Our courses are designed to help foster critical thinking by having students work closely with faculty members. Within these courses, students can expect to explore writing as a process, develop critical thinking by being engaged with various types of texts, learn research methods by utilizing library databases, and adapt problem solving skills by completing a variety of assignments.

Courses Offered and Assessment

Below is a list of Courses Offered. For more detailed information about courses degree plans, please refer to the Del Mar College Course Catalog.

Students scoring a 3 on the Reading and English (R3 / E3) portions of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment Test fulfill the basic prerequisite for our 1000 level courses. Students scoring a 2 or 1 on the Reading and English portions will need to successfully take and pass Developmental Writing I and II (ENGL 0305 and ENGL 0306).

Please visit Assessment Requirements for more information.

English: Developmental Courses

ENGL 0305 Developmental Writing: Basic writing course designed to offer remediation to students whose writing skills are below the level required for college-level courses. Emphases include: paragraph writing, short essays, and grammar. This must be taken concurrently with ENGL 0306.

ENGL 0306 Developmental Writing II: Taken concurrently with ENGL 0305.

INRW 0408 Integrated Reading and Writing: Integration of critical reading and academic writing skills. Prerequisite: READ 0305 and ENGL 0305/6 OR TSI assessment of R2/E2.

English: First-Year Composition

ENGL 1301 Composition I: Guides students through the writing process, from invention and researching to drafting, revising and editing, both individually and collaboratively. Emphases include: rhetorical choices (audience, purpose, arrangement, and style) and utilizing the academic essay as a vehicle for learning, communicating, and critical analysis.

ENGL 1302 Composition II: Study and practices strategies and techniques for developing research-based expository and persuasive texts. Emphases include: rhetorical inquiry with primary and secondary research methods; critical interaction with verbal, visual, and multimodal texts; systematic evaluation and synthesis of sources; critical thinking about evidence and conclusions. Instructors of the department often choose a theme for this course. Prerequisite: ENGL 1301.

English: Sophomore-level Writing

ENGL 2307 Creative Writing I: Emphasises in the techniques of imaginative writing. Course may include examination in the genres of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenwriting, or drama

ENGL 2311 Technical and Business Writing: Study and practice of writing and communication for professional settings. Focus on types of documents: proposals, reports, instructions, policies / procedures, e-mail messages / memos, letters, and product / service descriptions. Study and practice processes involve the creation of ethical and efficient documents.

Both courses have ENGL 1301 as a prerequisite.

English: Literature Courses Overview

Literature courses in our department will focus on prose, poetry, and drama in relation to their historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts. Texts will be selected from a diverse group of authors and traditions appropriate for the direction of the course. All Literature courses have ENGL 1301 as a prerequisite unless noted.

Literature courses listed as "I" and "II" are independent of each other as a course labeled as "I" is not a prerequisite for "II". The "I" and "II" labeling refers to time periods covered.

  • English: Literature Courses 2321 - 2328

    • ENGL 2321 British Literature: Anglo-Saxon period to the present.
    • ENGL 2322 British Literature I: Anglo-Saxon period to the Eighteenth Century.
    • ENGL 2323 British Literature II: Romantic Period to the present.
    • ENGL 2326 American Literature: Period of exploration and settlement to the present.
    • ENGL 2327 American Literature I: Period of exploration and settlement to the Civil War.
    • ENGL 2328 American Literature II: Civil War period to the present.
  • English: Literature Course 2332 - 2351

    • ENGL 2332 World Literature I: Ancient world to the Seventeenth Century.
    • ENGL 2333 World Literature II: Seventeenth Century to the present.
    • ENGL 2341 Forms of Literature: Study of one or more genres including poetry, fiction, drama, or film.
    • ENGL 2351 Mexican-American Literature: Mexican-American / Chicano/a Literature.

Philosophy: Courses

  • PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy: Major issues in philosophy and/or the work of major philosophical figures in philosophy.
  • PHIL 2306 Introduction to Ethics: The systematic evaluation of classical and/or contemporary ethical theories.
  • PHIL 2307 Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy.
  • PHIL 2318 Contemporary Philosophy: From the 19th century to the present.
  • PHIL 2321 Philosophy of Religion: Philosophical inquiry of major religious ideas and experiences.

NOTE: All courses listed above have R3 and E3 as a prerequisite.

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