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    What's on the Kindle eReaders?
    Click here to view all available titles on the Kindle eReader.
    Who can use the Kindle eReaders?
    Kindles may be checked out by DMC students currently enrolled in courses for credit, DMC faculty and staff.
    How long can I use a Kindle eReader?
    Kindles checkout for two weeks. Kindles may not be renewed.  If there is no waiting list, they may be checked out again if returned to the library.
    Is there a charge to use a Kindle eReader?
    No, there is no charge to borrow a Kindle eReader.
    Can I renew a Kindle eReader?
    Kindle eReaders cannot be renewed. However, if no one is waiting for use of the eReader, staff may check it out to you again.
    Are there overdue charges for Kindle eReaders?
    Kindles are subject to a $5 per day overdue fine.
    How do I use a Kindle eReader?
    Click here for help on getting started with the Kindle eReader
    Can I add titles to the Kindle eReader?
    No, library staff select the titles available.  Please do not alter registration settings. If registration settings are altered, the borrower will be subject to fines.
    Does the Kindle eReader surf the internet or have other apps?
    No, the library eReaders are for reading ebook content.
    Can I put the books from the Kindle eReader on my Kindle or tablet?
    No, the library can loan the Kindle eReader devices, but cannot loan the ebook content separately.
    Can I put Ebsco ebooks on the Kindle eReader?
    Ebsco ebooks are not currently Kindle compliant. Ebsco ebooks may be downloaded to your own iPad or Android tablet or other compatible devices.
    Does the library loan iPads or Android tablets?
    At this time, the library does not loan iPads or Android tablets.
    What if I lose or damage the Kindle eReader?
    If the eReader and all the loaned materials are lost or unusable, there will be a replacement charge of $224.00. If individual pieces are lost, missing or unusable, a prorated loss charge will be assessed. Please consult the return checklist in the bag to insure all parts are returned. To reduce damage, please do not remove the Kindle eReader from the portfolio case.

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