January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

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January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- B -
 B105 .C74 P53 2014                       2014
   Title: The philosophy of creativity : new essays / edited by
                        Elliot Samuel Paul and Scott Barry Kaufman.

 B741 .J29 2014                           2014
   Personal Author: Jackson, Roy, 1962-
   Title: What is Islamic philosophy? / Roy Jackson.

 B3279 .H49 Z536 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Ziarek, Krzysztof, 1961-
   Title: Language after Heidegger / Krzysztof Ziarek.

 BC177 .A46 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Almossawi, Ali,
   Title: An illustrated book of bad arguments / Ali Almossawi ;
                        illustratIons by Alejandro Giraldo.

 BF318 .C366 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Carey, Benedict,
   Title: How we learn : the surprising truth about when, where,
                        and why it happens / Benedict Carey.

 BH39 .L49 2014                           2014
   Title: Ley lines / H.L. Hix, curator.

 BL65 .D7 R45 1978                        1978
   Title: Be here now, remember.

 BL65 .V55 A76 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Karen, 1944-
   Title: Fields of blood : religion and the history of violence
                        / Karen Armstrong.

 BL65 .V57 G47 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Geraci, Robert M.
   Title: Virtually sacred : myth and meaning in World of
                        Warcraft and Second Life / Robert M. Geraci.

 BL624 .L352 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Lamott, Anne,
   Title: Small victories : spotting improbable moments of grace
                        / Anne Lamott.

 BL1112.26 .C3513 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Calasso, Roberto,
   Title: Ardor / Roberto Calasso ; translated from the Italian
                        by Richard Dixon.

 BL1138.66 .D38 2015                      2015
   Personal Author: Davis, Richard H., 1951-
   Title: The Bhagavad Gita : a biography / Richard H. Davis.

 BM755 .S288 T45 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Telushkin, Joseph, 1948-
   Title: Rebbe : the life and teachings of Rabbi Menachem M.
                        Schneerson, the most influential Rabbi in modern
                        history / Joseph Telushkin.

 BP605 .N46 H37 2011                      2011
   Personal Author: Harvey, Graham, 1959-
   Title: Contemporary paganism : religions of the earth from
                        Druids and witches to heathens and ecofeminists /
                        Graham Harvey.

 BR128 .A8 O72 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Ordway, Holly.
   Title: Not God's type : an atheist academic lays down her
                        arms / Holly Ordway ; foreword by John Mark N.

 BS2840 .B87 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Burke, Tony, 1968-
   Title: Secret scriptures revealed : a new introduction to the
                        Christian Apocrypha / Tony Burke.

 BT98 .A65 1994                           1994
   Personal Author: Armstrong, Karen, 1944-
   Title: A history of God : the 4000-year quest of Judaism,
                        Christianity and Islam / by Karen Armstrong.

 BT375.3 .L48 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Levine, Amy-Jill, 1956-
   Title: Short stories by Jesus : the enigmatic parables of a
                        controversial rabbi / Amy-Jill Levine.

 BV3785 .G69 W33 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Wacker, Grant, 1945-
   Title: America's pastor : Billy Graham and the shaping of a
                        nation / Grant Wacker.

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- C -
 CC175 .J64 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Johnson, Marilyn, 1954-
   Title: Lives in ruins : archaeologists and the seductive lure
                        of human rubble / Marilyn Johnson.

 CS21.5 .H465 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Hendrickson, Nancy, 1947-
   Title: Unofficial guide to : how to find your
   family history on the #1 genealogy website / Nancy Hendrickson.

 CS21.5 .M67 2008                         2008
   Personal Author: Morgan, George G., 1952-
   Title: The official guide to / by George G.

 CT3262 .T4 G65 2012                      2012
   Personal Author: Goldthwaite, Carmen.
   Title: Texas dames : sassy and savvy women throughout Lone
                        Star history / Carmen Goldthwaite.

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- D -
 D16.25 .T39 2015                         2015
   Title: Teaching big history / edited by Richard B. Simon,
                        Mojgan Behmand, and Thomas Burke.

 D21.3 .H57 2014                          2014
   Title: History of the world in 1,000 objects.

 D568.4 .L45 S28 2015                     2015
   Personal Author: Sattin, Anthony,
   Title: The young T.E. Lawrence / Anthony Sattin.

 D769.8 .A6 S26 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Sandler, Martin W.,
   Title: Imprisoned : the betrayal of Japanese Americans during
                        World War II / Martin W. Sandler.

 D805 .J3 W5 2008                         2008
   Personal Author: Wilber, Dale.
   Title: The last voyage of the Arisan Maru / by Dale Wilber.

 D810 .J4 S643 2011                       2011
   Personal Author: Spiegelman, Art,
   Title: Maus : a survivor's tale / Art Spiegelman.

 DA209 .P4 A83 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Asbridge, Thomas S.,
   Title: The greatest knight : the remarkable life of William
                        Marshal, the power behind five English thrones /
                        Thomas Asbridge.

 DA250 .J66 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Jones, Dan, 1981-
   Title: The Wars of the Roses : the fall of the Plantagenets
                        and the rise of the Tudors / Dan Jones.

 DA554 .W45 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Wilson, A. N., 1950-
   Title: Victoria : a life / A. N. Wilson.

 DC203 .R678 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Roberts, Andrew, 1963-
   Title: Napoleon : a life / Andrew Roberts.

 DJ292 .H57 A3 2008                       2008
   Personal Author: Hirsi Ali, Ayaan, 1969-
   Title: Infidel / Ayaan Hirsi Ali ; foreword by Christopher

 DK510.766 .P87 D39 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: Dawisha, Karen.
   Title: Putin's kleptocracy : who owns Russia? / Karen

 DS118 .S3165 2013B                       2013
   Personal Author: Schama, Simon,
   Title: The story of the Jews : finding the words : 1000
                        BC-1492 AD / Simon Schama.

 DS125.3 .B37 S53713 2014                 2014
   Personal Author: Shapira, Anita,
   Title: Ben-Gurion : father of modern Israel / Anita Shapira ;
                        translated from the Hebrew by Anthony Berris.

 DS822.5 .H548 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Hirata, Keiko.
   Title: Japan : the paradox of harmony / Keiko Hirata and Mark

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- E -
 E76.8 .D86 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, 1939-
   Title: An indigenous peoples' history of the United States /
                        Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

 E77 .K566 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: King, Thomas, 1943-
   Title: The inconvenient Indian : a curious account of native
                        people in North America / Thomas King.

 E185.97 .P38 H63 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Hobbs, Jeff, 1980-
   Title: The short and tragic life of Robert Peace : a
                        brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy League
                        / Jeff Hobbs.

 E467.1 .J15 G95 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Gwynne, S. C. (Samuel C.), 1953-
   Title: Rebel yell : the violence, passion, and redemption of
                        Stonewall Jackson / S. C. Gwynne.

 E468.9 .A34 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Adams, Michael C. C., 1945-
   Title: Living hell : the dark side of the Civil War / Michael
                        C. C. Adams.

 E745 .P3 O74 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: O'Reilly, Bill.
   Title: Killing Patton : the strange death of World War II's
                        most audacious general / Bill O'Reilly and Martin

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- F -
 F334 .S4 F74 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Freedman, Russell.
   Title: Because they marched : the people's campaign for
                        voting rights that changed America / Russell Freedman.

 F394 .C78 L47 2015                       2015
   Personal Author: Lessoff, Alan,
   Title: Where Texas meets the sea : Corpus Christi and its
                        history / Alan Lessoff.
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- G -
 G1106 .E1 N3 2013                        2013
   Personal Author: Treuer, Anton.
   Title: Atlas of Indian nations / Anton Treuer.

 GA201 .B76 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Brotton, Jerry,
   Title: Great maps / Jerry Brotton.

 GB459.4 .D38 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Davis, Richard A., Jr., 1937-
   Title: Beaches of the Gulf Coast / Richard A. Davis Jr.

 GE55 .C668 2014                          2014
   Title: Contemporary biographies in environment &

 GE60 .C375 2014                          2014
   Title: Careers in environment & conservation / editor,
                        Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

 GE170 .D35 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Delingpole, James, 1965-
   Title: The little green book of eco-fascism : the left's plan
                        to frighten your kids, drive up energy costs, and hike
                        your taxes / James Delingpole.

 GR75 .L56 B434 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Beckett, Sandra L., 1953-
   Title: Revisioning Red Riding Hood around the world : an
                        anthology of international retellings / Sandra L.

 GR110 .T5 I46 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Igo, John, 1927-
   Title: Folktales from the Helotes settlement / John Igo ;
                        edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt ; illustrated by Scott

 GR135 .B49 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Beveridge, Jan, 1945-
   Title: Children into swans : fairy tales and the pagan
                        imagination / Jan Beveridge.

 GR550 .W39 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Warner, Marina, 1946-
   Title: Once upon a time : a short history of fairy tale /
                        Marina Warner.

 GR550 .Z59 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Zipes, Jack, 1937-
   Title: The Irresistible fairy tale : the cultural and social
                        history of a genre / Jack Zipes.

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- H -
 HD57.7 .G456 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Genovese, Michael A.
   Title: Building tomorrow's leaders today : on becoming a
                        polymath leader / Michael A. Genovese.

 HD57.7 .S6937 2015                       2015
   Personal Author: Soupios, Michael A., 1949-
   Title: The ten golden rules of leadership : classical wisdom
                        for modern leaders / M.A. Soupios, Panos

 HD57.7 .W657 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Wood, Jake, 1983-
   Title: Take command : lessons in leadership : how to be a
                        first responder in business / Jake Wood.

 HD62.5 .L525 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Lidow, Derek, 1953-
   Title: Startup leadership : how savvy entrepreneurs turn
                        their ideas into successful enterprises / Derek Lidow.

 HD62.7 .M387 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Mazzeo, Michael.
   Title: Roadside MBA : back road lessons for entrepreneurs,
                        executives, and small business owners / Michael
                        Mazzeo, Paul Oyer, Scott Schaefer.

 HD216 .W48 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Wilson, Randall K., 1966-
   Title: America's public lands : from Yellowstone to Smokey
                        Bear and beyond / Randall K. Wilson.

 HD5325 .A29 B75 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Brimner, Larry Dane.
   Title: Strike! : the farm workers' fight for their rights /
                        Larry Dane Brimner.

 HD9696.8 .U64 G66647 2014                2014
   Personal Author: Schmidt, Eric, 1955 April 27-
   Title: Google : how Google works / Eric Schmidt and Jonathan
                        Rosenberg, with Alan Eagle.

 HF5548.32 .V54 2015                      2015
   Personal Author: Vigna, Paul.
   Title: The age of cryptocurrency : how bitcoin and digital
                        money are challenging the global economic order / Paul
                        Vigna and Michael J. Casey.

 HF5549.5 .M63 F746 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: Friedman, Ron, 1977-
   Title: The best place to work : the art and science of
                        creating an extraordinary workplace / Ron Friedman,

 HG179 .K56634 2015                       2015
   Personal Author: Kiyosaki, Robert T., 1947-
   Title: Second chance : for your money, your life and our
                        world / by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

 HG179 .R31535 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Ramsey, Dave.
   Title: The legacy journey : a radical view of biblical wealth
                        and generosity / Dave Ramsey.

 HM851 .K444 2015                         2015
   Personal Author: Keen, Andrew,
   Title: The Internet is Not the Answer / Andrew Keen.

 HM1101 .B255 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Ball, T. F. (Timothy F.),
   Title: The deliberate corruption of climate science / Tim
                        Ball, PhD.

 HN8 .E48 2006                            2006
   Personal Author: Ekirch, A. Roger, 1950-
   Title: At day's close : night in times past / A. Roger

 HV5825 .H234 2015                        2015
   Personal Author: Hari, Johann.
   Title: Chasing the scream : the first and last days of the
                        war on drugs / Johann Hari.

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- J -
 JQ1850 .A91 A826 2014                    2014
   Title: The Arab uprisings explained : new contentious
                        politics in the Middle East / edited by Marc Lynch.

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- K -
 K1420.5 .B359 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Baldwin, Peter, 1956-
   Title: The copyright wars : three centuries of trans-Atlantic
                        battle / Peter Baldwin.

 KF2995 .B875 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Butler, Rebecca P.,
   Title: Copyright for academic librarians and professionals /
                        Rebecca P. Butler.

 KF3020 .D63 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Doctorow, Cory,
   Title: Information doesn't want to be free : laws for the
                        Internet age / by Cory Doctorow.

 KF4545 .S5 V36 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: VanderVelde, Lea,
   Title: Redemption songs : suing for freedom before Dred Scott
                        / Lea VanderVelde.

 KF8742 .C46 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Chemerinsky, Erwin,
   Title: The case against the Supreme Court / Erwin

 KK185 .H33 R93 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Ryback, Timothy W.,
   Title: Hitler's first victims : the quest for justice /
                        Timothy W. Ryback.

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- L -
 LA212 .G65 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Goldstein, Dana,
   Title: The teacher wars : a history of America's most
                        embattled profession / Dana Goldstein.

 LA227.4 .U85 2015                        2015
   Title: Using evidence of student learning to improve higher
                        education / [edited by] George D. Kuh [and 6 others].

 LB1031.5 .H36 2012                       2012
   Title: Handbook for training peer tutors and mentors /
                        editors, Karen Agee, Russ Hodges.

 LB1060 .B768 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Brown, Peter C.
   Title: Make it stick : the science of successful learning /
                        Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger, Mark A. McDaniel.

 REF LB2353.7.T46 T75 2014                2014
   Title: TSI Assessment secrets study guide : your key to exam
                        success / [written and edited by the Mometrix Exam
                        Secrets Test Prep Team].

 LB2366.2 .P35 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Banta, Trudy W.,
   Title: Assessment essentials : planning, implementing, and
                        improving assessment in higher education / Trudy W.
                        Banta, Catherine A. Palomba.

 LB2368 .N55 2015                         2015
   Personal Author: Nilson, Linda Burzotta.
   Title: Specifications grading : restoring rigor, motivating
                        students, and saving faculty time / Linda B. Nilson,
                        foreword by Claudia J. Stanny.

 LB2822.75 .S87 2015                      2015
   Personal Author: Suskie, Linda A.,
   Title: Five dimensions of quality : a common sense guide to
                        accreditation and accountability / Linda Suskie ;
                        foreword by Stanley O. Ikenberry.

 LB3059.5 .M67 2014                       2014
   Title: More than a score : the new uprising against
                        high-stakes testing / edited by Jesse Hagopian.

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- M -
 M146 .T66 F7 2007                        2007
   Personal Author: Tompkins, Joseph.
   Title: Nine French-American rudimental solos / Joseph

 M146 .T66 T36 2006                       2006
   Personal Author: Tompkins, Joseph.
   Title: Ten style studies for snare drum / by Joe Tompkins.

 M175 .X6 B8678 1988                      1988
   Personal Author: Burritt, Michael.
   Title: Marimbetudes : three solos for unaccompanied marimba /
                        Michael J. Burritt.

 M175 .X6 S7648 2001                      2001
   Personal Author: Stout, Gordon.
   Title: Five etudes for marimba. Book 1 / by Gordon Stout.

 M175 .X6 Z583 1996 V.1                   1996
   Personal Author: *Zivkovi*c, Neboj*sa.
   Title: Funny xylophone : for xylophone solo / Neboj*sa Jovan

 M175 .X6 Z584 1992 V.1                   1992
   Personal Author: *Zivkovi*c, Neboj*sa.
   Title: Funny marimba : for marimba solo / Neboj*sa Jovan

 ML102 .V6 H63 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Hoch, Matthew, 1975-
   Title: Dictionary for the modern singer / Matthew Hoch.

 ML420 .D98 B38 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Bell, Ian, 1956?-
   Title: Time out of mind : the lives of Bob Dylan / Ian Bell.

 ML421 .R32 R36 2015                      2015
   Personal Author: Ramone, Marky,
   Title: Punk rock blitzkrieg : my life as a Ramone / Marky
                        Ramone with Richard Herschlag.

 ML421 .U2 J63 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Jobling, John, 1980-
   Title: U2 : the definitive biography / John Jobling.

 ML3534.3 .H33 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Hall, Mitchell K.
   Title: The emergence of rock and roll : music and the rise of
                        American youth culture / Mitchell K. Hall.

 ML3820 .K37 2011                         2011
   Personal Author: Kertz, Randall.
   Title: Bassist's guide to injury management, prevention and
                        better health / by Randall Kertz.

 MT655.3 .D44 I5 V.3                      1978
   Personal Author: Del*ecluse, Jacques.
   Title: Initium III : le rythme par la percussion, la
                        percussion par le rythme = rhythm through percussion,
                        percussion through rhythm = Rhythmus durch Schlagzeug,Schlagzeug durch Rhythmus / Jacques Del*ecluse.

 MT660.3 .D45 1968                        1968
   Personal Author: Del*ecluse, Jacques.
   Title: Vingt *etudes pour timbales = Twenty studies for
                        timpani / Jacques Del*ecluse.

 MT662.3 .D63 1982                        1982
   Personal Author: Doboe, Chet.
   Title: The hand feet book / by Chet Doboe.

 MT662.3 .W58 M6 1979                     2011
   Personal Author: Wilcoxon, Chas.
   Title: Modern rudimental swing solos : for the advanced
                        drummer / Charley Wilcoxon.

 MT719 .B87 1995                          1995
   Personal Author: Burton, Gary.
   Title: Four mallet studies / by Gary Burton.

 MT719.3 .F75 V5 2000                     2000
   Personal Author: Friedman, David, 1944-
   Title: Vibraphone technique : dampening and pedaling / David

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- N -
 N7476 .B37 2015                          2015
   Personal Author: Barnet, Sylvan,
   Title: A short guide to writing about art / Sylvan Barnet,
                        Tufts University.

 N8350 .C58 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Congdon, Lisa,
   Title: Art, Inc. : the essential guide for building your
                        career as an artist / Lisa Congdon ; edited by Meg
                        Mateo Ilasco ; foreword by Jonathan Fields.

 NB553 .R7 L513813 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Le Normand-Romain, Antoinette,
   Title: Rodin / Antoinette Le Normand-Romain.

 NC978.5 .R32 H36 2010                    2010
   Personal Author: Hamilton, James, 1948-
   Title: Arthur Rackham : a life with illustration / James

 NC1764 .M29 2007                         2007
   Personal Author: Martinbrough, Shawn.
   Title: How to draw noir comics : the art and technique of
                        visual storytelling / by Shawn Martinbrough.

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- P -
 P93.5 .B47 2013                          2013
   Title: The best American infographics, 2013 / with an
                        introduction by David Byrne ; Gareth Cook, series

 P93.5 .B47 2014                          2014
   Title: The best American infographics 2014 / with an
                        introduction by Nate Silver ; Gareth Cook, series

 PA4037 .N523 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Nicolson, Adam, 1957-
   Title: Why Homer matters / Adam Nicolson.

 PE1404 .W34 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Walvoord, Barbara E. Fassler, 1941-
   Title: Assessing and improving student writing in college : a
                        guide for institutions, general education,
                        departments, and classrooms / Barbara E. Walvoord.

 PE1421 .P56 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Pinker, Steven, 1954-
   Title: The sense of style : the thinking person's guide to
                        writing in the 21st century! / Steven Pinker.

 PG1419.26 .I78 T4713 2015                2015
   Personal Author: Pi*stalo, Vladimir, 1960-
   Title: Tesla : a portrait with masks : a novel / Vladimir
                        Pi*stalo ; translated from the Serbian by Bogdan
                        Raki*c and John Jeffries.

 PL539.5 .E5 J364 2008                    2008
   Title: Japanese for everyone = Japan*izu f*o eburiwan :  a
                        functional approach to daily communication / [authors,
                        Susumu Nagara ... et al.].

 PL856 .U673 F8813 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
   Title: The strange library / Haruki Murakami ; translated by
                        Ted Goossen.

 PL2886 .O1684 W32713 2015                2015
   Personal Author: Mo, Yan, 1955-
   Title: Frog : a novel / Mo Yan ; translated from the original
                        Chinese edition by Howard Goldblatt.

 PL8010 .U77 2014                         2014
   Title: Unmasking the African Dictator : essays on
                        postcolonial African literature / edited by
                        G*ichingiri Nd*ig*irig*i ; with a foreword by Ng*ug*i
                        wa Thiong'o.

 PN1969 .C65 .K74 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Krefting, Rebecca, 1978-
   Title: All joking aside : American humor and its discontents
                        / Rebecca Krefting.

 PN1998.3 .P43 E83 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Evans, Max, 1924-
   Title: Goin' crazy with Sam Peckinpah and all our friends /
                        Max Evans as told to Robert Nott.

 PN1998.3 .S65 K36 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Kendrick, James, 1974-
   Title: Darkness in the bliss-out : a reconsideration of the
                        films of Steven Spielberg / James Kendrick.

 PN1999 .W27 D573 2014                    2014
   Title: Disney During World War II : How the Walt Disney
                        Studio Contributed to Victory in the War / by John

 PN2285 .D455 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: DesRochers, Rick.
   Title: The comic offense from Vaudeville to contemporary
                        comedy : Larry David, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, and
                        Dave Chappelle / Rick DesRochers.

 PN2287 .C5 A48 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Ackroyd, Peter, 1949-
   Title: Charlie Chaplin : a brief life / Peter Ackroyd.

 PN2287 .C632 W55 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Whitaker, Mark.
   Title: Cosby : his life and times / Mark Whitaker.

 PN2287 .S683 R66 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Rogak, Lisa, 1962-
   Title: Angry optimist : the life and times of Jon Stewart /
                        Lisa Rogak.

 PN4121 .B55 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Bild, Kathryn Marie,
   Title: Speak up! speak out! : acting techniques that make
                        public speaking fun and fearless! / Kathryn Marie

 PN4874 .M4827 A3 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Martinez, Domingo,
   Title: My heart is a drunken compass : a memoir / Domingo

 PN6120.92 .W65 A45 2014                  2014
   Title: All about skin : short fiction by women of color /
                        edited by Jina Ortiz and Rochelle Spencer.

 PN6710 .M34 2000                         2000
   Personal Author: McCloud, Scott, 1960-
   Title: Reinventing comics : [how imagination and technology
                        are revolutionizing an art form] / Scott McCloud.
  PQ3937 .L7 B76 2013                      2013
   Personal Author: Brosman, Catharine Savage, 1934-
   Title: Louisiana Creole literature : a historical study /
                        Catharine Savage Brosman.

 PQ4809 .A45 C513 1974                    1974
   Personal Author: Calvino, Italo.
   Title: Invisible cities / Italo Calvino ; translated from the
                        Italian by William Weaver.

 PQ4809 .A45 C5513 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Calvino, Italo.
   Title: Collection of sand : essays / Italo Calvino ;
                        translated by Martin McLaughlin.

 PQ4809 .A45 C6513 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Calvino, Italo,
   Title: The complete cosmicomics / Italo Calvino ; Translated
                        by Martin McLaughlin, Tim Parks, and William Weaver.

 PQ4809 .A45 N66 1977                     1977
   Personal Author: Calvino, Italo.
   Title: The nonexistent knight & the cloven viscount / Italo
                        Calvino ; translated by Archibald Colquhoun.

 PQ4809 .A45 S3713 1981                   1981
   Personal Author: Calvino, Italo.
   Title: If on a winter's night a traveler / Italo Calvino ;
                        translated from the Italian by William Weaver.

 PQ6254 .M5613 2014                       2014
   Title: A thousand forests in one acorn: : an anthology of
                        Spanish-language fiction / [edited by] Valerie Miles.

 PQ6653 .A5775 S97 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Cantero, Edgar, 1981-
   Title: The supernatural enhancements : a novel / Edgar

 PQ7296 .J6 A6 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Juana In*es de la Cruz, Sister, 1651-1695.
   Title: Selected works / Sor Juana In*es de la Cruz ;
                        translated by Edith Grossman ; introduction by Julia

 PQ7297 .F793 F43 2012B                   2012
   Personal Author: Fuentes, Carlos.
   Title: Federico en su balc*on / Carlos Fuentes.

 PQ8098.1 .L54 J84 2014B                  2014
   Personal Author: Allende, Isabel.
   Title: El juego de Ripper : [una novela] / Isabel Allende.

 PR2933 .F64 G73 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Grant, Stephen H., 1941-
   Title: Collecting Shakespeare : the story of Henry and Emily
                        Folger / Stephen H. Grant.

 PR3510 .A5 C35 2013 V.1                  2013
   Personal Author: Herrick, Robert, 1591-1674,
   Title: The complete poetry of Robert Herrick / edited in two
                        volumes by Tom Cain and Ruth Connolly.

 PR4383 .S76 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Stott, Andrew McConnell, 1969-
   Title: The Poet and the Vampyre : the Curse of Byron and the
                        Birth of Literature's Greatest Monsters / Andrew
                        McConnell Stott.

 PR4592 .H62 A53 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Andrews, Malcolm, 1942-
   Title: Dickensian laughter : essays on Dickens and humour /
                        Malcolm Andrews.

 PR6023 .A66 Z54 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Booth, James, 1945-
   Title: Philip Larkin : life, art and love / James Booth.

 PR6045 .O72 Z8117 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Lounsberry, Barbara,
   Title: Becoming Virginia Woolf : her early diaries & the
                        diaries she read / Barbara Lounsberry.

 PR6051 .M5 Z44 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Amis, Martin.
   Title: The zone of interest : a novel / Martin Amis.

 PR6058 .O715 M67 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-
   Title: Moriarty / Anthony Horowitz.

 PR6058 .U348 H84 2014                    2012
   Personal Author: Hughes, Gerald, 1920-
   Title: Ted and I : a brother's memoir / Gerald Hughes ;
                        illustrations by the author ; foreword by Frieda

 PR6063 .A2438 K55 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Marwood, Alex,
   Title: The killer next door / Alex Marwood.

 PR6069 .E3654 S53 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Self, Will,
   Title: Shark / Will Self.

 PR6073 .E47 T73 1996                     1996
   Personal Author: Welsh, Irvine.
   Title: Trainspotting / Irvine Welsh.

 PR6102 .U782 M56 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Burton, Jessie, 1982-
   Title: The miniaturist / Jessie Burton.

 PR9199.3 .A8 S86 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Atwood, Margaret, 1939-
   Title: Stone mattress : nine tales / Margaret Atwood.

 PR9199.3 .G659 T47 1998                  1998
   Personal Author: Goyette, Susan, 1964-
   Title: The true names of birds / Susan Goyette.

 PR9265.9 .J358 B75 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: James, Marlon, 1970-
   Title: A brief history of seven killings : a novel / Marlon

 PR9369.3 .C58 Z6368 2014                 2014
   Title: A companion to the works of J.M. Coetzee / edited by
                        Tim Mehigan.

 PR9619.3 .M32 B58 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: McCullough, Colleen, 1937-2015.
   Title: Bittersweet / Colleen McCullough.

 PS151 .C83 2010                          2010
   Personal Author: Cucinella, Catherine.
   Title: Poetics of the body : Edna St. Vincent Millay,
                        Elizabeth Bishop, Marilyn Chin, and Marilyn Hacker /
                        Catherine Cucinella.

 PS668 .B3 2013/14                        2014
   Title: Representative speeches.

 PS1305 .L48 2015                         2015
   Personal Author: Levy, Andrew, 1962-
   Title: Huck Finn's America : Mark Twain and the era that
                        shaped his masterpiece / Andrew Levy.

 PS2386 .H33 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Hage, Erik.
   Title: The Melville-Hawthorne Connection : a Study of the
                        Literary Friendship / Erik Hage.

 PS3053 .S58 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Sims, Michael, 1958-
   Title: The adventures of Henry Thoreau : a young man's
                        unlikely path to Walden Pond / by Michael Sims.

 PS3505 .A59 Z835 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Pugh, Tison,
   Title: Truman Capote : a literary life at the movies / Tison

 PS3505 .H3224 Z46 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Chandler, Raymond, 1888-1959.
   Title: The world of Raymond Chandler : in his own words /
                        edited by Barry Day.

 PS3511 .I9 G8228 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Batchelor, Bob.
   Title: Gatsby : the cultural history of the great American
                        novel / Bob Batchelor.

 PS3511 .R94 N637 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Sanders, David, 1942-
   Title: A divided poet : Robert Frost, North of Boston, and
                        the drama of disappearance / David Sanders.

 PS3515 .A3152 A6 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Hall, Donald, 1928-
   Title: Essays after eighty / Donald Hall.

 PS3515 .E37 Z6147 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Hays, Peter L., 1938-
   Title: Fifty years of Hemingway criticism / Peter L. Hays.

 PS3515 .E37 Z8295 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Sindelar, Nancy W., 1944-
   Title: Influencing Hemingway : people and places that shaped
                        his life and work / Nancy W. Sindelar.

 PS3515 .U274 Z48 2015                    2015
   Personal Author: Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967.
   Title: The selected letters of Langston Hughes / edited by
                        Arnold Rampersad and David Roessel ; with Christa

 PS3523 .A8245 C65 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Laughlin, James, 1914-1997,
   Title: The collected poems of James Laughlin, 1935-1997 /
                        edited with an Introduction and Notes by Peter

 PS3525 .A4152 Z48 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Mailer, Norman.
   Title: Selected letters of Norman Mailer / edited by J.
                        Michael Lennon.

 PS3552 .A45 Z657 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Francis, Conseula.
   Title: The critical reception of James Baldwin, 1963-2010 :
                        "an honest man and a good writer" / Conseula Francis.

 PS3552 .L36533 Z463 2014                 2014
   Personal Author: Blanco, Richard, 1968-
   Title: The prince of Los Cocuyos : a Miami childhood /
                        Richard Blanco.

 PS3552 .U4 Z626 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Debritto, Abel.
   Title: Charles Bukowski, king of the underground : from
                        obscurity to literary icon / Abel Debritto.

 PS3554 .E4425 Z465 2005                  2005
   Personal Author: DeLillo, Don.
   Title: Conversations with Don DeLillo / edited by Thomas

 PS3556 .A3625 A6 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Fairchild, B. H.,
   Title: The blue buick : new and selected poems / B. H.

 PS3557 .E687 R585 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Gerritsen, Tess.
   Title: Rizzoli & Isles : die again : a novel / Tess

 PS3557 .L8 A6 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Gl*uck, Louise, 1943-
   Title: Faithful and virtuous night / Louise Gl*uck.

 PS3558 .A667 Z46 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Harrison, Harry, 1925-2012.
   Title: Harry Harrison! Harry Harrison! : it seemed like a
                        good idea at the time / Harry Harrison.

 PS3558 .I64 G33 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Hirsch, Edward.
   Title: Gabriel : a poem / Edward Hirsch.

 PS3561 .I483 Z883 2015                   2015
   Title: Stephen King's contemporary classics : reflections on
                        the modern master of horror / edited by Philip L.
                        Simpson and Patrick McAleer.

 PS3561 .O6 A6 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Kooser, Ted.
   Title: Splitting an order / Ted Kooser.

 PS3563 .C337 Z624 2009                   2009
   Title: Cormac McCarthy / edited and with an introduction by
                        Harold Bloom.

 PS3563 .I42175 M47 2015                  2015
   Personal Author: Millet, Lydia, 1968-
   Title: Mermaids in paradise : a novel / Lydia Millet.

 PS3566 .A4554 B43 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Palahniuk, Chuck,
   Title: Beautiful you / Chuck Palahniuk.

 PS3566 .A4554 Z64 2013                   2013
   Title: Chuck Palahniuk : Fight club, Invisible monsters,
                        Choke / edited by Francisco Collado-Rodr*iguez.

 PS3566 .A4554 Z86 2009                   2009
   Title: Sacred and immoral : on the writings of Chuck
                        Palahniuk / edited by Jeffrey A. Sartain.

 PS3569 .T37926 F75 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: Steinke, Rene.
   Title: Friendswood / Ren*e Steinke.

 PS3569 .T3888 A6 2015                    2014
   Personal Author: Stern, Gerald, 1925-
   Title: Divine nothingness : poems / Gerald Stern.

 PS3570 .H4 A6 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Theroux, Paul,
   Title: Mr. Bones : twenty stories / Paul Theroux.

 PS3573 .R52 Z77 2008                     2008
   Personal Author: Moffett, Joe.
   Title: Understanding Charles Wright / Joe Moffett.

 PS3603 .H449 J88 2010                    2010
   Personal Author: Chen, Ken, 1979-
   Title: Juvenilia / Ken Chen ; foreword by Louise Gl*uck.

 PS3603 .H7523 G88 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Christie, Alix.
   Title: Gutenberg's apprentice : a novel / Alix Christie.

 PS3603 .O7717 S58 2012                   2012
   Personal Author: Corral, Eduardo C., 1973-
   Title: Slow lightning : poems / Eduardo C. Corral ; foreword
                        by Carl Phillips.

 PS3603 .R44 S57 2013                     2013
   Personal Author: Creech, Morri, 1970-
   Title: The sleep of reason / Morri Creech.

 PS3604 .O5654 B69 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Donohue, Keith,
   Title: The boy who drew monsters : a novel / Keith Donohue.

 PS3607 .E93 D592 2011                    2011
   Personal Author: Geyer, Andrew.
   Title: Dixie fish / Andrew Geyer.

 PS3607 .E93 W46 2003                     2003
   Personal Author: Geyer, Andrew.
   Title: Whispers in dust and bone / Andrew Geyer.

 PS3610 .O3764 A6 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Johnson, Sara Eliza.
   Title: Bone Map : poems / Sara Eliza Johnson.

 PS3612 .A7736 R33 2011                   2011
   Personal Author: Larson, Katherine, 1977-
   Title: Radial symmetry / Katherine Larson ; foreword by
                        Louise Gl*uck.

 PS3616 .E74342 L48 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: P*erez, Juan Manuel, (Poet),
   Title: Live from La Pryor : the poetry of Juan Manuel P*erez,
                        a Zavala County native son, volume 1 / edited by Dr.
                        Mailia A. P*erez.

 PS3618 .O257 S55 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Roach, Joyce Gibson,
   Title: Short call : snippets from the smallest places in
                        Texas / Joyce Gibson Roach ; edited by Kenneth L.
                        Untiedt ; illustrated by Scott Runnels.

 PS3618 .O87255 Y68 2014                  2014
   Personal Author: Row, Jess,
   Title: Your face in mine / Jess Row.
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- Q -
 Q11 .S8 P67 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Post, Robert C.
   Title: Who owns America's past? : the Smithsonian and the
                        problem of history / Robert C. Post.

 Q335 .B685 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Bostrom, Nick, 1973-
   Title: Superintelligence : paths, dangers, strategies / Nick
                        Bostrom, Director, Future of Humanity Institute,
                        Professor, Faculty of Philosophy & Oxford Martin
                        School, University of Oxford.

 QA10.5 .A15 2014                         2014
   Title: 101 careers in mathematics / edited by Andrew

 QA11 .P6 2014                            2014
   Personal Author: P*olya, George, 1887-1985.
   Title: How to solve it : a new aspect of mathematical method
                        / G. Polya ; with a foreword by John H. Conway.

 QA43 .T96 2014                           2014
   Personal Author: Tymony, Cy,
   Title: Sneaky math : a graphic primer with projects : ace the
                        basics of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and
                        calculus with everyday things / Cy Tymony.

 QA76.6 .T438 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Telles, Matthew A.,
   Title: Beginning programming / by Matt Telles.

 QA76.76 .E95 K434 2013                   2013
   Personal Author: Kelly, John E., III (John Edward), 1954-
   Title: Smart machines : IBM's Watson and the era of cognitive
                        computing / John E. Kelly III, Steve Hamm.

QA99 .S48 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Singh, Simon.
   Title: The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets / Simon

 QA141.2 .A29 2015                        2015
   Personal Author: Aczel, Amir D,
   Title: Finding zero : a mathematician's odyssey to uncover
                        the origins of numbers / Amir D. Aczel.

 QA155 .G62 2015                          2015
   Personal Author: Gonick, Larry,
   Title: The cartoon guide to algebra / Larry Gonick.

 QB32 .H57 2014                           2014
   Personal Author: Hirshfeld, Alan.
   Title: Starlight detectives : how astronomers, inventors, and
                        eccentrics discovered the modern universe / Alan

 QB44.3 .P48 2013                         2013
   Personal Author: Petersen, Carolyn Collins,
   Title: Astronomy 101 : from the sun and moon to wormholes and
                        warp drive, key theories, discoveries, and facts about
                        the universe / by Carolyn Collins Petersen.

 QB601 .C683 2014                         2014
   Title: The planets / Heather Couper, Robert Dinwiddie, John
                        Farndon, Nigel Henbest, David W. Hughes, Giles
                        Sparrow, Carole Stott, Colin Stuart.

 QB857 .G43 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Geach, James,
   Title: Galaxy : mapping the cosmos / James Geach.

 QB981 .D477 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: De Pree, Christopher Gordon.
   Title: The cosmos / by Chris De Pree.

 QB981 .S34 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Scharf, Caleb A., 1968-
   Title: The Copernicus complex : our cosmic significance in a
                        universe of planets and probabilities / Caleb Scharf.

 QC173 .G65897 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Gray, Theodore W.
   Title: Molecules : the elements and the architecture of
                        everything / Theodore Gray ; photographs by Nick Mann.

 QC793.5 .B62 L557 2014                   2014
   Personal Author: Lincoln, Don,
   Title: The Large Hadron Collider : the extraordinary story of
                        the Higgs boson and other stuff that will blow your
                        mind / Don Lincoln.

 QC883.2 .S6 C37 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Casey, John L. (John Leonard)
   Title: Dark winter : how the sun is causing a 30-year cold
                        spell / by John L. Casey.

 QD42 .H38 2011                           2011
   Personal Author: Hattori, Heather R.
   Title: Chemistry / Heather R. Hattori and Marian L. DeWane.

 QD172 .R2 V43 2015                       2015
   Personal Author: Veronese, Keith,
   Title: Rare : the high-stakes race to satisfy our need for
                        the scarcest metals on Earth / Keith Veronese.

 QD466 .C42 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Challoner, Jack,
   Title: The elements : the new guide to the building blocks of
                        our universe / Jack Challoner.

 QE83 .C74 2014                           2014
   Personal Author: Connor, Cathy, 1952-
   Title: Roadside geology of Alaska / Cathy Connor.

 QE155 .A47 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Miller, Marli Bryant, 1960-
   Title: Roadside geology of Oregon / Marli B. Miller.

 QE861.4 A53 2014                         2014
   Title: Ancient creatures / edited by Spencer G. Lucas, Ph.D.

 QK188 .S535 1996                         1996
   Personal Author: Silverthorne, Elizabeth, 1930-
   Title: Legends & lore of Texas wildflowers / Elizabeth

 QL88 .F85 2014                           2014
   Personal Author: Fuller, Errol,
   Title: Lost animals : extinction and the photographic record
                        / Errol Fuller.

 QL365.56 .A1 M53 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Middleton, Susan, 1948-
   Title: Spineless : portraits of marine invertebrates, the
                        backbone of life / Susan Middleton ; foreword by
                        Sylvia A. Earle.

 QL415 .T4 T86 2014                       2014
   Personal Author: Tunnell, John W., Jr.,
   Title: Texas seashells : a field guide / John W. Tunnell Jr.,
                        Noe C. Barrera, and Fabio Moretzsohn.

 QL666 .C536 N53 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Nichols, Wallace J.,
   Title: A worldwide travel guide to sea turtles / Wallace J.
                        Nichols, Brad Nahill, and Melissa Gaskill.

 QL673 .E52 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Elphick, Jonathan,
   Title: The world of birds / Jonathan Elphick ; [David
                        Tipling, photographer].

 QL681 .N28 2014                          2014
   Title: National Geographic complete birds of North America /
                        edited by Jonathan Alderfer with Jon L. Dunn ; maps by
                        Paul Lehman ; contributing authors, Jessie H. Barry
                        [and 24 others].

 QL684 .T4 L633 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Lockwood, Mark,
   Title: The TOS handbook of Texas birds / Mark W. Lockwood and
                        Brush Freeman.

 QP514 .R4 2015                           2015
   Title: Harper's illustrated biochemistry / Victor W. Rodwell,
                        David A. Bender, Kathleen M. Botham, Peter J.
                        Kennelly, P. Anthony Weil.

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- R -
 RA622.7 .D68 A3 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Doughty, Caitlin.
   Title: Smoke gets in your eyes : and other lessons from the
                        crematory / Caitlin Doughty.

 RA781 .L543 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Liebman, Hollis Lance,
   Title: Encyclopedia of exercise anatomy / Hollis Lance

 RA784 .L87 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Lusk, Jayson.
   Title: The food police : a well-fed manifesto about the
                        politics of your plate / Jayson Lusk.

 RC558 .K36 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Kantor, Martin.
   Title: Why a gay person can't be made un-gay : the truth
                        about reparative therapies / Martin Kantor, MD.

 RC569.5 .B67 G87 2015                    2015
   Personal Author: Gunn, Jacqueline Simon.
   Title: Borderline personality disorder : new perspectives on
                        a stigmatizing and overused diagnosis / Jacqueline
                        Simon Gunn and Brent Potter.

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- S -
 SB470 .D47 S43 2010                      2010
   Personal Author: Shaw, Sarah Chase,
   Title: Garden legacy : the residential landscapes of Design
                        Workshop / Sarah Chase Shaw ; photography by D.A.

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- T -
 TA403.2 .M56 2014                        2014
   Personal Author: Miodownik, Mark,
   Title: Stuff matters : exploring the marvelous materials that
                        shape our man-made world / Mark Miodownik.

 TK7809 .C44 2014                         2011
   Personal Author: Cheung, Derek T.,
   Title: Conquering the electron : the geniuses, visionaries,
                        egomaniacs, and scoundrels who built our electronic
                        age / Derek Cheung and Eric Brach.

 TP147 .B69 2015                          2015
   Personal Author: Bowers, Geoffrey M. (Geoffrey Mark)
   Title: Understanding chemistry through cars / Geoffrey M.
                        Bowers, Ruth A. Bowers.

 TR139 .A395 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Alinder, Mary Street, 1946-
   Title: Group f.64 : Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Imogen
                        Cunningham, and the community of artists who
                        revolutionized American photography / Mary Street

 TR146 .B954 2015                         2015
   Personal Author: Busch, David D.,
   Title: Your photos stink! : David Busch's lessons in
                        elevating your photography from awful to awesome /
                        David Busch, Rob Sheppard.

 TR675 .S443 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Sebring, Steven,
   Title: Study of pose / Steven Sebring and Coco Rocha ;
                        foreword by Jean Paul Gaultier

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- U -
 UG634.49 .T46 1996 V.1                   1996
   Personal Author: Thole, Lou.
   Title: Forgotten fields of America : World War II bases and
                        training then and now / by Lou Thole.

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- Z -
 Z642 .F47 2014                           2014
   Personal Author: Ferullo, Donna L., 1957-
   Title: Managing copyright in higher education : a guidebook /
                        Donna L. Ferullo.

 Z675 .U5 A5977 2014                      2014
   Title: Assessing liaison librarians : documenting impact for
                        positive change / edited by Daniel C. Mack and Gary W.

 Z678 .L43 2014                           2014
   Title: Letting go of legacy services : library case studies /
                        edited by Mary Evangeliste and Katherine Furlong.

 Z711 .M395 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: McDonald, Courtney Greene,
   Title: Putting the user first : 30 strategies for
                        transforming library services / by Courtney Greene

 Z1003 .M545 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Mendelsund, Peter,
   Title: What we see when we read : a phenomenology ; with
                        illustrations / Peter Mendelsund.

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White Library Popular Books
January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015
 *POPULAR READING ACKERMAN                2015
   Personal Author: Ackerman, Elliot,
   Title: Green on blue : a novel / Elliot Ackerman.

   Personal Author: Armentrout, Jennifer L.
   Title: Stone cold touch / Jennifer L. Armentrout.

 *POPULAR READING BALDACCI                2014
   Personal Author: Baldacci, David,
   Title: The escape / David Baldacci.

 *POPULAR READING BEAUMAN                 2014
   Personal Author: Beauman, Sally,
   Title: The visitors : a novel / Sally Beauman.

 *POPULAR READING BECK                    2013
   Personal Author: Beck, Glenn.
   Title: Miracles and massacres : true and untold stories of
                        the making of America / written & edited by Glenn Beck
                        ; with Kevin Balfe and Hannah Beck.

 *POPULAR READING BECK                    2014
   Personal Author: Beck, Glenn,
   Title: Dreamers and deceivers : true stories of the heroes
                        and villains who made America / Glenn Beck.

 *POPULAR READING BECKHAM                 2007
   Personal Author: Beckham, Victoria, 1975-
   Title: That extra half an inch : [hair, heels and everything
                        in between] / Victoria Beckham with Hadley Freeman ;
                        photography by Ellen von Unwerth ; still-life
photography by Beno*it Audureau ; illustrations by Cecilia Carlstedt.
 *POPULAR READING BISKUPIC                2014
   Personal Author: Biskupic, Joan,
   Title: Breaking in : the rise of Sonia Sotomayor and the
                        politics of justice / Joan Biskupic.

 *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2014
   Personal Author: Black, Holly,
   Title: The iron trial / Holly Black and Cassandra Clare ;
                        with illustrations by Scott Fischer.

 *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2015
   Personal Author: Black, Holly,
   Title: The darkest part of the forest / by Holly Black.

 *POPULAR READING BLOOMSTON               2014
   Personal Author: Bloomston, Carrie, 1972-
   Title: The little spark : 30 ways to ignite your creativity /
                        Carrie Bloomston.

 *POPULAR READING BLOW                    2014
   Personal Author: Blow, Charles M., 1970-
   Title: Fire shut up in my bones : a memoir / Charles M. Blow.

 *POPULAR READING BOOTH                   1997
   Personal Author: Booth, Alan, 1946-
   Title: The roads to Sata : a 2000-mile walk through Japan /
                        by Alan Booth.

 *POPULAR READING BORMAN                  2014
   Personal Author: Borman, Tracy,
   Title: Thomas Cromwell : the untold story of Henry VIII's
                        most faithful servant / Tracy Borman.

 *POPULAR READING BOWDEN                  2014
   Personal Author: Bowden, Oliver.
   Title: Assassin's creed. Unity / Oliver Bowden.

 *POPULAR READING BOYD                    2014
   Personal Author: Boyd, Daniel,
   Title: Easy death / by Daniel Boyd.

 *POPULAR READING BOYNE                   2013
   Personal Author: Boyne, John, 1971-
   Title: This house is haunted / by John Boyne.

 *POPULAR READING BRADLEY                 2015
   Personal Author: Bradley, C. Alan, 1938-
   Title: As chimney sweepers come to dust : a Flavia de Luce
                        novel / Alan Bradley.

 *POPULAR READING BRANCH                  2014
   Personal Author: Branch, John (Sports reporter)
   Title: Boy on ice : the life and death of Derek Boogaard /
                        John Branch.

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2014
   Personal Author: Brown, Pierce, 1988-
   Title: Red Rising / Pierce Brown.

 *POPULAR READING CABOT                   2014
   Personal Author: Cabot, Amanda, 1948-
   Title: At Bluebonnet Lake : a novel / Amanda Cabot

 *POPULAR READING CARROLL                 2014
   Personal Author: Carroll, Emily.
   Title: Through the woods / stories by Emily Carroll.

 *POPULAR READING CARROLL                 2014
   Personal Author: Carroll, Jerry Jay,
   Title: The great liars / Jerry Jay Carroll.

 *POPULAR READING CLARE                   2014
   Personal Author: Clare, Cassandra,
   Title: The Bane chronicles / Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees
                        Brennan, Maureen Johnson.

 *POPULAR READING CLEESE                  2014
   Personal Author: Cleese, John,
   Title: So, anyway ... / John Cleese.

 *POPULAR READING COLBERT                 2012
   Personal Author: Colbert, Stephen, 1964-
   Title: America again : re-becoming the greatness we never
                        weren't / written and edited by Stephen Colbert ...
                        [et al.] ; writers, Michael Brumm ... [et al.] ;
                        produced by Meredith Bennett ; photography by Andrew

 *POPULAR READING CONNELLY                2014
   Personal Author: Connelly, Michael, 1956-
   Title: The burning room : a novel / Michael Connelly.

 *POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2014
   Personal Author: Cornwell, Patricia Daniels,
   Title: Flesh and blood : a Scarpetta novel / Patricia

 *POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2015
   Personal Author: Cornwell, Bernard,
   Title: The empty throne : a novel / Bernard Cornwell.

 *POPULAR READING CROMBIE                 2014
   Personal Author: Crombie, Deborah,
   Title: To dwell in darkness / Deborah Crombie.

 *POPULAR READING CRUMMEY                 2015
   Personal Author: Crummey, Michael, 1965-
   Title: Sweetland : a novel / Michael Crummey.

 *POPULAR READING DEL TORO                2011
   Personal Author: Toro, Guillermo del, 1964-
   Title: The strain / Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

 *POPULAR READING DEL TORO                2012
   Personal Author: Toro, Guillermo del, 1964-
   Title: The fall / Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

 *POPULAR READING DEL TORO                2014
   Personal Author: Toro, Guillermo del, 1964-
   Title: Night eternal / Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

 *POPULAR READING ECCLES                  2014
   Personal Author: Eccles, Marjorie,
   Title: The firebird's feather / Marjorie Eccles.

 *POPULAR READING ELLIOT                  2014
   Personal Author: Eliot, Marc.
   Title: American titan : searching for John Wayne / Marc

 *POPULAR READING EVANOVICH               2014
   Personal Author: Evanovich, Janet,
   Title: The job : a Fox and O'Hare novel / Janet Evanovich and
                        Lee Goldberg.

 *POPULAR READING EVANS                   2009
   Personal Author: Evans, Alan S.
   Title: Spirit horses : a novel / Alan S. Evans.

 *POPULAR READING FELDMAN                 2014
   Personal Author: Feldman, Stephanie,
   Title: The angel of losses / Stephanie Feldman.

 *POPULAR READING FOLEY                   2014
   Personal Author: Foley, Jessie Ann,
   Title: The carnival at Bray : a novel / by Jessie Ann Foley.

 *POPULAR READING FOMBELLE                2014
   Personal Author: Fombelle, Timoth*ee de, 1973-
   Title: Vango. Between sky and earth / Timoth*ee de Fombelle ;
                        translated by Sarah Ardizzone.

 *POPULAR READING GAFFIGAN                2014
   Personal Author: Gaffigan, Jim.
   Title: Food : a love story / Jim Gaffigan.

 *POPULAR READING GERARD                  2015
   Personal Author: Gerard, Sarah,
   Title: Binary star : a novel / by Sarah Gerard.

 *POPULAR READING GILMAN                  2014
   Personal Author: Gilman, Felix,
   Title: The revolutions / Felix Gilman.

 *POPULAR READING GILMAN                  2010
   Personal Author: Gilman, Felix.
   Title: The half-made world / Felix Gilman.

 *POPULAR READING GILMAN                  2012
   Personal Author: Gilman, Felix.
   Title: The rise of Ransom City / Felix Gilman.

 *POPULAR READING GOODKIND                2014
   Personal Author: Goodkind, Terry.
   Title: Severed souls / Terry Goodkind.

   Personal Author: Grahame-Smith, Seth.
   Title: The last American vampire / Seth Grahame-Smith.

 *POPULAR READING GRANT                   2014
   Personal Author: Grant, Lindsey, 1982-
   Title: Sleeps with dogs : tales of a pet nanny at the end of
                        her leash / Lindsey Grant.

 *POPULAR READING GRAUDIN                 2014
   Personal Author: Graudin, Ryan,
   Title: The walled city / Ryan Graudin.

 *POPULAR READING GREGORY                 2014
   Personal Author: Gregory, Philippa.
   Title: The king's curse / Philippa Gregory.

 *POPULAR READING GRIFFIN                 2014
   Personal Author: Griffin, Bethany,
   Title: The fall / Bethany Griffin.

 *POPULAR READING GRIFFIN                 2014
   Personal Author: Griffin, W. E. B.,
   Title: The assassination option : a clandestine operations
                        novel / W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV.

 *POPULAR READING GROSSMAN                2014
   Personal Author: Grossman, Lev.
   Title: The magician's land : a novel / Lev Grossman.

 *POPULAR READING GRUNBAUM                2014
   Personal Author: Grunbaum, Mara.
   Title: WTF, Evolution?! : a theory of unintelligible design /
                        Mara Grunbaum.

 *POPULAR READING GUO                     2014
   Personal Author: Guo, Xiaolu, 1973-
   Title: I am China : a novel / Xiaolu Guo.

 *POPULAR READING HANDLER                 2015
   Personal Author: Handler, Daniel,
   Title: We are pirates : a novel / Daniel Handler.

 *POPULAR READING HANNAH                  2015
   Personal Author: Hannah, Kristin.
   Title: The nightingale / Kristin Hannah.

 *POPULAR READING HAWKINS                 2015
   Personal Author: Hawkins, Paula.
   Title: The girl on the train / Paula Hawkins.

 *POPULAR READING HEARN                   2003
   Personal Author: Hearn, Lian.
   Title: Across the nightingale floor / Lian Hearn.

 *POPULAR READING HOAG                    2015
   Personal Author: Hoag, Tami.
   Title: Cold cold heart / Tami Hoag.

 *POPULAR READING HOCKING                 2015
   Personal Author: Hocking, Amanda.
   Title: Frostfire / Amanda Hocking.

 *POPULAR READING HOLMBERG                2014
   Personal Author: Holmberg, Charlie N.
   Title: The paper magician / Charlie N. Holmberg.

 *POPULAR READING HORNBY                  2015
   Personal Author: Hornby, Nick,
   Title: Funny girl : [a novel] / Nick Hornby.

 *POPULAR READING HUSTON                  2014
   Personal Author: Huston, Anjelica.
   Title: Watch me : a memoir / Anjelica Huston.

 *POPULAR READING ISHIGURO                2006
   Personal Author: Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1954-
   Title: Never let me go / Kazuo Ishiguro.

 *POPULAR READING JOHNSON                 2014
   Personal Author: Johnson, Denis, 1949-
   Title: The laughing monsters / Denis Johnson.

 *POPULAR READING JOHNSON                 2014
   Personal Author: Johnson, Alaya Dawn, 1982-
   Title: Love is the drug / Alaya Dawn Johnson.

 *POPULAR READING JOHNSTON                2014
   Personal Author: Johnston, E. K.
   Title: The story of Owen / E.K. Johnston.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2011
   Personal Author: Jones, Darynda.
   Title: First grave on the right / Darynda Jones.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2013
   Personal Author: Jones, Darynda.
   Title: Fifth grave past the light / Darynda Jones.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2014
   Personal Author: Jones, Darynda,
   Title: Sixth grave on the edge / Darynda Jones.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2014
   Personal Author: Jones, Darynda,
   Title: Seventh grave and no body : a novel / Darynda Jones.

 *POPULAR READING KARDOS                  2015
   Personal Author: Kardos, Michael,
   Title: Before he finds her / Michael Kardos.

 *POPULAR READING KARON                   2014
   Personal Author: Karon, Jan, 1937-
   Title: Somewhere safe with somebody good / Jan Karon.

 *POPULAR READING KATZ                    2014
   Personal Author: Katz, Jon.
   Title: Saving Simon : how a rescue donkey taught me the
                        meaning of compassion / Jon Katz.

 *POPULAR READING KENYON                  2014
   Personal Author: Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965-
   Title: Son of no one / Sherrilyn Kenyon.

 *POPULAR READING KING                    2014
   Title: In the company of Sherlock Holmes : stories inspired
                        by the Holmes canon / edited by Laurie R. King and
                        Leslie S. Klinger.

 *POPULAR READING KING                    2014
   Personal Author: King, Stephen, 1947-
   Title: Revival : a novel / Stephen King.

 *POPULAR READING KINGSBURY               2014
   Personal Author: Kingsbury, Karen.
   Title: Angels walking : a novel / Karen Kingsbury.

 *POPULAR READING KONDO                   2014
   Personal Author: Kond*o, Marie,
   Title: The life-changing magic of tidying up : the Japanese
                        art of decluttering and organizing / Marie Kondo ;
                        translated from Japanese by Cathy Hirano.

 *POPULAR READING KOONTZ                  2015
   Personal Author: Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
   Title: Saint Odd : an Odd Thomas novel / Dean Koontz.

 *POPULAR READING KRENTZ                  2015
   Personal Author: Krentz, Jayne Ann.
   Title: Trust no one / Jayne Ann Krentz.

 *POPULAR READING KRIST                   2014
   Personal Author: Krist, Gary,
   Title: Empire of sin : a story of sex, jazz, murder, and the
                        battle for modern New Orleans / Gary Krist.

 *POPULAR READING LAFEVERS                2012
   Personal Author: LaFevers, Robin.
   Title: Grave mercy / by Robin LaFevers.

 *POPULAR READING LAFEVERS                2013
   Personal Author: LaFevers, Robin.
   Title: Dark triumph / by Robin LaFevers.

 *POPULAR READING LAFEVERS                2014
   Personal Author: LaFevers, Robin.
   Title: Mortal heart / by Robin LaFevers.

 *POPULAR READING LAMMERS                 2005
   Personal Author: Lammers, Wayne P., 1951-
   Title: Japanese the manga way : an illustrated guide to
                        grammar & structure / Wayne P. Lammers.

 *POPULAR READING LEPORE                  2014
   Personal Author: Lepore, Jill, 1966-
   Title: The secret history of Wonder Woman / Jill Lepore.

 *POPULAR READING LEVY                    2014
   Personal Author: Levy, Shawn.
   Title: De Niro : a life / Shawn Levy.

 *POPULAR READING LIU                     2014
   Personal Author: Liu, Cixin,
   Title: The three-body problem / Cixin Liu ; translated by Ken

 *POPULAR READING LOCKHART                2014
   Personal Author: Lockhart, E.
   Title: We were liars / E. Lockhart.

   Personal Author: Logothetis, Leon.
   Title: The kindness diaries : one man's quest to ignite
                        goodwill and transform lives around the world / Leon

 *POPULAR READING LOISEL                  2013
   Personal Author: Loisel, R*egis, 1951-
   Title: Peter Pan / written and illustrated by Loisel ;
                        translated by Nicolas Rossert with Paul Rafferty, Nora
                        Goldberg & Cheryl Anderson ; lettered by Paul Rafferty
                        ; cover design by Rebecca Morrison.

 *POPULAR READING LYNCH                   2007
   Personal Author: Lynch, Scott, 1978-
   Title: The lies of Locke Lamora / Scott Lynch.

 *POPULAR READING MANN                    2014
   Personal Author: Mann, William J.,
   Title: Tinseltown : murder, morphine, and madness at the dawn
                        of Hollywood / William J. Mann.

 *POPULAR READING MARCUS                  2014
   Personal Author: Marcus, Greil.
   Title: The history of rock 'n' roll in ten songs / Greil

 *POPULAR READING MARILLIER               2014
   Personal Author: Marillier, Juliet.
   Title: Dreamer's pool : a Blackthorn & Grim novel / Juliet

 *POPULAR READING MATTERA                 2014
   Personal Author: Mattera, Jason.
   Title: Crapitalism : liberals who make millions swiping your
                        tax dollars / Jason Mattera.

 *POPULAR READING MCBEE                   2014
   Personal Author: McBee, Thomas Page,
   Title: Man alive : a true story of violence, forgiveness and
                        becoming a man / Thomas Page McBee.

 *POPULAR READING MCCLELLAN               2014
   Personal Author: McClellan, Brian, 1986-
   Title: The Crimson Campaign / Brian McClellan.

 *POPULAR READING MCCLELLAN               2015
   Personal Author: McClellan, Brian, 1986-
   Title: The autumn republic / Brian McClellan.

   Personal Author: McClellan, Brian, 1986-
   Title: Promise of blood / Brian McClellan.

 *POPULAR READING MCDERMOTT               2014
   Personal Author: McDermott, Bill.
   Title: Winners dream : a journey from corner store to corner
                        office / Bill McDermott with Joanne Gordon.

 *POPULAR READING MCKENZIE                2014
   Personal Author: McKenzie, C. B.,
   Title: Bad country : a novel / CB McKenzie.

 *POPULAR READING MCMAHON                 2015
   Personal Author: McMahon, Jennifer,
   Title: The winter people : a novel / Jennifer McMahon.

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2014
   Personal Author: Meyer, Marissa,
   Title: Cress / written by Marissa Meyer.

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2013
   Personal Author: Meyer, Marissa.
   Title: Scarlet / written by Marissa Meyer.

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2015
   Personal Author: Meyer, Marissa.
   Title: Fairest : Levana's story / written by Marissa Meyer.

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2012
   Personal Author: Meyer, Marissa.
   Title: Cinder / written by Marissa Meyer.

 *POPULAR READING MICHAELS                2014
   Personal Author: Michaels, Al.
   Title: You can't make this up : miracles, memories, and the
                        perfect marriage of sports and television / Al
                        Michaels ; with L. Jon Wertheim.

 *POPULAR READING MIEVILLE                2011
   Personal Author: Mi*eville, China.
   Title: Kraken : an anatomy / China Mi*eville.

 *POPULAR READING MONTCLARE               2014
   Personal Author: Montclare, Brandon,
   Title: Rocket Girl / writer, Brandon Montclare ; artist, Amy

 *POPULAR READING MORGAN                  2003
   Personal Author: Morgan, Richard K., 1965-
   Title: Altered carbon / Richard K. Morgan.

 *POPULAR READING MORGAN                  2004
   Personal Author: Morgan, Richard K., 1965-
   Title: Broken angels / Richard K. Morgan.

 *POPULAR READING MORGAN                  2007
   Personal Author: Morgan, Richard K., 1965-
   Title: Woken furies / Richard K. Morgan.

 *POPULAR READING MORIARTY                2014
   Personal Author: Moriarty, Liane,
   Title: Big little lies / Liane Moriarty.

 *POPULAR READING MORRIS                  2015
   Personal Author: Morris, David J., 1971-
   Title: The evil hours : a biography of post-traumatic stress
                        disorder / David J. Morris.

 *POPULAR READING MOSLEY                  2015
   Personal Author: Mosley, Walter,
   Title: Inside a silver box / Walter Mosley.

 *POPULAR READING MULFORD                 2014
   Personal Author: Mulford, Carolyn.
   Title: Show me the gold / Carolyn Mulford.

 *POPULAR READING MURPHY                  2014
   Personal Author: Murphy, Bruce Allen,
   Title: Scalia : a court of one / Bruce Allen Murphy.

 *POPULAR READING NELSON                  2014
   Personal Author: Nelson, Jandy.
   Title: I'll give you the sun / by Jandy Nelson.

 *POPULAR READING NOVAK                   2014
   Personal Author: Novak, Chase.
   Title: Brood / Chase Novak.

 *POPULAR READING ODA V.1                 2003
   Personal Author: Oda, Eiichir*o, 1975-
   Title: One piece / story and art by Eiichiro Oda ; [English
                        adaptation by Lance Caselman ; translation, Andy
                        Nakatani ; senior editor, Jason Thompson].

 *POPULAR READING ORZEL                   2014
   Personal Author: Orzel, Chad,
   Title: Eureka! : discovering your inner scientist / Chad

 *POPULAR READING PARCELLS                2014
   Personal Author: Parcells, Bill, 1941-
   Title: Parcells : a football life / Bill Parcells, Nunyo

 *POPULAR READING PASCALE                 2014
   Personal Author: Pascale, Amy.
   Title: Joss Whedon : the biography / Amy Pascale.

   Personal Author: Pomerantsev, Peter,
   Title: Nothing is true and everything is possible : the
surreal heart of the new Russia / Peter Pomerantsev.

 *POPULAR READING PRESLEY                 2014
   Personal Author: Presley, James,
   Title: The phantom killer : unlocking the mystery of the
                        Texarkana serial murders: the story of a town in
                        terror / James Presley.

 *POPULAR READING PRESTON                 2014
   Personal Author: Preston, Douglas J.,
   Title: Blue labyrinth / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.

 *POPULAR READING RITTER                  2014
   Personal Author: Ritter, R. William.
   Title: Jackaby / William Ritter.

 *POPULAR READING RITZ                    2014
   Personal Author: Ritz, David.
   Title: Respect : the life of Aretha Franklin / David Ritz.

 *POPULAR READING RODRIGUEZ               2014
   Personal Author: Rodriguez, Daniel, 1988-
   Title: Rise : a soldier, a dream, and a promise kept / Daniel
                        Rodriguez ; contributions by Joe Layden.

 *POPULAR READING ROGAK                   2011
   Personal Author: Rogak, Lisa, 1962-
   Title: And nothing but the truthiness : the rise (and further
                        rise) of Stephen Colbert / Lisa Rogak.

 *POPULAR READING ROSENBERG               2014
   Personal Author: Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967-
   Title: The third target / Joel C. Rosenberg.

 *POPULAR READING ROTHFUSS                2014
   Personal Author: Rothfuss, Patrick, 1973-
   Title: The slow regard of silent things / Patrick Rothfuss ;
                        illustrations by Nate Taylor.

 *POPULAR READING ROYAL                   2015
   Personal Author: Royal, Priscilla.
   Title: Satan's Lullaby : a medieval mystery / Priscilla

 *POPULAR READING SANDERSON               2015
   Personal Author: Sanderson, Brandon,
   Title: Firefight / Brandon Sanderson.

 *POPULAR READING SANDFORD                2014
   Personal Author: Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
   Title: Deadline / John Sandford.

 *POPULAR READING SANTANA                 2014
   Personal Author: Santana, Carlos,
   Title: The universal tone : bringing my story to light /
                        Carlos Santana with Ashley Kahn and Hal Miller.

 *POPULAR READING SEDGWICK                2015
   Personal Author: Sedgwick, Marcus,
   Title: A love like blood / Marcus Sedgwick.

 *POPULAR READING SYKES                   2015
   Personal Author: Sykes, S. D.,
   Title: Plague land / S.D. Sykes.

 *POPULAR READING TAYLOR                  2014
   Personal Author: Taylor, Chris, 1973-
   Title: How Star Wars conquered the universe : the past,
                        present, and future of a multibillion dollar franchise
                        / Chris Taylor.

 *POPULAR READING TERRIN                  2014
   Personal Author: Terrin, Peter, 1968-
   Title: The guard / Peter Terrin ; translated from the Dutch
                        by David Colmer.

 *POPULAR READING THOMAS                  2015
   Personal Author: Thomas, Dana, 1964-
   Title: Gods and kings : the rise and fall of Alexander
                        McQueen and John Galliano / Dana Thomas.

 *POPULAR READING TRICHTER                2015
   Personal Author: Trichter, Judd.
   Title: Love in the age of mechanical reproduction / Judd

 *POPULAR READING TROMBLEY                2014
   Personal Author: Trombley, George.
   Title: Japanese from zero! 1  / George Trombley, Yukari

 *POPULAR READING TYLER                   2015
   Personal Author: Tyler, Anne.
   Title: A spool of blue thread / Anne Tyler.

 *POPULAR READING VARENNE                 2014
   Personal Author: Varenne, Antonin, 1973-
   Title: Bed of nails / Antonin Varenne ; translated from the
                        French by Si*an Reynolds.

 *POPULAR READING WALKER                  2014
   Personal Author: Walker, Casey, 1980-
   Title: Last days in Shanghai : a novel / Casey Walker.

 *POPULAR READING WALSH                   2015
   Personal Author: Walsh, M. O. (Milton O'Neal),
   Title: My sunshine away : [a novel] / M. O. Walsh.

 *POPULAR READING WHALEY                  2014
   Personal Author: Whaley, John Corey,
   Title: Noggin / John Corey Whaley.

 *POPULAR READING WHEDON                  2014
   Personal Author: Whedon, Zack,
   Title: Firefly class 03-K64. Volume 4, Leaves on the wind /
                        script, Zack Whedon ; pencils, Georges Jeanty ; inks,
                        Karl Story ; colors, Laura Martin ; letters, Michael

 *POPULAR READING WILSON                  2014
   Personal Author: Wilson, G. Willow, 1982-
   Title: Ms. Marvel / writer, G. Willow Wilson ; artist, Adrian
                        Alphona ; color artist, Ian Herring ; letterer, VC's
                        Joe Caramagna.

 *POPULAR READING WOODS                   2015
   Personal Author: Woods, Stuart,
   Title: Insatiable appetites / Stuart Woods.

 *POPULAR READING YOVANOFF                2014
   Personal Author: Yovanoff, Brenna.
   Title: Fiendish / Brenna Yovanoff.

   Personal Author: Zeltserman, Dave, 1959-
   Title: The boy who killed demons : a novel / Dave Zeltserman.

 *POPULAR READING ZETTER                  2014
   Personal Author: Zetter, Kim.
   Title: Countdown to Zero Day : Stuxnet and the launch of the
                        world's first digital weapon / Kim Zetter.

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White Library Reference Books
October 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014
 REF HA202 2013                           2013
   Title: ProQuest statistical abstract of the United States.

 REF HV6322.7 .M63 2015 V.1               2015
   Title: Modern genocide : the definitive resource and document
                        collection / Paul R. Bartrop and Steven Leonard
                        Jacobs, editors.

 REF KF156 .G367 2011                     2011
   Personal Author: Garner, Bryan A.
   Title: Garner's dictionary of legal usage / Bryan A. Garner ;
                        with a foreword by Judge Thomas M. Reavley.

 REF LB2353.7.T46 T75 2014                2014
   Title: TSI Assessment secrets study guide : your key to exam
                        success / [written and edited by the Mometrix Exam
                        Secrets Test Prep Team].

 REF QC903 .M37 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Maslin, Mark,
   Title: Climate change : a very short introduction / by Mark
                        Maslin, Professor of Climateology, University College

 REF QE372.2 .V61 2014                    2014
   Personal Author: Vaughan, David J., 1946-
   Title: Minerals : a very short introduction / David J.

 REF QH447 .S53 2014                      2014
   Personal Author: Slack, Jonathan,
   Title: Genes : a very short introduction / Jonathan Slack.

 REF QL703 .H355 2009 V.1                 2009
   Title: Handbook of the mammals of the world / chief editors,
                        Don E. Wilson, Russell A. Mittermeier ; authors, Paolo
                        Cavallini [and 16 others] ; color plates,Toni Llobet.

 REF QR41.2 .M66 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: Money, Nicholas P.,
   Title: Microbiology : a very short introduction / Nicholas P.

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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015
 CD AUDIO CD 1676                         2008
   Personal Author: *Zivkovi*c, Neboj*sa.
   Title: Percussion made in Europe. vol. 1 [sound recording] /
                        Neboj*sa Jovan *Zivkovi*c.

 CD AUDIO CD 1677                         0200
   Personal Author: Stout, Gordon.
   Title: Astral projections [sound recording] / Gordon Stout.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2455                      2014
   Title: Boyhood / IFC Films ; IFC Productions presents a
                        Detour Filmproduction ; written and directed by
                        Richard Linklater ; produced by Richard Linklater,
                        Cathleen Sutherland ; producers, Jonathan Sehring,
                        John Sloss.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 106                    2014
   Title: Gone girl / Twentieth Century Fox and Regency
                        Enterprises present a David Fincher film ; produced by
                        Arnon Milchan, Joshua Donen, Reese Witherspoon, Ce*an
                        Chaffin ; screenplay by Gillian Flynn ; directed by
                        David Fincher.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 107                    2013
   Title: Mud [videorecording] / producers, Lisa Maria Falcone,
                        Sarah Green, Aaron Ryder ; writer/director, Jeff

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2445                      2012
   Title: The song of lunch [videorecording] : a poem / written
                        by Christopher Reid ; produced by Pier Wilkie ;
                        adapted for television and directed by Niall
                        MacCormick ; a BBC Productions, Masterpiece

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2446                      2005
   Title: Scotland, Pa. [videorecording] / Lot 47 Films ; in
                        association with Veto Chip Productions and Paddy Wagon
                        Productions ; produced by Richard Shepard, Jonathan
                        Stern ; written and directed by Billy Morrissette.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2447                      2012
   Title: Brubaker / Twentieth Century Fox presents ; a Ted
                        Mann-Ron Silverman production ; a Stuart Rosenberg
                        film ; produced by Ron Silverman ; directed by Stuart
                        Rosenberg ; screenplay by W. D. Richter ; story by W.
                        D. Richter and Arthur Ross.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2448                      2010
   Title: Dorian Gray [videorecording] / a Fragile Film ; in
                        association with Aramid Entertainment and Prescience ;
                        produced by Barnaby Thompson ; directed by Oliver
                        Parker ; written by Toby Finlay.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2449                      2002
   Title: Wilde [videorecording] / a Samuelson production in
                        association with Dove International Inc ... [et al.] ;
                        a Brian Gilbert film ; original screenplay by Julian
                        Mitchell ; producers, Marc Samuelson, Peter Samuelson
                        ; director, Brian Gilbert.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2450 DISC 1-8             2011
   Title: Harry Potter [videorecording] : complete 8-film
                        collection / Warner Bros. Pictures presents, a Heyday
                        Films production.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2451 DISC 1-2             2004
   Title: Trainspotting [videorecording] / Miramax Films ;
                        Channel Four Films presents a Figment Film in
                        association with the Noel Gay Motion Picture Company ;
                        screenplay, John Hodge ; producer, Andrew MacDonald ;
                        director Danny Boyle.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2452                      2011
   Title: Mansfield park [videorecording] / Miramax Films and
                        BBC Films present in association with The Arts Council
                        of England a Miramax Hal Films production ; produced
                        by Sarah Curtis ; written and directed by Patricia

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2453                      2014
   Title: The Grand Budapest Hotel / Fox Searchlight Pictures in
                        association with Indian Paintbrush and Studio
                        Babelsberg present ; an American Empirical Picture ;
                        produced by Wes Anderson, Scott Rudin, Steven Rales,
                        Jeremy Dawson ; screenplay by Wes Anderson ; directed
                        by Wes Anderson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2454 DISC 1-3             2015
   Title: Downton Abbey. Season 5 / written and created by
                        Julian Fellowes ; producer, Chris Croucher ; executive
                        producer, Gareth Neame ; executive producer, Nigel
                        Marchant ; executive producer, Julian Fellowes ;

                                   New Materials List                                   
                      Produced Monday, April 20, 2015 at 11:29 AM                       
                        executive producer, Liz Trubridge ; executive producer
                        for Masterpiece, Rebecca Eaton ; a Carnival Films
                        production ; a Carnival/Masterpiece co-production ;
                        Carnival Film & Television Limited.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2455                      2014
   Title: Boyhood / IFC Films ; IFC Productions presents a
                        Detour Filmproduction ; written and directed by
                        Richard Linklater ; produced by Richard Linklater,
                        Cathleen Sutherland ; producers, Jonathan Sehring,
                        John Sloss.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2456                      2008
   Title: Oswald's ghost [videorecording] / directed, written,
                        and produced by Robert Stone ; a Robert Stone film for
                        PBS/American experience in association with BBC ; WGBH
                        Educational Foundation and Robert Stone Productions.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2457                      2008
   Title: American experience. Walt Whitman [videorecording] /
                        PBS ; written and directed by Mark Zwonitzer ;
                        produced and co-directed by Jamila Wignot ; producer,
                        Patrick Long ; executive producer, Mark Samels ; a
                        Patrick Long Productions film in association with
                        HiddenHill Productions for American Experience ; WGBH
                        Educational Foundation.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2458                      2015
   Title: Edison : the father of invention / WGBH Educational
                        Foundation ; an Insignia Films production in
                        association with 42nd Parallel Films for American
                        Experience ; written and directed by Michelle Ferrari
                        ; produced by Amanda Pollak and Michelle Ferrari.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2459                      2006
   Title: Eugene O'Neill [videorecording] : a documentary film /
                        a Steeplechase Films production for American
                        Experience ; directed by Ric Burns ; written by Arthur
                        Gelb & Barbara Gelb and Ric Burns ; produced by
                        Marilyn Ness & Steve Rivo with Robin Espinola & Mary

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2460                      2013
   Title: Henry Ford [videorecording] / American Experience
                        Films presents a Sarah Cold Productions film for
                        American experience ; WGBH ; written, produced, and
                        directed by Sarah Colt ; co-producer, Helen Ryan

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2461                      2006
   Title: LBJ [videorecording] / a KERA Production in
                        association with David Grubin Productions, Inc. for
                        American Experience ; WGBH Educational Foundation ;
                        written and produced by David Grubin.

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Barth LRC Circulating Books
January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015
 HV9950 .C36 2014                         2014
   Title: Careers in law, criminal justice & emergency services
                        / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

 GE60 .C375 2014                          2014
   Title: Careers in environment & conservation / editor,
                        Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

 QE861.4 A53 2014                         2014
   Title: Ancient creatures / edited by Spencer G. Lucas, Ph.D.

 GE55 .C668 2014                          2014
   Title: Contemporary biographies in environment &

 HV9950 .C36 2014                         2014
   Title: Careers in law, criminal justice & emergency services
                        / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.
  R728.8 .H436 2014                        2014
   Title: Healthcare documentation : fundamentals & practice /
                        Health Professions Institute, Ellen A. Drake, Sally
                        Crenshaw Pitman, John H. Dirckx.

 RA781 .L543 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Liebman, Hollis Lance,
   Title: Encyclopedia of exercise anatomy / Hollis Lance

 RB38.3 .B35 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Ball, Mark D.
   Title: Clinical laboratory mathematics / Mark D. Ball.

 RB113 .B73 2011                          2011
   Personal Author: Braun, Carie.
   Title: Pathophysiology : a clinical approach / Carie A.
                        Braun, Cindy M. Anderson.

 RT84 .C37 2013                           2013
   Personal Author: Carter, Pamela J.
   Title: Lippincott's essentials for nursing assistants : a
                        humanistic approach to caregiving / Pamela J. Carter.

 SF778 .S73 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Staples, Michelle.
   Title: Save your horse! : a horse owner's guide to large
                        animal rescue / written by Michelle Staples and a few

 TJ790 .S5827 2014                        2014
   Title: Small engines and outdoor power equipment : a care &
                        repair guide for lawn mowers, snowblowers & small
                        gas-powered implements / edited by Peter Hunn.

 TL243 .A88 2014                          2014
   Title: Automotive mechatronics : automotive networking,
                        driving stability systems, electronics / edited by
                        Konrad Reif.

 TX349 .L33 2006                          2006
   Personal Author: Labensky, Steven.
   Title: The Prentice Hall dictionary of culinary arts / Steven
                        Labensky, Gaye G. Ingram, Sarah R. Labensky ;
                        illustrations by William E Ingram.

 TX353 .D78 2014                          2014
   Personal Author: Drummond, Karen Eich.
   Title: Nutrition for foodservice and culinary professionals /
                        Karen Eich Drummond, Ed. D., R.D., L.D.N., F.A.D.A.,
                        F.M.P., Lisa M. Brefere, C.E.C., A.A.C.

 TX354 .M28 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: McWilliams, Margaret.
   Title: Food fundamentals / Margaret McWilliams.

 TX553 .A3 T4613 2014                     2014
   Personal Author: This, Herv*e.
   Title: Note-by-note cooking : the future of food / Herv*e
                        This ; translated by M.B. DeBevoise.

 TX631 .G524 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Gilbert, Sandra M.
   Title: The culinary imagination : from myth to modernity /
                        Sandra M. Gilbert.

 TX651 .P34 2008                          2008
   Personal Author: Page, Karen.
   Title: The flavor bible : the essential guide to culinary
                        creativity, based on the wisdom of America's most
                        imaginative chefs / Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg ;
                        photographs by Barry Salzman.

 TX652 .D73 2011                          2011
   Personal Author: Dreesen, Laura.
   Title: Math for the professional kitchen / Laura Dreesen,
                        Michael Nothnagel, and Susan Wysocki ; the Culinary
                        Institute of America.

 TX769 .A63 2013                          2013
   Personal Author: Amendt, Linda J.,
   Title: Gluten-free breakfast, brunch & beyond : breads,
                        cakes, muffins, scones, pancakes, waffles, French
                        toast, quiches and more / Linda J. Amendt.

 TX769 .C848 2014                         2014
   Personal Author: Currie, Donna.
   Title: Make ahead bread : 100 recipes for melt-in-your-mouth
                        fresh bread every day plus butters and spreads / Donna
                        Currie, photography by Kate Sears.

 TX769 .H427 2000                         2000
   Personal Author: Hensperger, Beth.
   Title: The best quick breads : 150 recipes for muffins,
                        scones, shortcakes, gingerbreads, cornbreads,
                        coffeecakes, and more / Beth Hensperger.

 TX819 .A1 P47 2008                       2008
   Personal Author: Peterson, James.
   Title: Sauces : classical and contemporary sauce making /
                        James Peterson.

 TX820 .P738 2011                         2011
   Title: The professional chef / the Culinary Institute of


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Barth LRC Popular Books
January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

 *POPULAR READING DEL TORO                2011
   Personal Author: Toro, Guillermo del, 1964-
   Title: The strain / Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

 *POPULAR READING DEL TORO                2012
   Personal Author: Toro, Guillermo del, 1964-
   Title: The fall / Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

 *POPULAR READING DEL TORO                2014
   Personal Author: Toro, Guillermo del, 1964-
   Title: Night eternal / Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

 *POPULAR READING MILLER                  2014
   Personal Author: Miller, John Jackson.
   Title: A new dawn / John Jackson Miller.

 *POPULAR READING PISTORIUS               2013
   Personal Author: Pistorius, Martin.
   Title: Ghost boy : the miraculous escape of a misdiagnosed
                        boy trapped inside his own body / Martin Pistorius.

 *POPULAR READING WEBER                   2014
   Personal Author: Weber, David, 1952-
   Title: A call to duty : a novel of the honorverse / David
                        Weber & Timothy Zahn.

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Barth LRC Audio/Visual Materials
January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015
 VIDEO DISC DVD 822                       2009
   Title: Briggs & Stratton theories of operation. volume 1
                        [videorecording]  / Briggs & Stratton.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 823                       1995
   Title: Briggs & Stratton theories of operation. volume 2 /
                        Briggs & Stratton.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 824                       2006
   Title: My Name is Bill W. / executive producers, Peter K.
                        Duchow & James Garner ; written by William G. Borchert
                        ; produced & directed by Daniel Petrie ; Warner Bros.,
                        Inc. ; a Garner/Duchow production.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 825                       2012
   Title: 65_RedRoses [videorecording] / a Force Four
                        Entertainment film, in association with Dualogue
                        Productions and CBC Newsworld  ; producer, John
                        Ritchie ; produced and directed by Nimisha Mukerji &
                        Philip Lyall.

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