Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Individuals who are proficient in one or more languages and who have a demonstrated background of the history of the country, possess skills that are highly desirable in today's global job market. Specialized work in a foreign language requires a knowledge of the literature, the culture and historical development of the country in which the language is used, as well as skills in speaking and writing English.

The U.S. Government, both at home and abroad, is a major employer of people competent in other languages. In addition, there is and will continue to be a demand for individuals who have acquisition of a foreign language and a cultural awareness, as American business expands its international market.

Knowledge of a foreign language is an asset. There is a wide range of occupations in which a foreign language, if not absolutely essential, can be very useful.

Individuals with language proficiency have found work as: Customs Inspector, Immigration Officer, Importer/Exporter, Foreign Service Officer, International Marketing Representative, Travel Guide, Social Worker, Linguist, Foreign Correspondent, Community Organization Worker, Lawyer, Librarian, International Student Advisor, Educator, Peace Corps Worker, Interpreter, Translator, and CIA/FBI Agent. Some of these careers require additional education or experience.

A broad variety of occupational fields of work is available to students who have proficiency in a foreign language. As growth continues in the international market, this world trade will generate jobs in which knowledge of a foreign language is a definite asset.

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