Run-on Sentences

Run-on Sentences

What is a run-on?

Run-ons are sentences with two complete thoughts joined together without the proper punctuation.

There are a couple of ways to make a run-on:

  1. The “fused sentence," combines 2 independent clauses without any punctuation, like this:
    Amy is not a nurse she is a doctor.
  2. The “lonely conjunction,” combines 2 independent clauses with only a coordinating conjunction (one of the FANBOYS), like this:
    Amy is not a nurse but she is a doctor.

There are 3 quick ways to fix and run-on:

  1. Use a period to make two sentences, like this:
    Amy is not a nurses. She is a doctor.
  2. Use a semicolon to join the sentences, like this:
    Amy is not a nurse; she is a doctor.

    Semicolons work like periods and can be used as long as the sentences are talking about the same topic.

  3. Add a comma before the coordination conjunction(FANBOYS), like this:
    Amy is not a nurse, but she is a doctor.

Remember FANBOYS stands for: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So.

Joining two complete thoughts without proper punctuation creates a run-on sentence. You can fix an error like this by using a period or semicolon between the two complete thoughts. You can also add a comma and a coordinating conjunction. The choice is yours!


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Page last updated June 26, 2023.