April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015

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April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- A -
 AE100 .J46 2014                          2014
    Common knowledge? : an ethnography of Wikipedia / Dariusz Jemielniak.    
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- B -
  B29 .J595 2010                           2010
    Philosophical essays / Hans Jonas.

 B72 .K4455 2010                          2010
    A new history of Western philosophy : in four parts / Anthony Kenny.

 B721 .P478 2010                          2010
    Philosophy in the Middle Ages : the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish
    traditions / edited by Arthur Hyman, James J. Walsh, and Thomas Williams.

 B765 .T54 K586 2013                      2013
    Aquinas and the cry of Rachel : Thomistic reflections on the problem of
    evil / John F.X. Knasas.

 B802 .B34 2000                           2001
    The idea of Enlightenment : a post-mortem study / Robert C. Bartlett.

 B3279 .J663 P48 2001                     2001
    The phenomenon of life : toward a philosophical biology / Hans Jonas ;
    with a foreword by Lawrence Vogel.

 BD450 .I4596 1995                        1995
    Images of the human : the philosophy of the human person in a religious
    context / edited by Hunter Brown ... [et al.].

 BD450 .K345 1999                         1999
    The hungry soul : eating and the perfecting of our nature / Leon R. Kass.

 BD450 .T695 2013                         2013
    The transhumanist reader : classical and contemporary essays on the
    science, technology, and philosophy of the human future / edited by Max
    More and Natasha Vita-More.

 BD581 .A25 1997                          1997
    The spell of the sensuous : perception and language in a more-than-human
    world / David Abram.

 BF81 .P49 2014                           2014
    The psychology book : from shamanism to cutting-edge neuroscience, 250
    milestones in the history of psychology / Wade E. Pickren ; foreword by
    Philip G. Zimbardo.

 BF161 .B45 2015                          2015
    How the body knows its mind : the surprising power of the physical
    environment to influence how you think and feel / Sian Beilock.

 BF173 .J7238 2002                        2002
    The earth has a soul : the nature writings of C.G. Jung / edited by
    Meredith Sabini.

 BF173 .S3279 2014                        2014
    Illusions of a future : psychoanalysis and the biopolitics of desire /
    Kate Schechter.

 BF321 .C43 2010B                         2010
    The invisible gorilla : and other ways our intuitions deceive us /
    Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons.

 BF323 .C8 G73 2015                       2015
    A curious mind : the secret to a bigger life / Brian Grazer, Charles

 BF378 .A87 D735 2012                     2012
    Why life speeds up as you get older : how memory shapes our past / Douwe
    Draaisma ; translated by Arnold and Erica Pomerans.

 BF441 .M427 2012                         2012
    You are not so smart : why you have too many friends on Facebook, why your
    memory is mostly fiction, and 46 other ways you're deluding yourself /
    David McRaney.

 BF441 .M428 2014                         2014
    You are now less dumb : how to conquer mob mentality, how to buy
    happiness, and all the other ways to outsmart yourself / David McRaney.

 BF511 .B693 2010                         2010
    Click : the forces behind how we fully engage with people, work, and
    everything we do / Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman.

 BF531 .B735 2014                         2014
    Guilt, shame, and anxiety : understanding and overcoming negative emotions
    / Peter R. Breggin, MD.

 BF575 .A6 J47 2015                       2015
    Escape anxiety : 8 steps to freedom through meditative therapies / Suzanne

 BF632.5 .F66 2015                        2015
    Invisible chains : overcoming coercive control in your intimate
    relationship / Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD.

 BF637 .C45 E44 2011                      2011
    The electrified mind : development, psychopathology, and treatment in the
    era of cell phones and the internet / edited by Salman Akhtar.

 BF723 .S43 A37 2014                      2014
    Brothers & sisters : myth and reality / Henry Abramovitch ; foreword by
    David H. Rosen.

 BF724.85 .R45 D7313 2013                 2013
    The Nostalgia factory : memory, time and ageing / Douwe Draaisma ;
    translated by Liz Waters.

 BF1571 .C88 2002X                        2002
    Witch crafting : a spiritual guide to making magic / Phyllis Curott.

 BF1581 .C37 2012                         2012
    The book of English magic / Philip Carr-Gomm & Richard Heygate.

 BJ1012 .F526 1983                        1983
    Fundamentals of ethics / by John Finnis.

 BJ1012 .G645 2002                        2002
    Morality and the human goods : an introduction to natural law ethics /
    Alfonso G*omez-Lobo.

 BJ1012 .O34 2000                         2000
    Moral theory : a non-consequentialist approach / David S. Oderberg.

 BJ1031 .J66 1996                         1996
    Mortality and morality : a search for the good after Auschwitz / Hans
    Jonas ; edited and with an introduction by Lawrence Vogel.

 BJ1031 .O34 2000                         2000
    Applied ethics : a non-consequentialist approach / David S. Oderberg.

 BJ1431 .K63 2010                         2010
    Thomism and tolerance / John F.X. Knasas.
 BL48 .J45 2014                           2014
    What is religion? / Jeppe Sinding Jensen.

 BL860 .L56 2002                          2002
    Norse mythology : a guide to the Gods, heroes, rituals, and beliefs / by
    John Lindow.

 BL910 .B55 2011                          2011
    The path of Druidry : walking the ancient green way / Penny Billington.

 BL910 .G75 2006                          2006
    The Druidry handbook : spiritual practice rooted in the living Earth /
    John Michael Greer.

 BL1225 .K3 E62 2003                      2003
    Encountering Kali : in the margins, at the center, in the West / edited by
    Rachel Fell McDermott and Jeffrey J. Kripal.

 BL1225 .K3 H29 1993                      1993
    Kali : the black goddess of Dakshineswar / Elizabeth U. Harding.

 BL2203 .A86 2008                         2008
    Handbook of Japanese mythology / Michael Ashkenazi.

 BM500.5 .J83 2014                        2014
    Find it in the Talmud : an encyclopedia of Jewish ethics and conduct :
    thousands of Talmudic subjects, stories & expressions / Mordechai (Martin)

 BP173 .J8 H574 2013                      2013
    A history of Jewish-Muslim relations : from the origins to the present day
    / edited by Abdelwahab Meddeb and Benjamin Stora ; translated by Jane
    Marie Todd and Michael B. Smith.

 BP190.5 .H44 A535 2014                   2014
    What is veiling? / Sahar Amer.

 BP605 .N46 P37 2009                      2009
    Spirited : taking paganism beyond the circle / Gede Parma.

 BP605 .N46 P39 2006                      2006
    Essential *Asatr*u : walking the path of Norse paganism / Diana L. Paxson.

 BR85 .N54 2015                           2015
    Reinhold Niebuhr : major works on religion and politics / Elisabeth
    Sifton, editor.

 BR115 .E3 F48 2013                       2013
    Christian economic ethics : history and implications / Daniel K. Finn.

 BR128 .A2 O36 2015                       2015
    Pagans : the end of traditional religion and the rise of Christianity /
    James J. O'Donnell.

 BR517 .Y36 2014                          2015
    So many Christians, so few lions : is there Christianophobia in the United
    States? / George Yancey and David A. Williamson.

 BS1199 .P6 P36 2007                      2007
    Political philosophy and the God of Abraham / Thomas L. Pangle.

 BS1235.53 .K37 2006                      2006
    The beginning of wisdom : reading Genesis / Leon R. Kass.

 BT660 .B35 L39 2015                      2015
    The seer of Bayside : Veronica Lueken and the struggle to define                                                                                        
    Catholicism / Joseph P. Laycock.

 BX1749 .T6 D38 2014                      2014
    Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae : a guide and commentary / Brian Davies.

 BX1793 .H2313 2006                       2006
    Dialectics of secularization : on reason and religion / Joseph Ratzinger
    (Pope Benedict XVI) and J*urgen Habermas ; edited with a foreword by
    Florian Schuller ; translated by Brian McNeil.

 BX2435 .N57 1997                         1997
    The cloister walk / Kathleen Norris.

 BX4654 .J334 2012                        2012
    The Golden legend : readings on the Saints / Jacobus de Voragine ;
    translated by William Granger Ryan ; with an introduction by Eamon Duffy.

 BX9225 .W4 K48 2014                      2014
    George Whitefield : America's spiritual founding father / Thomas S. Kidd.
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- C -
  CB113 .H4 H3713 2015                     2015
    Sapiens : a brief history of humankind / Yuval Noah Harari ; translated by
    the author, with the help of John Purcell and Haim Watzman ; maps by Neil
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- D -
 D117 .M364 2010                          2010
    The medieval world complete / edited by Robert Bartlett.

 D231 .G74 2014                           2014
    Christendom destroyed : Europe 1517-1648 / Mark Greengrass.

 D566 .R64 2015                           2015
    The fall of the Ottomans : the Great War in the Middle East / Eugene

 D638 .B4 M55 2014                        2014
    Behind the lines : WWI's little-known story of German occupation, Belgian
    resistance, and the band of Yanks who saved millions from starvation :
    beginnings, 1914 / Jeffrey B. Miller.

 D764.3 .S7 H4513 2015                    2015
    Stalingrad : the city that defeated the Third Reich / Jochen Hellbeck ;
    translated by Christopher Tauchen and Dominic Bonfiglio.

 D805.5 .R38 H45 2014                     2015
    Ravensbr*uck : life and death in Hitler's concentration camp for women /
    Sarah Helm.                                                                                        

 DA208 .C55 2015                          2015
    King John : and the road to Magna Carta / Stephen Church.

 DA229 .M67 2015                          2015
    A great and terrible king : Edward I and the forging of Britain / Marc

 DA587 .C24 2015                          2015
    Princes at war : the bitter battle inside Britain's royal family in the
    darkest days of WWII / Deborah Cadbury.

 DA587 .S36 2015                          2015
    Ministers at war : Winston Churchill and his war cabinet / Jonathan

 DB2241 .H38 Z36 2014                     2014
    Havel : a life / Michael Zantovsky.

 DC242 .C66 2014                          2014
    Waterloo : the history of four days, three armies, and three battles /
    Bernard Cornwell.

 DC242 .F66 2015                          2015
    Waterloo / Alan Forrest.

 DD229 .R6412413 2014                     2014
    Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1859-1941 : a concise life / John C. G. R*ohl ;
    translated by Sheila de Bellaigue.

 DG249 .M33 2015                          2015
    Hannibal : a Hellenistic life / Eve MacDonald.

 DJK51 .C437 2015                         2015
    Central and East European politics : from communism to democracy / edited
    by Sharon L. Wolchik and Jane Leftwich Curry.

 DK510.763 .R477 2013                     2013
    Return to Putin's Russia : past imperfect, future uncertain / edited by
    Stephen K. Wegren.

 DL41 .B66 2015                           2015
    The almost nearly perfect people : behind the myth of the Scandinavian
    utopia / Michael Booth.

 DL65 .W63 2014                           2014
    The age of the Vikings / Anders Winroth.

 DS10 .B38 2008                           2008
    In the footsteps of Marco Polo / Denis Belliveau & Francis O'Donnell.

 DS274 .H86 2014                          2014
    Iran divided : the historical roots of Iranian debates on identity,
    culture, and governance in the twenty-first century / Shireen T. Hunter.

 DT407.4 .B69 2010                        2010
    Black Hawk down : a story of modern war / Mark Bowden ; [maps by Matthew
 DX115 .M1948 2015                        2015
    The Romani Gypsies / Yaron Matras.

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- E -
 E78 .T4 B37 2007                         2007
    Peace came in the form of a woman : Indians and Spaniards in the Texas
    borderlands / Juliana Barr.
 E184 .A1 B597 2014                       2013
    Racism without racists : color-blind racism and the persistence of racial
    inequality in America / Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.

 E184 .A1 C4425 2014                      2014
    Who we be : the colorization of America / Jeff Chang.

 E184 .A1 M1486 2014                      2014
    Black girl dangerous : on race, queerness, class and gender / Mia McKenzie

 E184 .M47 H37 2013                       2015
    Borderlands view on latinos, latin americans, and decolonization :
    rethinking mental health / Pilar Hern*andez-Wolfe.

 E184 .M5 C3675 2013                      2013
    Forgotten dead : mob violence against Mexicans in the United States,
    1848-1928 / William D. Carrigan and Clive Webb.

 E184 .M5 D69 2014                        2014
    Mexican Americans and the question of race / Julie A. Dowling.

 E184 .S75 B85 1993                       1993
    Drink cultura : Chicanismo / Jos*e Antonio Burciaga.

 E184 .S75 L3676 2015 V.1                 2015
    Latinos and Latinas at risk : issues in education, health, community, and
    justice / Gabriel Guti*errez, editor.

 E312.29 .H45 2015                        2015
    Washington's circle : the creation of the president / David S. Heidler and
    Jeanne T. Heidler.

 E327 .S53 2015                           2015
    Liberty's first crisis : Adams, Jefferson, and the misfits who saved free
    speech / Charles Slack.

 E457.2 .H755 2014                        2014
    Lincoln and the power of the press : the war for public opinion / Harold

 E457.5 .P894 2014                        2014
    President Lincoln assassinated!! : the firsthand story of the murder,
    manhunt, trial, and mourning / compiled and introduced by Harold Holzer.

 E467 .D33 2014                           2014
    Crucible of commmand : Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee -- the war they
    fought, the peace they forged / William C. Davis.

 E467.1 .L4 D47 2014                      2014
    The enduring relevance of Robert E. Lee : the ideological warfare
    underpinning the American Civil War / Marshall L. DeRosa.

 E468.7 .L46 2015                         2015
    Lens of war : exploring iconic photographs of the Civil War / edited by J.
    Matthew Gallman and Gary W. Gallagher.

 E608 .A25 2014                           2014
    Liar, temptress, soldier, spy : four women undercover in the Civil War /
    Karen Abbott.

 E664 .F69 L46 2015                       2015
    Taking on Theodore Roosevelt : how one Senator defied the President on
    Brownsville and shook American politics / by Harry Lembeck.

 E744 .R84 2014                           2014
    National insecurity : American leadership in an age of fear / David J.                                                                                        

 E784 .B87 2015                           2015
    1920 : the year that made the decade roar / Eric Burns.

 E807.1 .B43 2010                         2010
    Eleanor Roosevelt : transformative first lady / Maurine H. Beasley.

 E836 .P37 2014                           2014
    Eisenhower : the public relations president / Pam Parry ; foreword by Mary
    Jean Eisenhower.

 E840.8 .F72 A3 2015                      2015
    Frank : a life in politics from the Great Society to same-sex marriage /
    Barney Frank.

 E840.8 .L43 A3 2013                      2013
    March. Book One / John Lewis ; [co-written by] Andrew Aydin ; [art by]
    Nate Powell.

 E840.8 .L43 A3 2015                      2015
    March. Book two / written by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin ; art by Nate

 E909 .O24 A3 2009B                       2009
    Michelle Obama : speeches on life, love, and American values / Michelle
    Obama ; edited by Stacie Vander Pol.
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- F -
 F68 .A66 2014                            2014
    "Good news from New England" / by Edward Winslow ; edited by Kelly

 F106 .R42 2004                           2004
    Villains of all nations : Atlantic pirates in the golden age / Marcus

 F390 .J64 J33 2015                       2015
    Joe, the slave who became an Alamo legend / Ron J. Jackson, Jr. and Lee
    Spencer White ; foreword by Phil Collins.

 F390 .M852 2015                          2015
    Texas rising : the epic true story of the Lone Star Republic and the rise
    of the Texas Rangers, 1836-1846 / Stephen L. Moore.

 F394 .S2119 M5174 2008                   2008
    Beyond the Alamo : forging Mexican ethnicity in San Antonio, 1821-1861 /
    Ra*ul A. Ramos.

 F786 .L66 2012                           2012
    Militarizing the border : when Mexicans became the enemy / Miguel Antonio

 F1256 .M285 2002                         2002
    Our word is our weapon : selected writings / Subcommandante Marcos ;
    edited by Juana Ponce de Leon ; foreword by Jose Saramago ; afterword by
    Ana Carrigan ; timeline by Tom Hansen and Enlace civil.

 F1256 .M361713 2004                      2004
    Ya basta! : ten years of the Zapatista uprising / writings of
    Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos ; forewords by Noam Chomsky and Naomi
    Klein ; edited and with a contribution by *Ziga Vodovnik.

 F1256 .M8613 2008                        2008
    The fire and the word : a history of the Zapatista movement / Gloria
    Mu*noz Ram*irez ; translated by Laura Carlsen with Alejandro Reyes Arias.
 F1435.1 .C492 L38 2014                   2014
    Mayan tales from Chiapas, Mexico / Robert M. Laughlin, with contributions
    by Francisca Hern*andez Hern*andez ; Spanish translation by Socorro G*omez
    Hern*andez and Juan Benito de la Torre ; foreword by Gary H. Gossen.

 F1788 .S695 2015                         2015
    The history of Cuba / Clifford L. Staten.

 F1923 .D83 2004                          2004
    Avengers of the New World : the story of the Haitian Revolution / Laurent

 F2161 .W56 2007                          2007
    The republic of pirates : being the true and surprising story of the
    Caribbean pirates and the man who brought them down / Colin Woodard.

 F2175 .G52 2014                          2014
    Empire's crossroads : a history of the Caribbean from Columbus to the
    present day / Carrie Gibson.
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- G -
 G70.212 .A434 2013                       2013
    GIS tutorial 2 : spatial analysis workbook / David W. Allen.

 G70.212 .A45 2014                        2014
    GIS tutorial for Python scripting / David W. Allen.

 G70.212 .K4772 2014                      2014
    Making spatial decisions using GIS and remote sensing : a workbook /
    Kathryn Keranen, Robert Kolvoord.

 G70.212 .K65 2014                        2014
    Geoinformation : remote sensing, photogrammetry, and geographic
    information systems / Gottfried Konecny.

 G70.212 .S35 2013                        2013
    Esri ArcGIS desktop associate : certification study guide / Miriam

 G70.4 .L54 2015                          2015
    Remote sensing and image interpretation / Thomas M. Lillesand, Ralph W.
    Kiefer, Jonathan W. Chipman.

 G156 .S73 2015                           2015
    Reclaiming travel / Ilan Stavans and Joshua Ellison.

 G530 .E77 2015                           2015
    Beneath the heart of the sea : the sinking of the whaleship Essex / Owen

 G530 .L87 2015                           2015
    Lusitania : triumph, tragedy, and the end of the Edwardian age / Greg King
    and Penny Wilson.

 G535 .C635 2006                          2006
    Under the black flag : the romance and the reality of life among the
    pirates / David Cordingly.

 GA105.3 .B73 2008                        2008
    Designed maps : a sourcebook for GIS users / Cynthia A. Brewer.

 GA105.3 .M83 2012                        2012
    Map use : reading, analysis, interpretation / A. Jon Kimerling ... [et

 GA108.7 .S58 2009                        2009
    Thematic cartography and geovisualization / Terry A. Slocum [and others].                                                                                        

 GA151 .T93 2015                          2015
    The world of maps : map reading and interpretation for the 21st century /
    Judith A. Tyner.

 GB1003.2 .C66 2013                       2013
    Groundwater for the 21st century : a primer for citizens of planet earth /
    by John A. Conners.

 GC221.2 .B78 2014                        2014
    Tsunami : the underrated hazard / Edward Bryant.

 GF75 .M322 2013                          2013
    The once and future world : nature as it was, as it is, as it could be /
    J.B. MacKinnon.

 GN33 .A32 2011                           2011
    Becoming animal : an earthly cosmology / David Abram.

 GN289 .F35 2015                          2015
    Everyone is African : how science explodes the myth of race / Daniel J.

 GN751 .A38 2015                          2015
    Meet me in Atlantis : my obsessive quest to find the sunken city / Mark

 GR166 .G54313 2014                       2014
    The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm : the complete
    first edition / [Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm ; translated by] Jack Zipes ;
    [illustrated by Andrea Dezs*o].

 GR167 .B3 S3785 2015                     2015
    The turnip princess : and other newly discovered fairy tales / Franz Xaver
    von Sch*onwerth ; compiled and edited with a foreword by Erika Eichenseer
    ; translated with an introduction and commentary by Maria Tatar ;
    illustrations by Engelbert Suss.

 GR340 .F66 2015                          2015
    The book of y*okai : mysterious creatures of Japanese folklore / Michael
    Dylan Foster ; with original illustrations by Shinonome Kijin.

 GR524 .W55 2013                          2013
    The trickster brain : neuroscience, evolution, and narrative / David

 GR550 .M358 2012                         2012
    From the forest : a search for the hidden roots of our fairy tales / Sara
    Maitland ; photographs by Adam Lee.

 GT518 .A43 2015                          2015
    Why'd they wear that? : fashion as the mirror of history / Sarah Albee ;
    foreword by Timothy Gunn.

 GV436 .B33 2016                          2016
    Measurement for evaluation in kinesiology / Ted A. Baumgartner, PhD
    University of Georgia ; Andrew S. Jackson, PED University of Houston ;
    Matther T. Mahar, EdD East Carolina University ; David A. Rowe, PhD
    University of Strathclyde.

 GV583 .M68 2014                          2014
    More than just peloteros : sport and US Latino communities / edited by
    Jorge Iber.

 GV875 .P5 S28 2015                       2015
    Big data baseball : math, miracles, and the end of a 20-year losing streak                                                                                        
    / Travis Sawchik.

 GV1595 .D318 2013                        2014
    Dance & fashion / edited by Valerie Steele.

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- H -
 HB90 .W65 2012                           2012
    Contending economic theories : neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian /
    Richard D. Wolff and Stephen A. Resnick.

 HB171 .C484 2014                         2014
    Economics : the user's guide / Ha-Joon Chang.

 HB171 .N27 2014                          2014
    Big picture economics : how to navigate the new global economy / Joel
    Naroff, Ron Scherer.

 HB172.5 .M68 2014                        2014
    A concise guide to macroeconomics : what managers, executives, and
    students need to know / David A. Moss.

 HB501 .P43613 2014                       2014
    Capital in the twenty-first century / Thomas Piketty ; translated by
    Arthur Goldhammer.

 HB615 .B763 2015                         2015
    Entrepreneurship for the rest of us : how to create innovation and
    opportunity everywhere / Paul B. Brown.

 HB3722 .G76 2013                         2013
    Wrong : nine economic policy disasters and what we can learn from them /
    Richard S. Grossman.

 HC102.5 .A2 F76 2014                     2014
    Fortune tellers : the story of America's first economic forecasters /
    Walter A. Friedman.

 HC106.6 .L385 2013                       2013
    A freedom budget for all Americans : recapturing the promise of the civil
    rights movement in the struggle for economic justice today / Paul Le Blanc
    and Michael D. Yates.

 HC110 .P6 A54 2014                       2014
    The American way of poverty : how the other half still lives / Sasha

 HC110 .P6 I25 2013                       2013
    Poverty in America : a handbook / John Iceland.

 HC110 .P6 S48 2005                       2005
    The working poor : invisible in America / David K. Shipler.

 HC110 .P6 T57 2014                       2014
    Hand to mouth : living in bootstrap America / Linda Tirado.

 HC240 .G656 2013                         2013
    Becoming Europe : economic decline, culture, and how America can avoid a
    European future / Samuel Gregg.

 HC427.95 .P38 2015                       2015
    Dealing with China : an insider unmasks the new economic superpower /
    Henry M. Paulson Jr.

 HD57.7 .B633 2015                        2015
    Work rules! : insights from inside Google that will transform how you live
    and lead / Laszlo Bock.
 HD57.7 .I35 2015                         2015
    Act like a leader, think like a leader / Herminia Ibarra.

 HD6072 .G55 2003                         2003
    Global woman : nannies, maids, and sex workers in the new economy /
    Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild, editors.

 HD7125 .K65 2015                         2015
    Get what's yours : the secrets to maxing out your social security /
    Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Philip Moeller, and Paul Solman.

 HD8039 .D37 C65 2013                     2013
    Coding freedom : the ethics and aesthetics of hacking / E. Gabriella

 HD9019 .M382 U645 2015                   2015
    Big weed : an entrepreneur's high-stakes adventures in the budding legal
    marijuana business / Christian Hageseth ; with Joseph D'Agnese.

 HD9349 .S634 C6323 2015                  2015
    Citizen Coke : the making of Coca-Cola capitalism / Bartow J.  Elmore.

 HD9565 .H68 2014                         2014
    Fueling up : the economic implications of America's oil and gas boom /
    Trevor Houser and Shashank Mohan.

 HD9725 .D56 2015                         2015
    American made : why making things will return us to greatness / Dan

 HD9743 .A2 S56 2008                      2008
    Corporate warriors : the rise of the privatized military industry / P.W.

 HD9870.5 .B43 2014                       2014
    Empire of cotton : a global history / Sven Beckert.

 HD9993 .T694 T923 2015                   2015
    The great Beanie Baby bubble : mass delusion and the dark side of cute /
    Zac Bissonnette.

 HF3752.3 .J36 2013                       2013
    The new Asia : business strategies for the economic region that is shaking
    up the world / David James and Rajeev Merchant.

    Careers in business / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

 HF5387 .K37 2013                         2013
    Workplace morality : behavioral ethics in organizations / by Muel Kaptein,
    Partner at the Auditing, Advisory and Tax Firm -- KPMG and Professor at
    Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

 HG173 .M632 2016                         2016
    The economics of money, banking, and financial markets / Frederic S.
    Mishkin, Columbia University.

 HG205 .C668 2015                         2015
    The Summit Bretton Woods, 1944 : J. M. Keynes and the reshaping of the
    global economy / Ed Conway.

 HG221 .D63 2014                          2014
    The social life of money / Nigel Dodd.

 HG4930 .C86 2014                         2014
    Berkshire beyond Buffett : the enduring value of values / Lawrence                                                                                        

 HJ6690 .A74 2014                         2014
    Smuggler nation : how illicit trade made America / Peter Andreas.

 HM548 .S33 2013                          2013
    Leading from the emerging future : from ego-system to eco-system economies
    / Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer.

 HM646 .D43 2014                          2014
    Punk rock and the politics of place : building a better tomorrow / Jeffrey
    S. Debies-Carl.

 HM841 .A53 2014                          2014
    Immigration and acculturation : mourning, adaptation, and the next
    generation / Salman Akhtar.

 HM846 .E93 2012                          2012
    Digital dead end : fighting for social justice in the Information Age /
    Virginia Eubanks.

 HM846 .S362 2015                         2015
    Data and Goliath : the hidden battles to collect your data and control
    your world / Bruce Schneier.

 HM851 .H69 2015                          2015
    Pax technica : how the internet of things may set us free or lock us up /
    Philip N. Howard.

 HM851 .S2375 2014                        2014
    The coming swarm : DDoS actions, hacktivism, and civil disobedience on the
    Internet / Molly Sauter.

 HM851 .S554 2015                         2015
    Terms of service : social media and the price of constant connection /
    Jacob Silverman.

 HM851 .T39 2015                          2015
    People's platform : taking back power and culture in the digital age /
    Astra Taylor.

 HM1041 .P464 2008                        2010
    Honest signals : how they shape our world / Alex (Sandy) Pentland.

 HM1271 .E485 2015 V.1                    2015
    Encyclopedia of diversity and social justice / [edited by] Sherwood

 HN57 .Y63 2015                           2015
    Dissent : the history of an American idea / Ralph Young.

 HN59.2 .G69 2015                         2015
    The occupiers : the making of the 99 percent movement / Michael A.

 HN90 .S65 P88 2015                       2015
    Our kids : the American Dream in crisis / Robert D. Putnam.

 HN670.2 .Z9 P65 2015                     2015
    Politics and culture in contemporary Iran : challenging the status quo /
    edited by Abbas Milani, Larry Diamond.

 HQ74 .E35 2013                           2013
    Bi : notes for a bisexual revolution / Shiri Eisner.

 HQ76.27 .Y68 N498 2014                   2014                                                                                        
    LGBT youth issues today : a reference handbook / David E. Newton Ph.D.

 HQ77.9 .G39 2010                         2010
    Gender outlaws : the next generation / [edited by] Kate Bornstein and S.
    Bear Bergman.

 HQ77.9 .K85 2014                         2014
    Beyond magenta : transgender teens speak out / Susan Kuklin.

 HQ77.9 .S77 2008                         2008
    Transgender history / Susan Stryker.

 HQ799.95 .M56 2015                       2015
    The prime of life : a history of modern adulthood / Steven Mintz.

 HQ800 .D47 2007                          2007
    Singled out : how singles are sterotyped, stigmatized, and ignored, and
    still live happily ever after / Bella DePaulo.

 HQ801 .A2 W56 2000                       2000
    Wing to wing, oar to oar : readings on courting and marrying / edited by
    Amy A. Kass and Leon R. Kass.

 HQ1075 .H36 2013                         2013
    Handbook of research on gender and economic life / edited by Deborah M.
    Figart and Tonia L. Warnecke.

 HQ1075 .J66 2014                         2014
    The gender vendors : sex and lies from Abraham to Freud / A. L. Jones.

 HQ1090 .G684 2015                        2015
    The professor in the cage : why men fight and why we like to watch /
    Jonathan Gottschall.

 HQ1101 .S47 2013                         2013
    Excluded : making feminist and queer movements more inclusive / Julia

 HQ1121 .F74 2003                         2003
    No turning back : the history of feminism and the future of women /
    Estelle B. Freedman.

 HQ1121 .K667 2015                        2015
    Women after all : sex, evolution, and the end of male supremacy / Melvin
    Konner, M.D.

 HQ1154 .E77 2007                         2007
    The essential feminist reader / edited and with an introduction by Estelle
    B. Freedman.

 HQ1155 .V35 2014                         2014
    Full frontal feminism : a young woman's guide to why feminism matters /
    Jessica Valenti.

 HQ1161 .C65 2002                         2002
    Colonize this! : young women of color on today's feminism / edited by
    Daisy Hern*andez and Bushra Rehman.

 HQ1236.5 .M6 K56 2015                    2015
    Compa*neras : Zapatista women's stories / Hilary Klein.

 HQ1237.5 .M628 E47 2015                  2015
    Headscarves and hymens : why the Middle East needs a sexual revolution /
    Mona Eltahawy.

 HQ1381 .E89 2014                         2014                                                                                        
    Why gender matters in economics / Mukesh Eswaran.

 HQ1420 .D55 2008                         2008
    A history of U.S. feminisms / Rory Dicker.

 HT1521 .S83 2014                         2014
    The myth of race : the troubling persistence of an unscientific idea /
    Robert Wald Sussman.

 HV10.5 .C375 2015                        2015
    Careers in human services / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

 HV741 .B85 2014                          2014
    Civilizing the child : discourses of race, nation, and child welfare in
    America / Katharine S. Bullard.

 HV1568 .D86 2015                         2014
    The social psychology of disability / Dana S. Dunn.

 HV5822 .M3 B447 2015                     2015
    Going to pot : why the rush to legalize marijuana is harming America /
    William J. Bennett and Robert A. White.

 HV5831 .I8 R43 2010                      2010
    Methland : the death and life of an American small town / Nick Reding.

 HV5831 .M46 D45 2014                     2014
    In the shadow of Saint Death : the Gulf Cartel and the price of America's
    drug war in Mexico / Michael Deibert.

 HV5840 .M4 G53 2011                      2011
    To die in Mexico : dispatches from inside the drug war / John Gibler.

 HV5840 .M4 H4713 2013                    2013
    Narcoland : the Mexican drug lords and their godfathers / Anabel
    Hern*andez ; foreword by Roberto Saviano ; translated by Iain Bruce.

 HV5840 .M4 W37 2012                      2012
    Drug war Mexico : politics, neoliberalism and violence in the new
    narcoeconomy / Peter Watt and Roberto Zepeda.

 HV6432 .P45 2007                         2007
    Licensed to kill : hired guns in the war on terror / Robert Young Pelton.

 HV6432.5 .I75 S74 2015B                  2015
    ISIS : the state of terror / Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger.

 HV6433 .I722 C64 2015                    2015
    The rise of Islamic State : ISIS and the new Sunni revolution / Patrick

 HV6433 .I722 W45 2015                    2015
    ISIS : inside the army of terror / Michael Weiss, Hassan Hassan.

 HV6529 .L46 2015                         2015
    Ghettoside : a true story of murder in America / Jill Leovy.

 HV6533 .T4 G57 2014                      2014
    The true American : murder and mercy in Texas / Anand Giridharadas.

 HV6535 .G6 L65344 2015                   2015
    The strange case of Dr. Doyle : a journey into madness & mayhem / Dan
    Friedman and Eugene Friedman.

 HV6773 .C646 2014                        2014
    Hacker, hoaxer, whistleblower, spy : the many faces of Anonymous /                                                                                        
    Gabriella Coleman.

 HV6773 .G66 2015                         2015
    Future crimes : everything is connected, everyone is vulnerable and what
    we can do about it / Marc Goodman.

 HV8144 .F43 G743 2014                    2014
    Surveillance in America : critical analysis of the FBI, 1920 to the
    present / Ivan Greenberg.

 HX828 .C52 2013                          2013
    On anarchism / Noam Chomsky.

 HX828 .N6 2005                           2005
    No gods, no masters / [edited by] Daniel Gu*erin.

 HX833 .M347 2008 V.1                     2008
    An anarchist FAQ / Iain McKay.

 HX893.7 .P78 P76 2011                    2011
    Property is theft! : a Pierre-Joseph Proudhon anthology / Pierre-Joseph
    Proudhon ; edited by Iain McKay.

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- J -
 JA71 .P3383 2015                         2015
    The key texts of political philosophy : an introduction / Thomas L.
    Pangle, University of Texas at Austin, Timothy W. Burns, Baylor

 JA81 .H58 1987                           1987
    History of political philosophy / edited by Leo Strauss and Joseph

 JC359 .P34 2011                          2011
    The face of imperialism / Michael Parenti.

 JC591 .R67 2014                          2014
    The tyranny of silence : how one cartoon ignited a global debate on the
    future of free speech / Flemming Rose.

 JF799 .H38 2014 V.1                      2014
    Encyclopedia of social media and politics / Kerric Harvey, George
    Washington University, editor.

 JF1525 .I6 C548 2013                     2013
    Intelligence analysis : a target-centric approach / Robert M. Clark.

 JF1525 .W45 H37 2014                     2014
    The Snowden files : the inside story of the world's most wanted man / Luke

 JF1525 .W45 W457 2015                    2015
    Whistleblowers / [compiled by H. W. Wilson].

 JK31 .A76 2013                           2013
    The founders' key : the divine and natural connection between the
    declaration and the constitution and what we risk by losing it / by Larry
    P. Arnn.

 JK216 .T7 2002                           2002
    Democracy in America / Alexis de Tocqueville ; translated, edited, and
    with an introduction by Harvey C. Mansfield and Delba Winthrop.

 JK276 .L56 2013                          2013
    Investigating American democracy : readings core questions / Thomas K.
    Lindsay, Gary D. Glenn ; with an introductory essay and commentary by
    Thomas K. Lindsay.                                                                                        

 JK468 .I6 C78 2013                       2013
    Art of intelligence : lessons from a life in the CIA's clandestine service
    / Henry A. Crumpton.

 JQ1850 .A91 C64 2014                     2014
    The new Arabs : how the millennial generation is changing the Middle East
    / Juan Cole.

 JV51 .M4213 2006                         2006
    Decolonization and the decolonized / Albert Memmi ; translated by Robert

 JV6483 .R44 2015                         2015
    Detained and deported : stories of immigrant families under fire /
    Margaret Regan.

 JZ1317.2 .M37 2012                       2012
    Warlords : strong-arm brokers in weak states / Kimberly Marten.

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- K -
 KF320 .L4 E773 2001                      2001
    The successful paralegal : job search guide / Chere B. Estrin, Stacey Hunt
    ; foreword by Richard Shaffran.

 KF320 .L4 H39 2010                       2010
    The paralegal's handbook / Anita G Haworth, Lesley G. Cox.

 KF479 .H46 2015                          2015
    Teen legal rights / David L. Hudson Jr.

 KF750 .Z9 C85 2014                       2014
    Get it together : organize your records so your family won't have to /
    Melanie Cullen with Shae Irving, J.D.

 KF2750 .M55 2015                         2015
    Privacy in the new media age / Jon L. Mills.

 KF4772 .S53 2015                         2015
    Freedom of speech : mightier than the sword / David K. Shipler.

 KF5407 .G838 2012                        2012
    A guide to federal agency adjudication / Jeffrey B. Litwak, editor.

 KF8742 .S86 2015                         2015
    The Supreme Court.
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- L -
 LA206 .P36 1993                          1993
    The learning of liberty : the educational ideas of the American founders /
    Lorraine Smith Pangle and Thomas L. Pangle.

 LA226 .G395 2015                         2014
    The history of American higher education : learning and culture from the
    founding to world war ii / Roger L. Geiger.

 LB1025.3 .L57 2015                       2015
    The little orange book : short lessons in excellent teaching / The
    University of Texas System, Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

 LB1027.5 .B56 2010                       2010
    The school counselor's book of lists / Dorothy J. Blum, Tamara E. Davis.

 LB1027.5 .C45 2013                       2013
    101 solutions for school counselors and leaders in challenging times /
    Stuart F. Chen-Hayes, Melissa S. Ockerman, E. C. M. Mason.

 LB1027.5 .P3177 2007                     2007                                                                                        
    Counseling strategies that work! : evidence-based interventions for school
    counselors / Richard D. Parsons.

 LB1027.5 .S259 2010                      2010
    The elementary/middle school counselor's survival guide / John J. Schmidt.

 LB3013.3 .H67 2014                       2014
    Cyberbullying in social media within educational institutions : featuring
    student, employee, and parent information / Merle Horowitz and Dorothy M.

 LB3060.33 .G45 K37 2015                  2015
    GED test 2015 : strategies, practice & review / Caren Van Slyke and

 LC212.92 .B52 2010                       2010
    The right to be out : sexual orientation and gender identity in America's
    public schools / Stuart Biegel.

 LC985 .G46 2015                          2015
    General education maps and markers : designing meaningful pathways to
    student achievement.

 LC2575 .C54 2012                         2012
    LGBT youth in America's schools / Jason Cianciotto and Sean Cahill.

 LC2670.6 .H57 2012                       2012
    The Latino student's guide to college success / Leonard A. Valverde,

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- M -
 M214 .R34 P58 1980B                      1980
    Piano phase : for 2 pianos or 2 marimbas : (1967) / Steve Reich.

 M422 .M48 Q37 2008                       2008
    Quatuor pour la fin du temps : pour clarinette en si b*emol, violon,
    violoncelle et piano (1941) / Olivier Messiaen.

 M452 .C794 1998                          1998
    String quartet / John Corigliano.

 M452 .C888 B6                            1971
    Black angels : (Images 1) : [for] electric string quartet / George Crumb.

 M1045 .I95 C6 1985                       1985
    The unanswered question : for trumpet, flute quartet, and strings /
    Charles E. Ives ; edited by Paul C. Echols and Noel Zahler.

 ML197 .R76 2008                          2008
    The rest is noise : listening to the twentieth century / Alex Ross.

 ML410 .M9 J76 2013                       2013
    Mozart / Paul Johnson.

 ML410 .P846 H84 2015                     2015
    John Prine : in spite of himself / Eddie Huffman.

 ML421 .G72 B76 2015                      2015
    So many roads : the life and times of the Grateful Dead / David Browne.

 ML421 .G72 R53 2015                      2015
    No simple highway : a cultural history of the Grateful Dead / Peter

 ML421 .L96 R43 2015                      2015
    Whiskey bottles and brand-new cars : the fast life and sudden death of
    Lynyrd Skynyrd / Mark Ribowsky.                                                                                        

 ML431 .K45 2015                          2015
    Capturing music : the story of notation / Thomas Forrest Kelly.

 ML3785 .R67 2011                         2011
    Listen to this / Alex Ross.

 ML3790 .C675 2015                        2015
    Mic it! : microphones, microphone techniques, and their impact on the
    final mix / Ian Corbett.

 ML3790 .M693 2015                        2015
    Understanding and crafting the mix : the art of recording / William

 ML3795 .S2326 2015                       2015
    Music editing for film and television : the art and the process / Steven

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- N -
 N1010 .F57 2012                          2012
    The first modern museums of art : the birth of an institution in 18th- and
    early-19th-century Europe / edited by Carole Paul.

 N5303 .A755 2014                         2014
    Art in time : a world history of styles and movements / Gauvin Alexander
    Bailey [and twenty four others].

 N6535 .N5 Q85 2014                       2014
    New York School painters & poets : neon in daylight / Jenni Quilter ;
    editor, Allison Power ; advisory editors, Bill Berkson & Larry Fagin ;
    forewords by Bill Berkson & Carter Ratcliff.

 N6537 .C422 A4 2013                      2013
    Danville Chadbourne : retrospective part 3 : ceramic vessels 1970 - 2013 :
    [exhibition] July 5-September 1, 2013 / essays by Howard Taylor, Paul
    McCoy, Danville Chadbourne; photography, design and digital production
    [by] Conan Chadbourne.

 N6537 .C422 .A4 2014                     2014
    Danville Chadbourne : recent work : [exhibition] December 18, 2014-April
    12, 2015 / essay by John DeFore ; photography and catalogue design [by]
    Conan Chadbourne.

 N6923 .B9 U54 2014                       2014
    Michelangelo : a life in six masterpieces / Miles J. Unger.

 N7432.7 .F56 2014                        2014
    The brilliant history of color in art / Victoria Finlay.

 N8195 .I4 M66 1998                       1998
    Ritual art of India / Ajit Mookerjee.

 N8351 .T49 2014                          2014
    33 artists in 3 acts / Sarah Thornton.

 N8600 .T485 2009B                        2009
    Seven days in the art world / Sarah Thornton.

 NA204 .H66 2014                          2014
    Architectural styles : a visual guide / Owen Hopkins.

 NC139 .G63 A4 2009                       2009
    Elegant enigmas : the art of Edward Gorey / Karen Wilkin.

 NC248 .D38 L56 2014                      2014
    Edgar Degas : drawings and pastels / Christopher Lloyd.                                                                                        

 ND553 .C9 A4 2006                        2006
    Courbet and the modern landscape / Mary Morton and Charlotte Eyerman ;
    with an essay by Dominique de Font-R*eaulx.

 ND653 .G7 B45 2015                       2015
    Van Gogh : a power seething / Julian Bell.
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- P -
 P91.6 .C376 2014                         2014
    Careers in communications & media / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

 PA3621 .A585 2004                        2004
    Anthology of classical myth : primary sources in translation / edited and
    and featuring new translations by Stephen M. Trzaskoma, R. Scott Smith,
    and Stephen Brunet ; with additional translations by other scholars ; an
    appendix on Linear B sources by Thomas G. Palaima.

 PA4408 .E5 R39 2014                      2014
    Sappho : a new translation of the complete works / Diane J. Rayor, Andr*e

 PA4414 .A2 A37 2014                      2014
    The Theban plays / Sophocles ; translated with introductions by Peter J.
    Ahrensdorf and Thomas L. Pangle.

 PA6675 .W55 2014                         2014
    The greatest empire : a life of Seneca / Emily Wilson.

 PA6825 .H35 2014                         2014
    The last Trojan hero : a cultural history of Virgil's Aeneid / Philip

 PC2445 .H85 2010                         2010
    Mot *a mot : new advanced French vocabulary / Paul Humberstone.

 PE1075 .C7984 2014                       2014
    Words in time and place : exploring language through the historical
    thesaurus of the Oxford English dictionary / by David Crystal.

 PE1128 .A965 2011                        2011
    Fundamentals of English grammar / Betty S. Azar, Stacy A. Hagen.

 PE1128 .A97 2009                         2009
    Understanding and using English grammar.

 PE1128 .B537 2010                        2010
    Writers at work : from sentence to paragraph / Laurie Blass, Deborah

 PE1128 .B8462 2012                       2012
    Inside reading. 1 : the academic word list in context / by Arline
    Burgmeier; Series director, Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman.

 PE1128 .B8463 2013                       2012
    Inside reading. Intro : the academic word list in context.  / Arline
    Burgmeier ; series director: Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman.

 PE1128 .C47 2001                         2001
    The complete listening-speaking course : student centered teacher guide /
    by David Christiansen ; Joan Ashkenas, editor.

 PE1128 .G6525 2011                       2011
    Q, skills for success. Reading and writing. 5 / Nigel A. Caplan, Scott Roy

 PE1128 .S564 2005                        2005                                                                                        
    Writers at work. The paragraph / Jill Singleton.

 PE1128 .S883 2005                        2005
    Writers at work : the short composition / Ann O. Strauch.

 PE1137 .W63 2010                         2010
    Well said : pronunciation for clear communication / Linda Grant.

 PE1404 .H3943 2014                       2014
    The elements of academic style : writing for the humanities / Eric Hayot.

 PE1417 .F66 2010                         2010
    Food / Edited by Brooke Rollins and Lee Bauknight.

 REF PE1628 .W5629 2014                   2014
    Webster's New world college dictionary / [editors of Webster's New World
    College Dictionaries].

 PG3476 .B78 M313 1987                    1987
    The master and Margarita / by Mikhail Bulgakov ; translated from the
    Russian by Mirra Ginsburg.

 PH324 .E5 B6313 2008                     2008
    The Kalevala : an epic poem after oral tradition / by Elias L*onnrot ;
    translated from the Finnish with an introduction and notes by Keith Bosley
    ; and a foreword by Albert B. Lord.

 PN45 .E34 2015                           2015
    An ecology of world literature : from antiquity to the present day /
    Alexander Beecroft.

 PN56 .R56 K35 2014                       2014
    Anatomy of a robot : literature, cinema, and the cultural work of
    artificial people / Despina Kakoudaki.

 PN56 .S5 G56 2014                        2014
    Gender, sex & sexuality / editor, Margaret S*onser Breen, University of

 PN1136 .H55 2015                         2015
    Ten windows : how great poems transform the world / Jane Hirshfield.

 PN1136 .J37 2015                         2015
    Poetry notebook : reflections on the intensity of language / Clive James.

 PN1992.8 .C46 C43 2014                   2014
    Channeling wonder : fairy tales on television / edited by Pauline
    Greenhill and Jill Terry Rudy.

 PN1998.3 .A3 A572 2014                   2014
    Altman / Kathryn Reed Altman and Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan ; introduction by
    Martin Scorsese.

 PN1998.3 .H58 W64 2015                   2015
    Alfred Hitchcock : the man who knew too much / Michael Wood.

 PN3433.5 .W66 2013                       2013
    Afrofuturism : the world of black sci-fi and fantasy culture / Ytasha L.

 PN3433.6 .P67 2011                       2011
    The postnational fantasy : essays on postcolonialism, cosmopolitics and
    science fiction / edited by Masood Ashraf Raja, Jason W. Ellis and
    Swaralipi Nandi ; foreword by Donald M. Hassler.

 PN6071 .S33 S6 2004                      2004                                                                                        
    So long been dreaming : postcolonial science fiction & fantasy / Nalo
    Hopkinson & Uppinder Mehan, eds.

 PN6120.2 .B87X 2014                      2014
    Burnt tongues / edited by Chuck Palahniuk, Richard Thomas, and Dennis

 PN6725 .B56 2013                         2013
    Black comics : politics of race and representation / edited by Sheena C.
    Howard and Ronald L. Jackson II.

 PN6725 .N32 2011                         2011
    Super black : American pop culture and black superheroes / Adilifu Nama.

 PN6727 .H53 M33 2015                     2015
    Macbeth / a play by William Shakespeare ; adapted and illustrated by
    Gareth Hinds.

 PN6727 .M245 M37 2014                    2014
    Don Martin / edited by Zachary Leibman ; foreword by Nick Meglin.
  PQ2605 .O28 A2 2014                      2014
    Shipwrecked on a traffic island : and other previously untranslated gems /
    Colette ; translated by Zack Rogow and Ren*ee Morel.

 PQ4315 .J36 2013                         2013
    The divine comedy / Dante ; a new verse translation by Clive James.

 PQ4390 .R258 2009                        2009
    The complete Danteworlds : a reader's guide to the Divine Comedy / Guy P.

 PQ7087 .E5 C67 2003                      2003
    Cosmos latinos : an anthology of science fiction from Latin America and
    Spain / translated, edited, & with an introduction & notes by Andrea L.
    Bell & Yolanda Molina-Gavil*an.

 PR149 .S4 L56 2014                       2014
    What Galileo saw : imagining the scientific revolution / Lawrence Lipking.

 PR2848 .R83 2014                         2014
    Ideas of order : a close reading of Shakespeare's sonnets / Neil L.
 PR2976 .A93 2000                         2000
    Lectures on Shakespeare / W.H. Auden ; reconstructed and edited by Arthur

 PR2991 .P16 2015                         2015
    Women of will : following the feminine in Shakespeare's plays / Tina

 PR3017 .B87 2013                         2013
    Shakespeare's political wisdom / Timothy W. Burns.

 PR4038 .H5 B37 2012                      2012
    Matters of fact in Jane Austen : history, location, and celebrity / Janine

 PR4149 .B4 Z59 1987                      1987
    A woman of passion : the life of E. Nesbit, 1858-1924 / Julia Briggs.

 PR4172 .W7 2014B                         2014
    The annotated Wuthering Heights / Emily Bronte ; edited by Janet Gezari.

 PR5397 .F7 2000                          2000
    Frankenstein : complete, authoritative text with biographical, historical,
    and cultural contexts, critical history, and essays from contemporary
    critical perspectives / Mary Shelley ; edited by Johanna M. Smith.

 PR6037 .T617 D7 2002                     2002
    Dracula : complete, authoritative text with biographical, historical, and
    cultural contexts, critical history, and essays from contemporary critical
    perspectives / edited by John Paul Riquelme.

 PR6051 .D3 H65 2004                      2004
    The dreamers : a romance / Gilbert Adair.

 PR6051 .D345 W3 2005                     2005
    Watership Down / Richard Adams.

 PR6058 .A5928 M66 2014B                  2014
    The monogram murders : the new Hercule Poirot mystery / Sophie Hannah.

 PR6063 .C326 E46 2014                    2015
    Emma : a modern retelling / Alexander McCall Smith.

 PR6069 .A776 M34 2015                    2015
    Mahabharata : a modern retelling / Carole Satyamurti ; [foreword by Wendy
    Doniger ; afterword by Vinay Dharwadker]

 PR6102 .O96 H57 2015                     2015
    A history of loneliness / John Boyne.

 PR6111 .E498 B76 2014                    2014
    Broadchurch / Erin Kelly ; based on the TV series by Chris Chibnall.

 PR9199.3 .A8 C57 1998                    1998
    The circle game / Margaret Atwood ; introduction by Sherrill Grace.

 PR9199.3 .A8 M67 1995B                   1995
    Morning in the burned house / Margaret Atwood.

 PR9199.3 .A8 P6 1996                     1996
    Power politics : poems / Margaret Atwood.

 PR9199.3 .A8 T46 2006                    2007
    The tent / Margaret Atwood.

 PR9199.3 .C57 B66 2006                   2006                                                                                        
    Book of longing / Leonard Cohen.

 PR9199.3 .C57 B663 2010                  2010
    Book of mercy / Leonard Cohen.

 PR9199.3 .F518 S66 2015                  2015
    Someone is watching : a novel / Joy Fielding.

 PR9199.3 .G659 O34 2013                  2013
    Ocean : poems / by Sue Goyette.

 PR9199.3 .G659 O98 2011                  2011
    Outskirts / Sue Goyette.

 PR9199.3 .M3342 A6 2011                  2011
    Island : the complete stories / Alistair MacLeod.

 PR9499.4 .M878 S54 2015                  2015
    Sherlock Holmes, the missing years : Japan / Vasudev Murthy.

 PS153 .M56 F57 2013                      2014
    Fifties ethnicities : the ethnic novel and mass culture at midcentury / by
    Tracy Floreani.

 PS153 .N5 M2687 2015                     2015
    F.B. eyes : how J. Edgar Hoover's ghostreaders framed African American
    literature / William J. Maxwell.

 PS366 .A88 K33 2013                      2013
    Telling border life stories : four Mexican American women writers / Donna
    M. Kabalen de Bichara.

 PS374 .M37 B46 2014                      2014
    Hypermasculinities in the contemporary novel : Cormac McCarthy, Toni
    Morrison, and James Baldwin / Josef Benson.

 PS1334 .M67 2015                         2015
    American vandal : Mark Twain abroad / Roy Morris, Jr.

 PS1541 .Z5 G55 2014                      2014
    Religion around Emily Dickinson / W. Clark Gilpin.

 PS3238 .W44 2014                         2014
    Whitman among the Bohemians / edited by Joanna Levin & Edward Whitley.

 PS3503 .E4488 A6 2014                    2014
    Novels 1984-2000 / Saul Bellow ; James Wood, editor.

 PS3503 .E4488 A6 2015                    2015
    There is Simply Too Much to Think About : Collected Nonfiction / Saul
    Bellow ; edited by Benjamin Taylor.

 PS3503 .E4488 Z736 2015                  2015
    The life of Saul Bellow : to fame and fortune, 1915-1964 / Zachary Leader.

 PS3503 .I785 Z878 2015                   2015
    On Elizabeth Bishop / Colm T*oib*in.

 PS3503 .R167 Z65 2011                    2011
    Becoming Ray Bradbury / Jonathan R. Eller.

 PS3503 .R167 Z67 2014                    2014
    Ray Bradbury unbound / Jonathan R. Eller.

 PS3509 .L43 Z5992 2014                   2014
    T.S. Eliot and the fulfillment of Christian poetics / G. Douglas Atkins.                                                                                        

 PS3521 .E735 A6 2015                     2015
    Visions of Cody, Visions of Gerard, Big Sur / Jack Kerouac ; Todd
    Tietchen, editor.

 PS3525 .I486 A6 2015                     2015
    Four novels of the 1950s / Ross Macdonald ; Tom Nolan, editor.

 PS3545 .I5365 Z7326 2014                 2014
    Tennessee Williams : mad pilgrimage of the flesh / John Lahr.

 PS3551 .R455 A6 2015                     2015
    Itself / Rae Armantrout.

 PS3552 .A45 Z596 2014                    2014
    James Baldwin and the Queer Imagination / Matt Brim.

 PS3552 .A47546 A6 2015                   2015
    The last two seconds : poems / Mary Jo Bang.

 PS3552 .A583 A6 2014                     2014
    S O S : poems 1961-2013 / Amiri Baraka ; selected by Paul Vangelisti.

 PS3552 .L3483 H68 2015                   2015
    The House of Wolfe : a border noir / James Carlos Blake.

 PS3552 .O932 H37 2015                    2015
    The harder they come / T. Coraghessan Boyle.

 PS3552 .U4 A6 1994                       1994
    Run with the hunted : a Charles Bukowski reader / Charles Bukowski ;
    edited by John Martin.

 PS3552 .U4 F33 2006                      2006
    Factotum / Charles Bukowski.

 PS3552 .U827 A6 2005                     2005
    Bloodchild and other stories / Octavia E. Butler.

 PS3553 .A7667 A94 1998                   1998
    Autobiography of red : a novel in verse / Anne Carson.

 PS3555 .L62 T671 2014                    2014
    Top of the volcano : the award-winning stories of Harlan Ellison.

 PS3555 .S66 H38 2015                     2015
    Hausfrau : a novel / Jill Alexander Essbaum.

 PS3557 .R214 F76 2015                    2015
    From the New World : poems 1976-2014 / Jorie Graham.

 PS3558 .A28 A6 2015                      2015
    A stranger's mirror : new and selected poems, 1994-2014 / Marilyn Hacker.

 PS3558 .E459 A6 2015                     2015
    The top of his game : the best sportswriting of W.C. Heinz / edited and
    with an introduction by Bill Littlefield.

 PS3563 .A7239 S5935 2015                 2015
    Mastering The game of thrones : essays on George R.R. Martin's A song of
    ice and fire / edited by Jes Battis and Susan Johnston.

 PS3563 .I422 A6 2015                     2015
    Voices in the night : stories / Steven Millhauser.

 PS3566 .Y55 Z84 2014                     2014                                                                                        
    Pynchon's California / edited by Scott McClintock and John Miller.

 PS3568 .A3347 R36 2013                   2013
    Ransomed voices / Elizabeth Raby.

 PS3568 .A3347 T44 2012                   2012
    This woman / Elizabeth Raby.

 PS3569 .I4725 A6 2015B                   2015
    The life of images : selected prose / Charles Simic.

 PS3571 .R74 A6 2015                      2015
    The Tijuana book of the dead : poems / Luis Alberto Urrea.

 PS3601 .L38 M34 2005                     2005
    Madras on rainy days / Samina Ali.

 PS3602 .A5842 F58 2014                   2014
    The Flick / Annie Baker.

 PS3602 .A89 Z46 2014                     2014
    Half of What I Say Is Meaningless / Joseph Bathanti.

 PS3606 .L6813 T87 2015                   2015
    The Turner house / Angela Flournoy.

 PS3607 .A885 A77 2015                    2015
    All involved / Ryan Gattis.

 PS3608 .O72 O84 2015                     2015
    The other Joseph / Skip Horack.

 PS3608 .O93 D75 2015                     2015
    Driving the king : a novel / Ravi Howard.

 PS3612 .A773 I2 2015                     2015
    I am Radar / Reif Larsen.

 PS3613 .A235 M34 2015                    2015
    The magician's lie : a novel / Greer Macallister.

 PS3614 .G97 S96 2015                     2015
    The sympathizer / Viet Thanh Nguyen.

 PS3616 .E538 A6 2014                     2014
    Salting the boundaries / Dale Pendell.

 PS3616 .E538 E69 2013                    2013
    Equations of power / Dale Pendell.

 PS3616 .E538 G74 2010                    2010
    The great bay : chronicles of the collapse : a novel / Dale Pendell.

 PS3619 .H3558 H67 2014                   2014
    The hope we seek : a novel / Rich Shapero.

 PS3619 .I48 A6 2015                      2015
    War of the foxes / Richard Siken.

 PS3620 .A775 A6 2015                     2015
    How to carry Bigfoot home : stories / by Chris Tarry.

 PT2026 .F2 G775 2014                     2014
    Faust : a tragedy : parts one & two, fully revised / Johann Wolfgang von
    Goethe ; translated from the German by Martin Greenberg ; introduction by
    W. Daniel Wilson.                                                                                        

 PZ7.7 .M413 TR 2015                      2015
    Tru detective / Norah McClintock ; illustrated by Steven P. Hughes.
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- Q -
 Q124.95 .W45 2015                        2015
    To explain the world : the discovery of modern science / Steven Weinberg.

 Q130 .S93 2015                           2015
    Headstrong : 52 women who changed science--and the world / Rachel Swaby.

 Q175.32 .K45 Y36 2013                    2013
    The outer limits of reason : what science, mathematics, and logic cannot
    tell us / Noson S. Yanofsky.

 Q177 .B67 2010                           2010
    Atlas of science : visualizing what we know / Katy B*orner.

 Q180.55 .D57 B77 2015                    2015
    At the edge of uncertainty : 11 discoveries taking science by surprise /
    Michael Brooks.

 Q335 .B377 2013                          2013
    Our final invention : artificial intelligence and the end of the human era
    / James Barrat.

 QA9 .C4862 2015                          2015
    How to bake [pi] : an edible exploration of the mathematics of mathematics
    / Eugenia Cheng.

 QA76.73 .C153 D36 2014                   2014
    C++ for dummies* / by Stephen R. Davis.

 QA76.73 .C153 L528 2012                  2012
    Sams teach yourself C++ in one hour a day / Siddhartha Rao.

 QA76.76 .C672 B58 2013                   2013
    Beginning 3D game development with Unity 4 : all-in-one, multi-platform
    game development / Sue Blackman.

 QA76.76 .C672 C74 2013                   2013
    Unity 4.x game development by example beginner's guide / Ryan Henson

 QA76.76 .C672 D39 2015                   2015
    Beginning C++ through game programming / Michael Dawson.

 QA76.76 .C672 G45 2014                   2014
    Sams teach yourself Unity Game development in 24 hours / Mike Geig.

 QA76.76 .C672 M8868 2014                 2014
    C# game programming cookbook for Unity 3D / Jeff W. Murray.

 QA76.76 .C672 O43 2015                   2015
    Learning C# programming with Unity 3D / Alex Okita.

 QA76.76 .C672 S34 2015                   2015
    The art of game design : a book of lenses / Jesse Schell, Carnegie Mellon
    University and Schell Games, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

 QA76.76 .C672 T46 2015                   2015
    Practical game development with Unity and Blender / Alan Thorn.

 QA76.76 .C672 W93 2013                   2013
    Torque 3D game development cookbook : over 80 practical recipes and hidden
    gems for getting the most out of the Torque 3D game engine / David Wyand.
 QA90 .B6624 2015                         2015
    Atlas of knowledge : anyone can map / Katy B*orner.

 QA93 .F54 2014                           2014
    50 visions of mathematics / edited by Sam Parc ; [with a foreword by Dara
    O Briain].

 QA166 .W37 2003                          2003
    Six degrees : the science of a connected age / Duncan J. Watts.

 QB601 .F673 2014                         2014
    The observer's guide to planetary motion : explaining the cycles of the
    night sky / Dominic Ford.

 QB981 .B37 2013                          2013
    The space book : from the beginning to the end of time, 250 milestones in
    the history of space & astronomy / Jim Bell.

 QB982 .T965 2014                         2014
    Death by black hole : and other cosmic quandaries / Neil deGrasse Tyson.

 QC7 .I35 2014                            2014
    Gravity does not exist : a puzzle for the 21st century / Vincent Icke.

 QC16 .E5 E25 2014                        2014
    Einstein relatively simple : our universe revealed in everyday language /
    Ira Mark Egdall.

 QC21.3 .C49 2014                         2014
    Basic concepts in physics : from the cosmos to quarks / M. Chaichian, H.
    Perez Rojas, A. Tureanu.

 QC174.123 .C74 2014                      2014
    The quantum moment : how Planck, Bohr, Einstein, and Heisenberg taught us
    to love uncertainty / Robert P. Crease, Alfred Scharff Goldhaber.

 QC174.17 .C45 H35 2015                   2015
    Einstein's dice and Schr*odinger's cat : how two great minds battled
    quantum randomness to create a unified theory of physics / Paul Halpern,

 QC406 .B35 2015                          2015
    Invisible : the dangerous allure of the unseen / Philip Ball.

 QC903 .H84 2014                          2014
    Can science fix climate change? : a case against climate engineering /
    Mike Hulme.

 QD8.5 .C44 2014                          2014
    Chemical information for chemists : a primer / edited by Judith N. Currano
    and Dana L. Roth.

 QD37 .A85 2013                           2013
    What is chemistry? / Peter Atkins.

 QD251.3 .V36 2014                        2014
    Basic organic chemistry for the life sciences / Hrvoj Van*cik.

 QE537.5 .R56 2015                        2015
    Ring of fire : an encyclopedia of the Pacific Rim's earthquakes, tsunamis,
    and volcanoes / Bethany D. Rinard Hinga.

 QE711.3 .E43 2014                        2014
    Extinction and Evolution : What Fossils Reveal about the History of Life /
    Niles Eldredge ; introduction by Carl Zimmer.
 QE711.3 .T39 2014                        2014
    A history of life in 100 fossils / Paul D. Taylor & Aaron O'Dea.

 QH31 .M45 H464 2000                      2000
    The monk in the garden : the lost and found genius of Gregor Mendel, the
    father of genetics / Robin Marantz Henig.

 QH87.3 .T57 2013                         2013
    Tidal wetlands primer : an introduction to their ecology, natural history,
    status, and conservation / Ralph W. Tiner.

 QH91.3 .C665 M35 2014                    2014
    Fire in the sea : bioluminescence & Henry Compton's art of the deep /
    David A. McKee, with Larry J. Hyde, Michael Barrett, Jennifer Hardell, &
    Mark Anderson.

 QH105 .T4 S87 2015                       2015
    A naturalist's guide to the Texas Hill Country / Mark Gustafson.

 QH305 .G46 2015                          2015
    The biology book : from the origin of life to epigenetics, 250 milestones
    in the history of biology / Michael C. Gerald, with Gloria E. Gerald.

 QH331 .G4713 2009                        2009
    From Aristotle to Darwin and back again : a journey in final causality,
    species, and evolution / *Etienne Gilson ; translated by John Lyon ; [with
    a foreword by Christoph Sch*onborn].

 QH332 .E52 2014 V.1                      2014
    Bioethics / Bruce Jennings, editor in chief.

 QH332 .K37 2002                          2002
    Life, liberty, and the defense of dignity : the challenge for bioethics /
    Leon R. Kass.

 QH442 .P745 2003                         2003
    Beyond therapy : biotechnology and the pursuit of happiness / a report of
    the President's Council on Bioethics ; foreword by Leon R. Kass.

 QK45.2 .A76 2014                         2014
    How the Earth turned green : a brief 3.8-billion-year history of plants /
    Joseph E. Armstrong.

 QK50 .C36 2010                           2010
    Botany for gardeners / written and illustrated by Brian Capon.

 QK110 .E46 2013                          2013
    Botany in a day : the patterns method of plant identification : an herbal
    field guide to plant families of North America / Thomas J. Elpel.

 QL85 .F34 2015                           2015
    The intimate bond : how animals shaped human history / Brian Fagan.

 QL88 .S49 2015                           2015
    How to clone a mammoth : the science of de-extinction / Beth Shapiro.

 QL121 .P35 2014                          2014
    The extreme life of the sea / Stephen R. Palumbi and Anthony R. Palumbi.

 QL430.3 .O2 M66 2015                     2015
    The soul of an octopus : a surprising exploration into the wonder of
    consciousness / Sy Montgomery.

 QL568 .A6 W557 2014                      2014
    The bee : a natural history / Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich, with Kelly Allin,
    Norman Carreck & Dr. Andrea Quigley.                                                                                        

 QL625 .F74 2014 V.1                      2014
    Freshwater fishes of North America / edited by Melvin L. Warren, Jr., and
    Brooks M. Burr ; illustrated by Joseph R. Tomelleri.

 QL653 .T4 H48 2015                       2015
    Texas lizards : a field guide / Troy D. Hibbitts and Toby J. Hibbitts.

 QL666 .C584 R675 2014                    2014
    The Texas tortoise : a natural history / Francis L. Rose and Frank W.

 QL676.7 .F33 2013                        2013
    Facing extinction : the world's rarest birds and the race to save them /
    Paul F. Donald, Principal Conservation Scientist, Royal Society for the
    Protection of Birds ; Nigel J. Collar, Leventis Fellow in Conservation
    Biology, BirdLife International ; Stuart J. Marsden, Reader in
    Conservation Ecology, Manchester Metropolitan University ; Deborah J.
    Pain, Director of Conservation, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

 QL683 .E27 S74 2009                      2009
    Birds of eastern North America : a photographic guide / Paul Sterry &
    Brian E. Small.

 QL683 .W4 S74 2009                       2009
    Birds of Western North America : a photographic guide / Paul Sterry &
    Brian E. Small.

 QM151 .N45 2014                          2014
    Stretching anatomy / Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen.

 QP303 .H35 2015                          2015
    Basic biomechanics / Susan J. Hall, Ph. D. (College of Health Sciences,
    University of Delaware).

 QP303 .I53 2013                          2013
    Introduction to kinesiology / Shirl J. Hoffman, editor.

 QP303 .L3 2013                           2013
    Principles of kinesiology : what it is, how it works and what it can do
    for you / Maggie La Tourelle with Anthea Courtenay ; foreword by John F.
    Thie, D.C.

 QP303 .T58 2015                          2015
    Manual of structural kinesiology.

 QP353.4 .G39 A3 2015                     2015
    Tales from both sides of the brain : a life in neuroscience / Michael S.

 QP360 .F52 2010                          2010
    Delusions of gender : how our minds, society, and neurosexism create
    difference / Cordelia Fine.

 QP411 .D44 2014B                         2014
    Consciousness and the brain : deciphering how the brain codes our thoughts
    / Stanislas Dehaene.

 QP771 .P76 2015                          2015
    Vitamania : our obsessive quest for nutritional perfection / Catherine

 QR171 .I6 C65 2015                       2015
    10% human : how your body's microbes hold the key to health and happiness
    / Alanna Collen.

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- R -
 R131 .P587 2003                          2003
    Blood and guts : a short history of medicine / Roy Porter.

 R724 .K318 1988                          1988
    Toward a more natural science : biology and human affairs / Leon R. Kass.

 R726.8 .G39 2014                         2014
    Being mortal : medicine and what matters in the end / Atul Gawande.

 R856 .L383 2014                          2014
    From X-rays to DNA : how engineering drives biology / W. David Lee, with
    Jeffrey Drazen, Phillip A. Sharp, and Robert S. Langer.

 RA781.63 .A84 2014                       2014
    The student's anatomy of stretching manual / chief consultant, Professor
    Ken Ashwell B.Med.Sc., M.B., B.S., Ph.D.

 RA792 .G67 2014                          2014
    GIS tutorial for health / Kristen S. Kurland, Wilpen L. Gorr.

 RC339.52 .F73 Y68 2008                   2008
    Anna Freud : a biography / by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl.

 RC346 .D69513 2009                       2009
    Disturbances of the mind / Douwe Draaisma ; translated by Barbara Fasting.

 RC394 .A85 M357 2014                     2014
    The queen of distraction : how women with ADHD can conquer chaos, find
    focus, and get more done / Terry Matlen, MSW ; foreword by Sari Solden, MS

 RC423 .S23 2011                          2011
    The mind's eye / Oliver Sacks.

 RC438 .F613 1973                         1973
    Madness and civilization : a history of insanity in the Age of Reason /
    Michel Foucault ; translated from the French by Richard Howard.

 RC438 .S39483 2015                       2015
    Madness in civilization : a cultural history of insanity, from the Bible
    to Freud, from the madhouse to modern medicine / Andrew Scull.

 RC451.4 .W6 T38 2015                     2015
    The last asylum : a memoir of madness in our times / Barbara Taylor.

 RC455.2 .C4 S56 2015                     2015
    What psychiatry left out of the DSM-5 : historical mental disorders today
    / Edward Shorter.

 RC464 .S29 A3 2015                       2015
    Smoking cigarettes, eating glass : a psychologist's memoir / Annita Perez
    Sawyer, PhD.

 RC514 .S33468 2011                       2011
    Schizophrenia : cognitive theory, research, and therapy / Aaron T. Beck
    ... [et al.].

 RC514 .S565 A3 2007                      2007
    Me, myself, and them : a firsthand account of one young person's
    experience with schizophrenia / Kurt Snyder ; with Raquel E. Gur and Linda
    Wasmer Andrews.

 RC514 .T633 2013                         2013
    Surviving schizophrenia : a family manual / E. Fuller Torrey.

 RC531 .H68 2012                          2012
    All  we have to fear : psychiatry's transformation of natural anxieties
    into mental disorders / Allan V. Horwitz, Jerome C. Wakefield.

 RC532 .S38 2011                          2011
    Hysteria : the disturbing history / Andrew Scull.

 RC535 .P52 2015                          2015
    Phobias : the psychology of irrational fear / Irena Milosevic and Randi E.
    McCabe, editors.

 RC537 .S5245 2013                        2013
    How everyone became depressed : the rise and fall of the nervous breakdown
    / Edward Shorter.

 RC553 .H3 S23 2013                       2013
    Hallucinations / Oliver Sacks.

 REF KF8836 .O28 2014                     2003
    O'Connor's federal civil forms.

 REF KFT1733 .O29 2015                    2001
    O'Connor's Texas causes of action.

 REF KFT1775 .D36 2014 V.1                1999
    Texas criminal lawyers handbook / by Mark G. Daniel, Robert K. Gill.

 REF PE1628 .W5629 2014                   2014
    Webster's New world college dictionary / [editors of Webster's New World
    College Dictionaries].

 REF ZA4201 .S34 2014                     2014
    Internet censorship : a reference handbook / Bernadette H. Schell.

 RJ240 .B57 2014                          2014
    On immunity : an inoculation / Eula Biss.

 RJ506 .H9 W432 2015                      2015
    A disease called childhood : why ADHD became an American epidemic /
    Marilyn Wedge, PhD.

 RM222.2 .H367 2014                       2014
    Fat blame : how the war on obesity victimizes women and children / April
    Michelle Herndon.

 RM234.5 .H36 2015                        2015
    Got milked? : the great dairy deception and why you'll thrive without milk
    / Alissa Hamilton.

 RM723 .A28 L3613 2014                    2014
    Kinesiology taping : the essential step-by-step guide : taping for sports,
    fitness & daily life : 160 conditions & ailments / John Langendoen and
    Karin Sertel.

 RT86 .G767 2014                          2014
    Psychology for nurses and health professionals / Richard Gross, Nancy

 RZ421 .K74 2014                          2014
    Energetic kinesiology : principle and practice / Charles Krebs, PhD,
    Applied physiologist, kinesiologist and research scientist, founder of
    LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Enhancement Programme) and Tania
    McGowan, BSc, Grad DipEd, Kinesiologist and Managing Director of O'Neill
    Kinesiology College, Perth, Western Australia ; foreword by James L
    Oschman PhD.

 RZ999 .F76 2013                          2013                                                                                        
    Applied kinesiology : a training manual and reference book of basic
    principles and practices / Robert Frost, PhD.
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- S -
 SB295 .C35 C47 2015                      2015
    The cannabis encyclopedia : the definitive guide to cultivation &
    consumption of medical marijuana / Jorge Cervantes.

 SF281 .H39 2015                          2015
    Riding home : the power of horses to heal / Tim Hayes.

 SF523.3 .W547 2014                       2014
    Bee time : lessons from the hive / Mark L. Winston.
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- T -
 T14.5 .P45 2015                          2015
    Social physics : how social networks can make us smarter / Alex Pentland.

 TA15 .B73 2015                           2015
    The engineering book : from the catapult to the Curiosity Rover : 250
    milestones in the history of engineering / Marshall Brain.

 TK5105.888 .B724 2015                    2015
    CSS animations and transitions for the modern Web / Steven Bradley.

 TK5105.8885 .F59 S35 2014                2014
    Flash : building the interactive web / Anastasia Salter and John Murray.

 TL521.312 .P39 2015                      2015
    We could not fail : the first African Americans in the Space Program /
    Richard Paul & Steven Moss.

 TL540 .W7 M3825 2015                     2015
    The Wright brothers / David McCullough.

 TL789.85 .A75 B37 2014                   2014
    Neil Armstrong : a life of flight / Jay Barbree.

 TL789.85 .R53 S54 2014                   2014
    Sally Ride : America's first woman in space / Lynn Sherr.

 TL793 .C629 2014                         2014
    Final frontier : the pioneering science and technology of exploring the
    universe / Brian Clegg.

 TP9 .S32 2014                            2014
    A dictionary of chemical engineering / Carl Schaschke.

 TR140 .L3 P365 2013                      2013
    Dorothea Lange, grab a hunk of lightning : her lifetime in photography /
    by Elizabeth Partridge.

 TR154 .B37 2014                          2014
    The essence of photography : seeing and creativity / Bruce Barnbaum.

 TR729 .W54 W56 2014                      2014
    Wild life / Brad Wilson ; foreword by Desmond Morris.

 TX140 .M37 A3 2015                       2015
    Life from scratch : a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness / Sasha

 TX370 .S33 2015                          2015
    The Dorito effect : the surprising new truth about food and flavor / Mark

 TX770 .T65 M67 2014                      2014
    Tortillas : a cultural history / Paula E. Morton.
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- U -
  U240 .M224 2014                          2014
    The modern mercenary : private armies and what they mean for world order /
    Sean McFate.

 UA23 .M19 2014                           2014
    The way of the knife : the CIA, a secret army, and a war at the ends of
    the earth / Mark Mazzetti.

 UB149 .P75 2014                          2014
    Civilian warriors : the inside story of Blackwater and the unsung heroes
    of the War on Terror / Erik Prince with Davin  Coburn ; afterword by Max

 UG479 .C53 2015                          2015
    A theory of the drone  / Gregoire Chamayou ; translated by Janet Lloyd.

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- Z -
 Z250 .S738 2014                          2014
    Stop stealing sheep & find out how type works / Erik Spiekermann.

 Z674.75 .I58 P38 2015                    2015
    BiblioTech : why libraries matter more than ever in the age of Google /
    John Palfrey.

 Z733 .M457 S74 2015                      2015
    The Living Library : an intellectual ecosystem / Patricia Steele, David
    Cronrath, Sandra Parsons Vicchio, Nancy Fried Foster.

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White Library Popular Books
April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015
 *POPULAR READING ACAMPORA                2015
    The wonder garden / Lauren Acampora.

 *POPULAR READING ADAMS                   2015
    The exile / C.T. Adams.

 *POPULAR READING ADDISON                 2015
    The goblin emperor / Katherine Addison.

    The alphabet house : a novel / Jussi Adler-Olsen ; translated by Steve

 *POPULAR READING AHLBORN                 2014
    The bird eater / Ania Ahlborn.

 *POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2014
    The crossover / by Kwame Alexander.

 *POPULAR READING ALLAN                   2015
    Accessing the future : a disability-themed speculative fiction anthology /
    edited by Kathryn Allan & Djibril al-Ayad.

 *POPULAR READING ALLEN                   2015
    First frost / Sarah Addison Allen.

 *POPULAR READING ANOLIK                  2015
    Dark rooms / Lili Anolik.

 *POPULAR READING ARCHER                  2015
    Mightier than the sword / Jeffrey Archer.

 *POPULAR READING ARRARAS                 2015
    Selena's secret : the revealing story behind her tragic death / Mar*ia
    Celeste Arrar*as.

 *POPULAR READING BASCH                   2015
    The listener / Rachel Basch.

 *POPULAR READING BERENSON                2015
    Twelve days / Alex Berenson.

 *POPULAR READING BERG                    2015
    The dream lover : a novel  / Elizabeth Berg.
 *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2015
    Murder on the Champ de Mars / Cara Black.

 *POPULAR READING BLACKWOOD               2015
    See how small : a novel / Scott Blackwood.

 *POPULAR READING BLAKE                   2015
    The hidden man / Robin Blake.

 *POPULAR READING BOORMAN                 2014
    Winterkill / Kate A. Boorman.

 *POPULAR READING BOURDAIN                2007
    Kitchen confidential : adventures in the culinary underbelly / Anthony

 *POPULAR READING BOX                     2015
    Endangered / C. J. Box.

 *POPULAR READING BRETT                   2015
    The skull throne / Peter V. Brett.

 *POPULAR READING BRIGGS                  2015
    Dead heat : an Alpha and Omega novel / Patricia Briggs.

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2015
    Golden son / Pierce Brown.

 *POPULAR READING BROWNING                2014
    Thornbrook Park / Sherri Browning.

 *POPULAR READING BROWNING                2015
    An affair downstairs / Sherri Browning.

 *POPULAR READING BURKE                   2015
    Into the savage country / Shannon Burke.

 *POPULAR READING CAHALAN                 2012
    Brain on fire : my month of madness / by Susannah Cahalan.

 *POPULAR READING CALDWELL                2015
    The fifth gospel : a novel / Ian Caldwell.

 *POPULAR READING CAREY                   2014
    Heap house / written and illustrated by Edward Carey.

 *POPULAR READING CARTER                  2015
    The strangler vine / M.J. Carter.

 *POPULAR READING CAVIGNANO               2014
    The righteous and the wicked / by Derik Cavignano.

 *POPULAR READING CHARLES                 2015
    False tongues / Kate Charles.

 *POPULAR READING CLARK                   2015
    The dragon of Handale : a mystery / Cassandra Clark.

 *POPULAR READING CLARKE                  2007
    The ladies of Grace Adieu : and other stories / Susanna Clarke ;
    illustrated by Charles Vess.

 *POPULAR READING COBEN                   2015
    The Stranger / Harlan Coben.

 *POPULAR READING CONNOLLY                2006                                                                                        
    Nocturnes / John Connolly.

 *POPULAR READING CONNOLLY                2014
    The way into chaos : book one of The Great Way / Harry Connolly.

 *POPULAR READING CRAWFORD                2015
    Young Eliot : from St. Louis to The Waste Land / Robert Crawford.

 *POPULAR READING CRAWFORD                2015
    The world beyond your head : on becoming an individual in an age of
    distraction / Matthew B. Crawford.

 *POPULAR READING DARNIELLE               2014
    Wolf in white van / John Darnielle.

 *POPULAR READING DAVIS                   2014
    Spare parts : four undocumented teenagers, one ugly robot, and the battle
    for the American dream / Joshua Davis.

 *POPULAR READING DAWSON                  2015
    I hate myselfie : a collection of essays / by Shane Dawson.

 *POPULAR READING DAYTON                  2015
    Seeker / Arwen Elys Dayton.

 *POPULAR READING DISABATO                2015
    The ghost network / Catie Disabato.

 *POPULAR READING DOWNUM                  2015
    Dreams of shreds & tatters / Amanda Downum.

 *POPULAR READING DUCHOVNY                2015
    Holy cow : a modern-day dairy tale / David Duchovny ; illustrations by
    Natalya Balnova.

 *POPULAR READING DUFFY                   2015
    House of echoes : a novel / Brendan Duffy.

 *POPULAR READING DUPRE                   2015
    How to act like a grown-up / Mark Dupre.

 *POPULAR READING FAYE                    2015
    The fatal fame : a novel / Lyndsay Faye.

 *POPULAR READING FIELDING                1998
    Bridget Jones's diary : a novel / Helen Fielding.

 *POPULAR READING FLUKE                   2015
    Double fudge brownie murder / Joanne Fluke.

 *POPULAR READING FORMAN                  2015
    I Was Here / by Gayle Forman.

 *POPULAR READING FRANKLIN                2015
    The siege winter / Ariana Franklin and Samantha Norman.

 *POPULAR READING FRATER                  2015
    Dead spots / Rhiannon Frater.

 *POPULAR READING FRIESEN                 2014
    Both of me / Jonathan Friesen.

 *POPULAR READING FRIESNER                2015
    Deception's pawn / Esther Friesner.

 *POPULAR READING GABALDON                2014                                                                                        
    Outlander / Diana Gabaldon.

 *POPULAR READING GAIMAN                  2015
    Trigger warning : short fictions and disturbances / Neil Gaiman.

 *POPULAR READING GIBBON                  2015
    Paris red : a novel / Maureen Gibbon.

 *POPULAR READING GIER                    2015
    Dream a little dream / Kerstin Gier ; translated from the German by Anthea

 *POPULAR READING GLADSTONE               2013
    Three parts dead / Max Gladstone.

 *POPULAR READING GOLDSTEIN               2015
    Another little piece of my heart : my life of rock and revolution in the
    '60s / Richard Goldstein.

 *POPULAR READING GRIMES                  2015
    The big fix / Linda Grimes.

 *POPULAR READING GUILD                   2015
    Blood ties : a novel / Nicholas Guild.

 *POPULAR READING HADFIELD                2013
    An astronaut's guide to life on Earth / Chris Hadfield.

 *POPULAR READING HALDANE                 2015
    The devil's making / Se*an Haldane.

 *POPULAR READING HARBOUR                 2014
    Thorn Jack : a night and nothing novel / Katherine Harbour.

 *POPULAR READING HARLAND                 2013
    Song of the slums / Richard Harland.

 *POPULAR READING HAVILL                  2015
    Blood sweep : a Posadas County mystery / Steven F. Havill.

 *POPULAR READING HEADLEY                 2015
    Magonia / Maria Dahvana Headley.

 *POPULAR READING HIGASHINO               2004
    Naoko / Keigo Higashino ; translated by Kerim Yasar.

 *POPULAR READING HIGASHINO               2014
    Malice / Keigo Higashino ; translated by Alexander O. Smith with Elye

 *POPULAR READING HINKLE                  2009
    Call me lucky : a Texan in Hollywood / Robert Hinkle with Mike Farris ;
    with a foreword by George Stevens, Jr.

 *POPULAR READING HOPKINSON               1998
    Brown girl in the ring / Nalo Hopkinson.

 *POPULAR READING HOPKINSON               2000
    Midnight robber / Nalo Hopkinson.

 *POPULAR READING HULSE                   2015
    Black River : a novel / S. M. Hulse.

 *POPULAR READING HUNTER                  2014
    The midnight queen / Sylvia Izzo Hunter.
 *POPULAR READING HUNTER                  2014
    The wishing season / Denise Hunter.

 *POPULAR READING ISHIGURO                2015
    The buried giant / Kazuo Ishiguro.

 *POPULAR READING JM                      2014
    Elsinore Canyon : a novel / by "J. M."

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2008
    Howl's moving castle / Diana Wynne Jones.

 *POPULAR READING KAPOOR                  2015
    A bad character : a novel / Deepti Kapoor.

 *POPULAR READING KARLSSON                2015
    The room : a novel / Jonas Karlsson ; translated from the Swedish by Neil

 *POPULAR READING KEATINGE                2014
    Shutter. Volume 1, Wanderlost / Joe Keatinge, [writer] ; Leila Del Duca,
    [artist] ; Owen Gieni [colorist] ; Ed Brisson, [letterer].

 *POPULAR READING KELLY                   2015
    City of savages / Lee Kelly.

 *POPULAR READING KIELY                   2014
    The gospel of winter : a novel / by Brendan Kiely.

 *POPULAR READING KING                    2015
    Dreaming spies : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock
    Holmes / Laurie R. King.

 *POPULAR READING KIRK                    2015
    Method 15/33 : a novel / Shannon Kirk.

 *POPULAR READING KLOOS                   2014
    Terms of enlistment / Marko Kloos.

 *POPULAR READING KOYANAGI                2013
    Ascension / Jacqueline Koyanagi.

 *POPULAR READING LAKE                    2014
    The moonlit door / Deryn Lake.

 *POPULAR READING LARSON                  2015
    Dead wake : the last crossing of the Lusitania / Erik Larson.

    Henni / Miss Lasko-Gross.

 *POPULAR READING LEGER                   2015
    God loves Haiti : a novel / Dimitry Elias L*eger.

 *POPULAR READING LOWACHEE                2014
    War stories : new military science fiction / edited by Jaym Gates & Andrew

 *POPULAR READING LOWACHEE                2002
    Warchild / Karin Lowachee.

 *POPULAR READING LUTZ                    2015
    How to start a fire / Lisa Lutz.

 *POPULAR READING MAAS                    2015
    A court of thorns and roses / Sarah J. Maas.                                                                                        

 *POPULAR READING MAGGS                   2015
    The fangirl's guide to the galaxy : a handbook for geek girls / by Sam

 *POPULAR READING MARSHALL                2015
    A crown for cold silver / Alex Marshall.

 *POPULAR READING MARTINEZ                2013
    The Daedalus incident / Michael J. Martinez.

 *POPULAR READING MARTINEZ                2015
    The Venusian gambit / Michael J Martinez.

 *POPULAR READING MARTINEZ                2014
    The Enceladus crisis / Michael J. Martinez.

 *POPULAR READING MITCHELL                2015
    A reunion of ghosts : a novel / Judith Claire Mitchell.

 *POPULAR READING MOLINA                  2015
    Molina : the story of the father who raised an unlikely baseball dynasty /
    Bengie Molina with Joan Ryan.

 *POPULAR READING MONING                  2015
    Burned : a fever novel / Karen Marie Moning.

 *POPULAR READING MOORE                   2013
    Watchmen / Alan Moore, writer ; Dave Gibbons illustrator/letterer.

 *POPULAR READING MORGAN                  2010
    The steel remains / Richard K. Morgan.

 *POPULAR READING MORGAN                  2008
    Thirteen / Richard K. Morgan.

 *POPULAR READING MORRISON                2015
    God help the child / Toni Morrison.

 *POPULAR READING MOSKOWITZ               2015
    Not otherwise specified / Hannah Moskowitz.

 *POPULAR READING MULGREW                 2015
    Born with teeth : a memoir / Kate Mulgrew.

 *POPULAR READING NAHM                    2014
    Ancient oceans of central Kentucky : a novel / by David Connerly Nahm.

 *POPULAR READING NAKAMURA                2014
    Evil and the mask / Fuminori Nakamura ; translated from the Japanese by
    Satoko Izumo and Stephen Coates.

 *POPULAR READING NAKAMURA                2014
    Last winter, we parted : a novel / Fuminori Nakamura ; translated from the
    Japanese by Allison Markin Powell.

 *POPULAR READING NELSON                  2015
    It's a long story : my life / Willie Nelson with David Ritz.

 *POPULAR READING OATES                   2015
    Jack of spades : a tale of suspense / Joyce Carol Oates.

 *POPULAR READING O'CONNOR                2015
    Miracle on Wolf Hollow Lane : a novel / by Blake O'Connor.

 *POPULAR READING PADUA                   2015                                                                                        
    The thrilling adventures of Lovelace and Babbage / Sydney Padua.

 *POPULAR READING PARSSINEN               2015
    The unraveling of Mercy Louis : a novel / Keija Parssinen.

 *POPULAR READING PERCY                   2015
    The dead lands : a novel / Benjamin Percy.

 *POPULAR READING POGUE                   2015
    Pogue's basics : essential tips and shortcuts (that no one bothers to tell
    you) for simplifying the technology in your life / David Pogue.

 *POPULAR READING PRIEST                  2015
    Jacaranda / Cherie Priest.

 *POPULAR READING REPINO                  2015
    Mort(e) : a novel / by Robert Repino.

 *POPULAR READING RICE                    2014
    The vines / a novel by Christopher Rice.

 *POPULAR READING ROBERTSON               2011
    Instruments of Darkness / Imogen Robertson.

 *POPULAR READING ROBERTSON               2014
    The Paris winter : a novel / Imogen Robertson.

 *POPULAR READING RUBY                    2015
    Bone Gap / Laura Ruby.

 *POPULAR READING SALVATORE               2015
    Vengeance of the iron dwarf / R.A. Salvatore.

 *POPULAR READING SANDFORD                2015
    Gathering prey / John Sandford.

 *POPULAR READING SCHERM                  2015
    Unbecoming : a novel / Rebecca Scherm.

 *POPULAR READING SCHLENDER               2015
    Becoming Steve Jobs : the evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary
    leader / Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli.

 *POPULAR READING SCHWAB                  2015
    A darker shade of magic / V. E. Schwab.

    Every fifteen minutes / Lisa Scottoline.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2007
    Pretty little liars / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2008
    Flawless : a pretty little liars novel / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2008
    Perfect : a pretty little liars novel  / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2009
    Unbelievable : a pretty little liars novel / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2009
    Wicked : a pretty little liars novel / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2009
    Killer : a pretty little liars novel / Sara Shepard.                                                                                        

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2011
    Wanted : a pretty little liars novel / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2011
    Twisted : a pretty little liars novel / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2011
    Ruthless / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SHEPARD                 2010
    Heartless  / Sara Shepard.

 *POPULAR READING SIMMONS                 2015
    The fifth heart / Dan Simmons.

 *POPULAR READING SLEVIN                  2015
    Michelle Obama : a life / Peter Slevin.

 *POPULAR READING SMITH                   2014
    Speaking out : queer youth in focus / [photography by] Rachelle Lee Smith
    ; foreword by Candace Gingrich ; afterword by Graeme Taylor.

    All the old knives / Olen Steinhauer.

    Superman earth one volume 2 / written by J. Michael Straczynski ; pencils
    by Shane Davis ; inks by Sandra Hope ; colors by Barbara Ciardo ; lettered
    by Rob Leigh.

    Superman earth one. [volume 1] / written by J. Michael Straczynski ;
    pencils by Shane Davis ; inks by Sandra Hope ; colors by Barbara Ciardo ;
    lettered by Rob Leigh.

    Superman earth one volume 3 / written by J. Michael Straczynski ; pencils
    by Ardian Syaf.

 *POPULAR READING SZARLAN                 2014
    The Hawley book of the dead : a novel / Chrysler Szarlan.

 *POPULAR READING TAHIR                   2015
    An ember in the ashes : a novel / by Sabaa Tahir.

 *POPULAR READING TAMAKI                  2014
    This one summer / Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki.

 *POPULAR READING THOMSON                 2015
    George Harrison : behind the locked door / Graeme Thomson.

 *POPULAR READING TIERNEY                 2015
    Killing frost : a Deets Shanahan mystery / Ronald Tierney.

 *POPULAR READING TOBAR                   2014
    Deep down dark : the untold stories of 33 men buried in a Chilean mine,
    and the miracle that set them free / H*ector Tobar.

 *POPULAR READING URREA                   2015
    The water museum : stories / Luis Alberto Urrea.

 *POPULAR READING VANN                    2015
    Aquarium / David Vann.

 *POPULAR READING WALLMAN                 2013                                                                                        
    Stuffocation : why we've had enough of stuff and need experience more than
    ever / James Wallman.

 *POPULAR READING WATTS                   2008
    Starfish / Peter Watts.

 *POPULAR READING WATTS                   2006
    Blindsight / Peter Watts.

 *POPULAR READING WEINTRAUB               2015
    No better friend : one man, one dog, and their extraordinary story of
    courage and survival in WWII / Robert Weintraub.

 *POPULAR READING WEIR                    2015
    Will Starling : a novel : the reckoning of Wm. Starling, Esq., a
    foundling, concerning monstrous crimes and infernal aspirations, with
    perpetrators named and shrouded infamies disclosed to light of day, as set
    down by his own hand in this year 1816 / Ian Weir.

    Afterworlds / Scott Westerfeld.

 *POPULAR READING WHITE                   2015
    The Creole Princess : a novel / Beth White.

 *POPULAR READING WHITE                   2015
    Cuba straits / Randy Wayne White.

 *POPULAR READING YODA                    2012
    Ninja attack! : true tales of assassins, samurai, and outlaws / Hiroko
    Yoda and Matt Alt ; illustrations by Yutaka Kondo

 *POPULAR READING YODA                    2012
    Yokai attack : the japanese monster survival guide / Hiroko Yoda and Matt
    Alt ; illustrations by Tatsuya Morino.

 *POPULAR READING YODA                    2012
    Yurei attack! : the Japanese ghost survival guide / Hiroko Yoda and Matt
    Alt ; illustrations by Shinkichi.

 *POPULAR READING YOSHIMOTO               2006
    Kitchen / Banana Yoshimoto ; translated from the Japanese by Megan Backus.
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White Library Reference Books
April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015
 REF KF8836 .O28 2014                     2003
    O'Connor's federal civil forms.

 REF KFT1733 .O29 2015                    2001
    O'Connor's Texas causes of action.

 REF KFT1775 .D36 2014 V.1                1999
    Texas criminal lawyers handbook / by Mark G. Daniel, Robert K. Gill.

 REF PE1628 .W5629 2014                   2014
    Webster's New world college dictionary / [editors of Webster's New World
    College Dictionaries].

 REF ZA4201 .S34 2014                     2014
    Internet censorship : a reference handbook / Bernadette H. Schell.
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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015
 CD AUDIO CD 1678 DISC 1-8                2014
    The Odyssey [sound recording] / Homer ; translated by Robert Fitzgerald.

 CD AUDIO CD 1679 DISC 1-10               2014
    The early stories of Philip K. Dick / Philip K. Dick.

 CD AUDIO CD 1680                         2014
    Bass & mandolin / Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer.

 CD AUDIO CD 1681                         2014
    Bluesamericana / [performed by] Keb' Mo'.

 CD AUDIO CD 1682                         2014
    City noir ; Saxophone concerto / John Adams.

 CD AUDIO CD 1683                         2014
    The way I'm livin' / Lee Ann Womack.

 CD AUDIO CD 1684                         2014
    Morning Phase / Beck.

 CD AUDIO CD 1685                         2014
    What's left is forever [sound recording] / Thomas Dybdahl.

 CD AUDIO CD 1686                         2015
    2015 Grammy nominees.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 841                       2014
    Chef / written and directed by Jon Favreau ; produced by Jon Favreau,
    Sergei Bespalov ; Open Road Films and Aldamisa Entertainment present, in
    association with Kilburn Media, in association with Fetisov Teterin Films,
    a Fairview Entertainment production.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 109                    2014
    F for fake [videorecording] / directed by Orson Wells ; written by Orson
    Wells and Oja Kodar.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 110                    2013
    Zero dark thirty / directed by Kathryn Bigelow ; written by Mark Boal ;
    produced by Mark Boal, Kathryn Bigelow, Megan Ellison ; Columbia Pictures
    presents an Annapurna production ; a First Light production ; a Mark Boal

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 111                    2015
    The theory of everything / Focus Features presents a Working Title
    production ; produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Lisa Bruce, Anthony
    McCarten ; screenplay by Anthony McCarten ; directed by James Marsh.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 112                    2014
    Hearts and minds / Janus Films ; Howard Zuker, Henry Jaglem, Rainbow
    Pictures present ; a Touchtone production in association with Audjeff ;
    produced by Bert Schneider and Peter Davis ; directed by Peter Davis ;

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 113 DISC 1-2           2015
    Interstellar / directed by Christopher Nolan ; written by Jonathan Nolan
    and Christopher Nolan ; produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan, Lynda
    Obst ; a Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures presentation in
    association with Legendary Pictures ; a Syncopy/Lynda Obst Productions
    production ; a film by Christopher Nolan.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 114                    2015
    Unbroken / Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures present ; screenplay
    by Joel Coen & Ethan Coen and Richard LaGravenese and William Nicholson ;
    directed by Angelina Jolie.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 115                    2015
    The imitation game / A Black Bear Pictures production ; a Bristol
    automotive production ; produced by Nora Grossman, Ido Ostrowsky, Teddy
    Schwarzman ; written by Graham Moore ; directed by Morten Tyldum.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 116 DISC 1-2           2012
    Friends [videorecording] : the complete series / [Bright/Kauffman/Crane
    Productions ; in association with Warner Bros. Television ; created by
    David Crane and Marta Kauffman].
 VIDEO DISC DVD 2306                      2014
    Life is beautiful = La vita *e bella/ Miramax Films ; Mario e Vittorio
    Cecchi Gori present ; a Melampo Cinematografica ; production ; screenplay
    by Vincenzo Cerami a Roberto Benigni ; produced by Elda Ferri a Gianluigi
    Braschi ; directed by Roberto Benigni.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2462                      2014
    Microbirth : revealing the microscopic events during childbirth that could
    hold the key to the future of humanity / Alto Films presents a film for
    One World Birth ; written, produced, directed, filmed & edited by Toni
    Harman & Alex Wakeford.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2463                      2014
    Brand new you : makeover television and the American dream / a film by
    Katherine Sender ; producer, director, Katherine Sender.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2464                      2012
    Art:21 [videorecording] : art in the twenty-first century. Season six /
    curator, Susan Sollins ; series created by Susan Sollins and Susan

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2465                      2007
    Please, don't bury me alive! = *Por favor, no me entierren vivo! / Chicano
    Arts Film Enterprises (C.A.F.E.) presents ; original idea of Efra*in
    Guti*errez ; written by Sabino C. Garza ; produced and directed by Efra*in

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2466 DISC 1-2             2011
    Voices & visions [videorecording] / Annenberg Media ; a presentation of
    SCETV - South Carolina Educational Television ; a New York Center for
    Visual History production ; senior producers, Jill Janows, Robert Chapman,
    Lois Cuniff ; executive producer, Lawrence Pitkethly.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2467                      2004
    Leave her to heaven / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation ; Darryl F.
    Zanuck presents ; by Ben Ames Williams ; screenplay by Jo Swerling ;
    produced by William A. Bacher ; directed by John M. Stahl.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2468                      2015
    Birdman, or, (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) / Fox Searchlight
    Pictures and Regency Enterprises present a New Regency/M Productions/Le
    Grisbi production ; directed by Alejandro G. I*n*arritu ; written by
    Alejandro G. I*n*arritu, Nicol*as Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. &
    Armando Bo ; produced by Alejandro G. I*n*arritu, John Lesher, Arnon
    Milchan, James W. Skotchdopole.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2469                      2006
    Down Argentine way [videorecording] / Twentieth Century-Fox presents ;
    screen play by Darrell Ware and Karl Tunberg ; music and lyrics by Mack
    Gordon and Harry Warren ; dances staged by Nicholas Castle and Geneva
    Sawyer ; produced by Darryl F. Zanuck ; directed by Irving Cummings.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2470                      2008
    The dragon painter [videorecording] / A Milestone Film release ; a
    preservation and restoration project of The National Center for Film and
    Video Preservation at The American Film Institute, in conjunction with the
    International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House and the Museum
    of Modern Art ; Haworth Pictures Corporation presents ; Directed by Wiliam
    Worthington ; scenario by E. Richard Schayer.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2471                      2006
    Ferris Bueller's day off [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a
    John Hughes film ; produced by John Hughes and Tom Jacobson ; written and
    directed by John Hughes.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2472                      2007                                                                                        
    The gang's all here [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents ;
    produced by William Le Baron ; screen play by Walter Bullock ; directed by
    Busby Berkeley.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2473                      2009
    House of wax [videorecording] / [presented by] Warner Bros. Pictures ;
    produced by Bryan Foy ; screenplay by Crane Wilbur ; directed by Andre de
    Toth. Mystery of the Wax Museum / a Warner Bros. & Vitaphone Picture ;
    directed by Michael Curtiz.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2474                      2013
    Into the arms of strangers : stories of the Kindertransport / Warner Bros.
    Pictures presents ; a Sabine Films production ; produced in cooperation
    with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ; produced by Deborah
    Oppenheimer ; written and directed by Mark Jonathan Harris.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2475 DISC 1-2             2009
    Greatest classic films collection. John Wayne westerns [videorecording] /
    Warner Bros. Pictures.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2477                      2007
    Pixar short films collection. Volume 1 [videorecording] /

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2478                      2012
    Pixar short films collection. Volume 2 [videorecording] / Walt Disney
    Pictures ; Pixar Animation Studios.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2479  DISC 1-2            2006
    Howl's moving castle [videorecording] / Walt Disney Studios presents ;
    Studio Ghibli ; Tokuma Shoten/Studio Ghibli, Nippon Television Network,
    Dentsu, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Mitshubishi, and Toho present ;
    screenplay written by Hayao Miyazaki ; production, Sutdio Ghibli ;
    producer, Toshio Suzuki ;  director, Hayao Miyazaki.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2480 DISC 1-2             2005
    Kaze no tani no Naushika [videorecording] = Nausica*a of the valley of the
    wind / Tokuma Shoten and Hakuhodo present ; a Top Craft production ; Walt
    Disney Home Entertainment presents ; a Studio Ghibli film ; original story
    and screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki ; producer Isao Takahata ; director,
    Hayao Miyazaki.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2481 DISC 1-2             2003
    Kiki's delivery service [videorecording] / Walt Disney Home Entertainment
    presents a Studio Ghibli film ; Eiko Kadono ; Nibariki ; Tokuma Shoten ;
    producer, Toshio Suzuki ; U.S. version writers, Jack Fletcher, John Semper
    ; written & directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2482 DISC 1-2             2010
    My neighbor Totoro [videorecording]  / Walt Disney Home Entertainment
    presents ; Studio Ghibli ; Tokuma Shoten presents ;  written and directed
    by Hayao Miyazaki ; producer, Toru Hara.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2483                      2014
    The wind rises / Touchstone Pictures ; Studio Ghibli, Nippon Television
    Network, Dentsu, Hakuhodo DYMP, Walt Disney Japan, Mitsubishi, Toho and
    KDDI present ; a Studio Ghibli film ; producer, Toshio Suzuki ; original
    story and screenplay written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki ;
    English-language adaptation screenplay by Mike Jones ; producer, Geoffrey
    Wexler [English-language production] ; director, Gary Rydstrom
    [English-language production].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2484                      2000
    Princess Mononoke / a Miramax Films ; Tokuma Shoten, Nippon Television
    Network, Dentsu, Studio Ghibli present a Studio Ghibli production ; chief
    executive producer, Yasuyoshi Tokuma ; executive producers, Seiichiro
    Ujiie, Yutaka Narita ; original story & screenplay, Hayao Miyazaki ;                                                                                        
    producer, Toshio Suzuki ; director, Hayao Miyazaki.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2485                      2012
    The secret world of Arrietty [videorecording] / Studio Ghibli, Nippon
    Television Network, Walt Disney Japan ... [et al.] present ; planning &
    screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki ; produced by Toshio Suzuki ; directed by
    Hiromasa Yonebayashi.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2486                      2015
    Wild / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents, in association with TSG
    Entertainment, a Pacific Standard production ; directed by Jean-Marc
    Vall*ee ; screenplay by Nick Hornby ; produced by Reese Witherspoon, Bruna
    Papandrea, Bill Pohlad.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2487                      2007
    Jean de Florette [videorecording] ; Manon of the spring = Manon des
    sources / produced and directed by Claude Berri.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2488                      2009
    Cross Creek [videorecording] / Studio Canal ; Thorn EMI ; a Robert B.
    Radnitz/Martin Ritt production ; screenplay by Dalene Young ; produced by
    Robert B. Radnitz ; directed by Martin Ritt.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2489                      2004
    Le papillon [videorecording] = The butterfly / une coproduction Alic*eleo,
    France 2 Cinema, Rh*one-Alpes Cinema, Gimages Films ; produit par Patrick
    Godeau ; une film de Philippe Muyl.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2490                      2012
    The power and the glory [videorecording] / 20th Century Fox ; Fox Film
    presents a Jesse L. Lasky production ; original screenplay by Preston
    Sturges ; directed by William K. Howard.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2491                      2009
    Ruggles of Red Gap [videorecording] / a Paramount Picture ; [written] by
    Harry Leon Wilson ; produced by Arthur Hornblow, Jr ; directed by Leo
    McCarey ; screen play by Walter DeLeon and Harlan Thompson ; adapted by
    Humphrey Pearson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2492 DISC 1-2             2005
    State fair [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2493                      2015
    Whiplash / a Sony Pictures Classics release ; Bold Films presents ; a
    Blumhouse/Right of Way production ; produced by Jason Blum, Helen
    Estabrook, Michel Litvak, David Lancaster ; written and directed by Damien

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2494                      2011
    Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory [videorecording] / David L. Wolper 
    presents ; screenplay by Roald Dahl ; produced by Stan Margulies and David
    L. Wolper ; directed by Mel Stuart ; a Wolper Pictures, Ltd. presentation.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2495                      2006
    Kinky boots [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents a Harbour Pictures
    production ; produced by Nicholas Barton, Suzanne Mackie, Peter Ettedgui ;
    written by Geoff Deane and Tim Firth ; directed by Julian Jarrold.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2496                      2002
    11'09"01 September 11 [videorecording] : a film / Studio Canal ; Galatee
    Films presents ; a Galatee Films / StudioCanal production ; producers,
    Jacques Perrin, Nicolas Mauvernay.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2497                      2014
    Cesar Chavez / Lionsgate, Pantelion, Televisa Cine and Canana present ;
    producers Diego Luna, Lawrence Meli and Keir Pearson ; produced by Pablo                                                                                        
    Cruz ; story by Keir Pearson ; screenplay by Keir Pearson and Timothy J.
    Sexton ; directed by Diego Luna.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2498                      2009
    Defiance / Paramount Vantage presents ; a Grosvenor Park/Bedford Falls
    production ; an Edward Zwick film ; executive producer, Marshall
    Herskovitz ; produced by Edward Zwick, Pieter Jan Brugge ; director of
    photography, Eduardo Serra ; screenplay by Clayton Frohman & Edward Zwick
    ; directed by Edward Zwick.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2499 DISC 1-2             2013
    The hobbit [videorecording] : an unexpected journey / Warner Bros.
    Pictures ; New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures present ; a
    Wingnut Films production ; directed by Peter Jackson ; screenplay by Fran
    Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson & Guillermo Del Toro ; produced by
    Carolynne Cunningham, Zane Weiner, Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2500 DISC 1-2             2014
    The hobbit : the desolation of Smaug / Warner Bros. Pictures ; New Line
    Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures present a Wingnut Films production
    ; directed by Peter Jackson ; screenplay by Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens &
    Peter Jackson & Guillermo del Toro ; produced by Carolynne Cunningham,
    Zane Weiner, Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2501 DISC 1-2             2015
    The hobbit. The battle of the five armies / New Line Cinema and
    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures present a Wingnut Films production ; produced
    by Carolynne Cunningham, Zane Weiner, Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson ;
    screenplay by Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson & Guillermo del
    Toro ; directed by Peter Jackson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2502                      2015
    The kingdom of dreams and madness / a Mami Sunada film ; Dwango presents
    an Ennet production ; in cooperation with Studio Ghibli ; written and
    directed by Mami Sunada ; produced by Nobuo Kawakami.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2503                      2011
    Zapatista / a Big Noise Film ; directed by Benjamin Eichert, Richard
    Rowley, St*ale Sandberg ; produced by Benjamin Eichert ... [and others].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2504                      2013
    Mariachi gringo [videorecording] / Sin Sentido Films & Speak Productions
    present a Gustafson/Krueckeberg film in association with New Art
    Laboratories ; produced by Alejandra Cardenas ; written by Cory
    Krueckeberg ; directed by Tom Gustafson.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2505 DISC 1-2             2013
    The great Gatsby / a Warner Bros. Pictures presentation ; in association
    with Village Roadshow Pictures ; in association with  A&E Television ; a
    Bazmark production ; a Red Wagon Entertainment production ; screenplay by
    Baz Luhrmann & Craig Pearce ; produced by Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin,
    Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher, Catherine Knapman ; directed by Baz Luhrmann.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2506                      2005
    A place called Chiapas [videorecording] / a film by Nettie Wild ; a Canada
    Wild production ; in association with the Canadian Broadcasting
    Corporation ; produced by Nettie Wild, Kirk Tougas, Betsy Carson ; written
    by Nettie Wild, Manfred Becker.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2507                      2014
    Who is Dayani Cristal? / Pulse Films presents a Pulse Films production ; a
    film by Gael Garc*ia Bernal and Marc Silver ; in association with BRITDOC
    & Film4 [and eight others] ; written by Mark Monroe ; produced by Lucas
    Ochoa, Thomas Benski, Gael Garc*ia Bernal ; directed by Marc Silver.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2508                      2015                                                                                        
    Edith Wharton : the sense of harmony / directed by Elizabeth Lennard.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2509 DISC 1-3             2015
    Foyle's war. Set 8 / written and created by Anthony Horowitz ; directed by
    Andy Hay and Stuart Orme.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2510                      2009
    American violet [videorecording] / Uncommon Productions presents ; written
    and produced by Bill Haney ; directed by Tim Disney.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2511                      2006
    Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru [videorecording] = Bad sleep well / T*oh*o,
    Kurosawa Purodakushon sakuhin ; seisaku Tanaka Tomoyuki, Kurosawa Akira ;
    kyakuhon Oguni Hideo ... [et al.] ; kantoku Kurosawa Akira.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2512                      2015
    Big eyes / The Weinstein Company presents ; a Tim Burton Electric City
    Entertainment production ; a Tim Burton film ; produced by Lynette
    Howelle, Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski ; produced by Tim Burton ;
    written by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski ; directed by Tim Burton.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 110                    2013
    Zero dark thirty / directed by Kathryn Bigelow ; written by Mark Boal ;
    produced by Mark Boal, Kathryn Bigelow, Megan Ellison ; Columbia Pictures
    presents an Annapurna production ; a First Light production ; a Mark Boal

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 111                    2015
    The theory of everything / Focus Features presents a Working Title
    production ; produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Lisa Bruce, Anthony
    McCarten ; screenplay by Anthony McCarten ; directed by James Marsh.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 112                    2014
    Hearts and minds / Janus Films ; Howard Zuker, Henry Jaglem, Rainbow
    Pictures present ; a Touchtone production in association with Audjeff ;
    produced by Bert Schneider and Peter Davis ; directed by Peter Davis ;

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 113 DISC 1-2           2015
    Interstellar / directed by Christopher Nolan ; written by Jonathan Nolan
    and Christopher Nolan ; produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan, Lynda
    Obst ; a Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures presentation in
    association with Legendary Pictures ; a Syncopy/Lynda Obst Productions
    production ; a film by Christopher Nolan.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 114                    2015
    Unbroken / Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures present ; screenplay
    by Joel Coen & Ethan Coen and Richard LaGravenese and William Nicholson ;
    directed by Angelina Jolie.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2518                      2009
    Entre les murs = The class / Sony Pictures Classics ; Haut et Court
    pr*esente en coproduction avec France 2 cin*ema ; avec la participation de
    Canal+, Cin*ecin*ema, France 2 ; en association avec Cofinova 4,
    Soficinema 3 ; avec la participation du Centre National de la
    Cin*ematographie de l'Asc*e et de la R*egion Ile-de-France ; un film de
    Laurent Cantet ; sc*enario, Laurent Cantet, Robin Campillo, Fran*cois
    B*egaudeau ; produit par Carole Scotta, Caroline Benjo, Simon Arnal,
    Barbara Letellier.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2519                      2015
    Mr. Turner / Sony Pictures Classics, Film 4, Focus Features International
    and BFI present ; a United Kingdom/French Republic/Federal Republic of
    Germany co-production ; produced by Xofa Productions in association with
    Lipsync Productions ; a Thin Man film ; a film by Mike Leigh ; produced by
    Georgina Lowe ; written and directed by Mike Leigh.                                                                                        

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2520                      2015
    Spare parts / Lionsgate presents ; in association with Pantelion and
    Televisa Cine ; a Travieso Productions and Circle of Confusion production
    ; in association with Brookwell McNamara Entertainment ; produced by
    Benjamin Odell [and others] ; screenplay by Elissa Matsueda ; directed by
    Sean McNamara.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2521                      2015
    Selma / Paramount Pictures, Path*e and Harpo Films present ; a Plan
    B/Cloud Eight Films/Harpo Films production ; in association with Ingenious
    Media ; produced by Christian Colson, Oprah Winfrey, Dede Gardner, Jeremy
    Kleiner ; written by Paul Webb ; directed by Ava DuVernay.

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Barth LRC Circulating Books
April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015

 GV361 .H35 2014                          2014
    Research methods in kinesiology and the health sciences / Susan J. Hall,
    Nancy Getchell.

 HV10.5 .C375 2015                        2015
    Careers in human services / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

 HV2430 .S34 2012                         2012
    Deaf education in the 21st century : topics and trends / Nanci A. Scheetz.

 HV2530 .E39 2014                         2014
    Words made flesh : nineteenth-century deaf education and the growth of
    deaf culture / R.A.R. Edwards.

 KF372 .C668 2014                         2014
    Contemporary biographies in law, criminal justice & emergency services.

 KF2042 .H6 B368 2012                     2012
    Hospitality law : managing legal issues in the hospitality industry /
    Stephen C. Barth.

 LB2343 .B5762 2014                       2014
    The appreciative advising revolution training workbook : translating
    theory to practice / Jennifer L. Bloom ... [et al.].

 LB2343.32 .A67 2011                      2011
    Appreciative College Instruction : becoming a force for positive change in
    student success courses / Jennifer L. Bloom ... [et al.].

 LC148.15 .H33 2012                       2012
    Increasing persistence : research-based strategies for college student
    success / Wesley R. Habley, Jennifer L. Bloom, Steve Robbins.

 LC148.2 .B73 2014                        2014
    Rethinking college student retention / John M. Braxton, William R. Doyle,
    Harold V. Hartley III, Amy S. Hirschy, Willis A. Jones, Michael K.

 LC148.2 .C65 2012                        2012
    College student retention : formula for student success / [edited by] Alan

 NA2700 .H4 2013                          2013
    Drafting & design for architecture & construction / Dana Hepler, Paul Ross
    Wallach, Donald Hepler.

 NA7800 .B48 2012                         2012
    Best of hospitality / [editor in chief, Cindy Allen].

 P91.6 .C376 2014                         2014
    Careers in communications & media / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

 PN56 .S5 G56 2014                        2014
    Gender, sex & sexuality / editor, Margaret S*onser Breen, University of

 QD45 .S56 2015                           2015
    Chemical principles in the laboratory.

 QM23.2 .B53 2014                         2014
    Trail guide to the body : a hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones and
    more / Andrew Biel ; illustrations by Robin Dorn.

 QM25 .R55 2015                           2015
    Anatomy : a photographic atlas / Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke

 QP301 .M375 2015                         2015
    Exercise physiology : nutrition, energy, and human performance / William
    D. McArdle, Professor Emeritus, Department of Family, Nutrition and
    Exercise Science, Queens College of the City University of New York,
    Flushing, New York, Exercise Physiologist, Weight Watchers International,
    Frank I. Katch, Instructor and Board Member, Certificate Program in
    Fitness Instruction, UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, California, former
    Professor and Chair of Exercise Science, University of Massachusetts,
    Amherst, Massachusetts, Victor L. Katch, Professor of Movement Science,
    School of Kinesiology, Associate Professor, Pediatrics, School of
    Medicine, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

 QP303 .H354 2015                         2015
    Biomechanical basis of human movement / Joseph Hamill, Kathleen M.
    Knutzen, Timothy R. Derrick.

 QP303 .M25 2013                          2013
    Essentials of kinesiology for the physical therapist assistant / Paul
    Jackson Mansfield, MPT, Professor and Program Coordinator, Physical
    Therpist Assistat Program, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee,
    Wisconsin, Donald A. Neumann, PhD, PT, Professor, Department of Physical
    Therapy, College of Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Marquette
    University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

 QR41.2 .B88 2015                         2015
    Burton's microbiology for the health sciences / Paul G. Engelkirk, Janet

 R690 .C376 2014                          2014
    Careers in Healthcare / editor[s], Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph. D, [Marylane
    Wade Koch].

 RA601 .K54 2012                          2012
    Food safety : theory and practice / Paul L. Knechtges.

 RB113 .M34 2014                          2014
    The nature of disease : pathology for the health professions / Thomas H.
    McConnell ; contributing editors, Vera A. Paulson, Mark A. Valasek.

 RB113 .P668 2015                         2015
    Essentials of pathophysiology : concepts of altered health states / Carol
    Mattson Porth ; consultant, Kathryn J. Gaspard.

 RB127 .F67 2015                          2015
    Fordyce's behavioral methods for chronic pain and illness : republished
    with invited commentaries / [edited by] Chris J. Main, Francis J. Keefe,
    Mark P. Jensen, Johan W.S. Vlaeyen, Kevin E. Vowles.

 RC78 .F575 2010                          2010
    Essentials of radiologic science / Robert Fosbinder, Denise Orth.

 RC78 .L554 2014                          2014
    Radiographic pathology / TerriAnn Linn-Watson.

 RC78.7 .U4 E33 2012                      2012
    Understanding ultrasound physics / Sidney K. Edelman.

 RC78.7 .U4 M54 2006 V.1                  2006
    Ultrasound physics & instrumentation / Frank R. Miele.

 RC683.5 .U5 D96 2015                     2015
    ASE's comprehensive echocardiography / [edited by] Roberto M. Lang, MD,
    FASE, FACC, FAHA, FESC, FRCP, Professor of Medicine, Director, Noninvasive
    Cardiac Imaging Laboratories, University of Chicago Medical Center,
    Chicago, Illinois, Steven A. Goldstein, MD, FACC, Director, Noninvasive
    Cadiology Lab, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, District of
    Columbia, Itzhak Kronzon,   MD, FASE, FACC, FAHA, FESC, FACP, Professor of
    Medicine, Department of Cardiology, Hofstra University School of Medicine,
    and LIJ/North Shore Lenox Hill Hospital, New york, New York, Bijoy K.
    Khandheria, MD, FASE, FACC, FESC, FACP, Director, Echocardiography
    Services, Aurora Health Care, Aurora Medical Group, Aurora St. Luke Medcal
    Center, Director, Echocardiography Center for Research and Innovation,
    Aurora Research Institute, Co-Director, Aurora Cener for Cardio-Oncology,
    Clinical Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of
    Medicine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Victor Mor-Avi, MD, FASE,             
    Professor, Director of Cardiac Imaging Research, University of Chicago
    Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois.

 RC735.I5 C466 2014                       2014
    Clinical application of mechanical ventilation / David W. Chang.

 RC801 .A27 2014                          2014
    Advanced nutrition and dietetics in gastroenterology / editor, Miranda
    Lomer ; series editor Kevin Whelan.

 RC925.5 .T48 2013                        2013
    Therapeutic exercise for physical therapist assistants / [edited by]
    William D. Bandy, Barbara Sanders ; photography by Michael A. Morris.

 RC925.7 .B44 2014                        2014
    Musculoskeletal ultrasound / Ian Beggs.

 RC925.7 .C53 2013                        2013
    Musculoskeletal assessment : joint motion and muscle testing / Hazel M.

 RC925.7 .C695 2015                       2015
    Imaging handbook for physical therapists / Mark W. Cornwall, Jr., PT, PhD,
    CPed, FAPTA, Professor and Chair Department of Physical Therapy Northern
    Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona, Elle Nyre, PT, MS, EntireCare,
    Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona, John H. Harris, Jr., MD, DSc, DSc,
    FACR, Professor Emeritus Department of Radiology and Interventional
    Imaging University of Texas Medical School - Houston, Houston, Texas.

 RD559 .O77 2014                          2013
    Orthotic intervention for the hand and upper extremity : splinting
    principles and process / [edited by] MaryLynn Jacobs, Noelle Austin.

 RD771 .B217 M874 2015                    2015
    Manual therapy for the low back and pelvis : a clinical orthopedic
    approach / Joseph E. Muscolino,  BA, DC, Chiropractor, Adjunct Professor
    of Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology at Purchase College, State
    University of New York, Owner of the Art and Science of Kinesiology.

 RF290 .H86 2014                          2014
    Audiology and communication disorders : an overview / Larry E. Humes, PhD,
    Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Speech and Hearing
    Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, Fred H. Bess, PhD,
    Professor, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Director, National
    Center for Childhood and Family Communication, Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson
    Center for Otolaryngology and Communication Services, Vanderbilt
    University School of Medicine, Nashville Tennessee.

 RJ53 .P5 P43 2015                        2015
    Pediatric physical therapy / [edited by] Jan Stephen Tecklin, Professor,
    Department of Physical Therapy, Arcadia University, Glenside,

 RK60.7 .M94 2015                         2015
    General and oral pathology for dental hygiene practice / Sandra L. Myers,
    DMD, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry,
    Minneapolis, MN, Alice E. Curran, DMD, MS Associate Professor, University
    of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill, NC.

 RM217.2 .E83 2015                        2015
    Nutrition and diagnosis-related care / Sylvia Escott-Stump, MA, RDN, LDN,
    Dietetic Internship Director, East Carolina University, Greenville, North
    Carolina, Consulting Dietitian Nutritional Balance, Winterville, North
    Carolina, Board Member, International Confederation of Dietetic

 RM237.73 .E93 2015                       2015
    The paleo chef : quick, flavorful paleo meals for eating well / Pete Evans
    ; photography by Mark Roper.

 RM262 .A65 2016                          2016
    Handbook of applied therapeutics / [edited by] Burgunda Sweet, PhamD,
    Clinical Professor, Department of Clinical, Social and Administrative
    Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Michigan State University, East Lansing,

 RM301.12 .M26 2013                       2013
    Pharmacology made insanely easy / Loretta Manning, Sylvia Rayfield.

 RM722 .B46 2014                          2014
    The ethics of touch : the hands-on practitioner's guide to creating a
    professional, safe, and enduring practice / Ben E. Benjamin, Ph.D., &
    Cherie Sohnen-Moe.

 RM735 .O33 2014                          2014
    Occupational therapy for physical dysfunction / editors, Mary Vining
    Radomski, Catherine A. Trombly Latham.

 RM735 .W5 2014                           2014
    Willard & Spackman's occupational therapy.

 RT24 .O37 2016                           2016
    Writing for publication in nursing / Marilyn H. Oermann, Judith C. Hays.

 RT41 .M26 2014                           2014
    Medical surgical nursing concepts made insanely easy! : a new approach to
    prioritizing nursing! / Loretta Manning, Lydia Zager.

 RT41 .T46 2014                           2014
    Brunner & Suddarth's handbook of laboratory and diagnostic tests.

 RT51 .M26 2014                           2014
    Concepts made insanely easy for clinical nursing! : approach to
    prioritizing concepts for clinical nursing / Loretta Manning, Lydia Zager.

 RT51 .R29 2014                           2014
    Nursing made insanely easy / Sylvia Rayfield, Loretta Manning.

 RT55 .M36 2014                           2014
    NCLEX-PN 101 : how to pass! / [edited by] Loretta Manning, MSN, RN, CS,
    GNP, President, I CAN Publishing, Inc., Sylvia Rayfield, MN, RN, CNS,
    Board Chairman, Sylvia Rayfield & Associateds, Inc.

 RT55 .N43 2013                           2013
    NCLEX-RN 101 how to pass! / [edited by] Sylvia Rayfield, Loretta Manning.

 RT73 .G26 2015                           2015
    Clinical teaching strategies in nursing / Kathleen B. Gaberson, Marilyn H.
    Oermann, Teresa Shellenbarger.

 RT73.7 .O47 2014                         2014
    Evaluation and testing in nursing education / Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN,
    ANEF, FAAN, Kathleen B. Gaberson, PhD, RN, CNOR, CNE, ANEF.

 RT73.7 .O475 2013                        2013
    Studyguide for evaluation and testing in nursing education / [prepared and
    written by Cram101].

 RT81.5 .M344 2014                        2014
    The nurse educator's guide to assessing learning outcomes / Mary E.

 RT89 .R62 2015                           2015
    The nurses : a year of secrets, drama, and miracles with the heroes of the
    hospital / Alexandra Robbins.

 RT90 .T4137 2015                         2015
    Teaching in nursing and role of the educator : the complete guide to best
    practice in teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development / Marilyn H.
    Oermann, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN, editor.

 T353 .G64 2016                           2016
    Technical drawing and engineering communication / David L. Goetsch and
    Raymond L. Rickman.

 T353 .W353 2014                          2014
    Fundamentals of modern drafting / by Paul Wallach.

 T354 .L37 2013                           2013
    Practical problems in mathematics for drafting and CAD / John Larkin,
    Concetta M. Duval.

 T379 .B38 2014                           2014
    Blueprint reading for welders / A.E. Bennett, Louis J. Siy.

 T379 .B736 2014                          2014
    Interpreting engineering drawings / Theodore J. Branoff.

 TH355 .H87 2014                          2014
    Understanding construction drawings / Mark W. Huth.

 TJ1165 .P48 2016                         2016
    Mathematics for machine technology / John C. Peterson, Robert D. Smith.

 TJ1189 .P67 2015                         2014
    Precision machining technology / Peter J. Hoffman, Berks Career &
    Technology Center, West Campus, Leesport, PA, Eric S. Hopewell, Berks
    Career & Technology Center, West Campus, Leesport, PA, Brian Janes,
    Bowling Green Technical College, Bowling Green, KY.

 TK9901 .A34 2015                         2015
    Advanced home wiring : DC circuits, transfer switches, panel upgrades,
    circuit maps, more.

 TL152 .B346 2015                         2015
    Physics for gearheads : an introduction to vehicle dynamics, energy, and
    power with examples from motorsports / Randy Beikmann, Ph.D.

 TP155.75 .S63 2016                       2016
    Process technology plant operations / Michael Speegle.

 TS699 .Z87 2015                          2015
    Powder coating : a how-to guide : for automobile, motorcycle, bicycle &
    other parts / Jeffrey Zurschmeide.

 TT970 .A77 2016                          2016
    Milady standard razor cutting / by Nick Arrojo.

 TT972 .J62 2015                          2015
    Milady standard updos / Timothy C. Johnson.

 TT972 .T435 2014                         2014
    Disney princess hairstyles : 40 amazing princess hairstyles with step by
    step images / [author, Theod*ora Mj*oll Sk*ulad*ottir Jack].

 TT972 .T44 2014                          2015
    Frozen hairstyles / author, Theodora Mjoll Skuladottir Jack.

 TT973 .H466 2013                         2013
    Milady standard cosmetology : haircoloring and chemical texture services /
    [Colleen Hennessey, Victoria Wurdinger].

 TX631 .M395 2015                         2015
    Tasty : the art and science of what we eat / John McQuaid.

 TX649 .G53 A3 2015                       2015
    Sous chef : 24 hours on the line / Michael Gibney.

 TX651 .L328 2015                         2015
    On cooking  : a textbook of culinary fundamentals / Sarah R. Labensky,
    CCP, Alan M. Hause, Priscilla A. Martel ; photographs by Richard Embery ;
    drawings by Stacey Winters Quattrone and William E. Ingram.

 TX652.4 .H39 2014                        2014
    Creating your culinary career / Ronald Hayes.

 TX714 .W279 2015                         2015
    Cognitive cooking with Chef Watson : recipes for innovation from IBM & the
    Institute of Culinary Education.

 TX715 .N445 2016                         2016
    American regional cuisine / Michael F. Nenes, MBA, CEC, CCE, the
    International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes ; photography by Ron

 TX719 .Z5413 2014                        2014
    French bistro : restaurant-quality recipes for appetizers, entre*es,
    desserts, and drinks / by Maria Zihammou ; photos by *Asa  Dahlgren ;
    translated by Cory Klingsporn.

 TX763 .B3234 2016                        2016
    Baking and pastry : mastering the art and craft / the Culinary Institute
    of America.

 TX765 .B466 2014                         2014
    The baking bible / Rose Levy Beranbaum ; photography by Ben Fink.

 TX801 .M246 2015                         2015
    Inspiralized : turn vegetables into healthy, creative, satisfying meals /
    Ali Maffucci ; photographs by Evan Sung.

 TX809 .M17 V46 2015                      2015
    Mastering pasta : the art and practice of handmade pasta, gnocchi, and
    risotto / Marc Vetri ; with David Joachim ; photography by Ed Anderson.

 TX823 .V67 2016                          2016
    Street foods / Hinnerk von Bargen [and] the Culinary Institute of America
    ; photography by Francesco Tonelli.

 TX837 .C5943 2015                        2015
    The complete vegetarian cookbook : a fresh guide to eating well with 700
    foolproof recipes / by the editors at America's test kitchen.

 TX837 .J5427 2014                        2014
    A modern way to eat : 200 + satisfying vegetarian recipes (that will make
    you feel amazing) / Anna Jones.

 TX910.3 .C668 2014                       2014
    Contemporary biographies in hospitality & tourism.

 TX911.3 .S3 A73 2005                     2005
    HACCP & sanitation in restaurants and food service operations : a
    practical guide based on the FDA food code, with companion CD-ROM / by
    Lora Arduser and Douglas Robert Brown.

 TX911.3 .V62 B45 2010                    2010
    Becoming a culinary arts professional.

 TX911.3 .V62 C375 2014                   2014
    Careers in hospitality & tourism / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, Ph.D.

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Barth LRC Reference Books
October 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014

 REF RB38.2 .M36 2015                     2015
    A manual of laboratory and diagnostic tests / [edited by] Frances Talaska
    Fischbach, RN, BSN, MSN, Associate Clinical Professor of Nursing, School
    of Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
    Associate Professor of Nursing (Ret), School of Nursing, University of
    Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marshall Barnett Dunning III,
    BS, MS, PhD, Professor of Medicine & Physiology, Department of Medicine,
    Division of Pulmanary/Critical Care Medicine, Medical College of
    Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

 REF RB38.2 .P337 2015                    2015
    Mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference / Kathleen Deska Pagana,
    Timothy James Pagana, Theresa Noel Pagana.

 REF RM301.12 .N87 2015                   2014
    Nursing 2015 drug handbook.

 REF RT120.I5 C752 2014                   2014
    Critical care nursing : diagnosis and management / [edited by] Linda D.
    Urden ... [et al.].

 REF RT41 .C86 2013                       2013
    Fundamentals of nursing : human health and function / [edited by] Ruth F.
    Craven, Constance J. Hirnle, Sharon Jensen.

 REF RT41 .T396 2015                      2015
    Fundamentals of nursing : the art and science of person-centered nursing
    care / Carol Taylor, PhD, MSN, RN, Professor of Nursing, Georgetown
    University School of Nursing and Health Studies, Washington, DC, Carol
    Lillis, MSN, RN, Faculty Emerita, Delaware County Community College,
    Media, Pennsylvania, Pamela Lynn, MSN, RN, Instructor, Gwynedd Mercy
    University, Frances M. Maguire School of Nursing and Health Professions,
    Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania, Priscilla LeMone, DSN, RN, FAAN, Associate
    Professor Emerita, University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing,
    Columbia, Missouri, Adjunct Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
    College of Nursing, Columbus, Ohio.

 REF RT42 .M44 2015                       2015
    Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare : a guide to best
    practice / Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, Ellen Fineout-Overholt.

 REF RT48 .J46 2014                       2015
    Nursing health assessment : a best practice approach / Sharon Jensen.

 REF RT48.6 .L33 2014                     2014
    Mosby's guide to nursing diagnosis / Gail B. Ladwig, Betty J. Ackley.

 REF RT49 .A45 2016                       2016
    All-in-one nursing care planning resource : medical-surgical, pediatric,
    maternity, and psychiatric-mental health / Pamela L. Swearingen, special
    project editor.

 REF RT51 .T39 2015                       2015
    Taylor's clinical nursing skills : a nursing process approach / Pamela

 REF RT62 .F686 2015                      2014
    Foundations of nursing / [edited by] Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell.

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Barth LRC Popular Books
April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015

 *POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2015
    Heir to the Jedi / Kevin Hearne.

 *POPULAR READING POGUE                   2015
    Pogue's basics : essential tips and shortcuts (that no one bothers to tell
    you) for simplifying the technology in your life / David Pogue.

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Barth LRC Audio/Visual Materials
April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015
 VIDEO DISC DVD 822                       2009
   Title: Briggs & Stratton theories of operation. volume 1
                        [videorecording]  / Briggs & Stratton.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 823                       1995
   Title: Briggs & Stratton theories of operation. volume 2 /
                        Briggs & Stratton.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 824                       2006
   Title: My Name is Bill W. / executive producers, Peter K.
                        Duchow & James Garner ; written by William G. Borchert
                        ; produced & directed by Daniel Petrie ; Warner Bros.,
                        Inc. ; a Garner/Duchow production.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 825                       2012
   Title: 65_RedRoses [videorecording] / a Force Four
                        Entertainment film, in association with Dualogue
                        Productions and CBC Newsworld  ; producer, John
                        Ritchie ; produced and directed by Nimisha Mukerji &
                        Philip Lyall.

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