What are Transitions?

Transitions are words or phrases that link sentences of a paragraph together and allow the reader to move easily from one detail to another. They show how details relate to one another, and they function as guides and signals for the reader.

Common Transitional Words or Phrases:
after all but however in spite of plus
also finally in addition moreover therefore
and for example in contrast nevertheless what's more
as a consequence for instance in fact next
To Compare:

likewise, similarly, in the same way, too, also, moreover, just as surely, in comparison to, in comparison with, quite as evident, equally important, etc.

To Contrast:

although, however, on the contrary, unlike, on the other hand, but, but at the same time, nonetheless, nevertheless, still, however, yet, in contrast, even so, even though, for all that, regardless, though, in spite of, despite, whereas, etc.

To Show Addition:

moreover, and, too, besides, further, furthermore, next, first, to begin with, at the outset, second, third, again, also, equally important, in addition, etc.

To Show Results:

therefore, undoubtedly, certainly, consequently, apparently, inevitably, thus, then, as a result, indeed, accordingly, hence, in truth, naturally, in particular, in this way, for this reason, etc.

To Show Time:

after, as, at last, before, during, eventually, finally, first, last, later, meanwhile, next, now, second, since, soon, then, when, while, etc.

To Show Direction:

here, there, over there, opposite, under, below, above, to the left, to the right, nearby, beyond, on the other side, adjacent to, etc.

For Closing or Restating:

in conclusion, finally, in short, in summary, in brief, on the whole, altogether, therefore, to summarize, all in all, in other words, as has been said, in simpler terms, to put it differently, put simply, for example, for instance, more specifically, once more, etc.

For Cause:

because, due to, one cause is . . ., another is . . . , since, for, first, second, etc.

For Effect:

consequently, as a result, thus, resulted in, one result is . . ., another is . . ., therefore, etc.


Transitions link sentences of a paragraph together and allow the reader to move easily from one detail to another. Use this list of transitions to help you in your essays.

Page last updated June 26, 2023.