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Request Books & Other Library Materials

Please note that books are checked out for only 28 days and may be renewed only once. It is the borrowing student's responsibility to contact the library to renew books. Some library materials will have a shorter loan period.

Books and other loaned materials must be returned to the library (by mail, in person to the East or West Campus Libraries) by the due date. The borrowing student is responsible for any and all costs, including postage or mileage, incurred while returning library materials.

To request a book from the Del Mar College Library email us at ill@delmar.edu. Please provide your contact information and information about the books requested, such as,

  • Title
  • Author
  • Del Mar College Library Call Number (found in the DMC Library Catalog)
  • Indicate if you are an off-campus student at a branch location
  • Request Magazines & Journal Articles

    Beacon provides many full text articles that can be printed from your computer. You may request articles not available online that can be found in magazines available at the Del Mar College Library in print or microfilm.

    To request magazine or journal articles form the Del Mar College Library email us at ill@delmar.edu. Provide the following information about the magazine articles requested.

  • Title of Magazine
  • Volume Number, Issue Number and/or Date
  • Title of Article
  • Author of Article
  • Page Numbers
  • Where the Citation Was Found (name of database or other source)
  • Articles will be faxed, where possible, when a fax number is provided.


    Need assistance with the request process?
    Call Library Access Services at 361/698-1310

    Del Mar College Libraries
    101 Baldwin Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    Phone (361) 698-1310

    Please send comments/suggestions to
    Merry Bortz, Head of Library Technical Services

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