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1970 Paul A. Horbatt Untitled 4th annual Steel
1971 Sharon Leeber Timidity 5th annual Lucite
1973 Richard Buckman Pillows No. 18 7th annual Cast Expoxy Resin
1974 Barry W. Tinsley Maquette for Manufactured 8th annual Steel
1975 Gary Slater Untitled 9th annual Stainless Steel & Copper
1976 Del Christensen Canyon Spirit 10th annual Masonite
1977 Ray Replogle The Still Hour 11th annual Bronze & Polyester
1978 Ralph Magruder If I Ever Did 12th annual Mahogany
1979 Charmaine Locke Beauty & The Beast 13th annual Mixed Media
1980 Edward Wicklander Untitled 14th annual Mixed Media
1981 Roberley Bell Untitled 15th annual Bronze
1982 Ruth Berlin Construction 16th annual Stainless Steel
1983 Don Bartlett Vortex 17th annual Bronze
1984 George Potter Night Stand 18th annual Ash
1985 Steve Reynolds Two Tier-One Arch 19th annual Glazed Ceramic
1986 Roger B. Colombik Shadows of Tikal 20th annual Bronze
1987 Roger Bisbing Tower #3 21st annual Laminated Masonite & Plastic
1988 Ron G. Koehler Burner...From Worst Fears 22nd annual Polychromed Wood Construction
1989 Don Osborn Debutante's Offering 23rd annual Assemblage, Welded Steel
1990 Kevin J. Standberg Life Goes On 24th annual Mixed Media, Polychromed Wood
1991 Ruth S. Beal Prince Charming Makes the Lunch 25th annual Assemblage
1992 Greg R. Reuter Traveled 26th annual Mixed Media, Concrete, Bronze
1993 Meredith M. Jack Prairie Piece 20 27th annual Cast Iron
1994 Thad A. Duhigg Poetry, Prose & Point 28th annual Steel & Canvas
1995 William J. Zack Beetle Traps 29th annual Brass, Wood, Glass
1996 Van Benschoten Scranton Untitled 30th annual Polychromed Wood Construction
1997 W. Joseph Zack Mom Ran the Household 31st annual Wood, Brass, Resin
1988 Ron G. Koehler Artist's Brushes 32nd annual Mixed Media
1999 Marco Santos Mask Song 33rd annual Clay
2000 James D. Burling Unique Mesquite 34th annual Wood
2001 Jennie L. Couch Twigs With Lichen 35th annual Clay
2002 Stephanie K. Bowman Flight is the First World 36th annual Metal, Straw
2003 Patrick Alan Luber Proof of Purchase 37th annual Mixed Media, Aluminum, Wood
2004 Ben Woitena Cinta Verde 38th annual Metal
2005 Joan Jones Sitting Duck 39th annual Mixed Media
2006 John Vinklarek Missing Point 40th annual Cast Paper
2007 Allison Helm Visual Circuitry 41st annual Mixed Media, Aluminum, Wood, Glass
2008 Corey Ackelmire Coffee Spoons 42nd annual Forged Sterling Silver, Oak
2009 Dennis Smith Earth Landscape #2 43th annual Ceramic
2010 Allison Helm The Space Between Us "Two Worlds Collide" 44th annual Wood, Glass
2011 Phil Simpson Splash 45th annual Metal
2012 Kurt Dyrhaug Inclined Keel 46th annual Wood Metal
2013 Jesus Moroles Round Rocks Book Sculpture 47th annual Granite
2014 James Gibson Figuratively Burdened 48th annual Copper, Metal

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