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Library Collection/ Materials Selection Policy

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A6.28.1 Basic Purpose and Process: In support of the Library’s mission, Library staff, working with instructional faculty, are responsible for selecting Library resources in the appropriate subject fields and in the most useful formats -- print, non-print, electronic, etc. Library staff members budget, order, and process all Library materials. The Library notifies department and program administrators of funds allocated to their areas. Program administrators and faculty submit recommendations for Library purchases. Librarians make additional recommendations for the program areas they oversee and for the reference collection.

A6.28.2 Priorities in Resource Orders: In order to maximize the budget for Library resources, titles are ordered in a cost-effective manner. Library resources are selected according to the following priorities:

A6.28.2.1 Materials which directly meet student curricular needs, including required reading, viewing, or listening; collateral reading, viewing, or listening; and material to support student papers and reports, including those reference and bibliographical works which will facilitate finding and using these materials.

A6.28.2.2 Materials which are needed for faculty preparation of class instruction.

A6.28.2.3 Materials which round out the collection, permitting as much latitude as possible for students pursuing course-related inquiries on both current and historical subjects.

A6.28.2.4 Materials for faculty development.

A6.28.2.5 Representative works of high caliber which might arouse intellectual curiosity, counteract parochialism, help to develop critical thinking and cultural appreciation, and stimulate use of resources for continuing education and personal development.

A6.28.2.6 Leisure reading/viewing materials which are of literary/artistic merit or interest.

A6.28.3 Gifts: The Library will accept gifts in a variety of formats. Gifts must come with no conditions attached to the acceptance, and they must comply with the same standards used in the selection of purchased Library resources.

A6.28.4 Periodical Resources: Periodical resources represent a long-term investment by the Library since they are a continuing annual expense. Library staff and instructional faculty must work closely in the collecting of periodical resources. A separate policy and procedure for the addition and elimination of periodicals from the Library collection is in place. (See Library Periodicals Collection Development Policy and Procedures.)

A6.28.5 Weeding of Library Collection: In order to keep the Library collection vital, there must be ongoing assessment of materials to insure their continued value. Materials no longer meeting priorities for selection will be considered for withdrawal. Other items meriting discard are unnecessary duplicate titles, superseded editions, and damaged resources. Librarians and other designated Library staff members, assisted by instructional faculty, are responsible for systematically evaluating all of the Library’s resources.

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