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Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service

When students need material for their assignments and the library does not have it, Del Mar College students may request an interlibrary loan. Students should begin the process at the reference desk. Reference librarians assist students in locating materials needed and if the library does not have the materials the student is referred to the interlibrary loan office. Students need a current, validated Del Mar College ID to place a request for an ILL.

Del Mar College Libraries offers free interlibrary loan service to all Del Mar College.

  • Administrators
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • ILL Service

      Interlibrary loan service allows one to borrow books and to receive photcopies of periodical articles from libraries nationwide.

    Some materials that may not be available through ILL

  • Audio visual materials
  • Rare books
  • Reference items
  • Dissertations
  • To request ILL materials:

  • Pick-up an ILL request form at the library circulation desk at either campus.
  • Books:
  • Yellow - Faculty, Staff
  • Green - Students
  • Photocopies:
  • Blue - Faculty, Staff
  • Teal - Students
  • Faculty should return the completed form to the library circulation desk at either campus.
  • Students need to see the reference librarian to have the ILL request approved before submitting it.
  • Distance Learners interested in Borrowing through ILL may contact Access Services, Interlibrary Loan Office by phone at (361) 698-2136 or by email: ill@delmar.edu
  • Turn around time

  • ILLs can take from 2-3 weeks to arrive.
  • The time frame for getting ILL materials depends on several factors:
  • The length of time involved in finding a lender.
  • The speed of the lending library in shipping the item.
  • Mailing time.
  • Material borrowed from Texas A&M University--Corpus Christi may take as long as a week to receive.

    If materials are needed immediately, patrons may borrow through reciprocal borrowing by personally visiting the participating library.


  • Patrons will be notifed when ILL materials have arrived.
  • Patrons can pick-up ILL materials at the circulation desk on the campus from which it was requested.
  • Failure to pick up an ILL

      ILL materials requested by students will be held seven (7) days. If no attempt is made to pick-up the ILL the student will have a $5.00 charge added to their library record.

    Loan Periods

  • Loan periods for books vary depending on the individual lending library. Patrons will be advised of the return date.
  • Renewals should be requested 4-5 days before the return date.
  • Periodical photocopies are yours to keep.

  • More Questions??

      If you have more questions please feel free to call (361) 698-1932 or email to ill@delmar.edu.


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