Personal Enrichment

Personal Enrichment

Our personal enrichment courses offer a range of topics ideal for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and abilities and get more out of life. Whether you're looking to take up a new hobby, develop a new skill, or improve your health and wellness, our personal enrichment courses will help you attain your goals.

2024 SPring courses offered

  • Culinary

    •  CHEF-100N: Secrets of the Chef!
      • 06/07/24: Summer Dessert Box
      • 06/21/24: Mexican Cuisine
      • 08/09/24: Greek Cuisine
      • 08/23/24: Mediterranean Mosaic - Culinary Artistry

    The perfect class for developing your skills in the kitchen, where you will have an opportunity to learn and prepare simple recipes in a class setting to take home and share with family and friends. 


    Time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Location: DMC Oso Creek Campus, Culinary Arts Building
    Course cost: $40.00
    Age requirement: 12+
    Closed toed shoes required.

  • Photography

    • PHTC-1004: Photography
      • Classes TBD

    An introductory class for developing your skills as a photographer. Emphasis on social, portrait, studio, fashion, theatrical, publicity, and conventional photography.

    Course cost: $45.00

    • PHTC-1091N: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
      • 06/15/24
      • 07/20/24
      • 08/17/24

    Learn to edit and employ successful retouching techniques to photographic media. Utilize text, make color corrections, and learn restoration techniques. Learn to enhance, combine, and edit digital images using both Adobe products.

    Course cost: $138.00
  • Arts and Crafts

    • FCTR-101N: Balloon Pop-Up
      • Classes TBD


    Course cost: $50.00

    • BGMT-1016: Balloon Decorating & Marketing
      • Classes TBD

    Course cost: $100.00

    Perfect for individuals interested in learning how to create balloon displays for commercial properties and outdoor events.

    • FMKT-1005: Basic Floral Design
      • Classes TBD

    In this course students will learn basic principles of floral design and design methods. Topics include basic design styles, principles and elements of design, proper care of cut flowers, positioning of skeletal flowers and filler, cutting and wiring steams, and use of various mechanical aids.

    Course cost: $200.00

    • FCTR-1016: Event Planning
      • 06/24/24 - 08/14/24

    Gain a deeper understanding on how to plan out your next event, and the skills to heighten your overall aesthetic for your gathering spaces!

    Course cost: $100.00

    • WDWK-103N: Exploring Woodworking
      • 06/03/24 - 07/29/24

    An explorative fun course on woodworking. Get hands on tranining on proper use of powertools, and make some wood based crafts to take home!

    Course Cost: $150.00

  • Physical Fitness

    • PHED 119N: Open Play Pickleball
      • 07/10/24 - 08/14/24

    Learn the rules of Pickleball, and practice your skills in a tournament for an engaging sport that's sweeping the nation!

    Course cost: $30.00

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