ESOL Lab and Facilities

ESOL Lab and Facilities

Each student is required to complete one hour of lab activities per week for each ESOL class. 

The ESOL Lab provides additional instruction through tutoring, conversation sessions, computer software, videos, books for study and pleasure, and opportunities for interaction in English.  The lab is open to any student or member of the community. 

Lab Hours

Fall and Spring Semesters

Mondays-Thursdays 8 am - 4:30 pm

Contact Information

Coles Classroom Building, Rooms 102 and 104
Lab (361) 698-1695            
Lab Coordinator’s Office (361) 698-1694


All ESOL classes and Labs are held in the Coles Classroom Building located on Del Mar College’s Heritage Campus.

Classes are held in Rooms 210 and 211 on the second floor of the Coles Building.

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