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Periodicals Collection Development Policy

Periodicals Collection Development Policy

The periodicals collection of the Del Mar College libraries, like other library materials collections, is intended to support the curriculum being taught by the college. Because of the ongoing financial and storage commitment made by the library and because of the need to provide appropriate access to information available in periodicals, the decision to purchase a particular title requires more study and justification than the one-time purchase of an individual book or media title. Criteria for the purchase of periodicals include the consideration of the following: Periodicals

  • Is the periodical indexed in a index currently owned by the library?
  • Does the periodical support study of a particular subject in the Del Mar curriculum or does it provide appropriate material for students to use as research for writing papers for class?
  • Is the periodical written at a level appropriate to Del Mar students?
  • Is the pertinence of the periodical title to a community college curriculum supported by documentation from a subject-specific authority?
  • Is the periodical in a format which can be accommodated by the Del Mar libraries?
  • Elimination of periodical titles from the library collections may sometimes be necessary. Such eliminations may be based on many factors including consideration of the following:

  • Has the focus or level of the periodical changed since its original purchase to the extent the title is no longer appropriate to the libraries and/or curriculum?
  • Has the program originally requesting the title disbanded or changed emphasis?
  • Has the cost of the periodical become prohibitively expensive?
  • Is the periodical being used very little or not at all, based on library use statistics?
  • Is the periodical available elsewhere in the community or in an alternative format already in the library?
  • Is the physical maintenance of the periodical more problematic than its value to the curriculum it supports?
  • Has the publisher ceased to publish the title?
  • Does the department initially requesting the title no longer see the value of the title to the library collection?
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