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    Choosing Research Resources


    • Books are still the best place to start for in-depth coverage of a topic.

      • Since books are generally written by experts in their field and are reviewed by editors, they are considered to have a high level of accuracy.

      • Most people find books easier to read than online text when reading material of longer content.

      • Books are better than online text when trying to understand a new concept or procedure with many steps.

      • Studies have shown that online readers tend to scan online content rather than read word by word, take 25% longer to read, and retain less of what they read.

    • Use the DMCnet Library Catalog to find books.

      • The DMCnet Library Catalog is a search tool for books and other materials owned by the library.

      • The search results on the DMCnet Library Catalog will tell whether it's available for use, which library building has the book, in what part of the building it's located, and a call number to show where on the shelf it's located.

      • Can't find an entire book on your topic? Try searching for a broader topic and looking for a chapter or section specifically on your topic.

      • Use the book's index to target sections about your topic.

    • Over 28,000 books can be accessed full-text online through NetLibrary.