History of the Department

History of the Department

English faculty members pose for a photo in 2015.

2015: Above is a photo of faculty members: Back row, from left: Connie Gutiérrez, Matthew Moore, Paul McCann, Kent Lenz, Carrie Butler, and Matthew Perry. Middle row, from left: Kezia Ruiz, Susan Swan, Emily Shearer Stewart, Sandra Valerio, Susie Crowson, Alan Clark, and Jonizo Cain-Calloway. Front row, from Left: Jo Ann Leal, Sara Kaplan, Barbara Craig, Erica Rose Bertero, Marivel Gonzales-Hernandez, Maria Veronica Pantoja, and Norma Ayala-Maynard. Not pictured: Doug Jordan and John Crisp.

2014: As part of a bond measure, our current location, English Building on Del Mar College's East Campus, is scheduled for demolition in the summer of 2016. In 2018, the English and Philosophy Department will relocate.

2012: Professor Emeritus, Mike M. Anzaldúa, suddenly passes. Mike was an enormous influence on the evolution of the English and Philosophy Department. Mike's obituary from the Victoria Advocate.

English faculty pose for a photo in 2004.

2004: Above is a photograph of faculty members: Back row, from Left: Connie Gutiérrez, Deenie Roper, Mike LaPointe, Rubie Sample, John Gunter, Jeannette Jones-Sosa, Sandra Solis, Becky Marez, Kent Gillen, Dean Thorpe. Middle row, from left: Jonizo Cain-Calloway, Laurie Jones, Jody Heymann, Roycelin DeLeon, Katha DeSteCroix, Yvette Valdez, Lupe Wilson, Cheryl Pfoff, John Crisp, Eva Muniz. Front row, from left: Jennifer Mata, Jo Ann Leal, Berta Flores, Barb Craig, Alan Clark, Shirley Peddy, Marivel Gonzales-Hernandez, Linda Eubank, Mike Anzaldúa, Jim Pierce.

2000s: Del Mar College's Oral History Project involved various faculty members from across campus. These interview transcripts (2001-2003) include Dr. Aileen Creighton (Department of English Chair 1944-1975), Rubie Sample (Professor of English 1977-2008), and Mike M. Anzaldúa (Professor Emeritus of English 1969-2012).

1999: English Department becomes English and Philosophy Department with the hiring of the department's first full time Philosophy faculty member, Alan Clark.

1967: The English Department moves into the English Building.

1935: Del Mar College Established

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