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Student Technology Center


The Student Technology Center is an open-computing centerfor students to use to type papers, complete assignments, use electronic study aids and do research.


The Student Technology Center is located on the first floor of the William F. White, Jr. Library on the East Campus (361) 698-1991. The Barth Learning Resources Center / Technical Library on the West Campus (361) 698-1754 also has a Student Technology Center.

Eligible Users

Use of the Student Technology Center is limited to currently enrolled Del Mar College Students who have a validated Del Mar College student ID, and have signed the Del Mar College Computer and Network Resources Statement of Acceptable Use (AUP).


The STC is open during library hours.

Computer AssistanceStaff Assistance

Staff is available to assist and to troubleshoot problems with the equipment or software.
They are not tutors and are not able to assist with homework projects.

Use Limits

To better serve patrons, computer use during peak times may be limited to two (2) hours.

Virus Protection

To protect STC equipment all removable storage will be checked for viruses. This includes diskettes and flash drives. Other external drives are not allowed.

Software Limitations

Only software owned by Del Mar College and installed by library staff may be used in the STC.
Click to see list of STC supported software.

Removable Storage Media

Floppy diskettes and CD-R discs are available at the circulation desk.

Floppy diskettes are 75¢ each.

CD-R discs are $1.00 each.


Only STC approved paper or print media may be used in the printers.
Always ask for STC staff assistance when using transparencies and special media.
Printing with special media or equipment has an extra charge.

Black and white laser printing is available at no charge, but limited to 50 sheets per day. Patrons may print only ONE copy and must use the copy machines located on the second floor for duplicates.(Additional restrictions may be applied by Library Staff).

Tranparencies are 75¢ per sheet for black and white or $1.00 per sheet for color printing.

Color prints are available at no charge for the first 5 sheets and 50¢ per sheet for each additional sheet.

Large format prints from the HP DesignJet 4020 are 50¢ per square foot ($3.00 for 24" by 36")

NOTICE: The copyright law of the United States (Title17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. The person using the equipment is liable for any infringement.

Equipment Available for Student Use

* Dell Pentium 4 Computers
* Apple iMac's (OS 10 Leopard)
* CD-RW Drives, DVD-RW Drives
* Laser Printers (HP, Dell)

* HP DesignJet 4020 Large Format Printer (50¢ per sq. ft.)

*Tips for Creating Documents for the Plotter
* HP DesignJet 70 Medium Format Color Printer (50¢ per sheet over 5 sheets)
* HP Color Laser Printer (50¢ per sheet over 5 sheets)
* Epson Scanners
* Epson Large Format Scanner
* Wacom Tablets
* Media Card Readers
* Bloggie Cameras (Check out at Access Services/ Circulation Desk)
* Digital Voice Recorders (Check out at Access Services/ Circulation Desk)

Software Available for Student Use --click to see list

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Please send comments/suggestions to
Merry Bortz, Head of Library Technical Services

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