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Top 10 Facts

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10. Two libraries serve Del Mar College students

The William F. White, Jr. Library, East Campus, has resources supporting coursework for the campus and houses administrative services for both libraries. The Howard E. Barth Learning Resources Center, West Campus, has resources supporting the courses taught on the West Campus. Hours for both libraries during academic terms are:

Monday - Thursday:
  7:30 AM to 10:00 PM
  7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Hours for the libraries change during non-enrollment periods, so watch for announcements about library hours at these times.

9. Del Mar Library Curricular Enrichment Film Series

Each Friday afternoon during academic terms, the series presents a feature film in room 530 of the White Library. Various faculty members assist in the selection of the films. For more information on the film series, check the library’s homepage. And if you prefer watching your movies at home, the libraries have video collections including popular release films, both current & vintage. Our feature film videos and DVD’s have been compiled in a listing available at the Reference and Access Services desks AND on our website.

8. You can use and borrow resources from area libraries

Del Mar employees are allowed full use of our own libraries and are entitled to a TexShare card which allows direct library borrowing at many libraries throughout the state including Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Kingsville and at Coastal Bend College, The library also offers free interlibrary loan service to all Del Mar employees. So if you need materials for a class you are taking or one you are teaching, or of you have questions about other circulation policies, call our Access Services areas, 698-1310 (East); 698-1753 (West).

7. Special Collections

The library has a number of special collections and features.  Special book collections include the Burt Escamilla Pennington signed book display in the White Library and the Laurence Harville architecture collection in the Barth LRC. The White Library also has a Sculpture Gallery on the fifth floor, which houses the Library Purchase Award Collection, an exceptional grouping of small-scale contemporary sculpture by regional artists. Other displays in the White Library include the Alfred G. Trube model aircraft collection and pieces of the Berlin Wall, donated to the library by former student Michael Schulze.   

6. Website

Visit the library’s website (http://library.delmar.edu) for access to all kinds of neat and useful information, including DMCNet search capability (that's the library catalog, with materials in both libraries listed), online research resources and websites, links to other colleges and helpful infformation sites, and more material about the library itself. It’s available to you almost 24/7 and that’s even better than the 325 days per year the libraries are open!

5. Library Instruction Sessions

Both libraries offer library instruction sessions for any of the classes offered at the college. If you wish to schedule a library “orientation” for your students, check with the reference librarians, 698 1311 (East); 698 1877 (West). Classes may also come into the library for group research. We'd like to see you so please give us a call to schedule your class.

4. Reserve Services

The libraries will put resources (books, media, and other items) on reserve for specific classes at the request of instructors.  Reserves last for one semester.  Items can be from the library collection or from your personal collection.   To request reserves, call Access Services, 698 1310 (White Library); 698 1754 (Barth LRC). 

3. Room and Equipment Reservations

Both libraries deliver AV equipment to classrooms when needed. We also have rooms (computer, meeting, and other) which can be reserved for use on an as- needed-and-available basis for college activities. Call and see if we have what you need. Please keep in mind, we require 24 hours notice for equipment reservations. Call 698 1640 (East); 698 1753 (West).

2. Ordering books, videos, computer software, etc.

We want your help! If you know books, periodicals, videos, e-resources, or computer software that the library should have to aid in your students’ study, let us know. Talk to your department chair about how to request the materials or go to the Faculty Resources page under Library Requests to find the e-form you need. Thanks … in advance!

And...  the number 1 fact new Del Mar College employees need to know about library services: Always, ALWAYS -- have your Del Mar College ID card when using the library!

Del Mar College employs over 1000 people. The Library employs over 70. There is no way all of us can remember all of you all of the time. ‘Nuf said! You get your ID card in the library, so there's NO excuse not to have one. Again: thanks … In advance.

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