Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking Rules and Regulations

  • I. General Provisions

    Del Mar College has developed regulations for the purpose of proper identification of vehicles of persons who have legitimate business with the College; to ensure safety/notification of students/faculty and other persons in an emergency; to provide orderly parking, traffic and use of parking facilities; to provide for the purchase and issuance of vehicle identification permits; to ensure pedestrian safety; and to provide for enforcement in the event of violation. The operation of a motor vehicle on Del Mar College property is governed by College policies and regulations.

    1. The fact that a violation notice is not issued when a violation occurs does not imply that the regulation or rule is not in effect. Each operator is responsible for knowing and following the parking rules and regulations.
    2. Campus Security has been charged with the authority to enforce these regulations, including the right to tow vehicles for specific violations and repeat violators. The owner or operator of a towed vehicle is responsible for the cost of towing and storage fees in addition to any other fines.
    3. Proof that a parking or traffic control device, sign, signal, or marking was in place at any location on the campus shall constitute prima facie evidence that it was official and was installed under proper authority by College, city, state, and federal guidelines.
    4. The College assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its content while the vehicle is parked or operated on College property. All vehicle operators should lock or otherwise secure their vehicles when parked on either campus of Del Mar College.
  • II. Definitions

    For the purpose of these parking and traffic regulations, the following terms are defined: 

    1. Abandoned Vehicle - a motor vehicle, bicycle, or other conveyance parked on DMC property for more than three (3) days without being moved.
    2. DMC - Del Mar College
    3. Campus - all property owned or controlled by Del Mar College
    4. College - Del Mar College
    5. Citation - Notification issued by a Corpus Christi police officer contracted to work off-duty at DMC, which may be written to any vehicle found in violation of state law or city ordinances on DMC property
    6. Parking for Disabled Individuals - spaces or areas reserved for any disabled individual who has an appropriate (placard) hang tag or license plate from the County Tax Assessor's Office.
    7. Habitual Violator - any person who has received three (3) or more violation notices within a twelve-month period.
    8. Impound - towing and storage of vehicle at a towing facility
    9. Marked space - space defined by two parallel lines
    10. Motor Vehicle - all automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, motorbikes, mopeds, etc.
    11. Moving Violations - moving traffic law violations as enacted by the State of Texas
    12. No Parking Zones - all areas not specifically designated for parking, to include painted curbs, fire lanes, construction areas, loading zones, service delivery and bus zones. See "IV.D."
    13. Parking Permit - a temporary card, hang tag or self-adhering decal issued by DMC, authorizing the motor vehicle properly displaying the permit to be lawfully parked within designated areas. The issuance and display of the permit serves as proper registration.
    14. Reserved Parking - identified by signs and/or pavement markings; enforced at peak business hours of the day. New employees shall have the option of continuing the reserved space held by the former employee in that position so that performance of work in those offices requiring frequent trips between campuses and in the community may be facilitated.
    15. Restricted Parking - areas reserved for use by holders of designated permits.
    16. Visitors - persons other than students, faculty members, staff members or employees of DMC.
    17. Violation Notice - a notification issued by DMC Security for violations of parking and traffic regulations. These notifications are subject to College fines and a right of students to appeal within the College as defined in section "IV.F."
    18. VIP - Vehicle Identification Permit, including:
      1. Student permit
      2. Non-reserved permit
      3. Reserved permit
  • III. Parking Regulations

    Registration of Vehicles

    1. All vehicles parked on campus at any time must display a Vehicle Identification Permit except for vehicles belonging to visitors during registration periods or one-day visits.
    2. Students are not currently assessed a parking registration fee. The College retains the option to assess a parking registration fee for students in the future.
    3. Employees must evidence payment for reserved parking by obtaining a receipt for their Vehicle Identification Permit at the Cashier's Office to evidence payment.
    4. With the Cashier's receipt, College employees with reserved parking must then obtain a Vehicle Identification Permit from Campus Security.
    5. Student Vehicle Identification Permits are valid for the duration of enrollment at Del Mar College and do not require annual renewal. Employee Vehicle Identification Permits are valid for one academic year, beginning with the fall semester. Failure of an employee to pay for a reserved Vehicle Identification Permit when due relinquishes the employee's reserved parking space.
    6. Procurement of a Vehicle Identification Permit by students or employees with non-reserved parking does not guarantee a specified parking space. Each driver is responsible for finding a legal parking space. Inability to locate a parking space is not an excuse for violating parking regulations.
    7. A Vehicle Identification Permit will not be issued to any person having unpaid violation charges until full payment is made to the Cashier's Office.
    8. A Vehicle Identification Permit may not be purchased for or displayed by an individual ineligible to receive the permit. The College may suspend for a period of one (1) year the parking privileges of individuals who violate this regulation.

    Types of Vehicle Identification Permits


    Any person attending DMC who is not employed by the College is eligible for a student Vehicle Identification Permit. Work-study students may receive only student Vehicle Identification Permits.

    The process by which a student receives a Vehicle Identification Permit is as follows:

    1. The student completes the appropriate College parking registration card.
    2. The student submits the card to the Campus Security.
    3. Campus Security issues a Vehicle Identification Permit to the student. 



    All DMC employees are eligible for non-reserved Vehicle Identification Permits. Any employee enrolled as a student will retain his or her employee non-reserved Vehicle Identification Permit.

    The process by which an employee, whether full-time, part-time, or adjunct, receives a non-reserved Vehicle Identification Permit is as follows:

    1. The employee completes the appropriate College parking registration card.
    2. The employee submits the card to Campus Security.
    3. Campus Security issues a non-reserved Vehicle Identification Permit to the employee.
    Reserved - East Campus

    Only full-time or grant-funded employees are eligible to receive a reserved parking space. Reserved parking is limited to only one reserved space per eligible employee.

    The process by which a full-time employee maintains or is assigned a reserved parking space is as follows:

    • Maintaining a Reserved Parking Space
      1. The employee pays the $30.00 + tax reserved parking fee at the Cashier's Office within the time period allowed.
      2. The employee presents to Campus Security the receipt of payment from the Cashier's Office.
      3. The employee updates the information on his or her previously completed parking registration form.
      4. Campus Security issues the employee a reserved Vehicle Identification Permit that corresponds to the reserved parking lot to which the employee is assigned.
    • Requesting a Reserved Parking Space
      1. Eligible employees who do not have an assigned parking space, or current employees who request a different assigned space, may request a space in a specified lot by entering their name and date on the waiting list for the desired parking lot. Separate waiting lists will be maintained for each of the reserved parking lots. Employees may register on the waiting list for more than one reserved parking lot.
      2. Parking spaces will be assigned on the basis of space availability and date priority.
      3. When a space becomes available in any lot desired by the person with the highest date priority on the waiting list, Campus Security will notify that person that he or she has thirty (30) days in which to make payment to the College to claim the desired space.
      4. If after thirty (30) days from notification, the employee fails to claim the desired space, that employee's name will be removed from the waiting list, and the space will be offered to the next employee on the list in date priority.
      5. Employees hired after the start of the fall semester (and a reserved parking space is not available) will be issued a non-reserved Vehicle Identification Permit. Those employees will then have the opportunity to place their name on the existing reserved parking waiting list for consideration.
      6. Parking spaces assigned to employees are non-transferrable. Employees who terminate full-time employment with the College are required to surrender their parking gate pass to Campus Security as a part of the employee checkout.
      7. Adjunct faculty and part-time employees are not eligible to receive assigned parking spaces, but they may use any non-reserved parking space or other open space available after 2:00 p.m.
    Reserved - West Campus

    Deans assigned to the West Campus have a designated reserved parking space. Parking spaces marked with yellow curbs or yellow parking bumpers are restricted solely to any faculty and staff. Flato parking lot is restricted on Saturdays and Sundays for instructional use only. Areas within the automotive fence are restricted to vehicles with assigned work orders.

    Temporary Parking Permits

    After arranging for temporary parking through the Director of Physical Facilities (see "IV.A.3"), temporary parking permits can be obtained from Campus Security to allow parking on DMC property for up to six (6) weeks. Temporary permits are designed to assist temporary employees, consultants, contractors, etc., in finding a parking space to facilitate completion of assigned College business.

    Parking for Disabled Persons

    DMC will follow state law regarding parking for disabled persons. Students, faculty and staff who have qualified and obtained a license plate or placard reflecting disability from the County Tax Assessor's Office will be issued a non-reserved Vehicle Identification Permit. Those individuals may park in any parking space for disabled persons as long as their license plate reflects disabled status or their placard reflecting disability is hanging in their vehicle and clearly visible. They will also be required to register for a Del Mar College permit for disabled persons.

    Display of permits

    Student Vehicle Identification Permits are valid for the duration of enrollment at Del Mar College and do not require annual renewal. Employee Vehicle Identification Permits are valid for one academic year, beginning with the fall semester. Permit fees are not prorated, and all permits expire August 31st of each year:

    • Student permits - No charge
    • Non-reserved permits - No charge
    • Reserved permits - $30.00 + tax
    • One extra permit for a second vehicle - $10.00 + tax
    • Lost or replacement permits - $10.00 + tax
    • Temporary permits - No charge

    Amounts subject to change at any time.

  • IV. Enforcement

    Policy and Procedures

    1. All laws of the State of Texas, ordinances of the applicable municipality and rules and regulations of DMC are in effect on the campuses 24 hours a day.
    2. The campus speed limit on both the East and West Campus, is ten (10) miles per hour.
    3. Special temporary parking arrangements must be made through the Director of Physical Facilities.
    4. Reserved spaces, whether by designated "Reserved" signs or reserved by Campus Security for special events, will be enforced.

    Traffic and Parking Notices

    The Campus Security department may issue two (2) types of notification for violations of parking and traffic regulations.

    1. DMC Violation Notices - subject to College fines and a right of students to appeal within the College as defined in section "IV.F."
    2. Corpus Christi Police Department (CCPD) Citations - CCPD officers contracted to work off-duty at DMC may write citations to any vehicle found in violation of state law or city ordinances on DMC property.


    In addition to fees for parking or traffic violations, parking privileges may be suspended for a period of up to one (1) year for habitual violators. The vehicles of habitual violators may also be towed without notice at the expense of the vehicle owner. Suspension of parking privileges will be decided by the Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management and/or the Dean of Students, after reviewing recommendations from Campus Security.

    1. A person in whose name an unpaid violation exists, and no appeal is pending, shall be barred from enrollment in a subsequent semester until fines are paid.
    2. Transcripts and refunds shall also be withheld by the Business Office from any person in whose name an unpaid violation charge exists and no appeal is pending.
    3. In addition to the above-mentioned penalties, the Business Office will send a letter to students who receive a violation notice, and no appeal is pending, to remind them to pay their fines.

    Parking Violations

    Parking in a "no parking" zone
    1. parking where prohibited by signs, painted curbs or lines.
    2. parking where no marked space exists, except for temporary areas created by Campus Security for emergencies or special events.
    3. parking on grass, grounds, lawn, turf or any unapproved ground which has not been specifically designated for parking.
    4. parking in a fire zone.
    5. parking in loading zones.
    Parking in reserved space or area
    1. parking illegally within a designated reserved space and/or area.
    2. parking illegally within any barricaded or controlled space and/or area.
    3. parking in a reserved space and/or area not authorized by the type permit displayed.
    4. parking in a designated time space or loading zone beyond allotted time or without proper permit.
    Blocking drives, sidewalk, or exit
    1. parking in a manner that obstructs or impairs proper usage of sidewalks, driveways, streets, curbs, ramps, loading docks, marked crosswalks or disabled access.
    2. parking in a manner to prevent, impair or obstruct other vehicles from entering or exiting parking lots, parking spaces or access streets that enter and exit the campus.
    Parallel parking on two-way streets and roadways
    1. parking in a manner that obstructs two-way flow of traffic on any street or roadway on any campus
    2. failure to park with right-hand wheels within eighteen (18) inches of the curb.
    Failure to park within a marked space
    1. Failure of one vehicle to park within the marked boundaries is not implied consent for others to park with any part of the vehicle over the line.
    Parking in a "double parked" fashion

    1. Stopping or parking a vehicle on the roadway side of any vehicle parked at the edge or curb of a street or parking lot.

    Failure to display parking permit

    1. Parking on any campus, at any time, without displaying a parking permit.

    Improper display of parking permit

    1. Parking permit not displayed in a manner where it can be seen from the outside of the vehicle.

    Parking illegally in a space for disabled individuals

    1. Parking in a space for disabled individuals without properly displaying a license plate or placard (hang tag) for disabled individuals issued by the County Tax Assessor.Violation notices may be dismissed when the operator produces a valid placard or license plate receipt reflecting disabled status. The placard or other evidence must be provided to the Security office.

    Displaying a parking permit that has been altered or forged

    1. Forging or fraudulently using a parking permit.

    Violation Notices

    1. College violation notices described in these regulations will result in charges being assessed in accordance with the following schedule:

      Violation Charge
      Warning $0
      No Parking Permit Displayed $10
      Not a Designated Parking Area $10
      Visitor Parking Only $10
      Parking a Vehicle in Motorcycle Parking Only $10
      Parking in a Loading Zone $10
      Unauthorized Parking in a Reserved Parking Space $10
      Exceeding Posted Speed Limit $10
      Reckless Operation of a Vehicle $50
      Driving over Grounds or Sidewalks $100
      Parking in a Fire Zone* $20
      Blocking/Impeding Exits, Entrances or Driveways* $20
      Parking Illegally in Handicapped Parking Spaces* $100
      Parking on Grounds, Drives or Walkways* $50

      All charges are subject to change without notice. Receiving four (4) tickets for any violation will result in vehicle being immediately towed at owner's expense. *For any violation marked with an asterisk (*), the vehicle may be immediately towed at owner's expense. Except as noted above, violation notices will be issued in cases where traffic can be rerouted or vehicle operators can be immediately located to move their vehicle. In all other cases, vehicles will be towed and ticketed.

    2. The above fine rate is set by the College for administrative violations. However, citations issued by the Corpus Christi Police Department will result in fines decreed by the courts.

    3. Multiple violations can be alleged on the same Violation Notice. Charges will be assessed for each violation.

    4. Violation Notice Payments

      1. Payments must be made within thirty (30) days of the date the Violation Notice was issued.

      2. Payments may be made at the Cashier's Office, Harvin Student Center or the West Campus Administrative Building during business hours.

      3. Payments not made within thirty (30) days will result in a hold being placed against enrollment in a subsequent semester, transcripts or refunds. It may also result in suspension of parking privileges.

      4. Appeals by students must be filed with the Student Government Association within ten (10) working days of the date Violation Notice was issued. Students must file a written petition for a hearing in the Harvin Student Center--East Campus, Student Activities Office, Room 109; or Room 144 at the Coleman Student Center-West Campus.

    5. If the student has the same family name or home address as the registered owner of a vehicle for which a Violation Notice has been issued, the Violation Notice and accompanying violation charges will be recorded in the student's name.

    6. Unpaid charges for parking violations are recorded in either:

      1. the name of the person who previously purchased a parking permit; or

      2. the name of the purchaser of the permit displayed; or

      3. the name of the person who has previously paid violation charges on the vehicle; or

      4. the name of the owner or driver.

    Appeals of Violation Notices or Impounds

    1. A Student Judiciary Committee (SJC) appointed by the Dean of Student Development helps assure fairness in the issuance of parking Violation Notices and vehicle impounds. The findings of the SJC are final.

    2. A person who receives a Violation Notice, or whose vehicle has been impounded, may request an appeal. The appeal is handled through the Student Government Association (SGA). If the Student Judiciary Committee (SJC) finds a vehicle was improperly impounded, the Violation Notice/Citation and towing/impounding expenses incurred by the individual whose vehicle was impounded will be reimbursed by the College.

    3. All requests for appeal must be filed within ten (10) working days from the issuance of the Violation Notice. The Violation Notice or a copy of the notice must be attached to the appeal form. A person who fails to file the request within this time period waives the right to appeal. Appeals for which ten-day deadline falls within the winter break shall carry over into the beginning of the spring semester.

    4. The appeals committee may summon the individual who issued the Violation Notice or performed the vehicle impound if he/she is available to assist the committee.

    5. All appeals will be heard within fifteen (15) working days of the date an appeal is requested. Appeals for which the 15-working-day deadline falls within the winter break shall carry over into the beginning of the spring semester.

  • V. Bicycle, Motorcycle, Motor Scooter, Moped Parking Regulations

    In accordance with Texas law, operators of bicycles, motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds shall be granted all the rights and shall be subject to all the laws and duties applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle while on any DMC campus.

    1. Parking of bicycles must be restricted to designated areas or bicycles racks.
    2. Parking of motorcycles, motor scooters or mopeds must be restricted to areas or spaces marked or designated for these type vehicles.
    3. Any of these vehicles found parked illegally and creating a potential safety hazard may be impounded or cited.
  • VI. DMC Security

    Campus Security is a public service-oriented security department charged with the responsibility of providing protection for College students, faculty, staff and property.

    1. All incidents, thefts or other criminal offenses on DMC property are to be reported to Campus Security. You can assist security by reporting:
      1. crime, no matter how insignificant it may seem;
      2. suspicious activity;
      3. suspicious persons at any place on campus.

    An individual's report may prevent a crime.

    Services Provided

    • battery jumpstarts
    • safety escorts to vehicles, as requested by DMC administrators
    • escorts to and from classes, depending on circumstances, as requested by DMC administrators
    • addressing classes or groups in regard to crime prevention and safety awareness

    Campus Security is located in the Physical Facilities Department on East and West Campuses. Individuals are encouraged to contact security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as may be necessary.

    • 698-1946 - non-emergency (for both East and West Campuses)
    • 698- 1199 - emergency (for both East and West Campuses)

    Emergency Call Boxes

    Emergency and Assistance call boxes, mounted on light poles or in free-standing blue pedestals, may be used to request help during an emergency, to request personal escorts, or for any assistance or information needed. The call boxes are located on both the East and West Campuses, as well as the Del Mar College Annex. For current locations in these areas, please call (361) 698-1946 day or night. When using a call box, be prepared to state your name, location and the nature of your emergency.

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