

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- U -
  U408.5 .M338 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Wall, Janet E.
   Title: McGraw-Hill's ASVAB : Armed Services Vocational
                        Aptitude Battery / Janet E. Wall.

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White Library Popular Books
April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014
 *POPULAR READING ANDREWS                 2012
   Personal Author: Andrews, Jesse.
   Title: Me and Earl and the dying girl : a novel / Jesse

 *POPULAR READING AUERBACH                2012
   Personal Author: Auerbach, Dathan Kahn, 1984-
   Title: Penpal / by Dathan Auerbach.

 *POPULAR READING AVERY                   2011
   Personal Author: Avery, Ellis.
   Title: The last nude / Ellis Avery.

   Personal Author: Bacigalupi, Paolo.
   Title: The windup girl / Paolo Bacigalupi.

 *POPULAR READING BALDACCI                2013
   Personal Author: Baldacci, David.
   Title: King and Maxwell / David Baldacci.

 *POPULAR READING BAXTER                  2013
   Personal Author: Baxter, Stephen,
   Title: Iron winter / Stephen Baxter.

 *POPULAR READING BAXTER                  2013
   Personal Author: Baxter, Stephen.
   Title: Bronze summer / Stephen Baxter.

 *POPULAR READING BAXTER                  2012
   Personal Author: Baxter, Stephen.
   Title: Stone spring / Stephen Baxter.

 *POPULAR READING BERRY                   2009
   Personal Author: Berry, Hannah, 1982-
   Title: Britten and Br*ulightly / Hannah Berry.

 *POPULAR READING BISHOP                  2013
   Personal Author: Bishop, Anne.
   Title: Written in red : a novel of the Others / Anne Bishop.

 *POPULAR READING BRADLEY                 2014
   Personal Author: Bradley, C. Alan, 1938-
   Title: The dead in their vaulted arches : a Flavia de Luce
                        novel / Alan Bradley.

 *POPULAR READING BRAUN                   2014
   Personal Author: Braun, Adam,
   Title: The promise of a pencil : how an ordinary person can
                        create extraordinary change / Adam Braun, with Carlye
*POPULAR READING BROWN                   2014
   Personal Author: Brown, Sunni.
   Title: The doodle revolution : unlock the power to think
                        differently / written and illustrated by Sunni Brown.

 *POPULAR READING BURGUNDY                2013
   Personal Author: Burgundy, Ron.
   Title: Let me off at the top! : my classy life and other
                        musings / Ron Burgundy.

 *POPULAR READING CAIN                    2011
   Personal Author: Cain, Shannon.
   Title: The necessity of certain behaviors / Shannon Cain.

 *POPULAR READING CALHOUN                 2014
   Personal Author: Calhoun, Kenneth.
   Title: Black Moon : a novel / Kenneth Calhoun.

 *POPULAR READING CARTER                  2014
   Personal Author: Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
   Title: A call to action : women, religion, violence, and
                        power / Jimmy Carter.

 *POPULAR READING CLARK                   2014
   Personal Author: Clark, Mary Higgins,
   Title: I've got you under my skin / Mary Higgins Clark.

 *POPULAR READING COOK                    2014
   Personal Author: Cook, Robin, 1940-
   Title: Cell / Robin Cook.

 *POPULAR READING COREY                   2012
   Personal Author: Corey, James S. A.
   Title: Caliban's war / James S. A. Corey.

 *POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2013
   Personal Author: Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.
   Title: Dust / Patricia Cornwell.

 *POPULAR READING DASHNER                 2009
   Personal Author: Dashner, James, 1972-
   Title: The maze runner / James Dashner.

 *POPULAR READING DELEON                  2014
   Title: Wise Latinas : writers on higher education / edited
                        and with an introduction by Jennifer De Leon.

 *POPULAR READING DILLOWAY                2012
   Personal Author: Dilloway, Margaret.
   Title: The care and handling of roses with thorns / Margaret

 *POPULAR READING DONALD                  2013
   Personal Author: Donald, Angus.
   Title: Warlord / Angus Donald.

 *POPULAR READING DUNMORE                 2014
   Personal Author: Dunmore, Helen, 1952-
   Title: The lie / Helen Dunmore.

   Personal Author: Ehrenreich, Barbara.
   Title: Living with a wild god : a nonbeliever's search for
                        the truth about everything / Barbara Ehrenreich.

 *POPULAR READING EPHRON                  2013
   Personal Author: Ephron, Nora.
   Title: The most of Nora Ephron / Nora Ephron.

 *POPULAR READING FAYE                    2012
   Personal Author: Faye, Lyndsay.
   Title: The gods of Gotham / Lyndsay Faye.

 *POPULAR READING FEEHAN                  2014
   Personal Author: Feehan, Christine,
   Title: Dark Wolf : a Carpathian novel / Christine Feehan.

 *POPULAR READING FEINSTEIN               2014
   Personal Author: Feinstein, John,
   Title: Where nobody knows your name : life in the minor
                        leagues of baseball / John Feinstein.

   Personal Author: Fetter-Vorm, Jonathan, 1983-
   Title: Trinity : a graphic history of the first atomic bomb /
                        Jonathan Fetter-Vorm.

 *POPULAR READING FORD                    2012
   Personal Author: Ford, Richard, 1944-
   Title: Canada / Richard Ford.

 *POPULAR READING GAGE                    2014
   Personal Author: Gage, Leighton.
   Title: The ways of evil men / Leighton Gage.

 *POPULAR READING GALLO                   2014
   Personal Author: Gallo, Carmine.
   Title: Talk like TED : the 9 public speaking secrets of the
                        world's top minds / Carmine Gallo.

 *POPULAR READING GATES                   2014
   Personal Author: Gates, Robert Michael, 1943-
   Title: Duty : memoirs of a Secretary at war / Robert M.

 *POPULAR READING GLYNN                   2008
   Personal Author: Glynn, Barbara.
   Title: The wolf head amulet / by Barbara Glynn.

 *POPULAR READING GLYNN                   2008
   Personal Author: Glynn, Barbara.
   Title: The golden stag / by Barbara Glynn.

 *POPULAR READING GLYNN                   2008
   Personal Author: Glynn, Barbara.
   Title: King's capture / by Barbara Glynn.

   Personal Author: Guay-Mitchell, Rebecca.
   Title: A flight of angels / [conceived & illustrated by
                        Rebecca Guay ; Holly Black, Louise Hawes, Bill
                        Willingham, Alisa Kwitney, Todd Mitchell ; lettered by
                        Todd Klein].

 *POPULAR READING HALL                    2013
   Title: No straight lines : four decades of queer comics /
                        edited by Justin Hall.

 *POPULAR READING HANAGARNE               2013
   Personal Author: Hanagarne, Josh, 1977-
   Title: The world's strongest librarian : a memoir of
                        Tourette's, faith, strength, and the power of family /
                        Josh Hanagarne.

 *POPULAR READING HARTMAN                 2012
   Personal Author: Hartman, Rachel, 1972-
   Title: Seraphina : a novel / Rachel Hartman.

 *POPULAR READING HERTZ                   2013
   Personal Author: Hertz, Noreena.
   Title: Eyes wide open : how to make smart decisions in a
                        confusing world / Noreena Hertz.

 *POPULAR READING HICKS                   2012
   Personal Author: Hicks, Faith Erin.
   Title: Friends with boys / Faith Erin Hicks.

 *POPULAR READING HUNSICKER               2014
   Personal Author: Hunsicker, Harry.
   Title: The contractors / Harry Hunsicker.

 *POPULAR READING JOYCE                   2012
   Personal Author: Joyce, Rachel.
   Title: The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry : a novel /
                        Rachel Joyce.

 *POPULAR READING KEEGAN                  2014
   Personal Author: Keegan, Marina, 1989-2012.
   Title: The opposite of loneliness : essays and stories /
                        Marina Keegan.

 *POPULAR READING KEITH                   2012
   Title: Love, Christopher street : reflections of New York
                        city / edited by Thomas Keith ; introduction by
                        Christopher Bram.

 *POPULAR READING KELLERMAN               2014
   Personal Author: Kellerman, Jonathan,
   Title: Killer : an Alex Delaware novel / Jonathan Kellerman.

 *POPULAR READING KIDD                    2014
   Personal Author: Kidd, Sue Monk.
   Title: The invention of wings / Sue Monk Kidd.

 *POPULAR READING KIM                     2011
   Personal Author: Kim, Derek Kirk.
   Title: Same difference / Derek Kirk Kim.

 *POPULAR READING KONTIS                  2012
   Personal Author: Kontis, Alethea.
   Title: Enchanted / Alethea Kontis.

 *POPULAR READING KOONTZ                  2014
   Personal Author: Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
   Title: Innocence : a novel / Dean Koontz.

 *POPULAR READING KORELITZ                2014
   Personal Author: Korelitz, Jean Hanff, 1961-
   Title: You should have known / Jean Hanff Korelitz.

 *POPULAR READING LAMBERT                 2012
   Personal Author: Lambert, Joseph, 1984-
   Title: The Center for Cartoon Studies presents Annie Sullivan
                        and the trials of Helen Keller / by Joseph Lambert.

 *POPULAR READING LAWSON                  2013
   Personal Author: Lawson, Valerie, 1943-,
   Title: Mary Poppins, she wrote : the life of P.L. Travers /
                        Valerie Lawson.

 *POPULAR READING LEVINE                  2014
   Personal Author: Levine, Daniel G.
   Title: Hyde : a novel / Daniel Levine.

 *POPULAR READING LEVITHAN                2012
   Personal Author: Levithan, David.
   Title: Every day / David Levithan.

 *POPULAR READING LONG                    2012
   Personal Author: Long, Mark, 1957-
   Title: The silence of our friends / written by Mark Long &
                        Jim Demonakos ; art by Nate Powell.

 *POPULAR READING LOWRY                   2012
   Personal Author: Lowry, Lois.
   Title: The giver / by Lois Lowry.

 *POPULAR READING MASLON                  2013
   Personal Author: Maslon, Laurence,
   Title: Superheroes! : capes, cowls, and the creation of comic
                        book culture / Laurence Maslon ; based on a
                        documentary film by Michael Kantor.

 *POPULAR READING MCCORMICK               2012
   Personal Author: McCormick, Patricia, 1956-
   Title: Never fall down : a novel / Patricia McCormick.

 *POPULAR READING MORAIS                  2011
   Personal Author: Morais, Richard C., 1960-
   Title: The hundred-foot journey : a novel / Richard C.

 *POPULAR READING MORDEN                  2014
   Personal Author: Morden, Simon,
   Title: Arcanum / Simon Morden.

 *POPULAR READING MURAKAMI                2011
   Personal Author: Murakami, Takashi, 1965-
   Title: Stargazing dog / Takashi Murakami ; [translated by
                        Atsuko Saisho & Spencer Fancutt].

 *POPULAR READING NEVILL                  2012
   Personal Author: Nevill, Adam L. G.
   Title: The ritual / Adam Nevill.

 *POPULAR READING O'KEEFFE                2014
   Personal Author: O'Keeffe, Patrick, 1963-
   Title: The visitors / Patrick O'Keeffe.

 *POPULAR READING OSTEEN                  2013
   Personal Author: Osteen, Joel.
   Title: Break out! : 5 keys to go beyond your barriers and
                        live an extraordinary life / Joel Osteen.

 *POPULAR READING PALAHNIUK               2013
   Personal Author: Palahniuk, Chuck.
   Title: Doomed / Chuck Palahniuk.

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2014
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-
   Title: First love / James Patterson and Emily Raymond.

 *POPULAR READING PATTERSON               2013
   Personal Author: Patterson, James, 1947-
   Title: Cross my heart / James Patterson.

 *POPULAR READING QUICK                   2012
   Personal Author: Quick, Matthew, 1973-
   Title: Boy21 / by Matthew Quick.

 *POPULAR READING QUINDLEN                2014
   Personal Author: Quindlen, Anna.
   Title: Still life with bread crumbs : a novel / Anna

   Personal Author: Rutherford, Jennifer.
   Title: Zombies / Jennifer Rutherford.

 *POPULAR READING SAENZ                   2012
   Personal Author: S*aenz, Benjamin Alire.
   Title: Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the
                        universe / Benjamin Alire S*aenz.

 *POPULAR READING SALA                    2014
   Personal Author: Sala, Sharon,
   Title: The Curl Up & Dye / Sharon Sala.

   Personal Author: Stiefvater, Maggie, 1981-
   Title: The Raven Boys / Maggie Stiefvater.

 *POPULAR READING SUBHIYAH                2013
   Personal Author: Subhiyah, Camaren,
   Title: Agent Gates and the secret adventures of Devonton
                        Abbey (a parody) / written by Camaren Subhiyah ;
                        illustrated by Kyle Hilton.

 *POPULAR READING TAN                     2013
   Personal Author: Tan, Amy,
   Title: The Valley of Amazement / Amy Tan.

   Personal Author: Telgemeier, Raina.
   Title: Drama / Raina Telgemeier ; with color by Gurihiru.

 *POPULAR READING TOIBIN                  2014
   Personal Author: T*oib*in, Colm, 1955-
   Title: The testament of Mary / Colm T*oib*in.

   Personal Author: Torregrosa, Luisita L*opez.
   Title: Before the rain : a memoir of love and revolution /
                        Luisita L*opez Torregrosa.

 *POPULAR READING WAID                    2012
   Personal Author: Waid, Mark, 1962-
   Title: Daredevil / writer, Mark Waid.

 *POPULAR READING WALKER                  2014
   Personal Author: Walker, Johnny, 1964-
   Title: Code name, Johnny Walker : the extraordinary story of
                        the Iraqi who risked everything to fight with the U.S.
                        Navy SEALs / "Johnny Walker", with Jim DeFelice.

 *POPULAR READING WATKINS                 2012
   Personal Author: Watkins, Claire Vaye.
   Title: Battleborn / Claire Vaye Watkins.

 *POPULAR READING WEIN                    2012
   Personal Author: Wein, Elizabeth.
   Title: Code name Verity / Elizabeth Wein.

 *POPULAR READING WOODS                   2014
   Personal Author: Woods, Stuart,
   Title: Carnal curiosity / Stuart Woods.

 *POPULAR READING WOODSON                 2012
   Personal Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.
   Title: Beneath a meth moon : an elegy / Jacqueline Woodson.

 *POPULAR READING WORTH                   2012
   Personal Author: Worth, Jennifer, 1935-2011.
   Title: Call the midwife : a memoir of birth, joy, and hard
                        times / Jennifer Worth ; clinical editor, Terri

 *POPULAR READING WORTH                   2013
   Personal Author: Worth, Jennifer, 1935-2011.
   Title: Shadows of the workhouse / Jennifer Worth.

 *POPULAR READING WORTH                   2013
   Personal Author: Worth, Jennifer, 1935-2011.
   Title: Farewell to the East End / Jennifer Worth ; clinical
                        editor, Terri Coates.

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White Library Reference Books
April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014
 REF BJ74 .O94 2013                       2013
   Title: The Oxford handbook of the history of ethics / edited
                        by Roger Crisp.

 REF BP40 .G42 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Glass*e, Cyril.
   Title: The new encyclopedia of Islam / Cyril Glasse.

 REF D522 .G64 2013                       2013
   Title: The Great War : a photographic narrative / Mark
                        Holborn and Hilary Roberts.

 REF E185.86 .M637 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Morris, Monique W., 1972-,
   Title: Black stats : African Americans by the numbers in the
                        twenty-first century / Monique W. Morris ; with an
                        introduction by Khalil Gibran Muhammad.

 REF G1030 .S363 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Seed, Patricia.
   Title: The Oxford map companion : one hundred sources in
                        world history / Patricia Seed.

 REF GR515 .C75 2013                      2013
   Title: Critical survey of mythology and folklore. Heroes &

 REF HQ1127 .C85 2013 V.1                 2013
   Title: A cultural history of women in antiquity / edited by
                        Janet H. Tulloch.

 REF KF9725 .P35 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Palmer, Louis J., Jr., 1956-
   Title: The death penalty in the United States : a complete
                        guide to federal and state laws / Louis J. Palmer, Jr.

 REF KFT1275 .T4 2010                     2010
   Title: The greenbook : Texas rules of form / Texas law

 REF ND2590 .S34 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Schacter, Rafael,
   Title: The world atlas of street art and graffiti / Rafael
                        Schacter ; foreword by John Fekner.

 REF ND2757.V35 G73 2013                  2013
   Personal Author: Grebe, Anja,
   Title: The Vatican : all the paintings : the complete
                        collection of old masters plus more than 300
                        sculptures, maps, tapestries, and other artifacts /
                        Anja Grebe ; introduction by Ross King.

 REF QK99.A1 G72 1971 V.1                 1971
   Personal Author: Grieve, M. (Maud)
   Title: A modern herbal; the medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and
                        economic properties, cultivation and folk-lore of
                        herbs, grasses, fungi, shrubs, & trees with all  their
                        modern scientific uses, by Mrs. M. Grieve. With an
                        introd. by the editor, Mrs. C. F. Leyel.

 REF QL676.57.N7 H68 2014                 2014
   Personal Author: Howell, Steve N. G.,
   Title: Rare birds of North America / Steve N.G. Howell, Ian
                        Lewington, and Will Russell.

 REF QL681 .S497 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Sibley, David, 1961-
   Title: The Sibley guide to birds / written and illustrated by
                        David Allen Sibley.

 REF RJ499 .M419 2014                     2014
   Title: Mental health information for teens : health tips
                        about mental wellness and mental illness, including
                        facts about recognizing and treating mood, anxiety,
                        personality, psychotic, behavioral, impulse control,
                        and addiction disorders / edited by Lisa Bakewell.

 REF RJ504.7 .P74 2010                    2010
   Personal Author: Preston, John, 1950-
   Title: Child and adolescent clinical psychopharmacology made
                        simple / John D. Preston, John H. O'Neal, and Mary C.

 REF RM315 .I588 2000                     2000
   Title: Introduction to behavioral pharmacology / edited by
                        Alan Poling and Thomas Byrne.

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White Library Locked Case
January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014
 LOCKED CASE F787 .H468 2013              2013
   Title: Sagrado : a photopoetics across the Chicano homeland /
                        narrative Spencer R. Herrera ; photography Robert
                        Kaiser ; poetry Levi Romero ; foreword  Luis Valdez.

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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014
 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 34                     2013
   Title: Blackfish / Magnolia Pictures, CNN Films and Our Turn
                        Productions ; directed and co-written by Gabriela
                        Cowperthwaite ; produced by CNN Films.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 35                     2011
   Title: Footloose [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures
                        presents a Daniel Melnick production, Herbert Ross
                        film ; written by DeanPitchford ; produced by Lewis J.
                        Rachmil and Craig Zadan ; directed by Herbert Ross.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 36                     2013
   Title: Renoir / coproduced by Wild Bunch, Mars Films, France
                        2 Cin*ema ; produced by Olivier Delbosc and Marc
                        Missonnier ; screenplay J*er*ome Tonnerre, Gilles
                        Bourdos in collaboration with Michel Spinosa ;
                        directed  by Gilles Bourdos.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 37                     2010
   Title: Rocky IV [videorecording] / a Robert Chartoff-Irwin
                        Winkler production ; written and directed by Sylvester

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 38                     2010
   Title: Poltergeist [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
                        presents ; a Steven Spielberg production ; a Tobe
                        Hooper film ; story by Steven Spielberg ; screenplay
                        by Steven Spielberg, Michael Grais & Mark Victor ;
                        produced by Steven Spielberg & Frank Marshall ;
                        directed by Tobe Hooper.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 39                     2011
   Title: Black swan [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures
                        presents ; in association with Cross Creek Pictures ;
                        a Protozoa and Phoenix Pictures production ; directed
                        by Darren Aronofsky ; screenplay by Mark Heyman and

                                   New Materials List                                   
                      Produced Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 1:32 PM                       
                        Andr*es Heinz and John McLaughlin ; produced by Mike
                        Medavoy, Arnold W. Messer, Brian Oliver ; produced by
                        Scott Franklin.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 40                     2014
   Title: Kakushi toride no san akunin / T*oh*o Eiga ; seisaku
                        Fujimoto Masumi, Kurosawa Akira ; kyakuhon Kikushima
                        Ry*uz*o ... [et al.] ; kantoku Kurosawa Akira.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 32                     2012
   Title: Le voyage dans la lune [videorecording] = A trip to
                        the moon  / [directed, produced, edited] de/by Georges
                        M*eli*es. The extraordinary voyage / Steamboat Films
                        presents ; with the participation of France
                        T*el*evisions ; a co-production with Lobster Films ; a
                        film by Serge Bromberg & Eric Lange ; told and
                        directed by Serge Bromberg ; co-director, Eric Lange ;
                        produced by Marianne L*ere, Serge Bromberg.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 37                     2010
   Title: Rocky IV [videorecording] / a Robert Chartoff-Irwin
                        Winkler production ; written and directed by Sylvester

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2267                      2006
   Title: Taps [videorecording] / a Stanley Jaffe production ; a
                        Harold Becker film ; adaptation by James Lineberger ;
                        screenplay by Darryl Ponicsan and Robert Mark Kamen ;
                        produced by Stanley R. Jaffe and Howard B. Jaffe ;
                        directed by Harold Becker.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2268                      2008
   Title: I am an animal [videorecording] : the story of Ingrid
                        Newkirk and PETA / Home Box Office ; HBO Documentary
                        Films presents a Stick Figure production ; directed by
                        Matthew Galkin ; produced by Mikaela Beardsley ;
                        producers, Steven Cantor, Matthew Galkin, Pax

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2269                      2005
   Title: Go tell the Spartans [videorecording] / a Mar Vista
                        Productions presentation of a Spartan Company
                        production ; a screenplay by Wendell Mayes ; produced
                        by Allan F. Bodoh and Mitchell Cannold ; directed by
                        Ted Post.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2270                      2004
   Title: The plague dogs [videorecording] / produced by
                        Nepenthe Productions, Inc. ; produced, written, and
                        directed by Martin Rosen.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 40                     2014
   Title: Kakushi toride no san akunin / T*oh*o Eiga ; seisaku
                        Fujimoto Masumi, Kurosawa Akira ; kyakuhon Kikushima
                        Ry*uz*o ... [et al.] ; kantoku Kurosawa Akira.

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Barth LRC Circulating Books
April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014
 E178.25 .B33 2010                        2010
   Personal Author: Bach, Mark.
   Title: CLEP History of the United States I & II flashcards /
                        Mark Bach.

 E178.25 .M37 2008                        2008
   Personal Author: Marlowe, Lynn Elizabeth.
   Title: The best test preparation for the CLEP, College-Level
                        Examination Program, history of the United States II :
                        1865 to the present / Lyn Marlowe and the staff of
                        Research & Education Association, M. Fogiel.

 HQ16 .R667 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Rosewarne, Lauren.
   Title: American taboo : the forbidden words, unspoken rules,
                        and secret morality of popular culture / Lauren

 HQ774 .E47 2003                          2003
   Personal Author: Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg.
   Title: What to expect the first year / Heidi Murkoff, Sharon
                        Mazel, Arlene Eisenberg & Sandee Hathaway.

 HV2395 .H56 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Hill, Joseph Christopher.
   Title: Language attitudes in the American deaf community /
                        Joseph Christopher Hill.

 HV2430 .O45 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Oliva, Gina A.,
   Title: Turning the tide : making life better for deaf and
                        hard of hearing schoolchildren / Gina A. Oliva and
                        Linda Risser Lytle.

 HV2474 .M318 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: MacMillan, Kathy, 1975-
   Title: Little hands and big hands : children and adults
                        signing together / Kathy MacMillan ; photographs by
                        Kristin Brown.

 HV2474 .S78 2011                         2011
   Title: The study of signed languages : essays in honor of
                        William C. Stokoe / David F. Armstrong, Michael A.
                        Karchmer, and John Vickrey Van Cleve, editors.

 HV2476.4 .M67 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Morse, Tracy Ann,
   Title: Signs and wonders : religious rhetoric and the
                        preservation of sign language / Tracy Ann Morse.

 HV2545 .H65 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Holcomb, Thomas K., 1959-
   Title: Introduction to American deaf culture / Thomas K.

 HV2943 .M33 A3 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: McDonald, Donna, 1955-
   Title: The art of being deaf : a memoir / Donna McDonald.

 HV6025 .F876 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Fuller, John R.
   Title: Think criminology / John Randolph Fuller.

 HV6080 .B394 2013                        2013
   Title: The behavioural analysis of crime : studies in David
                        Canter's investigative psychology / edited by Donna
                        Youngs, The International Research Centre for
                        Investigative Psychology.

 HV8073 .O833 2010                        2010
   Personal Author: Osterburg, James W.
   Title: Criminal investigation : a method for reconstructing
                        the past / James W. Osterburg, Richard H. Ward.

 HV8073 .W44 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Lushbaugh, Charles.
   Title: Criminal investigation : basic perspectives / Charles
                        A. Lushbaugh, Paul B. Weston.

 HV8073 .Y683 2011                        2011
   Personal Author: Young, Tina.
   Title: Crime scene investigation : the forensic technician's
                        field manual / Tina Young, P.J. Ortmeier.

 HV8139 .D46 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Dempsey, John S.
   Title: An introduction to policing / John S. Dempsey, Linda
                        S. Forst.

 HV9104 .B347 2011                        2011
   Personal Author: Bartollas, Clemens.
   Title: Juvenile justice in America / Clemens Bartollas,
                        Stuart J. Miller.

 HV9104 .T39 2015                         2015
   Personal Author: Taylor, Robert W.
   Title: Juvenile justice : policies, programs, and practices /
                        Robert Taylor, Ph.D., The University of Texas at
                        Dallas, Eric J. Fritsch, Ph.D.,The University of Texas
                        at Dallas

 HV9304 .A63 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Allen, Harry E.
   Title: Corrections in America : an introduction / Harry E.
                        Allen, Edward J. Latessa, Bruce S. Ponder.

 HV9950 .C495 2011                        2011
   Title: CJ : realities and challenges / Ruth E. Masters, Lori
                        Beth Way, Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld, Bernadette T.
                        Muscat, Michael Hooper, John P.J. Dussich, Lester
                        Pincu, Candice A. Skrapec.

 HV9950 .S59 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Siegel, Larry J.
   Title: Essentials of criminal justice / Larry J. Siegel, John
                        L. Worrall.

 KF8700 .R33 2012                         2012
   Personal Author: Champion, Dean J.
   Title: Criminal courts : structure, process, and issues /
                        Dean John Champion, Richard D. Hartley, Gary A. Rabe.

 LB3060.33 .G45 P38 2014                  2014
   Title: Peterson's master the GED test 2014.

 LB3060.33 .G45 S55 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: Sharpe, Christopher M.,
   Title: How to prepare for the GED test / Christopher M.
                        Sharpe, Joseph S. Reddy.

 LB3060.33 .G45 T68 2014                  2014
   Title: Total solution for the GED test / Laurie Callihan ...
                        [et al.].

 PS591 .D4 D45 2012                       2012
   Title: Deaf American prose 1980-2010 / edited by Kristen
                        Harmon and Jennifer Nelson.

 PS3626 .A96 F68 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Zazove, Philip, 1951-
   Title: Four days in Michigan / Philip Zazove.

 QL737 .M35 H47 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Herrmann, Doris, 1933-
   Title: My life with kangaroos : a deaf woman's remarkable
                        story / Doris Herrmann ; with Michael Gaida and Theres
                        Johl ; translated by Paul Foster.

 QP353.4 .H37 A3 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Hart, Carl L.
   Title: High price : a neuroscientist's journey of
                        self-discovery that challenges everything you know
                        about drugs and society / Carl Hart.

 RA784 .M51549 2013                       2013
   Personal Author: Minger, Denise, 1987-
   Title: Death by food pyramid / Denise Minger.

 RC78.7 .U4 H46 2014                      2014
   Title: Clinical guide to sonography : exercises for critical
                        thinking / [edited by] Charlotte Henningsen, Kathryn
                        (Katie) Kuntz, Diane Youngs ; with a foreword by
                        Lennard D. Greenbaum.

 RC87.9 .G65 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Goldsworthy, Sandra, 1961-
   Title: Compact clinical guide to mechanical ventilation :
                        foundations of practice for critical care nurses /
                        Sandra Goldsworthy, Leslie Graham.

 RG525 .E36 1996                          1996
   Personal Author: Eisenberg, Arlene.
   Title: What to expect when you're expecting / Arlene
                        Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff, Sandee E. Hathaway ; with
                        a foreword by Richard Aubry.

 RG527.5 .U48 D46 2012                    2012
   Title: Diagnostic medical sonography. Obstetrics and

 RT73 .I58 2014                           2014
   Title: Introduction to quality and safety education for
                        nurses : core competencies / [edited by] Patricia
                        Kelly, Beth Vottero, Carolyn Christie-McAuliffe.

 S494.5 .S86 E467 2013                    2013
   Personal Author: Elton, Sarah, 1975-
   Title: Consumed : food for a finite planet / Sarah Elton.

 SB473 .S924 1997                         1997
   Title: Sunset Western landscaping book / edited by Kathleen
                        Norris Brenzel.

 TA417.2 .H45 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Hellier, Charles.
   Title: Handbook of nondestructive evaluation / Charles J.

 TD195 .A34 K57 2011                      2011
   Personal Author: Kirby, David, 1960-
   Title: Animal factory : the looming threat of industrial pig,
                        dairy, and poultry farms to humans and the environment
                        / David Kirby.

 TD1050 .S24 L86 2012                     2012
   Personal Author: Lunn, George, 1950-
   Title: Destruction of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory /
                        George Lunn, Eric B. Sansone.

 TH4961 .L34 2008                         2008
   Personal Author: LaHay, Bill.
   Title: Garden structures / [editor, Michael McKinley ;
                        writer, Bill LaHay].

 TH4961.5 .W38 2008                       2008
   Personal Author: Weeks, Dan.
   Title: Outdoor kitchens / [writer, Dan Weeks ; editor, Ken

 TL545 .F86 2008                          2008
   Title: Fundamentals of modern aviation / editor, Ian

 TL671.9 .A953 2008                       2008
   Title: Aviation maintenance technician reference handbook.

 TL671.9 .U683 2001B                      2001
   Corporate Author: United States. Federal Aviation Administration.
   Title: Acceptable methods, techniques, and practices :
                        aircraft inspection, repair & alterations / U.S.
                        Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation

 TL679.1 .H87 2001                        2001
   Personal Author: Hurst, Dale.
   Title: Aircraft structural technician : a basic aircraft
                        sheet metal textbook / Dale Hurst.

 TL685.1 .K63 2006                        2006
   Personal Author: Kochersberger, Kevin.
   Title: Light sport aircraft inspection procedures / Kevin

 TL691 .W5 A37 2005                       2005
   Title: Aircraft wiring & electrical installation.

 TL693 .K4 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Kenny, Scott,
   Title: Avionics : Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics /
                        Scott Kenny.

 TL699 .C57 S83 2013                      2013
   Title: Structural composites : advanced composites in
                        aviation / Sterkenburg & Wang.

 TL699 .M4 A51 2007                       2007
   Title: Aircraft corrosion control guide / editor, Ian

 TL709.3 .T83 W55 2008                    2008
   Personal Author: Wild, Thomas W.
   Title: Aircraft turbine engines / Thomas Wild, Ronald

 TP145 .J47 2009                          2009
   Personal Author: Jess, Andreas.
   Title: Chemical technology : an integral textbook / Andreas
                        Jess and Peter Wasserscheid.

 TP150 .S24 T48 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Thomas, Charles E., Ph. D.
   Title: Process technology : safety, health, and environment /
                        Charles E. Thomas

 TP157 .L4747 2011                        2011
   Personal Author: Lieberman, Norman P.
   Title: Process equipment malfunctions : techniques to
                        identify and correct plant problems / Norman P.

 TP372.5 .N478 2004                       2014
   Personal Author: Newslow, Debby L.,
   Title: Food safety management programs : applications, best
                        practices, and compliance / Debby Newslow.

 TS227 .M595 2010                         2010
   Personal Author: Moniz, B. J.
   Title: Welding skills / B.J. Moniz, R.T. Miller.

 TS1970 .W37 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Ward, Cole.
   Title: The gourmet butcher's guide to meat : how to source it
                        ethically, cut it professionally, and prepare it
                        properly / Cole Ward with Karen Coshof.

 TX531 .L9596 2012                        2012
   Personal Author: Lynch, Francis Talyn, 1943-
   Title: The book of yields : accuracy in food costing and
                        purchasing / Francis T. Lynch.

 TX531 .S5848 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Shaw, Ian, 1950-
   Title: Food safety : the science of keeping food safe / Ian

 TX643 .H62 2003                          2003
   Personal Author: Hobson, Wendy, 1953-
   Title: The new classic 1000 recipes / Wendy Hobson.

 TX645 .L325 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Laudan, Rachel, 1944-
   Title: Cuisine and empire : cooking in world history / Rachel

 TX651 .P39 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Paul, Clara,
   Title: 200 skills every cook must have : the step-by-step
                        methods that will turn a good cook into a great cook /
                        Clara Paul and Eric Treuill*e.

 TX714 .R267 2007                         2007
   Personal Author: Ramsay, Tana.
   Title: Tana Ramsay's real family food.

 TX740 .T72 1999                          1999
   Personal Author: Treuille, Eric.
   Title: Hors d'oeuvres / Eric Treuille and Victoria
                        Blashford-Snell ; photography by Ian O'Leary.

 TX773 .M5327 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Migoya, Kristina Petersen.
   Title: Pies and tarts : the definitive guide to classic and
                        contemporary favorites from  the world's premier
                        culinary college / Kristina Petersen Migoya ;
                        photography by Ben Fink.

 TX773 .P468 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Pfeiffer, Jacquy.
   Title: The art of French pastry / Jacquy Pfeiffer ; with
                        Martha Rose Shulman ; photographs by Paul Strabbing.

 TX833.5 .E94 2007                        2007
   Title: Everyday food : great food fast / from the kitchens of
                        Martha Stewart Living.

 TX911.3 .C65 D66 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Dopson, Lea R.
   Title: Food and beverage cost control / Lea R. Dopson, David
                        K. Hayes.

 TX911.3 .M27 R453 2014                   2014
   Title: Remarkable service / The Culinary Institute of

 TX943 .F57 2005                          2005
   Personal Author: Fischer, John W.
   Title: At your service : a hands-on guide to the professional
                        dining room / the Culinary Institute of America ; John
                        W. Fischer.

 TX943 .M388 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Matthews, Brad,
   Title: Purchasing / Brad Matthews, Thomas Schneller.

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Barth LRC Reference Books
April 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013

 REF KF390.5.C6 S358 2014                 2014
   Personal Author: Schwabach, Aaron,
   Title: Internet and the law : technology, society, and
                        compromises / Aaron Schwabach.

 REF KF9227.C2 M423 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: Melusky, Joseph Anthony,
   Title: The death penalty : documents decoded / Joseph A.
                        Melusky and Keith Alan Pesto.

 REF RC200.1 .S468 2014 V.1               2014
   Title: Sexually transmitted disease : an encyclopedia of
                        diseases, prevention, treatment, and issues / Jill
                        Grimes, MD, editor ; Kristyn Fagerberg, MD and Lori
                        Smith, MD, coeditors.

 REF TX349 .F5716 2013 V.1                2013
   Title: Food and drink in American history : a "full course"
                        encyclopedia / [edited by] Andrew F. Smith.

 REF TX370 .S77 2013                      2013
   Title: Street food around the world : an encyclopedia of food
                        and culture / Bruce Kraig and Colleen Taylor Sen,

 REF TX725.A1 J23 2014 V.1                2014
   Personal Author: Jacob, Jeanne.
   Title: The world cookbook : the greatest recipes from around
                        the globe / Jeanne Jacob and Michael Ashkenazi.

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Barth LRC Popular Books
April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014

 *POPULAR READING BARGER                  2003
   Personal Author: Barger, Ralph.
   Title: Dead in 5 heartbeats : a novel / Ralph "Sonny" Barger
                        ; with Keith and Kent Zimmerman.

 *POPULAR READING COREY                   2014
   Personal Author: Corey, James S. A.,
   Title: Honor among thieves / James S.A. Corey.

 *POPULAR READING KIM                     2011
   Personal Author: Kim, Derek Kirk.
   Title: Same difference / Derek Kirk Kim.

 *POPULAR READING KOONTZ                  2014
   Personal Author: Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
   Title: Innocence : a novel / Dean Koontz.

 *POPULAR READING SALVATORE               2000
   Personal Author: Salvatore, R. A., 1959-
   Title: The dark elf trilogy / R.A. Salvatore.

 *POPULAR READING SIEGEL                  2013
   Personal Author: Siegel, Rob, 1958-
   Title: Memoirs of a hack mechanic : how fixing BMWs helped
                        make me whole / by Rob Siegel.

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Barth LRC Audio/Visual Materials
April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014
 VIDEO DISC DVD 778                       2013
   Title: Duramax diesel diagnostics update with Tony Salas.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 779                       2013
   Title: IDS VCMII.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 780                       2014
   Title: Sprinter diagnostics.

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