Careers and Employment Outlook

Careers and Employment Outlook

Science technicians held about 270,800 jobs in 2008. The technicians trained in Biotechnology field (Highlighted in blue in the following table) hold more than 50% of these jobs:

  • Biological technicians: 79,500
  • Chemical technicians: 66,100
  • Environmental science and protection technicians, including health: 35,000
  • Forest and conservation technicians: 34,000
  • Agricultural and food science technicians: 21,900
  • Geological and petroleum technicians: 15,200
  • Forensic science technicians: 12,800
  • Nuclear technicians: 6,400

Based on the "Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 Edition", the employment of science technicians in Biotech field will grow faster than average, with biological technicians increase by 18 percent, agricultural and food science technicians by 9 percent, and forensic science technicians by 20 percent. In addition to job openings created by growth, many openings should arise from the need to replace technicians who retire or leave the labor force for other reasons. Job opportunities are expected to be best for graduates of applied science technology programs who are well trained on equipment used in laboratories or production facilities. As the instrumentation and techniques used in biotech industrial research, development, and production become increasingly more complex, employers will seek individuals with highly developed technical skills.

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