Senior Education

Senior Education

The senior adult program provides and promotes educational opportunities and support services to improve the quality of life of senior adults in our diverse community. The program assists senior citizens 55 and older with personal enrichment classes, or prepares them for employment if considering re-entering into the workforce.

Program Information

  • Open to ages 55 and up.
  • One $5 registration fee per class.
  • Time Commitment: 1 to 4 weeks
  • Contact Information: (361) 698-2101

Senior Education
Summer SCHEDULE 2024

  • Physical Fitness

    • PHED-118N: Chair Yoga
      • 06/12/24 - 07/31/24

    Yoga using chairs for modification and props. Improve your mobility, balance and help improve flexibility!

  • Computers

    • ITSC-102N: Everything Apple
      • 07/15/24 - 07/24/24

    Deepen your understanding on the use of Apple devices: play games, learn Apple's main software, learn to use other entertainment apps, and get hands on experience with Apple accessories.

    • ITSC-1012N: Beginning Computers
      • 06/03/24 - 06/07/24

    Learn the basic operation of a computer, and the internet browsers. Gain a deeper understanding on technology so you can do your own "tech support" for day to day computer activities!

    • POFI-1004N: Beginning Windows
      • 06/10/24 - 06/26/24

    Deepen your understanding of use of Windows devices; a focused class on computers and how to utilize the many different applications and software to become a computer wizard!

    • ITNW-1007N: Beginning Internet
      • 07/01/24 - 07/15/24

    Identify basic Internet concepts and terminology; use electronic communication; and collect and evaluate data using the Internet. Additional training on e-mail, web browsers, and websites!

    • POFI-1024N: Beginning Microsoft Word
      • 07/17/24 - 07/31/24

    Learn to create, format, and edit Word text documents. Introduction to word processing terminology, editing functions, formatting, and special text options like adding images.

    • ITSW-1037N: Beginning Microsoft PowerPoint
      • 07/17/24 - 07/31/24

    Learn to create, format, and edit PowerPoint documents. Introduction to computerized presentation graphics that leads the participant through planning, design, and production of business graphics and charts.

  • Reading

    • ENGL-111N: Senior Sips & Book Tips
      • 07/15/24 - 07/24/24

    Take this class for a fun and relaxing environment full of new books, exploring new genres, and to further develop your love of reading!

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