Accounting Clerk (Bookkeeper)

Accounting Clerk (Bookkeeper)

Workforce Skills Award

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Program Overview

A bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining, tracking, and recording financial transactions including but not limited to purchases, expenses, invoices, and payments. Bookkeepers record financial data into general ledgers, which are used to produce income statements and balance sheets. 

The Accounting Clerk (Bookkeeper) Workforce Skills Award (WSA) program prepares students for an entry-level position as a bookkeeper and/or auditing clerk in an accounting office or department.  Program consists of 4 Continuing Education courses; ACNT 1003, ACNT 1011, ACNT 1013, and ACNT 1005.

Course offerings

Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters

Course schedule

Course Code Course Name
ACNT 1003 Introduction to Accounting I
ACNT 1005 Forensic Accounting
ACNT 1011 Introduction to Computerized Accounting
ACNT 1013 Computerized Accounting Applications

Receiving Academic Credit Hours

All courses in the Accounting Clerk (Bookkeeper) Workforce Skills Award (WSA) program have the option to be converted to credit hours using a Petition to Record Credit form and all courses lead into the Del Mar College Accounting pathway including the Accounting Specialist, Associate in Applied Science

Admissions Requirements

  • Students must be 18 years of age
  • High school diploma/GED not required
  • Recommended minimum of 9th grade level math and reading knowledge

Program cost

  • Tuition - Total cost $1,624 ($406 per course)
  • Textbooks - Estimated cost $380

Academic pathway

Business Administration
Business Administration and Entrepreneurship Department
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Take the Next Step!

Upon completion, Del Mar College students can advance their skills by taking credit courses toward the following "stackable" credentials:

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