APA Body

APA Body

APA Text (Body)

Example of an APA paper with 1 inch margin top and bottom, 1 inch marching left and right, Indent first line of paragraph, Title bold and Center, Doube-spaced, and a page number on the top-right

Content and Format
The format and content of the text or body of a paper may vary depending on the purpose of the assignment (e.g., persuasive essays, cause-and-effect essays, comparative essays, or annotated bibliographies). Always check with the instructor for what information to include in the body.

For example, the body of a lab report might include:

  • Introduction
    • States purpose of the experiment
    • Provides a hypothesis
  • Method
    • Describes the steps or procedure used to conduct the experiment
    • Explains the experiment in a way that others can replicate
  • Results
    • Summarizes data analyses performed
    • Reports findings of the experiment
  • Discussion
    • Interprets results in relation to the hypothesis
    • Explains limitations of the experiment

Note: Individual instructor’s specifications may vary, so check with your instructor before formatting and submitting your work.

*Text (Body) information is in Sections 1.1, 1.10, and 2.11 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).

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