Digital Media

Digital Media

Associate of Arts Degree

Available at: Heritage Campus

A virtual tunnel made out of a collage of various random pictures of different scenerys.

Program Overview

The field of Digital Media combines artistic sensibilities with cutting-edge technology. Students take a combination of courses from art, computer science, and radio and television. The coursework introduces students to computers, television production, multimedia courseware, design, and digital art. With degrees in digital media, students can look for employment in a variety of industries, including graphic and web design, broadcasting, and video production.

Digital Media is an intensive hands-on degree plan. Students enrolled in the courses are assigned numerous out-of-class assignments designed to develop their skills in speaking, writing, and the operation of equipment. Depending upon the course, there are also in-class productions which require teamwork in order for a production to be successfully produced.

The courses are a blend of lecture and productions. The lecture material relates closely to the subject in explaining the theory behind assignments. Classes are held in a modern facility that features a classroom and studio combination. In addition, there are several smaller production rooms for audio and video exercises. The television production courses make use of three color cameras with a professional set for interviews and newscasts.


Students planning to continue at a senior college should consult an advisor concerning degree requirements of the college to which transfer is intended.


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