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Collaborative Learning Center

Need to do a group project, presentation or practice / record a speech? The CLC is the perfect environment for you and your group members.
The CLC is located on the first floor of the William F. White, Jr. Library, Room 105B.

Policies & Procedures

  • The CLC is available only by reservation at the Access Services / Circulation Desk.
  • Advanced reservations are encouraged. If the CLC is available, the reservation need not be in advance.
  • The duration of your visit to the CLC is limited to three hours or less, but may be extended if no one is waiting for the room at the conclusion of your time.
  • The CLC hours begin 30 minutes after the library opens and end one hour before the library closes.
  • The CLC is for educational purposes only.
  • Reservations for the CLC must be for 3 or more people unless the use is for practicing or recording a speech.
  • Reservations for the CLC require a current Del Mar College Student ID.
  • No food and drinks are allowed
  • No children are allowed
  • Maximum occupancy of the CLC is 27.
  • No printing is available in the CLC. Students may print in the adjacent Student Technology Center.
  • Available Equipment

  • Large Digital Whiteboard
  • MAC & PC computers
  • HP Wireless keyboard
  • HP Wireless mouse
  • Wireless Apple keyboard
  • Remote / Pen / Eraser
  • IOGear Wireless 3D Receiver
  • IOGear Wireless 3D Transmitter
  • Clickshare Button Receiver
  • Clickshare Receiver
  • Logitech Keyboard
  • Logitech Mouse
  • Apple External DVD R/W
  • Hover Cam Solo 8
  • IOGear Wireless 3D Transmitter
  • Asus Blu-Ray Reader

    For more information contact the Access Circulation Desk at (361) 698-1310.

    Del Mar College Libraries
    101 Baldwin Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    Phone (361) 698-1310

    Please send comments/suggestions to
    Merry Bortz, Head of Library Technical Services

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