Program Information

Program Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the ESOL Program at Del Mar College is to provide English language instruction to speakers of other languages to help them perform successfully in their chosen academic or occupational fields of study.

Overview of ESOL Program

The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Program at Del Mar College offers students the opportunity to improve their spoken, written, and grammatical English. Courses are designed for students born in other countries and students who were born in the United States but who learned another language before they learned English.

The ESOL classes at Del Mar College are affordably priced at some of the lowest foreign student tuition rates in the nation. The program has a fully equipped modern language lab designed to enrich students’ language learning experiences in American English pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, composition, conversation, and reading.

The ESOL faculty and staff individualize students’ language experiences through the use of technology and personalized attention.  Instructors analyze the individual needs of students in order to determine accurate placement and then supply instruction and practice that enable students to use the English language more confidently and appropriately. The experienced faculty, who have graduate degrees in ESOL, use proven techniques to instruct students in the classroom and assist them in their acclimation to American culture.

ESOL students have access to classroom instruction, tutoring, and up-to-date computer programs in a dedicated lab. Students benefit from the small class sizes as well as the modern facilities available in the Coles Classroom Building and are able to use Del Mar College’s White Library, participate in on-campus activities, and join the International Club.

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