The Book Review

The Book Review

What is a Book Review?

A book review is essentially a summary of the contents of a book. However, the contents should not necessarily be summarized chapter by chapter and should not repeat the contents word for word. Instead, the major theme of the book should be the focus of the review.

Three Basic Sections of a Book Review:

  1. Author(should be brief)
    1. Information about the author
    2. Author’s qualifications
    3. His frame of reference (reasons for writing the book)
  2. Contents(plan of the book and a review of its contents)
    1. Major thesis of the book
    2. Findings of particular interest
    3. Examples of the above
  3. Critical Analysis(most essential section and should comprise most of the review)
    1. Author’s sources
    2. Does the author acknowledge ideas and theories that strengthen his thesis?
    3. Major strengths of the book
    4. To whom will this book have lasting value? Would you recommend it? Why? Why not?


A book review, which is a summary of the contents of a book, should focus on the book's major theme. When writing a book review, organize it according to three basic sections: the author, contents, and critical analysis.

Page last updated June 26, 2023.