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Problem: Web addresses or URL's that were copied from address bar in Ebsco or other online resources don't work when trying to return to resource

The web address (URL) in the address bar will not work on return visits due to the security software used. However, for most online resources, a permanent link to the specific item or article is available.
These are called Permalinks in EBSCO. Instead of using the web address shown in the browser's address bar, look at the toolbar to the right and click on Permalink.

In Ebsco it looks like this...

EBSCO Permalink Example

Why does this happen?

Many of the online resources provided by Del Mar College Library are restricted to DMC users because of agreements with the resource vendors. DMC must pay significant subscription fees to provide access to the online resource and agrees not to allow unauthorized access to the information. The software that is used to secure access to the online resource masks the URL in the address line. Many of the online resource vendors include a Permalink or Permanent Link information to access the desired article.

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