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    Choosing Research Resources

    Magazines, Journals, Periodicals, Newspapers and Articles

    • Magazines, Journals, Periodicals, Newspapers and Articles
      • Journals and Periodicals are also commonly called Magazines.

        • Magazine articles generally have good coverage of current topics.

        • Magazine articles tend to have more current information since they are written and go to press much faster than books do.

        • Magazine articles are seen as generally accurate as the article contents receive editorial review.

        • Peer reviewed magazine or journal articles are respected as very accurate as a panel of experts review the article before it goes to press.

          • Look for the check box on the Ebsco database to limit your results to peer reviewed articles.

      • Print magazines and newspapers are located on the second floor.

        • The term "print magazine" refers to magazines in their traditional paper format.

        • Browsing is to flip through magazines to see what's new.

          • Browsing is useful when looking for new trends or ideas, but it's not too useful when researching a specific topic.

          • Print magazines available at the library are included in the DMCnet Library Catalog.

            • It will include information about the magazine title and subject as well as what issues are owned, but not information about the articles inside.

            • The one technique to search for magazines in the DMCnet Library Catalog is to
              • Choose Power Search on the bottom of the regular search box
              • Put the search strategy for your general magazine topic in the top search box
              • In the Item Type box, select Periodicals
              • Then press enter or click the Search button

            • A printed list of print magazines is available for use in the Reference Area.

      • Use online library databases to search for magazine articles.

        • Online library databases allow you to search for topics among thousands of magazine. In many cases, the complete article is available online in full-text. Ebsco also has an indicator that shows when the library has the print copy of the magazine or journal.

        • There are many online databases listed on the library homepage and on the Reference Resources page.

        • Ebsco or eLibrary are generally good databases to start with.

        • Online newspaper databases can be found through this link.

          • Newsbank has newspaper articles from eleven Texas newspapers and 17 from cities in other states.