October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

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White Library Circulating Books
October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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A - General Works
B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History - General & Europe
E - History - America - United States
F - History - America - United States, Canada, Latin America
G - Geography (includes sports & recreation)
H - Social Sciences (includes business fields & criminology)
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N - Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine (includes nursing and allied health)
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Books in General (includes word processing & bibliographies)

- B -
 B187 .H3 L4613 2015                      2015
    Happiness : a philosopher's guide / Fr*ed*eric Lenoir ; translated by
    Andrew Brown.
    Lenoir, Fr*ed*eric.

 B485 .S44 2014                           2014
    Aristotle / Christopher Shields.
    Shields, Christopher John.

 BD444 .F285 2015                         2015
    Death : a philosophical inquiry / Paul Fairfield.
    Fairfield, Paul, 1966-

 BF408 .T55 2015                          2015
    Culture crash : the killing of the creative class / Scott Timberg.
    Timberg, Scott.

 BF637 .S8 L445 1991B                     1991
    Mastery : the keys to long-term success and fulfillment / George Leonard.
    Leonard, George, 1923-2010.

 BF723 .S62 D42 2013                      2013
    Socialsklz :-) for success : how to give children the skills they need to
    thrive in the modern world / Faye de Muyshondt.
    De Muyshondt, Faye,

 BF1566 .Z55 2006                         2006
    The complete idiot's guide to Wicca and witchcraft / by Denise Zimmermann,
    Katherine A. Gleason ; revised by Miria Liguana.
    Zimmermann, Denise.

 BF1572 .B63 S95 2005                     2005
    The body sacred / Dianne Sylvan.
    Sylvan, Dianne, 1977-

 BL458 .V36 2015                          2015
    Women in new religions / Laura Vance.
    Vance, Laura Lee.

 BL480 .C37 2008                          2008
    The history of the devil : with 350 illustrations / Paul Carus.
    Carus, Paul, 1852-1919.

 BL782 .B8313 1985                        1985
    Greek religion / Walter Burkert ; translated by John Raffan.
    Burkert, Walter, 1931-2015.

 BL2747.3 .C487 2014                      2014
    Atheist awakening : secular activism and community in America / Richard
    Cimino and Christopher Smith.
    Cimino, Richard P.

 BP75.3 .A454 2014                        2014
    The lives of Muhammad / Kecia Ali.
    Ali, Kecia.

 BP163 .B324 2015                         2015
    It is about Islam : exposing the truth about Isis, Al Qaeda, Iran, and the
    Caliphate / Glenn Beck.
    Beck, Glenn,

 BP605 .B72 D69 2012                      2012
    A journey to Waco : autobiography of a Branch Davidian / Clive Doyle with
    Catherine Wessinger and Matthew D. Wittmer.
    Doyle, Clive, 1941-

 BS2850 .A3 A66 2014                      2014
    The other Gospels : accounts of Jesus from outside the New Testament /
    edited and translated by Bart D. Ehrman and Zlatko Ple*se.
    Ehrman, Bart D.,
    Ple*se, Zlatko,

 BT771.3 .Y33 2013                        2013
    Against dogmatism : dwelling in faith and doubt / Madhuri M. Yadlapati.
    Yadlapati, Madhuri M.

 BX3706.3 .O425 2014                      2014
    The Jesuits : a history from Ignatius to the present / John W. O'Malley,
    O'Malley, John W.

 BX4705 .M542 I527 2014                   2014
    Thinking through Thomas Merton : contemplation for contemporary times /
    Robert Inchausti.
    Inchausti, Robert, 1952-

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- D -
 D840 .W45 1968                           1968
    The trials and triumphs of two dynamic decades, by David C. Whitney.
    Edited by Thomas C. Jones. Assisted by Harriet B. Helmer. With special
    articles: The changing world of sport by Harold Rosenthal [and] Show
    business in the space age, by Robert Landry.
    Whitney, David C.

 DF77                                     2013
    Kratos : the Hellenic tradition / edited by Gwendolyn Taunton.
    Taunton, Gwendolyn,

 DL65 .O94 1997                           1997
    The Oxford illustrated history of the Vikings / edited by Peter Sawyer.
    Sawyer, P. H.

 DS135 .L53 G33 2015                      2015
    A guest at the shooters' banquet : my grandfather's SS past, my Jewish
    family, a search for the truth / Rita Gabis.
    Gabis, Rita, 1957-

 DT31 .Z83 2015                           2015
    African independence : how Africa shapes the world / Tukufu Zuberi.
    Zuberi, Tukufu,

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- E -
 E76.6 .W49 2015                          2015
    Why you can't teach United States history without American Indians /
    edited by Susan Sleeper-Smith, Juliana Barr, Jean M. O'Brien, Nancy
    Shoemaker, and Scott Manning Stevens.
    Sleeper-Smith, Susan,

 E98 .F6 S55 2014                         2014
    Sky loom : Native American myth, story, and song / edited and with an
    introduction by Brian Swann.
    Swann, Brian,

 E169.12 .M69 1989                        1989
    A world of ideas : conversations with thoughtful men and women about
    American life today and the ideas shaping our future / Bill Moyers ; Betty
    Sue Flowers, editor.
    Moyers, Bill D.

 E178 .D243 2015                          2015
    A little history of the United States / James West Davidson.
    Davidson, James West.

 E184 .A1 F739 2015                       2015
    Diversity explosion : how new racial demographics are remaking America /
    William H. Frey.
    Frey, William H.

 E185.97 .D73 A68 2015                    2015
    W.E.B. Du Bois : an American intellectual and activist / Shawn Leigh
    Alexander, Shawn Leigh,

 E185.97 .O23 A3 2004                     2004
    Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritance / Barack Obama.
    Obama, Barack.

 E203 .A5787 2015 V.1                     2015
    The American Revolution : writings from the pamphlet debate / Gordon S.
    Wood, editor.
    Wood, Gordon S.,

 E441 .B48 2015                           2015
    The Long Emancipation : The Demise of Slavery in the United States / Ira
    Berlin, Ira, 1941-

 E806 .A123 2014                          2014
    The 40s : the story of a decade / The New Yorker ; edited by Henry Finder
    with Giles Harvey ; introduction by David Remnick.
    Finder, Henry.
    Harvey, Giles.

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- F -
 F387 .A525 2015                          2015
    Echoes of glory : historic military sites across Texas / Thomas E.
    Alexander and Dan K. Utley.
    Alexander, Thomas E., 1931-

 F391 .B2115 2015                         2015
    Picturing Texas politics : a photographic history from Sam Houston to Rick
    Perry / Chuck Bailey ; historical text by Patrick Cox ; introduction by
    John Anderson.
    Bailey, Chuck L.,

 F394 .A99 I58 2015                       2015
    Invisible in Austin : life and labor in an American city / edited by
    Javier Auyero ; with an afterword by Lo*ic Wacquant.
    Auyero, Javier,

 F395 .M5 R528 2015                       2015
    Texas Mexican Americans and postwar civil rights / Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez.
    Rivas-Rodriguez, Maggie,

 F869 .S353 M5454 2015                    2015
    Harvey Milk : pioneering gay politician / Corinne Grinapol.
    Grinapol, Corinne.

 F1230 .S19 2015                          2015
    Deadly Baggage : What Cort*es Brought to Mexico and How It Destroyed the
    Aztec Civilization / Al Sandine.
    Sandine, Al, 1938-

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- G -
 G1034 .H3 1995                           1995
    The Penguin historical atlas of the Vikings / John Haywood.
    Haywood, John, 1956-

 G1038 .S83 2014                          2014
    The atlas of special operations of World War Two / Alexander Swanston.
    Swanston, Alexander,

 G1812.21 .S1 B3 2011                     2011
    Historical atlas of the British Isles / by Ian Barnes.
    Barnes, Ian, 1946-2014.

 GR524 .H93 2010                          2010
    Trickster makes this world : mischief, myth, and art / Lewis Hyde.
    Hyde, Lewis, 1945-

 GR550 .C37 2015                          2015
    The Cambridge companion to fairy tales / edited by Maria Tatar.
    Tatar, Maria, 1945-

 GR830 .V3 I58 2013                       2013
    Images of the modern vampire : the hip and the atavistic / edited by
    Barbara Brodman and James E. Doan.
    Brodman, Barbara,
    Doan, James E.,

 GR202 .A4313 2014 V.1                    2014
    The complete folktales of A.N. Afanas'ev / edited by Jack V. Haney.
    Afanas*ev, A. N. (Aleksandr Nikolaevich), 1826-1871.

 GT3150 .K68 2015                         2015
    Memento mori : the dead among us / Paul Koudounaris.
    Koudounaris, Paul,

 GV939 .W35 M55 2015                      2015
    Pop Warner : a life on the gridiron.
    Miller, Jeff (Jeffrey J.),

 GV1101 .T53 2015                         2015
    Fight like a physicist : the incredible science behind martial arts /
    Jason Thalken, PHD.
    Thalken, Jason,

 GV1469.17 .S63 F63 2014                  2014
    Values at play in digital games / Mary Flanagan and Helen Nissenbaum.
    Flanagan, Mary, 1969-

 GV1469.34 .P79 M33 2016                  2016
    Getting gamers : the psychology of video games and their impact on the
    people who play them / Jamie Madigan.
    Madigan, Jamie,

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- H -
 H97 .C624 2015                           2015
    Philosophy, ethics, and public policy : an introduction / Andrew I. Cohen.
    Cohen, Andrew  I.

 HA32 .F54 2013                           2013
    Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics : and sex and drugs and
    rock 'n' roll / Andy Field.
    Field, Andy P.

 HB74 .P8 T527 2015                       2015
    Misbehaving : the making of behavioral economics / Richard H. Thaler.
    Thaler, Richard H., 1945-

 HB3711 .K627 2015                        2015
    Business cycle economics : understanding recessions and depressions from
    boom to bust / Todd A. Knoop.
    Knoop, Todd A.

 HB3730 .D367 2015                        2015
    Hubris : why economists failed to predict the crisis and how to avoid the
    next one / Meghnad Desai.
    Desai, Meghnad,

 HC79 .I5 A822 2015                       2015
     Inequality : what can be done? / Anthony B. Atkinson.
    Atkinson, A. B. (Anthony Barnes), 1944-

 HC102 .O56 2015                          2015
    American economic history : a dictionary and chronology / James S. Olson
    and Abraham O. Mendoza.
    Olson, James Stuart, 1946-

 HD30.22 .W433 2014                       2014
    Managerial economics : tools for analyzing business strategy / Thomas J.
    Webster, Thomas J.

 HD58.6 .N325 2015                        2015
    Getting (more of) what you want : how the secrets of economics and
    psychology can help you negotiate anything, in business and in life /
    Margaret A. Neale and Thomas Z. Lys.
    Neale, Margaret Ann,

 HD58.8 .B547 2014                        2014
    It starts with one : changing individuals changes organizations / J.
    Stewart Black.
    Black, J. Stewart, 1959-

 HD1691 .F55 2012                         2012
    The big thirst : the secret life and turbulent future of water / Charles
    Fishman, Charles, 1961-

 HD6060.6 .A553 2013                      2013
    Work with me : the 8 blind spots between men and women in business /
    Barbara Annis and John Gray.
    Annis, Barbara, 1954-

 HD6096 .L9 R7 1898                       1898
    Loom and spindle: or, Life among the early mill girls. With a sketch of
    "The Lowell offering" and some of its contributors. By Harriet H. Robinson
    ... Introduction by the Honorable Carroll D. Wright ...
    Robinson, Harriet Jane Hanson, 1825-1911.

 HD8039 .C6522 S65 2015                   2015
    Soft skills : the software developer's life manual / John Z. Sonmez.
    Sonmez, John Z.,

 HD8081 .M6 W43 2015                      2015
    From South Texas to the nation : the exploitation of Mexican labor in the
    twentieth century / John Weber.
    Weber, John, 1978-

 HD9725 .P76 2015                         2015
    Production in the innovation economy.
    Locke, Richard M., 1959-
    Wellhausen, Rachel L.

 HF1001 .F78 2012                         2012
    Dictionary of business and economics terms / Jack Friedman.
    Friedman, Jack P.

 HF1017 .B84 2014                         2014
    Practical statistics : a handbook for business projects / John Buglear.
    Buglear, John.

 HF1017 .Q572 2015                        2015
    Excel 2013 for business statistics : a guide to solving practical problems
    / Thomas J. Quirk.
    Quirk, Thomas Joseph.

 HF1359 .C634 2015                        2015
    Global production networks : theorizing economic development in an
    interconnected world / Neil M. Coe and Henry Wai-chung Yeung.
    Coe, Neil M.,

 HF1365 .K786 2015                        2015
    The cost of globalization : dangers to the earth and its people / Julian
    E. Kunnie.
    Kunnie, Julian.

 HF5415.123 .P477 2013                    2013
    Social media and integrated marketing communication : a rhetorical
    approach / Jeanne M. Persuit.
    Persuit, Jeanne M., 1973-

 HF5548.4 .M525 S65 2013                  2013
    Microsoft Office 365 administration inside out / Julian Soh, Anthony Puca,
    Marshall Copeland.
    Soh, Julian,

 HF5549.5 .M5 D46 2012X                   2012
    Can you afford to ignore me? : how to manage gender and cultural
    differences at work / by Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy.
    Dennehy, Elisabet Rodriquez.

 HG151 .D69 2014                          2014
    Dictionary of finance and investment terms / John Downes, Jordan Elliot
    Downes, John, 1936-

 HG172 .H36 W45 2015                      2015
    Prince of darkness : the untold story of Jeremiah G. Hamilton, Wall
    Street's first black millionaire / Shane White.
    White, Shane,

 HG353 .K89 2013                          2013
    The ecology of money : debt, growth, and sustainability / Adrian
    Kuzminski, Adrian, 1944-

 HG4027.7 .W675 2014                      2014
    The entrepreneur's guide to financial statements / David Worrell.
    Worrell, David.

 HM742 .D55 2013                          2013
    The culture of connectivity : a critical history of social media / Jos*e
    van Dijck.
    Dijck, Jos*e van.

 HM851 .D54 2015                          2015
    The digital age / [compiled by H.W. Wilson].
    H.W. Wilson Company.

 HQ27 .H367 2015                          2015
    Sexting panic : rethinking criminalization, privacy, and consent / Amy
    Adele Hasinoff.
    Hasinoff, Amy Adele,

 HQ76.8 .U5 F33 2015                      2015
    The gay revolution : the story of the struggle / Lillian Faderman.
    Faderman, Lillian,

 HQ76.8 .U5 Q44 2015                      2015
    Queer brown voices : personal narratives of Latina/o LGBT activism /
    edited by Uriel Quesada, Letitia Gomez, and Salvador Vidal-Ortiz.
    Quesada, Uriel,
    Gomez, Letitia,
    Vidal-Ortiz, Salvador,

 HQ77.9 .S55 2015                         2015
    Trans/portraits : voices from transgender communities / Jackson Wright
    Shultz, Jackson Wright,

 HQ784 .I58 K68 2014                      2014
    The Gen Z effect : the six forces shaping the future of business / Thomas
    Koulopoulos and Dan Keldsen.
    Koulopoulos, Thomas M.

 HQ799.2 .P6 B375 2015                    2015
    Teenage rebels : successful high school activists, from the Little Rock 9
    to the Class of Tomorrow / Dawson Barrett.
    Barrett, Dawson,

 HQ1412 .M1633 2014                       2014
    Flappers : six women of a dangerous generation / Judith Mackrell.
    Mackrell, Judith.

 HQ1413 .R58 B88 1998                     1998
    "A good poor man's wife" : being a chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson
    and her family in nineteenth-century New England / Claudia L. Bushman.
    Bushman, Claudia L.

 HT123 .T73 2015                          2015
    The transformation of American cities / [compiled by] H. W. Wilson, a
    division of EBSCO Information Services.
    H.W. Wilson Company.

 HT371 .S76 2013                          2013
    Keys to the city : how economics, institutions, social interactions, and
    politics shape  development  / Michael Storper.
    Storper, Michael.

 HV1426 .B47 2015                         2015
    No house to call my home : love, family, and other transgressions / Ryan
    Berg, Ryan, 1974-

 HV5279 .P58 1999                         1999
    Stepping stones to recovery / by Bill Pittman.
    Pittman, Bill, 1947-

 HV6250.4 .W65 S79 2014                   2014
    Ordinary violence : everyday assaults against women worldwide / Mary White
    Stewart, PhD
    Stewart, Mary White, 1945-

 HV7436 .K67 2009                         2009
    Aiming for liberty : the past, present, and future of freedom and
    self-defense / David B. Kopel.
    Kopel, David B.

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- J -
 JK276 .T352 2010                         2010
    Study guide to accompany Tannahill American government : policy and
    politics, 10e / Maryann Zihala.
    Zihala, Maryann.

 JK325 .L48 2015                          2015
    Plunder and deceit : big government's exploitation of young people and the
    future / Mark R. Levin.
    Levin, Mark R. (Mark Reed), 1957-

 JK1911 .M4 R8 1883                       1883
    Massachusetts in the woman suffrage movement. A general, political, legal
    and legislative history from 1774, to 1881. By Harriet H. Robinson ...
    Robinson, Harriet Jane Hanson, 1825-1911.

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- K -
 KF320 .A9 S367 2014                      2014
    Microsoft Office 365 for lawyers / Ben M. Schorr.
    Schorr, Ben M.,

 KF322.5 .M53 W675 2014                   2014
    Microsoft Word 2013 for Law Firms.

 KF5569 .B87 2015                         2015
    Water rights and the environment in the United States : a documentary and
    reference guide / John R. Burch, Jr.
    Burch, John R., 1968-

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- L -
 LB2328 .B26 2015                         2015
    Redesigning America's community colleges : a clearer path to student
    success / Thomas R. Bailey, Shanna Smith Jaggars, Davis Jenkins.
    Bailey, Thomas R. (Thomas Raymond)

 LB2328.15 .U6 B75 2012                   2012
    First in the world : community colleges and America's future / J. Noah
    Brown, J. Noah.

 LB2341 .A228 2015                        2015
    Academic leadership in higher education : from the top down and the bottom
    up / edited by Robert J. Sternberg, Elizabeth Davis, April C. Mason,
    Robert V. Smith, Jeffrey S. Vitter, and Michele Wheatly.
    Sternberg, Robert J.,

 LB2341 .E334 2015                        2015
    Developing tomorrow's leaders : context, challenges, and capabilities /
    Pamela L. Eddy, Debbie L. Sydow, Richard L. Alfred, and Regina L. Garza
    Eddy, Pamela Lynn.

 LB2353.57 .A156 2015                     2015
    The official SAT study guide.
    College Entrance Examination Board.

 LB2371 .H34 2015                         2015
    57 ways to screw up in grad school : perverse professional lessons for
    graduate students / Kevin D. Haggerty and Aaron Doyle.
    Haggerty, Kevin D.,

 LB2395.7 .C38 2014                       2014
    Minds on fire : how role-immersion games transform college / Mark C.
    Carnes, Mark C. (Mark Christopher), 1950-

 LC2682 .M35 2015                         2015
    The magic key : the educational journey of Mexican Americans from K-12 to
    college and beyond / edited by Ruth Enid Zambrana and Sylvia Hurtado.
    Zambrana, Ruth E.,
    Hurtado, Sylvia, 1957-

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- N -
 N72.5 .N53 2015                          2015
    Famous Works of Art-- And How They Got That Way / John  B. Nici.
    Nici, John B.,

 N6275 .G73 2013                          2013
    Viking art / James Graham-Campbell.
    Graham-Campbell, James,

 NA4232 .M48 C37 2014                     2014
    Spectacular Mexico : design, propaganda, and the 1968 Olympics / Luis M.
    Casta*neda, Luis M., 1984-

 NC890 .H63 2013                          2013
    Inventing history : cherished memories of good times that never happened /
    the graphite pencil drawings of Richard Chandler Hoff.
    Hoff, Richard Chandler.

 ND237 .B872 L36 2015                     2015
    Romaine Brooks : a life / Cassandra Langer.
    Langer, Cassandra L.,

 ND623 .G364 L63 2015                     2015
    Artemisia Gentileschi : the language of painting / Jesse M. Locker.
    Locker, Jesse,

 NK3620 .S48 2001                         2001
    Learn calligraphy : the complete book of lettering and design / Margaret
    Shepherd, Margaret.

 NK4025 .T4 B76 2002                      2002
    The Wilson potters : an African-American enterprise in 19th-century Texas
    / Michael K. Brown.
    Brown, Michael K. (Michael Kevin), 1953-2013.

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- P -
 PE1065 .M29 2010                         2010
    Two roads diverged and I took both : meaningful writing instruction in an
    age of testing / Melanie Mayer.
    Mayer, Melanie.

 PE1065 .M29 2014                         2014
    Miles to go : what I learned while I was teaching Melanie Mayer.
    Mayer, Melanie.

 PE1404 .V35 2013                         2013
    Wonderbook : an illustrated guide to creating imaginative fiction / Jeff
    VanderMeer ; art by Jeremy Zerfoss (and many others)
    VanderMeer, Jeff.

 PE1628 .M315 2014                        2014
    McGraw-Hill Education Essential ESL dictionary for learners of English /
    Editors of McGraw-Hill Education.
    McGraw-Hill Education (Firm)

 PG3366 .A6 2014                          2014
    Anna Karenina / Leo Tolstoy ; translated with an introduction and notes by
    Rosamund Bartlett.
    Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.

 PL856 .U673 A2 2015                      2015
    Wind/Pinball : two novels / Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japanese
    by Ted Goossen.
    Murakami, Haruki, 1949-

 PN1992.7 .M67 2013                       2013
    A quick guide to television writing / Ray Morton.
    Morton, Ray, 1961-

 PN1992.8 .I64 F58 2014                   2014
    Native Americans on network TV : stereotypes, myths, and the "good Indian"
    / Michael Ray FitzGerald.
    FitzGerald, Michael Ray, 1953-

 PN1993.5 .M4 I79 2013                    2013
    Global Mexican cinema : its golden age : 'el cine mexicano se impone' /
    Robert McKee Irwin and Maricruz Castro Ricalde ; with M*onica Szurmuk,
    Inmaculada *Alvarez and Dubravka Su*znjevi*c.
    Irwin, Robert McKee, 1962-

 PN1995.9 .Z63 B525 2015                  2015
    How zombies conquered popular culture : the multifarious walking dead in
    the 21st century / Kyle William Bishop.
    Bishop, Kyle William, 1973-

 PN1996 .S38 2014                         2014
    Screenwriting / edited by Andrew Horton and Julian Hoxter.
    Horton, Andrew, 1944-
    Hoxter, Julian.

 PN3435 .T66 2013                         2013
    Lord Dunsany, H. P. Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury : spectral journeys /
    William F. Touponce.
    Touponce, William F.

 PQ1508 .E5 S5613 2015                    2015
    Roman de Renart. English.
    Simpson, James, 1954-
    Newman, Edith E.,

 PR478 .I54 Z35 2015                      2015
    The fellowship : the literary lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S.
    Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams / Philip Zaleski and Carol Zaleski.
    Zaleski, Philip.

 PR605 .W65 E35 2014                      2014
    Some desperate glory : the First World War the poets knew / Max Egremont.
    Egremont, Max, 1948-

 PR1868 .M63 B45 2015                     2015
    The lives of the Miller's Tale : the roots, composition and retellings of
    Chaucer's bawdy story / Peter G. Beidler.
    Beidler, Peter G.,

 PR1905 .S77 2014                         2014
    Chaucer's Tale : 1386 and the Road to Canterbury / Paul Strohm.
    Strohm, Paul, 1938-

 PR5841 .W8 Z716 2015                     2015
    Romantic outlaws : the extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and her
    daughter Mary Shelley / Charlotte Gordon.
    Gordon, Charlotte.

 PR6039 .O32 H635 2013                    2013
    Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien's The hobbit / Corey Olsen.
    Olsen, Corey,

 PR6039 .O32 Z587 2014                    2014
    Tolkien : how an obscure Oxford professor wrote The Hobbit and became the
    most beloved author of the century / Devin Brown.
    Brown, Devin.

 PR6039 .O32 Z8139 2013                   2013
    The Riddles of the Hobbit / Adam Roberts, Professor of Nineteenth-Century
    Literature, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.
    Roberts, Adam (Adam Charles)

 PR6053 .H786 Z663 2014                   2014
    The theatre of Caryl Churchill / R. Darren Gobert.
    Gobert, R. Darren,

 PR6065 .N435 D64 2014                    2014
    The dog / Joseph O'Neill.
    O'Neill, Joseph, 1964-

 PR6068 .E63 G57 2014                     2014
    The girl next door : a novel / Ruth Rendell.
    Rendell, Ruth, 1930-2015,

 PR6068 .O93 Z8874 2015                   2015
    Harry Potter and the classical world : Greek and Roman allusions in J.K.
    Rowling's modern epic / Richard A. Spencer.
    Spencer, Richard A. (Richard Albert),

 PR9199.3 .A8 H43 2015                    2015
    The heart goes last / Margaret Atwood.
    Atwood, Margaret, 1939-

 PR9199.3 .B683 L36 1997                  1997
    Land to light on / Dionne Brand.
    Brand, Dionne, 1953-

 PR9199.3 .N564 N49 2014                  2014
    Next life might be kinder / Howard Norman.
    Norman, Howard A.

 PS169 .N35 M67 2013                      2013
    The trickster figure in American literature / Winifred Morgan.
    Morgan, Winifred, 1938-

 PS648 .C7 W66 2015                       2015
    Women crime writers. Four suspense novels of the 1940s / Sarah Weinman,
    Weinman, Sarah,
    Caspary, Vera, 1899-1987. Laura (Novel)
    Eustis, Helen. Horizontal man.
    Hughes, Dorothy B. (Dorothy Belle), 1904-1993. In a lonely place.
    Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay, 1889-1955. Blank wall.

 PS648 .C7 W662 2015                      2015
    Women crime writers. Four suspense novels of the 1950s / Sarah Weinman,
    Weinman, Sarah,
    Armstrong, Charlotte, 1905-1969. Mischief.
    Highsmith, Patricia, 1921-1995. Blunderer.
    Millar, Margaret, 1915-1994. Beast in view.
    Hitchens, Dolores, 1907-1973. Fools' gold.

 PS648 .W64 W67 2014                      2014
    World War I in American fiction : an anthology of short stories / edited
    by Scott D. Emmert and Steven Trout.
    Emmert, Scott, 1962-
    Trout, Steven, 1963-

 PS1541 .Z5 W24 2013                      2013
    Emily Dickinson : a literary life / Linda Wagner-Martin.
    Wagner-Martin, Linda,

 PS3505 .A59 Z645 2014                    2014
    Understanding Truman Capote / Thomas Fahy.
    Fahy, Thomas Richard,

 PS3507 .A6659 Z86 2015                   2015
    Joy : poet, seeker, and the woman who captivated C. S. Lewis / Abigail
    Santamaria, Abigail,

 PS3507 .U629 2014                        2014
    The collected later poems and plays / Robert Duncan ; edited and with an
    introduction by Peter Quartermain.
    Duncan, Robert, 1919-1988.

 PS3511 .I9 G83196 2014                   2014
    So we read on : how The Great Gatsby came to be and why it endures  /
    Maureen Corrigan.
    Corrigan, Maureen,

 PS3511 .R94 Z8565 2015                   2015
    The road not taken : finding America in the poem everyone loves and almost
    everyone gets wrong / David Orr.
    Orr, David, 1974-

 PS3513 .I74 A6 2015                      2015
    The Essential Ginsberg / Allen Ginsberg ; edited by Michael Schumacher.
    Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997.

 PS3537 .T323 Z7137 2007                  2008
    Two lives : Gertrude and Alice / Janet Malcolm.
    Malcolm, Janet.

 PS3543 .I26 Z85 2015                     2015
    Empire of self : a life of Gore Vidal / Jay Parini.
    Parini, Jay.

 PS3545 .E6 Z977 2015                     2015
    A dark rose : love in Eudora Welty's stories and novels / Sally Wolff.
    Wolff, Sally,

 PS3545 .H16 A6 2015                      2015
    Four novels of the 1920s : The glimpses of the moon ; A son at the front ;
    Twilight sleep ;  The children / Edith Wharton ; Hermione Lee, editor.
    Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937,

 PS3552 .A45 A6 2015                      2015
    Later novels / James Baldwin ; Darryl Pinckney, editor.
    Baldwin, James, 1924-1987,

 PS3553 .A764 W37 2014                    2014
    Warburg in Rome / James Carroll.
    Carroll, James, 1943-

 PS3553 .R548 A6 2015                     2015
    Selected poems / Barbara Crooker.
    Crooker, Barbara, 1945-

 PS3553 .R548 S62 2014                    2014
    Small rain / Barbara Crooker.
    Crooker, Barbara, 1945-

 PS3554 .E4425 Z94 2015                   2015
    Understanding Don DeLillo / Henry Veggian.
    Veggian, Henry,

 PS3554 .I33 Z57 2015                     2015
    The last love song : a biography of Joan Didion / Tracy Daugherty.
    Daugherty, Tracy.

 PS3556 .R352 P87 2015                    2015
    Purity : a novel / Jonathan Franzen.
    Franzen, Jonathan.

 PS3558 .O3447 M37 2015                   2015
    The marriage of opposites : a novel / Alice Hoffman.
    Hoffman, Alice.

 PS3562 .E55 A6 2015                      2015
    Four novels of the 1980s : City primeval ; LaBrava ; Glitz ; Freaky deaky
    / Elmore Leonard ; Gregg Sutter, editor.
    Leonard, Elmore, 1925-2013,

 PS3569 .C688 B52 2014                    2014
    Black cows and bubble gum / Barbara Kerr Scott.
    Scott, Barbara Kerr.

 *POPULAR READING AVERY                   2011
    The last nude / Ellis Avery.
    Avery, Ellis.

 PS3618 .O3233 W38 2015                   2015
    War of the encyclopaedists : a novel / Christopher Robinson and Gavin
    Robinson, Christopher Gerald,

 PS3619 .M592455 Z46 2014                 2014
    My Salinger year / Joanna Smith Rakoff.
    Smith Rakoff, Joanna, 1972-

 PS3620 .H63 A6 2015                      2015
    As if light actually matters : new & selected poems / Larry D. Thomas.
    Thomas, Larry D., 1947-

 PT9877.22 .A44 G57 2015                  2015
    The girl in the spider's web : a Lisbeth Salander novel, continuing Stieg
    Larsson's millennium series / David Lagercrantz ; Translated from the
    Swedish by George Goulding.
    Lagercrantz, David,

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- Q -
 Q130 .H376 2015                          2015
    Women scientists : reflections, challenges, and breaking boundaries /
    Magdolna Hargittai.
    Hargittai, Magdolna,

 Q172.5 .E77 N49 2015                     2015
    Newton's apple and other myths about science / edited by Ronald L. Numbers
    and Kostas Kampourakis.
    Numbers, Ronald L.,
    Kampourakis, Kostas,

 QA76 .D3483 2015                         2015
    Great principles of computing / Peter J. Denning and Craig H. Martell.
    Denning, Peter J., 1942-

 QA76.17 .H49 2015                        2015
    The computing universe : a journey through a revolution / Tony Hey,
    Microsoft Research, Redmond, Washington, Gyuri P*apay, IT Innovation
    Centre, Southhampton, U.K.
    Hey, Anthony J. G.

 QA76.5 .F697 2014                        2014
    Fire in the valley : the birth and death of the personal computer /
    Michael Swaine, Paul Freiberger.
    Swaine, Michael, 1945-

 QA76.76 .W56 M51888 2015                 2015
    Teach yourself visually Windows 10 / Paul McFedries.
    McFedries, Paul,

 QA76.76 .W56 R364 2015                   2015
    Windows 10 for dummies / by Andy Rathbone.
    Rathbone, Andy,

 QA76.774 .M435 L46 2015                  2015
    Windows 10 all-in-one for dummies / by Woody Leonhard.
    Leonhard, Woody,

 QA76.774 .M436 P65 2015                  2015
    Windows 10 : the missing manual* / David Pogue.
    Pogue, David, 1963-

 QA76.9 .A25 K56 2014                     2014
    The hacker playbook : practical guide to penetration testing / Peter Kim.
    Kim, Peter,

 QA76.9 .A25 K56 2015                     2015
    The hacker playbook 2 : practical guide to penetration testing / Peter
    Kim, Peter,

 QA95 .A27413 2014                        2015
    Mathematics, poetry, and beauty / Ron Aharoni, Technion, Israel Institute
    of Technology, Israel.
    Aharoni, Ron,

 QA111 .B43 2015                          2015
    The magic of math : solving for x and figuring out why / Arthur Benjamin ;
    illustrations by Natalya St. Clair.
    Benjamin, Arthur,

 QA184.2 .T3513 2012                      2012
    The manga guide to linear algebra / Shin Takahashi, Iroha Inoue, Trend-pro
    Co. Ltd.
    Takahashi, Shin.

 QA276 .R396 2015                         2015
    Statistics done wrong : the woefully complete guide / by Alex Reinhart.
    Reinhart, Alex, 1991-

 QA276.12 .B73 2012B                      2012
    Thinking statistically / Uri Bram.
    Bram, Uri.

 QB607 .L59 2015                          2015
    The hunt for Vulcan : ... and how Albert Einstein destroyed a planet,
    discovered relativity, and deciphered the universe / Thomas Levenson.
    Levenson, Thomas,

 QB721.4 .S76 2015                        2015
    Atlas of great comets / Ronald Stoyan ; translated by Storm Dunlop.
    Stoyan, Ronald,

 QB791.3 .R36 2015                        2015
    Dark matter and the dinosaurs : the astounding interconnectedness of the
    universe / Lisa Randall.
    Randall, Lisa,

 QB843 .B55 B37 2015                      2015
    Black hole : how an idea abandoned by Newtonians, hated by Einstein, and
    gambled on by Hawking became loved / Marcia Bartusiak.
    Bartusiak, Marcia, 1950-

 QC903 .M67 2016                          2016
    The planet remade : how geoengineering could change the world / Oliver
    Morton, Oliver,

 QC945 .R65 2015                          2015
    The storm of the century : tragedy, heroism, survival, and the epic true
    story of America's deadliest natural disaster : the great Gulf hurricane
    of 1900 / Al Roker.
    Roker, Al, 1954-

 QH541.5 .C6 F67 2014                     2014
    Urban ecology : science of cities / Richard T. T. Forman, Harvard
    University, USA.
    Forman, Richard T. T.

 QH541.5 .R52 T492 2015                   2015
    Texas riparian areas / edited by Thomas B. Hardy and Nicole A. Davis ;
    foreword by Andrew Sansom.
    Hardy, Thomas B.,
    Davis, Nicole A., 1984-

 QK98.5 .U6 T85 2013                      2013
    Edible and useful plants of the Southwest : Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona
    : including recipes, teas and spices, natural dyes, medicinal uses,
    poisonous plants, fibers, basketry, and industrial uses / by Delena Tull ;
    illustrations by Michael Earney, Julia Larke, Judy Teague, and Suzanne
    Rippe ; photographs by George Oxford Miller.
    Tull, Delena, 1950-

 QK99 .A1 T45 2014                        2014
    Medicinal plants of Texas / Nicole Telkes.
    Telkes, Nicole.

 QL696 .A558 M385 2015                    2015
    Fastest things on wings : rescuing hummingbirds in Hollywood / Terry
    Masear, Teresa E., 1959-

 QL737 .C25 N53 1989                      1989
    Sea otters : a natural history and guide / Roy Nickerson ; photography by
    Richard Bucich ; epilogue by Margaret Owings.
    Nickerson, Roy.

 QL737 .C4 W47 2015                       2015
    The cultural lives of whales and dolphins / Hal Whitehead and Luke
    Whitehead, Hal,

 QL737 .C432 C34 2015                     2015
    Voices in the ocean : a journey into the wild and haunting world of
    dolphins / Susan Casey.
    Casey, Susan, 1962-

 QM165 .D4513 2011                        2011
    Delavier's anatomy for bigger, stronger arms / Fr*ed*eric Delavier,
    Michael Gundill.
    Delavier, Fr*ed*eric.

 QR13 .F35 2015                           2015
    Life's engines : how microbes made Earth habitable / Paul G. Falkowski.
    Falkowski, Paul G.,

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- R -
 RC394 .A85 A445 2013                     2013
    Healing ADD from the inside out : the breakthrough program that allows you
    to see and heal the seven types of attention deficit disorder / Daniel G.
    Amen, M.D.
    Amen, Daniel G.,

 RC394 .A85 A445 2014                     2014
    Healing A.D.D. at home in 30 days : daily journal and videos / Daniel G.
    Amen, M.D, and Tana K. Amen, BSN, RN.
    Amen, Daniel G.

 RC489 .D74 T73 2001                      2001
    Trauma and dreams / edited by Deirdre Barrett.
    Barrett, Deirdre.

 RC533 .S53 2015                          2015
    Understanding OCD : skills to control the conscience and outsmart
    obsessive compulsive disorder / Leslie J. Shapiro ; foreword by Michael A.
    Shapiro, Leslie.

 RC553 .A88 S54 2015                      2015
    Neurotribes : the legacy of autism and the future of neurodiversity /
    Steve Silberman.
    Silberman, Steve.

 RC569.5 .P75 M33 2015                    2015
    Psychopath free : recovering from emotionally abusive relationships with
    narcissists, sociopaths, and other toxic people / Jackson MacKenzie.
    MacKenzie, Jackson,

 RJ506 .A9 P77 2015                       2015
    Uniquely human : a different way of seeing autism / Barry Prizant, Ph.D. ;
    with Tom Fields-Meyer.
    Prizant, Barry M.

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- S -
 SB439 .T275 2009                         2009
    Bringing nature home : how you can sustain wildlife with native plants /
    Douglas W. Tallamy ; foreword by Rick Darke.
    Tallamy, Douglas W.

 SB453 .G374 2015                         2015
    The gardener's year.

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- T -
 T47 .B55 2015                            2015
    The best of Make:. Volume 2, 65 projects and skill builders from the pages
    of Make: / the editors of Make:.

 TD313 .I75 S54 2015                      2015
    Let there be water : Israel's solution for a water-starved world / Seth M.
    Siegel, Seth M., 1953-

 TK5103.2 .W77 2015                       2015
    Hacking exposed wireless : wireless security secrets and solutions /
    Joshua Wright, Johnny Cache.
    Wright, Joshua,

 TP492 .J23 2015                          2015
    Chilled : how refrigeration changed the world, and might do so again / Tom
    Jackson, Tom, 1972-

 TR650 .G385 1962B                        1962
    Creative photography : aesthetic trends 1839-1960 / by Helmut Gernsheim.
    Gernsheim, Helmut, 1913-1995,

 TS171.95 .B47 2015                       2015
    Design for 3D printing : scanning, creating, editing, remixing, and making
    in three dimensions / Samuel N. Bernier, Bertier Luyt & Tatiana Reinhard ;
    foreword by Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk.
    Bernier, Samuel N.,

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- V -
 VK555 .J64 2015                          2015
    Time and Navigation : The Untold Story of Getting from Here to There /
    Andrew K. Johnston, Roger D. Connor, Carlene E. Stephens, Paul E. Ceruzzi.
    Johnston, Andrew K. (Andrew Kenneth), 1969-
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- Z -
 Z285.5 .S43 2014                         2014
    Self-publisher's legal handbook : the step-by-step guide to the legal
    issues of self-publishing / Helen Sedwick.
    Sedwick, Helen,

 Z669.8 .H465 2015                        2015
    Managing with data : using ACRLMetrics and PLAmetrics / Peter Hernon,
    Robert E. Dugan, Joseph R. Matthews.
    Hernon, Peter.

 Z675 .U5 W325 2015                       2015
    Rightsizing the academic library collection / Suzanne M. Ward.
    Ward, Suzanne M.

 Z678 .H844 2015                          2015
    The purpose-based library : finding your path to survival, success, and
    growth / John Huber, Steven V. Potter.
    Huber, John J., 1958-

 Z678.85 .H473 2014                       2014
    Getting started with evaluation / Peter Hernon, Robert E. Dugan, and
    Joseph R. Matthews.
    Hernon, Peter,

 ZA3075 .B69 2015                         2015
    Classroom assessment techniques for librarians / Melissa Bowles-Terry and
    Cassandra Kvenild.
    Bowles-Terry, Melissa,

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White Library Popular Books
October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015
 *POPULAR READING MARTINEZ                2012
    The boy kings of Texas : a memoir / Domingo Martinez.
    Martinez, Domingo.

 *POPULAR READING HOWE                    2012
    Marvel Comics : the untold story / Sean Howe.
    Howe, Sean.

 *POPULAR READING  WENDIG                 2015
    Star wars. Aftermath / Chuck Wendig.
    Wendig, Chuck,

    Mycroft Holmes : a novel / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse.
    Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, 1947-

    The blade itself / Joe Abercrombie.
    Abercrombie, Joe.

    Before they are hanged / Joe Abercrombie.
    Abercrombie, Joe.

    Last argument of kings / Joe Abercrombie.
    Abercrombie, Joe.

 *POPULAR READING ABERNATHY               2014
    The light who shines / by Lilo Abernathy ; editor, Shauna Ward.
    Abernathy, Lilo,

 *POPULAR READING ABRAMS                  2015
    A God that could be real : spirituality, science, and the future of our
    planet / Nancy Ellen Abrams.
    Abrams, Nancy Ellen, 1948-

    Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agenda / Becky Albertalli.
    Albertalli, Becky.

 *POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2011
    The book of three / Lloyd Alexander.
    Alexander, Lloyd.

 *POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2011
    The black cauldron / Lloyd Alexander.
    Alexander, Lloyd.

 *POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2011
    The castle of Llyr / Lloyd Alexander.
    Alexander, Lloyd.

 *POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2011
    Taran Wanderer / Lloyd Alexander.
    Alexander, Lloyd,

 *POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2011
    The High King / Lloyd Alexander.
    Alexander, Lloyd.

 *POPULAR READING BACH                    2015
    Femme / Mette Bach.
    Bach, Mette, 1976-,

 *POPULAR READING BARDUGO                 2015
    Six of crows / Leigh Bardugo.
    Bardugo, Leigh,

 *POPULAR READING BARKER                  2015
    The scarlet gospels / Clive Barker.
    Barker, Clive, 1952-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2006
    Book club : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum.
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2007
    Read responsibly : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes and Gene
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2008
    Frequently asked questions : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes and
    Gene Ambaum.
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2009
    Reader's advisory : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes & Gene
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-
 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2004
    What would Dewey do? : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes and Gene
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2005
    Library mascot cage match : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes and
    Gene Ambaum.
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2003
    Unshelved. Volume I / [Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum].
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BELL                    2015
    Scrapper / Matt Bell.
    Bell, Matt, 1980-

 *POPULAR READING BELLEAU                 2015
    Dead ringer / Heidi Belleau, Sam Schooler.
    Belleau, Heidi,

 *POPULAR READING BEN-DAVID               2015
    Duet in Beirut / Mishka Ben-David ; translated by Evan Fallenberg.
    Ben-Da*vid, Mish*kah, 1952-

    Woman in battle dress / Antonio Ben*itez-Rojo ; translated by Jessica
    Ernst Powell.
    Ben*itez Rojo, Antonio, 1931-2005,

 *POPULAR READING BENNETT                 2015
    F*ck feelings : one shrink's practical advice for managing all life's
    impossible problems / Michael Bennett, MD, Sarah Bennet.
    Bennett, Michael, 1945-

 *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2004
    Tithe : a modern faerie tale / Holly Black.
    Black, Holly.

 *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2006
    Valiant : a modern tale of faerie / Holly Black.
    Black, Holly.

 *POPULAR READING BLACK                   2008
    Ironside : a modern faery's tale / Holly Black.
    Black, Holly.

 *POPULAR READING BLUME                   2015
    In the unlikely event / Judy Blume.
    Blume, Judy.

 *POPULAR READING BODARD                  2015
    The house of shattered wings / Aliette de Bodard.
    Bodard, Aliette de,

 *POPULAR READING BOYDEN                  2015
    The orenda / Joseph Boyden.
    Boyden, Joseph.

 *POPULAR READING BROM                    2010
    The child thief / Gerald Brom.
    Brom, 1965-

 *POPULAR READING BROOKS                  2014
    The darkling child : the defenders of Shannara / Terry Brooks.
    Brooks, Terry.

 *POPULAR READING BUCK                    2015
    The Oregon Trail : a new American journey / Rinker Buck.
    Buck, Rinker, 1950-

 *POPULAR READING BUTCHER                 2015
    The aeronaut's windlass / Jim Butcher.
    Butcher, Jim, 1971-

 *POPULAR READING BUTLER                  2009
    Kindred / Octavia E. Butler.
    Butler, Octavia E.

 *POPULAR READING BUTLER                  2007
    Parable of the sower / Octavia E. Butler.
    Butler, Octavia E.,

 *POPULAR READING CARSON                  2015
    Walk on Earth a stranger / Rae Carson.
    Carson, Rae,

 *POPULAR READING CELT                    2015
    The daughters : a novel / Adrienne Celt.
    Celt, Adrienne,

 *POPULAR READING CHILD                   2015
    Make me : a Jack Reacher novel / Lee Child.
    Child, Lee,

 *POPULAR READING COATES                  2015
    Between the world and me / Ta-Nehisi Coates.
    Coates, Ta-Nehisi,

 *POPULAR READING COLFER                  2014
    Artemis Fowl : the last guardian / Eoin Colfer.
    Colfer, Eoin,

 *POPULAR READING COLFER                  2009
    Artemis Fowl : the eternity code / Eoin Colfer.
    Colfer, Eoin.

 *POPULAR READING COLFER                  2012
    Artemis Fowl. The Atlantis complex / Eoin Colfer.
    Colfer, Eoin.

 *POPULAR READING COLFER                  2009
    Artemis Fowl : the Arctic incident / Eoin Colfer.
    Colfer, Eoin.

 *POPULAR READING COLFER                  2009
    Artemis Fowl / Eoin Colfer.
    Colfer, Eoin.

 *POPULAR READING COLFER                  2006
    Artemis Fowl : the lost colony / Eoin Colfer.
    Colfer, Eoin.

 *POPULAR READING COLFER                  2009
    Artemis Fowl : the opal deception / Eoin Colfer.
    Colfer, Eoin.

 *POPULAR READING COLFER                  2008
    Artemis Fowl : the time paradox / Eoin Colfer.
    Colfer, Eoin.

 *POPULAR READING CONLIN                  2002
    Heave : a novel / Christy Ann Conlin.
    Conlin, Christy Ann.

 *POPULAR READING CONNER                  2015
    The weight of chains / Lesley Conner.
    Conner, Lesley,

 *POPULAR READING CONNOLLY                2015
    A song of shadows : a Charlie Parker thriller / John Connolly.
    Connolly, John, 1968-

 *POPULAR READING COUTO                   2015
    Confession of the lioness : a novel / Mia Couto ; translated from the
    Portuguese by David Brookshaw.
    Couto, Mia, 1955-

 *POPULAR READING CRIDER                  2015
    Between the living and the dead / Bill Crider.
    Crider, Bill, 1941-

 *POPULAR READING CUSSLER                 1999
    Serpent : a novel from the NUMA Files / Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos.
    Cussler, Clive.

 *POPULAR READING CUSSLER                 2011
    The race / Clive Cussler and Justin Scott.
    Cussler, Clive.

 *POPULAR READING CUSSLER                 2004
    Lost city : a novel from the Numa files / Clive Cussler with Paul
    Cussler, Clive.

 *POPULAR READING DALLAS                  2015
    The last midwife / Sandra Dallas.
    Dallas, Sandra,

 *POPULAR READING DARRIN                  2015
    The rockets' red glare / forecast fiction by John Darrin, Dr. Michael
    Darrin, John,

 *POPULAR READING DAY                     2015
    You're never weird on the Internet (almost) : a memoir / Felicia Day ;
    foreword by Joss Whedon.
    Day, Felicia, 1979-

 *POPULAR READING DEWITT                  2011
    The Sisters brothers / Patrick deWitt.
    deWitt, Patrick, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING DEWITT                  2015
    Undermajordomo Minor : a novel / Patrick deWitt.
    deWitt, Patrick, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING DOBYNS                  2015
    Is Fat Bob dead yet? : a novel / Stephen Dobyns.
    Dobyns, Stephen, 1941-

 *POPULAR READING DOIG                    2015
    Last bus to wisdom / Ivan Doig.
    Doig, Ivan,

 *POPULAR READING EVANS                   2015
    Michael Vey. 5, Storm of lightning : book five of seven / Richard Paul
    Evans, Richard Paul.

 *POPULAR READING EWING                   2015
    Loki : Agent of Asgard. Volume 2, I Cannot Tell a Lie / writer, Al Ewing ;
    artists, Jorge Coelho, Lee Garbett.
    Ewing, Al,

 *POPULAR READING EWING                   2015
    Loki, agent of Asgard. Vol. 3, Last days / writer, Al Ewing ; artist, Lee
    Garbett ; color artists, Antonio Fabela with Andres Mossa ; letterer, VC's
    Clayton Cowles ; cover artist, Lee Garbett ; assistant editor, Jon Moisan
    ; editor, Wil Moss.
    Ewing, Al,

 *POPULAR READING EWING                   2014
    Loki: Agent of Asgard. Volume 1, Trust me / writer, Al Ewing ; artist, Lee
    Garbett ; color artist, Nolan Woodard ; letterer, VC's Clayton Cowles.
    Ewing, Al,

 *POPULAR READING FAERBER                 2015
    Copperhead. Volume 1 / writer, Jay Faerber ; Scott Godlewski, artist ;
    colorist, Ron Riley ; Thomas Mauer, letterer.
    Faerber, Jay,

 *POPULAR READING FAUST                   2013
    The burning man / Christa Faust.
    Faust, Christa,

 *POPULAR READING FAUST                   2014
    Fringe : sins of the father / Christa Faust.
    Faust, Christa,

 *POPULAR READING FENSKE                  2015
    About that fling / Tawna Fenske.
    Fenske, Tawna,

 *POPULAR READING FORSYTH                 2015
    The wild girl / Kate Forsyth.
    Forsyth, Kate, 1966-

 *POPULAR READING FU                      2015
    For today I am a boy / Kim Fu.
    Fu, Kim.

 *POPULAR READING GAITSKILL               2015
    The mare : a novel / Mary Gaitskill.
    Gaitskill, Mary, 1954-

 *POPULAR READING GARCIA                  2015
    White light / Vanessa Garcia.
    Garcia, Vanessa (Writer & artist),

 *POPULAR READING GARDINER                2014
    Goddess / Kelly Gardiner.
    Gardiner, Kelly, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING GOLDEN                  2015
    Seize the night : new tales of vampiric terror / edited by Christopher
    Golden, Christopher.,

    Gary Goldschneider's everyday astrology : how to make astrology work for
    you / Gary Goldschneider.
    Goldschneider, Gary.

 *POPULAR READING GOTTLIEB                2015
    Best boy : a novel / Eli Gottlieb.
    Gottlieb, Eli, 1956-

 *POPULAR READING GRANGER                 2009
    Harry Potter's bookshelf : the great books behind the Hogwarts adventures
    / John Granger.
    Granger, John, 1961-

 *POPULAR READING GROFF                   2015
    Fates and furies / Lauren Groff.
    Groff, Lauren,

 *POPULAR READING HALABAN                 2015
    The Vermeer conspiracy / by Eytan Halaban.
    Halaban, Eytan, 1936-

 *POPULAR READING HALL                    2015
    Speak / Louisa Hall.
    Hall, Louisa, 1982-

 *POPULAR READING HALLBERG                2015
    City on fire / Garth Risk Hallberg.
    Hallberg, Garth Risk.

 *POPULAR READING HAMILTON                2015
    All the things we never knew / Sheila Hamilton.
    Hamilton, Sheila (Journalist),

 *POPULAR READING HAMILTON                2015
    Dead ice / Laurell K. Hamilton.
    Hamilton, Laurell K.

 *POPULAR READING HENRY                   2015
    Alice / Christina Henry.
    Henry, Christina, 1974-

 *POPULAR READING HIGGINS                 2015
    Lightless / C.A. Higgins.
    Higgins, C. A. (Caitlin A.),

 *POPULAR READING HILL                    2015
    The book of negroes / Lawrence Hill.
    Hill, Lawrence, 1957-

 *POPULAR READING HOCKING                 2012
    Switched / Amanda Hocking.
    Hocking, Amanda.

 *POPULAR READING HOCKING                 2012
    Torn / Amanda Hocking.
    Hocking, Amanda.

 *POPULAR READING HOCKING                 2012
    Ascend / Amanda Hocking.
    Hocking, Amanda.

 *POPULAR READING HOLLEMAN                2015
    Cleopatra's shadows : a novel / Emily Holleman.
    Holleman, Emily,

 *POPULAR READING HOLM                    2015
    The killing kind / Chris Holm.
    Holm, Chris F.

 *POPULAR READING HOUGH                   2015
    Zero world / Jason M. Hough.
    Hough, Jason M.

 *POPULAR READING ISAYAMA                 2015
    Attack on Titan, colossal edition. 2 / Hajime Isayama ; lettering, Steve
    Isayama, Hajime, 1986-

 *POPULAR READING JARRAR                  2009
    A map of home : a novel / Randa Jarrar.
    Jarrar, Randa.

 *POPULAR READING JONES                   2009
    Havemercy / Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett.
    Jones, Jaida.

 *POPULAR READING KAPLAN                  2015
    The gratitude diaries : how a year looking on the bright side can
    transformed your life / Janice Kaplan.
    Kaplan, Janice.

 *POPULAR READING KIM                     2015
    A thousand miles to freedom : my escape from North Korea / Eunsun Kim with
    S*ebastien Falletti ; translated by David Tian.
    Kim, *Un-ju, 1986-

 *POPULAR READING KIRK                    2015
    The autobiography of James T. Kirk : the story of Starfleet's greatest
    captain / by James T. Kirk ; edited by David A. Goodman.
    Kirk, James T., 2233-2371,

 *POPULAR READING KIRK                    2015
    We are monsters / Brian Kirk.
    Kirk, Brian,

 *POPULAR READING KIRKMAN                 2015
    Outcast. Volume 1, A darkness surrounds him / Robert Kirkman, creator,
    writer ; Paul Azaceta, artist ; Elizabeth Breitweiser, colorist ; Rus
    Wooton, letterer.
    Kirkman, Robert,

 *POPULAR READING KLABER                  2015
    The rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell : a novel / William Klaber.
    Klaber, William, 1945-

    Villa America : a novel / Liza Klaussmann.
    Klaussmann, Liza,

 *POPULAR READING KNIGHT                  2015
    Swords and scoundrels / Julia Knight.
    Knight, Julia, 1969-

 *POPULAR READING KOPPEL                  2013
    The astronaut wives club : a true story / Lily Koppel.
    Koppel, Lily.

 *POPULAR READING KURNIAWAN               2015
    Beauty is a wound / Eka Kurniawan ; translated by Annie Tucker.
    Kurniawan, Eka, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING KWAN                    2014
    Crazy rich Asians / Kevin Kwan.
    Kwan, Kevin,

 *POPULAR READING LAWSON                  2015
    Furiously happy : {a funny book about horrible things} / Jenny Lawson.
    Lawson, Jenny, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING LEE                     2002
    Yellow : stories / Don Lee.
    Lee, Don, 1959-

 *POPULAR READING LEMIRE                  2015
    Descender. Book one: Tin stars / written by Jeff Lemire ; illustrated by
    Dustin Nguyen ; lettered and designed by Steve Wands.
    Lemire, Jeff,

 *POPULAR READING LUISELLI                2015
    The story of my teeth / Valeria Luiselli ; translated by Christina
    Luiselli, Valeria, 1983-

 *POPULAR READING LUKAVICS                2015
    Daughters unto devils / Amy Lukavics.
    Lukavics, Amy,

 *POPULAR READING LYNCH                   2013
    The Republic of Thieves / Scott Lynch.
    Lynch, Scott, 1978-

 *POPULAR READING LYNCH                   2008
    Red seas under red skies / Scott Lynch.
    Lynch, Scott, 1978-

 *POPULAR READING LYON                    2010
    The golden mean : [a novel of Aristotle and Alexander the Great] / Annabel
    Lyon, Annabel, 1971-

 *POPULAR READING MACDONALD               2005
    Fall on your knees : a novel / Ann-Marie MacDonald.
    MacDonald, Ann-Marie, 1958-

 *POPULAR READING MACLEAN                 2015
    Apocalyptigirl : an aria for the end times / by Andrew MacLean.
    MacLean, Andrew (Andrew Ross),

 *POPULAR READING MAGUIRE                 2015
    After Alice / Gregory Maguire.
    Maguire, Gregory,

 *POPULAR READING MARILLIER               2015
    Tower of thorns / Juliet Marillier.
    Marillier, Juliet,

 *POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2015
    A knight of the Seven Kingdoms / George R. R. Martin ; illustrations by
    Gary Gianni.
    Martin, George R. R.,

 *POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2011
    A game of thrones : book one of A song of ice and fire / George R.R.
    Martin, George R. R.

 *POPULAR READING MATHESON                1999
    Hell House / Richard Matheson.
    Matheson, Richard, 1926-2013.

 *POPULAR READING MATTHEWS                2015
    Palace of treason : a novel / Jason Matthews.
    Matthews, Jason, 1951-

    The novel habits of happiness / Alexander McCall Smith.
    McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-

 *POPULAR READING MCCANN                  2015
    Thirteen ways of looking : fiction / Colum McCann.
    McCann, Colum, 1965-

 *POPULAR READING MCCARRY                 2015
    About a girl / Sarah McCarry.
    McCarry, Sarah,

 *POPULAR READING MCKAY                   2007
    The birth house : a novel / Ami McKay.
    McKay, Ami, 1968-

 *POPULAR READING MCLAIN                  2015
    Circling the sun : a novel / Paula McLain.
    McLain, Paula,

 *POPULAR READING MESROBIAN               2015
    Cut both ways / Carrie Mesrobian.
    Mesrobian, Carrie,

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2014
    Off to be the wizard / Scott Meyer.
    Meyer, Scott, 1971-

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2014
    Spell or high water / Scott Meyer.
    Meyer, Scott (Humorist)

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2015
    An unwelcome quest / Scott Meyer.
    Meyer, Scott, 1971-

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2015
    Good mourning / Elizabeth Meyer ; with Caitlin Moscatello.
    Meyer, Elizabeth, 1985-

 *POPULAR READING MEYER                   2015
    Twilight ; Life and death : a reimagining of the classic novel / Stephenie
    Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-

 *POPULAR READING MORGAN                  2014
    The dark defiles / Richard K. Morgan.
    Morgan, Richard K., 1965-

 *POPULAR READING MORGAN                  2012
    The cold commands / Richard K. Morgan.
    Morgan, Richard K., 1965-

 *POPULAR READING MURPHY                  2015
    Dumplin' / Julie Murphy.
    Murphy, Julie, 1985-

 *POPULAR READING MURRAY                  2015
    The mark and the void / Paul Murray.
    Murray, Paul, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING OBERMEIER               2015
    The president factor : a novel by / Pat Obermeier.
    Obermeier, Pat,

 *POPULAR READING O'NEILL                 2006
    Lullabies for little criminals : a novel / Heather O'Neill.
    O'Neill, Heather.

 *POPULAR READING PANOWICH                2015
    Bull Mountain / Brian Panowich.
    Panowich, Brian.

 *POPULAR READING PATRICK                 2013
    Reviver : a novel / Seth Patrick.
    Patrick, Seth.

 *POPULAR READING PHILLIPS                2015
    The beautiful bureaucrat : a novel / Helen Phillips.
    Phillips, Helen, 1983-

 *POPULAR READING POSEY                   2013
    Three / Jay Posey.
    Posey, Jay,

 *POPULAR READING REID                    2014
    When everything feels like the movies / Raziel Reid.
    Reid, Raziel, 1990-

 *POPULAR READING REVENSON                2014
    Harry Potter : the creature vault : the creatures and plants of the Harry
    Potter films / by Jody Revenson.
    Revenson, Jody,

 *POPULAR READING RICH                    2015
    The hand that feeds you / A.J. Rich.
    Rich, A. J. (Novelist),

 *POPULAR READING RICHARDS                2013
    Six months later / Natalie D. Richards.
    Richards, Natalie D.

 *POPULAR READING RIORDAN                 2014
    Percy Jackson's Greek Gods / Rick Riordan ; illustrated by John Rocco.
    Riordan, Rick.

 *POPULAR READING ROBINSON                2000
    Monkey beach / Eden Robinson.
    Robinson, Eden.

 *POPULAR READING ROBINSON                2015
    The Lion of Sabray : the Afghani warrior who defied the Taliban and saved
    the life of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell / Patrick Robinson.
    Robinson, Patrick, 1939-

 *POPULAR READING ROSENFELT               2015
    Lessons from Tara : life advice from the world's most brilliant dog /
    David Rosenfelt.
    Rosenfelt, David,

 *POPULAR READING SANDERSON               2015
    Shadows of self : a Mistborn novel / Brandon Sanderson.
    Sanderson, Brandon,

 *POPULAR READING SANDFORD                2015
    Saturn run / John Sandford and Ctein.
    Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-

 *POPULAR READING SAUCIER                 2012
    And the birds rained down / Jocelyne Saucier ; translated by Rhonda
    Saucier, Jocelyne, 1948-

 *POPULAR READING SCELSA                  2015
    Fans of the impossible life / Kate Scelsa.
    Scelsa, Kate,

 *POPULAR READING SCHWAB                  2015
    Vicious / V.E. Schwab.
    Schwab, Victoria,

 *POPULAR READING SILVA                   2015
    The English spy / Daniel Silva.
    Silva, Daniel, 1960-

 *POPULAR READING SIMPSON                 2004
    Touching the void / Joe Simpson ; with a foreword by Chris Bonington.
    Simpson, Joe, 1960-

 *POPULAR READING SIROWY                  2015
    The Creeping / Alexandra Sirowy.
    Sirowy, Alexandra,

 *POPULAR READING SLAUGHTER               2015
    Pretty girls : a novel / Karin Slaughter.
    Slaughter, Karin, 1971-

 *POPULAR READING SMART                   1992
    By Grand Central Station I sat down and wept ; and, the assumption of the
    rogues & rascals / Elizabeth Smart ; foreword by Brigid Brophy.
    Smart, Elizabeth, 1913-1986.

 *POPULAR READING SPARKS                  2015
    See me / Nicholas Sparks.
    Sparks, Nicholas,

 *POPULAR READING STAVELEY                2014
    The emperor's blades / Brian Staveley.
    Staveley, Brian,

 *POPULAR READING STRAUSS                 2015
    The truth : an uncomfortable book about relationships / Neil Strauss.
    Strauss, Neil,

 *POPULAR READING THIEN                   2007
    Certainty : a novel / Madeleine Thien.
    Thien, Madeleine, 1974-

 *POPULAR READING THRASH                  2015
    Honor girl : a graphic memoir / Maggie Thrash.
    Thrash, Maggie,

 *POPULAR READING TOEWS                   2015
    All My Puny Sorrows / Miriam Toews.
    Toews, Miriam, 1964-

 *POPULAR READING TRAN                    2015
    Dragonfish : a novel / Vu Tran.
    Tran, Vu, 1975-

 *POPULAR READING TURKLE                  2015
    Reclaiming conversation : the power of talk in a digital age / Sherry
    Turkle, Sherry,

 *POPULAR READING UDDENBERG               2015
    The old man and the cat : a love story / Nils Uddenberg ; translated by
    Henning Koch.
    Uddenberg, Nils, 1938-

 *POPULAR READING WEBER                   2014
    A call to duty : a novel of the honorverse / David Weber & Timothy Zahn.
    Weber, David, 1952-

 *POPULAR READING WEBER                   2015
    A Call to Arms : a novel of the Honorverse / David Weber & Timothy Zahn
    with Thomas Pope.
    Weber, David, 1952-

 *POPULAR READING WHITTALL                2007
    Bottle rocket hearts : a novel / by Zoe Whittall.
    Whittall, Zoe.

 *POPULAR READING WHITTALL                2010
    Holding still for as long as possible / Zoe Whittall.
    Whittall, Zoe.

 *POPULAR READING WILDE                   2015
    Updraft / Fran Wilde.
    Wilde, Fran, 1979-

 *POPULAR READING WILLIAMS                2015
    The storms of war / Kate Williams.
    Williams, Kate, 1974-

 *POPULAR READING WINTER                  2010
    Annabel / Kathleen Winter.
    Winter, Kathleen.

 *POPULAR READING WISE                    2015
    The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron saves the world again / A.C. Wise.
    Wise, A. C.

 *POPULAR READING WONG                    2015
    Futuristic violence and fancy suits / David Wong.
    Wong, David, 1975 January 10-

    The small backs of children : a novel / Lidia Yuknavitch.
    Yuknavitch, Lidia,

 *POPULAR READING ZUB                     2015
    Wayward. Volume one, String theory / story Jim Zub ; line art : Steve
    Cummings ; color art, Tamra Bonvillain, Ross A. Campbell, Josh Perez, John
    Rauch, Jim Zub ; color flats, Ludwig Olimba ; letter, Marshall Dillon ;
    back matter Zack Davisson.
    Zub, Jim,

 *POPULAR READING ZUCKERMAN               2013
    Buried in the sky : the extraordinary story of the Sherpa climbers on K2's
    deadliest day / Peter Zuckerman and Amanda Padoan.
    Zuckerman, Peter, 1979-

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White Library Reference Books
October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015
 REF D769.8.A6 E64 2013                   2013
    Encyclopedia of Japanese American internment / Gary Y. Okihiro, Editor.
    Okihiro, Gary Y., 1945-

 REF E76.2 .E527 2013 V.1                 2013
    Encyclopedia of American Indian issues today / Russell M. Lawson, editor.
    Lawson, Russell M., 1957-

 REF GT4803 .C48 2015                     2015
    Chase's Calendar of Events 2016.

 REF GT605 .E35 2015                      2015
    Ethnic dress in the United States : a cultural encyclopedia / edited by
    Annette Lynch and Mitchell D. Strauss.
    Lynch, Annette (Annette Ferne)
    Strauss, Mitchell D.

 REF HV5825 .B624 2015                    2015
    Drugs, power, and politics : narco wars, big pharma, and the subversion of
    democracy / Carl Boggs.
    Boggs, Carl.

 REF KF156 .B53 2014                      2014
    Black's law dictionary / Bryan A. Garner, editor in chief.
    Garner, Bryan A.,
    Black, Henry Campbell, 1860-1927. Law dictionary.

 REF KFT1230.5.V4 I57 V.1 2009            2009
    Insurance Code.

 REF KFT1230.5.V4 P76 V.2 2014            1984
    Texas Property Code.

 REF PN56.H57 C365 2014                   2014
    The Cambridge history of gay and lesbian literature / edited by E.L.
    McCallum, Michigan State University ; Mikko Tuhkanen, Texas A & M
    McCallum, E. L. (Ellen Lee), 1966-
    Tuhkanen, Mikko, 1967-

 REF QL703 .H355 2009 V.1                 2009
    Handbook of the mammals of the world / chief editors, Don E. Wilson,
    Russell A. Mittermeier ; authors, Paolo Cavallini [and 16 others] ; color
    plates,Toni Llobet.
    Wilson, Don E.
    Mittermeier, Russell A.
    Cavallini, Paolo.

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White Library Audio/Visual Materials
October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015
 VIDEO DISC DVD 2558                      2015
    Walt Disney Animation Studios short films collection.
    Walt Disney Animation Studios,
    Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm),

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 121                    2006
    Enemy of the state [videorecording] / Touchstone Pictures ; Jerry
    Bruckheimer Films ; a Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer production in
    association with Scott Free Productions ; a film by Tony Scott ; produced
    by Jerry Bruckheimer ; written by David Marconi ; directed by Tony Scott.

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 122 DISC 1-2           2010
    Minority report (Motion picture)    Spielberg, Steven, 1946-

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 123 DISC 1-10          2015
    Game of thrones (Television program)

 VIDEO DISC BLURAY 124 DISC 1-9           2015
    Game of thrones (Television program)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2533 DISC 1-2             2006
    El esp*iritu de la colmena [videorecording] = The spirit of the beehive /
    Janus Films ; una producci*on El*ias Querejeta ; gui*on original de Angel
    Fern*andez-Santos y Victor Erice ; director, Victor Erice.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2534 DISC 1-2             2008
    El norte [videorecording] = The north / Janus Films ; [presented by]
    Independent Productions in association with American Playhouse ;
    screenplay by Gregory Nava and Anna Thomas ; original story by Gregory
    Nava ; directed by Gregory Nava ; produced by Anna Thomas.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2535                      2015
    Far from the madding crowd / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents in
    association with BBC Films a DNA Films production ; produced by Andrew
    Macdonald, Allon Reich ; screenplay by David Nicholls ; directed by Thomas

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2536                      2004
    The life and times of Frida Kahlo [videorecording] / a production of
    Daylight Films and WETA, Washington D.C. in association with Latino Public
    Broadcasting ; a film by Amy Stechler.
    Stechler, Amy, 1955-
    Moreno, Rita.
    Downs, Lila.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2537                      2008
    Frida Kahlo [videorecording] / an RM Arts production ; a film by Eila
    Hershon and Roberto Guerra ; commentary by Hayden Herrera.
    Hershon, Eila.
    Guerra, Roberto.
    Herrera, Hayden.
    Thompson, Sada, 1929-2011.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2538                      2002
    Frida [DVD] / Miramax Films presents in association with Margaret Rose
    Perenchio a Ventanarose production in association with Lions Gate Films, a
    film by Julie Taymor ; produced by Sarah Green, Salma Hayek, Jay Polstein
    ... [et al.] ; screenplay by Clancy Sigal, Diane Lake ... [et al.] ;
    directed by Julie Taymor.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2539                      2015
    Rabbit-proof fence (Motion picture)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2540 DISC 1-7             2011
    Jeff Bridges 7-movie collection [videorecording].

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2541                      2013
    How difficult can this be? [videorecording] : understanding learning
    disabilities / produced and directed by Peter Rosen.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2542                      2005
    Beyond F.A.T. city [videorecording] : a look back, a look ahead / workshop
    created and written by Richard D. Lavoie ; executive producers Niki Vettel
    and Dennis Allen ; director, Bob Comiskey.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2543 DISC 1-2             2015
    Breaker Morant (Motion picture)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2544                      2009
    The Emperor Jones [videorecording] / United Artists Corporation ;
    producers, John Krimsky and Gifford Cochran ; directors, Dudley Murphy ;
    supervised by William C. deMille ; screenplay by DuBose Heyward.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2545                      2005
    Pinky [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox ; producer, Darryl F.
    Zanuck ; director, Elia Kazan, screenplay by Philip Dunne and Dudley

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2546                      2004
    The prisoner [videorecording] / [Columbia Pictures presents] ; screenplay
    by Bridget Boland ; produced by Vivian A. Cox ; directed by Peter

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2547                      2001
    Que viva Mexico (Motion picture)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2548 DISC 1-3             2007
    Statistics [videorecording].
    Video Aided Instruction, Inc.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2549                      2004
    The sugarland express [videorecording] / a Universal Picture ; a
    Zanuck/Brown production ; produced by Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown ;
    screenplay by Hal Barwood & Matthew Robbins ; directed by Steven

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2550                      2002
    Sunshine state (Motion picture)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2551                      2013
    The Harvey Girls : Opportunity Bound / Assertion Films presents a film by
    Katrina Parks ; written and directed by Katrina Parks ; produced by
    Katrina Parks, Michael Parks, and Thaddeus Homan.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2552                      2015
    Guilty by suspicion / Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; produced by Arnon
    Milchan ; written and directed by Irwin Winkler.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2553                      2014
    Muscle Shoals (Motion picture)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2554                      2011
    Erasing David [videorecording] / the Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation and
    Green Lion Films present ; in association with the Joseph Rowntree Reform
    Trust ; a Green Lions production ; a film by David Bond and Ashley Jones ;
    produced by Ashley Jones ; directed by David Bond.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2555                      2013
    Superpower [videorecording] / Cinema Libre Studio release of a Superpower
    Production ; producer/director, Barbara-Anne Steegmuller ; writers,
    director, David Chilton, Barbara-Anne Steegmuller.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2556 DISC 1-2             2006
    Princess bride (Motion picture)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2557                      1999
    Enemy of the state [videorecording] / Touchstone Pictures ; Jerry
    Bruckheimer Films ; a Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer production in
    association with Scott Free Productions ; a film by Tony Scott ; produced
    by Jerry Bruckheimer ; written by David Marconi ; directed by Tony Scott.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2558                      2015
    Walt Disney Animation Studios short films collection.
    Walt Disney Animation Studios,
    Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm),

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2559                      2012
    Looking past you.
    Kramer, Jennifer.
    Shryer, Margaret.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2560                      2013
    Skyfall (Motion picture)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2561                      2010
    The black cauldron [videorecording] / writers, Al Wilson ... [et al.] ;
    directors, Ted Berman, Richard Rich.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2562                      2013
    The sword in the stone [videorecording] / Walt Disney presents ; a Walt
    Disney production ; story by Bill Peet ; directing animators, Frank
    Thomas, Milt Kahl, Ollie Johnston, John Lounsbery ; director, Wolfgang

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2563                      2014
    Maleficent / Disney ; directed by Robert Stromberg ; screenplay by Linda

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2564                      2015
    Into the woods (Motion picture)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2565                      2009
    Gifted hands : the Ben Carson story / Sony Pictures Television Inc., the
    Hatchery, the Thomas Carter Co., Magna Global Entertainment ; written by
    John Pielmeier ; directed by Thomas Carter ; produced by David A.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2566                      2004
    Mask (Motion picture : 1985)

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2567                      2015
    McFarland, USA / Disney presents ; a Mayhem Pictures production ; produced
    by Gordon Gray, p.g.a. and Mark Ciardi, p.g.a. ; story by Christopher
    Cleveland & Bettina Gilois ; screenplay by Christopher Cleveland & Bettina
    Gilois and Grant Thompson ; directed by Niki Caro.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2568                      2015
    Mr. Holmes / Miramax and Roadside Attractions, AI Film and BBC Films
    present in association with Flimnation Entertainment an Archer Gray,
    See-Saw production ; directed by Bill Condon ; screenplay by Jeffrey
    Hatcher ; produced by Anne Carey, Iain Canning, Emile Sherman.
    Motion picture adaptation of (work): Cullin, Mitch, 1968- Slight trick of
    the mind.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2569                      2015
    On two fronts : Latinos & Vietnam / director, Myl*ene Moreno ; producers,
    Souvenir Pictures, Myl*ene Moreno.

 VIDEO DISC DVD 2570 DISC 1-2             2015
    Lonesome Dove (Television program : 1989)

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White Library Periodicals
October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015
    Sound historian : journal of the Texas Oral History Association.
    Texas Oral History Association.

    The Oral history review.
    Oral History Association.
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Barth LRC Circulating Books
October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015
 HV8073 .F5776 2015                       2015
    Forensic science / edited by Ayn Embar-Seddon O'Reilly, Allan D. Pass.
    Embar-Seddon, Ayn,
    Pass, Allan D.,

 HM851 .D54 2015                          2015
    The digital age / [compiled by H.W. Wilson].
    H.W. Wilson Company.

 HT123 .T73 2015                          2015
    The transformation of American cities / [compiled by] H. W. Wilson, a
    division of EBSCO Information Services.
    H.W. Wilson Company.

 DA667 .P5 1971                           1971
    Picture book of Britain in colour.

 GV1032 .A1 Y68 2002                      2002
    Young guns.
    Cain, Woody.
    Mitchell, Jason, 1972-
    Poole, David, 1959-2009.

 HD31 .T237 2013                          2013
    Raise the bar : an action-based method for maximum customer reactions /
    Jon Taffer; with Karen Kelly.
    Taffer, Jon.

 HV8073 .F5776 2015                       2015
    Forensic science / edited by Ayn Embar-Seddon O'Reilly, Allan D. Pass.
    Embar-Seddon, Ayn,
    Pass, Allan D.,

 PS3527 .O437 M992 1960                   1960
    Mutiny on the Bounty, by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall.
    Nordhoff, Charles, 1887-1947.

 QR115 .B3 2014                           2014
    Bad bug book : foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins
    Lampel, Keith A., 1953-

 QR201 .F62 F673 2015                     2015
    Foodborne parasites in the food supply web : occurrence and control /
    edited by Alvin A. Gajadhar.
    Gajadhar, Alvin A.,

 R123 .C43 2015                           2015
    Medical terminology : a short course / by Davi-Ellen Chabner.
    Chabner, Davi-Ellen,

 R895 .C47 2011                           2011
    Nuclear medicine physics : the basics / Ramesh Chandra.
    Chandra, Ramesh, 1938-

 R895 .P69 2013                           2013
    Essentials of nuclear medicine physics and instrumentation / Rachel A.
    Powsner, MD, associate professor of radiology, Boston University School of
    Medicine, director, Division of Nuclear Medicine, Department of Radiology,
    Boston Veterans Administration Healthcare System, Boston, MA, USA, Matthew
    R. Palmer, PhD, medical physicist, Department of Radiology, Beth Israel
    Deaconess Medical Center, assistant professor of radiology, Harvard
    Medical School, Boston, MA, USA, Edward R. Powsner, MD, former chief,
    Nuclear Medicine Service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Allen Park,
    MI, former professor and associate chairman, Department of Pathology,
    Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA.
    Powsner, Rachel A.

 R895 .S25 2013                           2013
    Physics and radiobiology of nuclear medicine / Gopal B. Saha, Ph. D.
    Saha, Gopal B.

 R895 .S58 2012                           2012
    Physics in nuclear medicine / Simon R. Cherry, James A. Sorenson, Michael
    E. Phelps.
    Cherry, Simon R.

 R895 .T498 2014                          2014
    Nuclear medicine / Harvey A. Ziessman, Janis P. O'Malley, James H. Thrall
    ; associate editor, Frederic H. Fahey.
    Ziessman, Harvey A.

 RA778 .F66 1993                          1993
    Women's encyclopedia of health & emotional healing : top women doctors
    share their unique self-help advice on your body, your feelings and your
    life / by Denise Foley, Eileen Nechas and the editors of Prevention
    Foley, Denise.

 RA784 .T58 1995                          1995
    Ayurveda : a life of balance : the complete guide to ayurvedic nutrition
    and body types with recipes / Maya Tiwari.
    Tiwari, Maya.

 RC78 .E533 2016                          2016
    Comprehensive radiographic pathology / Ronald L. Eisenberg, Nancy M.
    Eisenberg, Ronald L.,

 RC78.7 .D53 D5282 2016                   2015
    Diagnostic imaging. Nuclear medicine / [edited by] Paige Bennett and Umesh
    D. Oza.
    Bennett, Paige,
    Oza, Umesh D.,

 RC78.7 .R4 F64 2014                      2014
    An atlas of clinical nuclear medicine / Ignac Fogelman, Susan E.M. Clarke,
    Gary Cook, Gopinath Gnanasegaran.
    Fogelman, Ignac, 1948-

 RC78.7 .R4 M47 2012                      2012
    Essentials of nuclear medicine imaging / Fred A. Mettler, Jr., Milton J.
    Mettler, Fred A., 1945-

 RC86.7 .A43 2011                         2011
    Emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured.
    Gulli, Benjamin.
    Ciatolla, Joseph A.
    Barnes, Leaugeay.

 RC86.7 .A85 2010                         2010
    Atlas of emergency medicine / editors, Kevin J. Knoop [and others].
    Knoop, Kevin J.

 RC86.7 .B47 2016                         2016
    Emergency medical responder : first on scene / Christopher J. Le Baudour,
    J. David Bergeron ; medical reviewer, Keith Wesley, MD ; legacy author,
    Gloria Bizjak.
    Le Baudour, Chris,

 RC86.7 .C87 2016                         2016
    Emergency and trauma care : for nurses and paramedics / Kate Curtis, RN,
    BN, Grad Dip (Crit Care), MNurs (Hons), PhD, Clair Ramsden, RN, MA
    Healthcare Ethics, MA Health Service Management.
    Curtis, Kate (Trauma clinical nurse consultant),

 RC86.7 .E57828 2016                      2016
    Tintinalli's emergency medicine : a comprehensive study guide /
    editor-in-chief, Judith E. Tintinalli ; co-editors, J. Stephan
    Stapczynski, O. John Ma, David M. Cline, Garth D. Meckler, Donald M.
    Tintinalli, Judith E.,
    Stapczynski, J. Stephan,
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 RC523 .I54 2015                          2015
    The end of memory : a natural history of aging and Alzheimer's / Jay
    Ingram, Jay.

 RC731 .D47 2011                          2011
    Clinical manifestations and assessment of respiratory disease / Terry Des
    Jardins, George G. Burton ; medical illustrations by Timothy H. Phelps.
    Des Jardins, Terry R.

 RC1235 .F86 2014                         2014
    Functional training handbook / [edited by] Craig Liebenson.
    Liebenson, Craig,

 RD731 .S5513 2016                        2016
    Fundamental orthopedic management for the physical therapist assistant /
    [edited by] Robert C. Manske.
    Manske, Robert C.,

 RK28 .D64 2013                           2013
    Dental terminology / Charline Dofka.
    Dofka, Charline M.

 RM161 .D53 2014                          2014
    EMS respiratory emergency management demystified / Peter A. DiPrima Jr.
    DiPrima, Peter A., Jr.

 RM222.2 .C617 1996                       1996
    Low-fat living : turn off the fat-makers, turn on the fat-burners for
    longevity, energy, weight loss, freedom from disease / Robert K. Cooper,
    with Leslie L. Cooper.
    Cooper, Robert K.

 RM222.2 .E2 1979                         1979
    Eat & stay slim / [editors Joanne Johnson, Sandra Granseth].
    Johnson, Joanne.
    Granseth, Sandra.

 RM237.73 .H453 1997                      1998
    The carbohydrate addict's lifespan program : a personalized plan for
    becoming slim, fit, & healthy in your 40s, 50s, 60s & beyond / Richard F.
    Heller and Rachael F. Heller.
    Heller, Richard F. (Richard Ferdinand), 1936-

 RM700 .G57 2015                          2015
    Recognizing & reporting red flags for the physical therapist assistant /
    Catherine Cavallaro Goodman, MBA, PT, CBP, Medical Multimedia Group,
    Faculty Affiliate, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, Charlene
    Marshall, BS, PTA, Aegis Therapies at Golden Living Center, Marshfield,
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 RM735 .W34 2016                          2016
    Foundations of theory and practice for the occupational therapy assistant
    / Amy Wagenfeld.
    Wagenfeld, Amy,

 RS57 .S86 2013                           2013
    Pharmaceutical calculations / Howard C. Ansel.
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 RT81.6 .Z24 2011                         2011
    The eight-step approach for student clinical success : tools for students
    / Lydia R. Zager, JoAnne Herman, Loretta Manning.
    Zager, Lydia R.

 SB473 .W37 1985                          1985
    Landscaping with native Texas plants / by Sally Wasowski and Julie Ryan.
    Wasowski, Sally, 1946-

 TH4813 .C37 2013                         2013
    The complete visual guide to building a house / John Carroll and Chuck
    Carroll, John (John Michael), 1949-

 TJ151 .M33 2012                          2012
    Machinery's handbook : a reference book for the mechanical engineer,
    designer, manufacturing engineer, draftsman, toolmaker, and machinist / by
    Erik Oberg [and others] ; Christopher J. McCauley, editor.
    Oberg, Erik, 1881-
    McCauley, Christopher J.

 TJ163.5 .D86 W575 2013                   2013
    The visual handbook of energy conservation : a comprehensive guide to
    reducing energy use at home / Charlie Wing.
    Wing, Charles, 1939-

 TJ1160 .W25 2014                         2014
    Machining fundamentals / by John R. Walker, Bob Dixon.
    Walker, John R., 1924-

 TJ1165 .F566 2014                        2014
    Machining and CNC technology / Michael Fitzpatrick.
    Fitzpatrick, Michael, 1945-

 TK151 .H5265 2013                        2013
    Troubleshooting and repairing commercial electrical equipment / David
    Herres, David.

 TK7018 .K56 2012                         2013
    Troubleshooting and repairing major appliances / Eric Kleinert.
    Kleinert, Eric.

 TK7870.2 .G43 2011                       2011
    How to diagnose and fix everything electronic / Michael Jay Geier.
    Geier, Michael Jay.

 TL23 .C595 1998                          1998
    America on wheels : the first 100 years : 1896-1996 / by Frank Coffey and
    Joseph Layden.
    Coffey, Frank.

 TL152 .A886 2012 V.1                     2012
    Automobile certification series.
    Delmar Cengage Learning.

 TL152 .A887 2014                         2014
    Auto maintenance and light repair (G1)
    Delmar Cengage Learning.

 TL152 .K575 2013                         2013
    Automotive technician certification test preparation manual / Don Knowles
    ; Bob Rodriguez.
    Knowles, Don.

 TL152 .M276 2015                         2015
    How to use automotive diagnostic scanners / Tracy Martin.
    Martin, Tracy, 1951-

 TL152 .P3965 2011                        2012
    Math for the automotive trade / John C. Peterson, William J. deKryger.
    Peterson, John C. (John Charles), 1939-

 TL215 .M8 S785 2011                      2011
    Ford Mustang automotive repair manual / by Mike Stubblefield and John H
    Stubblefield, Mike.

 TL243 .A883 2014                         2014
    Automotive Ethernet : definitive guide ; [TCP/IP, BroadR-Reach, Switch
    Technology, Real-Time Protocols, Audio Video Bridging, IEEE Physical
    Layers, Electromagnetic Compatibility et More] / Charles M. Kozierok ;
    Colt Correa ; Robert B. Boatright ; Jeffrey Quesnelle.
    Kozierok, Charles M.
    Correa, Colt.
    Boatright, Robert B.
    Quesnelle, Jeffrey.
    Metcalfe, Robert M. 1946-

 TL260 .D74 2013                          2013
    Medium / heavy duty truck technician certification series. Drive train

 TP155.5 .C654 2014                       2014
    Ludwig's applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plants.
    Volume 3.
    Coker, A. Kayode,

 TP370 .S424 2015                         2015
    Introducing food science / Robert L. Shewfelt.
    Shewfelt, Robert L.

 TR148 .E18 1973                          1973
    Creative darkroom techniques.
    Eastman Kodak Company.

 TR148 .W34 1974                          1974
    Solarization [by] Sandy Walker [and] Clarence Rainwater.
    Walker, Sandy.

 TR150 .H36 1977                          1977
    The photographers handbook : a complete reference manual of techniques,
    procedures, equipment and style / John Hedgecoe.
    Hedgecoe, John.

 TX324 .C85 1989                          1990
    How to conquer clutter / by Stephanie Culp.
    Culp, Stephanie.

 TX531 .F66 2014                          2014
    Food safety (Almanza)
    Almanza, Barbara A.,
    Ghiselli, Richard,

 TX531 .M653 2015                         2015
    HACCP / Sara Mortimore and Carol Wallace.
    Mortimore, Sara.

 TX531 .M654 2013                         2013
    HACCP : a practical approach / Sara Mortimore, Carol Wallace ; foreword by
    William H. Sperber.
    Mortimore, Sara.

 TX651 .L526 2015                         2015
    The food lab : better home cooking through science / J. Kenji L*opez-Alt ;
    photographs by the author.
    L*opez-Alt, J. Kenji,

 TX652 .Q47 1985                          1985
    Quick, thrifty cooking / [editor, Inge Dobelis].
    Dobelis, Inge.

 TX715 .G6237 1980                        1980
    The Good housekeeping illustrated cookbook / [edited by] Zoe Coulson.
    Coulson, Zoe.

 TX809 .R5 F37X 1990                      1990
    Fast fabulous meals / Minute Rice.
    Minute Rice.

 TX819 .A1 V65 2015                       2015
    Mastering sauces : the home cook's guide to new techniques for fresh
    flavors / Susan Volland ; photography by Angie Norwood Browne.
    Volland, Susan,

 TX911.3 .M27 B76 2007                    2007
    The restaurant manager's handbook : how to set up, operate, and manage a
    financially successful food service operation / Douglas Robert Brown.
    Brown, Douglas Robert, 1960-

 TX911.3 .M27 F54 2014                    2014
    Restaurant success, by the numbers : a money-guy's guide to opening the
    next hot spot / Roger Fields.
    Fields, Roger,

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Barth LRC Popular Books
October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2006
    Book club : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum.
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2007
    Read responsibly : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes and Gene
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BARNES                  2008
    Frequently asked questions : an Unshelved collection / by Bill Barnes and
    Gene Ambaum.
    Barnes, Bill, 1967-

 *POPULAR READING BROWN                   2015
    The shift : one nurse, twelve hours, four patients' lives / Theresa Brown.
    Brown, Theresa,

 *POPULAR READING COATES                  2015
    Between the world and me / Ta-Nehisi Coates.
    Coates, Ta-Nehisi,

 *POPULAR READING HAMILTON                2015
    All the things we never knew / Sheila Hamilton.
    Hamilton, Sheila (Journalist),

 *POPULAR READING JAMES                   2012
    Fifty shades darker / E. L. James.
    James, E. L.

 *POPULAR READING KATE                    2012
    Fallen in love : a fallen novel in stories / Lauren Kate.
    Kate, Lauren.

 *POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2015
    A knight of the Seven Kingdoms / George R. R. Martin ; illustrations by
    Gary Gianni.
    Martin, George R. R.,

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