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Circulation ServicesWho may borrow from the libraries?

  • Currently enrolled Del Mar College students, faculty, and staff may borrow
  • Currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff from any Texshare Member Library may borrow materials with a Texshare Card.
  • What do I need to check out materials?

    A current validated ID from Del Mar College or Texshare Card.

    Who may use library resources?

  • Anyone may use library resources within the libraries.
  • Patrons holding valid IDs or a Texshare Card may check out materials.
  • If I don't have an ID where do I get one made.

  • ID cards and validation stickers are available at the libraries on both East and West campus starting thirty minutes after opening until thirty minutes before closing. Validation stickers can be issued after 7:30 pm only if the student has a copy of his or her account summary showing that the account has been paid.
  • IDs Must Be Validated Each Semester.
  • The ID POLICY is strictly enforced.
  • What is the loan period for a DMC book/video?

  • Students from the following institutions may check-out books for two (2) week periods with one (1) renewal.
  • Del Mar College
  • Patrons with a Texshare card may check-out books for two (2) week periods with one (1) renewal.
  • Del Mar College Students may have a total of 15 books checked out at one time. Other categories of students may be limited on time periods and number of books allowed.
  • Del Mar College students may check-out videos for two-day use. An overdue fine of $5.00 per day will be assessed for every day after the due date.
  • Del Mar College faculty and Exempt staff have semester check outsfor most materials. All materials must be returned at the end of the semester.
  • Faculty and staff from a Texshare Member Library with a Texshare Card have a two week check out with one renewal.
  • Who may use the Student Technology Center?

    The Student Technology Center is available to students currently enrolled at Del Mar College.

    Do I have to return materials at the same library where I checked them out?

    Materials may be returned at either the William F. White, Jr. Library on the East Campus or the Howard E. Barth library on the west campus.

    I am a couple of days late returning a book/video -- how much do I owe?

  • The libraries no longer charge fines for books returned late. We ask that you please be conscientious in your borrowing. Overdue materials will cause a block to your library record.
  • The library does charge an overdue fine of $5.00 per day on videos/DVDs after the due date.
  • If you don't charge fines for books, what happens when I keep a book for longer than the check out period?

    When library materials become twenty-eight (28) days late a hold is placed on the patron's library record. Students with holds on their records will not be allowed to register for the next semester nor will they be able to obtain transcripts until overdue materials are returned.

    What happens if I lose/damage a book?

    If library items borrowed are lost or damaged, the borrower will be required to pay the cost of the damage or loss. However, If you pay for a lost item and later find it (within one year), you may return the book along with your receipt to the library and receive a refund.

    My diskette is full--where can I get another?

    Formatted blank diskettes and CD-R disks may be purchased for .50 cents at the circulation desk.

    I attend classes on the east campus and I want a book from Barth LRC. How do I get It? Do I have to go to Barth LRC?

    No, you may ask at the circulation desk at the White Library and the staff will request the book(s) to be sent to the White Library for you. Students on the west campus wanting book(s) from the White Library may make a request for a book at Barth LRC's circulation desk.

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