Topic Sentence Transition Formula

Topic Sentence Transition Formula

What is the Topic Sentence Transition Formula?

In order to ease from one paragraph to another with greater coherence, use the topic sentence transition formula. This formula consists of linking one paragraph to another by referring back to the idea from the previous paragraph before introducing the idea that will be developed in the next paragraph. Keep repeating this formula throughout your essay.

Applying the Formula:

To use the formula, you must know the main idea in each paragraph. Often these main ideas appear in the thesis statement. The main ideas in the following thesis are lettered and bolded:

Ex: An individual can prevent diseases of even the most threatening nature by receiving the appropriate (A) vaccinations and shots, eating a selective, supplemental (B) diet, and (C) exercising regularly.

First Topic Sentence:

The topic sentence of the first paragraph for the above thesis simply introduces the main idea:

Ex: First and foremost, a series of (A) vaccinations and shots can immunize a person against many of history's most dreaded diseases.

Second Topic Sentence:

In the second topic sentence, however, the transition formula is put into action. Idea (A) from the previous paragraph is referred to before introducing idea (B) which will be developed in the second paragraph.

Ex: In addition to the array of (A) vaccinations that ward off disease, a (B) diet rich in vitamins, yet low in sugar, salt and saturated fats, can also keep the body's resistance to disease at an optimum.


The above sentence easily flows from the previous to forthcoming main idea. The reader knows that discussion of idea (A) has ended and that discussion of idea (B) is about to begin.

Third Topic Sentence:

In the third topic sentence, the same process is repeated with ideas (B) and (C).

Ex: Along with the benefits of sound (B) nutrition, the body's ability to resist an array of diseases, from arteriosclerosis to osteoporosis, can be greatly enhanced through regular physical (C) exercise.


The topic sentence transition formula is handy, especially if you're unsure of how to make a smooth transition between paragraphs, or if you're writing under pressure and don't have a lot of time. Keep the formula in mind and review a list of transition words to enhance it.

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