New Books & Media Report

New Books & Media Report

William F. White, Jr. Library
September 1, 2017 - august 31, 2018

This list includes materials added to the library collections during the period indicated.
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    B188 .K5 1983                            1983
        The presocratic philosophers : a critical history with a selection of
        Kirk, G. S. (Geoffrey Stephen), 1921-
     B430 .A5 C75 2014                        2014
        Nicomachean ethics / Aristotle ; translated and edited by Roger Crisp, St
        Anne's College, Oxford.
     B808.7 .M56 2017                         2017
        The evil of banality : on the life and death importance of thinking /
        Elizabeth K. Minnich.
        Minnich, Elizabeth Kamarck,
     B829.5 .D3913 2017                       2017
        Questions of phenomenology : language, alterity, temporality, finitude /
        Francoise Dastur ; translated by Robert Vallier.
        Dastur, Francoise, 1942-
     B945 .L451 L36 2017                      2017
        Essays on the foundations of ethics / Clarence Irving Lewis ; edited by
        John Lange.
        Lewis, Clarence Irving, 1883-1964,
     B1603 .U87 2017                          2017
        Utilitarianism : with related remarks from Mill's other writings / John
        Stuart Mill ; edited, with an introduction by Ben Eggleston.
        Mill, John Stuart, 1806-1873,
     B3248 .G34 G33 1986                      1986
        The relevance of the beautiful and other essays / Hans-Georg Gadamer ;
        translated by Nicholas Walker ; edited with an introduction by Robert
        Gadamer, Hans-Georg, 1900-2002.
     B3248 .G34 L39 2006                      2006
        Gadamer : a guide for the perplexed / Chris Lawn.
        Lawn, Chris.
     B3279 .H49 C395 2008                     2008
        Heidegger : a guide for the perplexed / David R. Cerbone.
        Cerbone, David R.
     B3316 .B58 2016                          2016
        The making of Friedrich Nietzsche : the quest for identity, 1844-1869 /
        Daniel Blue.
        Blue, Daniel, 1946-
     BC177 .B18925 2016                       2016
        The edge of reason : a rational skeptic in an irrational world / Julian
        Baggini, Julian,
     BD21 .K586 2013                          2013
        Philosophy 101 : from Plato and Socrates to ethics and metaphysics, an
        essential primer on the history of thought / Paul Kleinman.
        Kleinman, Paul,
     BD221 .D46 2017                          2017
        Understanding ignorance : the surprising impact of what we don't know /
        Daniel R. DeNicola.
        DeNicola, Daniel R.,
     BD241 .G313 2013                         2013
        Truth and method / Hans-Georg Gadamer ; translation revised by Joel
        Weinsheimer and Donald G. Marshall.
        Gadamer, Hans-Georg, 1900-2002.
     BD241 .M238 2017                         2017
        What do philosophers do? : skepticism and the practice of philosophy /
        Penelope Maddy.
        Maddy, Penelope,
     BF109 .F74 C74 2017                      2017
        Freud : the making of an illusion / Frederick Crews.
        Crews, Frederick C.,
     BF408 .B73 2017                          2017
        The runaway species : how human creativity remakes the world / Anthony
        Brandt and David Eagleman.
        Brandt, Anthony K.,
     BF408 .K55 2012                          2012
        Steal like an artist : 10 things nobody told you about being creative /
        Austin Kleon.
        Kleon, Austin.
     BF575 .G7 S256 2017                      2017
        Option B : facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy / Sheryl
        Sandberg, Adam Grant.
        Sandberg, Sheryl,
     BF637 .N4 V67 2016                       2016
        Never split the difference : negotiating as if your life depended on it /
        Chris Voss with Tahl Raz.
        Voss, Christopher, 1942-
     BF637 .P76 L36 2017                      2017
        What motivates getting things done : procrastination, emotions, and
        success / Mary Lamia.
        Lamia, Mary C.
     BF789 .C7 S64 2017                       2017
        The secret lives of color / Kassia St. Clair.
        St. Clair, Kassia,
     BF2050 .P76 2017                         2017
        UFOs, chemtrails, and aliens : what science says / Donald R. Prothero and
        Timothy D. Callahan ; foreword by Michael Shermer.
        Prothero, Donald R.
     BJ1012 .E894 2003                        2003
        Ethics for modern life / [edited by] Raziel Abelson, Marie-Louise
        Abelson, Raziel.
        Friquegnon, Marie-Louise.
     BJ1012 .W447 2013                        2013
        A 21st century ethical toolbox / Anthony Weston.
        Weston, Anthony, 1954-
     BJ1278 .F45 B24 2016                     2016
        The last faith : a book by an atheist believer / Karmak Bagisbayev,
        translated from Russian by Joanna Dobson.
        Bagisbayev, Karmak.
     BJ1533 .F8 N44 2016                      2016
        On friendship / Alexander Nehamas.
        Nehamas, Alexander, 1946-
     BL70 .F67 2016                           2016
        Four testaments : Tao Te Ching, Analects, Dhammapada, Bhagavad Gita :
        sacred scriptures of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism /
        [edited by] Brian Arthur Brown ; foreword by Francis X. Clooney, SJ.
        Brown, Brian A., 1942-
        Clooney, Francis X. (Francis Xavier), 1950-
        Laozi. Dao de jing. English.
        Confucius. Lun yu. English.
     BL72 .M77 2017                           2017
        Four wise men : the lives and teachings of Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus,
        and Muhammad / Mark W. Muesse.
        Muesse, Mark W. (Mark William), 1957-
     BL473 .A85 2017                          2017
        God : a human history / Reza Aslan.
        Aslan, Reza,
     BL625.4 .M66 2017                        2017
        Ageless soul : the lifelong journey toward meaning and joy / Thomas Moore.
        Moore, Thomas, 1940-
     BL900 .F735 2017                         2017
        Celtic mythology : tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes / Philip Freeman.
        Freeman, Philip, 1961-
     BL2747.3 .S37155 2016                    2016
        Village atheists : how America's unbelievers made their way in a Godly
        nation / Leigh Eric Schmidt.
        Schmidt, Leigh Eric,
     BP194.16 .A24 2017                       2017
        The new sectarianism : the Arab uprisings and the rebirth of the
        Shi'a-Sunni divide / Geneive Abdo.
        Abdo, Geneive, 1960-
     BQ4490 .K3713 2006                       2006
        The Tibetan book of the dead [English title] : the great liberation by
        hearing in the intermediate states [Tibetan title] / composed by
        Padmasambhava ; revealed by Terton Karma Lingpa ; translated by Gyurme
        Dorje ; edited by Graham Coleman with Thupten Jinpa ; introductory
        commentary by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
        Karma-glin-pa, active 14th century.
     BR305.3 .L89 2017                        2017
        Rescuing the Gospel : the story and significance of the Reformation /
        Erwin W. Lutzer.
        Lutzer, Erwin W.
     BR325 .H28 2017                          2017
        A world ablaze : the rise of Martin Luther and the birth of the
        Reformation / Craig Harline.
        Harline, Craig,
     BR328 .T3 2017                           2017
        Katie Luther, first lady of the Reformation : the unconventional life of
        Katharina von Bora / Ruth A. Tucker.
        Tucker, Ruth, 1945-
     BR563 .H57 M85 2017                      2017
        Latino Protestants in America : growing and diverse / Mark T. Mulder, Aida
        I. Ramos, and Gerardo Marti.
        Mulder, Mark T., 1973-
     BT603 .R36 2018                          2018
        Imagining Mary : a psychoanalytic perspective on devotion to the Virgin
        Mother of God / Daniel Rancour-Laferriere.
        Rancour-Laferriere, Daniel,
     BV652.1 .S376 2017                       2017
        How to lead when you're not in charge : leveraging influence when you lack
        authority / Clay Scroggins.
        Scroggins, Clay,
     BV3785 .G69 B495 2017                    2017
        Billy Graham : American pilgrim / edited by Andrew Finstuen, Anne Blue
        Wills, Grant Wacker.
        Finstuen, Andrew S.,
        Wills, Anne Blue, 1966-
        Wacker, Grant, 1945-
     BX1389 .W525 2017                        2017
        Among the ruins : the decline and fall of the Roman Catholic Church / Paul
        L. Williams.
        Williams, Paul L., 1944-


    CHILD LIT BF723.S43 S18 2016             2016
        No difference between us : teaching children about gender equality,
        respectful relationships, feelings, choice, self-esteem, empathy,
        tolerance, and acceptance / by Jayneen Sanders ; illustrated by Amanda
        Sanders, Jayneen,
     CHILD LIT E99.N3 J273 2016               2016
        Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams : inspired by Navajo folklore / by
        Gwen Jackson ; illustrated by Lissa Calvert.
        Jackson, Gwen,
     CHILD LIT GB662.3 .R87 2016              2016
        Why do puddles disappear? : noticing forms of water / Martha E.H. Rustad ;
        illustrated by Christine M. Schneider.
        Rustad, Martha E. H. (Martha Elizabeth Hillman), 1975-
     CHILD LIT GV481 .C38 1997                1997
        From head to toe / Eric Carle.
        Carle, Eric,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.1.P5153 DI 2017            2017
        A different pond / written by Bao Phi ; illustrated by Thi Bui.
        Phi, Bao, 1975-
     CHILD LIT PZ7.A37666 BAC 2012            2012
        Back to front and upside down! / Claire Alexander.
        Alexander, Claire.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.B22594 HL 2017             2017
        How to find an elephant / Kate Banks ; pictures by Boris Kulikov.
        Banks, Kate, 1960-
     CHILD LIT PZ7.B63515 WE 1998             1998
        We'll paint the octopus red / Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen ; illustrations by
        Pam DeVito.
        Bodeen, S. A. (Stephanie A.), 1965-
     CHILD LIT PZ7.B81618 ALNG 1991           2011
        Arthur meets the President / Marc Brown.
        Brown, Marc Tolon.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.C2687244 NAN 2014          2014
        Nana in the city / by Lauren Castillo.
        Castillo, Lauren,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.C76984 MY 2005             2005
        My mouth is a volcano! / written by Julia Cook ; illustrated by Carrie
        Cook, Julia, 1964-
     CHILD LIT PZ7.C88135 DI 2003             2003
        Diary of a worm / by Doreen Cronin ; pictures by Harry Bliss.
        Cronin, Doreen.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.D43275 WI 2017             2017
        Windows / Julia Denos ; illustrated by E.B. Goodale.
        Denos, Julia,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.D9715 RE 2018              2017
        Read the book, lemmings! / written by Ame Dyckman ; illustrated by
        Zachariah OHora.
        Dyckman, Ame
     CHILD LIT PZ7.H67585 JAC 2014            2014
        Jacob's new dress / Sarah and Ian Hoffman ; illustrated by Chris Case.
        Hoffman, Sarah,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.L9763 INV 2013             2013
        The invisible boy / by Trudy Ludwig ; illustrated by Patrice Barton.
        Ludwig, Trudy,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.M5158752 IAM 2017          2017
        I see a cat / Paul Meisel.
        Meisel, Paul,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.M63954 MU 2004             2004
        Moses sees a play / Isaac Millman.
        Millman, Isaac.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.P3725 LAS 2015             2015
        Last stop on Market Street / words by Matt de la Pena ; pictures by
        Christian Robinson.
        De la Pena, Matt,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.P97325 WAY 1999            1999
        Way to go, Alex! / written by Robin Pulver ; illustrated by Elizabeth
        Pulver, Robin.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.R5818 BL 2011              2011
        Blackout / by John Rocco.
        Rocco, John.
     CHILD LIT PZ7.S7368 CL 2016              2016
        Clive and his babies / Jessica Spanyol.
        Spanyol, Jessica,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.S808566 SI 2010            2010
        A Sick Day for Amos McGee / written by Philip C. Stead ; illustrated by
        Erin E. Stead.
        Stead, Philip Christian
     CHILD LIT PZ7.S8637 MAX 2014             2014
        Max the champion / written by Sean Stockdale and Alexandra Strick ;
        illustrated by Ros Asquith.
        Stockdale, Sean,
     CHILD LIT PZ7.W8366 MY 2003              2003
        My friend Isabelle / Eliza Woloson ; illustrated by Bryan Gough.
        Woloson, Eliza.
     CHILD LIT PZ8.9.F85 CO 1968              1968
        Corduroy / story and pictures by Don Freeman.
        Freeman, Don, 1908-1978,
     CHILD LIT R690 .L53 2000                 2000
        I want to be a doctor / Dan Liebman.
        Liebman, Daniel.
     CHILD LIT SF422 .G34 2017                2017
        The dog encyclopedia for kids / by Tammy Gagne.
        Gagne, Tammy,
     CHILD LIT TX355 .B926 2015               2015
        My food, your food / by Lisa Bullard ; Illustrated by Christine M.
        Bullard, Lisa,
     CT34 .U6 A85 2017                        2017
        The shadow in the garden : a biographer's tale / James Atlas.
        Atlas, James,
     CT275 .D8764 A3 2011                     2011
        The pioneer woman : black heels to tractor wheels--a love story / Ree
        Drummond, Ree.
     CT275 .O552 M35 2017                     2017
        Jackie's girl : my life with the Kennedy family / Kathy McKeon.
        McKeon, Kathy,
     CT1018 .B483 S26 2017                    2017
        The Bettencourt affair : the world's richest woman and the scandal that
        rocked Paris / Tom Sancton.
        Sancton, Thomas (Thomas Alexander), 1949-


    D162.2 .L44 2017                         2017
        God's wolf : the life of the most notorious of all crusaders, scourge of
        Saladin / Jeffrey Lee.
        Lee, Jeffrey, 1966-
     D767.25 .H6 H4 1989                      1989
        Hiroshima / John Hersey.
        Hersey, John, 1914-1993.
     D767.25 .N3 S68 2015                     2015
        Nagasaki : life after nuclear war / Susan Southard.
        Southard, Susan,
     D804.3 .R433 2017                        2017
        The Holocaust : a new history / Laurence Rees.
        Rees, Laurence, 1957-
     D810 .V42 U684 2018                      2018
        The Texas liberators : veteran narratives from World War II / edited by
        Aliza S. Wong ; foreword by Ron Milam ; photographs by Mark Umstot.
        Wong, Aliza S.,
     D810 .W7 A5313 2017                      2017
        The unwomanly face of war : an oral history of women in World War II /
        Svetlana Alexievich ; translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa
        Aleksievich, Svetlana, 1948-
     DA250 .B54 2017                          2017
        Blood royal : the Wars of the Roses: 1462-1485 / Hugh Bicheno.
        Bicheno, Hugh,
     DA317.3 .N67 2017                        2017
        The hidden lives of Tudor women : a social history / Elizabeth Norton.
        Norton, Elizabeth (Historian),
     DA566.9 .C5 R542 2017                    2017
        Churchill and Orwell : the fight for freedom / Thomas E. Ricks.
        Ricks, Thomas E.,
     DA573 .C26 2014                          2014
        George V : the unexpected king / David Cannadine.
        Cannadine, David, 1950-
     DA580 .Z46 1992                          1992
        King Edward VIII : a biography / Philip Ziegler.
        Ziegler, Philip.
     DA584 .Z54 2014                          2014
        George VI : the dutiful king / Philip Ziegler.
        Ziegler, Philip,
     DA590 .E34 2017                          2017
        Royal sisters : Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret / Anne Edwards.
        Edwards, Anne, 1927-
     DC737 .M35 2016                          2016
        When Paris sizzled : the 1920s Paris of Hemingway, Chanel, Cocteau, Cole
        Porter, Josephine Baker, and their friends / Mary McAuliffe.
        McAuliffe, Mary Sperling, 1943-
     DD247 .H5 N658 2014                      2014
        Hitler and abductive logic : the strategy of a tyrant / Ben Novak.
        Novak, Ben, 1943-
     DD881.3 .H63 2017                        2017
        Berlin calling : a story of anarchy, music, the wall, and the birth of the
        new Berlin / Paul Hockenos.
        Hockenos, Paul, 1963-
     DK34 .A45 M54 2017                       2017
        American girls in red Russia : chasing the Soviet dream / Julia L.
        Mickenberg, Julia L.,
     DK265 .M3745 2017                        2017
        The Russian Revolution : a new history / Sean McMeekin.
        McMeekin, Sean, 1974-
     DK290.3 .G67 T39 2017                    2017
        Gorbachev : his life and times / William Taubman.
        Taubman, William,
     DS63.123 .C43 2016                       2016
        The age of jihad : Islamic State and the great war for the Middle East /
        Patrick Cockburn.
        Cockburn, Patrick, 1950-
     DS119.7 .S38192 2017                     2017
        Where the line is drawn : a tale of crossings, friendships, and fifty
        years of occupation in Israel-Palestine / Raja Shehadeh.
        Shehadeh, Raja, 1951-
     DS121 .W46 2017                          2017
        The origin of the Jews : the quest for roots in a rootless age / Steven
        Weitzman, Steven, 1965-
     DS356 .A327 2017                         2017
        Afghanistan at war : from the 18th-century Durrani dynasty to the 21st
        century / Tom Lansford, editor.
        Lansford, Tom,
     DS557.8 .M9 J77 2017                     2017
        My Lai : Vietnam, 1968, and the descent into darkness / Howard Jones.
        Jones, Howard, 1940-
     DT31 .J37 2017                           2017
        Empires in the sun : the struggle for the mastery of Africa / Lawrence
        James, Lawrence, 1943-


    E98 .F39 W66 2011                        2011
        American nations : a history of the eleven rival regional cultures of
        North America / Colin Woodard.
        Woodard, Colin, 1968-
     E99 .H7 B85 2016                         2016
        Mesa of sorrows : a history of the Awat'ovi massacre / James F. Brooks.
        Brooks, James, 1955-
     E169.12 .K55485 2017                     2017
        Chuck Klosterman X : a highly specific, defiantly incomplete history of
        the early 21st century / Chuck Klosterman.
        Klosterman, Chuck, 1972-
     E184 .M5 R58718 2017                     2017
        House built on ashes : a memoir / Jose Antonio Rodriguez.
        Rodriguez, Jose Antonio, 1974-
     E184 .M5 R5875 2014                      2014
        Rethinking the Chicano movement / Marc Simon Rodriguez.
        Rodriguez, Marc S., 1968-
     E184 .M5 S322 2015                       2015
        Amada's Blessings from the Peyote Gardens of South Texas / Stacy B.
        Schaefer, Stacy B., 1956-
     E184 .P28 K53 2017                       2017
        An American family : a memoir of hope and sacrifice / Khizr Khan.
        Khan, Khizr, 1950-
     E184 .S75 L349 2016                      2016
        Latinas in American politics : changing and embracing political tradition
        / edited by Sharon A. Navarro, Samantha L. Hernandez, and Leslie A.
        Navarro ; foreword by Carol Hardy-Fanta.
        Navarro, Sharon Ann
        Hernandez, Samantha L.
        Navarro, Leslie A.,
     E184 .S75 O79 2018                       2018
        An African American and Latinx history of the United States / Paul Ortiz.
        Ortiz, Paul, 1964-
     E185.615 .B546635 2016                   2016
        Black Power 50 / edited by Sylviane A. Diouf and Komozi Woodard.
        Diouf, Sylviane A. (Sylviane Anna), 1952-
        Woodward, Komozi.
     E185.86 .F525 2014                       2014
        Black faces, white spaces : reimagining the relationship of African
        Americans to the great outdoors / Carolyn Finney.
        Finney, Carolyn.
     E302.6 .H5 K86 2017                      2017
        Patrick Henry : champion of liberty / Jon Kukla.
        Kukla, Jon, 1948-
     E404 .G83 2017                           2017
        The dead march : a history of the Mexican-American War / Peter Guardino.
        Guardino, Peter, 1963-
     E444 .J17 J33 2012                       2012
        Incidents in the life of a slave girl : illustrated & annotated
        Jacobs, Harriet A. (Harriet Ann), 1813-1897.
     E457.2 .K356 2017                        2017
        Lincoln and the abolitionists : John Quincy Adams, slavery, and the Civil
        War / Fred Kaplan.
        Kaplan, Fred, 1937-
     E711.6 .M54 2017                         2017
        President McKinley : architect of the American century / Robert W. Merry.
        Merry, Robert W., 1946-
     E745 .P3 G585 2017                       2017
        Patton : the madness behind the genius / Jim Sudmeier.
        Sudmeier, Jim,
     E840.8 .K4 B64 2017                      2017
        The revolution of Robert Kennedy : from power to protest after JFK / John
        R. Bohrer.
        Bohrer, John R.,
     E842.1 .L44 2017                         2017
        Kennedy and King : the president, the pastor, and the battle over civil
        rights / Steven Levingston.
        Levingston, Steven,
     E846 .G65 2017                           2017
        In search of the lost chord : 1967 and the hippie idea / Danny Goldberg.
        Goldberg, Danny, 1950-


     F68 .F83 2017                            2017
        The Mayflower : the families, the voyage, and the founding of America /
        Rebecca Fraser.
        Fraser, Rebecca,
     F386.6 .G55 2014                         2014
        Columns 2009-2011 / Murphy Givens.
        Givens, Murphy.
     F386.6 .G55 2015                         2015
        Columns. 2, 2012-2013 / Murphy Givens.
        Givens, Murphy D.,
     F391 .H755 2017                          2017
        Texas blood : seven generations among the outlaws, ranchers, Indians,
        missionaries, soldiers, and smugglers of the borderlands / Roger D. Hodge.
        Hodge, Roger D.,
     F391.3 .M43 2018                         2018
        The Kings of Big Spring : God, Oil, and One Family's Search for the
        American Dream / Bryan Mealer.
        Mealer, Bryan,
     F392 .R5 B69 2007                        2007
        The Tecate journals : seventy days on the Rio Grande / Keith Bowden.
        Bowden, Keith, 1957-
     F394 .C78 G58 2002                       2002
        Old Corpus Christi : the past in photographs / edited by Murphy D. Givens
        ; presented by the Corpus Christi Caller-Times.
        Givens, Murphy D.
     F394 .H89 K57 2012                       2012
        Del Pueblo : a history of Houston's Hispanic community / Thomas H.
        Kreneck, Thomas H.
     F394 .M296 S53 2017                      2017
        Marfa : the transformation of a West Texas town / Kathleen Shafer.
        Shafer, Kathleen, 1979-
     F395 .M5 E45 2017                        2017
        All the agents and saints : dispatches from the U.S. borderlands /
        Stephanie Elizondo Griest.
        Elizondo Griest, Stephanie, 1974-
     F420 .S75 G84 2017                       2017
        Nuevo South : Latinas/os, Asians, and the remaking of place / Perla M.
        Guerrero, Perla M.,
     F594 .C68 S75 2017                       2017
        Blood brothers : the story of the strange friendship between Sitting Bull
        and Buffalo Bill / Deanne Stillman.
        Stillman, Deanne,
     F1230 .R47 2018                          2018
        When Montezuma met Cortes : the true story of the meeting that changed
        history / Matthew Restall.
        Restall, Matthew, 1964-
     F2224 .G7813 2003                        2003
        The motorcycle diaries : notes on a Latin American journey / Ernesto Che
        Guevara ; preface by Aleida Guevara March ; introduction by Cintio Vitier.
        Guevara, Che, 1928-1967.


    G70.212 .C58 2018                        2018
        The GIS 20 : essential skills / Gina Clemmer.
        Clemmer, Gina, 1974-
     G70.4 .G743 2017                         2017
        Imagery and GIS : best practices for extracting information from imagery /
        Kass Green, Russell G. Congalton, Mark Tukman.
        Green, Kass,
     G141 .B4713 2017                         2017
        Nowherelands : an atlas of vanished countries, 1840-1975 / Bjorn Berge ;
        translated by Lucy Moffatt.
        Berge, Bjorn
     G530 .A26 A43 2017                       2017
        A speck in the sea : a story of survival and rescue / John Aldridge and
        Anthony Sosinski.
        Aldridge, John,
     GB5014 .N373 2017 V.1                    2017
        Notable natural disasters / edited by Robert S. Carmichael, Ph.D.,
        University of Iowa.
        Carmichael, Robert S.,
     GE56 .V64 M36 2018                       2018
        The wizard and the prophet : two remarkable scientists and their dueling
        visions to shape tomorrow's world / Charles C. Mann.
        Mann, Charles C.,
     GE196 .P75 2017                          2017
        Principles of sustainability / editor, Lerner Media Group.
        Lerner Media Group,
     GN281.4 .W53 2017                        2017
        Making faces : the evolutionary origins of the human face / Adam S.
        Wilkins ; illustrated by Sarah Kennedy.
        Wilkins, A. S. (Adam S.), 1945-
     GR110 .T5 L43 2017                       2017
        Legends and life in Texas : folklore from the Lone Star State, in stories
        and song / edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt.
        Untiedt, Kenneth L., 1966-
     GR111 .A47 A55 2018                      2018
        The annotated African American folktales / edited with a foreword,
        introduction, and notes by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Maria Tatar.
        Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.,
        Tatar, Maria, 1945-
     GR830 .P4 N53 2016                       2016
        The Phoenix : an unnatural biography of a mythical beast / Joseph Nigg.
        Nigg, Joe,
     GT507 .L49 2011                          2011
        The complete costume dictionary / Elizabeth J. Lewandowski ;
        [illustrations by Dan Lewandowski]
        Lewandowski, Elizabeth J., 1960-
     GT511 .L474 2008                         2008
        What people wore when : a complete illustrated history of costume from
        ancient times to the nineteenth century for every level of society /
        Melissa Leventon.
        Leventon, Melissa.
     GV734.3 .C37 2017                        2017
        Careers in sports & fitness.
     GV865 .A495 A3 2017                      2017
        The phenomenon : pressure, the yips, and the pitch that changed my life /
        Rick Ankiel and Tim Brown.
        Ankiel, Rick,
     GV865 .J633 J66 2017                     2017
        Ballplayer / Chipper Jones, with Carroll Rodgers Walton.
        Jones, Chipper, 1972-
     GV884 .A1 A33 2017                       2017
        Coach Wooden and me : our 50-year friendship on and off the court / Kareem
        Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, 1947-
     GV884 .C88 G44 2016                      2016
        Stephen Curry : the incredible story of one of basketball's sharpest
        shooters / Clayton Geoffreys.
        Geoffreys, Clayton,
     GV939 .B685 G58 2012                     2016
        Tom Brady vs. the NFL : the case for football's greatest quarterback /
        Sean Glennon.
        Glennon, Sean, 1966-
     GV939 .B685 M94 2015                     2015
        Brady vs Manning : the untold story of the rivalry that transformed the
        NFL / Gary Myers.
        Myers, Gary, 1954 July 1-
     GV959.52 .T4 H87 2017                    2017
        Thursday night lights : the story of black high school football in Texas /
        Michael Hurd.
        Hurd, Michael, 1949-
     GV1132 .A44 E427 2017                    2017
        Ali : a life / Jonathan Eig.
        Eig, Jonathan,
     GV1132 .T97 A3 2017                      2017
        Iron ambition : my life with Cus D'Amato / Mike Tyson ; with Larry "Ratso"
        Tyson, Mike, 1966-
     GV1449.3 .K37 2017                       2017
        Deep thinking : where machine intelligence ends and human creativity
        begins / Garry Kasparov ; with Mig Greengard.
        Kasparov, G. K. (Garri Kimovich),
     GV1469.3 .E78 2017                       2017
        Bit by bit : how video games transformed our world / Andrew Ervin.
        Ervin, Andrew,
     GV1469.3 .S37 2017                       2017
        Blood, sweat, and pixels : the triumphant, turbulent stories behind how
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        Adventures in Texas gardening / Bill Scheick.
        Scheick, William J.,
     SF41 .E47 2017                           2017
        Leaving the wild : the unnatural history of dogs, cats, cows, and horses /
        Gavin Ehringer.
        Ehringer, Gavin,
     SF85.3 .S29 2017                         2017
        The politics of scale : a history of rangeland science / Nathan F. Sayre.
        Sayre, Nathan Freeman,
     SF278 .R6813 2017                        2017
        Horses of the world / Elise Rousseau ; illustrated by Yann Le Bris ;
        translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan.
        Rousseau, Elise, 1977-
     SF293 .M9 P45 2017                       2017
        Wild horse country : the history, myth, and future of the mustang / David
        Philipps, David,
     SF426 .C66 2017                          2017
        The new complete dog book : official breed standards and profiles for over
        200 breeds / American Kennel Club.
        American Kennel Club.
     SH167 .S17 C68 2017                      2017
        Upstream : searching for wild salmon, from river to table / Langdon Cook.
        Cook, Langdon, 1966-


     T14.5 .K55 2016                          2016
        Augmented : life in the smart lane / Brett King ; with contributions from
        Alex Lightman, JP Rangaswami & Andy Lark.
        King, Brett, 1968-
     T15 .G87 2016 V.1                        2016
        Make : reMaking history. Volume 1, Early makers / William Gurstelle.
        Gurstelle, William,
     T15 .G87 2016 V.2                        2016
        Make : reMaking history. Volume 2, Industrial revolutionaries / William
        Gurstelle, William,
     T15 .G87 2016 V.3                        2017
        Make : reMaking history. Volume 3, Makers of the modern world / William
        Gurstelle, William,
     T36 .C33 2017                            2017
        Geek girl rising : inside the sisterhood shaking up tech / Heather Cabot
        and Samantha Walravens.
        Cabot, Heather,
     TA140 .R72 W34 2017                      2017
        Chief engineer : Washington Roebling : the man who built the Brooklyn
        Bridge / Erica Wagner.
        Wagner, Erica, 1967-
     TD195 .G3 R34 2018                       2018
        The fracking debate : the risks, benefits, and uncertainties of the shale
        revolution / Daniel Raimi.
        Raimi, Daniel,
     TD403 .A39 2017                          2017
        High and dry : meeting the challenges of the world's growing dependence on
        groundwater / William M. Alley and Rosemarie Alley.
        Alley, William M.,
     TD930 .H37 2015                          2015
        The lean farm : how to minimize waste, increase efficiency, and maximize
        value and profits with less work / Ben Hartman ; illustrations by Emma
        Hartman, Ben, 1978-
     TJ211.45 .H84 2016                       2016
        Robot programming : a guide to controlling autonomous robots / Cameron
        Hughes, Tracey Hughes.
        Hughes, Cameron, 1960-
     TJ223 .P76 W58 2017                      2017
        Making things smart : easy embedded JavaScript programming for making
        everyday objects into intelligent machines / Gordon F. Williams.
        Williams, Gordon F.,
     TK5981 .W574 2016                        2016
        The age of electroacoustics : transforming science and sound / Roland
        Wittje, Roland,
     TK7895 .M5 S54613 2017                   2017
        The manga guide to microprocessors / Michio Shibuya, Takashi Tonagi, and
        Office Sawa.
        Shibuya, Michio, 1947-
     TK9145 .M329 2017                        2017
        Atomic adventures : secret islands, forgotten N-rays, and isotopic
        murder--a journey into the wild world of nuclear science / James Mahaffey.
        Mahaffey, James A.,
     TL540 .L5 H36 2017                       2017
        The flight : Charles Lindbergh's daring and immortal 1927 Transatlantic
        crossing / Dan Hampton.
        Hampton, Dan,
     TL789.8 .U6 A54325 2017                  2017
        Apollo 8 : the thrilling story of the first mission to the Moon / Jeffrey
        Kluger, Jeffrey,
     TL789.85 .A1 D38 2018                    2018
        The space barons : Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the quest to colonize the
        cosmos / Christian Davenport.
        Davenport, Christian,
     TL789.85 .K45 A3 2017                    2017
        Endurance : a year in space, a lifetime of discovery / Scott Kelly with
        Margaret Lazarus Dean.
        Kelly, Scott, 1964-
     TL867 .L45 2018                          2018
        Bringing Columbia home : the untold story of a lost space shuttle and her
        crew / Michael D. Leinbach and Jonathan H. Ward ; foreword by astronaut
        Robert Crippen ; epilogue by astronaut Eileen Collins.
        Leinbach, Michael D.,
     TL873 .S65 2017                          2017
        The history of human space flight / Ted Spitzmiller ; foreword by Sid
        Spitzmiller, Ted,
     TP248.2 .P75 2018                        2018
        Principles of biotechnology / editor, Christina A. Crawford, MS Ed.
        Crawford, Christina A., 1983-
     TR183 .P83 2016                          2016
        The "public" life of photographs / edited by Thierry Gervais.
        Gervais, Thierry,
     TR647 .A7 2016                           2016
        Diane Arbus : in the beginning, 1956-1962 / Jeff L. Rosenheim ; notes from
        the archive, Karan Rinaldo.
        Arbus, Diane, 1923-1971,
     TR647 .A7 A69 2011                       2011
        Diane Arbus.
        Arbus, Diane, 1923-1971.
     TR654 .P377 2009                         2009
        The last resort : photographs of New Brighton / photographs by Martin Parr
        ; introduced by Gerry Badger.
        Parr, Martin, 1952-
     TR655 .H538 2016                         2016
        Intimate distance : twenty-five years of photographs, a chronological
        album / Todd Hido ; essay by David Campany ; texts by Katya Tylevich.
        Hido, Todd, 1968-
     TT507 .C648 2005                         2005
        Costuming for film : the art and the craft / Holly Cole and Kristin Burke.
        Cole, Holly, 1951-
     TX631 .S679 2017                         2017
        Gastrophysics : the new science of eating / professor Charles Spence ;
        foreword by Heston Blumenthal.
        Spence, Charles (Experimental psychologist),
     TX733 .S445 2017                         2017
        Food swings : 125 recipes to enjoy your life of virtue and vice / Jessica
        Seinfeld , with Sara Quessenberry.
        Seinfeld, Jessica,
     TX928 .B764 2016                         2016
        Housekeeping by design : hotels and labor / David Brody.
        Brody, David, 1968-


    U43 .U4 L37 2017                         2017
        Future war : preparing for the new global battlefield / Robert H. Latiff.
        Latiff, Robert H.,
     U264.3 .E55 2017                         2017
        The doomsday machine : confessions of a nuclear war planner / Daniel
        Ellsberg, Daniel,
     U394 .A75 W45 2017                       2017
        The imagineers of war : the untold history of DARPA, the Pentagon agency
        that changed the world / Sharon Weinberger.
        Weinberger, Sharon,


    Z51.5 .G67 2001                          2001
        The Ultimate finger drill book for stenotypists : over 1,000 finger
        combinations designed to assist everyone from theory students to advanced
        writers / Hattie O. Gordon.
        Gordon, Hattie O.
     Z675 .U5 O15 2017                        2017
        Academic library value : the impact starter kit / Megan Oakleaf.
        Oakleaf, Megan J.,
     Z711 .M53 2017                           2017
        Yes! on demand : how to create winning, customized library service / Kathy
        L. Middleton ; foreword by Rivkah Sass.
        Middleton, Kathy L.,
     ZA3075 .B757 2017                        2017
        Reading, research, and writing : teaching information literacy with
        process-based research assignments / by Mary Snyder Broussard.
        Broussard, Mary Snyder,
  • White Library Popular Books

    POPULAR READING ALDERMAN                2017
        The power : a novel / Naomi Alderman.
        Alderman, Naomi,
     POPULAR READING ALEXANDER               2017
        The Lady travelers guide to scoundrels & other gentlemen / Victoria
        Alexander, Victoria,
     POPULAR READING ALLEN                   2017
        The secret of the India orchid / Nancy Campbell Allen.
        Allen, Nancy Campbell, 1969-
     POPULAR READING AMISH                   2015
        Scion of Ikshvaku / Amish.
     POPULAR READING AMISH                   2017
        Sita : warrior of Mithila / Amish.
     POPULAR READING ARDEN                   2018
        The girl in the tower : a novel / Katherine Arden.
        Arden, Katherine,
     POPULAR READING ASHER                   2016
        Th1rteen r3asons why : a novel / by Jay Asher.
        Asher, Jay, 1975-
     POPULAR READING ATA                     2017
        Mis(h)adra / Iasmin Omar Ata.
        Ata, Iasmin Omar,
     POPULAR READING BACIGALUPI              2010
        Ship breaker / by Paolo Bacigalupi.
        Bacigalupi, Paolo,
     POPULAR READING BACIGALUPI              2017
        Tool of war / by Paolo Bacigalupi.
        Bacigalupi, Paolo,
     POPULAR READING BAKER                   2017
        Valiant dust / Richard Baker.
        Baker, Richard (Lynn Richard),
     POPULAR READING BALOUGH                 2017
        Someone to hold : a Westcott novel / Mary Balogh.
        Balogh, Mary,
     POPULAR READING BARSH                   2018
        Grow wherever you work : straight talk to help with your toughest
        challenges / Joanna Barsh.
        Barsh, Joanna,
     POPULAR READING BEAGLE                  2017
        The overneath / Peter S. Beagle.
        Beagle, Peter S.,
     POPULAR READING BEAR                    2017
        The stone in the skull / Elizabeth Bear.
        Bear, Elizabeth,
     POPULAR READING BELLAIRS                2017
        Death of a busybody / George Bellairs ; with an introduction by Martin
        Bellairs, George, 1902-1985,
     POPULAR READING BENJAMIN                2018
        The girls in the picture / Melanie Benjamin.
        Benjamin, Melanie, 1962-
     POPULAR READING BENJAMIN                2018
        The immortalists / Chloe Benjamin.
        Benjamin, Chloe,
     POPULAR READING BIALIK                  2017
        Girling up : how to be strong, smart and spectacular / Mayim Bialik, PhD.
        Bialik, Mayim,
     POPULAR READING BING                    2017
        Immortal life : a soon to be true story / Stanley Bing.
        Bing, Stanley,
     POPULAR READING BISHOP                  2017
        Unfuk yourself : get out of your head and into your life / Gary John
        Bishop, Gary John,
     POPULAR READING BLAUNER                 2017
        Proving ground / Peter Blauner.
        Blauner, Peter,
     POPULAR READING BOUCHET                 2018
        Heart on fire / Amanda Bouchet.
        Bouchet, Amanda,
     POPULAR READING BRANDEIS                2017
        The art of misdiagnosis : a memoir / Gayle Brandeis.
        Brandeis, Gayle,
     POPULAR READING BRIERLEY                2015
        A long way home / Saroo Brierley with Larry Buttrose.
        Brierley, Saroo,
     POPULAR READING BRIGGS                  2017
        Silence fallen / Patricia Briggs.
        Briggs, Patricia,
     POPULAR READING BRODRICK                2017
        The day of the lie : a Father Anselm thriller / William Brodrick.
        Brodrick, William, 1960-
     POPULAR READING BRODSKY                 2018
        Olympus bound / Jordanna Max Brodsky.
        Brodsky, Jordanna Max,
     POPULAR READING BROOK                   2017
        Death overdue / Allison Brook.
        Brook, Allison,
     POPULAR READING BROOKS                  2017
        The black elfstone : the fall of Shannara / Terry Brooks.
        Brooks, Terry,
     POPULAR READING BROOKS                  2017
        Dark deeds / Mike Brooks.
        Brooks, Mike, 1982-
     POPULAR READING BROWN                   2017
        Origin : a novel / Dan Brown.
        Brown, Dan, 1964-
     POPULAR READING CANTU                   2018
        The line becomes a river : dispatches from the border / Francisco Cantu.
        Cantu, Francisco (Essayist),
     POPULAR READING CARD                    2017
        Children of the fleet : fleet school / Orson Scott Card.
        Card, Orson Scott
     POPULAR READING CARRIKER                2017
        Sacred band / Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.
        Carriker, Joseph D.
        The city of brass / S. A. Chakraborty.
        Chakraborty, S. A.,
     POPULAR READING CHAM                    2017
        We have no idea : a guide to the unknown universe / Jorge Cham and Daniel
        Cham, Jorge,
     POPULAR READING CHAMBERS                2016
        A closed and common orbit / Becky Chambers.
        Chambers, Becky,
     POPULAR READING CHIAVERINI              2017
        Enchantress of numbers : a novel of Ada Lovelace / Jennifer Chiaverini.
        Chiaverini, Jennifer
     POPULAR READING CHILD                   2017
        The midnight line : a Jack Reacher novel / Lee Child.
        Child, Lee
     POPULAR READING CHILD                   2017
        No middle name : the complete collected Jack Reacher short stories / Lee
        Child, Lee
     POPULAR READING CHILD                   2017
        Matchup / edited by Lee Child.
        Child, Lee
        Brown, Sandra, 1948-
        Box, C. J.
        McDermid, Val,
        James, Peter, 1948-
        Reichs, Kathy,
        Gabaldon, Diana,
        Berry, Steve, 1955-
        Lynds, Gayle,
        Morrell, David, 1943-
        Slaughter, Karin, 1971-
        Koryta, Michael,
        Harris, Charlaine,
        Gross, Andrew, 1952-
        Jackson, Lisa,
        Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
        Adrian, Lara,
        Rice, Christopher, 1978-
        Scottoline, Lisa,
        DeMille, Nelson
        Jance, Judith A.,
        Lustbader, Eric,
        Container of (work): Brown, Sandra, 1948- Honor & ...
        Container of (work): McDermid, Val. Footloose.
        Container of (work): Reichs, Kathy. Faking a murderer.
        Container of (work): Gabaldon, Diana. Past prologue.
        Container of (work): Lynds, Gayle. Rambo on their minds.
        Container of (work): Slaughter, Karin, 1971- Short story.
        Container of (work): Harris, Charlaine. Dig here.
        Container of (work): Jackson, Lisa. Deserves to be dead.
        Container of (work): Adrian, Lara. Midnight flame.
        Container of (work): Scottoline, Lisa. Getaway.
        Container of (work): Jance, Judith A. Taking the veil.
     POPULAR READING CHRISTIE                2017
        A single spy / William Christie.
        Christie, William, 1960-
     PZ7.C5265 CP 2011                        2011
        Clockwork prince / Cassandra Clare.
        Clare, Cassandra.
     POPULAR READING CLARE                   2013
        Clockwork princess / Cassandra Clare.
        Clare, Cassandra.
     POPULAR READING CLARE                   2010
        Clockwork angel / Cassandra Clare.
        Clare, Cassandra.
     POPULAR READING CLARKE                  2017
        More human than human : stories of androids, robots, and manufactured
        humanity / edited by Neil Clarke.
        Clarke, Neil, 1966-
        Bear, Elizabeth. Dolly.
        Lowachee, Karin. A good home.
        McDonald, Ian, 1960- The djinn's wife.
        Finegold, Robert B. And the ends of the Earth for thy possession.
        Yang, JY. Patterns of a murmuration, in billions of data points.
        Barnes, John, 1957- The birds and the bees and the gasoline trees.
        VanderMeer, Jeff. Fixing Hanover.
        Swirsky, Rachel. Grand jete (the great leap)
        Christopher, Adam, 1978- Brisk money.
        Johanabas, Fadzlishah. Act of faith.
        Liu, Ken, 1976-
        Liu, Ken, 1976- The caretaker.
        McDonald, Sandra, 1966- Seven sexy cowboy robots.
        Lange, Sue. We, robots.
        Ashby, Madeline. The education of junior number 12.
        Xia, Jia, 1984- A hundred ghosts parade tonight.
        McAuley, Paul J. The man.
        Cooper, Brenda, 1960- The robot's girl.
        Tobler, E. Catherine. .identity.
        Reed, Robert, 1956- American cheetah.
        Kritzer, Naomi. Artifice.
        Valentine, Genevieve. Small medicine.
        Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- Silently and very fast.
        Doctorow, Cory. I, Robot.
        Stross, Charles. Bit rot.
        Reynolds, Alastair, 1966- Angels of ashes.
        Tidhar, Lavie. The old dispensation.
        Shoemaker, Martin L. Today I am Paul.
     POPULAR READING CLINES                  2017
        Paradox bound : a novel / Peter Clines.
        Clines, Peter, 1969-
     POPULAR READING COBEN                   2017
        Don't let go / Harlan Coben.
        Coben, Harlan, 1962-
     POPULAR READING COOPER                  2017
        Faith and Fury : the Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary : the story of
        Jerusalem's most sacred space / Ilene Cooper.
        Cooper, Ilene,
     POPULAR READING CORNWELL                2018
        Fools and mortals : a novel / Bernard Cornwell.
        Cornwell, Bernard,
     POPULAR READING CORRIGAN                2018
        Tell me more : stories about the 12 hardest things I'm learning to say /
        Kelly Corrigan.
        Corrigan, Kelly, 1967-
     POPULAR READING CRICHTON                2017
        Dragon teeth : a novel / Michael Crichton.
        Crichton, Michael, 1942-2008,
     POPULAR READING DAVIDSON                2017
        In the valley of the sun : a novel / Andy Davidson.
        Davidson, Andy, 1978-
     POPULAR READING DELANY                  2017
        Body on Baker Street : a Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mystery / Vicki Delany.
        Delany, Vicki, 1951-
     POPULAR READING DONAHUE                 2017
        The dog walker's diary  / Kathryn Donahue.
        Donahue, Kathryn,
     POPULAR READING DOZOIS                  2017
        The Book of Swords / edited by Gardner Dozois.
        Dozois, Gardner R.
        Parker, K. J. Best man wins.
        Hobb, Robin. Her father's sword.
        Liu, Ken, 1976- Hidden girl.
        Hughes, Matthew, 1949- Sword of destiny.
        Elliott, Kate, 1958- "I am a handsome man," said Apollo Crow.
        Williams, Walter Jon. Triumph of virtue.
        Abraham, Daniel. Mocking tower.
        Cherryh, C. J. Hrunting.
        Nix, Garth. Long, cold trail.
        Kushner, Ellen. When I was a highwayman.
        Lynch, Scott, 1978- Smoke of gold is glory.
        Larson, Rich. Colgrid conundrum.
        Bear, Elizabeth. King's evil.
        Tidhar, Lavie. Waterfalling.
        Holland, Cecelia, 1943- Sword Tyraste.
        Martin, George R. R. Sons of the dragon.
     POPULAR READING EARLY                   2017
        Heaven's crooked finger / Hank Early.
        Early, Hank,
     POPULAR READING EGAN                    2017
        The death and life of the Great Lakes / Dan Egan.
        Egan, Dan,
     POPULAR READING ELLICOTT                2017
        Murder in an English village / Jessica Ellicott.
        Ellicott, Jessica,
     POPULAR READING EUGENIDES               2017
        Fresh complaint : stories / Jeffrey Eugenides.
        Eugenides, Jeffrey,
     POPULAR READING FERRIS                  2016
        My favorite thing is monsters / Emil Ferris.
        Ferris, Emil,
     POPULAR READING FERRISS                 2017
        Tribe of mentors : short life advice from the best in the world / Timothy
        Ferriss, Timothy,
     POPULAR READING FISHER                  2017
        Growing up Fisher : musings, memories, and misadventures / Joely Fisher.
        Fisher, Joely, 1967-
     POPULAR READING FOLLETT                 2017
        A column of fire / Ken Follett.
        Follett, Ken
     POPULAR READING GAINES                  2016
        The magnolia story / Chip & Joanna Gaines ; with Mark Dagostino.
        Gaines, Chip, 1974-
     POPULAR READING GANDERT                 2017
        Lost in Arcadia / Sean Gandert.
        Gandert, Sean,
     POPULAR READING GITLIN                  2017
        Powerful moments in sports : the most significant sporting events in
        American history / Martin Gitlin.
        Gitlin, Marty,
     POPULAR READING GOSS                    2017
        The strange case of the alchemist's daughter / Theodora Goss.
        Goss, Theodora,
     POPULAR READING GRANN                   2017
        Killers of the Flower Moon : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI /
        David Grann.
        Grann, David,
     POPULAR READING GREEN                   2017
        Turtles all the way down / John Green.
        Green, John, 1977-
     POPULAR READING GRISHAM                 2017
        Camino Island / John Grisham.
        Grisham, John,
     POPULAR READING GRISHAM                 2017
        The Rooster Bar / John Grisham.
        Grisham, John,
     POPULAR READING GROSSART                2017
        The Argus deceit / Chuck Grossart.
        Grossart, Chuck, 1964-
     POPULAR READING HAGER                   2017
        Sisters First : Stories from Our Wild and Wonderful Life / Jenna Bush
        Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush ; foreword by Laura Bush.
        Hager, Jenna Bush, 1981-
     POPULAR READING HAIG                    2017
        How to stop time / by Matt Haig.
        Haig, Matt, 1975-
    POPULAR READING HANDLER                 2017
        The girl with kaleidoscope eyes : a Stewart Hoag mystery / David Handler.
        Handler, David, 1952-
     POPULAR READING HANKS                   2017
        Uncommon type : some stories / Tom Hanks ; photographs by Kevin Twomey.
        Hanks, Tom
     POPULAR READING HANNAH                  2018
        The great alone / Kristin Hannah.
        Hannah, Kristin,
     POPULAR READING HARDISON                2016
        Fish wielder / J.R.R.R. (Jim) Hardison.
        Hardison, Jim.
     POPULAR READING HART                    2017
        I can't make this up : life lessons / Kevin Hart with Neil Strauss.
        Hart, Kevin, 1979-
     POPULAR READING HAYES-MCCOY             2017
        The library at the edge of the world : a novel / Felicity Hayes-McCoy.
        Hayes-McCoy, Felicity,
     POPULAR READING HEARNE                  2017
        A plague of giants / Kevin Hearne.
        Hearne, Kevin,
     POPULAR READING HILL                    2017
        Strange weather : four short novels / Joe Hill.
        Hill, Joe,
     POPULAR READING HINES                   2017
        Terminal alliance / Jim C. Hines.
        Hines, Jim C.,
     POPULAR READING HOFFMAN                 2017
        The rules of magic / Alice Hoffman.
        Hoffman, Alice,
     POPULAR READING HOLLINS                 2017
        False idols / Jon Hollins.
        Hollins, Jon,
     POPULAR READING HOLLINS                 2016
        Fool's gold / Jon Hollins.
        Hollins, Jon,
     POPULAR READING HORIKOSHI               2015
        My hero academia / story & art Kohei Horikoshi ; translation & English
        adaptation Caleb Cook.
        Horikoshi, Kohei, 1986-
     POPULAR READING HUGHES                  2017
        The mapmaker's daughter : the confessions of Nurbanu Sultan, 1525-1583 :
        [a novel] / Katherine Nouri Hughes.
        Hughes, Katherine Nouri,
     POPULAR READING HURWITZ                 2017
        The nowhere man / Gregg Hurwitz.
        Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew,
     POPULAR READING HURWITZ                 2016
        Orphan X / Gregg Hurwitz.
        Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew,
     POPULAR READING HURWITZ                 2018
        Hellbent / Gregg Hurwitz.
        Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew,
     POPULAR READING IRWIN                   2017
        Wonders will never cease : a novel / Robert Irwin.
        Irwin, Robert, 1946-
     POPULAR READING JENNER                  2017
        The secrets of my life / Caitlyn Jenner ; with Buzz Bissinger.
        Jenner, Caitlyn, 1949-
     POPULAR READING JOHNSON                 2017
        Hurtling toward happiness : a mother and teenage son's road trip from
        blues to bonding in a really small car / Claudia Hunter Johnson.
        Johnson, Claudia (Claudia Hunter),
     POPULAR READING JONES                   2017
        The salt line / Holly Goddard Jones.
        Jones, Holly Goddard,
     POPULAR READING KAUR                    2015
        Milk and honey / Rupi Kaur.
        Kaur, Rupi,
     POPULAR READING KAUR                    2017
        The sun and her flowers / Rupi Kaur.
        Kaur, Rupi,
     POPULAR READING KING                    2017
        Sleeping beauties : a novel / Stephen King and Owen King.
        King, Stephen, 1947-
     POPULAR READING KING                    2017
        The Vision / Tom King, writer ; Gabriel Hernandez Walta & Michael Walsh,
        artists ; Jordie Bellaire, color artist ; VC's Clayton Cowles, letterer ;
        Mike del Mundo & Marco D'Alfonso, cover artists ; Wil Moss, editor.
        King, Tom, 1978-
     POPULAR READING KLAGES                  2017
        Wicked wonders / Ellen Klages ; introduction by Karen Joy Fowler.
        Klages, Ellen, 1954-
     POPULAR READING KNAUSGAARD              2017
        Autumn / Karl Ove Knausgaard ; with illustrations by Vanessa Baird ;
        translated from the Norwegian by Ingvild Burkey.
        Knausgaard, Karl Ove, 1968-
     POPULAR READING KONDO                   2017
        The life-changing manga of tidying up : a magical story / Marie Kondo ;
        illustrated by Yuko Uramoto ; translated from the Japanese by Cathy
        Kondo, Marie,
     POPULAR READING KOONTZ                  2017
        The silent corner : a novel of suspense / Dean Koontz.
        Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
     POPULAR READING KORETO                  2017
        Death at the Emerald / R.J. Koreto.
        Koreto, Richard J.,
     POPULAR READING KOSTOVA                 2017
        The shadow land : a novel / Elizabeth Kostova.
        Kostova, Elizabeth
     POPULAR READING KRANES                  2018
        Abracadabra : a novel / David Kranes.
        Kranes, David,
     POPULAR READING KUBO                    2004
        Bleach / story and art by Tite Kubo ; English adaptation, Lance Caselman ;
        translation, Joe Yamazaki.
        Kubo, Tite,
        The girl who takes an eye for an eye / David Lagercrantz ; translated from
        the Swedish by George Goulding.
        Lagercrantz, David,
     POPULAR READING LAGO                    2016
        Where the sky touched the Earth : the cosmological landscapes of the
        Southwest / Don Lago.
        Lago, Don, 1956-
     POPULAR READING LAWLOR                  2017
        Paul takes the form of a mortal girl : a novel / Andrea Lawlor.
        Lawlor, Andrea
     POPULAR READING LE CARRE                2017
        A legacy of spies / John le Carre.
        Le Carre, John, 1931-
     POPULAR READING LEHANE                  2017
        Murder in the manuscript room / Con Lehane.
        Lehane, Cornelius
     POPULAR READING LEISTIKOW               2017
        Prevention is better than cure : learning from adverse events in
        healthcare / Ian Leistikow.
        Leistikow, Ian,
     POPULAR READING LESLIE                  2017
        I love my computer because my friends live in it : stories from an online
        life / Jess Kimball Leslie.
        Kimball Leslie, Jess.
     POPULAR READING LEYBA                   2017
        Girl code : unlocking the secrets to success, sanity, and happiness for
        the female entrepreneur / Cara Alwill Leyba.
        Leyba, Cara Alwill,
     POPULAR READING LIN                     2009
        Where the mountain meets the moon / Grace Lin.
        Lin, Grace.
     POPULAR READING LIN                     2016
        When the sea turned to silver / Grace Lin.
        Lin, Grace
     POPULAR READING LIPPMAN                 2018
        Sunburn : a novel / Laura Lippman.
        Lippman, Laura, 1959-
     POPULAR READING MAAREN                  2017
        Weave a circle round / Kari Maaren.
        Maaren, Kari, 1975-
     POPULAR READING MAAS                    2017
        A court of wings and ruin / Sarah J. Maas.
        Maas, Sarah J.,
        Girl in disguise / Greer Macallister.
        Macallister, Greer,
     POPULAR READING MACBIRD                 2015
        Art in the blood / Bonnie MacBird.
        MacBird, Bonnie.
     POPULAR READING MACBIRD                 2017
        Unquiet spirits : a Sherlock Holmes adventure / Bonnie MacBird.
        MacBird, Bonnie,
     POPULAR READING MAGUIRE                 2017
        Hiddensee : a tale of the once and future Nutcracker / Gregory Maguire.
        Maguire, Gregory,
     POPULAR READING MAHNKE                  2017
        The world of Lore : monstrous creatures / Aaron Mahnke ; [artwork designed
        by M.S. Corley].
        Mahnke, Aaron,
     POPULAR READING MAINE                   2017
        Beyond the wild river : a novel / Sarah Maine.
        Maine, Sarah.
     POPULAR READING MARI                    2017
        The beachhead / Christopher Mari.
        Mari, Christopher
     POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2013
        The hedge knight / written by George R.R. Martin ; adaptation by Ben Avery
        ; pencils by Mike S. Miller ; colors by Mike Crowell.
        Martin, George R. R.
     POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2014
        The Hedge knight. II, Sworn sword / written by George R.R. Martin ;
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     POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2017
        Beyond reason / Kat Martin.
        Martin, Kat,
     POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2017
        The mystery knight : a graphic novel / George R. R. Martin ; adapted by
        Ben Avery ; art by Mike S. Miller ; colors by J. Nanjan & Sivakami Mohan ;
        lettering by Bill Tortolini.
        Avery, Ben, 1974-
     POPULAR READING MARTIN                  2018
        Beyond danger / Kat Martin.
        Martin, Kat,
     POPULAR READING MASSEY                  2018
        The widows of Malabar Hill / Sujata Massey.
        Massey, Sujata,
     POPULAR READING MCBRIDE                 2017
        Five-carat soul / James McBride.
        McBride, James, 1957-
     POPULAR READING MCCOLLUM                2017
        The last sheriff in Texas : a true tale of violence and the vote / James
        P. McCollom.
        McCollom, James P.,
     POPULAR READING MCDERMOTT               2017
        The fortress at the end of time / Joe M. McDermott.
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     POPULAR READING MCFETRIDGE              2017
        Passport to murder : Bouchercon anthology 2017 / edited by John
        McFetridge, John, 1959-
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     POPULAR READING MCMURTRY                2017
        Thalia : a Texas trilogy / Larry McMurtry.
        McMurtry, Larry
     POPULAR READING MCRAVEN                 2017
        Make your bed : little things that can change your life --and maybe the
        world / Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy Retired).
        McRaven, William H. (William Harry), 1955-
     POPULAR READING MICHIE                  2013
        The Dalai Lama's cat / David Michie.
        Michie, David,
     POPULAR READING MOORE                   2008
        Batman : the killing joke : the deluxe edition / Alan Moore, writer ;
        Brian Bolland, art and colors ; Richard Starkings, letterer ; introduction
        by Tim Sale ; afterword by Brian Bolland.
        Moore, Alan, 1953-
     POPULAR READING MORRALL                 2016
        When the floods came / Clare Morrall.
        Morrall, Clare,
     POPULAR READING MOSLEY                  2018
        Down the river unto the sea / Walter Mosley.
        Mosley, Walter
     POPULAR READING MOYES                   2017
        The horse dancer / Jojo Moyes.
        Moyes, Jojo, 1969-
     POPULAR READING MOYES                   2018
        Still me / Jojo Moyes.
        Moyes, Jojo, 1969-
     POPULAR READING MUNDY                   2017
        Code girls : the untold story of the American women code breakers of World
        War II / Liza Mundy.
        Mundy, Liza, 1960-
     POPULAR READING MURPHY                  2017
        The boat runner : a novel / Devin Murphy.
        Murphy, Devin
     POPULAR READING NAGATA                  2017
        The last good man / Linda Nagata.
        Nagata, Linda,
     POPULAR READING NEWITZ                  2017
        Autonomous / Annalee Newitz.
        Newitz, Annalee, 1969-
     POPULAR READING NIJKAMP                 2016
        This is where it ends / Marieke Nijkamp.
        Nijkamp, Marieke,
     POPULAR READING NORTH                   2017
        The end of the day / Claire North.
        North, Claire,
     POPULAR READING ONEAL                   2017
        The graduate survival guide : 5 mistakes you can't afford to make in
        college / by Anthony ONeal with Rachel Cruze ; foreword by Dave Ramsey.
        ONeal, Anthony,
     POPULAR READING OREILLY                 2017
        Killing England : the brutal struggle for American independence / Bill
        O'Reilly and Martin Dugard.
        O'Reilly, Bill
     POPULAR READING OWEN                    2017
        The devil's triangle / Howard Owen.
        Owen, Howard, 1949-
     POPULAR READING PALACIO                 2012
        Wonder / R.J. Palacio.
        Palacio, R. J.,
     POPULAR READING PENZLER                 2017
        The big book of rogues and villains / edited and with an introduction by
        Otto Penzler.
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     POPULAR READING POLLARD                 2018
        The introvert's edge : how the quiet and shy can outsell anyone / Matthew
        Pollard with Derek Lewis.
        Pollard, Matthew,
     POPULAR READING PRASAD                  2018
        Nimble : make yourself and your company resilient in the age of constant
        change / Baba Prasad.
        Prasad, Baba,
     POPULAR READING PRICE                   2018
        How to break up with your phone / Catherine Price.
        Price, Catherine, 1978-
     POPULAR READING PULLEY                  2017
        The Bedlam stacks / Natasha Pulley.
        Pulley, Natasha,
     POPULAR READING PULLMAN                 2017
        La belle sauvage / Philip Pullman.
        Pullman, Philip, 1946-
     POPULAR READING PYWELL                  2017
        The romance reader's guide to life / Sharon Pywell.
        Pywell, Sharon L.,
     POPULAR READING REMENDER                2017
        Tokyo ghost / writer, Rick Remender ; artist, Sean Murphy ; colors, Matt
        Hollingsworth ; letters, Rus Wooton.
        Remender, Rick,
     POPULAR READING RICE                    2017
        Ramses the damned : the passion of Cleopatra / Anne Rice & Christopher
        Rice, Anne, 1941-
     POPULAR READING RIORDAN                 2017
        The dark prophecy / Rick Riordan.
        Riordan, Rick,
     POPULAR READING RIORDAN                 2017
        The ship of the dead / Rick Riordan.
        Riordan, Rick,
     POPULAR READING ROBERTS                 2017
        Year one / Nora Roberts.
        Roberts, Nora,
     POPULAR READING ROBERTS                 2017
        Come sundown / Nora Roberts.
        Roberts, Nora,
     POPULAR READING ROBINSON                2017
        New York 2140 / Kim Stanley Robinson.
        Robinson, Kim Stanley
     POPULAR READING ROWLING                 2016
        Harry Potter and the cursed child. Parts one and two / a new play by Jack
        Rowling, J. K.
     POPULAR READING SANDERSON               2017
        Oathbringer / Brandon Sanderson.
        Sanderson, Brandon,
     POPULAR READING SANTAS                  2017
        The usual Santas : a collection of Soho Crime Christmas capers / Soho
        Container of (work): Tursten, Helene, 1954- Elderly Lady Seeks Peace at
        Container of (work): Herron, Mick. Usual Santas.
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        Container of (work): Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Midnight Clear.
        Container of (work): Lovesey, Peter. Supper with Miss Shivers.
     POPULAR READING SARTORE                 2017
        The photo ark : one man's quest to document the world's animals / Joel
        Sartore ; foreword by Harrison Ford ; introduction by Douglas H. Chadwick.
        Sartore, Joel,
     POPULAR READING SCHMIDT                 2017
        Infinite stars : the definitive anthology of space opera and military SF /
        edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.
        Schmidt, Bryan Thomas,
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     POPULAR READING SEDARIS                 2017
        Theft by finding : diaries (1977-2002) / David Sedaris.
        Sedaris, David
    POPULAR READING SEDGWICK                2017
        Mister Memory : a novel / Marcus Sedgwick.
        Sedgwick, Marcus,
     POPULAR READING SELZER                  2017
        H.H. Holmes : the true history of the White City Devil / by Adam Selzer.
        Selzer, Adam,
     POPULAR READING SHANNON                 2017
        The song rising / Samantha Shannon.
        Shannon, Samantha, 1991-
     POPULAR READING SHATNER                 2017
        Spirit of the horse : a celebration in fact and fable / William Shatner
        with Jeff Rovin.
        Shatner, William,
     POPULAR READING SHER                    2016
        The emotionary : n. a dictionary of words that don't exist for feelings
        that do / words by Eden Sher ; comics by Julia Wertz.
        Sher, Eden, 1991-
     POPULAR READING SHOKET                  2017
        The big life : embrace the mess, work your side hustle, find a monumental
        relationship, and come the badass babe you were meant to be the big life /
        Ann Shoket.
        Shoket, Ann, 1972-
     POPULAR READING SILVER                  2017
        Feminine genius : the provocative path to waking up and turning on the
        wisdom of being a woman / LiYana Silver.
        Silver, LiYana,
     POPULAR READING SINGH                   2017
        Archangel's viper / Nalini Singh.
        Singh, Nalini, 1977-
     POPULAR READING SLAUGHTER               2017
        The good daughter : a novel / Karin Slaughter.
        Slaughter, Karin, 1971-
     POPULAR READING SMITH                   2018
        The maze at Windermere / Gregory Blake Smith.
        Smith, Gregory Blake,
     POPULAR READING SPARKS                  2014
        The notebook / Nicholas Sparks.
        Sparks, Nicholas,
     POPULAR READING STEIGER                 2017
        The empire's ghost / Isabelle Steiger.
        Steiger, Isabelle, 1989-
     POPULAR READING SUAREZ                  2017
        Change agent / Daniel Suarez.
        Suarez, Daniel, 1964-
        The bear and the serpent / Adrian Tchaikovsky.
        Tchaikovsky, Adrian, 1972-
        The tiger and the wolf / Adrian Tchaikovsky.
        Tchaikovsky, Adrian, 1972-
    POPULAR READING THOMAS                  2017
        Lost luggage / Wendall Thomas.
        Thomas, Wendall,
     POPULAR READING THOMPSON                2017
        Golden : the miraculous rise of Steph Curry / Marcus Thompson II.
        Thompson, Marcus, II, 1977-
     POPULAR READING THOR                    2017
        Use of force : a thriller / Brad Thor.
        Thor, Brad,
     POPULAR READING TOLKIEN                 2017
        Beren and Luthien / by J.R.R. Tolkien ; edited by Christopher Tolkien ;
        with illustrations by Alan Lee.
        Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973
     POPULAR READING TORRE                   2017
        Cactus / Dan Torre.
        Torre, Dan
     POPULAR READING TUROW                   2017
        Testimony / Scott Turow.
        Turow, Scott,
     POPULAR READING VALENTE                 2017
        The refrigerator monologues / Catherynne M. Valente ; with illustrations
        by Annie Wu.
        Valente, Catherynne M., 1979-
     POPULAR READING VANDERMEER              2017
        Borne / Jeff VanderMeer.
        VanderMeer, Jeff
     POPULAR READING VAUGHAN                 2017
        Saga. Book two / Brian K. Vaughan, writer ; Fiona Staples, artist ;
        Fonografiks, lettering + design ; Eric Stephenson, coordinator.
        Vaughan, Brian K.,
     POPULAR READING WAGERS                  2017
        Beyond the empire / K.B. Wagers.
        Wagers, K. B.,
     POPULAR READING WALKER                  2017
        The man in the tree / Sage Walker.
        Walker, Sage,
     POPULAR READING WALTERS                 2014
        The rule of three / Eric Walters.
        Walters, Eric, 1957-
     POPULAR READING WALTERS                 2015
        Fight for power / Eric Walters.
        Walters, Eric, 1957-
     POPULAR READING WALTERS                 2016
        Will to survive / Eric Walters.
        Walters, Eric, 1957-
     POPULAR READING WARD                    2017
        Sing, unburied, sing : a novel / Jesmyn Ward.
        Ward, Jesmyn,
        Soonish : ten emerging technologies that'll improve and/or ruin everything
        / Kelly and Zach Weinersmith.
        Weinersmith, Kelly,
     POPULAR READING WEIR                    2017
        Artemis : a novel / Andy Weir.
        Weir, Andy,
     POPULAR READING WERTZ                   2017
        Tenements, towers & trash : an unconventional illustrated history of New
        York City / Julia Wertz.
        Wertz, Julia,
     POPULAR READING WILDE                   2017
        Horizon / Fran Wilde.
        Wilde, Fran, 1979-
     POPULAR READING WONG                    2017
        What the hell did I just read : a novel of cosmic horror / David Wong.
        Wong, David, 1975 January 10-
     POPULAR READING WRIGHT                  2017
        Business boutique : a woman's guide for making money doing what she loves
        / Christy Wright.
        Wright, Christy,
     POPULAR READING ZASIO                   2011
        The hoarder in you : how to live a happier, healthier, uncluttered life /
        Dr. Robin Zasio.
        Zasio, Robin.
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        Akira Kurosawa ; directed by Akira Kurosawa.
        Kurosawa, Akira, 1910-1998,
        Mifune, Toshiro, 1920-1997,
        Yamada, Isuzu, 1917-2012,
        Shimura, Takashi, 1905-1982
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2789                      2017
        Get out (Motion picture : 2017)
        Peele, Jordan, 1979-
        McKittrick, Sean,
        Blum, Jason,
        Hamm, Edward H., Jr.,
        Oliver, Toby,
        Abels, Michael, 1962-
        Plotkin, Gregory (Film editor),
        Smith, Rusty,
        Haders, Nadine,
        Kaluuya, Daniel, 1989-
        Williams, Allison, 1988-
        Whitford, Bradley,
        Jones, Caleb Landry,
        Root, Stephen,
        Stanfield, Lakeith, 1991-
        Keener, Catherine,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2790                      2018
        The shape of water / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents a Double Dare You
        production ; produced by Guillermo del Toro, J. Miles Dale ; story by
        Guillermo del Toro ; screenplay by Guillermo del Toro & Vanessa Taylor ;
        directed by Guillermo del Toro.
        Toro, Guillermo del, 1964-
        Dale, J. Miles,
        Taylor, Vanessa, 1978-
        Hawkins, Sally, 1976-
        Shannon, Michael, 1974-
        Jenkins, Richard, 1947-
        Jones, Doug, 1960-
        Stuhlbarg, Michael,
        Spencer, Octavia,
        Laustsen, Dan,
        Wolinsky, Sidney,
        Desplat, Alexandre,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2794                      2013
        Die hard (Motion picture)
        Thorp, Roderick.
        McTiernan, John.
        Willis, Bruce, 1955-
        Rickman, Alan.
        Godunov, Alexander, 1949-1995.
        Bedelia, Bonnie, 1946-
        Veljohnson, Reginald, 1952-
        Atherton, William.
        Gleason, Paul, 1939-2006.
        Bochner, Hart.
        Shigeta, James.
        Doyon, Bruno.
        Wisniewski, Andreas, 1959-
        Gilyard, Clarence, 1955-
        White, De'Voreaux.
        Kamen, Michael.
        Gordon, Charles, 1947-
        Stuart, Jeb.
        De Souza, Steve.
        Gordon, Lawrence, 1936-
        Silver, Joel.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2795                      2017
        Dunkirk (Motion picture : 2017)
        Thomas, Emma (Motion picture producer),
        Nolan, Christopher, 1970-
        Whitehead, Fionn, 1997-
        Glynn-Carney, Tom, 1995-
        Lowden, Jack, 1990-
        Styles, Harry, 1994-
        Barnard, Aneurin, 1987-
        D'Arcy, James, 1975-
        Keoghan, Barry, 1992-
        Branagh, Kenneth,
        Murphy, Cillian, 1976-
        Rylance, Mark
        Hardy, Tom, 1977-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2796 DISC 1-2             2014
        Ace in the hole / a Paramount picture ; written by Billy Wilder, Lesser
        Samuels, Walter Newman ; produced and directed by Billy Wilder.
        Wilder, Billy, 1906-2002,
        Samuels, Lesser,
        Newman, Walter,
        Douglas, Kirk, 1916-
        Sterling, Jan, 1923-2004,
        Arthur, Robert, 1925-2008
        Hall, Porter, 1888-1953,
        Cady, Frank, 1915-2012,
        Benedict, Richard, 1916-1984,
        Teal, Ray, 1902-1976,
        Jaquet, Frank, 1885-1958,
        Lang, Charles B.,
        Schmidt, Arthur, 1937-
        Friedhofer, Hugo
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 182                    2018
        Call me by your name (Motion picture)
        Guadagnino, Luca, 1971-
        Ivory, James
        Rosenman, Howard,
        Teixeira, Rodrigo (Motion picture producer)
        Morabito, Marco,
        Spears, Peter,
        Georges, Emilie,
        Hammer, Armie, 1986-
        Chalamet, Timothee,
        Stuhlbarg, Michael,
        Casar, Amira,
        Garrel, Esther,
        Du Bois, Victoire,
        Stevens, Sufjan,
        Fasano, Walter, 1970-
        Mukdeeprom, Sayombhu,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Aciman, Andre. Call me by your name.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 183                    2014
        Psycho (Motion picture : 1960)
        Hitchcock, Alfred, 1899-1980.
        Stefano, Joseph.
        Perkins, Anthony, 1932-1992.
        Miles, Vera.
        Gavin, John, 1931-2018.
        Balsam, Martin, 1919-1996.
        McIntire, John, 1907-1991.
        Leigh, Janet.
        Bloch, Robert, 1917-1994. Psycho.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 184                    2014
        Words and pictures (Motion picture)
        Schepisi, Fred,
        Burch, Curtis,
        Di Pego, Gerald,
        Owen, Clive,
        Binoche, Juliette, 1964-
        Brenneman, Amy,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 185                    2016
        All the way / directed by Jay Roach ; written by Robert Schenkkan.
        Roach, Jay,
        Schenkkan, Robert, 1953-
        Cranston, Bryan, 1956-
        Mackie, Anthony, 1978-
        Leo, Melissa,
        Whitford, Bradley,
        Langella, Frank,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 186                    2014
        Haider (Motion picture)
        Bharadwaj, Vishal,
        Kapur, Siddharth Roy,
        Peer, Basharat, 1977-
        Tabu, 1970 November 4-
        Kapur, Shahid, 1981-
        Kapoor, Shraddha,
        Menon, Kay Kay,
        Kumar, Pankaj,
        Sheikh, Aarif,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2804                      2018
        The Post / Twentieth Century Fox, DreamWorks Pictures, and Reliance
        Entertainment present ; in association with TSG Entertainment ; directed
        by Steven Spielberg ; written by Liz Hannah  and Josh Singer ; produced by
        Amy Pascal, Steven Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger ; an Amblin
        Entertainment/Pascal Pictures and Star Thrower Entertainment production ;
        a Steven Spielberg film.
        Spielberg, Steven, 1946-
        Singer, Josh,
        Hannah, Liz, 1985-
        Pascal, Amy, 1958-
        Krieger, Kristie Macosko,
        Streep, Meryl,
        Hanks, Tom,
        Paulson, Sarah, 1974-
        Odenkirk, Bob, 1962-
        Letts, Tracy, 1965-
        Whitford, Bradley,
        Greenwood, Bruce, 1956-
        Rhys, Matthew, 1974-
        Williams, John, 1932-
        Kahn, Michael, 1935-
        Broshar, Sarah, 1980-
        Kaminski, Janusz, 1959-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2805                      2018
        Phantom thread (Motion picture)
        Anderson, Paul Thomas,
        Ellison, Megan,
        Lupi, Daniel,
        Sellar, Joanne,
        Krieps, Vicky, 1983-
        Day-Lewis, Daniel,
        Manville, Lesley,
        Bridges, Mark (Costume designer),
        Tichenor, Dylan,
        Tildesley, Mark,
        Greenwood, Jonny,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 189 DISC 1-3           2018
        Handmaid's tale (Television program). Season 1.
        Miller, Bruce (Television producer and writer),
        Atwood, Margaret, 1939-
        Moss, Elisabeth, 1982-
        Fiore, Nina (Screenwriter),
        Hererra, John,
        Watkinson, Colin,
        Taylor, Adam (Composer),
        Strahovski, Yvonne, 1982-
        Fiennes, Joseph, 1970-
        Bledel, Alexis, 1981-
        Brewer, Madeline, 1992-
        Dowd, Ann,
        Fagbenle, O-T, 1980-
        Minghella, Max, 1985-
        Wiley, Samira,
        Television adaptation of (work) : Atwood, Margaret, 1939- Handmaid's tale.
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 190                    2018
        Black Panther / directed by Ryan Coogler ; written by Ryan Coogler and Joe
        Robert Cole ; produced by Kevin Feige ; Marvel Studios presents.
        Coogler, Ryan, 1986-
        Cole, Joe Robert,
        Feige, Kevin,
        Boseman, Chadwick,
        Jordan, Michael B. (Michael Bakari), 1987-
        Nyong'o, Lupita,
        Gurira, Danai,
        Freeman, Martin, 1971-
        Kaluuya, Daniel, 1989-
        Wright, Letitia, 1993-
        Duke, Winston, 1986-
        Brown, Sterling K.,
        Bassett, Angela,
        Whitaker, Forest,
        Serkis, Andy,
        Goransson, Ludwig, 1984-
        Morrison, Rachel (Cinematographer),
        Berman, Debbie, 1978-
        Shawver, Michael P.,
        Carter, Ruthe,
     VIDEO DISC BLURAY 191 DISC 1-20          2016
        Star trek, the original series. The complete series / CBS Studios.
        Shatner, William,
        Nimoy, Leonard,
        Takei, George, 1937-
        Doohan, James,
        Kelley, DeForest, 1920-1999,
        Nichols, Nichelle,
        Koenig, Walter, 1936-
        Roddenberry, Gene,
     VIDEO DISC DVD                           2018
        Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (Motion picture)
        McDonagh, Martin
        Broadbent, Graham,
        Czernin, Peter,
        McDormand, Frances,
        Harrelson, Woody,
        Rockwell, Sam,
        Cornish, Abbie, 1982-
        Hedges, Lucas, 1996-
        Ivanek, Zeljko, 1957-
        Jones, Caleb Landry,
        Peters, Clarke,
        Weaving, Samara, 1992-
        Hawkes, John, 1959-
        Dinklage, Peter
        Davis, Ben, 1961-
        Gregory, Jon (Film editor),
        Burwell, Carter,
     VIDEO DISC DVD                           2018
        Darkest hour (Motion picture : 2017)
        Wright, Joe, 1972-
        Bevan, Tim,
        Fellner, Eric,
        Bruce, Lisa (Producer),
        McCarten, Anthony, 1961-
        Urbanski, Douglas,
        Oldman, Gary,
        Scott-Thomas, Kristin, 1960-
        James, Lily, 1989-
        Dillane, Stephen, 1956-
        Pickup, Ronald,
        West, Samuel, 1966-
        Mendelsohn, Ben,
        Lumsden, Richard, 1965-
        Storry, Malcolm,
        Delbonnel, Bruno,
        Greenwood, Sarah,
        Bonelli, Valerio, 1976-
        Durran, Jacqueline,
        Marianelli, Dario,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2757 DISC 1-5             2017
        The Vietnam War / a production of Florentine Films and WETA, Washington,
        DC ; a film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick ; directed by Ken Burns & Lynn
        Novick ; written by Geoffrey C. Ward ; produced by Sarah Botstein, Lynn
        Novick, & Ken Burns.
        Burns, Ken, 1953-
        Novick, Lynn,
        Ward, Geoffrey C.,
        Botstein, Sarah, 1972-
        Coyote, Peter,
        Squires, Buddy,
        Reidy, Tricia,
        Barnes, Paul, 1951-
        Ewers, Erik,
        Mellish, Craig,
        Reznor, Trent,
        Ross, Atticus, 1968-
        Cieri, David,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2758                      2017
        Shack (Motion picture : 2017)
        Hazeldine, Stuart, 1971-
        Fusco, John,
        Lanham, Andrew,
        Cummings, Brad
        Cretton, Destin Daniel,
        Worthington, Sam, 1976-
        Netter, Gil,
        Spencer, Octavia,
        Alush, Avraham Aviv,
        Mitchell, Radha,
        Braga, Alice,
        Greene, Graham, 1952-
        McGraw, Tim,
        Matsubara, Sumire,
        Quinn, Declan, 1957-
        Steinkamp, William,
        Zigman, Aaron
        Nemec, Joseph, III,
        Caballero, Stacy,
        Nosella, Karin,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Young, William P. Shack.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2759                      2017
        Loving (Motion picture : 2016)
        Nichols, Jeff, 1978-
        Doherty, Ged, 1958-
        Edgerton, Joel, 1974-
        Negga, Ruth, 1982-
        Csokas, Marton, 1966-
        Kroll, Nick,
        Shannon, Michael, 1974-
        Stone, Adam,
        Monroe, Julie (Film editor),
        Wingo, David,
        Keith, Chad,
        Benach, Erin,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2760                      2017
        Silence (Motion picture : 2016 : Scorsese)
        Scorsese, Martin,
        Koskoff, Emma Tillinger,
        Emmett, Randall,
        De Fina, Barbara
        Pavlovich, Gaston,
        Winkler, Irwin,
        Cecchi Gori, Vittorio,
        Lee, David (David Clark),
        Cocks, Jay,
        Prieto, Rodrigo,
        Kluge, Kim Allen, 1959-
        Kluge, Kathryn, 1974-
        Schoonmaker, Thelma,
        Ferretti, Dante, 1943-
        Garfield, Andrew, 1983-
        Driver, Adam,
        Asano, Tadanobu,
        Hinds, Ciaran, 1953-
        Ogata, Isse, 1952-
        Tsukamoto, Shin'ya, 1960-
        Oida, Yoshi,
        Kubozuka, Yosuke, 1979-
        Neeson, Liam,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Endo, Shusaku, 1923-1996. Chinmoku.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2761                      2017
        Deepwater horizon / Summit Entertainment and Participant Media present in
        association with TIK Films (Hong Kong) Limited ; a di Bonaventura Pictures
        production ; a Closest to the Hole/Leverage Entertainment production ;
        produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen
        Levinson, by David Womark ; screen story by Matthew Sand ; screenplay by
        Matthew Michael Carnahan and Matthew Sand ; directed by Peter Berg
        Berg, Peter, 1964-
        Carnahan, Matthew Michael,
        Sand, Matthew,
        Di Bonaventura, Lorenzo,
        Vahradian, Mark,
        Levinson, Stephen,
        Womark, David,
        Wahlberg, Mark, 1971-
        Russell, Kurt,
        Malkovich, John
        Rodriguez, Gina, 1984-
        O'Brien, Dylan, 1991-
        Hudson, Kate, 1979-
        Griffin, Douglas M., 1966-
        Jablonsky, Steve,
        Parker, Colby, Jr.,
        Fleming, Gabriel,
        Chediak, Enrique,
        Seagers, Chris,
        Maimone, Kasia Walicka,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2762                      2016
        Free state of Jones / Universal Pictures Home Entertainment ; Stx
        Entertainment and Huayi Brothers Pictures present ; in association with IM
        Global, Route One Entertainment, Union Investment Partners, Vendian
        Entertainment ; a Blue Grass Films, Rahway Road, Larger Than Life
        Ross, Gary, 1956-
        Stuber, Scott,
        Kilik, Jon,
        Delhomme, Benoit,
        Britell, Nicholas, 1980-
        Welfling, Juliette,
        Martin, Pamela (Film editor),
        Messina, Philip,
        Frogley, Louise,
        McConaughey, Matthew, 1969-
        Mbatha-Raw, Gugu, 1983-
        Ali, Mahershala, 1974-
        Russell, Keri, 1976-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2763                      2014
        Reaching for the moon (Motion picture : 2013)
        Barreto, Bruno,
        Barreto, Paula,
        Barreto, Lucy,
        Chapman, Matthew, 1950-
        Sayres, Julie,
        Otto, Miranda,
        Pires, Gloria, 1963-
        Middendorf, Tracy, 1970-
        Ariroldi, Marcello,
        Kirke, Lola,
        Williams, Treat
        Zarvos, Marcelo,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Oliveira, Carmen L. Flores raras e
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2764 DISC 1-2             2016
        Sully / Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in association with Village
        Roadshow Pictures, a Malpaso production, in association with RatPac-Dune
        Entertainment ; a Flashlight Films production ; a Kennedy/Marshall Company
        production ; written by Todd Komarnicki ; produced by Frank Marshall,
        Allyn Stewart, Tim Moore ; directed and produced by Clint Eastwood.
        Komarnicki, Todd,
        Eastwood, Clint, 1930-
        Marshall, Frank,
        Stewart, Allyn,
        Moore, Tim (Producer),
        Hanks, Tom
        Eckhart, Aaron,
        Linney, Laura,
        Mahaffey, Valerie,
        Harrington, Delphi, 1937-
        O'Malley, Mike, 1966-
        Sheridan, Jamey,
        Gunn, Anna, 1968-
        McCallany, Holt,
        Stern, Tom, 1946-
        Murray, Blu, 1981-
        Jacob, Christian, 1958-
        Zaslow, Jeffrey,
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Sullenberger, Chesley, 1951- Highest
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2765                      2008
        In a dark time : a film about Theodore Roethke / McGraw-Hill Films ;
        sponsored by the Poetry Center in cooperation with the Associated Students
        of San Francisco State College ; consultants, James Schevill, Mark
        Linenthal ; a film by David Myers.
        Roethke, Theodore, 1908-1963,
        Myers, David,
        Linenthal, Mark.
        Schevill, James, 1920-2009.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2766                      2015
        The world of Wallace Stevens / producer, director, & scriptwriter, Alison
        Johnson, Alison,
        Startzman, Richard,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2767                      2015
        Voces (Television program). Season 2 \ Episode 1. Children of Giant.
        Galan, Hector
        Pfeiffer, Carolyn,
        Galan, Evelyn Ledesma,
        Bernstein, Karen,
        Cisneros, Henry
        Gonzalez, Joseph Julian, 1963-
        Taylor, Tom (Cinematographer),
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2768                      2016
        Willie Velasquez : your vote is your voice / written and directed by
        Hector Galan ; produced by Hector Galan, Evelyn Ledesma Galan ; a
        co-production of Hector Galan / Galan Incorporated and Latino Public
        Galan, Hector
        Ledesma Galan, Evelyn,
        Taylor, Tom (Cinematographer)
        Netti, Justin,
        Valdez, Luis
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2770                      2014
        Cantinflas / Kenio Films ; guion, Edui Tijerina ; produccion, Vidal
        Cantu, Adolfo Franco ; direccion, Sebastian Del Amo.
        Amo, Sebastian del, 1971-
        Tijerina, Edui,
        Cantu, Vidal, 1968-
        Franco, Adolfo, 1980-
        Jaenada, Oscar, 1975-
        Imperioli, Michael, 1966-
        Mendez, Luis Gerardo, 1982-
        Salas, Ilse,
        Mori, Barbara, 1978-
        Ramones, Adal, 1961-
        De la Garza, Gabriela,
        Banos, Roque,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2771                      2006
        Parallax view (Motion picture)
        Pakula, Alan J., 1928-1998
        Giler, David.
        Semple, Lorenzo, Jr., 1923-2014.
        Beatty, Warren, 1937-
        Daniels, William, 1927-
        Cronyn, Hume.
        Prentiss, Paula, 1938-
        Singer, Loren. Parallax view.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2772                      2017
        Denial (Motion picture : 2016 : Jackson)
        Jackson, Mick,
        Foster, Gary, 1961-
        Krasnoff, Russ,
        Hare, David, 1947-
        Weisz, Rachel, 1970-
        Wilkinson, Tom, 1948-
        Spall, Timothy, 1957-
        Scott, Andrew, 1976 October 21-
        Lowden, Jack, 1990-
        Pistorius, Caren,
        Jennings, Alex,
        Shore, Howard,
        Wright, Justine,
        Zambarloukos, Haris, 1970-
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Lipstadt, Deborah E. Denial.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2773                      2006
        Influenza, 1918 / a Robert Kenner Films production for American Experience
        ; produced and directed by Robert Kenner ; written by Ken Chowder.
        Kenner, Robert, 1950-
        Chowder, Ken.
        Hunt, Linda, 1945-
        Ellwood, Alison.
        Adler, Mark.
        Lenzer, Don.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2774                      2016
        Las Tesoros de San Antonio : a Westside story.
        Rodriguez, Blanquita.
        Llamas, Beatriz.
        Vidaurri, Rita.
        Cortez, Anita Janet.
        Sandoval, Jorge,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2775 DISC 1-2             2004
        Field of dreams (Motion picture)
        Gordon, Lawrence, 1936-
        Gordon, Charles, 1947-
        Robinson, Phil Alden.
        Costner, Kevin.
        Madigan, Amy
        Jones, James Earl.
        Liotta, Ray.
        Busfield, Timothy.
        Brown, Dwier.
        Whaley, Frank, 1963-
        Lancaster, Burt, 1913-1994.
        Hoffmann, Gaby, 1982-
        Lindley, John (John W.)
        Crafford, Ian.
        Horner, James.
        Kinsella, W. P. Shoeless Joe.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2776                      2012
        Gentleman's agreement / Twentieth-Century-Fox Film Corporation ; Darryl F.
        Zanuck presents ; produced by Darryl F. Zanuck ; screenplay by Moss Hart ;
        directed by Elia Kazan.
        Kazan, Elia,
        Zanuck, Darryl Francis, 1902-1979.
        Hart, Moss, 1904-1961.
        Miller, Arthur C.
        Peck, Gregory, 1916-2003
        McGuire, Dorothy, 1918-2001,
        Garfield, John,
        Holm, Celeste, 1917-2012,
        Revere, Anne, 1903-1990,
        Havoc, June,
        Dekker, Albert, 1905-1968,
        Wyatt, Jane, 1910-2006,
        Stockwell, Dean, 1938-
        Newman, Alfred, 1901-1970.
        Hobson, Laura Keane Zametkin. Gentleman's agreement.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2777                      2010
        The Goonies / Warner Bros. Pictures ; Steven Spielberg presents ; Amblin
        Entertainment ; screenplay by Chris Columbus ; produced by Richard Donner
        and Harvey Bernhard ; directed by Richard Donner.
        Donner, Richard,
        Columbus, Chris,
        Bernhard, Harvey, 1924-2014,
        Brolin, Josh,
        Astin, Sean,
        Cohen, Jeff B. (Jeffrey Bertan), 1974-
        Feldman, Corey,
        Green, Kerri, 1967-
        Plimpton, Martha, 1970-
        Quan, Jonathan Ke, 1971-
        Matuszak, John, 1950-
        Davi, Robert,
        Pantoliano, Joe,
        Ramsey, Anne, 1929-1988,
        McLean, Nick, 1941-
        Kahn, Michael, 1935-
        Grusin, Dave,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2778                      1999
        Only angels have wings (Motion picture)
        Hawks, Howard, 1896-1977
        Furthman, Jules
        Grant, Cary, 1904-1986
        Arthur, Jean, 1900-1991
        Barthelmess, Richard, 1895-1963
        Hayworth, Rita, 1918-1987
        Mitchell, Thomas, 1892-1962
        Joslyn, Allyn, 1901-1981
        Walker, Joseph B.
        Lawrence, Viola, 1894-1973
        Tiomkin, Dimitri, 1894-1979
        Stoloff, Morris, 1898-1980
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2779                      2010
        4 little girls / an HBO Documentary Film in association with a 40 Acres
        and a Mule Filmworks production ; a Spike Lee Joint ; director, producer,
        Spike Lee ; producer, Sam Pollard.
        Lee, Spike,
        Pollard, Sam,
        Cosby, Bill, 1937-
        Cronkite, Walter
        Jackson, Jesse, 1941-
        Young, Andrew, 1932-
        King, Coretta Scott, 1927-2006,
        Wallace, George C. (George Corley), 1919-1998,
        Kuras, Ellen,
        Blanchard, Terence,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2780                      2009
        Boulevard nights / Warner Bros. Pictures ; a Tony Bill/Bill Benenson
        production ; written by Desmond Nakano ; produced by Bill Benenson ;
        directed by Michael Pressman.
        Yniguez, Richard,
        Dubois, Marta,
        De la Paz, Danny, 1957-
        Victor, James, 1939-
        Carvalho, Betty,
        Zapata, Carmen,
        Millan, Victor, 1919-2009,
        Cervantes, Gary, 1953-
        Pearson, Garret,
        Carmona, Jerado,
        Aragon, Jesse, 1956-1988,
        Pressman, Michael,
        Bill, Tony, 1940-
        Benenson, Bill,
        Nakano, Desmond,
        Schifrin, Lalo,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2781 DISC 1-4             2008
        Superman, the movie ; Superman II ; Superman III ; Superman IV, the quest
        for peace / [distributed by Warner Home Video].
        Reeve, Christopher, 1952-2004.
        Hackman, Gene.
        Kidder, Margot.
        Spengler, Pierre, 1947-
        Donner, Richard.
        Lester, Richard, 1932-
        Beatty, Ned.
        Cooper, Jackie, 1922-2011.
        Ford, Glenn, 1916-2006.
        Howard, Trevor, 1916-1988.
        O'Halloran, Jack, 1943-
        Perrine, Valerie.
        Schell, Maria, 1926-2005.
        Stamp, Terence.
        Thaxter, Phyllis, 1919-2012.
        Douglas, Sarah, 1952-
        James, Clifton, 1920-2017.
        Marshall, E. G., 1914-1998.
        McClure, Marc.
        Pryor, Richard, 1940-2005.
        O'Toole, Annette, 1953-
        Ross, Annie.
        Stephenson, Pamela.
        Vaughn, Robert, 1932-2016.
        Golan, Menahem, 1929-2014.
        Globus, Yoram.
        Furie, Sidney J.
        Cryer, Jon, 1965-
        Wanamaker, Sam, 1919-1993.
        Pillow, Mark, 1959-
        Hemingway, Mariel.
        York, Susannah.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2782                      2005
        Bamba (Motion picture)
        Valdez, Luis
        Benjamin, Stuart,
        Hackford, Taylor, 1944-
        Borden, Bill.
        Greenberg, Adam,
        Kahn, Sheldon,
        Brochu, Donald,
        Santana, Carlos,
        Goodman, Miles,
        Cresciman, Vincent J.
        Vega-Vasquez, Sylvia,
        Phillips, Lou Diamond, 1962-
        Morales, Esai.
        De Soto, Rosana, 1947-
        Pena, Elizabeth.
        Von Zerneck, Danielle,
        Dees, Rick,
        Pantoliano, Joe.
        Crenshaw, Marshall,
        Huntsberry, Howard,
        Setzer, Brian,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2783                      2004
        The Buddy Holly story / Columbia Pictures presents an Innovations-ECA
        production ; screenplay by Robert Gittler ; produced by Freddy Bauer ;
        directed by Steve Rash.
        Rash, Steve.
        Bauer, Fred.
        Busey, Gary.
        Stroud, Don, 1943-
        Smith, Charles Martin.
        Jordan, William, 1937-
        Gittler, Robert.
        Renzetti, Joe.
        Goldrosen, John. Buddy Holly.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2784                      2008
        Chicago 10 / Roadside Attractions, Participant Productions and River Road
        Entertainment present ; in association with Consolidated Documentaries and
        Public Road Productions ; written and directed by Brett Morgen ; produced
        by Brett Morgen, Graydon Carter.
        Levy, Stuart.
        Morgen, Brett.
        Carter, Graydon.
        Azaria, Hank, 1964-
        Baker, Dylan.
        Nolte, Nick.
        Ruffalo, Mark.
        Scheider, Roy.
        Schreiber, Liev.
        Wright, Jeffrey.
        Danna, Jeff.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2785                      2010
        What Darwin never knew / a Nova/WGBH production ; produced by Matthew
        Barrett, John Rubin, and Sarah Holt ; written by John Rubin ; directed by
        John Rubin, Rushmore Denooyer, Serena Davies, and Sarah Holt.
        Carroll, Sean B. Endless forms most beautiful.
        Carroll, Sean B. Making of the fittest.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2786 DISC 1-2             2007
        Life of Brian.
        Chapman, Graham, 1941-1989,
        Cleese, John,
        Gilliam, Terry,
        Idle, Eric,
        Jones, Terry, 1942-
        Palin, Michael,
        Goldstone, John, 1943-
        Burgon, Geoffrey,
        Doyle, Julian,
        Biziou, Peter,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2787                      2005
        Meaning of life (Motion picture)
        Jones, Terry, 1942-
        Goldstone, John, 1943-
        Chapman, Graham, 1941-1989.
        Cleese, John.
        Gilliam, Terry.
        Idle, Eric.
        Palin, Michael.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2788 DISC 1-10            2014
        CMA awards live : greatest moments : 1968-2015.
        Goldsboro, Bobby,
        Cash, Johnny
        Riley, Jeannie C.,
        Wynette, Tammy,
        Campbell, Glen, 1936-2017,
        Ford, Tennessee Ernie, 1919-1991,
        Haggard, Merle
        Robbins, Marty,
        Reed, Jerry,
        Anderson, Lynn, 1947-2015,
        Pride, Charley,
        Tucker, Tanya
        Pruett, Jeanne,
        Lynn, Loretta,
        Trahern, Sarah,
        Kristofferson, Kris
        Coolidge, Rita,
        Anderson, Bill, 1937-
        Dickens, Little Jimmy, 1920-2015,
        Fender, Freddy, 1937-2006
        Parton, Dolly
        Twitty, Conway,
        Jenkins, Joni Lee,
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        Atkins, Chet,
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        Milsap, Ronnie,
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        Strait, George, 1952-
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        Carter, Deana,
        Wariner, Steve,
        Evans, Sara, 1971-
        Womack, Lee Ann,
        Dean, Billy,
        Crow, Sheryl,
        Lambert, Miranda, 1983-
        Underwood, Carrie, 1983-
        Paisley, Brad,
        Swift, Taylor, 1989-
        Turner, Josh,
        Pickler, Kellie, 1986-
        Adkins, Trace,
        Aldean, Jason,
        Clarkson, Kelly, 1982-
        Bryan, Luke,
        Chesney, Kenny,
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        Bush, Sam, 1952-
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        Darken, Eric,
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        Bentley, Dierks,
        Hunt, Sam,
        Stapleton, Chris, 1978-
        Timberlake, Justin, 1981-
        Shelton, Blake,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2789                      2017
        Get out (Motion picture : 2017)
        Peele, Jordan, 1979-
        McKittrick, Sean,
        Blum, Jason,
        Hamm, Edward H., Jr.,
        Oliver, Toby,
        Abels, Michael, 1962-
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        Williams, Allison, 1988-
        Whitford, Bradley,
        Jones, Caleb Landry,
        Root, Stephen,
        Stanfield, Lakeith, 1991-
        Keener, Catherine,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2790                      2018
        The shape of water / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents a Double Dare You
        production ; produced by Guillermo del Toro, J. Miles Dale ; story by
        Guillermo del Toro ; screenplay by Guillermo del Toro & Vanessa Taylor ;
        directed by Guillermo del Toro.
        Toro, Guillermo del, 1964-
        Dale, J. Miles,
        Taylor, Vanessa, 1978-
        Hawkins, Sally, 1976-
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        Jones, Doug, 1960-
        Stuhlbarg, Michael,
        Spencer, Octavia,
        Laustsen, Dan,
        Wolinsky, Sidney,
        Desplat, Alexandre,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2792                      2018
        Lady Bird (Motion picture)
        Gerwig, Greta,
        Rudin, Scott, 1958-
        Bush, Eli,
        O'Neill, Evelyn,
        Ronan, Saoirse, 1994-
        Metcalf, Laurie, 1955-
        Letts, Tracy, 1965-
        Hedges, Lucas, 1996-
        Chalamet, Timothee,
        Levy, Sam (Cinematographer),
        Houy, Nick,
        Brion, Jon,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2794                      2013
        Die hard (Motion picture)
        Thorp, Roderick.
        McTiernan, John.
        Willis, Bruce, 1955-
        Rickman, Alan.
        Godunov, Alexander, 1949-1995.
        Bedelia, Bonnie, 1946-
        Veljohnson, Reginald, 1952-
        Atherton, William.
        Gleason, Paul, 1939-2006.
        Bochner, Hart.
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        Doyon, Bruno.
        Wisniewski, Andreas, 1959-
        Gilyard, Clarence, 1955-
        White, De'Voreaux.
        Kamen, Michael.
        Gordon, Charles, 1947-
        Stuart, Jeb.
        De Souza, Steve.
        Gordon, Lawrence, 1936-
        Silver, Joel.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2795                      2017
        Dunkirk (Motion picture : 2017)
        Thomas, Emma (Motion picture producer),
        Nolan, Christopher, 1970-
        Whitehead, Fionn, 1997-
        Glynn-Carney, Tom, 1995-
        Lowden, Jack, 1990-
        Styles, Harry, 1994-
        Barnard, Aneurin, 1987-
        D'Arcy, James, 1975-
        Keoghan, Barry, 1992-
        Branagh, Kenneth,
        Murphy, Cillian, 1976-
        Rylance, Mark
        Hardy, Tom, 1977-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2796 DISC 1-2             2014
        Ace in the hole / a Paramount picture ; written by Billy Wilder, Lesser
        Samuels, Walter Newman ; produced and directed by Billy Wilder.
        Wilder, Billy, 1906-2002,
        Samuels, Lesser,
        Newman, Walter,
        Douglas, Kirk, 1916-
        Sterling, Jan, 1923-2004,
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        Hall, Porter, 1888-1953,
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        Benedict, Richard, 1916-1984,
        Teal, Ray, 1902-1976,
        Jaquet, Frank, 1885-1958,
        Lang, Charles B.,
        Schmidt, Arthur, 1937-
        Friedhofer, Hugo
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2797                      2016
        Where to invade next / North End Films presents in association with IMG
        Films ; a Dog Eat Dog Films production ; a film by Michael Moore ;
        produced by Tia Lessin, Carl Deal ; written, produced, and directed by
        Michael Moore.
        Moore, Michael, 1954 April 23-
        Lessin, Tia,
        Deal, Carl,
        Bonini, Tireney,
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        Lazar, Nicky,
        Fall, Christine,
        Proenza, Pablo,
        Richman, T. Woody,
        Walk, Tyler H.,
        Rowley, Richard,
        Roy, Jayme,
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2798                      2009
        Gabriel over the white house (Motion picture : 1933)
        La Cava, Gregory, 1892-1952
        Wilson, Carey, 1889-1962,
        Huston, Walter, 1884-1950,
        Morley, Karen,
        Tone, Franchot,
        Byron, Arthur, 1872-1943,
        Moore, Dick, 1925-2015,
        Axt, William, 1882-1959,
        Glennon, Bert
        Wrangel, Basil
        Motion picture adaptation of (work): Tweed, Thomas Frederic. Rinehard.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2799                      2016
        Confirmation / HBO films presents ; a Groundswell production ; a Simpson
        Street production ; in association with ABC Signature Studios ; director,
        Rick Famuyiwa ; writer, Susannah Grant.
        Famuyiwa, Rick,
        Demetre, Darren,
        Grant, Susannah,
        Morrison, Rachel (Cinematographer),
        Gregson-Williams, Harry,
        Westervelt, Dirk,
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        Wright, Alison, 1976-
        Gets, Malcolm,
        McRobbie, Peter, 1943-
        Elise, Kimberly, 1971-
        Hudson, Jennifer, 1981-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2800                      2017
        Maya Angelou, and still I rise / a co-production of the People's Poet
        Media Group, LLC, Thirteen's American masters for WNET, and ITVS ;
        directed by Bob Hercules, Rita Coburn Whack ; produced by Rita Coburn
        Whack, Bob Hercules, Jay Alix, Una Jackman.
        Hercules, Bob,
        Whack, Rita Coburn, 1958-
        Alix, Jay,
        Jackman, Una,
        Walker, Keith (Cinematographer),
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        Winfrey, Oprah,
        Common (Musician),
        Woodard, Alfre, 1953-
        Redmond, Eugene,
        Tyson, Cicely,
        Jones, Quincy, 1933-
        Clinton, Hillary Rodham
        Singleton, John, 1968-
        Johnson, Guy, 1945-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2801                      2017
        I am not your negro (Motion picture)
        Peck, Raoul,
        Grellety, Remi,
        Peck, Hebert, 1958-
        Baldwin, James, 1924-1987,
        Adebonojo, Henry, 1959-
        Ross, Bill, 1980-
        Ross, Turner, 1982-
        Aigi, Aleksei,
        Strauss, Alexandra,
        Jackson, Samuel L.,
        Belafonte, Harry, 1927-
        Brando, Marlon,
        Cavett, Dick,
        Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946-
        Adaptation of (work) Baldwin, James, 1924-1987. Remember this house.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2802                      2018
        Ascent of evil : the story of Mein Kampf / a film by Frederic Monteil ;
        SOPiX presents ; with RMC Decouverte ; Pallas Television ; production
        team, Sandrine Lefranc, Isabelle Frot ; executive producer, Nicolas Valode
        ; director & writer, Frederic Monteil.
        Monteil, Frederic,
        Lefranc, Sandrine (Television producer),
        Frot, Isabelle,
        Valode, Nicolas,
        David-Calvert, Antoine
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2803                      2013
        Ferlinghetti : a Rebirth of Wonder / NY Noise Productions ; director,
        Christopher Felver.
        Felver, Christopher, 1946-
        Ferlinghetti, Lawrence.
        Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997.
        Hopper, Dennis, 1936-2010.
        Collins, Billy.
        Felver, Christopher, 1946-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2804                      2018
        The Post / Twentieth Century Fox, DreamWorks Pictures, and Reliance
        Entertainment present ; in association with TSG Entertainment ; directed
        by Steven Spielberg ; written by Liz Hannah  and Josh Singer ; produced by
        Amy Pascal, Steven Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger ; an Amblin
        Entertainment/Pascal Pictures and Star Thrower Entertainment production ;
        a Steven Spielberg film.
        Spielberg, Steven, 1946-
        Singer, Josh,
        Hannah, Liz, 1985-
        Pascal, Amy, 1958-
        Krieger, Kristie Macosko,
        Streep, Meryl,
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        Greenwood, Bruce, 1956-
        Rhys, Matthew, 1974-
        Williams, John, 1932-
        Kahn, Michael, 1935-
        Broshar, Sarah, 1980-
        Kaminski, Janusz, 1959-
     VIDEO DISC DVD 2805                      2018
        Phantom thread (Motion picture)
        Anderson, Paul Thomas,
        Ellison, Megan,
        Lupi, Daniel,
        Sellar, Joanne,
        Krieps, Vicky, 1983-
        Day-Lewis, Daniel,
        Manville, Lesley,
        Bridges, Mark (Costume designer),
        Tichenor, Dylan,
        Tildesley, Mark,
        Greenwood, Jonny,

Barth Learning Resources Center
September 1, 2017 - August 31, 2018

  • Barth LRC Circulating Books

     GT2290 .T37 2016                         2016
        Entanglement : the secret lives of hair / Emma Tarlo.
        Tarlo, Emma
     HD9100.5 .R527 2015                      2015
        Sugar / Ben Richardson.
        Richardson, Ben, 1982-
     HG179 .S23535 2013                       2013
        Quicken 2013 : the official guide / Bobbi Sandberg.
        Sandberg, Bobbi.
     HV8728 .R45 2016                         2016
        23/7 : Pelican Bay Prison and the rise of long-term solitary confinement /
        Keramet Reiter.
        Reiter, Keramet,
     LB2328 .B26 2015                         2015
        Redesigning America's community colleges : a clearer path to student
        success / Thomas R. Bailey, Shanna Smith Jaggars, Davis Jenkins.
        Bailey, Thomas R. (Thomas Raymond)
     LB2353.7 .T35 A85 2016                   2016
        ATI TEAS study manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills.
     LB2353.7 .T43 A8549 2017                 2017
        ATI TEAS study manual / ATI TEAS Version 6 Review Manual Team.
        ATI TEAS Version 6 Review Manual Team,
     LB2353.7 .T43 A855 2018                  2018
        ATI TEAS 6 study guide 2018-2019 : ATI TEAS version 6 study manual and
        practice test questions.
        Trivium Test Prep (Firm),
     LB2353.7 .T43 N87 2015                   2015
        Nursing Teas Guide.
     LB2353.7 .T43 T53 2016                   2016
        ATI TEAS  : 350+ test prep questions for the TEAS VI exam
        Trivium Test Prep (Firm)
     LB2353.7 .T43 T74 2018                   2018
        ATI TEAS flash cards : TEAS 6 test prep including over 400 flash cards for
        the Test of Essential Academic Skills exam, 6th edition.
        Trivium Test Prep (Firm)
     LB3060.32 .M85 H35 2015                  2015
        Developing and validating multiple-choice test items / Thomas M. Haladyna.
        Haladyna, Thomas M.,
     LC149.7 .A226 2017                       2017
        But I'm not a reading teacher! : literacy strategies for career and
        technical educators  / by Sandra Adams and Gwendolyn Leininger.
        Adams, Sandra,
     ML50 .M6736 H3 2016                      2016
        Hamilton : the revolution : being the complete libretto of the Broadway
        musical, with a true account of its creation, and concise remarks on
        hip-hop, the power of stories, and the new America / by Lin-Manuel Miranda
        and Jeremy McCarter.
        Miranda, Lin-Manuel, 1980-
     NA2542.4 .C37 2017                       2017
        Design for good : a new era of architecture for everyone / John Cary ;
        foreword by Melinda Gates.
        Cary, John, 1977-
     PS3511 .I744 M6 2000                     2000
        Mountain man : a novel of male and female in the early American West /
        Vardis Fisher.
        Fisher, Vardis, 1895-1968.
     PZ7 .O475 VAN 2015                       2015
        Vanishing girls / Lauren Oliver.
        Oliver, Lauren, 1982-
     QM531 .S65 2018                          2017
        Gray's surface anatomy and ultrasound : a foundation for clinical practice
        / Claire F. Smith, Andrew Dilley, Barry S. Mitchell, Richard L. Drake ;
        foreword by Susan Standring.
        Smith, Claire F.,
     QP246 .P69 2016                          2016
        Milk : the biology of lactation / Michael L. Power and Jay Schulkin.
        Power, Michael L.,
     QP475.5 .D69 2016                        2016
        Vision : how it works and what can go wrong / John E. Dowling and Joseph
        L. Dowling, Jr.
        Dowling, John E.
     R123 .C65 2014                           2014
        A short course in medical terminology / C. Edward Collins, Text and
        Academic Authors Association, St. Petersburg, Florida.
        Collins, C. Edward,
     R123 .G934 2015                          2015
        Medical terminology express : a short-course approach by body system /
        Barbara A. Gylys, (GiL-is), BS, MEd, CMA-A (AAMA), Professor Emerita,
        College of Health and Human Services, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio,
        Regina M. Masters, BSN, RN, MEd, CMA (AAMA), Adjunct Nursing Faculty,
        Lourdes University, Sylvania, Ohio.
        Gylys, Barbara A.
     RA418.5 .T73 S23 2015                    2015
        What language does your patient hurt in? : a practical guide to culturally
        competent patient care / Suzanne Salimbene, MS, PhD.
        Salimbene, Suzanne.
     RA448.5 .N4 H55 2016                     2016
        Inequality and African-American health : how racial disparities create
        sickness / Shirley A. Hill.
        Hill, Shirley A. (Shirley Ann), 1947-
     RC927.3 .A45 2016                        2016
        Understanding fibromyalgia : an introduction for patients and caregivers /
        Naheed Ali.
        Ali, Naheed, 1981-
     REF AE5 .W55 2018 V.1                    2018
        The World Book encyclopedia.
        World Book, Inc.,
     RJ102 .B75 2017                          2017
        Bright futures : guidelines for health supervision of infants, children,
        and adolescents / editors, Joseph F. Hagan, Jr, MD, FAAP, Judith S. Shaw,
        EdD, MPH, RN, FAAP, Paula M. Duncan, MD, FAAP ; supported, in part, by US
        Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services
        Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau ; published by American
        Academy of Pediatrics.
        Hagan, Joseph F., Jr.,
        Shaw, Judith S.,
        Duncan, Paula M.,
     RJ102 .B75 2017A                         2017
        Bright futures : guidelines for health supervision of infants, children,
        and adolescents : pocket guide / editors, Joseph F. Hagan, Jr., MD, FAAP,
        Judith S. Shaw, MPH, RN, FAAP, Paula M. Duncan, MD, FAAP.
        Hagan, Joseph F.,
        Shaw, Judith S.,
        Duncan, Paula M.,
     RJ245 .W46 2017                          2017
        Wong's essentials of pediatric nursing / [edited by] Marilyn J.
        Hockenberry, PhD, RN, PPCNP-BC, FAAN, Bessie Baker Professor of Nursing
        and Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Dean for Research Affairs, Chair,
        Duke Institutional Review Board, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina,
        David Wilson, MS, RNC-NIC (deceased), staff, Children's Hospital at Saint
        Francis, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cheryl C. Rodgers, PhD, RN, CPNP, CPON,
        Assistant Professor, Duke University School of Nursing, Durham, North
        Hockenberry, Marilyn J.,
        Wilson, David, 1950 August 25-2015,
        Rodgers, Cheryl C.,
     RK60.5 .T672 2018                        2018
        Student workbook for Modern dental assisting / Doni L. Bird, CDA, RDA,
        RDH, MA, Debbie S. Robinson, CDA, MS.
        Bird, Doni,
     RM170 .I25 2018                          2018
        Infusion therapy made incredibly easy! / clinical editor, Lynn Hadaway,
        MEd, RN-BC, CRNI.
        Hadaway, Lynn C.,
     RM300 .G84 2016                          2016
        Memorizing pharmacology : a relaxed approach / Tony Guerra.
        Guerra, Tony,
     RS164 .C46 2016                          2016
        Nature's pharmacopeia : a world of medicinal plants / Dan Choffnes.
        Choffnes, Dan,
     RT55 .H391 2016                          2016
        Lab values for nurses : 63 NCLEX lab values for nurses / Jon Hawes, RN BSN
        CCRN, Susan DuPont RN BSN, Kati Kleber RN BSN CCRN.
        Haws, Jon,
     RT55 .N32 2017                           2017
        NCLEX-RN drug guide.
        Kaplan Publishing,
     RT71 .F455 2017                          2017
        Learning IOM/HMD : implications of the Institute of Medicine and Health &
        Medicine Division reports for nursing education / Anita Finkelman.
        Finkelman, Anita Ward,
     RT71 .F46 2017                           2017
        Teaching IOM/HMD : implications of the Institute of Medicine and Health &
        Medicine Division reports for nursing education / Anita Finkelman.
        Finkelman, Anita Ward.
     RT71 .T336 2016                          2016
        Teaching in nursing : a guide for faculty / [edited by] Diane M. Billings,
        Judith A. Halstead.
        Billings, Diane McGovern,
        Halstead, Judith A.,
     RT73.7 .O47 2014                         2014
        Evaluation and testing in nursing education / Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN,
        ANEF, FAAN, Kathleen B. Gaberson, PhD, RN, CNOR, CNE, ANEF.
        Oermann, Marilyn H.
     RT84.5 .R56 2015                         2015
        Think like a nurse : practical preparation for professional practice /
        Keith A. Rischer, MA, RN, CEN, CCRN.
        Rischer, Keith A.,
     SD421 .K63 2017                          2017
        Megafire : the race to extinguish a deadly epidemic of flame / Michael
        Kodas, Michael,
     TD795.4 .L83 2016                        2016
        Junkyards, gearheads, and rust : salvaging the automotive past / David N.
        Lucsko, David N., 1976-
     TH55.3 .H3 H572 2014                     2014
        Exam prep : hazardous materials awareness & operations / Dr. Ben A. Hirst.
        Hirst, Ben A.
     TH7223 .X38 2018                         2018
        Math for HVACR / by Gary B. Xavier.
        Xavier, Gary B.,
     TH7225 .H42 2016                         2016
        HVAC code reference : the ultimate code reference for heating, ventilation
        and air conditioning installations / written by American Contractor's Exam
        American Contractor's Exam Services.
     TH7687 .L44 2017                         2017
        Air conditioning system design / Roger Legg.
        Legg, Roger,
     TH9157 .H568 2014                        2014
        Exam prep : fire fighter I & II / by Dr. Ben A. Hirst.
        Hirst, Ben A.
     TJ795 .N67 2016                          2016
        Diesel technology : fundamentals, service, repair / by Andrew Norman.
        Norman, Andrew.
     TK2537 .S33 2016                         2015
        Motors for makers : a guide to steppers, servos, and other electrical
        machines / Matthew Scarpino.
        Scarpino, Matthew, 1975-
     TK3285 .S23 2017                         2017
        Dewalt electrical code reference / written by Daniel Sandefur and
        American Contractor's Exam Services.
        Sandefur, Daniel,
     TK6550 .R18 2017                         2016
        The ARRL handbook for radio communications 2017 / editor, H. Ward Silver.
        Silver, H. Ward,
     TK7816 .S347 2016                        2016
        Practical electronics for inventors / Paul Scherz, Simon Monk.
        Scherz, Paul,
     TL9 .H23 2017                            2017
        Illustrated dictionary of automobile body styles / Lennart W. Haajanen ;
        foreword by Karl Ludvigsen ; illustrations by Bertil Nyden and Jorgen
        Haajanen, Lennart W., 1932-
     TL152 .D3935 2017                        2017
        Automobile mechanical and electrical systems / Tom Denton.
        Denton, Tom
     TL152 .G5795 2018                        2018
        Automotive engine repair / Nicholas Goodnight (Automotive Instructor, Ivy
        Tech, Fort Wayne, Indiana), Kirk VanGelder (ASE Certified Master
        Automotive Technician & L1 & G1, Technology Educators of Oregon -
        President Certified Automotive Service Instructor, Vancouver, Washington).
        Goodnight, Nicholas,
     TL213 .S48 2017                          2017
        Mechanical ignition handbook : the Hack Mechanic guide to troubleshooting
        vintage ignition systems / by Rob Siegel.
        Siegel, Rob, 1958-
     TL215 .V6 G858 2017                      2017
        The complete book of classic Volkswagens : Beetles, Microbuses, Things,
        Karmann Ghias, and more / John Gunnell.
        Gunnell, John, 1947-
     TL233.25 .G353 2013                      2013
        How to restore your farm tractor / Tharran E Gaines.
        Gaines, Tharran E., 1950-
     TL233.25 .L64 2017                       2017
        Vintage and classic tractor restoration / Richard Lofting.
        Lofting, Richard,
     TL240 .S83 2015                          2015
        Auto fundamentals : how and why of the design, construction, and operation
        of automobiles : applicable to all makes and models / by Martin W.
        Stockel, Martin T. Stockel, Chris Johanson.
        Stockel, Martin W.
     TL255 .L83 2017                          2017
        The secrets of America's greatest body shops : the book that will
        challenge everything you know about the collision repair business / Dave
        Luehr and Stacey Phillips.
        Luehr, Dave.
     TL255.2 .P85 2017                        2017
        San Diego lowriders : a history of cars and cruising / Alberto Lopez
        Pulido & Rigoberto "Rigo" Reyes.
        Pulido, Alberto L.,
     TL263 .S26  2018                         2018
        Automotive automatic transmission and transaxles / Keith Santini, Kirk
        Santini, Keith,
     TL272 .D43 2017                          2017
        Automobile electrical and electronic systems / Tom Denton.
        Denton, Tom
     TL272.5 .R45 2017                        2017
        Understanding automotive electronics : an engineering perspective /
        William B. Ribbens.
        Ribbens, William B.,
     TL699 .C57 F715 2016                     2016
        Advanced composites / by Cindy Foreman.
        Foreman, Cindy.
     TP492 .A43 2017                          2017
        Modern refrigeration and air conditioning / by Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H.
        Turnquist, Alfred F. Bracciano, Daniel C. Bracciano, Gloria M. Bracciano.
        Althouse, Andrew D. (Andrew Daniel), 1895-1980,
     TS227 .W357 2017                         2017
        Welding complete : techniques, project plans & instructions / Michael A.
        Reeser, Michael A.,
     TT957 .M5518 2016                        2015
        Milady standard cosmetology / contributors for 2016 edition, Jason Backe
        [and 11 others].
        Backe, Jason,
     TT958.3 .M55 2015                        2015
        Milady's standard nail technology.
        Botero, Alisha Rimando,
     TT960 .S33 2017                          2017
        Milady standard barbering / main author, Maura Scali-Sheahan.
        Scali-Sheahan, Maura T.,
     TX357 .P694 2013                         2013
        Essentials of nutrition for chefs / Catherine Powers, Mary Abbott Hess.
        Powers, Catharine,
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  • Barth LRC Popular Books

    POPULAR READING GRANN                   2017
        Killers of the Flower Moon : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI /
        David Grann.
        Grann, David,
  • Barth LRC Reference Books

     REF AE5 .W55 2018 V.1                    2018
        The World Book encyclopedia.
        World Book, Inc.,
  • Barth LRC Audio/Visual

     VIDEO DISC DVD 875                       2009
        Theory in practice : the case of Stan / Cinema House Films, Inc.
        Corey, Gerald,
        Bludworth, Jamie,
        Corey, Gerald. Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy.
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 921                       2006
        Inside evil : serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer & Son of Sam / [presented by]
        NBC News.
        NBC News.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 922 DISC 1-2              2011
        America's serial killers : portraits in evil / produced by Centre
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        Association for Gerontology in Higher Education.
        Terra Nova Films.
        Association for Gerontology in Higher Education.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 924                       2018
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     VIDEO DISC DVD 925 DISC 1                2017
        STUDIO LUMA DVD SERIES : brought to you by milady.
     VIDEO DISC DVD 926 DISC 1-2              2012
        Milady standard cosmetology : haircutting DVD series.

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